Surf Girls Hawai'i (2023): Season 1, Episode 2 - Hurricane and Heartbreak - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(upbeat music)

[Pua] Jacksonville is the last
event of our qualifying series.

That's where it's gonna determine who
is qualifying for the Challenger Series.

[Maluhia] Florida will determine for me
if I get to go to that next level.

[Moana] There's a lot of points
at stake in this competition.

You kind of have to be 100% laser focused.
It's make or break time.

[Newscaster] Hurricane Nicole has just
slammed the southeast coast of Florida.

This category one storm is
packing 75 mile per hour winds

and the storm surge punch is being felt
all the way up here in Jacksonville.

[Moana] This is like the first real
hurricane I've ever been in.

- Look at that wave right there.
- [Maluhia] Oh my God, that's amazing!

[Moana] I think out every surf
contest I've ever done,

this is the first one that's, like,
been such gnarly storm condition.

Is the hurricane supposed
to get worse tomorrow?


[Irie] I don't think this
contest should happen.

(tropical music)

- [Moana] Hi Paul, how's it going?
- [Paul] How are you?

Good, have you been to Jacksonville?

I have, every time I've been there,
the surf's really, really, really small

and really, really, really weak, so...
(Moana laughs)

[Moana] I struggled at Sunset, that's the
kind of thing that always haunts me.

I have to be like, okay,
we lost at that contest.

We're gonna do better at the next contest.

I just never been to Florida or
anywhere like near Florida before,

so I have no idea what to expect. (laughs)

Well, it's different, that's for sure.

A lot is at stake.

I wanna win that contest because I wanna
be the number one surfer in the world.

♪ I got no reason to stop this
It's like we running from fire ♪

♪ A puppet I ain't the decider. ♪

♪ Guess I'll keep dancing
yeah yeah yeah ♪

[Moana] I'll always have a dream, I'm
in the contest and there's like no waves.

I have this nightmare kind of a lot.

Do you know where the
smallest board bag is?

- The smallest one is right there.
- [Moana] OK.

I met my husband when I was 18 years old.

[Tehotu] I noticed Moana getting
the sickest barrel I ever seen.

It was love at first sight, for sure.

I got married when I was 21 years old.
I was so young when I got married.

I was a little kid in my
eyes looking back at it.

But, he's my best friend,
he's my biggest supporter,

my biggest fan, like, I can't
imagine my life without him.

This contest is different because

I'm gonna be traveling
without Tehotu the first time,

and I'm gonna be going with
one of my best friends Maluhia,

and we're gonna be meeting up
with another surfer girl from Hawaii

named Brianna Cope.

(ethereal music)

[Brianna] I love it here 'cause
it brings back all the memories

of me growing up surfing.

Kauai's such a small community,
everyone knows everyone.

Just surfing with the same
people, pushing each other.

Such a special place.
(upbeat music)

So the reason I started
surfing is my sister.

As a younger kid, like you wanna
do everything the older sister does,

and just watching her
and wanting to be better than her,

so I'm really glad that we
had a competitive drive. (laughs)

And as you can see she's here on the wall.
I am the only pro surfer in the family,

and there's not one
surfing photo. Just my sister.

You know, Brianna wasn't always good.

Maybe there wasn't good ones on the film,

you know, at that time.
(Brianna laughs)

My sister would humble me real quick,

even though I thought
I would be really good,

she'd be like no, you
have so much to learn.

I had a really successful junior career.
I was number one in Hawaii.

But I always wanted to have
my own path of what I was doing

and not be like anyone else.

And maybe that stems from
being different as a child.

Brianna was born with all five fingers,

but the two fingers were really small.

She was bullied as a child
but I think because of that,

- it made her a tough cookie.
- [Brianna] When I started surfing,

it was the only time no one
would ask me about my hand.

I can be who I am and
feel whole as a person.

That just stuck with me my whole career.

My first year on the Challenger
Series I made the final.

I felt like ever since then I've been
like climbing up this stair ladder

of how do I keep
competing to be on the tour?

This is my career and why
not put the foot on the gas?

Yeah buddy, we cut your boards.

[Maluhia] (gasps) Ooh, there's the five
seven that I'm super excited about.

Grab it, you can grab it, grab it.

Any individual competing at a high level,

you have to have a really
good team around you.

You definitely have to have a really good
relationship with your board shaper.

[Carl] I don't really know how many
boards I've done for Malu. (laughs)

Right now we have four
boards going through

and we're working on her short board.

How was the five nine?

It's definitely meant
for like waves with power.

Like in the intermittent
phases between turns.

- Sometimes it feels a little... Yeah.
- [Carl] Sluggish.

What we're gonna do is we're gonna
add a little concave in the bottom.

I love working with Carl

because it combines my passions for
surfing and my passions for engineering.

Just keep in mind that the surf you rode

that was like terrible for
our conditions yesterday-

- [Maluhia] Yeah, yeah. In Florida.
- It would be an epic day in Florida.

- It is a whole different beast.
- Yeah.

So the the Super Girl Pro in Florida is
the last event for the season on the QS.

That contest will have more pressure
because it's worth more points.

I'm super close, I'm right on the bubble,

so it will determine if I get to go
to the Challenger Series.

♪ It's like the weight
world is heavier, heavier, ♪

♪ Everyday ♪

This one's coming for sure.

And then this one will be one of my
boards that I take 'cause it's smaller.

[Duane] It's a challenge because
finding that magic board is not easy,

and then when you find the magic board,
that's all you want to ride, but then -

- [Pua] You have to save it.
- The magic board just gets trashed.

This is the magic board.

With my dad winning a world title,

the pressure is all on me
to carry the surfing legacy.

There's only one reason
to paddle out, right?

- [Pua] To win.
- Yeah.

Otherwise, why paddle out in the heat?
Doesn't make any sense.

- [Pua] To have fun.
- (chuckles) Winning is fun.

[Pua] My dad's hard on me,
because he kind of knows what it takes,

and he did it on his own.
He did it figuring it out the hard way.

I think I just overthink
heats, in general.

[Duane] There's gonna be a point
where you're paddling out,

and it's gonna be rare that you lose.

I was swimming and surfing
before I could really walk.

My earliest memories of surfing were being
at Waikiki and racing across the lagoon.

Those were some of my fondest memories.

When I was about 11, I sat my
parents down and I was like,

I wanna be a professional surfer.

[Duane] I was a professional surfer for,
I don't know, nearly 30 years.

So I understood that that lifestyle
is sort of a rollercoaster.

So I said, if we tell you to
to practice for six hours,

you know, you need to put in your time
and you need to be committed.

And she had no problem committing to that.

- Hi.
- [Duane] How was it?


[Pua] Through that, I've been able
to win nine national titles.

In 2018, I was the
Water Woman of the Year.

I'm from Waianae. People look at
Waianae as like a really bad place.

Like, don't go to Waianae, it's scary,

or you know there's drugs
or there's a shooting.

But it's like also one of
the most beautiful places

with so much rich culture.

(food sizzling)
(people chatting)

There's eight kids from ages three to 24.

(someone speaks indistinctly)
[Pua] So there's a lot of us.


My parents' standards are high.

When I compete it's like I'm carrying
just the whole family tree.

It's a powerful, powerful, powerful thing.

(bright music)

[Ēwe] My whole life I've gone to
Hawaiian immersion school.

[Teacher] (in Hawaiian)
So I took this part of the story

that we are reading this year, Kalapana.

[Ēwe] There's a Hawaiian proverb
which is (speaks in Hawaiian)

which means the language
is the heart of the people.

And when you take away the language it
very much affects our lahui, our nation,

in a negative way.

(in Hawaiian)
The first paragraph or the mark?

- [Teacher] (in Hawaiian) Line 11.
- [Ēwe] (in Hawaiian) Can do.

Immersion required the kids
to sacrifice Ēwe's peers,

and surf in the morning before school,

'cause their school is right down the
street, or they are homeschooled.

That was never a choice
we were gonna make.

I'm here with Irie and we're driving.
(both laugh)

We're driving to the CNC factory.

- Look, Ēwe, show this view!
- Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, we're gonna hold our
breath going through the tunnel.

Take your last breaths!

(cars roar)


[Ēwe] Florida's our last contest of
the season, right? For the QS?

Yeah. Are you excited to go with me?

Mm-hm, I've never been anywhere
without my mommy. (laughs)

- [Irie] That's crazy it's me.
- If it was anybody it would be you.

- [Irie] Oh!
- Yeah, my mom trusts you.

- [Irie] Okay, that's nice.
- Yeah.

Usually my parents come with
me to like every competition,

but I'm going by myself to Florida

because I want the independence
and I want that experience.

Do you think I'm gonna be worried?

Yes. (laughs)

[Lu'ukia] And that's why you'll have
to check in regularly. (laughs)

- (sighs) I guess I can do that.
- [Lu'ukia] Thank you very much.

What are you hoping to get
out of the Florida contest?

Just, like, improving
my competitive surfing.

I mean you did that in
this last heat you had.

- [Ēwe] Yeah.
- So, you're learning.

Everybody knows what a great, what
an awesome surfer you are.

- Yeah?
- Yeah,

[Lu'ukia] But there's a whole 'nother
side of you that is important.

You know you are a
representative of the lahui.

And there are younger,
not just surfers, but kids,

who, you know, you are a
role model for. Proud of you.

(upbeat music)

We just checked in... stop. (laughs)
(Irie laughs)

Okay, we just checked
in and how do we feel?

- [Irie] I'm feeling sweaty right now.
- I'm feeling great. I got some new shoes.

Heading to Florida for
the Jacksonville comp.

I'm excited, I'm going by myself right now
and my dad's gonna meet me up there. Yay!

♪ All we want is everything
We're the ones who run this town ♪

♪ We're the rulers of this place ♪

♪ We are the kings and queens,
the world belongs to us ♪

- [Ēwe] What time is it?
- [Irie] 6:00 a.m..

It's 2:00 a.m. Hawaii time.

♪ Have it all or burn it down
We just wanna live it up. ♪

[Pua] We are in Jacksonville,
but they don't know where my boards are.

We're currently waiting for our boards.

- [Ēwe] Oh I see them actually.
- Oh okay.

(luggage banging)

- [Irie] Okay, this is yours.
- [Ēwe] Yeah.

- [Moana] How was the flight Malu?
- Um, it was gnarly.

On one side of me there was like two cats,
(Moana laughs)

that for some reason
weren't sedated (laughs)

And on the other side
of me there was a baby,

that was screaming louder and
higher pitched than Mariah Carey.

(laughs) There was a baby screaming
louder than Mariah Carey,

but we made it, we're here.

(wind howls)

[Newscaster] The world's top
professional female surfers

have arrived in Jacksonville,

but early this morning Hurricane Nicole
made landfall just 200 miles away,

bringing 75 mile per hour
winds and dangerous waves.

What is this hurricane? Nicole?

[Ēwe] I think it's hurricane
Nicole. Yeah, Nicole.

When we were eating our
breakfast this morning

and they told us that it's
directly hitting us (laughs),

and we were like, "Oh that's awesome."


- [Both] And it shows red...
- at Jacksonville, in Jacksonville.


[Irie] I just don't wanna wake up without
a roof. That's all I care about.

Like imagine waking up
and like open your eyes. (laughs)

It's just the sky, like that's terrifying.


[Irie] My mom just texted me,
are you alive? And I said yeah.

Oh, that's nice.

[Irie] And then I said hurricane,
and she said don't die.


What about your mom?

[Ēwe] She asked me if I'm scared
of the hurricane and I said no,

actually my mom told me
to stock up on water.

- [Irie] Mm! Which we did.
- Which we did, yes.

But hopefully they do run the contest.

- [Noah] Yeah they have to.
- 'Cause this is our last contest for -

- [Noah] For the Hawaiian region -
- This season.

[Ēwe] My goal for for this competition
is to do as best that I can.

[Irie] Mine is just to
make it out there. (laughs)

- [Noah] Just heat by heat guys.
- [Ēwe] Exactly.


(wind howling)

(food sizzling)

- I'm second on the rankings, for now.
- Not third?

- Second.
- Oh wow.

- After Sunset, I went up.
- [Family friend] Okay you got this.

- It's gonna be wave selection, huh?
- For sure.

It's gonna be small and grindy but, still
fun. You gotta do what you gotta do.


[Pua] I'm in second right now.
Moana's currently in first.

So I'd probably need like a thousand
points, at least, to overtake first.

If I win this event I'd
probably lead our region.

And so I just wanna focus on the heats
and just like showcase my best surfing.

I think on every contest,

one of my goals is just to start the
wave strong and finish the wave strong.

Here it's gonna be a
lot of one turners, so,

you know, pushing that one turn,
but landing it and completing it,

and then if I'm able to find those
two wave turns to three wave turns,

like really using that opportunity.
Keep it simple. Another "keep it..."

I write "keep it simple" like
four times on the paper. (laughs)

(wind howling)

[Maluhia] Is this the farthest you've
ever been away from home?

- [Moana] Mhm.
- What?

[Maluhia] Yeah, this is the
farthest she's ever been.

Have you ever flown alone?

No, I'm like so scared to do that.

- [Brianna] Why?
- I don't think...

I don't know, I just don't
wanna be by myself.

I'm scared somebody might snatch me.
(all laugh)

I think whoever would try to snatch you
would deeply regret the decision... (laughs)

(all laugh)
Of trying to snatch you!

You would absolutely just wreck them.
(all laugh)

[Moana] Now that we've traveled
together this one time for Florida,

if you guys don't travel with
me like every single time after this

I'm gonna be kind of disappointed.

(all laugh)

[Brianna] I think surfing creates
this bond with everyone.

We all have that mutual respect
of we're all friends on the land,

but as soon as we are in the water,
we're kind of all here to do our job.

Brianna is a very high-spirited person.

Like, Brianna feels her
emotions all the time,

and that's part of why I love Brianna

because you're always gonna get
exactly what she gives you.

[Moana] I've known Brianna
since I was like eight years old.

We have the same sense of humor
so we get along really well.


- [Moana] Wait, what was that?
- Brianna keeps dropping things over here.

- I have a little hand okay? (laughs)
- [Maluhia] Are you kidding?

[Brianna] Anyway... (laughs)
(all laugh)

[Moana] I literally didn't notice
that until like last year,

that your hand was different
from the other hand.

When you're a kid you don't like really
pay attention to the way people look.

I think you only do if
you're like a kid that's -

- [Moana] Mean.
- Mean, yeah.

[Moana] I was never a mean kid. I
would like come up to you guys,

like "hey guys, what's up?
You guys wanna surf with me?"

You're still like that.
(all laugh)

[Moana] Yeah.
(text notification)

Hey guys, guess what? I just got a text.

Looks like the hurricane
is passing tonight

and the competition is on for Saturday.

- What?
- [Maluhia] Wow.

- Hang on. The heat draw just came out.
- I just saw that heat draw! (laughs)

That's like the most exciting thing

- but also a little bit of butterflies.
- [Moana] I know.

- It's like creepy butterfly moment.
- [Brianna] I'm heat 15.

- [Moana] For sure. I'm heat five?
- [Brianna] Moana's heat five.

- Mm... Maluhia... Oh you're heat 14!
- [Maluhia] Right before you?

- Yeah.
- [Maluhia] I think the food's done guys.

- Oh, thanks Mal.
- [Maluhia] Yeah, no worries.

What do you think Ēwe and
Pua's guys are doing right now?


[Ēwe] And we just ordered pizza.
Look at how beautiful that is. (laughs)

♪ I digging, I keep digging,
I keep digging down ♪

♪ I need some help, I need some help
Somebody help me out! ♪

So, I think we're gonna head
back down to the contest site.

- [Maluhia] Mhm.
- [Moana] Analyze the conditions.

It's the day after the hurricane.
The waves are safe right now.

We're gonna go practice.
Malu's all ready. I'm all ready.

I feel pretty excited to practice.

But... Oh my god.

- [Duane] (laughs) Love you.
- Love you.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

(whistle blows)

We ran out there and then
immediately I did a bottom turn,

and then did a top turn into the lip,

and my foot slipped
off the back of my pad,

and my leg kind of like hyper-extended,
really forcefully into a strange position.

It just clicked my kneecap right out.

Oh my god, did my kneecap just dislocate?
And then it was just extremely painful.

I was in the water, I felt it go out.
I grabbed my, my leg and my kneecap

and I just like yanked it
back in as hard as I could,

because that's what I had seen
people do. And it popped back in.


[Announcer 1] Welcome to the
US Air Force Surf Girl Surf Pro,

here in Jacksonville Beach.

[Kayla] These surfers right now are
competing for the 2023 Challenger series.

An event like this is
gonna put girls on tour.

Going from Hawaii west coast,
coming to the east coast,

you really have to adapt your surfing

and your strategy to
smaller waves, less power.

This is the whole idea of the process
of going through qualifying series,

to Challenger, to the CT,
is you have to be able to do it all.

Just shows that the best surfers in the
world are where they're supposed to be.

(upbeat music)

Winning this event would mean a lot,

and it's a 3000, so I mean my points would
go up a lot, and I'd lead our region.

But it's a lot of heats I have
to get through before that.

♪ Snap twice if you know
what the feeling is ♪

♪ If you're ready for the life
that you'd dreamed as a kid ♪

[Brianna] I came all the way to
Florida, to this event, to win.

Came here for the points,
qualify for next year's Challenger Series,

but overall I'm not even focused on that.
I'm focused on winning this contest.

This contest is different
from other contests

because I've never surfed this way before.

I'm rated number one on the QS so I have
to do really good. Keep my position.

[Announcer 1] Ladies and gentlemen,
the US Air Force Super Girl Pro

in Jacksonville Beach
Florida is underway.

- Hi. Hi. Um...
- Hey. Son of a gun. What happened?

[Maluhia] Yeah, so I got injured yesterday
and I have to pull out of the contest

so I just don't know,

'cause people just told me to ask
what I should do insurance wise.


- Oh, hey Pua. Hello.
- Hi.

- [Rick] Yeah.
- [Pua] What happened?

I dislocated my knee yesterday.

- What?
- I know, it's messed up.


You come all the way over here and
you practice and put in all the work,

and then instead of getting to go surf
your heat, you have to go just figure out

if you're gonna need surgery
and gonna even be able to surf again.

Like, it's pretty hard. (sniffs) Um...

Are you okay if we take off the ace -

- [Maluhia] Yeah, yeah.
- [Filmalter] so that I can look at it?

(indistinct announcement)

And are you staying out of the
water for the weekend?

- Yeah. It's okay.
- I'm sorry.

So I mean nothing is broken, broken.

- You are gonna want to get an MRI
- [Maluhia] Yeah.

[Filmalter] specifically because there
is the ligament right here

that it probably is completely torn.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

[Filmalter] I was just a little concerned
'cause it came out so easily yesterday.

But it's really a question of how
easy does this keep happening

and is it worth then getting surgery
to keep it from happening in your sports.

♪ Too hot to handle ♪

[Announcer 2] Alright, let's get things
started. We got a four women heat here,

looking for the top two performers that
will be moving on to the next round.

♪ Baby I'm a bombshell, so bombs away ♪

[Announcer 1] That red is
Brianna Cope, the ultimate surfer.

I don't look at anyone
who is ever in my heat

because I don't care what they're doing,

I'm focused on me and they can
focus on me if they want to, (laughs)

but I don't really watch
what they're doing!

Was that a little savage?
(laughs) But like no, it's true.

I don't like going, check on how they're
feeling, like, I'm here to do my job.

[Announcer 1] We'll see if we
have some action in the water.

Here we go, we're gonna have a ride here.
Look at this wave lining up from Blue.

And here goes White on her backhand,
Coral Schuster. Here goes Green.

[Announcer 3]
Green is up and going backside,

trying to get ahead of that section,

just unfortunately gets a little
bogged down with that rail.

[Announcer 2] Looks like Brianna
is struggling to find a wave

that's gonna get her those points.

[Brianna] Surfing is super trippy.
You don't get in another second chance.

You have that 20 minutes to perform

and if you don't catch a wave,
if you don't surf your best, you're done.

[Announcer 2]
Red now getting it going here.

[Announcer 3] Brianna Cope looking to take
off, and go for front side and hit it,

and do a nice little floater,
get into the next section.

(dramatic sting)

Unfortunately, that wave
closed out a little sooner,

so she wasn't able to get that follow up.

[Announcer 1] Yeah, the surfing life,
here she goes again in her back hand.

Good speed check, into another section.
So there it is, two turn combo for Coral.

And we have Red up and
riding on her forehand.

Quick in and out, so that's all she
can really ask for, for that wave.

And we're gonna count this one
down here in five, four, three, two, one.

(horns blow)

[Announcer 1]
So there it is,

Coral Schuster and Chelsea Roett's
going to move on to the next round.

[Brianna] I felt like I was super
out of rhythm with the ocean.

I think being from Hawaii,
we're so used to really good waves

that sometimes a lot of us, when we go
to small waves, struggle a little bit,

'cause that's not what we grew up surfing

and yeah, I really didn't get
to a wave where I could do a turn,

like really, I felt like
I couldn't even surf.

Just... it's just heartbreaking.
I don't wanna cry.

(somber music)

There's a couple more
opportunities for me.

I have Haleiwa, so if I win Haleiwa, I'll
qualify for Challenge Series next year.

Just depends on the rest
of the girls from Hawaii,

which is super gnarly 'cause now
you have to just kind of wait and see.

I should have like, I don't know,
I tried to move so many times like -

- Yeah I saw you.
- [Maluhia] Yeah.

I just...

(sniffs) I just really
hate contests sometimes.

[Maluhia] If you just also think
about this is part of the process,

surfing contests are like,
you win some and you lose some.

And it's super heartbreaking,
but at the end of the day,

it's like you're so much more
than just, what you are in a jersey.

- (laughs) Oh.
- Yeah. Yeah.

- And just focus on Haleiwa.
- Yeah, yeah.

Like Haleiwa is next,
like this contest is done.

- It's okay.
- I'm here for you.

♪ Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet ♪

♪ Put your finger on the
trigger and pull it ♪

♪ Drive it like just like you stole it
Don't ever look back ♪

[Announcer 1] And let's have a peek
right now, Moana Jones, look at her.

Look at her looking down the line here.

[Announcer 3] Oh my gosh, well she
just got up and got speed right away.

Staying behind that section
to generate extra speed.

[Announcer 1] Just a victory lap from
Moana here, she's gonna take the win.

(clapping) Yeah!

[Moana] I won my heat, which is
a great confidence booster.

It's always good to have a
heat win. So, I'm feeling good.

I really wanna do well
in this competition.

[Announcer 1] Pua up on her forehand.
Big turn in the pocket, she sticks it.

- Look at this, just power! Oh slow-mo.
- [Announcer 4] Yeah.

[Announcer 1] And then look
straight into another one, wham.

She made a little wave
better than what it was.

[Announcer 1]
It's gonna be Pua DeSoto moving on.

Here we go, here goes Blue. Super
talented, watch out for her. Floats it -

[Announcer 1]
Little airdrop on the section.

Here goes Blue, nice top turn into a
second one. That's what you want to do.

(horn blows)

Ms. Wong, moving onto the round of 16.

So I'm here at the hospital. Probably
the nicest hospital I've ever seen.

And I'm gonna check in for my MRI.

It's definitely scarier for
me to think that

I might not even be able to go in
the ocean for a really long time

if I have to get surgery. I really
hope that's not the case, (laughs)

um, but I think I'll only
know that after the MRI.

So it's really like just taking
everything one step at a time.

I must say, she's giving
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

(upbeat music)

[Announcer 2] Alright, welcome
to day two of the Super Girl Pro,

here in Jacksonville, Florida.
The heats have now become head-to-head,

which means whoever wins
moves on to the next round.

[Announcer 1]
In blue, out of Hawaii,

17 years of age from
Makaha, Oahu, is Pua DeSoto.

All right.


(horn blows)

[Announcer 1] Here we go,
split heat, Red and Blue.

Pua on her backhand. Zoe Benedetto,
same thing on her backhand.

- Love the board work.
- [Announcer 4] Oh yeah.

[Announcer 1] And now Pua's gonna
keep going one more section.

So great exchange from both surfers there.
Zoe Benedetto and Pua DeSoto.

I feel like as a surfer, the biggest thing
I always ask myself is what can I control?

I wanna catch two waves in five minutes.
Okay, get those two waves in five minutes,

then after that I'm gonna wait for a
better wave than I'm gonna catch the set.

[Announcer 2] Pua's gonna let that
one go. Oh, but Zoe Benedetto likes it.

[Announcer 4] Oh her back hand, just
keep it busy. One turn, here you go.

And the second turn, she gets
a nice turn in the pocket.

So Zoe Benedetto, you see she claps
both hands there, and she likes it.

She's playing the, "I want the perfect
wave right now." She's being too picky.

[Announcer 1] Here we go!
Here's the Hawaiian. Oh getting sassy.

Oh! What! That was sick.

[Announcer 1]
Heaving it, throwing water around it.

That's gonna add to the score line.

[Announcer 4] There it is. Pua, a 6.67,
you go to the lead with your last wave.

That was a good last turn.

- [Announcer 1] Counting down here it is,
- [Both] Five, four, three, two, one.

- Yes yes yes yes yes!
- [Man] That was a good call.

[Announcer 4]
Pua DeSoto

edging out last year's equal third
and Florida girl Zoe Benedetto.

See Pua come in and get
ready for her next round.

That one you didn't go on, was your seven.

Which one?

In the middle, when you were under
Zoe's priority and you backed off.

It was a seven.

- Uh! (laughs) Sorry.
- Ow!

[Announcer 4]
Here we go round of 16, heat three.

We have Moana Wong out of Hawaii,
and Ēwe Wong out of Hawaii.


I'm up against Moana. It's a two man heat,

and it'll actually be my first two man
heat I ever surfed. So, I'm excited.

(horn blows)

[Announcer 4] Looks like we're
gonna get it started here.

Ēwe Wong paddling, she's gonna go.

Oh my god that's such a
good one, schwag it. Oh!

[Announcer 4] Here it goes
Blue and Red, splitting the peak.

So Red closeout section, Blue
gets a nice top turn but gets hung.

[Moana] I did compete against at Ēwe at
Sunset and she got me in our heats,

so I'm hoping to get some revenge,
but we'll see what happens. (laughs)

[Announcer 4] Blue getting into this one,
she's gonna go right against the gray.

There's that turn we were talking about.
So she navigated that one well,

and then into the inside section, goes
vertical, and finishes up on her feet.

[Announcer 2] And she is
rewarded 5.50, moving her into first.

Moana is tough as nails so she'll be fine.
There she goes! Go Moana!

[Announcer 1] Moana's off, here she
goes, up and riding on her backhand,

she gets the first turn, hits the brakes
a little bit for the second one.

Gets that and then into a third turn
so keeping the flow and the rail moving.

Comes in at a 3.97. Blue's gonna turn
and burn on this inside backhander.

Gets the section,
straight into another one

and it's gonna line up, too. Look at this.
Another section here, gets the turn.

Tight in the pocket,
and another one, so -

[Announcer 3]
Great combo there!

[Announcer 1]
Great combo there for Ēwe Wong.

She's your current heat leader
and there it is, 4.57 Blue.

So you strengthened your lead.

[Announcer 3]
Red getting a nice strong pack,

two in a row and finishing
out strong with a third.

[Announcer 1] Yeah, so Red there
got the better of it on the left.

Blue had a right bowl.
7.33, Red goes to first.

[Announcer 3]
Five, four, three, two, one.

(horn blows)

[Announcer 1] Oh ladies and
gentlemen, give it up on the beach.

What an exciting heat there.

[Announcer 2]
Moana Jones Wong, moving on.


I was in the lead,
the majority of the heat

and then like last two minutes,
Moana got a seven,

and I kind of knew that was gonna happen.

She's kind of known for
getting buzzer beaters.

And seeing how Moana surfs the heat
and how she holds her composure,

like, to the very last second,
I definitely learned a lot from that.

[Announcer 2]
Autographs, pictures, autographs,

that's what it's all about right there.

Thank you.

[Announcer 1] Semi finals, here we go,
we're gonna have a heat on our hands.

[Duane] (indistinct) (kisses) Level up!
(energetic music)

[Announcer 1] We're gonna see
some pretty high scores here.

Semi-finals we do have
Pua DeSoto from Hawaii.

Oh, here comes a set.

Outside, here you go, here you go.

[Announcer 1] We do have kind of a
couple waves coming, here goes Red.

She does have a section, goes vertical,

but she was just a little
late to the party there.

It's a quick one, though.

[Announcer 1] And Red on
the line, oncoming section.

Oh bangs and drifts the fence.

[Duane] I guess as a dad, you go
through the emotional rollercoaster

just as much as your daughter, you know,

just, I don't actually
have to do the work part,

I don't get to expend
my nerves like she does.

[Announcer 1] And the San
Clemente powerhouse in blue,

Bella Kenworthy, tons
of speed into the lip.

Let's see and Utah,
give me two, another combo

ladies and gentlemen makes some noise
for Bella Kenworthy in 5.83 for blue.

So she goes to first.

Oh that was a good banger for Bella.
What's this left gonna do, Pua?

Oh I feel like a hustle (indistinct).

[Announcer 1] And for Bella Kenworthy,
(horn blows)

she gets to her first
Super Girl Pro Final.

[Announcer 2]
For Pua DeSoto, excellent effort.

Put your hands together for those two.

[Duane] Super, super happy
for her to get third today.

Definitely proud of what she's doing
and how she's carrying herself

and definitely, at least, setting a high
bar for all women, and for our family.

I know she wants to win.

[Pua] Definitely bummed that I was
just that close to making it to the final,

and possibly winning a Super Girl title.

Hi dad.
(Duane laughs)

It shut off on us out there.

The beginning I should have
maybe got a couple more

but I was trying to wait for a real wave.

All the hard work and dedication you put
in, you know, comes to these moments,

and I just wish I made it,
just that one more heat to the final.

(suspenseful music)
(waves crashing)

[Announcer 2]
Up next we've got Moana Jones

and with the home court advantage,
local legend Caroline Marks.

[Announcer 1]
She just hits the gas pedal here,

sees the section, puts it in the pocket,
small board, small pocket.

And here goes Moana Jones
Wong and she gets it vertical.

Alright, here goes Red, Caroline
Marks, lots of speed, boom!

Banks that top turn.

- [Announcer 4] Amazing.
- [Announcer 1] So there's Caroline Marks.

7.0, currently in the top spot.

[Moana] The waves are very weak,
very tiny. Like whoa, what is this?

Like this is actually pretty hard.

There's not many waves so,
if you miss a wave you're kind of screwed.

You have to be at the right place, in the
right timing, to catch a good wave today.

[Announcer 3]
Tide is dropping,

it makes the peak shift very
drastically, very quickly.

[Announcer 2]
Blue maybe paddled too deep,

so Red is going to take advantage,
that's Caroline Marks.

Red is up and riding, getting a nice quick
backside turn pack combo, back to back.

Wasn't a really big wave,

but she was really trying to
generate some speed and energy.

[Announcer 2] Moana has got to make a
move if she's gonna pull ahead here.

Oh, here she goes.

[Announcer 1] Blue's up and riding
right here. Nice turn up into it.

Bam, and a second. So,
good combo right there for Blue.

[Announcer 2]
But that's not gonna be enough.

[Announcer 1]
Five, four, three, two, one.

(horn blows)

[Announcer 2] Caroline advances,
which means Moana places third

with fellow Hawaiian Pua DeSoto.

Thank you!
(crowd cheers)

I actually am super stoked. That was
the only time that I'm okay to lose,

if it's to somebody that I know is like
a really gnarly surfer, which is Caroline.

And I'm like super happy to have like,
come here for the first time

and make it all the
way to the semi-finals.

Being able to like showcase
my small wave surfing. (laughs)

'Cause I'm like supposed
to be like the pipe master.

I just lost at this contest
but I got a lot of points.

So I found out that I officially won the
Hawaii-Tahiti region and I'm super stoked.

This means that I'm gonna be the
top ranked surfer from that region

going into the Challenger Series.

(gentle music)

(phone ringing)

- [Lu'ukia] Hi babe.
- Hi mom.

- [Lu'ukia] How are you?
- [Ēwe] Good, how are you?

[Mom] Good, I know it's
not the result you wanted,

but how do you think you
handled the contest in general?

I mean, obviously not the
result I wanted to get,

but even during Sunset to this contest,
like, I felt really, really good,

and I feel like my mental
game's getting a lot better, so.

[Lu'ukia] You're making progress
and that's the most important thing.

- So I'm proud of you.
- Thanks mom!

[Lu'ukia] I think you should
be proud of yourself.


(uplifting music)

Hey, no more break dancing, okay?
(both laugh)

It was a little hard for
me to watch everybody surf.

Not competing in this contest

essentially meant that I wasn't gonna get
to qualify for the challenger next year.

I just wish I had the chance.

Malu, tell us the result.

I have a partial tear
in two of my ligaments.

I have something called effusion,

which is just because I've partially
torn my ligament, it's just swollen.

I think I'm not going to be able
to surf the Haleiwa contest.

- Right, that makes sense.
- So. Yeah.

And I can still probably compete in pipe.

- (gasps) Yay!
- Yay!

- Group hug.
- Yeah!

Woo hoo.

[Moana] It makes a huge
difference having a girl gang.

We're just like pushing each other.

We're like encouraging each
other, supporting each other.

- It is so fun.
- How was your guys' contest?

Me and Pua just went all
the way to the semi finals!

- I know!
- Oh my god, equal third, got some grands.


- Whoa!
- Got some points.

- We're ranked, we're ranked one and two.
- Yeah, qualified!

[Pua] Overall on the regional
rankings for the qualifying series,

Moana finished first.

I got second and Ēwe
finished third in the region.

So, the three of us will be together on
the Challenger Series representing Hawaii.

That's exciting, I mean
three native Hawaiians.

I mean out of the four,
like that's pretty -

We don't see that much anymore
so I'm excited. It's amazing.

(energetic music)

(indistinct conversation)

Qualified for the Challenger Series 'cause
I did well on the rankings for the QS.

and now that means I
get to travel the world

and surf different locations,
for different events.

Been feeling really good
about my competition surfing.

Haleiwa, it's very powerful.

Some of the most challenging
and well-known waves on the North Shore.

[Pua] Haleiwa is such a fun wave,
and such a performance wave,

and you can really show your talent
and I just need to bring it in the heat.

Haleiwa is like, where I wanna surf.

If I win Haleiwa, I'll qualify for
challenger series next year.

Haleiwa is where you come to prove
yourself, and it's dangerous.

[Ēwe] Got into the Haleiwa
Challenger just as a wild card.

This is like the bigger stage.
All of them are pro surfers

and they're all very well
seasoned and good competitors.

[Announcer 5]
Ēwe Wong, exciting wild card.

[Announcer 6]
One more time to the lip and - Oh!

(dramatic music)