Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 8 - Rock and a Hard Place - full transcript

Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help with multiple disappearances in the town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to infiltrate by joining the group themselves.

Sam: What kind of thing
likes virgins and gold?

Dean: Dragons

Dragons, dude.

Oh! No!

[ Screaming ]

I just think it's better
if you took it easy,

you know,
and didn't act like you were --

possessed by an angel.

Adams: I believe
you know Sheriff Mills.

Mills: That was not my son!
You're right.

How do we put them down?

[ Gunshot ]

What are we drinking?

You have less than one minute

before a very dear friend
of yours snuffs it.

Call it off, Crowley.

[ Chokes ]

I saw you break down,

When I was trying
to cure you,

I know
a part of you was human again,

maybe still is.
Blah-blah. Boo-hoo.

[ Snoring ]

Nighty-night, Slim.

[ Rustling in distance ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Footsteps ]

[ Footsteps stop ]

[ Taser crackling ]

[ Thud, metal creaking ]

♪ Supernatural 9x08 ♪
Rock and a Hard Place
Original Air Date on November 26, 2013

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[ snoring ]

[ Bowl clatters ]


You okay?
[ Grunts ] Yeah.

Uh [Sighs]


Just, uh...resting my head
for a second.

Um, how's Kevin?

He, uh --
he find anything?

Uh, Jack.

[ Sighs ]

On about four days
no sleep.

He looks worse than you.

[ Yawning ] Huh.
What about Crowley?

Um, do you think he might be
lying about the whole, uh,

"Metatron's spell being
irreversible" thing?

Oh, Crowley lie?

[ Scoffs ]

I do know one thing.

Next time that junkie's jonesing
for a hit of blood,

we got leverage.

[ Yawns ]

you want a pillow?

No, I'm fine.

You're sick.

No, I'm not sick.

I'm just, um --

I feel like
my battery can't recharge.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Hey, Dean.
Jody Mills.

Sheriff Mills.

Hang on.
Sam's here, too.

[ Clears throat ]

Hey, Jody.
Hey, Sam.

Uh...I got a bit of an oddball
to pitch your direction.


[ Metal creaks,
machinery whirs ]

A small town I cover
outside of Sioux Falls --

only crime to speak of being
the occasional cow tipping.

Then last week,
four people go missing.

All right, so, what makes you
think this is our kind of weird?

I've got
a witness who says

he saw someone lift an S.U.V.
to nab a girl last night.

[ Engine shuts off ]


Laying off the blind dates,
I hope.

[ Chuckles ]

You bite your tongue,



Mills: So.

Car was right over there,
ass over teakettle.

Now, normally,
if somebody would tell me

that one guy lifted
an S.U.V.,

I'd tell him to take
a flying leap,

but after
what I've seen...

Nothing's impossible.

And this matches up
with the other missing how?

Well, four abductions,

strong evidence left
at every scene -- literally.

first vic was a pastor?


Door of his study
was punched in.

And then, the next two --
an engaged couple.

Locked bedroom window
was ripped open.


And then
we have our waitress here

with the topsy-turvy ride.

Any other connection
among them?


They were all members
of Good Faith church here.

My, uh, my church group
back in Sioux Falls

was in a tizzy over it.



I didn't peg you
for churchy.


You know...

on the ladies' room floor

'cause of witchcraft

kind of makes a higher power
seem relevant.

Jody, are you sure you're, uh,
to jump back in the fray?

This wackadoo stuff
keeps coming.

More I know,
better armed I'll be.

so, we have, uh,

missing church folk
and super strength.

Maybe angels harvesting

Could be
a Buddy Boyle type thing.

Wh-- angels?

You're joking.

Don't get your pants on fire.
They suck.

You said
there was a witness.

Yeah, well...
more or less.

Okay, Slim.

My friends here want to talk
to you about the missing girl.


Her name was Honor.

Nice girl.

Always left me


Slim, why don't you tell us
what you saw that night?

I heard a big noise,
got woke,

and there's somebody over there
lifting a car up --

like this.

And did you happen to see
who it was?

I was too far.

But I saw a light go off.

A white light?


Blue like fire.

But not.

Then she was --
she wasn't there.

Could you think
of anything else?



thank you for your time.

So, no white light.

No angel.
[ Sighs ]

Has anybody talked
to the victims' families?

It's next on my list.
Okay, and you said

that they were all part
of the same church?


Ready to get
your worship on?

[ Chuckles softly ]

We hope you enjoyed the tour.

Any questions before we get
you boys registered?

Uh, yeah,
uh, look, um,

Ms. Futchko --

oh, please...

[ Chuckles ]
Bonnie will do just fine.


Okay, um, we...
love the church. We do.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, we've heard that a few
members have gone missing,

and, to be honest...

...that kind of scares us.

Let me assure you,
with our increased security,

good faith
has never been safer.

And those people
who have gone missing,

well, they are front and center
in our prayers.

What a relief.

Now, you must have been,
uh, close to them.

Well, we do share
the A.P.U. bond.

"The A.P.U."?

Our chastity group,
abstinence purifies us.



You mind if we sit in on that,
maybe see if it's for us?

I'm afraid
it's members only.

I'm sorry,
but it can get pretty personal.

Then count us in.

[ Chuckles ] Well.

I'll be a squirrel
in a skirt.

I'll be back in a jiff
with the papers.

A chastity group?

Dean, listen, if all the members
were in A.P.U.,

then maybe whatever took them
is stalking virgins.

And that Slim guy said
he thought he saw fire.

So, what are you thinking,

Mm. Shh.
[ Clears throat ]

All righty.

You can just sign there,
and your purification can begin.

"Purity pledge"?

It's a commitment
to your virginity.

I don't think we can
really un-ring that bell.

You know what I mean?


I see.


If you just ask
for God's forgiveness

for your sins
and make a new vow of chastity,

well, then, you'll be born again
as a virgin in his eyes.

So, you just hit
the "virginity do-over" button,

and all is good with the man

It's not a button.

And...this isn't
just a piece of paper.

I mean,
this is your clean slate,

your chance to be a virgin
until marriage.

you had me at "clean slate""

[ pen clicks ]
Let's do this.

Sam and Dean Winchester.

You are both virgins.

Both: Ah.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Whimpers ]

[ Taser crackling ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Shuffling ]

[ Shuffling stops ]

[ Whimpers ]


Stay away from me.

Good afternoon, everyone.

I'm Suzy.

I thought we'd begin
with a silent prayer

for our missing friends.

[ Clears throat ]


Now, does anyone have anything
that they would like to share?

I wrote
a new piece of verse.

It's called
"Sex is a racket,

and God's ball
is in your court."

And we would love to hear that,
Tammy -- later.

Why don't we hear
from our new friends?

Sam, what brought you here
to reclaim your virginity?

I guess because every woman

had relations with,'t
ended well.

He ain't lying.

[ Chuckles ]

Thank you for being here,

Stay strong.
Stay pure.

Together: Stay strong.
Stay pure.

Suzy: And you, Dean?

What set you on the path
away from sin?

Uh, hard to say,


Sex has always felt --

I don't know --
good, you know?

I mean,
really, really good.

Uh...But, uh...

Sometimes, it just
makes you feel bad, you know?

You're drunk.

You shack up.

it's the whole morning thing.

You know,
"Hey, that was fun."

And then,
"adios," you know?

Always the "adios."

But, you know,
when you get down to it,

what's the big deal,

I mean, sure,
there's the touching

and the feeling
all of each other,

my hands everywhere,
tracing every inch of her body,

the two of us moving together,
pressing and pulling...


Then you hit
that sweet spot,

and everything just builds
and builds and builds

until it all just...

[ Imitates explosion ]

[ Clears throat ]



But the whole thing was
just a little too, uh...sticky.

So, uh,
I got my "V" card back.

[ Slaps knee ]

The end.

[ Clears throat ]

So, um...

Wee bit of an over-share,

I was purifying.

[ Chuckles ]

she look familiar to you?


Swear I know her
from somewhere.

Oh, good, Dean.

'Cause that line
never fails.

Well, let's find out.

[ Sighs ]



How did you like
the meeting?

I-I-I-I loved it.


Um, you know,

I-I couldn't help but think
of those who weren't here.



She's my favorite.

Would you excuse me?

Her favorite?

She has no idea
what kind of girl Honor is.

[ Scoffs ]

You don't say.

Uh, Tammy, right?
The poet?

Tammy, why --

why don't, um,
why don't you tell me

what kind of girl Honor is?

Are you sure
we don't know each other?

Yeah, I-I'm pretty sure
we've never met, Dean.


Wait, you're --
you're new in town, right?

Uh, yeah.

New to town.

New to this whole
chastity thing.

Well, I provide
individual counseling.

If you ever need to talk --

so, everybody in the group,
they dish to you?

They confide.

Abstinence is --

it's really rough
without support and education.

Hey, you know what?

I have some great books
on the vow

that really helped me.

I-I live close.
I'll just go grab them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

With a, uh,
with a kidnapper on the loose?

[ Scoffs ]
No, I'll be fine.

Tell you what --
why don't I walk with you

just to be safe, okay?

Just give me one second.

And I bake real cookies
for the bake sale.

Honor just brings Oreos!

Oh. You know what?
Excuse me.

[ Chuckles, sighs ]

Guess who's taking
the teacher home.

[ Chuckles ]

You really think
you're gonna hit that?

she's the chastity counselor.

Yeah, I know.

What about you?
Any luck?

You mean
am I actually working?

As a matter of fact,
yes, I am.

All right, well,
good luck with that.

[ Clears throat ]

Lead the way.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey.

So, where were we?

Honor is going to hell.


How was church?

[ Laughs ]

Well, it turned
into confessional.

two of our vics,

Honor and pastor Fred,
did the dirty.

Oh, well.
They're not the only ones.

Barb Blanton,
our missing bride to be --


Her mom said she heard
Barb and her fiancé

in Barb's bedroom.

Going at it?

Well, she said she heard
sex noises, then Barb crying,

then Neil telling Barb
it didn't count

because it was
under 30 seconds.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

And then, two hours later,

she heard a smash
and saw a flash of light

under the door.

Blue light?

You know, I'm thinking
whatever this thing is,

it's not going after virgins,
even born-again virgins.

It's taking virgins
who break their chastity vow.

So dragons are
off the list.

I'm sor-- dragons?

Those are a thing?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Too many things
are things.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Make yourself comfortable.

[ Funky music plays ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Cellphone beeps,
ringing stops ]

Not now, Kato.

[ Crying ]

[ Funky music stops ]

[ Crying ] I can't stop thinking
about my friends.

I'm so scared for them.

Will you pray with me,


[ Breathes deeply ]

Dean: This is Dean's other
other cell,

so you must know
what to do. [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Come on, call me.

You know,
for being born again today,

you sure look like crap.

[ Chuckles ]

Wait a second.

Did you...get --

Born again?

[ Chuckling ] Oh, Sam.

I don't make promises
I can't keep.

It's just...

I enjoy church.

I mean, after...

after Bobby,

[ Sighs ]

...I needed something
that made sense to me --

you know, comfort,
I guess.

Yeah, I guess
we're all looking for that.

Except those that got it.

Come on.

You and Dean?

That's something special,
don't you think?

[ Sighs ]

[ Muttering ]

[ Sighs ]


So, why don't you
breeze through these,

and I'm gonna head
to the little girls' room.

Mm, yeah.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Sam: Hey.


Hey, Dean.
Are you there?




Sammy! Hey.

What's going on?

I found something big.

Yeah. So did we.

So, get this --
it's not a dragon.

Uh-huh. Uh-- ooh.
[ Water running ]

[ Water stops, door opens ] Dean.
Copy that.


Or should I say...


[ Chuckling ]
Uh, why?

No reason.
No reason.

[ Cabinet rattles ]

A-are you okay?

Me? Ah --
[ Scoffs ]

I'm great. Why?

Uh, you seem...
I-I don't know, nervous.

Nervous? No.

I'm not nervous...

So, you've seen my...

[ Clicks tongue ]

Listen, I don't blame you

if you want to be assigned
a new counselor.

I-I get it.

No. No, no.

Are you --
are you kidding me?

I mean, you're --
you're a freaking legend.


I-I am --
I'm not that girl anymore.

I moved here.
I changed my name.

That girl was --
was horrible.

Listen, uh, Suzy,
I've seen a lot of awful things,

stuff of nightmares,

But you --
you're the good dreams.

[ Chuckles ]

And nobody
in Hartford knows?

what am I supposed to say?

"Oh, yeah, hey,
I used to be a porn star.

Let's pray"?


They do not appreciate you.

I mean...
the things you can do --

the scene with the tacos.


Made me want to join
a mariachi band

just to be near you.

Well, you are now.

I am, aren't I?

You're not like...
the other guys in town, are you?

You're kind of a...
a bad boy.

I don't know.

Why don't you ask me that
in Spanish?

¿Eres un Chico malo?


[ Mariachi music plays ]

♪ Olé ♪

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Taser crackling ]


[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]


Pastor Fred.


[ Screams ]

Neil? Barb?

What was that?

What happened to him?

What do you think?
He's starving to death.

Just like we will
if we don't get out of here.

Why didn't you tell me
who you were?

I was so scared.

We were scared.

[ Metal clangs, creaks ]

[ Door closes, lock clicks ]


[ Gasping ]

Where'd he go?

[ Fred screams ]

[ All scream ]

What's up?

This thing is taking people
that break their vows, right?


Dean and Suzy --
been over an hour.


[ Sighs ]

I got to say...
I really missed that.

I miss it already.


[ Clears throat ]

[ Clicks tongue ]

[ Rasping ]

What are you doing?

I'm so thirsty.

[ Sobbing ] So thirsty!

There has to be
a way out!

[ Train whistle blows ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Two thuds ]

[ Door closes, lock clicks ]

[ Coughs ]

Hey. Dean.

Dean. Hey, come on.

Dean. Dean.

Where are we?


[ Footsteps ]


Neighbors see anything?

Flash of blue.


You sure
Dean was here?

Oh, yeah.

And I think he crossed someone
off his bucket list.

[ Sighs ]

[ Banging on hatch ]

We tried.
There's no escape.

Are we gonna
run out of air?

I don't think so.

Somebody wants us to die
nice and slow.

And then it's gonna
take us,

just like it took
pastor Fred.

What took him?

We couldn't see,

It --
it was so bright.

I-it was like
it was on fire.

Jody: Hey.

Virgins, fire --

sound familiar?

Roman Goddess of the Hearth""

in ancient Rome,

six virgins were dedicated
to this chick every year.

Their main duty was
to tend Vesta's hearth.

Wait, so, fire is connected
to virginity?

the girls had to be pure

because fire is the symbol
of purity.


Okay, as long as Vesta's fire
was kept lit,

Rome received
a good harvest.

The virgins had to stay celibate
for 30 years.

If they broke their vows,
they were buried alive.

[ Grunts ]
Son of a bitch.

[ Sighs ]


Maybe God wants us
down here --

because of what we did.

Trust me --
this is not God's work.

Son of a --

What's wrong?

They took my phone.

[ Patting pockets ]


I keep a spare.
[ Sighs ]

Come on, bars.

Vesta was often enveloped
in a blue halo of light,

which she could control at will
to disorient, to maim --

ohh --

or to kill.

Okay, what about
some way to kill her?

A-a weapon or --
or something.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Sam! Sammy!


[ Train whistle blows ]
Hey, listen to me. I'm --

Dean, wh--

Say it again.
I can't hear you.

We're --
[ Train whistle blows ]

Some kind of --


[ Cellphone beeps ]

I lost him.

Listen, is there

some kind of train station
around here or something?

I-I could have sworn
I heard a whistle.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Don't, Neil.
Please, don't.

Shh. Shh.

Don't what, Neil?

Just mind your beeswax,

Hey. Hey!

Listen, we're all stuck
down here together.

So, you got something to say,
you say it.

Okay, look, whatever
that fireball thing was,

it's taking the weakest,
and I am not gonna be next.

So, the way I see it,
her leg's busted anyway.

We serve her up.
It could buy us some time.

Screw you, Neil.

Busted leg?

Try a sprained ankle,

Nobody's serving
anybody up!

We are under the gallows,
all of us.

Give it honor.

It might save
the rest of our necks,

unless you have
a better plan.

Maybe I do.

Maybe we'll give him you.

Oh, what,
you don't like that idea?

Then shut up.

Here we go. 8:00 p.m. train
out of Sioux Falls.

79 miles an hour.

What's five miles east
of Hartford -- anything?


Pasture mostly.

No --
the old Wimmer farm.

anything on a weapon?

Oak stained
in virgin blood.

Where are we gonna get
a virgin?

I'm a virgin.

I think we need
the real McCoy here, Sam.

You need what?

Your blood.
Just a dab.

Pagans use blood.

Are you pagans?

What? Pagan?

No, look,
it's for a weapon that --

You are
in a House of God.

Your psycho rituals
aren't gonna fly here.

Okay, we don't have time
for this.

[ Gasps ]

I am the cops.

What the fudge, lady?!

Wipe your nose, dear.


You broke, too, huh?

Guess I'm not as strong
as I thought I was.

God forgives.

You told me that

[ Banging on hatch ]

Neil: Told you.
It's back for one of us.

What are you
gonna do now?

Right, you should have
listened to me --

Shh! Shut up.



We're here!

We're gonna
get you out!

Jody, I found it!

Sammy? Sammy!

[ Bangs on hatch ]

Hey, Dean, we're here.

We're gonna
get you out.

[ Grunts ]

are you still there?!


[ Grunts ]

Now, now.


This is how a goddess acts?


I'm sort of new to this,
but, you know,

a Roman deity burying people
alive in a barn?

Sort of pathetic,
don't you think?

It only got pathetic

when I started
having to do it myself.

Because of that hippie
from Bethlehem --

before him, they practically
threw virgins at me.

And now --

they let your fire go out.
They forgot about you.

Yeah, I know.

Sucks to be Lindsay Lohan,
doesn't it?

[ Groans ]

Actually, I figured

if you can't beat them,
join them.

[ Laughs ]

That's right.

I adapted!

[ Sighs ]
Now I chew on the cud of prayer.


[ Sweetly ]
I even got a sweater set.

Screwdriver, anybody?

Honor: Hey.

From the first-aid kit.


They used to beg
to stay pure for me.

And now I have to drag them
kicking and screaming.

And they're not even
real virgins.

They're born-again.

You want
to talk about pathetic?

You're a real charity case.

[ Laughs ]
Oh, no, sweetheart.

This isn't charity.

I take what I deserve.

When those trollops
are about to die

soaked in their juicy fear,!

[ Laughs ]

Because that's the only part
of them

still working to purify
the body that they've trashed.

Now, normally,
I like them weaker,

but let's just call this
a hunter's exception, shall we?


[ Grunts ]

This is
how a goddess acts!

[ Grunts ]

[ Screams ]

[ Grunting ]

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Sam: Aah!

[ Groans ]

Aah! [ Groans ]

What's wrong with you?

[ Grunts ]


Your liver.

It's -- it's no good.

Dear boy, you're all duct tape
and safety pins inside.

How are you alive?

[ Stake clatters ]

What did I miss?

[ Inhales sharply ]

Heading out?

I'd tell you boys
to stay out of trouble,

but what's the point?

[ Chuckles ]


for bailing me out.

Oh, what can I say?
I'm getting the hang of this.

[ Chuckles ]
Drive safe.


Don't get the door for me
or anything. [ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

What's up?

What if there is
something wrong with me --

something...really wrong?

You're just crapped out,

You need some rest.

Oh, it's more than that.

I mean, Vesta said I was
practically dead inside.

Oh, and she's
in the circle of trust now?

Why would she lie?

It's probably the trials,

Probably some sort of a,
you know, aftereffect.

It's not like you're
bouncing back from the flu here.

I mean, you were glowing
with freaking trial juice.

I don't know.

what else would it be?

Why does it have to be
something else?

It's always something else.

We're always scraping to find
some other explanation

when maybe it is...
just me.

Oh, come on, Sam.

I'm a mess, Dean.
You know it.

And sometimes,
I feel like

maybe I'm never gonna
actually be all right.

You will.

All right, 'cause whatever
it is, we'll figure it out.

Or this is...

just the way I am.

[ Sighs ]

I can't.

I can't let you
put this on yourself.

[ Sighs ]

Listen to me.

It's not you, Sam.

I wouldn't do that, Dean.

He deserves to know.

Your brother is not ready.

If he ejects me,
he will not make it.

Damn it, Zeke! How much longer
we got to keep playing this?

Not much longer.
[ Scoffs ]

I promise you that.

[ Sighs ]



What -- what's not me?

Nothing. I just --
I-I meant that...

If there is
something wrong...

It's not your fault.

We'll deal with it.

But you got to have
a little faith, Sammy.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door slams ]

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