Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - Holy Terror - full transcript

The angels go to war against each other. A secret about Ezekiel is revealed.

DEAN: Cass, are you there?

Sammy's hurt.

He's hurt pretty bad.

I know you think
that I'm pissed at you.
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Cass, can we talk?

You can't stay.

I don't care
that the angels fell.

So whatever you did.

CASTIEL: I didn't know he was gonna
cast the angels out of heaven.

He's the scribe of God.

These were never trials.

This is a spell.

CASTIEL: He took my grace.
It's why I'm human.

It doesn't matter, okay?
We'll work it out.

DEAN: It's a tablet, I translate,
that's what you do.

you are a Prophet of the Lord.


Please, man, I need you here.

If angels come a-knockin',
you just let 'em on in.

Beautiful, Buddy.

Thank you, Bart

It's Bartholomew.

Our fallen brothers
and sisters

are finding vessels
faster than we'd even hoped.

This one goes out to any angel
with their ears on.

I need your help.

- Start with a name.
- Ezekiel.

There is a chance
I can fix your brother.

I heal Sam
while healing myself.

DEAN: A possession?

I'm a mess, Dean.
You know it.

I can't let you put this
on yourself.

I wouldn't do that, Dean.





You shouldn't be here.

We have just as much right
to be here as you do, brother.




WOMAN: All right, girls, everybody.


So he's better?


Sam is much improved.

It shouldn't be
much longer now.

Okay, you know, you said the same
thing to me last week, right?

As I told you when we met,
this will take time.


Okay, well, go then.


I'd like my brother back,

I must say, Dean,

I'm very uncomfortable
with this whole trip.

Investigating crimes
involving angels

or anything involving angels

puts me, and therefore,
Sam, at risk.

Well, family business, Zeke.

If we ignore this,

Sam's gonna think
that something fishy's going on.

Then I trust you
will be discreet.

Wait, if you know
where we're going,

that means
you've been listening in.

Are you-- are you hearing
everything between me and Sam?


Just a word here and there.

I have better things to do
with my time than eavesdrop,

like heal your brother.

- Okay, 'cause here's the thing--
- I was gonna say,

it seems like it's getting really
quiet out there, you know?

Not a peep from the angels,

even Buddy Boyle
goes off the air

and stops recruiting for them.

Obviously a calm
before the storm.

Yeah, maybe.


That sign said
"Fort Collins, 50 miles."


So last time I looked,
like, 12 seconds ago,

Fort Collins was 100 miles.

Well, hey, man, ever since that
goddess got her hooks into you--

No, it's more than Vesta.

I mean, this kind of thing's
been happening to me.

Like, like, there are
chunks of time just missing.

Like, there are times
when I'm not here.

Well, like I've said--

Yes, the trials.
I know. I heard you.

I heard you
when you said it the last week

and the week before that
and the week before that.

Yeah, because damn straight
the trials.

They whacked you, man.

You're not up
to warp speed yet. Okay?

But you will be.

Would I lie?


One of your guys
is here already.


Ah, my colleagues.



Cass, what the hell are you doing?

Um... I still have
that badge you gave me.

Yeah, uh,
what the hell are you doing?

The murders were all over the news.

I thought I might be of help.

Yeah, but Cass, you know this is
an angel situation, right?

I mean, you left that night

because angels were on your ass.

Yeah, and you were living
the life, you know?

Early retirement, working your
way up the Gas-n-Sip ladder.

Well, if angels are slaughtering
one another,

I have to do
what I canto help.

This is a risk
we should be willing to take,

don't you think?


Cass is back in town.

Seriously, did you--
did he just say that?

These angels,
they were butchered.

Much more violence
than this required.

Definitely took
more than one or two killers

to pull this off.

Hit squad?
Bartholomew's people?

Well, Bartholomew
has a faction we know about,

but this could be
somebody else entirely.

We don't know.

Well, whoever it is,

we'll find them.

We'll find them.

That's great.

Good evening, Malachi.

Where is he?

is quite busy tonight.

With such a large following,

well, the responsibilities
are enormous.

I called for a top-level summit.

I don't deal with handmaidens.

I'll convey your thoughts
to Bartholomew.

He'll regret the disrespect.

You speak of disrespect,

After the bloodbath
two nights ago?

Bartholomew's naked grab
for power

was nothing but disrespect.

He and I ultimately want
the same thing.

The only way we can take heaven
back from Metatron is to unite.

And if Bartholomew wants to
avoid all-out warfare on Earth,

he'll meet personally with me
to negotiate terms.

I'm sorry.

I should've mentioned earlier,
Bartholomew said to tell you

he doesn't negotiate
with street thugs.

Are we done here?

Yes, we are.


And so it begins.

It is so good
being together again.

You know, this is my first beer
as a human.

I hope it's okay,
me joining you.

Why wouldn't it be okay?

You know, Cass,
are you sure you're ready

to jump back
into all this?

I mean, it seemed to me like
you'd actually found some peace.

Hey, you once told me that you
don't choose what you do.

It chooses you.

I'm a part of this.

Like it or not.

All right, well then,
in that case,

we have to figure out
who are we up against,

what do they want,
and how do we stop them.

Well, Bartholomew wants
to reverse Metatron's spell.

Presumably to retake heaven

once his following
is large enough.

That's according to April.

The reaper you banged?

- Yeah, and you stabbed.
- Yeah.

She was hot.

So hot.

- And very nice.
- Mm.

Up to the point
she started torturing me.


Well, not every hook-up's perfect.

All right.
I'm gonna get us another round.

Nah. I'll get it.

You know,
I've never done this before.

One beer, he's hammered.

Oh, boy.

Well, what are you going to do
about this?

About Cass?

He is a beacon, Dean,

pulling every angel
for miles down on our heads.

All right, you know what, Zeke?
Level with me.

What is it
that you're so afraid of?

I told you.

When I chose to answer
your prayers and heal Sam,

I chose sides.

That means I'm not in good
standing with certain angels.

Okay, well, you know what?

Cass isn't in good standing
with any angel, all right?

But here he is, ass on the line,
fighting the fight.

So tell me,
what makes you so special?

CASTIEL: Here we go.

Three brewskies.

I'm going to get something
out of the car.

Well, I'm really
looking forward to this.

Excuse me?

Oh, please.

I know who you really are.

And it isn't Ezekiel.

I noticed you look...

...kind of uncomfortable

whenever Sam mentions
my leaving.

Doesn't he know
that you told me to leave?

Here's the deal.

When Sam was doing the trials
to seal up hell,

it messed him up.


The third one
nearly killed him.

If I'd let him finish,
it would have.

He's still messed up bad.

You said the angel Ezekiel
helped heal him.

Look, I got to do anything I can
to get him back.

Now if that means that we keep
our distance from you

for a little while, then

I don't have a choice.

I don't feel good about it,
but I don't have a choice.

It's great to have
your help, Cass.

Okay? But we just can't
work together.

I'm not here to out you.

But I am curious, why Ezekiel?

They say he is a good
and honorable angel.


Everything they say
you are not.

I see your point,

Gad reel.

The stories about me,
they are not true.

And yet you spent countless
thousands of years

locked in heaven's
darkest dungeon,

and now you're hiding in
this human, posing as Ezekiel.


It broke his heart
to lock you away, you know?

You were God's most trusted.

That's why he chose you
to protect the garden.

Your one task was to keep evil
from entering,

from befouling
his cherished creation, mankind,

and you failed him.

Not my doing.

Well, for whatever reason,
the serpent entered.

The earth is cursed with evil.

Someone had to be blamed.

What is it you want of me,

Just to be your friend.

You and I go back a long way.

I was actually the one
who freed you.


I was the one who caused
all the angels to fall.

Including the imprisoned ones.

You're welcome.

No angels are in heaven?

None at all?

No, and, you know, at first,
I thought I would love it.

But this is a big place.

My solitude is getting tedious.

And so?

And so,

Plan B.

Rebuild heaven
as the place God envisioned it,

only with a handpicked few.

No more anemic functionaries
like Bartholomew.

And no more stupid angels.

Maybe some funny ones.

You were his most trusted,

You want to take back
your reputation?

You want to reclaim
the heaven that was?

We could do this together.

Any word from Cass?

Nothing yet.

And we're not worried
about him

that he just took off
like that again?

I mean, it's not like he does
this kind of stuff alone.

It's the way he wanted it.

Look, man,
he's been all over the map

since he got
his wings clipped.

What you got?

That one of the bikers?

His name was Red Dawg.

Of course, it was.

It's not what you think.
He's a family guy.

Big in the PTA, he played Santa
at Christmas parties.

So what, just one day,
he up and joined a biker gang?

No, he did that years ago.
Get this. This is weird.

Look. These are all
the victims, right?

They were
all baptized together.

- Baptized?
- Yeah.

They were
a born-again biker gang.

Well, that is not something
you hear every day.

No, it's not.

Wait, make that bigger.

Boyle's boys?

Boyle, as in reverend Buddy Boyle?

Listen to this.

"Red Dawg's widow said
he was always religious,

but a week before he died,

he came home
from a prayer meeting

and was a changed man
filled with divine glory."

So Boyle's at it again.

Selling folks
on being meat suits for angels.

Just what,
talking to smaller groups now?

I don't know. Maybe softening up
thousands at a time,

he wasn't able to control
what angels got let in.

This way, Bartholomew's
followers can jump in

just as soon
as Boyle does his thing.

So Red Dawg and his guys
were Bartholomew people?

Yeah, and they got slaughtered,

which means that this new group
is even worse.

Haven't I always said
that angels are dicks?

And I so appreciate
the opportunity

to address
your Bible-study group.

I admire your passion,
your energy, your devotion.

You are exactly what God
and his angels have in mind

for the crusade.

Now rise.

Join hands, all of you.

Feel the heavenly host
reach out to embrace you.

Embrace them back.

The angels want nothing more
than to feel your love.

Welcome them
into your hearts.

Let them in.

In the name of Malachi,
let them in!



I never got used to them.

I lived among them
for centuries.

I had to isolate myself
to keep sane.

Humans do seem chaotic,

Which makes them fascinating,

...all that emotion.

And the wasted energy.
It's just exhausting.

I know.

Sam Winchester.

It is a mess in here.

And the brother,
I do not know where to start.

I can free you from them.

From all of them.

You intend to be the ruler of
this new heaven, am I correct?

It is a burden
I feel I must accept.

Then, Metatron,
does that not make you God?



I don't know that
I'd take on that name,



When the time comes,
we'll call me...



You and I,

we could have paradise again,

Okay. I'm...

...unfamiliar with this end
of the process.

'Course, no one may be listening,

um, but I do need assistance.

I have questions,
and there seem to be no answers.

I wouldn't presume
to ask for help

if I weren't desperate,
but I need help.

I'm lost.
I need your guidance.

Please hear my prayer.

I don't know
how humans do it.

Try plugging it in.

Surely that wasn't the answer
you were seeking.

You're an angel.


I didn't pick the outfit.


No, wait.
Please, just hear me out.

It can't be known
that I even spoke to you.

- I just need a moment.
- No.


I just need information.

Dean, there may be nothing in here.

Crowley said the spell
that cast down the angels

was irreversible.

Yeah, well, screw Crowley.

Why would you think
that anything he says is true?

This part
is nearly indecipherable.

Almost like
when Metatron wrote it down,

he wanted
to keep the words hidden,

even from prophets.


Check this out.

Another angel attack.

What? Where?


A college Bible-study group

and their guest speaker,
some top-shelf church lady.

Insides scorched out,
kids' eyes were missing,

but not the church lady's.

So she was an angel,

Sounds like.

And she sang soprano

for the Melody Ministry glee club.


The club goes to its gigs
on a bus.

So when I checked
with the Wyoming cops,

they said that a witness saw
the same bus leaving

the biker bar not long
before the bodies were found.

So church-lady angel
was at both killings?

I'm guessing that she
and whoever she's running with

killed Bartholomew's bikers
at the bar

and then Bart's boys
hit her back.

When she was recruiting
those students to be vessels.

Wow. A bunch of kids.


Clock's ticking.

Let's say you're telling the
truth and Metatron tricked you,

I should still turn you in.

But you won't.

Don't be so sure.

I-- I think
you instinctively trust me.

We're similar.

We both want no part
of the fanatics.

And when you prayed,

how did you know
you wouldn't get one of them?

I'm warded and my grace is gone
and I was hoping

that I would seem like
just another desperate human

that the militants
couldn't care less about.

And you think I care?

You're here.
You may know the situation.

Bartholomew, he's in a blood
feud with another faction.

It's madness.

Who leads the opposition?


Malachi, the anarchist?

He's become equals
with Bartholomew.

In some ways, worse.

But there's still those like you

who want to stay out of it.

Fewer and fewer.

Each side is rounding up
those who try and stay neutral.

Angels are being tortured
and killed

if they don't pledge loyalty.

It's worse than I thought.

Each side
wants to crush the other,

overthrow Metatron,
and rule heaven,

and heaven
under either of them would be"



This is a bonus, Castiel.

We were tracking Muriel,
cowardly hold-out that she is,

and wonder of wonders,

she led us to you.

Not knowingly.

I stand corrected.

Not knowingly.


I've explained in detail.

I don't know
how Metatron's spell worked.

I can't assist in reversing it.

I was
an unwitting accomplice.


A dupe.

The great Castiel,

valued and trusted Castiel,

top-of-the-Christmas-tree Castiel.
No more than a dupe.

Dupe or mastermind,
you were inside the circle.

You know
where Metatron's weakness lies.


I don't.




You'd suffer,
even die for your beliefs.

I get it.

But is Metatron, whose poll
numbers have totally tanked,

worth your life?

More importantly,
is Metatron worth her life?


No, she's innocent.

You leave her alone.

I have no intentions
of touching her.

Virtue is its own punishment.

Please, no!


Angels butchering angels.

Is this what we've become?

Just following your example,

How many
did you kill in heaven?

How many in the fall?

Oh, you didn't know?

A host of angels died
when they fell.

Azrael, Sophia, Ezekiel.

"Died" doesn't even describe it.


Wings shredded,
unspeakable agony at your hands.

So I think

you would want to provide
any information you have,


All right.

I leave you
in the hands of an artist.

I don't care what's left.

Don't ask for mercy.

There is none.

I'll give you one last chance
for this to end.

Give me a quick death.

I need you to speak
to Metatron.

Everyone knows
you have influence.

He'll listen to you.

Ask him
to raise me to heaven.

You can do this, Castiel.

I'll be a soldier for Metatron,
do anything he wants.

You, you serve Malachi.

I thought he was the answer,
but he's crazy.

You're noticing this now?

You were more than willing
to do his dirty work.

I did what I had to.

When you were sure
he would defeat Bartholomew.

But no one will survive
this war.

So you prefer to sit it out
in heaven.

I can talk to him
about restoring your grace.

Well, it's, um, it's true.

Metatron and I do have
a working relationship.

I knew it.

You're clever, Theo.

We're allies.

And he could use
a skilled soldier like yourself.

Oh, but I don't know.

I'm a team player, Castiel.

All right. Well.

I'll need a moment
to make contact.

And you have something
that I'll need.




Oh, no.

Hey. You seen Sam?

He went out.


I don't know.

You notice he's doing that
a lot?



Dean, I don't have
a lot of time, so listen.

The leader of the opposition
is an angel named Malachi.

How do you know that?

He had me.

I, uh, I was tortured.

- But I got away.
- How?

I... I did what I had to.

I became
what they've become.

A barbarian.

What are you--
Cass, where are you?

It's better I stay away.

They're gonna want me
even more now.

But I'm gonna be all right.

I got my grace back.

Well, not mine per se,
but it'll do.

Wait, you're-- you're back?
You got your mojo?

I'm not sure.

But I am an angel.

And you're okay with that?

If we're going to war,
I need to be ready.

- Cass.
- Dean.

There's more.


Didn't you say Sam was healed
by an angel named Ezekiel?

Yeah, why?

Ezekiel is dead.


He died when the angels fell.

I need a spell, ASAP.

Everyone always needs a spell,
and it's always ASAP.

All right, listen to me.

An angel can't be expelled
by another human.

Only by the host, right?

Well, what if there was a way
to power down the angel

so that it wasn't in charge
for a few seconds?


For instance, if--
If hypothetically,

I wanted to speak
with the vessel,

but not have the squatter
listen in.


You with me?

And when the angels
kill each other off,

the humans are taking it
in the teeth.

So what if I wanted
to clue the human in

so that he or she
could spit the angel out?

That would be a good thing,

Uh... yeah.

Okay. So, hit the tablet.
Let's go.


Yesterday, Cinderella.

I've been thinking this over,

I will join you
as second-in-command.

Bravo, Gadreel.

This move will erase the mark

that has hounded you
through the centuries.

Heaven will be restored,

as will your reputation
as one of its greatest heroes.

I thank you
for this opportunity.

There is
just one more thing.


I need to be sure
of your fidelity.

You have it.

No, I mean really sure.

We have enemies who pose an
imminent threat to our effort.

They must be neutralized.


In a word.


That is not who I am.


Here's the first name
on your to-do list.


All right, so this masterpiece
we just painted,

it's gonna work, right?

The Sigils are supposed
to briefly hobble

the possessing angel.

If the info's correct.

Wait, what?

I only had time
to gel a little from the tablet.

The rest came from an old
Men of Letters book.

As soon as your blood touches
the ignition Sigil,

the spell kicks in.

Dean, what's going on?

I told you.

You told me theoretically.

Dean, we just painted Sigils
in the storeroom.

What the hell?

You're gonna have to trust me.

Okay, trust that I told you
everything that I can for now.

Can you do that?

I always trust you.

And I always end up screwed.

Oh, come on. Always?

Not always.

Hey, where you been?

Hey. Beer run.

Long beer run.

Can we talk?

Yeah. Sure.

This sounds serious.

What's going on?

What are you doing?

I got to tell you
some stuff fast.

It's gonna piss you off.


Those trials
really messed you up.

Yes, I know that.

No, you don't.

I mean messed you up
like almost dead.

No more birthdays,
dust to dust.

Well, that messed me up,
so I made a move,

okay, a tough move about you
without talking it over

because you were
in a coma.

Wait, what? When?

You were in the hospital,

and they said
you were gonna die.


What did you do?

I let an angel in.

In what?

In you.

He said he could heal you
and he is.

He's still in me?

That's impossible, Dean.

Thai couldn't happen.
I never invited him in.

I tricked you into saying yes.
It seemed like the only way.

So again... thought I couldn't handle
something, so you took over.

I did what I had to do.

You would've never agreed to it,
and you would've died.

Well, maybe I would've liked
the choice, at least.

We can do this later.

You can-- You can kick my ass
all you want.

Right now,
we got bigger problems.


The angel lied to me.

He-- He's not
who he said he was.

He said his name was Ezekiel.

Cool guy, according to Cass,
but it's not Ezekiel.

- Who is he?
- I don't know.

Ezekiel is dead.

Whoever this guy is can end you
in a heartbeat if he wants to,

so you have got to dump him.

Are you hearing
what I'm saying?

I think you're well enough now,
but you got to expel him.




Hey, Sam.

Hey, do you notice anything

a little bit off
about Dean lately?

Between you and me,
I'm a little bit worried about him.

Don't worry about Dean.

Dean will be fine.



No! No! No! Kevin?



There is no more Sam.

But I played him convincingly,
I thought.


How did you...

I heard you talk with Kevin Tran

Told me theoretically.

Dean, we just painted Sigils
in the storeroom.

What the hell?

You're gonna
have to trust me, okay,

and trust that I told you
everything I can for now.

Can you do that?

Alter a Sigil...

...even the slightest...

...alter the spell.

Sorry about Kevin,
but ultimately...'s for the best.

I did what I had to.




Ripped By mstoll

(English - SDH)