Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Hello, Cruel World - full transcript

The leviathans destroy Castiel's body and break loose. Now Sam, Dean, and Bobby have to track them all down. Meanwhile, Sam is beginning to struggle with what is real and what is a hallucination.

Mr. Singer. I believe
you know Sheriff Mills.

Your soul. It's gone.

Sam. I'm gonna put up a barrier.

Don't scratch the wall.

[ screaming ]

Lucifer: You know who I am.
Sam: Lucifer.

Hi, Sam.

I think this is
my best torture yet.

You never left, Sam.

You're still in the cage...

With me.

This can't be happening.

Death: Your vessel's melting.
You're going to explode.

There are things much older
than souls in Purgatory,

and you gulped
those in, too.

- What older things?
- The Leviathans.

Castiel: [ Straining ]
I-I can't hold them back!

- Hold who back?
- Leviathan!


Cass is -- he's gone.

[ Grunts ]

Oh, this is going to be
so much fun.

[ Laughs ]


How many of you ass-clowns
are in there?

A hundred?


Your vessel's gonna explode,
ain't it?

Wouldn't do anything
too strenuous.

In fact, I'd call it a day,
head on home.


We'll be back for you.

Bobby: Well...

This is a new one.

[ Door hinges creak ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Strained ]
You're not real.

Lucifer: Right.

You think this fruit bat
fever dream is reality?

You come back -- I'm sorry --
with no soul,

like some peppy
"American Psycho,"

[ Gasping ]

You're real.

I'm very real.

Everything between is
what we call "set dressing."

- No.
- You're still in my cell.

You're my bunkmate, buddy.

You're my little bitch,

in every sense
of the term.



- Sam!
Dean: Sam!

You hearin' me?

[ Gasps ]

Look at me. Hey!

All right, we got to
button this up.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Come on.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gate hinges squeak ]

[ Water sloshes ]

[ Water rushing, bubbling ]

Aw, hell.

Damn it.

You said it.




If they're in the pipes,

they got themselves
a highway to anywhere.



So, he's gone.


Rest in peace...

If that's in the cards.

Dumb son of a bitch.

Well, he was friends with us,
wasn't he?

Can't get much dumber
than that.

Come on.

Those things will be
coming up for air soon.

[ Sighs ]

[ The Doobie Brothers'
"Black Water" plays ]

♪ Well, I built me a raft
and she's ready for floatin' ♪

♪ Ol' Mississippi,
she's callin' my name ♪

♪ Catfish are jumpin' ♪

♪ That paddle wheel thumpin' ♪

♪ Black water keeps rollin'
on past just the same ♪

♪ Old black water,
keep on rollin' ♪

♪ Mississippi moon, won't you
keep on shinin' on me? ♪

♪ Old black water,
keep on rollin' ♪

♪ Mississippi moon, won't you
keep on shinin' on me? ♪

♪ Old black water,
keep on rollin' ♪

♪ Mississippi moon, won't you
keep on shinin' on me? ♪

♪ Yeah, keep on shinin' your light ♪
[ Rumbling ]

♪ gonna make everything,
pretty mama ♪

♪ gonna make everything
all right ♪

♪ and I ain't got no worries ♪

[ Music stops ]

[ Rumbling ]


[ Coughing ] Oh!

[ Coughs ]

Hey. Wake up, sunshine.

Up and at 'em, atom man.

- Sammy.
Dean: Sammy.


Hey! Whoa!

That's 12 hours straight.
I'm calling that rested.

Here. Hydrate.

And, uh, protein-ate.

[ Grunts ]
Breakfast in bed.

Don't get used to it.
Let me see that hand.

Aw, he wants to hold
your widdle hand.

How sweet.

Yeah, you'll live.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

All right,
take it easy.

So, ooze invasion --
any leads?

I got all my feelers out.

Whatever they're up to,

it ain't --

it ain't about going Mothra
down Main Street.

They'll turn up.

They seemed pretty eager
to stretch their legs, you know?

Yeah, well, now onto
our other big problem.

How are you doing?
And do not say "okay."

I'm not okay.

- You think?
- Hey.

Go a little easy.

There's nothing easy about it,
Bobby, okay?

We acted like he had everything
under control.

I get it.

I'm sorry.

Look, I-I didn't exactly
want to crack up, you know?

What the hell happened
back there?

Well, it's not just flashbacks

Well, then what?

It's more like...

I'm seeing
through the cracks.

What does that mean?

It means I'm having
a difficult time

figuring out what's real.


For starters.

Well, for starters, if you're
trippin' hell's bells,

why would you hide that?

I wasn't hiding it, Dean.

I-I was just
not talking about it.

I mean, it seemed like you two
had enough going on as it was.

Look, I-I just figured try
to hold on to the safety bar

and ride it out,
you know?


But it's getting
more specific.

As in, specifically what?

What the hell, Sam?

I told you.

No, I mean, seriously,

how do you -- how do you
argue with that?

I know.
I-it's a problem.

Well, now, wait.
I got it.

Why would the Devil holodeck you
a whole new life

when he could just kick your ass
all over the cage?

'Cause, as he puts it...

Both: ...You can't
torture someone

who has nothing left
for you to take away.

Very good, Sam.

Okay, fine.

But this
Malibu dream mansion

that he -- he -- he makes
for you to take away

is this post-apocalyptic

It had to be a mess, Sam,

or you wouldn't believe
it was your life.

Wait, are you seeing him
right now?

You know
that he's not real, right?

He says the same thing
about you.

I'm going back to work.

Scientists have no explanation

for what astronomers
can only describe

as a "surprise eclipse."

[ Channel clicks ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Channel clicks ]
We know you're hungry!

Why not indulge yourself at
Biggerson's homemade pie bar?

It's like a salad bar
but with pie!

[ Channel clicks ]
Next week on "Dr. Sexy, MD,"

Dr. Cheyenne Meganopolis
makes a shocking return...

Dr. Meganopolis:
I'm sorry, doctor.

I forgot being
head surgeon means

that you cut into
whatever body you want

and take out
whatever organ pleases you

without any paperwork

Dr. Sexy: Well, doctor,
I'm sorry you're so forgetful.

[ Metal clattering ]

Well, at least he's not
curled up under the sink.

Yeah, no, he's just
sitting there silently,

field-stripping his weapon.

[ Sighs ]

What are you doing?

Dean: Turning on his GPS

'case he decides
to fly the cuckoo's nest.

[ Sighs ]

And you?

How are you doing?

Seriously, Bobby.

It ain't like he's hexed,
you know?

I mean, what if this is
the kind of crazy you can't fix?

I'm -- I'm worried, too.

But...humor me
for a second.

How are you?

Who cares?

Don't you think our mailbox
is a little full right now?

- I'm fine.
- Right.

And weren't you
pissed at him

when he said the same thing

just a couple hours
before spilling his marbles

all over the floor?

Yeah, well...

I'm not Sam, okay?

I keep my marbles
in a lead friggin' box.

I'm fine. Really.

'Course. Yeah.

Just lost one of
the best friends you ever had,

your brother's
in the bell jar,

and Purgatory's most wanted
are surfin' the sewer lines,

but yeah, yeah, I get it.

You're -- you're fine.


'Course...If at any time

you want to decide
that's utter horse crap,

well, I'll be
where I always am --

right here.

What, you want
to do couples' yoga

or you want to get back
to hunting the big bads?

Shut up.


[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ School bell rings ]

Yeah? Up yours, Manning.

I still got .06
on your time.

Where were you guys?

I guess
we got here early.

Heard something weird
coming from the showers.

Hey, what are you doing,

You're gonna
get in trouble.

Yes, Scott.
I probably am.

I think what Williams
is trying to say, Scott,

is that we're too hungry
to care.

[ Scott screams ]

Mrs. Hackett:
Crying to the E.R. nurse,

"mother Mary, mercy!"

And when they
opened her back up?

Three sponges
and a set of clamps,

sewn up inside
like she was a living piñata!

You can't
trust these people.

Afternoon, ladies.

Oh, hello, doctor.

Hi, Dr. Gaines.

So, Miss Mills --
you did excellent today.

Just as we discussed --
it was a textbook appendectomy.

That's good.

But you have been through
a serious surgical procedure.

Now, I know you're tough...

...But I want you
to take it easy tonight.

Works for me, Doc.
The good news --

I put you down for
some pretty fun painkillers.


I'll check in on you
first thing.

You'll be home in no time.

Charming, isn't he?

Did you know a study
showed 3/4 of doctors

cheat on their exams?

He might not know your appendix
from your vagina.

[ Door closes ]

Hey, there, Gunga Din.
Buck up.

Sam: So, it looks like we got
some bad news for a change.

Stockville, North Kansas --
most of a high-school swim team

got mangled to death
in their locker room.

Cop-talk on the wire's
kind of garbled --

sayin' it looks like some kind
of wild-animal attack.

They're saying that whatever
attacked them

was about the size
of a linebacker.

Sam: It's a lead, Dean.

All right, but if you think
you're going out on a hunt...

No, I know. I'm not.
But you are.

Bobby's running the hub,

I'm 5150'd,

which leaves you
to follow this thing up.

Sam, you're in the middle
of a psychotic break.

It's a couple hours' drive,

and it could be
a Leviathan thing.

No, if you think I'm leaving you
here alone...

Hey, what am I,
chopped brains on toast?

I can eyeball the kid.

Work off some of these nerves
on something useful.


[ Swing creaking ]

You got yourself
an awfully small body.

Too small.

She didn't know anything.

Can't even
see over the counter.

Well, this one...


Edgar worked on something
called a demolitions crew.

Watching things blow up
is apparently very satisfying.

"Annie" knew where
babies come from.

Disgusting, by the way.

I'm hungry.

We all are.

Yes, about that.

I'm sorry!


They ate the swim team.

Like I said -- hungry.

That's no excuse.

Well, what do you
want me to do?

Get them in line.
I don't care how.

For God's sake,
it made the papers.

Look, the boss, honestly --

he just wants to hear
it's taken care of.

So take care of it

I don't like
bringing him bad news.

Are we clear?

Actually, I have an idea.

I could use your help.

[ P.A. system beeps ]

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Bender
to the mental ward, please.

Dr. Bender.

[ Metal clangs ]

[ Sighs ]

Little girl,
can I help you?

Are you a Dr. Sexy?

Uh...I'm a surgeon.

Where are your parents?

Is it true?

Surgeons can just cut into
whatever body they want?


And remove whichever organs
they please?

Where in the world
did you hear --

I want to be a surgeon
when I grow up.


Let me go!


And I want to grow up now!

[ Bone snaps ]
Aah! Aah!

[ Screaming ]

[ Bones snap, flesh tears ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Hi. Special Agent Anderson --

Yeah, okay.

Our point cop's
out on the doughnut.

Forensics. I can show you
the layout. And step lightly.

We got a whole bunch of NC-17
shizznickle right over there.


[ Police radio chatter ]

Damn it.

Dr. Gaines:
Shh! Just breathe deeply.

But my surgery
isn't till tomorrow.

I'm Dr. Sexy!

Your surgery
is when I say it is.

[ Whimpers ]

[ Inhales sharply ]


Not weird at all.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Beep ]


Well, we are positive
for ick.

Same kind of stuff
that came out of Cass.

And, uh, two of the swim kids
are missing.

They stole
one of their parents' cars.

You know, I really think
Prince William

has found the right girl.

What do you think?

you think these, um,

Leviathan things
just jump into people,

like Eve did?

I don't know.
It makes sense, right?

Anyway, uh, state troopers got
surveillance cam on the kids,

about six hours old.

They're gassing up just south
of the Dakota line,

so I'm headed back your way.

We'll just track 'em
from Bobby's.

- [ Clears throat ] Yeah. Sounds good.
- Hey.

How you doing?

[ Scoffs lightly ]

You know, uh, okay.

Okay. Well, hang in there,
all right?

[ Beep ]

Just okay?

I'm having a great day.

[ Flesh tears ]

Miss Mills, what are you doing
out of bed?

Are you okay?

Miss Mills,
you gave us all a scare.

What? No, I...

You can't be wandering around the
halls like that in your condition.

He took -- he took...

What? Who?

Dr. Gaines?

Miss Mills, we told you
to take it easy, remember?

Of course.

What in the world were you doing
wandering the halls like that?


my stitches were itching,

and I just wanted to know
if that was normal,

and I must have fainted
or something.

My stitches
feel fine now.

Miss Mills,
you can't get out of bed.

You could have
ripped open your sutures

with a fall like that.

Don't make me
go back in there.


What's that?

This is just something
to help you sleep.

No, that's okay.
I'll sleep just fine.

Doctor's orders.

I'll check on you later.

You can kiss my ass,
Dr. Monsterface.

[ Hisses ]

Oh, God.

Oh, no, no.

if this is some dream

and you got power over it,
why don't you just end it?

End it?

This -- you not knowing
what's real,

the paint slowly peeling
off your walls --

come on, man.

This is the sweet spot.
Why would I end it?

It's not like
we got HBO in the pit.

All I got is you,

floating over the coals

with half a hope that
you're gonna figure it all out.

There's only one way
to figure it out, Sam.

It's up to you.

It ends
when you can't take it anymore.

I think maybe that's why
we're cleaning our guns.

Shut up.

I said shut up!

Bobby: Hey, Sam.

You, uh...

...Havin' a little
bag-lady moment, huh?


[ Bottles clink,
refrigerator door closes ]


[ Bottle opens ]

You know, after...


All these years,
all that we've been through...

You beat the Devil before,

It's kind of different.

Not really.

You'll get a handle
on this, too.

You will.

You're not in Hell anymore.

You're here, with us.

[ Flesh squishes ]

You hear me, Sam?

Yeah, I hear you, Bobby.

[ Telephone rings ]

Oh. That's my local.


Bobby Singer?

My surgeon is a monster.

Come again?

He took my windbag roomie,
and he ate her liver.

Except he wasn't --
he wasn't a surgeon.


His face was...

His mouth
was this horrible th--

Who is this?
It's Jody.

Jody Mills.


Sheriff Mills.


I can't exactly
call a deputy here.

Come on, you and I killed
zombies that one time.

I know you handle
this kind of thing.

Please get your ass here
to Sioux Falls General

before he eats me, Singer.

[ Beep ]

[ Telephone clatters ]

Well, either Sheriff Mills
is having

an Obamacare-insured
opium dream

or something's eating folks

down at Sioux Falls
General Hospital.

Look, I-I don't want to bruise
your ego or anything...

No, no, no.
It's -- it's okay.

Go, go, go.
I-I'll watch the phones.

[ Door opens, closes ]


Just you and me, huh?

What happened to you two?

I did.

Where is Dr. Gaines?

Oh, no, that's not
how it works, okay?

If you require
a physician's attention,

you're gonna have to
fill out these forms --

I can take over from here,


Youths obviously require
immediate care.

This is where they bring
their bodies to be fixed.

They consider it
a safe place.

But the truth is, often
they actually die here instead.

And they never question it.
I'm not kidding.

We can feed discreetly.
No one will know.

A few of us
in the right positions,

and we could feast
every single day.

I'm thinking head nurse and the
staff administrator for a start.

I have to hand it to you --

it's exactly
what the boss asked for.

- Out-of-the-box thinking.
- Yes.

You're off the swim team,

Time to pursue
a career in medicine.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

All right. Check in.

You won't stay?

I would love to grab us
a good anesthesiologist.

He asked me to check into some
other business in the area.

Anyway, seems you've got things
well in hand.

Why can't they scream?

Oh, I severed their vocal cords,
of course.

It's a delicate procedure
but very doable.

[ Sighs ]

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Car door opens, closes ]

[ Door opens ]

Oh. Hey.
Ooh, yeah, good thinking.


So, I, uh...

I followed those
swim-kid Levia...whatever.

- To where?
- Here.

Well, back to town.

And that ain't
the good news.


It ain't just two of them,
I don't think.

Did you call Bobby?

Yeah, he's working his own case,
I got to move,

and I need backup,
and that means you.

Wait. You --
you sure about that?

I know. You're bonkers.

But, luckily, I just need you
to keep the engine running

and wait by the back door.

Just don't, uh...

Don't let Satan
change my presets.

Let's go.

[ Sighs ]

Her name is Mrs. Hackett.
She never came back.

I'll check it out.

Now, you get some rest.
I'll come by later.

[ Chuckles ]
Bobby Singer, my hero.

That's the roofies

[ Engine turns over ]

Foot surgery, huh?

Died this morning.

Already autopsied?
What the hell?

- How you doing, Sam?
- In the head region?

still riding shotgun?

Not right now,

Maybe we ought to get you,
I don't know, some --

some what?
Some "professional help"?

[ Scoffs ] What are they
gonna do, Dean?

Just stuff me
full of pills.

We'll figure out
some other option.

Okay. Yeah.

But what are
your other options?

You remember when Martin
took his nosedive

and started shooting
at nothing?

I mean, his sweater
unraveled fast.

- I'm not Martin.
- No, but you are crazy.

And that don't wash off.
You get that, right?

You are never
gonna be okay, Sam.

[ Engine shuts off ]




Oh, crap.

[ Thud ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

Oh, damn it.
There's five of 'em.

[ Car doors close ]

All right. Come on.

Are you sure?

Yeah, and listen,
when we get in there,

you got to
keep it together.

Yeah, yeah. I-I will.

'Cause if you're seeing

then you could be seeing
all kinds of crap, okay?

You just don't know.

How is this helping?

I'm just saying, Sam,
you're out of control.

I'm dealing with it
the best I can.

Dealing? [ Chuckles ]

I'm sorry.
That's just funny.

I mean,
how can you deal?

You think this is
an office building, right?

Sorry. Wrong.

Where the hell are we?

Oh, you think I'm Dean.


You poor clueless
son of a bitch.

Stay the hell away from me.

Your world is whatever
I want it to be, understand?

Just leave me alone!

Now we're getting there.

seeing his strings.

Shut up.

It's the big crescendo.

I said shut up!

Want to point that gun
at someone useful?

Try your face.

You want
to know the truth?

You want to skip
to the last page of the book?

You know where to aim,

It's like a friggin' doggy bag
in here.

Can I help you?

You can maybe
still help this hospital.

Who's responsible for this
sloppy bit of documentation?

I know you.

No, you got the wrong guy.


Singer. Yes.

We saw you --
through the Angel's eyes.

[ Grunts ]

Let's try
for amnesia, then.

[ Hisses ]

[ Growling ]

Fair enough.

Oh, this can't be good.

Dean: Sam? Sam!

Oh, look.
Another me.

what are you doing?

Whoa! Whoa!

I thought
I was with you, Dean.


Well, here I am.

No. No, I-I don't --

I can't know that for sure.

You understand me?

Okay, then we're gonna
have to start small.

I don't remember
driving here.

Lucifer: Well,
that's because I drove.

You thought.

Sam is very suggestible.

Whoa! Whoa! Sam!

This discussion does not require
a weapons discharge!

Look at me.

Come on.

You don't know what's real?

Look, man,
I've been to Hell.

Okay? I know a thing or two
about torture --

enough to know
that it feels different

than the pain of this -- this
regular stupid crappy this.

No. No, how can you
know that for sure?

Let me see your hand.

No, no, no.
The -- the gimp hand.

Let me see it.

Smell you,
Florence Nightingale.


This is real.

Not a year ago,
not in Hell -- now.

I was with you
when you cut it.

I sewed it up.


[ Inhales sharply ]

We've done
a lot more with pain.

This is different --
right? --

than the crap
that's tearing at your walnut.

I'm different.

Yeah, I think so.

You sure about that,
bunk buddy?



Doesn't mean anything.


I am your flesh-and-blood
brother, okay?

And I'm the only one
who can legitimately kick

your ass in real time.

You got away.

We got you out, Sammy.


Sammy, I'm the only one
who can --

Believe in that.

Believe me, okay?

You got to believe me.

You got to make it stone
number one and build on it.

You understand?

Yeah. Yeah. Agree.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Bobby. Hey.

Sheriff was right!

The hospital thing's
definitely our kind of thing.

I double-barreled
one of them in the morgue.

Silver buck shot --

no effect.

Bled black ooze.

- Leviathan here?
- I'm fallin' back.

I'll meet you at the house.
We can regroup.

[ Beep ]

Bobby's got a live one.

Okay, well, let's go.

Look, when we
get back to Bobby's --

It's okay, Dean.
I'm good.

No white rabbits.
[ Chuckles ]

I'm not seeing anything.


Baby steps.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, no.

[ Car doors close ]

Oh, no.

Any sign of him?

That place was torched.

Somebody knew
what they were doing.

You think
Bobby was back there?

I don't know.


[ Beep ]

[ Ringing ]

Bobby: This is Bobby Singer's
direct hot line.

You should not
have this number.

[ Beep ]

You cannot be
in that crater back there.

I can't -- if you're gone,

I swear I am going to strap
my "Beautiful Mind" brother

into the car,

and I'm gonna drive us
off the pier.

You asked me how I was doing?

Well, not good.

Now, you said you'd be here.

Where are you?







Apparently, you two
are competent enough

to warrant annihilating.

I'd take it
as a compliment.

[ Bone cracks ]
[ Grunts ] Aah!

[ Grunts ]

Dean! Now!

[ Grunts ]


Sammy?! Hey, come on, now.

Come on, I'm the one
with the broken leg.

You got to carry me!


[ Grunts ]


You stay with me,
you hear?

Male, late 20s,
head trauma.

Signs of increasing
intracranial pressure.

so maybe I'm not real.

Nobody's perfect.

But I'm not
going anywhere, Sam.

Sam? Sammy!

Yeah, he's seizing.

E.M.T. #2:
Give him 10 of valium.

Copy that. We're just pulling in
to Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls?
Sioux Falls General?

No, no, no.

No, you got to take us
somewhere else. Anywhere!


Yeah, okay, buddy.