Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Meet the New Boss - full transcript

Castiel doesn't kill Sam, Dean or Bobby, but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should find Death and make him stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head.

I let Lucifer out.

I got to
put him back in.


Sammy's long gone.

Castiel: Sam has been
locked in the cage

with Michael and Lucifer.

It's his soul.
It's gone.

♪ Take it easy ♪

Can't erase Sam's Hell,

but I can put it behind a wall.

Keep digging, Dean.

So you're just
gonna be cryptic, or...

It's about the souls.

I will save Sam,

but only
if you stand down.

- What happened to you, Cass?
- I'm at war.

I want to discuss
a simple business transaction.

- That's all.
- You want to make a deal?

With me?

It's the souls.

♪ We can roll all night ♪

♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ slow ride ♪

♪ take it easy ♪

They're all inside me --

upon millions of souls.

♪ Slow down ♪

[ Groans ]

Angel blade won't work,

because I'm not an Angel

I'm your new God.

You will bow down

and profess your love unto me,
your Lord...

...Or I shall destroy you.


All right, then.

This good or...

you want the whole
forehead-to-the-carpet thing?



What's the point
if you don't mean it?

Cass --

Sam, you have nothing
to say to me.

You stabbed me in the back.

Get up.

Cass, come on.
This is not you.

The Castiel you knew is gone.

So what, then?
Kill us?

What a brave little ant
you are.

You know you're powerless.

You wouldn't dare
move against me again.

That would be pointless.

So I have no need to kill you.

Not now.


you were my favorite pets,

before you turned and bit me.

- Who are you?
- I'm God.

And if you stay in your place,
you may live in my kingdom.

If you rise up,
I will strike you down.

Not doing so well,
are you, Sam?

I'm fine.
[ Clears throat ]

I'm fine.

You said you would fix him.
You promised!

If you stood down,
which you hardly did.

Be thankful for my mercy.

I could have cast you
back in the pit.

Cass, come on,
this is nuts.

You can turn this around.

I hope, for your sake,
this is the last you see me.

[ Groans lightly ]

Sam, you okay?


Understand --

if you followed Raphael,

if you stood against me,

punishment is certain.

There is nowhere to hide.

The rest of you...

Our father left a long time ago.

That was hard.

I thought the answer
was free will.

But I understand now.

You need a firm hand.

You need a father.

And I am your father now.

Be obedient, children...

or this will be your fate.

It is a new day,

on Earth and in Heaven.


[ metal creaking ]

[ Dean groans ]

Come on. [ Grunting ]

[ Groans ]

Come on, baby!

[ Panting ]

So, you fixing her
or primal screamin'?

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] Thanks.

[ Sighs ]

How's Sam?

He's still under,
but alive.


What about
God part deux?

I got all kinds
of feelers out.

So far, diddly.

And what exactly
are you looking for?

Exactly. What?

Miracles, mass visions,

trench coat on a tortilla?

I don't know
what I'm looking for.

Yeah, well,
he'll surface.

So, say we do suss out

where new and improved
flew off to.


The hell we plan
to do about it?

Well, I don't know, Bobby.

I got no more clue
than you do.

I don't even know what books
to hit for this, Dean.

Well, figure it out!

I'm sorry.

This ain't in no book.

If you stick your neck out,
Cass steps on it.

So, you know
what I'm gonna do?


I'm gonna fix this car...

that's what I can do.

I can work on her
till she's mint.

And when Sam wakes up,

no matter
what shape he's in,

we glue him
back together, too.

We owe him that.

I'm with you.

Hey, Dean.

Wow, you're, uh,
walking and talking.


I, uh...

Put on my own socks --
whole nine.

Well, that's, um...

I mean, uh, you...

- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah.

My head hurts a little,


Look, man, I'm as surprised
as you are,

but, yeah, I swear.
- Good.

No reason putting a gift horse
under a microscope, right?

- Yeah. [ Sighs ]
- So what happened with Cass?

Why don't you
come help me with the car,

and I'll fill you in?


[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Grunts lightly ]

[ Laughter, chains clinking ]

Preacher: Plenty speak for them
and their so-called lifestyle --

media, Hollywood.

Lady Gaga won't shut up
for love or money.

[ Laughter ]

Yeah, funny.

But that's why we raise
our voices

and picket their so-called
weddings and their funerals.

Someone has to speak for God.

Castiel: And who says
you speak for God?

You're wrong.

I am utterly indifferent
to sexual orientation.

On the other hand...

I cannot abide hypocrites
like you, Reverend.

Okay, fun's over, friend.

Tell your flock
where your genitals have been

before you speak for me.

And who the heck are you?

I'm God.

[ Congregation murmurs ]

And he who lies in my name shall
choke on his own false tongue

and his poisonous words
shall betray him.

[ Choking ]

[ Gasps ]

For I am the Lord...

Your God.

[ Ghostly whispering ]

[ Chains clinking ]

[ Clinking stops ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Chains rattling ]

No, no, no.

No, no, no, no.
This can't be happening.

[ Laughter echoing ]

Bobby: Hey, Sam?

What are you,
taking a nap down here?

[ Breathing heavily ]

It's Cass, we think.
Come on.

Yeah. Coming.

Female reporter: Sudden deaths
of some 200 religious leaders

are currently
under investigation.

The Vatican has yet
to issue a statement,

but some are already
calling this an act of God.

Woman: We all saw him --

no beard, no robe.

He was young...

And -- and sexy.

He had a raincoat.

Male reporter:
Believed to be targeted hits

high up in the white-supremacy

the FBI now believes

the Klu Klux Klan
has been forced to disband.

Can't argue with that one.

Female reporter:
Freak lightning strikes

on the heels of the fire
that burned down

the Center for Vibrational
Enlightenment earlier today.

Said a spokesman,
"this tragedy represents

the largest loss in new-age
motivational speaker history."

Motivational speakers?

Dean: Yeah.

I'm not sure new Cass gets irony
any better than old Cass.

Course, old Cass...

Wouldn't smite Madison Square
Garden just to prove a point.

He is off the deep end
of the deep end.

And there's no slowing down.

So, what?
Try to talk to him again?


Dean, all we can do
is talk to the guy.

He's not a guy.
He's God, and he's pissed.

And when God gets righteous,
you get the hell out of the way.

- Haven't you read the Bible?
- I guess.

Cass is never coming back.

He has lied to us,
he used us,

he cracked your gourd
like it was nothing.

No more talk.
We have spent enough on him.


Hand me that socket wrench.

[ Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots
Are Made for Walkin'" plays ]

[ Dog barks ]

♪ You keep saying
you got something... ♪

Reporter: Unprecedented shutdown
of India's leper colonies,

after what many are calling
a miracle healing.

Here with me, health
correspondent Rob Lewitski.

Educate me, Lewitski.

♪ And now someone else
is getting all your best ♪

Castiel: Hello, Crowley.

♪ These boots
are made for walkin' ♪

You look stressed.

♪ And that's just
what they'll do ♪

[ Sighs ]
♪ one of these days... ♪


♪ ...These boots are gonna
walk all over you ♪


The jig is up.

- You found me.
- I never lost you.

These scratches --
they're all useless.

Still, can't blame a girl
for trying.

You fancy a drink
before you smite me?


You like to bend 'em right over,
do you?

Let's go.

I'm not going to kill you,

I have plans for you.

- What's that?
- Here's our new arrangement --

I let you live.

You return to your post
as king of hell.


But I choose
where each soul goes.

But --
I control the flow,

and you take
whatever I give you.

[ Scoffs lightly ]

I take it you intend
to keep the lion's share.


What you're saying
is Hell is being downsized.

I would have done away
with it completely,

but I need a threat
to hold over my enemies.

And we need to keep
Michael and Lucifer's Cage.


I gather this is not
a, uh, negotiation.

- No.
- Then I graciously accept...


I'll be in touch.

[ Man laughs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Plaster cracking ]

[ Choking ]

[ Evil laughter ]

[ Grunting, gasping ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]



She's looking good...


I should do this


Seen Sam lately?

Yeah, why?


Well, spit it out.

How is that kid
even vertical?

I mean, Cass broke
his damn piñata.

I know.

I mean, I get how he came
to help us, back at the lab.

Adrenaline. Sure.

But now?

Well, he says he's okay.


I don't know.

I just pray to God
it's true.

We need to come up
with a new saying for that.

Seriously, though, Bobby.
I mean, look at our lives.

How many more hits
can we take?

So if Sam
says he's good, good.

You believe that?



You want to know why?

Because we never
catch a break,

so why would we this time?

But just -- just this one thing,
you know?

But I'm not dumb.

I'm not gonna
get my hopes up

just to get kicked
in the daddy pills again.

Sam: Hey.

how you feeling, sport?

Can't complain.


What's the word?

Well, a publishing house
literally exploded

about an hour ago.

Guys, the body count
is really getting up there.

We got to do something.

What we got to do
is hunt the son of a bitch.

I lost my God gun, so...

I mean, is there some kind
of heavenly weapon?

I mean, maybe something
out of that angel arsenal

that Balthazar stole?

There's got to be something
that can hurt him.

He's God, Sam.

There's nothing.

But there might be someone.


No, no!

Come on!

Don't act so surprised.

My new boss is gonna kill me
for even talking to you lot.

You're lucky we're not stabbing
you in your scuzzy face,

you piece of --
- Wait, wait, wait.

- What new boss?
- Castiel, you giraffe.

Is your boss?

Is everybody's boss.

What do you think
he's gonna do

when he finds out
we've been conspiring?

You do want to conspire,
don't you?

No, we want you to just
stand there and look pretty.


We need a spell.

To bind death.

Bind? Enslave death?

You having a laugh?

- Lucifer did it.
- That's Lucifer.

A spell's a spell.

You really believe you can
handle that kind of horsepower?

You're delusional!

Death is the only player
on the board left

that has the kind of juice
to take Cass.

They'll both mash us like peas.

Why should I help
on a suicide mission?


...You really want Cass
running the Universe?

[ Glass clinks,
liquid pours ]

Man: Some help, please?

Please? Help?

Some help, please?

[ Coins rattle ]

God bless you, sir.

You're a true believer.

People say I'm wrathful.

But I only punish liars
and those who forsake me.

I am a just God.

Excuse me?


Oh, my God.

I can see!

Your face.

What's wrong with you?

[ Echoing ] Mistake.


Too late.

Let us out.

Let us through.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Let us out.


[ Breathing heavily ]


It's from Crowley.

Well, who feels like
hog-tying death tonight?

Old age is overrated

Well, we got
most of this stuff,

but we're gonna have to
make a run for a few things.


Like "An act of God,
crystallized forever."

What's that
supposed to mean?

Thinking it means
an actual crystal.

See, lightning strikes sand
at the right angle,

it crystallizes into
the perfect shape of itself.

Lightning -- act of God.


You got yourself
a fulgurite.

We're gonna need a Biggie.

And let me guess -- rare.

I found the records
of an auction.

Winning bidder lives
about nine hours from here.


Excuse me.
You got any Grey Poupon?

Grey Poupon?

It's what
popped in my head.

[ Gun cocks ]



I don't want
to hurt you.


I'm the one
with the firearm, son.

I get that.


Yeah. Good.

[ Muffled shouting ]

Hey, guys.

Uh, so this is
Dr. and Mrs. Weiss.



I found the God thingy.

let's light this candle.

[ Metal clanks ]

[ Grunts ]
You're welcome.

Te nunc invoco, mortem.

[ Rumbling ]

Te in mea potestate defixi.

Nunc et in aeternum!




You're joking.

I'm sorry, Death.
This isn't what it seems.

Seems like
you bound me.

For good reason, okay?
Just, uh, hear us out.


Fried pickle chip?

They're the best
in the state.

That easy to soothe me,
you think?

This is about Sam's
hallucinations, I assume?


Sorry, Sam.
One wall per customer.

Now unbind me.

Sam: We can't.


This isn't
going to end well.

We need you to kill God.


Kill God.

You heard right.


What makes you think
I can do that?

You told me.

Why should I?


We said so,
and we're the boss of you.

I mean...Respectfully.

Castiel: Amazing.


I didn't want to kill you,
but now...

You can't kill us.

You've erased any nostalgia
I had for you, Dean.

Death is our bitch.

We ain't gonna die,
even if God pulls the trigger.

Annoying little protozoa,
aren't they?


You look awfully like
a mutated angel to me.

Your vessel's melting.
You're going to explode.

No, I'm not.

When I've finished my work,
I'll repair myself.

You think you can
because you think

you're simply under the weight
of all those souls, yes?

But that's not
the worst problem.

There are things much older
than souls in Purgatory,

and you gulped
those in, too.


I control them.

For the moment.

Wait -- uh,
what older things?

Long before God created
Angel and man,

he made the first beasts --

the Leviathans.


I personally
found them entertaining,

but he was concerned they'd
chomp the entire petri dish,

so he locked them away.

Why do you think
he created Purgatory?

To keep those clever,
poisonous things out.

Now Castiel
has swallowed them.

He's the one thin membrane

between the old ones
and your home.


Stupid little soldier
you are.


Because I dared
open a door that he shut?

Where is he?

I did a service,
taking his place.


Settling petty vendettas?


I'm cleaning up one mess
after another --


Quite the humanitarian.

And how would you know?

What are you, really?

A flyswatter?

Destined to swat you,
I think.

Unless I take you first.

Really bought his own press,
this one.

Please, Cass.

I know God,

and you, sir, are no God.

All right, put your junk away,
both of you.

Look, call him what you want.
Just kill him now!

All right. Fine.

Thank you.

Shall we kickbox now?

I had a tingle I'd be
reaping someone very, very soon.

Don't worry -- not you.

Well, he was in a hurry.

Yes, that's exactly
why I'm running again --

to save my constituents

from the godless policies
of my opponents.

Couldn't have
said it better myself.

[ Ghostly whispering ]


Can I help you?

I'm here
to see the Senator.

Um, regarding?

Abuse of power.

Excuse me?

I am not petty.

I'm punishing a woman

who causes poverty and despair
in my name.

I put your needs first.
Don't you understand?

All of you.

I am a better God
than my father.

How can I make you understand?


[ Ghostly whispering ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Slurping, gulps ]



Shut up, Dean.

I'm not here to tie your shoes
every time you trip.

I warned you about those souls
how long ago?

Long enough
to stop that fool.

And here we are again,

with your little planet
on the edge of immolation.

Well, I'm sorry.

All right?

I've been trying
to save this planet,

so maybe you should find
somebody better to tip off.

Maybe I should spend my effort
on a better planet.

Well, it's been amusing.

h-hold on, hold on.

Just --
can you give us something?

You -- you have to care a little
bit about what happens to us.

You know,
I really don't.

But I do find
that little angel arrogant.

Let's go with that.

Your only hope is to have him
return it all to Purgatory.


We need a door.

You have everything you need
at that lab.

Get him to return there and
compel him to give up the power.


Figure it out.

But that door only opens
in the eclipse,

and that's over.

I'll make another.

3:59 Sunday morning,

just before dawn.

Be punctual.

Don't thank me.

Clean up your mess.

Try to bind me again,
you'll die before you start.

Nice pickle chips, by the way.

[ Gasps ]




[ Ghostly whispering ]

You want some coffee
with that?

It's 6:00 p.m. somewhere.

We got to hit the road.

I mean, how are we supposed to get
Cass to that lab by friggin' 3:59 a.m.?

We don't.

What do you mean,
"We don't"?

I mean, we can't bring
the horse to water,

and we can't
make it drink.

Why fool ourselves?

Dean, look, I know you think
that Cass is gone --

- it's 'cause he is.
- He's not!

He's in there somewhere,
Dean. I know it.

- No, you don't.
- No, I don't.

But, look, I was pretty far gone
sometimes myself,

and never
gave up on me.

Yeah, and it turns out

that you're about the same
open book as you've always been.


I got to find out
from Death?

What was I supposed to do?

How about not lie?

How about tell me

that you've got crazy crap
climbing those walls?


You can't help.

You got a lot of pretty severe
crap swinging your way lately,

and -- and I thought --

what? I thought why burst the
one good bubble you had left?

It's under control.


What, exactly,
is under control?

I know what's real
and what's not.

Sam --

Dean, look, we can debate this
once we deal with Cass.

Yeah, you know
how I'm gonna deal?

I'm gonna stuff my piehole,
I'm gonna drink,

and I'm gonna watch
some Asian cartoon porn

and act like the world's
about to explode because it is.

[ Key clacks ]

[ Clears throat ]

You got to be kidding me.

"Massacre at the campaign office
of an incumbent Senator

by a trench-coated man."

There's security footage.

Well, I think reaching Cass
is, uh...out of the cards.

Hey, Castiel.


Maybe this is pointless.

Look...I don't know
if any part of you even cares,

but, um, I still think
you're one of us,

deep down.

I mean, way, way, way
off the reservation, but...

[ Sighs ]

Look, we still have till dawn
to stop this.

Let us help.


[ Asian music plays ]

Only if you
turn that off.

[ Sighs ]

Castiel: Sam?


I heard your call.

[ Grunts ]

I need help.

We need the right blood.

There's a small jar --

end of the hall,
s-supply closet.

Got it.


you need something else?


I feel regret,

about you

and what I did to Sam.

Yeah, well, you should.

If there was time,
if I was strong enough,

I'd -- I'd fix him now.

I just wanted to make amends
before I die.


Is it working?

Does it make you
feel better?



Not a bit.

[ Sighs ]

I know. It all seems
so silly, doesn't it?

Hi, Sam.

Long time, no spooning.

You're not here.

You're in Hell.

Now, that you're right on.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Meat hooks...Chains...


[ Scoffs ]

It's not real.

It's just my brain
leaking memories from the cage

'cause of the wall
breaking down.

That's all.


That's very good,
your little theory.

It's wrong.

Sam, this isn't
you going guano.

Everything else is.



From the second
you sprung out of that lock box.

That's impossible.

Escaping was impossible.

I have to say,

I think this is
my best torture yet --

make you believe
that you're free and then...

...Yank the wool
off of your eyes.

You never left, Sam.

You're still in the cage...

With me.

Hang in there.

Just a couple of minutes.

Where's Sam?
It's go time.


Damn it.

That's good enough.

Okay, step right up, Cass.

[ Grunts ]

Ianua magna purgatorii,

clausa est ob nos

lumine eius ab oculis

nostris retento

sed nunc stamus ad limen huius

ianuae magnae et demisse

fideliter perhonorifice

paramus aperire eam.

I'm sorry, Dean.

Creaturae terrificae
quarum ungulae

et dentes nunquam tetigerunt

carnem eius ad mundum
nostrum nunc

ianua magna, aperta tandem!

[ Wind howling ]

[ Creatures roaring ]


He's cold.

Is he breathing?


Maybe angels
don't need to breathe.

He's gone, Dean.

[ Sighs ]

Damn it.

Cass, you child.

Why didn't you
listen to me?

[ Gasps ]


Hey! Hey!

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]
All right.

[ Sighs ]

That was unpleasant.

Let's get him up.

Easy, there.
[ Grunts ]

I'm alive.

Looks like.

I'm astonished.

Thank you --
both of you.

We were mostly...
just trying to save the world.

I'm ashamed.

I really overreached.

You think?

I'm gonna find some way
to redeem myself to you.

All right, well,
one thing at a time. Come on.

Let's get you
out of here. Come on.

I mean it, Dean.

Okay. All right.

But let's go
find Sam, okay?

You need to run now!

[ Straining ]
I-I can't hold them back!

Hold who back?
[ Grunting ]

They held on inside me.

Dean, they're so strong.

- Who the hell --
- Leviathan!

I can't fight them.


Go! Go get Sam!
Go get Sam!

Too late.


Cass is -- he's gone.

He's dead.

We run the show now.

[ Grunts ]


Oh, this is going to be
so much fun.

[ Laughs ]