Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Party On, Garth - full transcript

Garth calls Sam and Dean for assistance in battling a ghost that you can only see when drunk.

I don't want another hunter,

Why can't you do it?

[ Groans ]


What's his name?

Yeah, Garth, what do you got?

Better drop a dime to the FBI.

Hey. You Dean?

[ Slurping ]

Hmm. I thought
you'd be taller.

W-what's with
the scrawny guy?


Willis. FBI.

No, Garth, not me, the FBI.
The real FBI!

Oh, marmaduke,
you're crazy!

[ Laughing ]

[ Grunting ]

How are you still alive?

What'd I miss?

[ Insects chirping ]

Chris: Long ago,
in these very woods,

lived an old woman
by the name...

of Jenny Greentree.


Forced out after her family
was killed in a fire,

she lost everything.

Some say,
even her humanity.

That is so sad.

It's a true story, Ray.

She carved her initials
into that tree...

right before she died.

Those are not
her initials.

So, how'd she die?

One night...
A blizzard hit.

She's cold.
She's hungry.

Nowhere to go.
No one to turn to.

Jenny Greentree
froze to death...

Right beneath...

that tree.

[ Owl hooting ]

And her evil spirit has haunted
these woods ever since.

[ Laughs ]

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Clapping ]

You guys should have seen
your faces.

What the hell, Trevor?
That's not funny, man.

To you!

Yo [sighs]
did you drive here, man?

Ahh, please.

Look, why --
why don't you take --

take my phone, okay?

Call dad and bust me,
why don't ya?

No, I'm just saying,
you're wasted.

You can't just drive --
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I heard ya.

[ Chuckles ]

What was that?

What? No. Trevor,
let's just sit down, okay?

We'll --

You --
you don't hear that?

[ Insects chirping ]

there's nothing there.

All right? Let's just sit down,
and we'll all just --

What the...?

You got to run.
You got to run!


I'm sorry,
but what is your brother on?

[ Scream echoing in distance ]



Trev, come on.
Stop being a tool.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Come on, trev.
Let's head back.


You can't --

[ Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison"
plays ]

[ Tires screech ]

♪ Poison ♪

♪ yeah, Spiderman and Freeze in full effect ♪
♪ poison ♪

♪ uh-huh, you ready, Ron? ♪
♪ poison ♪

♪ I'm ready ♪
♪ you ready, Biv? ♪

♪ I'm ready, slick,
are you? ♪

♪ oh, yeah,
break it down ♪

[ Indistinct conversation ]


What do you want,
Top Gun?

[ Both laugh ]
For starters,

I'd like
a little respect.

Sorry, Officer.
We didn't realize.

All's forgiven.
Take a seat.

Tell me about
Trevor Mcann.

Other night up
at widow's peak.

- Okay.
- All right.

It was weird 'cause he was super-drunk.
Well, it was just like he was super-drunk.


You. Go.

It was Jenny Greentree.

Shut up.

She's just a dumb legend.

- Hold up. Who?
- Jenny Greentree.

My dad says she really died
in the woods.

And she's buried
in the town cemetery.

All right, Jenny G.

Your ganking days are over.

You've been Garthed.

♪ I was at the bar, shake,
breakin', and taking 'em all ♪

♪ and that night,
I played the wall ♪

♪ checkin' out the fellas,
the highs, the lows ♪

♪ keepin' one eye open,
still clockin' the hoes ♪

♪ there was one particular girl
that stood out from the rest ♪

♪ poison as can be,
the high power chest ♪

♪ Michael Bivins here,
and I'm runnin' the show ♪

♪ Bell, Biv, DeVoe ♪

♪ ha ha ha ♪

[ Speed-dial, ringing ]

Ray, where are you?

You should be with your family
right now.

Don't do anything stupid.

[ Beep ]

[ Car door closes ]

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Owl hooting ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming stops ]

[ Blood dripping ]

Yeah, I clocked out.
Put it to bed.

Problem solved.

And I'm headed your way,
so, uh...

Fire up that hot tub.

[ Chuckles ]
No, I heart you more.

[ Beep ]

[ Static, beep ]

Man: Abandoned vehicle
out by Widow's Peak.

Uh, we got another body
up here.

Guy's torn to shreds.


No way. How is that possible?
I Garthed her!

All right, well,
call us if he wakes up

or, you know, anything.

Yeah, fine.

Thanks for your help,

What a bitch.

So, Cass is the same,

down to the drool.


By the way,
how is your custard?

It's all right.
It's getting better.

Just wish it wasn't like
the damn tape from "The Ring."

I mean, I feel like I'm okay
'cause I passed on the crazy.

No, you didn't.
You heard what Cass said.

Let's -- let's not. You know what?
[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beep ]


Hey, Dean. It's Garth.

- Wait. W-who is this?
- Garth.

Garth Fitzgerald iv.

We worked together
on that demon thing?

You owe me one?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, how you doing,

I'm ready to cash in
that chip, Bra.

There's something brewing
in Junction City, Kansas.

Well, this is it.

this is Corporal Brown.

Corporal James brown.

I'm shipping off
to the A.F. mañana.

I'm here to pay respects
to my cousin

as I will not be able to
attend the funeral.

Coroner: That must be terrible
for your family.

Losing two brothers
so fast.

Yeah. Yeah.
My aunt -- she's, uh...

she's real broken up
about it.

Hey, Doc,
can we see both files, please?


[ Cellphone rings ]


My wife. I'll, uh,
be in my office.

Dean: Great.

You didn't say
they were brothers.

Garth: Dude, I just found out
about the other corpse,

moving quick.

I'm sucking up info
as I go.

What, are you allergic
to a suit?

No. I just...
Look good in a uniform.

Same cause of death.

[ Folder thuds ]

Right, uh, gutted at night
in the woods,

where legend says

that the ghost of
Jenny Greentree roams.

Oh, uh, I already scanned
for EM...F.

[ Warbling ]

Oh. Um...

I guess mine
must be broken again.

All right.
I'm reading your mail.

- Uh, ghost of Jenny...whatever?
- Greentree.

That's just it.
I torched her bones.

Yeah, well, maybe she's got
something still laying around.

Highly doubtful.
Chick was homeless.

Plus, is it me,
or is this less evil spirit,

more monster chow?

A werewolf?

Except the witness said

that whatever was chasing
victim numero uno was invisible.

Uh [chuckles]
so, invisible ghost werewolf?

Why'd you think I called for backup?
Sam: Hey.

Either of you ever heard
of Thighslapper Ale?

Is that a stripper
or a beverage?

Beverage for douchebags.

Uh, number one microbrew
in the Pacific Northwest.

But we're in Kansas.

Yeah, I rest my case.
What's your point?

The owner is the dad
to the dead brothers.


I'll can the uniform,
go Fed.

See you at the brewery
in 40.

He grows on you.

[ Sighs ]

Agents. I'm Marie.
I'm a manager.

Thanks for coming in
on a Sunday.

We want to help.
Anything we can do.

Oh. So all this
is your dad's, huh?

And his friend --
Randy Baxter.

They own the place
together now.


since Dale died.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

You think I just come in late
whenever I want?

I'm sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.

The, uh, "charming"
Randy Baxter.

Baxter: Tell you what --

congratulations. You're headed
for the graveyard shift.

Be one second late,
and you're fired.

Yes, sir.

Marie: He's actually
a really nice guy.

It's just not easy
being the axman.

So true.

My comrades got you covered,
so if you'll excuse me.

Uh, yeah,
I'll go with you.

Mr. Mcann?

Uh, we'll be brief.
I promise.

Mr. Mcann, is there
any reason to believe

your sons may have
had enemies?

We were told they were
animal attacks.

We just need to explore
every possibility.

They got lots
of friends.


Well, do they work here
with you? Like Marie does.

Could someone
have been jealous?

Marie's the only one.

Okay -- no.
Th-- there's no...Uh...

Jim. It's okay.
It's okay.

Let him get some rest.
I'll answer your questions.

Sam: Of course.

Marie: I'm just worried
about my dad.

He blamed himself
when Dale died, and now this.

Why did he
blame himself?

Dale was sensitive.

But what do you do --
watch them 24/7?

You can't blame
Dale's friends.

But your dad
still feels bad.

And it doesn't help
Dale's wife is suing us.

Really? Why?

She's angry and grieving,
and this is America?

I knew Ray and Trevor.

Hell, I'm godfather to all four
of Jim's kids.

Ray and Trevor
loved their fun,

but they'd never do
anything crazy.

No rugrats of your own?

Just Jim's.

They'd borrow my car,
raid my fridge.

Now, the two of you started this
company with a third partner.


Yeah. Dale.

He passed away
a few months ago.

Passed away
in the woods or...?

He took his own life.

Oh. Sorry.

Well, he had problems
for a long time.

Look, this is
just a nightmare.

First Dale, now this.

This was gonna be
our big year.

We're selling Thighslapper

to one of the largest
distributors in the U.S.

It's been in the works
for months.

News is gonna hit public
pretty soon.

Well, that's
the brass ring, huh?

Given other circumstances,

yeah, we'd be celebrating
right about now.

That looks great,

[ Door opens ]
Jim: Hello?

- There's grandpa.
- Hi.

[ Door closes ]


I'll get some snacks.
You should eat.

Sit, Dad.

[ Giggles ]

what you drawing?

My world.


[ Giggles ]

What is it, sweetie?

What is it?

[ Gasps ]
[ Utensil clatters ]

[ Both screaming ]

Jim: Lillian!

[ Screams ]

[ Moans ]

[ Body thuds ]

There's a million things with
claws go bump in the night.

Once you throw in "invisible,"
the number goes down.

"Afternoon Delights"?

Really, Garth?

Don't you think this place
is a little, uh...

Garth: Uh,
you want a nice hot tub

after a day
at the office.

It's the little things.

I feel sad
for those brewery dudes.

Spend your life beautifying
the world through beer.

First a partner
offs himself.

Now two kids get ganked
by unknown freakadeek.

According to this,
Dale wasn't just a partner.

He was also the brewmaster.


He was widely considered
a genius.

All right, that's it.
[ Sighs ]

No microbrew is worth...

[ Warbling ]
...What was it --

eight Food Magazine awards?

Beer's not food.
It's...whatever water is.

[ Bottle thuds ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Bottle cap twists ]

that's actually awesome.

Damn it,
I'm not even mad anymore.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gulping ]

[ Gulping continues ]

[ Coughs ]

Party on, Garth.

I don't even
usually drink beer.

It messes with
my depth perception.

[ Belches ]

[ Coughs ]

when I skinny-dip.

Hey, you guys
want to hear a joke?

Listen to this.
This is something interesting.

[ Laughs ]

are you drunk?

Dude, I just...
drank a whole beer.

Of course I'm drunk.

"Something interesting."

Right. Uh...

Hey, can I have
some more Thighslapper?

No. Coffee for you, Tara Reid.

Coffee with kalhúa
in it?

Sam: So, it says that Dale
actually left the company

two weeks before he died.

Or...maybe he got pushed out
'cause he didn't want to sell.

I mean, Baxter said the deal's
been in the works for months.

That would explain the widow.
She's suing.

Maybe Dale had a bone to pick,
and he's still picking it.

Right. So, maybe
he's a spirito malo.

[ Static ]

Man: Unit to Mcann residence.
698 Washburn.

"Mcann residence,"
as in Jim Mcann?

As in,
let's hope for their sake

our spirito ain't
made it out of the woods.

All right.

Let's go check it.

Uh, you two go.
I'm gonna visit the widow.

Dean: So?
Garth: Place is clean.

My EMF is a nada.
So is this one.

Is that mine?

I borrowed it
in case mine's broke.


So, uh...

we still
on invisible werewolf?

Maybe, maybe not.
I can't get Tess to talk.

But I get the feeling
she saw something.

I'm gonna take a run
at her.

- A what?
- Trust me.

My special lady
has twins.

Mr. Mcann?

"Special lady."

Do you mind if we speak
to Tess alone for just a sec?

It would really help.

Honey, we'll...

We'll be right out there,


Hi, Tess.

You want to tell me
what you saw tonight?

Or maybe
you'll talk to...

[ High-pitched voice ]
...Mr. Fizzles!

I'm your friend!


Garth. Why don't we put
the sock away?

Mr. Fizzles
wants to help Tess.

He wants to listen.

Mr. Fizzles is gonna go
where the sun don't shine.

It was a monster.

I believe you, Tess.

Did it have claws?

How come you were the only one
that could see it, Tess?

What else, Tess?

You sure?

'Cause Mr. Fizzles can sense
when you're being a...

[ Deep voice ]

All right.
That's -- that's enough...

Mr. Fizzles.

I drank
a grown-up drink.

Uh, grown-up like,
uh, coffee?

you mean alcohol?

It was an accident.

Don't let them arrest me,
Mr. Fizzles.

Sam: Your husband did a lot
of traveling, huh?

He went to all kinds
of exotic places

for the best

[ Chuckles ]

Right. I've tried his work.
It's -- it's great.

[ Chuckles ]

Um, I hear you're not exactly
on the best of terms

with Dale's old partners.

Well, they sold his company
right out from under him.

It's not about money.
It's about...

It was his baby,
you know?

You sound pretty upset
about it.

I'm furious.
I hate them.

But then I think
how Dale was.

What do you mean?

His friends left him behind,
but you know what he said?

"I'm gonna send them a gift
that shows I forgive them."

Do you have any idea
what he sent them?

Bottle of saki.
From one of his trips.

In a...gorgeous box
with writing.

He was so careful with it.
Wouldn't let me touch it.

So, kid in the woods

sees something
that nobody else does.

Then Tess sees a monster,
and Jim doesn't.

What's the thread?


Well, certain mutants
see infrared.

"Grown-up drinks."

Tess chugged her mom's,

and vic number one
was plastered.


[ Gasps ]


Monster you got to be drunk
to see.


Also...hard to fight.

Just getting in the zone.

You are strictly
on wine coolers.

Hey, I love those.
Anything sweet.

[ Chuckles ]
Whoo! [ Chuckles ]

So, uh, what's with
the Grody flask anyway?

Lucky charm?

It's Bobby's.

No microbrew is worth --
what was it -- eight...

[ Warbling ]


'Cause, um...

You think
there's a possibility

that Bobby's
riding your wave?

No, we gave him
a hunter's wake.

Yeah, I-I burned
my cousin Brandon,

and he stayed stuck.

And -- and --
and they got ghosts in India,

and they cremate everybody
over there.

It's just instinct,

but maybe there is EMF
around here.

It just ain't the job.

All right, we're not gonna talk
about this, okay?

Not in the middle of work.


[ Cellphone ringing ]

Just hope that fire
did the trick.

Hey, Sam.

Yeah. Got it.
We're on our way.

[ Cellphone shuts ]

Sam: Here it is.

Wait a second.

[ Scoffs ]

Someone's been sampling
the goods.

Oh, you don't say?

Hey, check it out.

God, I love
paranoid people.

See if you can get on.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Okay. Uh...

[ Chuckles ]

All right, so,
first death was, what,

four months ago?

Mm-hmm, and, uh, Trevor Mcann.
Patient zero.

So, what did he
let out of that bottle?

Nothing there.

That we can see.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Rustling ]

What, are you kidding me?



I mean, can you even
get drunk anymore?

It's kind of like drinking
a vitamin for you, right?

Shut up.


[ Coughs ]

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

- All right. Party time.
- Okay.

Rewind and go.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

So, he -- he let that thing
out of the box,

and it must have just
followed him

to the place
with all the thingies.

Yes. Yes.
[ Exhales sharply ]

That's smart.

[ Exhales sharply ]
I'm actually kind of drunk.

What is this?

Me likey.

I miss these talks.

Baxter: What the hell?!

- Oh, man.
- Uh...

Turn it off.
Turn it off.

FBI, huh?
You know what?

You can save it for the cops.
[ Ringing ]

Mr. Baxter, listen. If you just
let us explain, you --

[ Taser crackles ]

[ Body thuds ]

Woman: 911.
What's your emergency?

Do you need assistance?

"Anata ga marou mono...

Wa anata ka
ra mo morau."

It says, "what you took
will be taken from you."

Like, eye for an eye.

You with me?

"Kono bin niwa

syoujou zuke no sake
ga hu-in sarete iru."

Where'd you guys
get this anyway?

Why? Is there, uh,
something the matter?

Well, you're not superstitious,
are you?

Not at all.

No, no.

Because...this says the bottle
inside contains a Shojo.

What's a...Shojo?

An alcohol spirit.

Look, it's just an old myth.
I wouldn't worry about it.

But they are not known
for being friendly.

[ Chuckles ]
[ Man shouts in Japanese ]

[ Shouts in Japanese ]

I got to go.

Oh. Uh, hey...
There you go.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Take care.


Where's Baxter?

Dude's a lot heavier
than he looks, F.Y.I.

But here.

Thought you might
want this back.

You have the C.E.O. of the
douchiest microbrew in the U.S.

gagged in your hot tub?

You really think
that's gonna end well?

I'm not feeling
the love.

All right. Shojo.

let's see what we can see.

What's Shojo?

Japanese booze monster.

I guess that would explain why
you got to be drunk to see it.

Very poetic.

Ooh. Creepy.

Sam: Okay. So,
a Shojo is said to roam

where there's lots
of alcohol.

There's lore saying that,
back in the old day,

if you were plastered enough,

you could see one skulking
around the breweries in Japan.

Yeah, but why is this one
shredding brewers' kids?

Apparently, you can harness
the will of a Shojo

with the right
spell box.

Then you basically have
an attack dog

that you can sic on
whatever sort of personal

revenge mission you want.

So Dale nabs one
to punish his pals.

Send the bottle, sooner or later
it's popped open.

Then you have a Shojo

that will do whatever Dale
compelled it to do

right here on the box.

Garth: Wait.

Except it's not killing the
people that screwed him over.

Well, Dale's widow said
the company was his baby.

So, if he really wanted his
friends to feel what he felt...

He would take theirs.

Well, their kids.
Jim's, anyways.

And Baxter
was the godfather.

All right,
skip to how do we gank it.

Good news.
It is killable.


But only
with a samurai sword

with a shinto blessing.

Well...That's not
a silver lining.

The Shojo already
cleaned house, right?

I mean, Marie's
the last target standing, so...

I'll hit the pawn shops and,
uh, look for the sword.

You babysit Marie.

[ Warbling ]
Yikes. Sorry.

[ Warbling continues ]

Don't worry about it.

Unless I've got nothing
to be sorry for.


What's he talking about?

I'm concerned that Bobby
might be haunting you.

I brought it up to Dean,
and he shot me down.

Leave it alone.

- It's okay.
- No, it's far from okay.

I've already tried
contacting Bobby.

When that
beer disappeared,

I pulled out
a talking board.

Without me?

You know, I figured,
why drag you in...

when it's something I could just
put to bed myself.


And if he was there,
I'd have told you.

[ Baxter groaning ]

Talk about this later.
You follow Marie.

Let me borrow your keys.

[ Handcuffs rattle ]

I'm trying to help you,
Mr. Baxter.

And who the hell are you?

Now, I'm confused.

Dale goes to get you all
where it hurts --

the kids.

Only, you don't have
any kids.

It still affects me.
Believe me.

You want to tell me
what you're hiding?

[ Stammers ]

Tell me this.

When was the last time you gave
an employee three chances?

- Probably never.
- Exactly.

You're the axman, right?

Tough job, but, hey,
somebody's got to.

So, how come you cut that
slacker janitor so many breaks?

[ Stammers ]

Yeah. Well, I googled.

Come to find his mother...

was your secretary
way back in the day.

Of course, you were married
to Mrs. B., so, uh...

No way there's anything naughty
there, right?

What do you need to get?

It don't matter what Dale
knows about you,

'cause that thing out there
killing the kids -- it knows!

[ Breathes deeply ]

It didn't end well
with his mom.

She made me swear
never to tell him.


So much for that.

Where is he?

He's, uh --
he's at the brewery.

the graveyard shift.


[ Key clatters ]
If you care about that kid at all,

don't call the cops
on me just yet.

[ Sighs ]

It says
it's best to do this

in a running spring.

Uh, yeah.
I, uh -- I got it.

Okay. We good?

I'll do my best.

All right.




"Hito no teni rori korekara

seitoun yakuwari wo hatasu
kono Ken wo tataer."

That's it.


All right.
Uh, thanks. There.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ]


Hey, Garth.

Dean, Baxter's
got a secret love child!

The Shojo might come
for him first!

Whoa, slow down!

I'm trying to
save lives here!

Are you drunk?

[ Phone clatters ]

Damn it!

[ Static ]

Damn it.


You dropped the phone,
didn't you?



[ Breathing heavily ]

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm here.

Where the hell are you?

I'm in the brewery.

[ Rock music plays ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

Dean: Garth?

Dean. It's here.

Whoa, whoa, hey!
What the hell?!

Come with me if you want to live!

[ Cellphone ringing ]


Hey, you good to drive?


Well, get a ride.
It's at the brewery.


There's another kid.
Don't think -- move.

Wait, wait, wait!

Taxi! Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!

Hold on, hold on.

National security!

Thank you, ma'am. Sorry.
Thanks, guys.

Okay. Brewery.
Step on it!


The brewery! Hurry!

Hurry. Hurry, hurry.

Uh, yeah, but I like to drive
safe, you know.

Dude, what's going on?
Who are you?

I'm the law, son.
Now, follow me.

Are you drunk, dude?!
Get away from me!

All right. I'll just shoot.
Baxter is your father.

Baxter screwed Dale.

Dale roped
this Japanese monster

you can only see
when you're drunk,

and now it's here
to kill you.

Whoa, wait a minute.
Baxter is my father?

[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

What are
you looking at?

Damn it, run!

there's nothing there!

[ Panting ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Scraping ]

[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ] Whoa. Whoa. Easy!

We got to get out of here, man.
It's here!

Where's Garth?

- Who?!
- Garth!

There was a guy --
he got knocked out!

Oh. Oh, God.

- Stay behind me. Stay behind me.
- Okay, okay, okay.

What, you can see it?

Yeah. I'm skunked.

Fire exit.
On three. All right?


[ Door slams ]

So much for that.

Get back!

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

Where is it?!
S-swing right!

My right.

3:00, Dean!


[ Screaming ]

[ Lee panting ]

You okay?

I'm alive?

- Yeah.
- Sam?


Where's Garth?

Well, he's --
he's over this way.

Could you go get him?

All right.

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Groans ]

[ Clattering ]

What'd I miss?

This moved.

[ Voice breaking ]

Are you here?

Come on, do something.

You sure you guys
don't want to hang out?

Grab some brunch,
maybe some brews?

Tempting but, uh,
we better roll.

[ Car door closes ]

All right, well...

Oh. Yeah.

Call me anytime.

All right.
And you, Sam.


Aw, come here.


Thanks, Garth.
[ Chuckles ]

Sayonara, kemo sabes!

Nice ride.

Sam: You're right.
[ Engine turns over ]

He has grown on me.

♪ Poison ♪

♪ poison ♪

♪ poison ♪

All right. Um...
So, let's talk about it.

About what?

Oh. The, uh,
talking board?

That's fine.
I get it, I guess.

No. Not that.

Look, I heard you.

Heard me what?

What happened
in the brewery, Dean?

Nothing. It was, uh --
it was just my imagination.


Look, I know
something happened.

I just want you to be straight
with me.

The blade was across the room,
and then it was in my hand.

And then my beer
drank itself.

Oh, and then, that page
magically appeared on the bed.

And -- and then Bobby's book
feel down,

and out popped the number
of the guy who found Cass.

Nothing, I'm sure.


Well, then, what, Sam?

Is Bobby here or not?!

You know what I think,

I think that
regular people,

they see ones they lost
everywhere, too.

Yeah. Freaking ghosts!

Or they just
miss them a lot.

I mean, they see a face
in the crowd --

we see a book
falling off the table.

Same thing, Dean.

I mean, I did the talking board.
I ran plenty of EMF.

When that beer went poof,
I went a little nuts.

Yeah, and why
didn't you tell me?

Like I said,
little nuts at the time.

All right,
well, if it wasn't Bobby,

then what Jedi'd that sword
into my hand?

The Shojo slammed the door
from across the room.

Maybe it was trying
to grab the sword, too.

[ Clears throat ]


Right, I mean,
if it was Bobby,

he would let us know.

I mean, who knows more about
being a ghost than Bobby?

Instant Swayze, right?



Okay, so your theory is
that -- that we're practically

regular people
about something for once.

[ Scoffs ]

All right.
[ Bag zips ]

Well, you want to grab
some brunch and some brews?

Ugh, no.
I'm so hung over.

Let's just hit the road.
All right.

[ Sam sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Engine turns over ]

Hang on.

There you are.

I'm right here,
you idjit!

[ Door closes ]