Supernatural (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 19 - Of Grave Importance - full transcript

Bobby's spirit tries to help Sam and Dean as they try to find a missing friend inside a haunted house.

Mr. Singer,

your time's up.

- Bobby!
- Bobby!


Bobby? Hey!

You really want to get stuck...

- turning into some ghost?
- I know what I'm doing, Rufus.

You're thinking you can help those boys.

But how many spirits you
meet in their right mind?

What's it gonna be?
Stay or go?

I'm concerned that Bobby
might be haunting you.

- I've already tried contacting Bobby.
- Without me?

If he was there,
I'd have told you.

We burned him, Dean.

The blade was across the room,
and then it was in my hand.

My beer drank itself. That page
magically appeared on the bed.

Bobby's book fell down, and out popped
the number of the guy who found Cass.

- It's not Bobby!
- It could be.

- No, it couldn't be!
- Why not?

Because we want it to be.

Regular people, they see ones
they lost everywhere, too.

- Yeah, freakin' ghosts.
- Or they just miss them a lot.

If it was Bobby,
he would let us know.


All right, here we go.

You know,

even though the world is going to crap,

there's one thing that
I can always count on.

These things tasting the same in every
drive-through in every state in our great nation.

- Annie.
- Hey, Dean.

- A nice surprise. How you been?
- Oh, I'm still kicking. So, good, I guess.

Heard about Bobby.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Us too.

What's up?

Well, I got some of his old books.
I thought maybe you'd want them.

- Yeah. Sure. Where you at?
- Bodega Bay. Crow's nest inn.

- You working?
- Always. You guys anywhere nearby?

- Near enough.
- Cool.

Why don't we meet at the pier
front restaurant? Lunch?

- 1:00?
- Yeah. Bye.

- We shouldn't be here.
- Yeah,

I know.


You shouldn't have come here.

~ Syncro: The Hellraiser ~
~ exklusiv f?r ~

Hey, get this. Dick Roman is
funding another archaeological dig.

Guy moves more dirt than "the drudge report."

Well, anything on what he's digging for?

Don't you think I would have led with that?

Annie's not usually this late, is she?

No, never.

She's totally compulsive.
I'll try her cell.

You know she and Bobby had a thing, right?

Yeah, I knew that.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Kind of a foxhole thing.
Very Hemingway.

She and I kind of went
Hemingway this one time, too.

All right, well that happens.

- What, you too?
- Look, it was a while back.

We ended up on the same case.
She was stressed. I...

I didn't have a soul.

That's a lot of foxholes.

She's not answering.

Well, here's to ghosts that aren't there.

- You sound kind of disappointed.
- Ah, it's better this way.

I mean, even though I wish we could see
him again doesn't mean that we should.

Are we being stood up?

Yeah, let's hope that's all this is.

- Nothing?
- Straight to voicemail.

- Something's not right.
- What's she doing on Bodega Bay?

She's working some kind of job.
She didn't really say.

I got to get a refill.

You know, man, why don't you
just pack it away for a while?

All it does is remind us of him,
you know?

Yeah, I thought about that,
but not yet.

Let's go check out Annie's hotel room.

These go back years,
disappearances never solved.

They stop a few decades back,
then pick up again just recently.

All teenagers.

Looks like Annie found a spot a lot of them liked
to poke around just before they went missing.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Old Van Ness house.

It's cheery.

Well, the police combed the place.
They always come up dry.

Yeah, local law.
Always on the ball.

- All right.
- Guys...

So, built in 1862
by the Van Ness family...

- I just made that curtain shimmy.
- who lost it in the early 1900's...

Could you look in the
right place at the right time?

Put up for sale a few
years back. No takers.

Probably 'cause it creeps their queso.

- Balls, this is exhausting.
- It's just been sitting there,

boarded up, for ages.

Get this.
I guess a couple months back,

someone put it on one of those
"Most haunted houses in America" lists.

Let me guess. That's when
the teenagers started going missing.

- Yep.
- Okay.

- Now let's get rolling.
- I say we get rolling.


Thank you.

Honey, I'm home.


- My people.
- All right, let's go.

Hi. I'm Bobby,
and I'm a ghost.

Hoping for a little ghost orientation here.

Je m'appelle Bobby.



There's a whole lot of something going on.

I know what you did last night,
and you know it was forbidden!

I don't brook that sort of thing in my home.

Don't do it again, Dexter,
or there will be consequences.

The call to me was the last one she made.
So where the hell is she?



- We've been looking for you.
- I can't believe you're here.

Yeah. I'm a doornail.

Bad news here.
If you can see me,

you are, too.



Ghost. Me.

Three words you never want
to use in a sentence.

- I feel like I was drugged.
- I get it.

I figure it was a month before
I even knew I was still here.

- You're doing well.
- Terrific.


So, you duck your reaper, too?

What? No. I never even saw one.

Bobby. You ran away from your reaper?

On purpose?

That's why you're still here?

- You stupid, crazy old...
- Hey.

I remember a time when
you liked how crazy I was.

Oh, shut up!
I can't believe you.

You know what? As a regular ghost
with no choice in the matter, screw you.

Hey. I got unfinished business
here, same as you.

And there's my unfinished
business right now.


You're dead.

Well, they're not the brightest
bulbs on the string.

I came in,
they were roadkill.

Then this big guy charges me.

And now I'm...


Is there a fun aspect to this?

Not really.

And so far, I can't crack
the code on any of it.

I mean, I've seen poltergeists
bench a piano as a warm-up.

I tried to help the boys out once by knocking a
book off the table and blacked out for two weeks.

So, Sam and Dean don't even know you're here?

Wow. That is messed up.

Hey, Annie, I'm e-mailing you those
news clippings that you asked for.

We're redlining all over the place.

- Assume the worst?
- Yeah, always do.

Okay. Vengeful spirit.
Maybe lots of them. Killing kids.

Look around. No blood.
No anything. Certainly no bodies.

Well, if evil is partying here,
it's got a hell of a cleanup crew.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- What?

Here's something.

- From earlier this week.
- Okay.

Free me.

- Free me.
- Where'd that come from?

You ever seen a phone
number look like that?

All right, that's cool.

Excuse me. Hey!

- Dick.
- Yeah, well,

ghosts ain't the most sociable
type to come down the pike.

But if he can do it...


- Graceful.
- Novices.

You all make the same mistakes.

I suppose you know all about it.

Well, I've been at it 80 years.

Yo, fresh meat here.
Not even sure what happened.


I got shot right in the melon,
never felt a thing. You?

I was stabbed brutally,

right here at this bar,
April 17, 1932.

Who done ya?

I'm really very busy.

How come there's so many dead folk in this
place, anyway? You know anything about that?

I guess we're not supposed
to talk about that.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

My friend is a little nosy, Mister...?

Haskel Crane.

Haskel, you're right.
We are novices,

so, could you do me a solid and
show me how to move that chair?

It's one stupid chair.

Baby steps, gorgeous.

Try this first.

You're angsting at it.

You know what getting
frustrated will get you?

Nothing. You've got two
ways to move things.

What I did, which you obviously
must is calm yourself.

You're saying we should move
crap with the power of Zen.

I'm telling you
to let go of all that.

Calmly tell the thing what to do.

- You're getting tense.
- You're not helpful.

What's option two?
You said there were two ways.

Oh, you could use explosive
anger and pure, red-hot rage,

but that's impossible to manufacture.


Makes sense. Like poltergeists,
vengeful spirits.

I am vengeful.
You think I don't have red-hot rage?

I think you're a sad excuse for one of us,
and I'm unsurprised that you're failing.

Take my help or don't, but if you
want to move a flea, surrender.

For the record,
I hated that Swayze flick...

romantic bullcrap.

What in cold hell was that?

That's you one day.
That's all of us.

We deteriorate at different rates.
Some sooner, some later.

And eventually all...

like that.

Nothing left at all.

- Ghost Alzheimer's.
- I'm liking this less.

Well, that is every square inch of this place.

No bodies, no pieces
of bodies, no Annie.

- A whole lot of sizzle and no steak.
- Well, maybe no news is good news.


Meaning maybe
she's just not here.

- Maybe she's still okay.
- Yeah, and what does your gut say?

Let's just see if there's
anything else in her research.

- Sam! Dean!
- Honey, don't you think I've tried that?

- I shouted myself hoarse.
- But I'm right here!

Well, now you know how all the ghosts
who have ever tried to talk to us feel.

You just have to wait
until they find you.

But I don't even know where I'm at.
And I've searched every room five times.

No wonder they're walking away.

Is it me, or am I being checked out?

No, stud.
I'm being checked out.

Can I help you?

- I'm Victoria.
- Annie.

I saw you here the other day.
I know the kind of work you do.

- Did.
- Hey, I'm still doing it.

I mean, other-dimensionally speaking.


Wait. Your voice.
You're the one on my phone.

When you were here, I was able
to call out to you that way.

- Ah, spectral voice transference.
- Right. Ghost juju.


So what exactly did you mean
when you said, "free me"?

Victoria, free you from what?


Where'd Annie get her intel?
Do we know?

- Stupid flask.
- Bodega Bay heritage society.

Boys, come on.
All the action's back in the pool.

Let's go!

Damn it.

The house dates back
to the mid-19th century.

Miles Van Ness made his fortune
in the gold rush,

eventually settling his family
in Bodega Bay.

Anything unusual ever happen in the house?

Over the course of a century,
things are going to happen in a house.

- "Tell it what to do."
- Some locals swear it's haunted.

- Move.
- Every village has its idiots.

We only want
the real scoop, of course.

- Balls!
- Whitman Van Ness.

Son and heir.
Handsome, charming,

dogged by tragedy all his life.

He lost the family fortune,
then the house.

It became a bordello.

He lived in isolation
till his death at age 40.

- He's still there.
- Who's the bruiser there?

Dexter O'Connell.
A convict.

- An extremely violent man.
- He's there, too.

Mr. Van Ness was socially
progressive and took pity on him.

He worked as grounds keeper.

Dexter was convicted for murdering
Whitman's fianc?e on the eve of their wedding.

Another calamitous event
in the poor man's life.

Well, thank you.

- The house is popular this week.
- What do you mean?

A lady came by the other day
asking all sorts of questions.

30s, red hair,

I gave her the same advice I'll give
to you. Stay away from the place.

It's extremely unsafe.

So, besides Whitman's fianc?e,
Dexter O'Connell was also convicted...

of killing a bunch of hookers
who worked at the brothel.

He escaped before they could hang him.

But then he returned to the house,
where he was found shot to death.

Why would he escape and then go right
back to the house where he got arrested?

I don't know. Add that to
a list of things I don't know.

- So what's the next move?
- You know, if I could,

I'd be getting old waiting
on you two to figure this out.

All right, now.

I can kill werewolves,
fix a pinto, and bake cornbread.

I will be damned if I can't get Zen.

- We're posting this video as a warning about...
- Or possibly a memorial to...

Our friends Debbie Tellen
and Dudley Scott,

- last known whereabouts...
- The Van Ness house.

Since the cops haven't done crap.

In what may be the final
moments of their love story.

They've been together
since like eighth grade.

Yeah. They entered this
house and texted us.

We're going in.

- Sam?
- What?

Tell me you wrote that.

No. No, I didn't.

They came into the house...

Well, then, who's there?

I said, who's there?!


They walked through...

these halls...

- Seeking a grotto of love.
- Seriously?



This whole time, we've been trying to talk
ourselves out of it, he's been...

What's he doing here?

- Dude.
- We don't have time for this!

Get your asses back to that house!

We got to get back
to that house, stat.

What happened?


You shouldn't have come here!


I expressly forbid you!

Thank you.

Dexter, you tried to warn them away.

You have enough of us.

They're just children, Whitman.

I can't watch this happen all over again.

Shut up.

Ah, Victoria.
Grab the camera.

No. I can't.

We don't meddle in Whitman's affairs.

Hold it.
Let's get real.

You sent me the S.O.S.,
and now I'm here.

- So, give me a hand.
- But now he can get you, too.

Get me how?
I'm already dead.

Okay, you want to help me understand?
Exactly what did he do to Dexter?

Punished him.

He was trying to warn them.
He tried to warn you, too.

- He drained him.
- Drained? What does that mean?

That's why he's so strong and why
you should stay out of sight.

We're merely food to him.
Food and perverse entertainment.

So, when he does that,
what happens?

- Just poof?
- Forever.

See, I thought that Whitman
was some poor guy,

- and Dexter killed his fianc?e.
- No. Whitman framed him.

Whitman killed all of us.

When this house was a brothel,
I worked here as a fancy lady.

He slit my throat.

- "Fancy lady"? A hooker?
- Please.

And now, even in death, every soul
he traps here makes him stronger.

- Okay, so, where does he keep the bodies?
- I don't know.

- Victoria, you've been here forever.
- You don't follow him around.

Listen, we are going to pull
the plug on this bastard.

Now grab the damn camera.

Oh, dear.

It's him!

We combed the crap out of this place.

- If Annie's in there and we didn't find her...
- It's 'cause something didn't want us to.

Awesome. Well, let's
walk right into that.

- All right, I'll check upstairs.
- Yeah.

- Annie?!
- Sorry, boys.

- I'm leaving the pack.
- Annie!

It's Dean! And Sam!



That's not odd.

Sam, get back down here!



- What?
- Check it out.

The final moments of their love story.

- They've been together since like eighth grade.
- Yeah. They entered this house and texted us.

Oh, I hate these Indie films.
Nothing ever happens.

They came into the house.

- They walked through these halls.
- Wait, wait. Pause it.

Frame back a little bit.

She's here,
and not in a good way.

Give them a moment.
They've got a little slower since I left.

- Annie?!
- Got to let them know that I'm here.


- You have to do it.
- Annie!

We can't.

- Annie!
- It's too dangerous.

These guys can help.

- They just need to know that we're here.
- Annie!

Please. I'm Victoria.

- Victoria Dodd.
- Where'd you come from?


I was a fancy lady.

A hooker?

- Is Annie here?
- Yes.

You can't see her.

- No, you're not standing on her.
- You want to just tell them?

I will.

In my day, we believed
in polite conversation.

Annie's in terrible danger.
We all are.

- From?
- Whitman Van Ness.

- But he's dead.
- I thought you said they were good.

Hey, I'm just processing, okay, lady?
He's dead. You're dead. Define "terrible danger."

Whitman has great power
over all of us in the house.

He killed Annie.

She says you can free us.

Please, you must...


I'm gonna say she was telling the truth,
considering that she just got ghost-killed.

So, what?
Whitman Van Ness?

Now we know whose bones
to salt and burn. Let's go.

Oh, hell no.

If I hadn't stashed that flask here,
I'd still be glued to Sam and Dean.

Real clever.

- Actually was.
- Son of a bitch.

I figured our one ace was that bastard
Whitman couldn't leave the house either.

Must have pulled a number like you and the flask.
Probably planted something on the boys.

- Terrific.
- Hey, listen, sweetie.

You could beat yourself up
all day about this,

or we could take advantage of
the fact that Whitman's gone,

do what we're supposed to do.
Let's go figure this out.

Coming, Robert?

Well, we searched everywhere else.

I'm telling you, Whitman
guards his room like Fort Knox.

Last time I checked,
ghosts didn't get cold.

Yeah. That's Victoria.

That is how he took her out.
But where did he get her corpse?

Well, you said he dragged those two
dead kids away. Where'd he take them?

Yeah, I don't know.
I couldn't risk following him.

What else did you say this place was,
other than a whorehouse?

It was a lot of things.
It was a boarding house, a school,

a speakeasy.

Yeah, well, thing about speakeasies...

hell of a lot to hide.

I still got it.

Well, this pretty much
tells the story, don't it?

You know, you and me, we...

burned our fair share of bones,
sent a lot of ghosts packing.

It's a little different when
you're on the receiving end.


what do you think happens to 'em?

Heaven, hell, or...

none of the above?

I don't know.

Just gone,
most likely.

Yeah, that's what I think, too.

That's what I want.

I want a Hunter's funeral.

Oh, come on.
It's better than this...

stuck to this house,

somewhere between existing and not.

No, I'm...

ready for some peace.

Wasn't much of a life.
It was lonely, what we do.

- Yeah, well, the life I had is the one I picked.
- Yeah, but you had the boys.

All I had was work.

- It's gone now.
- Yeah, well, I ain't done.

Okay, fine, but I am.

You're stronger than
I am now, Bobby, so...

you got to do this for me.

All right. Here we go. Cemetery, edge of town.
The Van Ness family has its own mausoleum.

All right, we light up
the bastard and finish him off.

Take it easy.
We'll get there.

That's not me.

Why's he with us?!

I don't know.
There's got to be something on us!

Hey, hey.


- Did that do it? Did that get rid of him?
- I don't know.

I got a bad idea we just snapped
him back to his favorite house.

- Where Annie's a sitting duck.
- We got to find those bones. Come on.

Let's build up the fire. We can put some
of these poor bastards to rest, at least.

Well, let's get to cremating.
We ain't got all day.

Enjoy the view from my room?

Planning to thin out the population?

Is this how you repay my hospitality?!

No! I will not be taken!

- How long was I out?
- A while.

Are you okay?


I mean...

I'm dead,

I'm a ghost but, basically, swell.

Hi, boys.

- Bobby?
- Wait, you...

You can see me?

You're staring, you know.

Annie's here, too, by the way.

- Hi, Annie.
- Hi, Annie.

Hi, guys.

She says you both look
uglier than she remembered.

Bobby, how'd you stay here?

Yeah, well,

suck on that, Swayze.

That's why you never answered me.

I tried calling you...
the talking board,

the works, but I was always alone.

Dean always had that thing in his pocket.

That's why the EMF only went off half the time.
We thought we were going crazy.

So, what happened?

Did you get stuck or what?

I wanted to stay.

- Bobby.
- I need to help.

Not if it means you have to...

be this.

Well, life wasn't comfy.
Why should death be?

Now, come on.

Annie and I found all the bodies.
Let's put 'em to rest.

And keep my damn flask away from the fire...


Well, you coming?

I'll miss her.

- Me too.
- Yeah.

Well, you didn't know her like I did.


here's to Annie.

She got the Hunter's funeral she wanted.

Kind of like the one
we thought we gave you.


What were you thinking, Bobby?

You could be in heaven right now,
drinking beer at Harvelle's, not stuck...

Stuck here with you?

We still have work to do.

I just thought that was
kind of important, Dean.

It's not right.
You know that.

You're right.

What was I thinking?

So, what do you think we should do?

We did what we should do.

Now I don't know.

I mean, do you think
it's possible we could...

I don't know, make it all work somehow?

I have no idea. Maybe.
I've never heard of it.

But you know what I do know?
It ain't the natural order of things.

Everything is supposed to end.
You know, he was supposed...

And now...

What are the odds this ends well?

What are the odds?

~ exklusiv f?r ~