Supernatural (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Family Remains - full transcript

The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a haunted house.

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-Who are you? CASTIEL: Castiel.
I'm an angel of the Lord.
I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.
Hi, Dean. It's me, Lilith.
-You are not real. -What's the matter, Dean?
Don't you remember all the fun you had down there?
Somebody help me!
Hello again, Dean.
Don't you recognize me?
-But we were so close in hell. -Alastair.
They sliced...
...carved and tore me in ways that you....
And Alastair would make me an offer to take me off the rack...
...if I started the torture.
And every day I told him to stick it where the sun shines.
For 30 years I told him.
But then I couldn't do it anymore, Sammy.
And I got off that rack, and I started ripping them apart.
I lost count of how many souls.
MAN [ON TV]: Following the Civil War...
...the eyes of the nation turned to the West...
...where outposts like Fort Bellows served as--
Come on.
What the hell?
It's impossible.
Just stay away from me.
Just stay away from me!
What are you doing?
-What's it look like I'm doing? -Like you're looking for a job.
We just finished a job like two hours ago.
Adrenaline's still pumping, I guess.
So, what do you think? Cedar Rapids, Tulsa or Chi-Town?
I am all for working, I really am...
...but you've got us chasing cases nonstop for like a month now.
-We need sleep. -We can sleep when we're dead.
-You're exhausted, Dean. -I'm good.
No, you're not. You're running on fumes, and you can't run forever.
What am I running from?
From what you told me.
Or are we pretending that never happened?
Stratton, Nebraska. Farm town.
Man gets hacked to death in a locked room inside a locked house.
No signs of forced entry.
-Sounds like a ghost. -Yes, it does.
Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, one homicide.
This place is gonna sell like hotcakes.
Hey, check this out.
It's probably a dumbwaiter. All these old houses had them.
-What? -What?
-You said.... -What?
Never mind.
No blood stains, fresh coat of paint. It's a bunch of bubkes.
SAM: Needle's all over the place.
You got power lines.
Great. So....
Well, that's super disturbing.
-Think it got left behind? -By who?
Unless Bill Gibson likes to play with doll heads.
SAM: Uh-oh.
-You said this place was still for sale. -Apparently it's not.
Come on, Buster.
Good dog.
What do you think? It's nice, right?
Did anyone bother to check if we get a signal out here?
Actually, I did, Kate.
But we decided to move anyway just to ruin your life.
-Come on, let's unpack. -Uncle Ted, please back me up here.
TED: The kid's right, Bri. You're ruining her life.
-Thanks for the help, Uncle Ted. -Calling it like I see it, buddy.
-Hey. -What?
-Be nice. -I am nice.
What do you think? We do okay?
I don't know.
Who are they?
Can I help you?
SAM: Are you the new owner? -Yeah. You guys are...?
This is Mr. Stanwyck. I'm Mr. Babar.
County Code Enforcement.
We had the building inspected last week. Is there a problem?
Asbestos in the walls, a gas leak. Yeah, I'd say we got a problem.
Asbestos? Meaning what?
Meaning until this house is up to code, it's uninhabitable.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-You're saying we can't stay here? -It's a health hazard. You don't want to.
-Hold up. We just drove 400 miles. -There's a motel just down the road.
Till this gets cleaned up, I suggest you stay there.
-All right, and what if we don't? -Well, you get a fine or you go to jail.
Pick your poison.
One night.
One night, and then I'll take care of everything ASAP, I promise.
Yeah, you do that.
Another motel? Awesome, Dad.
I hope this one has hooker sheets like the last one.
SUSAN: Danny. BRIAN: Come on, Danny.
What did the room look like when you found it, Mrs. Curry?
I already told the local boys, there was blood everywhere.
And Mr. Gibson? Where was he?
How long have you been cleaning Mr. Gibson's house?
-Five years. -So you knew him pretty well.
Well, not really well. He was real private. Not the easiest man.
-Not that I blame him. -What do you mean?
His wife dies in childbirth, daughter hangs herself 20 years later.
I'd be bitter too.
I think I got some pictures.
DEAN: Thanks.
-Can we keep these? -Suit yourself.
-Now, why'd the daughter kill herself? -I don't know. That was before my time.
You ever notice anything odd in the house when you were cleaning?
-Like what? -You know, like lights going on and off...
...or things not being where you left them?
-Well, maybe there was one thing. -What's that?
Well, sometimes I thought I heard like a rustling in the walls.
-Like a rat? -Yeah.
Well, must have been some big sons of guns out there, huh?
Wouldn't know. Never saw any.
Do you know where Mrs. Gibson and her daughter were buried?
They were both cremated.
All right, so it probably wasn't the mom or the daughter.
-Whose ghost was it? -I don't know.
I say we give that place a real once-over and see.
"Code Enforcement," my ass. There's no asbestos.
-You sure? -Hell, yes.
I've built enough homes to know that. There's no gas leak either.
-Who were those guys? -Not from the county, I can tell you that.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
I just thought I saw something, that's all.
It's gonna be great here, Kate. It really is.
Yeah, Mom.
I'm sure. Everything's gonna change.
SUSAN: Danny, are you unpacking?
Uh, yeah, I'm almost finished.
It's okay.
I'm Danny.
SUSAN: Zucchini will grow, but the soil is too acidic for beets.
-Do you understand any of this? -Can you smell that?
That. Smells like a raccoon died up there or something.
That's pleasant. Thank you.
Can I continue having a conversation with myself?
I'm listening. Uh, vegetable garden.
What are we doing, Bri?
-What do you mean? -Us. On a farm.
Talking about zucchini.
It's gonna be different.
I promise you.
We're gonna be happy.
-And if we're not? -We will be.
We have to be.
I can't put the kids through another year like the last.
So, what now?
We could tell them the truth.
-Really? -No, not really.
Hey, guys. You're gonna wanna come see this.
What the...?
DANNY: Yeah? -Get your butt down here.
-Tell you what. If my kid did this-- -He's not your kid, Ted. Just butt out.
Hey, go easy on him. His teacher said he might act out.
BRIAN: Hey, buddy.
Something you wanna tell me and your mom?
I didn't do that.
Look, just tell me the truth, and all you gotta do is clean it up, okay?
-No punishment. -But I didn't. The girl in the walls did it.
-The girl in the walls? -She wants you to go and me to stay.
All right, one last time. The truth, buddy.
That is the truth. I can stay, but she hates grown-ups.
If you don't leave, she's gonna get really mad.
-All right, go to your room. -Mom!
-If Andy were here, he'd believe me. -Upstairs. Now.
It's okay, Buster, it's okay.
I hate it here too.
Ugh. Ew, Buster, gross. What's the matter with you?
Oh, my God. Oh, God.
BRIAN: Katie, baby. Calm down and tell us what happened.
I just got molested by Casper the Pervy Ghost, that's what.
-Ghost? -Yes, Dad, a ghost.
-It's the girl in the walls. -Who?
Okay, both of you, knock it off.
We heard screams. What's going on?
-You two. Did you touch my daughter? -What? No.
BRIAN: Who are you guys? SAM: Relax, please.
-You have a ghost. -A ghost.
-I told you. -It's the girl.
Both of you, relax. What are you guys playing at?
Your family is in danger. You need to get out of the house now.
-What the hell? -Nobody move.
Buster! Buster!
What the hell?
-Buster! -Go back inside. Go.
We are not the bad guys, but you're in danger.
First things first, you gotta get your family out of here.
Head to the motel I was talking about. You'll be safe there.
-What are you two gonna do? -Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
Oh, come on!
Dude, the guns are gone. So's the....
Basically everything is gone.
The truck's no good. Both tires slashed.
What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels?
What's going on?
She's there! She's there!
SUSAN: Where? -She was right there in the woods.
-What's a ghost doing outside? -You wanna stay and find out?
Everybody inside.
Are you crazy? We need to get the hell out of here.
In what? This ghost is hunting us.
Everybody back inside now. Move.
Whatever's outside, it can't get in this circle.
As long as the salt line is unbroken, this is the safest place to be.
-Safe from ghosts? -Yes, as a matter of fact.
Okay, I'm not listening to this anymore. Come on.
-I gotta get my family out. Let's go. -Nobody's going until we kill this.
Sir, please, this is what we do. Just trust us.
-You hunt ghosts? -That's right.
Like Scooby-Doo?
SAM: You saw her outside, right?
Okay, does she look like either one of these girls?
Her. She was paler and a lot dirtier, but that was her.
That's the girl in the walls.
So it was the daughter?
That girl in the picture, she's dead?
She killed herself inside this house.
So, what, the maid got her story wrong? Rebecca wasn't cremated?
SAM: Unless her spirit's attached to something inside the house.
-She hung herself in the attic, right? -You wanna babysit and I'll check it out?
Look, I don't care who hung themselves where.
-Maybe something is going on, but-- -It's a spirit.
It's some hillbilly bitch, and I'm not about to sit around...
...waiting for her to go Deliverance on my ass.
-Nobody's leaving the house. -Stop me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Listen, man, I've got a gun.
You don't get back in that circle, you're gonna have yourself a third hole.
-Dude, you don't have a gun. -And?
I'm not letting that bastard or anyone else die tonight.
You cool?
Hey, Fonzie. Question for you.
This indestructible force field made out of salt?
-Have to be kosher stuff or what? -Knock it off, Ted.
What was that?
Everybody stay calm. She's a ghost. She can't come in the circle.
-You said ghosts couldn't cross. -They can't. She's not a ghost.
-Shoot her! -Yeah, about that....
Go, go, go. Move.
Oh, my God.
-Hey, you okay? -Where is everybody?
-Hiding. -All right, go get them. Go. Go get them.
-So it's not a ghost. -It's just a girl?
It's not just a girl. It's psycho Nell. I'm telling you, man. Humans.
-So who is she, then? -Maybe it's the daughter.
-Maybe she didn't hang herself. -She'd be like 50 by now.
I don't know. What did you find in the attic?
Some old junk. I found Rebecca's diary. That's about it.
I wish you found a howitzer. We gotta get this family safe.
It's just a human, so they can run for it. We gotta hold her off.
-We're okay. -Danny, Ted, we gotta go.
-I'm good. -Danny? Come on!
-Danny, we gotta go. -Told you it was some crazy bitch.
-Yes, you did. -Head to town. We'll take it from here.
-Danny, come on, baby, we're leaving. -Danny, we gotta go.
KATE: Danny?
Brian, where is he?
-Danny! -Suse, Suse, Suse.
We will find Danny, I promise you.
-No. -No. Take Kate and go now.
-Now, while you still have a chance. -Not without Danny.
BRIAN: We will find him. -I'm not going with Mom alone.
She's right. Until we find your son...
...the safest place for you right now is in the shed.
-I am not going in there either. -Yes, you are. It is the best defense.
Windows are boarded. It's got one door. It's our best shot right now. Trust me.
Suse, Kate, go. Go.
All right. You and me will take the outside.
You two take the house. Let's go.
TED: What are you doing?
She's human. She had to come from somewhere.
-You smell that? -Every day.
Come on.
You're not going down there.
Well, do you want to?
Please, nobody grab my leg. Please, nobody grab my leg.
Dog. It's what for dinner.
-Danny? -Find anything?
Yeah, her kitchen.
Her what?
Look, why are we just standing here? Let's go in. Let's check the house.
We have to wait for those guys to get back, okay?
DEAN: Sam, it's me. -Help me out.
Did you get Danny?
No? Well, where's Ted?
He's outside.
Well, why doesn't he come inside?
Because I had to carry him out.
-I'm sorry. SUSAN: You're...?
What does that mean? What does that mean, you're sorry?
Are you saying that he's dead?
No. No, he's not saying that he's dead. You're not saying that, are you?
We were in the walls, and she attacked.
And I couldn't get to him in time.
Uncle Ted is dead?
I shouldn't have left him alone.
I'm very sorry.
BRIAN: We'll find him, Suse. We will. -Where else is there to look?
-Danny's dead, isn't he? BRIAN: No, Suse.
He is. Why not? She killed my brother. Now she killed my son.
No, Danny is alive.
-No, no, he isn't. -Yes, he is.
Do you remember what he said about the girl who lived in the walls?
She said he could stay.
No. No.
I just don't understand why this happens to us.
I mean, we're good people. We're a good family.
What happened to Andy happened, okay?
I cannot change that. But I will find Danny, I promise you.
And when I do, we are gonna be fine.
You and me, the kids, we're gonna be fine.
DEAN: Andy your son?
He got himself killed in a car accident last year.
I'm sorry.
It nearly tore Suse and I apart.
Still could, I imagine.
That's why we moved here.
Fresh air, fresh start.
Not even my line.
Marriage counselor.
Course, she might be right.
After all, what could possibly go wrong in the country?
I'm getting your son back.
If it's the last godforsaken thing I do.
Why do you care so much?
We gotta talk.
-What is that? -Rebecca's diary.
-I just finished reading it. -And?
That girl back there? Pretty sure she was Rebecca's daughter.
-Rebecca had a kid? -It's all she talks about.
Being pregnant, being ashamed of being pregnant.
Jeez, rent Juno and get over it. Wait, why kill herself after the baby?
Maybe because her dad called her a dirty whore...
...and said he was gonna lock the baby up.
Why would he say that?
-Oh, gross. -Yeah.
-So the daddy was the babydaddy too? -Dude was a monster, Dean.
Wow, a story ripped from an Austrian headline.
Humans, man.
-So she's been locked up her whole life? -You saw her eyes.
Has she ever seen light? She's barely human.
So she's been caged up like an animal...
...and she busts out and ganks dear old Dad-slash-Granddad?
I guess.
-Well, can't say I blame her. -I'm sure her life was hell.
Doesn't mean she gets a pass for murder.
-Like you know what hell's like. -I didn't....
Forget it.
So where do we find her?
Kid's gotta eat, right?
He kept her hidden, locked up, but he had to feed her, didn't he?
I guess.
I think I know where.
Could've kept her hidden here for years. Kept her fed, nobody would ever know.
BRIAN: Danny! Danny! DEAN: Watch out, I'm going down.
-No, that's my son. -I know it is, but I said I would get him.
I will. Let me.
Hey, you got curtains? We need rope.
It's okay. Shh. It's okay.
Bitch is a klepto.
Come on.
Your dad's upstairs. Come on.
-Watch your head, watch your head. -Hurry, he's coming back.
Her brother.
Oh, my God!
-Okay. -Pull.
Come on, buddy. Come on, buddy.
Don't look back, Danny. Just come on, come.
Come on.
You okay? It's okay.
Get him out of here. You gotta go.
Mom! Come on, Mom.
BRIAN: Suse!
Thanks for the head start.
Why doesn't it surprise me you guys don't like the police?
It's sort of a mutual-appreciation thing, really.
-Well, thank you. -Thank you.
You okay?
No, we're the opposite of okay...
...but we're together.
You okay?
You know, I felt for those sons of bitches back there.
Life-long torture turns you into something like that.
You were in hell, Dean.
Look, maybe you did what you did there...
...but you're not them.
They were barely human.
Yeah, you're right. I wasn't like them.
I was worse.
They were animals, Sam, defending territory.
I did it for the sheer pleasure.
-What? -I enjoyed it, Sam.
They took me off the rack, and I tortured souls, and I liked it.
All those years, all that pain.
Finally getting to deal some out yourself.
I didn't care who they put in front of me.
Because that pain I felt... just slipped away.
No matter how many people I save...
...I can't change that.
I can't fill this hole.
Not ever.