Supernatural (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Magnificent Seven - full transcript

Sam, Dean, and Bobby deal with the ramifications of the Gate to Hell opening, meeting the demon incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Dean is living life to the fullest in the shadow of a deal he made with the Crossroads Demon, and a mysterious blonde woman with a demon-killing knife assists Sam.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
look,dad's gone now.

We have to carry out his legacy,

And that means hunting down
as many evil sons of bitches

As we possibly can.


Let me guess -- You're
offering up your own soul?

All you got to do
is bring sam back.

I'll give you one year
and one year only.

If you try and weasel your way
out,then the deal is off.

Yellow-Eyed demon:
how certain are you

That what you brought back
is 100% pure sam?

What the hell
just happened?

That's a devil's gate,
a damn door to hell!

Hope to hell
you boys are ready

'Cause the war
has just begun.

Sam: hello.


What you doing?

Oh,same old,same old.

You buried
in that book again?

Sam,you want to break dean free
of that demon deal,

You ain't gonna find the answer
in no book.

Then where,bobby?

Kid,i wish i knew.

So,where's your brother?

Polling the electorate.

Never mind.
Well,you boys better
pack it up.

I think i finally
found something.

* she looked at me
with big brown eyes *
[ knock on door ]

* and said,
"you ain't seen nothing yet" *

Dean,you -- You conscious?

Bobby called,
and he thinks that maybe we --


Let me see your knife.

What for?

So i can gouge my eyes out.

It was a beautiful,
natural act,sam.

It's a part of you i never
wanted to see,dean.

Hey,i appreciate you giving me
a little quality time

With the doublemint twins.

No problem.


Well,i got to say,

I was expecting a weary sigh
or an eye roll,something.

Not at all. You deserve
to have a little fun.

Well,i'm in violent agreement
with you there.

[ Chuckles ]
what's bobby got?
Not much.

Crop failure and a cicada swarm
outside of lincoln,nebraska.

Could be demonic omens.

Or could just be a bad crop
and a bug problem.
But it's our only lead.

Any freaky deaths?
Nothing bobby could find --
Not yet,anyway.

It's weird,man. The night
the devil's gate opened,

All these weirdo
storm clouds

Were sighted
over how many cities?


You think it would be
"apocalypse now,"

But it's been five days
and bubkes.

What are the demons
waiting for?

Beats me.

Driving me crazy.

I tell you,
if it's gonna be war,

I wish it would just
start already.

Be careful
what you wish for.

Hear those cicadas?

That can't be
a good sign.

No. No,it can't.

So,we're eating
bacon cheeseburgers

For breakfast,are we?

Well,sold my soul.
Got a year to live.

I ain't sweating
the cholesterol.

what do you think?

We got a biblical plague here
or what?

Well,let's find out.

Looks like the swarm's
ground zero.


That's awful.

That so can't be
a good sign.

You hear that?

This is supposed to be
my birthday party.

Oh,my god.

Grandma is making out
the invitation list.

Sue ellen is gonna hire...

bobby,what the hell
happened here?
I don't know.

And j.R.'S gonna use it...

check for sulfur.

...for one of his big deals!

And now you're gonna buy
my clothes!

I hate this family!

Bobby: isaac? Tamara?

[ British accent ]

What the hell are you
doing here?

I could ask the same.


Hello. Bleeding here.

Bobby: isaac,you sure got
some nice digs here.

If i can find anything.

where's the palo santo?

Well,where'd you leave it?

I don't know,dear.
That's why i'm asking.

Palo santo?

It's holy wood from peru.

It's toxic to demons
like holy water.

Keeps the bastards nailed down
while you're exorcising them.

Thank you,dear.

You'd lose your head
if it wasn't for me.

So,how long you two
been married?

Eight years
this past june.

The family
that slays together...

I'm with you there.

So,how'd you get started?

Oh,you know...
i'm sorry.

It's not --
That's none of my business.

It's -- It's all right.

Well,jenny,if you look
as pretty as you sound,

Then i'd love to have
an appletini.

Yeah. Call you.

That was
the coroner's tech.

Get this -- That whole family,
'cause of death --

Dehydration and starvation.

There's no signs of restraint,
no violence,no struggle.

They just sat down
and never got up.

But there was a fully stocked
kitchen just yards away.

What is this,
a demon attack?

If it is,it's not like
anything i ever saw,

And i've seen plenty.

What now?
What should we do?

Uh,we're not gonna
do anything.

What do you mean?

You guys seem nice enough,

But this ain't

And we don't play well
with others.

We'd cover a lot more ground
if we all worked together.

No offense,but we're not
teaming with the damn fools

Who let the devil's gate
get open in the first place.

No offense?

Isaac,like you've never made
a mistake.

Yeah,locked my keys in the car,
turned my laundry pink.

Never brought on the end
of the world,though.

[ Chuckles ]
all right. That's enough.

Guys,this isn't helping.
Dean --

Look,there are couple hundred
more demons out there now.

We don't know where they are,
when they'll strike.

There ain't enough hunters
in the world

To handle something
like this.

You brought war down on us --
On all of us.

Okay. That's quite enough
testosterone for now.

Excuse me.


Those are...nice shoes.

They are nice.

Those are nice shoes.

Aren't they?

I want them.

Sorry. Last pair.

Excuse me.

I want those shoes.

What,are you crazy?
No. What?

Dean: what happened outside
makes you realize

How fragile life really is.

You got to make
every second count.

Excuse me a minute,
would you?


Dean,what are you doing?

I'm comforting
the bereaved.

What are you doing?


Dead body,
possible demon attack --

That kind of stuff.

Sam,i'm sorry.

It's just i don't have
much time left,and... to make
every second count.

Yeah,right. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

Whoa. [ Whistles ]
looking spiffy,bobby.

What were you,a g-Man?

for the d.A.'S office.

I just spoke
to the suspect.

Yeah? So,what do you think?
Is she possessed or what?

Don't think so.

There's none
of the usual signs --

No blackouts,
no loss of control.

Totally lucid.

Just,she really wanted
those shoes.

Spilled a glass of holy water
on her just to be sure.


Maybe she's just some
random wack job.

If it had been an isolated

But first the family,
now this?

I believe
in a lot of things.

ain't one of them.

Did you boys find anything
around here?

No sulfur,nothing.

Well,maybe something.

See? I'm working.

Anything interesting?

I don't know yet.

Might just be a guy...

or it might be our guy.

What time is it?

Seven past midnight.

You sure this is
the right place?

But i spent all day canvassing
this stupid town

With this guy's stupid mug,

he drinks at this stupid bar.

That's not funny!

Uh,all right,so --

So,john doe's name
is walter rosen.

He's from oak park,
just west of chicago.

Went missing
about a week ago.

The night
the devil's gate opened?

So you think
he's possessed?
It's a good bet.

So,what,he just walks up
to someone,touches them,

And they go
stark raving psycho?

Those demons that got out
at the gate --

They're gonna do all kinds
of things we haven't seen.

You mean the demons
we let out?


All right. Showtime.

Wait a minute.

What did i just say?

We don't know what to expect
out of this guy.

We should tail him
till we know for sure.

Oh,so he kills someone
and we just sit here?

We're no good dead!

And we're not gonna make
a move

Until we know
what the score is.

Hey,bobby,i don't think
that's an option.

Why not?

Damn it!


You're welcome.

Pull the car in back.

We'll be right out.

I love you.

I know.

What do you think
you're doing?

I'm just hitting the head.


I mean,what do you think
you're doing here?

I don't like hunters
in my bar.

Man,you really walked
into the wrong place.

Hold on.
I like the girl.

Wish i had me a girl
like that.

I can think of about a thousand
things i'd like to do to her.

You're not gonna lay
one filthy finger on her!

I got something for you.

Have a drink on me,hmm?


On the house!




Oh,he's down!

All right,honey.
Your turn!

[ Tires screeching ]

Come on,we got to go!
He's dead!

Get in the car!

Dean,come on!



Tamara: and i say
we're going back -- Now!

Sam: hold on a second.

I left my husband bloody
on the floor!

Okay,i understand that,
but we can't go back.

Fine. Then you stay.

But i'm heading back
to that bar.

I'll go with her.

It's suicide,dean!

So what?
I'm dead already!

How you gonna kill 'em?
Can't shoot 'em.

You can't stab 'em.

They're not just gonna wait
in line to get exorcised!

I don't care!

We don't even know how many
of them there are!

Yeah,we do.
There's seven.

Do you have any idea
who we're up against?

No. Who?

The seven deadly sins,
live and in the flesh!

"What's in the box?!"

Brad pitt,"se7en"?

What's this?

"Binsfeld's classification
of demons."

In 1589,binsfeld
i.D.'D the seven sins --

Not just as human vices
but as actual devils.

The family --
They were touched by sloth.

And the shopper...

that's envy's doing --

The customer we got
in the next room.

I couldn't suss it out at first
until isaac.

He was touched
with an awful gluttony.

I don't give a rat's ass

If they're the three stooges
or the four tops!

I'm gonna slaughter
every last one of them!

We already did it your way.

You burst in there half-Cocked
and look what happened!

These demons haven't been
topside in half a millennium!

We're talking medieval,
dark ages!

We've never faced anything
close to this!

So we are gonna
take a breath...

and figure out
what our next move is!

I am sorry for your loss.

So you know who i am,huh?

We do.
We're not impressed.

Why are you here?
What are you after?

He asked you a question.

What do you want?

Ya! Ohh!

We already have...

what we want.

What's that?

We're out.

We're free.

Thanks to you,
my kind are everywhere.

I am legion,
for we are many.

So me,
i'm just celebrating.

Having a little fun.


Yeah. Fun.

See,some people crochet.
Others golf.


I like to see
people's insides...

on their outside.

I'm gonna put you down
like a dog.


[ Laughs ]

You really think
you're better than me.

[ Laughs ]

Which one of you can cast
the first stone,huh?

What about you,dean?

You're practically
a walking billboard

Of gluttony and lust.

all that wrath.

Ooh. Tsk,tsk,tsk,

It's the reason you and isaac
became hunters

In the first place,
isn't it?

It's so much easier
to drink in the rage

Than to face what really
happened all those years ago.



[ Laughs ]

My point exactly.

And you call us sins.

We're not sins,man.

We are natural
human instinct.

And you can repress and deny us
all you want,

But the truth is,
you are just animals.




...violent animals.

And you know what?

You'll be slaughtered
like animals,too.

The others --

They're coming for me.


But they're not
gonna find you...

'cause you'll be in hell.

Someone send
this clown packing.

My pleasure.

Exorcizamus te,
omnis immundus spiritus,

Omnis satanica...

I don't think we're gonna have
to worry about hunting them.

What does that mean?

I think maybe
this joker's right.

They're gonna be
hunting us.

And they're not gonna
quit easy.

You guys,
why don't you take tamara

And head for the hills?

I'll stay back,slow them down,
buy you a little time.

you're insane,dean.

Just forget about it,okay?

Sam's rit.

There's six of them,guys.

We're outmanned,
we're outgunned.

We'll be dead by dawn.

Maybe,but there's no place
to run that they won't find us.

Look,if we're going down,

We're going down together,
all right?

Let's not make it easy
for them.

Demon's out
of the guy.

And the guy?

He didn't make it.

Here we go.

Isaac: tamara!




Help me! Please!

I got away,
but i'm hurt bad!

I need help!

It's not him.
It's one of those demons.

It's possessing his corpse.

[ Knock on door ]

Why won't you let me in?

You left me behind
back there.

How could you do that?

We swore...

at that lake in michigan.


We swore we would never
leave each other!

How did he know that?


You just gonna leave me
out here?

You just gonna
let me die?!

I guess that's what
you do,dear!

Like that night those things
came to our house...

...came for our daughter!

You just let her die,too.

You son of a bitch!


You're not isaac!

Fat,drunk,and stupid is no way
to go through life,son.

Exorcizamus te,omnis immundus
spiritus,omnis satanica...

i suppose you're lust.

Baby,i'm whatever
you want me to be.

Just stay back.

Or what?

Good point.

I'm not gonna hurt you --
Not yet.

Not unless you want me to.

Here's johnny!

Come on.

You really think something
like that

Is gonna fool someone
like me?

I mean,me?

Let me guess --
You're pride.

The root of all sin.

And you...

are sam winchester.

That's right.
I've heard of you.

We've all heard of you.

The prodigy,the boy king.

Looking at you now,
i got to tell you,

Don't believe the hype.

You think i'm gonna bow

To a cut-Rate,
piss-Poor human like you?

I have my pride, after all.

And now with
your yellow-Eyed friend dead,

I guess i don't really have
to do a damn thing,now,do i?

You're fair game now,boy,
and it's open season.


Who the hell are you?

I'm the girl that just saved
your ass.

Well,i just
saved yours,too.

[ Chuckles ]
see you around,sam.


Sam: think she's gonna be
all right?

No. Definitely not.

Well,you look like hell
warmed over.

You try exorcising all night
and see how you feel.

Any survivors,bobby?

Well,the pretty girl
and the heavy guy,

They'll make it.

Lifetime of therapy bills

that's more than you can say
for these poor bastards.

Bobby,that knife --

What kind of blade
can kill a demon?

Yesterday,i would have said
there was no such thing.

I'm just gonna ask it again --
Who was that masked chick?

Actually,the more troubling
question would be,

"How come a girl can fight
better than you?"

Three demons,dean...
at once.

Hey,whatever it takes to get
you through the night,pal.

Yeah,well,if you want
a troubling question,

I got one for you --

If we let out
the seven deadly sins,

What else did we let out?

You're right.
That is troubling.

See you gents around.


The world just got
a lot scarier.

Be careful.

You too.

Keep your eyes peeled
for omens.

I'll do the same.

You got it.


We can win this war,

Catch you
on the next one.

So,where to?

Uh,i don't know.
I was thinking louisiana maybe.

Little early for mardi gras,
isn't it?

i was talking to tamara,

And she mentioned
this hoodoo priestess

Outside of shreveport that might
be able to help us out,

You know,with your --
With your demon deal.


What does that mean,"nah"?

Sam,no hoodoo spell's
gonna break this deal.

It's a goose chase.

We don't know that.
Yes,we do.

Forget it.
She can't help.

We're not going,
and that's that.

What about reno,huh?

You know what?

I've had it.

I've been bending over backwards
trying to be nice to you,

And...i don't care anymore.

That didn't last long.

Yeah,well,you know what?

I've been busting my ass
trying to keep you alive,dean,

And you act like
you couldn't care less.

What,you got some kind of
death wish or something?

It's not like that.

Then what's it like,dean?

Sam --
Please,tell me.

We trap the crossroads demon,
trick it,

Try to welsh our way
out of the deal in any way,

You die,okay?

You die.

Those are the terms.
There's no way out of it.

If you try to find a way,

So help me god,
i'm gonna stop you.

[ Sighs ]

How could you make
that deal,dean?

'Cause i couldn't live
with you dead.

Couldn't do it.

now i live and you die?

That's the general idea,

you're a hypocrite,dean.

How did you feel when dad
sold his soul for you?

'Cause i was there.
I remember.

You were twisted and broken.

And now you go and do
the same me.

What you did was selfish.

Yeah,you're right.
It was selfish.

But i'm okay with that.

I'm not.

After everything i've done
for this family,

I think i'm entitled.

Truth is,i'm tired,sam.

I don't know,

It's like there's a light
at the end of the tunnel.

It's hellfire,dean.


You're alive,
i feel good...

for the first time
in a long time.

I got a year to live,sam.
I'd like to make the most of it.

So what do you say we kill
some evil sons of bitches

And we raise
a little hell,huh?

You're unbelievable.

Very true.