Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 - full transcript

Dean hits an emotional rock bottom after a devastating personal loss. The Yellow Eyed Demon begins a calculated strategic move to unleash the armies of hell.

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Back in 1835, Samuel
Colt made a special gun.

They say this gun can kill anything.

The Colt is gone, and it
seems pretty damn likely

That the demon is behind all of this.


Crossroads are where pacts are made.

In selling your soul, rituals like this,

You got to put your own
photo into the mix, right?

I know all about you, Dean Winchester.

I'm looking for the best and brightest.

I'm Sam. I'm Jake.

This is a competition.

Only one of you crazy kids

Is gonna make it out of here alive.


You're tough, you're
smart, you're well-Trained.

Sam, you're my favorite.

Sam! Dean!

Sam, look out!





Brought you this back.

No, thanks. I'm fine.

You should eat something.

I said I'm fine.


I hate to bring this up. I really do.

But don't you think maybe it's time...

We bury Sam?


We could maybe...

What -- Torch
his corpse?

Not yet.

I want you to come with me.

I'm not going anywhere.

Dean, please.

Won't you cut me some slack?

I just don't think you
should be alone, that's all.

I got to admit -- I
could use your help.

Something big
is going down --


Well, then let it end!

You don't mean that.

You don't think so?


You don't think I've given enough?

You don't think I've paid enough?

I'm done with it.

All of it.

And if you know what's good for you,

Turn around and get
the hell out of here.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Please just go.

You know where I'll be.

Howdy, Jake.

I'm -- I'm
dreaming, aren't I?

I got a genius on my hands.

Well, congratulations, Jake.

You're it --
Last man standing.

The american idol.

I have to
admit --

You weren't the horse I was betting on,

But still, I got to give it to you.

Go... to hell.

Been there, done that.

Everything you
put me through --

Dragging me to that place,

Making me kill those people...

All part of the beauty pageant.

Jake, I needed the
strongest, and that's you.

Needed me for what?

Oh, I got a laundry list
of tasty things for you.

The only thing I'm gonna do

Is wake up, hunt you down,

And kill you myself.

You know, others have tried.

It's not easy.

Trust me, Jake. You want to
be a good little soldier here.

And if I'm not?

If you're a bad little soldier,

Well, that dear old mom of yours,

That adorable little sister...

I'll make certain that
they both live long enough

To know the chewy taste

Of their own intestines.

No, Jake.

I'm not bluffing.

What do you want me to do?

Like I said
-- Genius.

You know, when
we were little --

You couldn't have
been more than 5 --

You just started asking questions.

How come we didn't have a mom?

Why do we always have to move around?

Where'd dad go

When he'd take off for days at a time?

I remember I begged you
-- "Quit asking, Sammy.

Man, you don't want to know."

I just wanted you to be a kid...

Just for a little while longer.

I always tried to protect you

Keep you safe.

Dad didn't even have to tell me.

It was just always my
responsibility, you know?

It's like I had one job...

I had one job...

And I screwed it up.

I blew it.

And for that, I'm sorry.

I guess that's what I do.

I let down the people I love.

I let dad down.

And now I guess I'm just
supposed to let you down, too.

How can I?

How am I supposed to live with that?

What am I supposed to do?



What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do?!

Come on, already.

Show your face, you bitch!

Easy, sugar. You'll wake the neighbors.


It is so, so good to see you.

I mean it. Look at you.

Gone and got your family
killed, all alone in the world.

It's too sweet.

Excuse me. You're gonna
have to give me a moment.

Sometimes you got to
stop and smell the roses.

I should send you straight back to hell.

Oh, you should.

But you won't.

And I know why.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Following in daddy's footsteps,
you want to make a deal.

Little Sammy back
from the dead, and --

Let me guess, you're
offering up your own soul?

There are a hundred other demons
who'd love to get their hands on it.

And it's all yours.

All you got to do is bring Sam back.

Give me 10 years.

10 years, and then you come for me.

You must be joking.

That's the same deal.You
give everybody else.

You're not everybody else.

Why would I want to give you anything?

Just keep your gutter soul.
It's too tarnished, anyways.

Nine years.



You keep going, I'll keep saying no.

Okay, five years.

Five years, and my bill comes due.

That's my last offer --
Five years or no deal.

Then no deal.

Fine. Fine

Make sure you bury Sam before
he starts stinking up the joint.


It's a fire sale, and
everything must go.

What do I have to do?

First of all, quit groveling.

Needy guys are such a turnoff.


I shouldn't be doing this. I
could get in a lot of trouble.

But what can I say? I got
a blind spot for you, Dean.

You're like a...puppy. You're
just too fun to play with.

I'll do it.

You'll bring him back?

I will.

And because I'm such a saint,

I'll give you one
year and one year only.

But here's the thing.

If you try and welch or weasel
your way out, then the deal is off.

Sam drops dead. He's back
to rotten meat in no time.


Its a better deal
than your dad ever got.

What do you say?


Thank god



Uh, Dean...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man.

I'm just...

I'm just happy to see you
up and around, that's all.

Come on. Sit down. Okay.

Dean... what happened to me?

Well, what do you remember?

I-I saw you and Bobby, and...

I felt this pain,
this sharp pain like...

Like, white-Hot, you know, and...

Then you started running at me, and...

That's about it.

Yeah, that -- That kid
stabbed you in the back.

You lost a lot of blood. It
was touch and go for a while.

But, Dean, you -- You can't
patch up a wound that bad.

No, Bobby could.

Who was that kid,anyway?

His name's Jake. Did you get him?

No, he disappeared into the woods.

We got to find him, Dean.

And I swear I'm gonna tear
that son of a bitch apart.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, van damme.

You just woke up,all right?

Let's get you something to
eat. You want something to eat?

I'm starving. Come on.

And that's when you guys showed up.

That's awful.

Poor Andy.

The demon said he only wanted
one of us to walk out alive.

He told you that? Yep.

He appeared in a dream.

He tell you anything else?

No. No.

That was it. Nothing else.

You know, what I don't get, Dean,

Is if the demon only wanted one of us,

Then how did Jake and I both get away?

Well, I mean, they left you for dead.

I'm sure they thought it was over.

Now that yellow eyes has Jake,
what's he gonna do with him?

I don't know.

But whatever it is, we got to stop him.

Hold on, all right? You
need to get your rest.

We got time.

No, we don't.

Sam, oceans aren't boiling, okay?

Frogs aren't raining from the sky.

Let's get you your strength back first.

Did you call the Roadhouse?
Do they know anything?


Dean...what is it?

The Roadhouse burned to the ground.
Ash is dead, probably Ellen --

A lot of other hunters, too.


Yeah, we think so.

We think because ash found something.

What'd he find?

Bobby's working on that right now.

Well, come on, then. Bobby's
only a few hours away.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop.
Sam, stop, damn it.

You almost died in there.
I mean, what would I have --

You just take care of
yourself for a little bit, huh?

Just for a little bit.

I'm sorry. No.

Hey, Bobby. Hey, Bobby.

See you up and around.

Yeah, well...

Thanks for patching me up.

Don't mention it.

Well, Sam's better.

And we're back in it now, so...

What do you know?

Well, I found something,but...

I'm not sure what the hell it means.

What is it?

Demonic a frickin' tidal
wave. Cattle deaths,lightning storms.

They skyrocketed from out of nowhere.


All around here
except for one place --

Southern wyoming.



That one area's totally
clean -- Spotless.

It's almost as if...


...the demons are surrounding it.

But you don't know why?

No, and by this point,
my eyes are swimming.

Sam, would you take a look at it?

Maybe you can catch
something I couldn't.

Yeah, sure.

Come on, Dean.

I got some more books in the truck.

Help me lug them in.


You stupid ass! What did you do?

What did you do?!

You made a deal... for Sam, didn't you?

How long did they give you?


How long?!

One year.

Damn it, Dean.

Which is why we got to find
this yellow-Eyed son of a bitch.

That's why I'm gonna kill him myself.
I got nothing to lose now,right?

I could throttle you!

And send me downstairsahead of schedule?

What is it with you Winchesters, huh?

You, your dad,

You're both just itching to
throw yourselves down the pit.

That's my point.

Dad brought me back, Bobby. I'm
not even supposed to be here.

At least this way,something good
could come out of it, you know?

It's like my life can mean something.

What? And it didn't before?

Have you got that low
an opinion of yourself?

Are you that screwed in the head?!

I couldn't let him die, Bobby.

I couldn't.

He's my brother.

How is your brother gonna feel

When he knows you're going to hell?

How'd you feel when you
knew your dad went for you?

You can't tell him.

You take a shot at me,
whatever you got to do,

But please don't tell him.


Ellen. Oh, god.

Bobby, is this really necessary?

Just a belt of holy
water. Shouldn't hurt.

Whiskey now, if you don't mind.

Ellen, what happened? How'd you get out?

I wasn't supposed to.

I was supposed to be in
there with everybody else.

But we ran out of
pretzels, of all things.

It was just dumb luck.

Anyway, that's when ash
called, panic in his voice.

He told me to look in the safe.

Then the call cut out.

By the time I got back,
the flames were sky-High,

And everybody was dead.

I could n't have been
gone more than 15 minutes.

Sorry, Ellen.

A lot of good people died in there.

And I got to live.

Lucky me.

Ellen,you mentioned a safe.

A hidden safe we keep in the basement.

Demons get what was in it?



What does that mean?

I don't believe it.

What? You got something?

A lot more than that.

Each of these x's is an
abandoned frontier church --

All mid-19th century

And all of them built by Samuel Colt.

Samuel Colt --The demon-Killing,
gunmaking Samuel Colt?

Yep. And there's more.

He built private railway lines

Connecting church to church.

It just happens to lay out like this.

Tell me that's not what I think it is.

It's a devil's trap.

A 100-Square-Mile
devil's trap.

That's brilliant. Iron
lines demons can't cross.

I never heard of anything that massive.

No one has.

After all these years none of the
lines are broken? It still works?


How do you know?

All those omens Bobby found.

That means the demons, they must
be circling and they can't get in.

Yeah, well... they're trying.

Why? What's inside?

That's what I've been looking for,

And, uh, there's nothing except an old
cowboy cemetery right in the middle.

Well, what's so important
about a cemetery or...

What's Colt trying to protect?

Well, unless...

Unless what?

What if Colt wasn't trying
to keep the demons out?

What if he was trying
to keep something in?

That's a comforting
thought. Yeah, you think?

Could they do it, Bobby?
Could they get inside?

This thing's so powerful,

You'd practically need
an a-Bomb to destroy it.

No way a full-Blood demon gets across.


But I know who could.

Howdy, Jake.

So, did you have a nice trip?

I'm here.

I did what you asked. Now what?

50 miles thataway, there's
a cemetery, a crypt.

You got to open that for me.

Think you can manage that, sport?

You know what? Screw you
and your freaky orders.

Go do it yourself.

Oh, I can't. I can't
go that way -- Not yet.

Why not?

I just can't.

But if you're gonna open that crypt
for me, you're gonna need a key.

A gun?

Oh, this isn't just any gun, Jake.

This is the only gun
in the whole universe

That can shoot me dead.

Is that so? Yep.

Here, take it.

Oh, my.

I'm shocked at this
unforeseen turn of events.

Go ahead, Jake.Squeeze that
trigger. Be all you can be.

This will all be over. Your
life can go back to normal.

Of course, the army won't take
you back 'cause you're awol.

But I'm sure you could get your
old job at the factory back.

But then, on the other hand,

The rest of your life and your family's

Could be money and
honey, health and wealth,

Every day is ice-Cream sundae.

And all you got to do
is this one little thing.

Why me?

Oh, Jake. It's got to be you.

I've been waiting for
you for a very long time.

You're my leader.

You open that crypt, and
you will have your army.

You're talking about
the end of the world.

No, not the end
-- The beginning...

A better world where your
family will be protected.

More than that.

They'll be royalty.

Buddy boy,you have the chance

To get in on the ground floor
of a thrilling opportunity.

What do you say?

It's your call.


Howdy, Jake.


You were dead.I killed you. Yeah?

Well, next time, finish the job.

I did.

I cut clean through
your spinal cord, man.

You can't be alive.

You can't be.

Okay, just take it real easy there, son.

And if I don't?

Wait and see.

What, you a tough guy all of a sudden?

What are you gonna
do -- Kill me?

It's a thought.

You had your chance. You couldn't.

I won't make that mistake twice.

What are you smiling
at, you little bitch?

Hey, lady.

Do me a favor.

Put that gun to your head.

See, that ava girl was right.

Once you give in to it,

There's all sorts of new jedi
mind tricks you can learn.

Let her go.

Shoot him.

You'll be mopping up skull
before you get a shot off.

Everybody, put your guns down.

Except you, sweetheart.


Thank you.



Oh, no.

Bobby, what is it?

It's hell.

Take cover
-- Now!

What the hell just happened?!

That's a devil's gate,
a damn door to hell!

Come on! We got to shut that gate!

If the demon gave this to Jake...

Then maybe...

A boy shouldn't play with daddy's guns.


I'll get to you in a minute, champ.

I'm proud of you --
Knew you had it in you.

Sit a spell.

So, Dean...

I got to thank you.

You see, demons can't resurrect people

Unless a deal is made.

I know, red tape --
It'll make you nuts.

But thanks to you,
Sammy's back in rotation.

Now, I wasn't counting
on that, but I'm glad.

I liked him better than Jake, anyhow.

me --

Have you ever heard the expression

"If a deal sounds too good
to be true, it probably is"?

You call that deal good?

It's a better shake
than your dad ever got.

And you never wondered why?

I'm surprised at you.

I mean...

You saw what your brother
just did to Jake, right?

That was pretty cold,wasn't it?

How certain are you

That what you brought
back is 100% pure Sam?

You of all people should know

That what's dead should stay dead.


Thanks a bunch.

I knew I kept you alive for some reason.

Until now, anyway.

I couldn't have done it

Without your pathetic, self-Loathing,

Self-Destructive desire

To sacrifice yourself for your family.

Well, check that off the to-Do list.

You did it.

I didn't do it alone.

Do you think dad really...

Do you think he really
climbed out of hell?

The door was open.

If anyone's stubborn enough to do it...

It would be him.

Where do you think he is now?

I don't know.

I kind of can't believe
it, Dean.I mean...

Our whole lives,everything...

Has been prepping for this, and now I...

I kind of don't know what to say.

I do.

That was for our mom...

You son of a bitch.

You know, when Jake saw me...

It was like he saw a ghost.

I mean, hell, you heard him, Dean.

He said he killed me.

I'm glad he was wrong.

I don't think he was,Dean.

What happened... after I was stabbed?

I already told you. Not everything.

Sam, we just killed the demon.

Can we celebrate for a minute?

Did I die?

Oh, come on.

Did you sell your soul for
me, like dad did for you?

Come on! No

Tell me the truth.

Dean, tell me the truth.


How long do you get?

One year.

I got one year.

You shouldn't have done that.

How could you do that?

Don't get mad at me.

Don't you do that.

I had to.

I had to look out for you.

That's my job.

And what do you think my job is?


You saved my life over and over.

I mean, you sacrifice everything for me.

Don't you think I'd do the same for you?

You're my big brother.

There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

And I don't care what it takes.
I'm gonna get you out of this.

Guess I got to save
your ass for a change.



Yellow-Eyed demon might be dead,

But a lot more got through that gate.

How many, you think?

100, maybe 200.

It's an army.

He's unleashed an army.

Hope to hell you boys are ready.

'Cause the war has just begun.

Well, then...

We got work to do.