Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 6 - Golden Time - full transcript

Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend; Castiel investigates the disappearance of a local teen.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Why didn't you just
stick to the damn plan?

The plan changed, Dean.
Something went wrong.

Yeah, why does that something
always seem to be you?

I don't think there's
anything left to say.

Where are you going?

I think it's time for me to move on.

Magic can do anything.

I'll absorb the ghosts and
demons and return them to Hell.

To perform this spell, I have to die,

but it has to be you that kills me.

There has to be another way.

Goodbye, boys.

Mrs. MacLeod?

It's Jessie, from 3C?

Haven't seen you in a
while. Everything okay?



Game on.

Come on!

Where is the good stuff?

♪ Supernatural 15x06 ♪
Golden Time
Original Air Date on November 21, 2019

- Hey.
- Hey.

You know they still put, um,

jokes on the backs of these things.

Listen to this one... What's
round and bad-tempered?

"A vicious circle".

'Cause it's...

Yeah, I... I...

Wait a second, did
you eat the whole box?

Yeah. Yeah. Because I'm a champion.

Wait a second.

So I've been looking for signs
of... of God or... or Lilith,

and you've been in your
room, eating cereal.

And marathoning "Scooby-Doo".

Well, did you find anything?

No, not yet.


Hey, did you notice anything
weird just now when you came in?

No. Why, did you have
another one of your visions?

No. I haven't had a
vision since Colorado.

I think maybe they stopped.

Oh, I doubt it.

Not until Chuck gets
his end game, you know?

The Winchester Bowl.

Can and Abel 2.0.

This is God we're talking about.


Wouldn't be too worried
about finding him.

He'll find us.


Hey, Clarence.


Come on in, early bird.


What can I do for ya?

Bait working out good?

Oh, yeah. The...

Bait's good.

I think it's the fish.

They've begun to anticipate me.

Yeah, fish can be smart.

I'd switch up spots.

Maps are over there.

I had a friend who
always praised fishing

for its meditative qualities.

Wish I found it more relaxing.


is everything all right?

Oh, uh...

I'm, uh, volunteer fire department.

We pulled a body out of
the lake this morning.

Missing kid. Shane Coogan.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

You know, not my first dead body, but...

Ah, the way he looked,
I guessed he drowned.

Except he was juiced.


Mm. Like drained, like, of his blood.

Weird, huh?

Is that everything for you?



Hi, Sam.

So, you were in Hell?

You didn't make a deal.
You were innocent.

You've been down there this whole time?

The Hellhound that killed
me kind of dragged me there.


Yeah, um, she escaped when, uh,

Chuck blew all the
doors open, and then...

I hauled ass.

Far as I could.

So by the time we got the barrier up,

you were already gone.

Been trying to get you guys
to see me for a while now.

This whole ghost thing doesn't
really come with a handbook.

Look, I don't know how all this works,

but I know how it ends.

We go crazy.

We hurt people.

I can't stay here,

and I won't go back down there.

So I thought...

You guys know angels.

Maybe if you put in a good
word, you know, up there...

Eileen, even if we
did, it wouldn't matter.

Souls from Hell can't go to Heaven.

A friend of ours just found that out.

I'm sorry.


Me too.

Nice, man. Real sensitive.

You want me to sugarcoat it?

No, I don't want... of course not.

But, Dean...

There may be an Option B.

Do we have any of those soul catchers,

you know, like the
ones we used in Harlan?

You want to trap Eileen in a
prison full of psycho ghosts?

No, no, no. Not with them.

We'd... We'd make her her own, you know?

Look, it's better than where she was,

and it's better than where she's going.

Dean, that spell...
it's not exactly easy.

Okay, but, you know, you're
like, uh, Rowena's protégé.

You're a regular Ginger Jr.

Even if I could, I would need a crystal.

I mean, those were Rowena's thing.

Okay. Look, man, this blows. I get it.

I don't make the rules.

A soul from Hell can't go to Heaven.

All right, look, if it's
what Eileen wants, then...

Maybe we can go to Rowena's place

and look for a crystal, or something.

I've been meaning to go
there anyways after, uh...

You know.

Great. Do that.

Wait, wait.

You're not coming with?

It's a milk run.


You know what, Dean,
ever since God got back,

you've been acting like
there's nothing we can do,

like nothing matters,
but we can do this.

Man, this matters.

And that's why you're
gonna kick it in the ass.

When will the Sheriff be back?

Five minutes? An hour?

It's Tuesday, Agent.

He gets his hair cut on Tuesday.

He gets his hair...

I see.

You're FBI?

I thought you were
renting the Doweling cabin.

Uh, small town...


I'm, uh...

I'm on vacation.

But you're looking into that missing boy,

the one that they found in the lake?

Do you know him?

Uh, no, but I...

I think my son's missing, too.


I... I let him camp out last night,

and he was supposed to be
back first thing this morning.

Honey, it's only a few hours.

He'll turn up.

She thinks I'm overreacting

because this town, it's like a postcard,

but now, with that other boy, I just...


I need to find my son.

- Right.
- Please, um, Agent, um...

Um... Worley.

Can you help me?

Of course.


I'm sorry.

I wish there was more we could do.

I hate this for you.

Whatever that crystal, I'll take it.

At least I won't be...

you know.


I've been there, too... uh, Hell.

A long time ago.

You try and forget,
but it gets inside you.

Talking helps.

I can't.

Not yet.

I understand.

Not bad.

I'm impressed.

After we met, I
started practicing again.

I guess some of it stuck.

Who's she?

I don't know.

Well, look at you.

Wait a second.

She was goth?

No, close.

I recognize that.

It's from the "Ordo maleficarum".

- A witch.
- Yeah.

Looks like she tore this place apart.

I mean, maybe she got into
something she shouldn't have.


Okay, let's just find
what we're looking for

and get out of here.

Melly Krokowski.

From the day that woman
graced us with her presence,

it's always something...

too much fluoride in the water,

not enough vegan options
at the 4th of July parade,

that we even have the
4th of July parade.

Sheriff, her son is missing.

And maybe if this were
New York, I'd be worried.

Here? A teenager stays out too long,

he's probably with his
buddies sobering up.

So people rarely go missing here?

I mean, not locals.

But it is a tourist town.

Some years, we lose a hiker.

Somebody drowns.

- Like Shane Coogan?
- No.

Shane came out for last
year's Bluegrass festival.

Parents raised a big stink,

but locals saw him
holed up in the woods.


Wound up in the lake. O.D.'d.

I'd like to take a look at the body.

Already on its way to Cheyenne.

We don't have an M.E.

Well, any case work you
do have will be fine.

Which office you say you
were from again, Agent Worley?

Special Agent.


You got a supervisor I could talk to,

make it official?

This is Assistant Director Kaiser.


This is Sheriff Alden Roy.

Just checking on Agent Worley.

Would you put my agent
on the phone, please?

He wants to talk to you.



Sam's been trying to call you.

I know.

- Did you check his messages?
- Nope.

Right. Smart. Why would you?

Look, I don't know if you
care or not, but, uh...

God... Chuck... is back on
the board, so watch yourself.

And check your damn messages.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

I'll get you those files.

Thank you.

This is just junk.

Tarot cards,

self-help books.

Where's her real stash?



In here.




She kept journals.



Her spell work.

All of it.

Right up until the end.

You miss her.

I killed her.

Her idea.

She, uh, sacrificed herself to save us.

To... To save the world.

You ever feel like you're the
punch line to some cosmic joke?

Are you kidding?

Rowena got it.

I mean, she didn't know all the details,

but she knew the game was rigged.

So this...


This is how she kept control.

No way.


What's going on?

Okay. When my mom was killed, uh,

Rowena tried to bring her
back, but she couldn't.

She needed a body, which we didn't have.

Turns out, Rowena was working
on a way to bring her back,

a way around that, a-a way
to make the spirit flesh.

She didn't use it?

We ended up finding out my mom
was in Heaven already and happy,


She never finished it.


I think I can finish it.




we can bring you back.

All right.

That's everything.



What's happening?

My brother.

Umbra, abi.

Hello, Sam.

Who are you?

Rowena MacLeod is dead.

We came for what she left behind,

and just when we thought
we wouldn't get it...

You come along.

Hmm. Lucky us.


The apartment's hexed.

It's potent magic.

Anyone who steps insides dies.

Except, apparently, you.

Mm-hmm. Surprised?

Yeah. Me too.

I only know Rowena by reputation.

Respect, but...

To imagine her leaving all
her Earthly treasures to you...

So the body we found...

That was one of yours.

Mm. Jacinda, my oldest.

She's young. She'll learn.

Now you're gonna bring her back.

Well, of course I am, yeah.

This is good magic.

Listen, you need me.


You want Rowena's stuff?

I can get it for you.

But I need that spell.

Oh. Hm.

I'm sorry, no.

I'd never give up my girl.

Okay, then we'll both use it.

We can't. A spell like
this, you can only use once.

Show Death a loophole,
and she closes it.

And, well, I think
you'll help us anyway.


Borrowed some of your hair.


Now, a choice...

you can do as you're told

and die quick.

Or you can play tough and...


... and die slowly.

It's up to you.


Okay, so I followed you.

Melly, you shouldn't be here.

Please, Agent Worley,
you have to let me help.

I told Caleb to get off "Fortnite",

to get some fresh air.

This isn't your fault.

What are those X's?

They're where they found...

A number of people have
gone missing in this area.

And you think Caleb...

No, he wouldn't come out
here. He knows it's not safe.

- With the mine?
- Mine?

Yeah, the old silver mine.

The EPA shut it down in
the '70s... toxic runoff.

Can you show me where it is?


But I can take you.


Stay close.

It's Emily, right?

Is this your thing, robbing dead people?

No talking.


Make it quick, just the good stuff.

Hey, I can look for
something to cover her up.

Do you think she's pretty?

Everyone thinks she's pretty.

I mean, uh, she's dead.

For now.

Were you close?

She made my life hell.


What did she do?

Listen, I get it. All right?

I mean, I... I have an older brother.

When I was 10, he... he put
superglue in my toothpaste.



Once, she made me invisible...

for a week.

Okay, well, that's not so...

And she tried to sell my soul to a demon

and she turned my first
crush into a water balloon...

and popped him.


And then she got mean.

Start packing.

Are we close?

I think so.

Thanks for doing this on your vacation.

Well, it's not really a...

I needed to step away.

Burnout's a bitch, right?

Yeah. My colleagues and I, we, uh...

I guess you could say we had
a falling out with management.

Trust me, I get it. I
used to work in finance.

Back in '08, all the bosses
promised big changes,

but nothing really
changes, so I cashed out,

took the kid, moved here.

Thing is, taking
yourself out of the game

doesn't really change the game.

But I had to, for Caleb,

who says moving here ruined his life.

Half the time, we're
at each other's throats.

Well, I'm sorry.

No, we'll get through it.

Melly, you have to prepare
yourself for something.


There are things in this
world that aren't human.

Shane Coogan was killed
by one, a djinn, I think.

I'm sorry, a what?

Monsters are real,

and, given the number of
missing people in the area,

I think this mine may be a lair,

and, if it is, I don't want
you to see what's inside.

- But I don't want...
- Mom?




Steve was a good bunny.

But Jessie needed his bones, so.

Yeah. Sorry, that's, uh...


I yelled at her, and she
turned my tongue into a snake.

I still have the scars where it bit me.

You know what? Listen.

She doesn't have to come back.

All right? You heard your mom.

That spell only works once.

If you give it to me...

- She'd kill me.
- Not if you ran.

Rowena was a very powerful witch,

maybe the most powerful of all time.

I'll give you her books, her journals...

whatever you want.

Y-You could go somewhere else,

start over again.


I know...

I know I wasn't supposed
to be out here, but I...

It's okay, honey. Just
tell us what happened.

You're not gonna believe me.

Yes, we will.

I saw some guy dragging
a dead body to the lake.

I couldn't see his face,
so I grabbed my phone,

I tried to bust his ass, but...

It was a monster.

I-I ran, but I fell,

I broke my phone and messed up my ankle.

I was hiding.

I was so scared.

The monster... did you
get a good look at it?

Yeah, he did.


Been looking for you.

I try not to kill more than I have to,

but now you and the kid are
just such a big pain in my ass.

You won't hurt them.

That right?

Whoa. Whoa.

It's always you...

you selfish little men
in positions of authority.

You take what you want,
you take who you want.

And you believe that your
power will protect you.

Well, it won't protect you from me.

Let's go.

Don't make me hurt you.

Witch-killing bullets.

Dean, wait, she's...

Let her go, or he dies.

Well, it looks like we got ourselves

a little bit of a stand-off.

Two on two.

More like two on three.

Ad elicienda alvos.

Torto ventre.

Ad elicienda alvos.

Torto ventre.

The doll! Kill him!

Ad elicienda alvos.

Torto ventre.

Ad elicienda alvos.

- Torto ventre.
- Not today, bitch.

About time.

Ad elicienda alvos.

Ad elicienda alvos. Torto ventre.

Ad elicienda alvos.

Torto ventre.

Ad elicienda alvos. Torto ventre.

Congelentur venae.

Cor marcascatur et in
thorace concidatur.

I'll grind your heart to dust.

Congelentur venae.

Cor marcascatur et in
thorace concidatur.


You... How?

I learned from the best.

Start packing.

O Ichor, igne putrefaciatur,

ex sanguine flagrante, te invoco.


Her... Her body!

Come on.

So you...

Dropped him in the lake.

I think I can help.

May I?

Holy crap!

What... What?

That's a... miracle.

Were you sent by God?

Melly, I can't explain it to you.


Well, even if I could,

I think you're better off not knowing.

What does that mean?

It means I'm happy I met you,

and I'm glad we found your son.

But now you're leaving.


If I stay, nothing changes.

It's time for me to
get back in the game.

Okay, so... I just, um...

get in?

Yeah. I guess.

Then I say the words.

Mortuum oritur.

Rutum revertitur.

Ex spiritu incarnatum est.

Oriatur et educatur.

Oriatur et educatur.



Thank you.

How's Eileen?

She, uh...

She's asleep.

She had a big day.

Well, so did you.

Hex bags.

New body.

So, what, are you
some kind of witch now?

Nah, I got lucky.


I just wish we knew
about that spell for Mom.

You did good today, man.

I did jack.

You killed a witch, saved my ass.

Yeah, I guess so.

You know what,

I've been thinking
about something you said,

about how we don't make
the rules, and you're right.

We don't. We never have.

But that doesn't mean
we can just give up.

Oh, come on, man.

We have moves to make here, Dean.

We do.

I mean, you think Chuck
wanted me to shoot him?

Of course not.

You sure about that?

Maybe that was part
of the plan, you know?

That's the thing, man.

I don't know what's God and what isn't,

and it's driving me crazy.

All I'm saying is
we'll find a way to beat him.

We will.

I don't know how yet, but we will

'cause we're the guys
who break the rules.

But I can't do it without you.

I can't.

Just like I couldn't
do it today without you.

I need my brother.