Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 5 - Proverbs 17:3 - full transcript

Sam and Dean's routine case turns out to be anything but.

This is the demon blood.

You have to fight it!

God's gone. It's just us.

And about three billion ghosts.


The warding is fading.

"Death Is an Infinite Vessel."

I can soak them up for a time
if I pay the price.

Why didn't you just
stick to the damn plan?

Belphegor was lying.

All the ghosts
and all the demons...

I'm gonna suck them all
right back into me.

Something went wrong.

Something always goes wrong.

Yeah, why does that something
always seem to be you?

I think it's time
for me to move on.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Spiced rum with cinnamon.

I infused it myself.

Bet she learned that
from a podcast.

Yes, I did. And you're welcome.

To our annual camping trip.

To 11 years
of not dying from exposure.

Last camping trip.

Oh, God.
Ashley, way to be a downer.

We just graduated from college.

Can't we just celebrate that?

Yeah, but you two got jobs.

You're both leaving.

I have a philosophy degree,
and I drive Uber.

Well, you did that to yourself.

She means...
you picked a harder road.

You'll find something.

Drink the rum.

It'll help.


What was that?

Look at your face.

It's probably just
a deer or something.

A deer's not gonna kill you.

That sounded a lot bigger
than a deer.

Maybe it's a really big deer.


Look, you're nuts.
There's nothing out there.

Oh, my God.

Look, I'll prove it to you,

I'm getting more rum.

Okay. Don't really think
we need more rum.


Julie? Are you okay?




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Supply run is done.

Hey, you know they make
Ghost Pepper Jerky?

Uh, you're not gonna like it.

What are you talking about?
I like all jerkies.

ghost peppers are really hot.

Ah, please.



How is it?

It's good.

It's really good. I like it.

Good... Good flavor.


Uh, you should have
another piece.

That's fine.

Ooh. Thank you.

Water. You mind if I, uh...




You want... Okay? Yeah. Sure.

You want... Okay?
Yeah. Sure.


Mountain lion.


I didn't really, uh, catch that.

Will you say it again, please?

The mountain lion,
the case in Colorado

with the moun...
With the mountain lion.

Wait. Say it one more time.
The case in Colorado

with the mountain lion
and the three dead.

Where are we with that one?

Uh... we are at five.


We're up to five.

Then what are we doing here?

Oh, sweet mother.

Do you... I'm gonna
go get ready for...

Please forgive me.


The Colt.

Did you really think
that would work?

Poor, faithful Dean.

We both knew
it had to end this way.

You okay?

Yeah. Just a...

Just a... bad dream.

Gee. Another one?

Well, why don't you
tell me about it?

No. Come on.

I'll, uh... I'll Freud you.

Keep me awake
till we hit Colorado.

I'm fine.


We're here.

We going Fed?


Fish and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife? Yeah.

Check these bad boys out.

Hamill and Ford?


That is a deep cut.

Look at you.
You look like a baby.

Me? Look at you.


I look exactly the same.

Like, nothing has changed.

Nothing's changed.

Yeah. Right.


You the sheriff?

That's what the mug says.

Uh, Fish and Wildlife,
Agent Ford and Hamill.

This you?



Uh, we're here about the five,
um... the mountain-lion attacks.

If that's what
you want to call them.

You want to call them?

I don't know. Maybe.

We don't get many big cats
around here.

We've had a few bears,

but they don't do sustained
attacks like this.

I mean, unless
the bear's psychotic.

So, your two theories are
mountain lion or psychotic bear.

Look, you ask me, these aren't
animal attacks at all.

The scenes... they're too clean.

There's no parts torn off.

I mean, we're still
working on this.

We had to tell the papers

Person did this?

If he did, he's a monster.

Yeah. Of course.

Yeah. Of course.

Either way, we need to be sure.

Uh, do you have any case files,

any photographs of the bodies
we can look at?

Sure. I can get you those.

And what about witnesses?

There's one... Ashley Monroe.

She's not saying much.

I think she's in shock.

I mean, having your friend's
heart ripped out will do that.

She's asked us to keep her name
out of the articles,

you know, because of the trauma.

And where is she now?

It all happened so fast.

We understand, but...

Ashley, do you remember
anything at all?

I can't.

Uh, sir?

Do you mind if I ask you
a few questions in the hall?


Whatever you saw...

we'll believe you.

Ashley, listen to me.

Whatever you're about to say,

I want you to know
that we've heard worse.

We've heard of weirder.

It... It was a man...
who killed my friends.


But it... it wasn't a man.

He... He...
He had claws and fangs.

A werewolf.

Claws. Fangs. It was a werewolf.

No, no. There's no such thing.

I... I must have been

You weren't.

Werewolves, monsters...
They're all real.

And me and my brother...
We hunt them, and we kill them.

That's what we do.

Oh, God.


Whatever you're worried about,

hey, whatever comes at you,
we will handle it.

I promise you that.

Now, this thing...
Did you get a good look at it?

You saw what we did
to your friends, right?


Tell anyone about this,
you'll get worse.

If I tell you...
you have to protect me.

I promise you I will.

Sir, she was responsive?

Not at all, but you know what?

She'll be fine.
Just a minor concussion.

Great. Thank you for your time.

So? Andy May.


That's the guy
that attacked Ashley.

And he's a werewolf.

Wait a second.

The night Ashley was attacked,
there wasn't a full moon.

Maybe a pure blood.

Alright. I'll find an address.

Alright, so, Andy lives here
with his brother, Josh.

He a wolf, too?

One way to find out.

Hi there.


Agents Ford and Hamill,
Fish and Wildlife.

That's you?

Are you Andy?



Hi there. You mind if we have
a moment of your time?

Can we say no?

He's... He's joking.

We just don't have
a lot of visitors.

Because we don't want visitors.

Right. Well, we'll be quick.

Right. Well, we'll be quick.

Tell me...
Have you see this woman?

I... Never seen her.

What does, uh, that have to do
with Fish and Wildlife?

She was attacked
three nights ago near here.

Her friends were killed.

She managed to get away.


Paper said
that was a mountain lion.

Right, yeah, that's one
of a few working theories.


Uh, well, sometimes we go out
in the woods at night.

Maybe we could help.
What exactly did you need?

You go out in the woods
at night a lot?

We set rabbit traps at night.

Haven't seen anything bigger
than a raccoon for years.

Alright, then.
We'll get out of your hair.

Just do me a favor.
Do you mind, um,

writing down your phone numbers

so we can reach you
for a follow-up?

We don't have a phone.

If you need us, we'll be here.

Well, I say we just shoot them
right now, you know?


No, no, no. No, no.
We'll... We'll be right there.

"We go out in the woods
at night"?

"Maybe we can help"?

I-I-I didn't know what to say.

I would... I wouldn't
have to say anything

if you didn't kill those girls.
But I did.

And you said
you got the other one.

You said you ate her heart,
but... but no.

You let her live?

I made her promise not to tell.

Oh, God, that worked out great.

I didn't want to hunt people
in the first place.

Dad would never have...
Dad is dead!

Look, hey...

if you don't want to
hunt people, we'll stop.

You're lying.

I don't lie to you.

I look out for you.

So we'll stop.

But first, that Ashley girl,
she's got to go.


I'm sorry. I... I didn't have
anyone else to call.

I just couldn't be alone.

No, it's, uh... it's alright.

Listen, why don't you take
our room, and, uh...

We'll just grab
one of the rooms next door.

There you go. Thank you.

And then we'll circle back

and take down
the lumberjack twins, right?

Sam? Right?

Yeah. Right.

I just... This case... I mean,
it... it just feels weird.

We... We roll into town.
There's an eyewitness.

We find them immediately.

Doesn't it seem
a little too easy?

Easy's good. I like easy.

Okay, um...
you gonna be alright?

Yeah. Thanks.

Actually... um...

could you stay with me?

Just until I fall asleep?

Sure. Yeah.

You sure?

She's here.

I can smell her.

But so are those guys
who came out to the cabin.

That's their car.

Don't worry.

We're good at quick and quiet.

Just had to splash some water
on my face, try to wake up.



I'm tired.

Those, um... those pills the
hospital gave me really work.


Oh, yeah.
Yeah, this is the good stuff.

Do you like your job?

What do you mean?

I mean... monsters.


Do I like it?


I do.

I mean, there's bad,
don't get wrong.

There's a lot of bad.

Still, it feels good
to help people.

You know?

Did you ever want to be
anything else?

Jimi Hendrix.

No, not really.

I'm where I'm supposed to be.

That's nice.


I just graduated college.

Uh, we all did.

My friends.

We were celebrating, actually.

We've gone camping together

every year
since we were little girls.

Now I don't even have them.

I just moved back here,

and I have no idea
what I'm gonna do with my life.

You got plenty of time.

It's all just so random
and awful.

Wouldn't it be great

if everything was just
planned out for you...

if it was all
just already decided?

No, not really.


Hey, Dean.

Where is she?

D... I don't know.
She was with you.


Dean, I just went out for food.

I got back, the door was open,

she was gone,
and... and you were sleeping.

Dude, what the hell?

You... Come on!

Okay, can we just talk
about this for two seconds?

We have a plan.
I know. It's just...

I don't like
who we are now, Josh.

This isn't who we are.

This is exactly who we are.

And I want to eat her heart.

Yeah, no, look,
I get why we're here,

but there is no way
those dumbasses took Ashley

without me waking up.

No way.

Okay. You're okay.
You're alright.


Thank you.

Where are they? Where are they?

I-I don't know. They ran.

Okay, okay, okay, let's go.
Come on.

Go. Go on.


I bet you even had
silver bullets in that gun.

Well, you'd win that bet.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no. Hey. Hey.

You don't have to do this.

You don't want to do this.


He was my brother,

and he promised,

but he was never gonna stop.

And he turned into a monster.

And I'm a monster, too.

You... You good?


Yeah, that was...
That was weird.

Hey, hey, you okay?

Don't touch me.



Well, this is a bitch.


And I was doing so well, too.

What are you?

Aw, Sam.

You don't remember
little ol' me?



No. You're dead.

Dead. Yeah.

In the Empty,
sleeping the big sleep,

until the boss brought me back.

The boss?



I was supposed to get rescued,

and in a moment of sweet relief,
seduce Dean, blah, blah, blah.

that's not happening... now?


Oh, well.

So, Chuck sent you to kill us?

No. I wish.

That's not how this story goes.


Come on.

You know how he is.

All this?

Personally, I thought
the whole thing

was kind of... easy... stupid?

But I batted my eyes,
and I put Dean to sleep.

Made sure you guys saw those
two mutts go all murder-suicide.

So, yeah.

if you're not here to kill us,

then what do you want?

The magic gun.

The one he gave you.

The Equalizer.

I'm not calling it that.

Just give me the gun,
and we'll be done.

If God wants
his little toy back,

he can come get it himself.

Oh. Okay.

We're gonna do this
the hard way.

I love the hard way.

Demon blade.

Angel blade.

You upgraded.

Lady, you have no idea.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!
No, don't touch him.

Fine, you want the gun?
I'll show you where it is.

Oh, you would promise a girl
the moon,

wouldn't you, Dean Winchester?

I should've spent more time
the last go-around.

But what if you're lying?

Then you can kill me.

Except, like I said, I can't.

Still, a girl has needs.

So if this is just
some desperate attempt

to save poor Sam,

by the time
I'm through with you,

you'll be begging to die.

So are you sure?

Yeah, I am.


Dean, hey, s-stop, stop, okay?

This isn't you. Okay?

No, no, no, no, no.


Just why?

Well, because,
of the three potential vessels,

Ashley had the best hair.

No, why are you doing this?

You even said it yourself
this is stupid.

It is.

Do you think to be here?

I died to free Lucifer
from the Cage.

I had to die
for what I wanted most.

And then you two went
and screwed it all up.

Yeah, but that was...
That was God, too, right?

I mean, just another one
of his stories?

Yeah, well, I can't hurt him.

But I can hurt you.

I don't get it. Why the games?


You didn't like the part
when you bonded with the victim?

"Wouldn't it be great
if everything was just...

planned out for you?"


Let me guess.
One of Chuck's lines?

Word for word.

God... He is not exactly

He's more of
a low-rent Dean Koontz.

I had to listen to his whole
"writing philosophy,"

and his very weird, you.

And it always ends the same...
One brother killing the other.

I mean, this world?

He could've ended it in so many
ways, and he likes that one.

You know, I guess that's why

you had to see the werewolf bros
die the way they did

'cause... foreshadowing.

So, here we are.

Now, be a good boy
and show me that big gun, huh?

You know what?

It's on me.

I forgot.
We didn't actually bring it.


Have you ever heard of Lingchi?

It's Chinese.

It means "lingering death"...
Death by a thousand cuts.

Where is the gun?

Go to hell.



I can make this last
for a really long time, Dean.

I can make this last
for a really long time, Dean.

I can make it last
almost forever.

Tell me.



Devil's Trap bullet.
We upgraded.

Dean, you good?

Nothing that a box
of Band-Aids can't fix.

Where's Chuck?

Why would I
ever tell you anything?

Because I've killed you

and I can do it again.

See, you keep saying that,

but you killed me
because I let you.

Now I'm feeling less generous.

Let's move.


That shot ain't gonna
hold her forever, man.

We got to get.

Dean, I can't move.

Oh, crap.

Sucks, doesn't it?

You're never getting that gun.

Sure, I am.

See, you boys left
that room so fast

you had no time
to grab anything.

So the gun was never there.

Would you really take
something like that home?

I mean,
what if you needed it, hmm?

So it's not in the room...

and it's not in the bunker.

No, no, no, no. =Come on.

No, no, no, please.

Ohh, well, this was fun.

You know what?

Go ahead and take it.

We'll get it back.

Will you?

Thank you, boys.

See ya soon.

That Cass?

Yeah, straight
to voicemail... again.

Yeah, well, we gave him the
heads up on Chuck and Lilith.

So, what else
are we supposed to do?

He was supposed to be gone.

God was supposed to be gone.


So, what, we're just...
We're stuck in his...

In his maze still?

And now Lilith is back?

I mean, what's he gonna do,

just throw
our greatest hits at us?

I mean...

why doesn't he
just kill us already?

Because that's not
what he wants.

Lilith said that Chuck
only likes one kind of ending...

You kill me, or I kill you.



Well, not happening.


My... dreams, visions,
or whatever...

They all end the same way,
with us killing each other.

You're just telling me this now?

I-I-I thought, uh,
they must've been some form

I-I-I thought, uh,
they must've been some form

of, like, messed-up PTSD, but...

but what if they're not?

What if I'm somehow
seeing Chuck's endings?

You know, different ones.

How would that be possible?

'Cause of this.

When I shot Chuck,
the bullet wasn't a bullet.

It w... it was a-a...
A piece of me, right?

So, what if it created
a-a link of some sort, you know?

I-I mean, what if...
What if, I don't know...

What if somehow I'm in his head?

This was supposed to be over.

We were done.

We were free.

And now...

What are we supposed to do, man?

Do we just keep running
in this... this...

freaking hamster wheel
until we die?

Or until we get boring
and he ends us?

Or we fight.

Fight God?

Without the gun?

It's God, Sam.

And he's coming for us.

How the hell are we
supposed to fight God?