Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 15 - A Most Holy Man - full transcript

Sam and Dean are close to collecting everything they need to open a rift into the Apocalyptic World and possibly rescuing Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) and Jack. The one missing ...

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-Dean: Mom!
-Mary: Aah!
Mom! No!
Sam: Mom is trapped
in another reality.
Dean: Here's the plan --
we grab Satan
and we use his grace to open up
a door between two universes.
And we get Mom, we get Jack,
and we get out.
Well, at least we know
the spell we need is in there.
Castiel: We need
four major ingredients --
the grace of an archangel,
a fruit from the Tree of Life,
the Seal of Solomon,
and the blood
of a most holy man.
We find those things, we can
bring everybody home.
[ Bell tolling ]
[ Choir singing
in foreign language ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Door creaking ]
[ wind whistling ]
[ Door creaks ]
[ Glass shatters ]
[ Grunts, groans ]
[ Speaking Italian ]
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs deeply ]
You find anything
on the Seal of Solomon?
Well, I've been digging
through the lore,
but so far, nothing.
Great. So we got Cass in Syria
dodging bullets,
trying to find fruit
from the Tree of Life.
We don't know where Lucifer is,
so we can't get grace
from an archangel.
And what's the, uh, the last
ingredient of this spell
we're never gonna find?
Blood of a most holy man.
A most holy man.
What -- -- what --
what does that mean?
No idea. I've been thinking
maybe, uh, blood of a saint?
A saint?
Yeah, should be easy to get.
Well, actually, uh,
turns out there's a huge market
for religious relics.
Hair of a martyr, um,
nails from the True Cross.
Okay, okay. One, ew.
Two, where is this market?
Ah. The Internet.
Not just for porn anymore.
[ Burps ]
Anyway, uh,
a lot of this
is fake, obviously,
but I-I did find one dealer
who seems to be legit --
Margaret Astor.
Worth a shot?
[ Mouth full ]
Yeah. Good. Why not?
I don't think I can take
another one
of these cold pieces
of Papa Giovanni's.
Miss Astor?
Ms. will do.
Of course. Great.
Uh, may we sit?
Margaret: Please.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
So gentlemen,
what can I do for you?
Okay, we, um, we're
interested in obtaining
a very rare religious artifact,
and -- and we were told
that maybe you'd be the person
to help us out.
Who told you that?
The Internet.
So...this is not
a personal recommendation?
No. Um, is --
is that a problem?
Personal relationships are
very important to me.
Well, um...
I would personally appreciate
any help you could give us.
What sort of help do you need?
We need, um... [ Chuckles ]
the blood of a saint.
What ever for?
Does it matter?
I was asking...
So, Sam, what can you tell me?
not very much.
Just that it's very,
very important to us.
To me.
Well, of course it is.
Blood of a saint --
very rare, very expensive.
It just so happens
I might know one person
who would have such an item.
Do I dare give you the name?
I would be very much
in your debt.
Well, that's lovely.
But know, Sam...
I like to collect
on what's owed to me.
His name is Richard Greenstreet.
He lives in Seattle.
I'll provide an introduction,
but that's as far as I'll go.
Perfect. Thank you.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
Greenstreet has all
the trappings of a gentleman,
I would advise caution.
Mmm. Mmm.
Your names again?
This is Sam. I'm Dean Vaughn.
We are from Rhode Island.
Rhode Island. My, you are
a long way from home.
Do you happen to know
the Manchin twins
out of Newport?
The Manchin twins?
Uh, well, we don't
know them personally,
but obviously, we know of them.
Mm. Interesting.
Because to the best
of my knowledge,
there are no Manchin twins
from Newport.
So who are you really?
This is Sam.
I'm Dean Winchester.
We were told that you might have
something that we need.
What might that be?
Blood of a saint.
The blood of a saint.
I do believe I possess
such an item.
Cost me a small fortune
to obtain.
Right. We need some
for a worthy cause.
I gave up on worthy causes
years ago.
And as I said, the blood
cost me a fortune.
Judging by
your Montgomery Ward suits
and your cheap ties,
I'm guessing you don't have
a small fortune,
or, for that matter,
two nickels to rub together.
So I'm quite afraid this has
been a waste of your time,
and more importantly, mine.
Good day, gentlemen.
Mm, wait.
I suppose we can be of
service to one another.
Since you had the nerve to come
in here under false pretenses,
I assume you won't be above
a little bit of chicanery. Hmm?
We're listening.
Hmm. Sit.
A short while ago,
a valuable item that I covet
was removed from
its ancestral home in Malta.
I believe the thief was working
for a man named
Santino Scarpatti.
Scarpatti, the mob boss?
Mm. You've heard of him.
I've heard enough to know
he kills people.
Oh, yes. I suppose he does.
In any case,
here is my proposal --
you procure said item
for me,
and I will trade it
for the blood.
And what kind of item is it
that we're talking about?
The skull of St. Peter.
we steal the skull from
the head of the Seattle mob.
In exchange,
you'll give us the blood of...
St. Ignatius. Hmm.
That's correct.
Yeah. We can do that.
No problem.
What else can you tell us?
Rumor has it,
the skull is supposed
to be turned over
tomorrow night.
Unfortunately, I don't know
the name of the thief
or where the meet is
supposed to take place.
That's not a lot to go on.
I have faith.
So this is what we've
come to? Thieves?
Hey, you want the blood,
right? Well...
Besides, the thing's
already stolen.
[ Scoffs ] Really?
That's your rationale?
Well, hey, I'm not perfect.
And by the way,
neither are you, okay?
Oh, so, what? Now you're above
a little, uh, chicanery?
[ Exhales sharply ]
Look, this isn't a perfect world
we're trying to save, okay.
And if I'm not perfect trying
to save it, then so be it.
Come on. You with me or not?
Johnny Mercer: * You've got
to accentuate the positive *
* Eliminate the negative
* And latch on
to the affirmative *
Whatcha readin'?
* Don't mess with
Mister In-Between *
A book
on the supernatural.
[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm.
So you're into
the supernatural?
I am.
I should sit down.
[ Chuckles ]
Dean. Hey.
Excuse me.
I got it.
Nice timing. [ Sighs ]
All right, get this.
so I hacked into airline records
and checked the names
of anybody and everybody
who traveled
from Malta to Seattle
in the first three days
after the skull was stolen.
There were five people.
The fifth guy named, uh...
Antonio Miele.
What little past I can
dig up on him seems...
[ Inhales deeply ]
Sounds a little thin, but you
wouldn't happen to know
where this Miele guy is
right now, would you?
As a matter of fact, I do.
He checked into
the Patricia Hotel
right here in downtown Seattle
[ Piano playing ]
[ Indistinct conversation ]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Excuse me. I...
All right.
[ Door closes ]
[ Static crackling ]
Well, rest in peace,
Antonio Miele.
What the hell happened here?
[ Gun cocks ]
Hands up. No sudden moves.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Hold on just a second.
Move towards the window.
Yep, yep, of course.
Now sit down.
[ Handcuffs slide ]
And cuff yourself
to the radiator.
[ Sighs ]
[ Handcuffs, radiator clink ]
You know there's
a dead body over here.
I see him.
What department
are you with?
Shut up.
Where'd your partner?
I work alone,
and I said shut up.
[ Drawer opens ]
Dean: Maybe you should
call this in.
I said shut up!
[ Exhales deeply ]
I'm gonna go call this in
right now.
Don't you two go anywhere.
[ Laughs ]
[ Door closes ]
You see that badge?
It's like he got it
out of a cereal box.
Yeah. Gun looked real enough,
I don't think
he's coming back,
but he probably is
calling it in, so...
[ Keys jangle ]
Look at you.
You're like a Boy Scout.
You're always prepared.
Yeah. You're like a...
[ Inhales deeply ]
I don't know what you're like.
[ Radiator clanks ]
[ Siren wails ]
All right, so if the dead guy
on the floor up there, Miele,
was the original thief,
then who killed him?
I don't know.
Maybe Greenstreet got to him
before we could.
In that case, he probably
has the skull.
Well, then who's the fake cop?
Who does he work for?
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
No, he was still looking
for something.
Why would Scarpatti
whack the guy
before he finds the skull?
It's mob talk.
Well, colorful.
Can I help you fellas?
Mr. Scarpatti
wants to see you two.
I think we'll pass.
Yeah, that, uh,
wasn't a request.
[ Gun cocks ]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'll drive.
I don't think so.
Again, not a request.
[ Siren continues wailing ]
It's good.
Come on.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I got it.
Nice car.
Yeah. Enjoy.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Woman singing operatically ]
[ Man clears throat ]
Sit. Sit.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Purring ]
Sam and Dean Winchester.
[ Chuckles ]
We, uh...
[ Strained voice ]
we done a little checkin'.
[ Chair thumps ]
You know? And, uh...
you know...
[ Songs ends ]
you guys both died
six years ago.
Yeah, well,
it's a funny story.
So -- so --
Hey, look, I-I don't care.
Right. [ Clears throat ]
You know, my point is that,
if you were
to get whacked now...
Relax. If I wanted you dead...
You got my point, right?
So -- so let's talk, all right?
I understand you made a deal
with Greenstreet?
How do you know that?
I keep an eye on my enemies.
Now...that was your first
mistake, working for him.
he's a -- he's a farabutto.
You know, a scoundrel.
He's got no reverence
for these sacred artifacts.
He -- he has no respect.
Now me?
You know, my motives are pure.
I feel it's my duty
as a good Catholic
to give these
beautiful relics a home.
the relic had a home,
and then you had it stolen.
[ Clears throat loudly ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Henchmen chuckling ]
Now why would you get involved
with a man like Greenstreet?
He has something we need.
And the skull was our --
our price we had to pay for it.
It's a devil's bargain.
All right. [ Sighs ]
So I'm gonna tell you
what you should know,
I made a deal with Miele.
I paid half the price
for that skull up front
and I agreed to give him
the rest on delivery.
But now he's dead.
And believe me,
I didn't kill him.
So the skull is missing.
Now since I paid
half of what was owed,
I believe that skull
rightfully belongs to me.
But it was stolen.
I don't know,
"rightfully" belongs to you?
[ Chuckles ]
You believe this guy?
You got a set on you, pal.
You talk to me like that
in this room? [ Scoffs ]
My point is,
whatever the case is,
you two now are in the middle
of this thing, all right?
So I'm gonna make you
a very nice proposition.
You find my skull,
and I will give you
a handsome finder's fee.
And then you could buy
whatever it is
you need to get
from Greenstreet, okay?
And what if we say no?
That would be
your second mistake.
And believe me, you probably
wouldn't get a third one.
Good. Very good.
Now...what happens if
we can't find the skull?
As they say at NASA,
is not an option.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Door opens ]
All right, tell me,
why are we here again?
Gotta start somewhere.
[ Sighs ]
Key to this whole thing is
in that room. I can feel it.
Oh. Oh, you can feel it.
Why didn't you say so?
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
Great. Any ideas?
Stay here.
[ Fire alarm bell ringing ]
Officer: Anybody in there?
[ Door opens ]
[ Knock on door ]
Excuse me.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Fire alarm bell ringing ]
Man: Everybody.
Folks, this way, please.
Man: Keep moving.
Officer: Ma'am,
you have to move right away.
Anybody in there?
[ Knock on door ]
[ Alarm continues ringing ]
Let's go.
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Yeah, well done.
All right, folks,
just continue, please.
Really, Dean? You can feel it.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Telephone bell clangs ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
police radio chatter ]
[ Siren wailing ]
All right, we're good to go.
[ Pats back ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
Sure you're not drowsy?
How many fingers
am I holding up?
I'm fine.
Okay, I'm just saying,
you're taking a lot of shots
to the head lately.
I mean, I know that
Disney Princess hair
gives you some padding,
but, uh...
[ Man grunts, shouts ]
Yeah, that's him.
Or at least I think
that's the guy.
All right, well, if he clocked
you, then who clocked him?
[ Groans ]
Where is it?
[ Inhales, exhales sharply ]
The piece of paper you took
off me -- where is it?
I don't...He took it.
He? He who?
The other man. I-I don't know.
I didn't see his face.
Great. That's awesome.
Okay, okay. Let's start from
the beginning. Who are you?
My name...
My name is Lucca Camilleri.
Uh... [ Clears throat ]
Father Lucca "Caman...yeri."
[ Indistinct conversations ]
You're a priest?
Why are you here?
I'm searching for something.
Let me guess --
about yea big,
used to be some holy dude's
brain basket?
The skull of St. Peter.
It was stolen from a nunnery,
my parish, eight days ago.
They asked me to get it back.
Our local police can't handle
something like this,
and the sisters,
they have faith in me.
How is that working out
for 'em?
So, what?
You just thought you'd, uh...
[ Chuckles ] come here
and steal it back?
No. I was gonna buy it.
Thieves only understand
one thing -- money --
so I-I-I brought money.
All the money that we had.
[ Unlocks briefcase ]
[ Lucca sighs ]
My village is a small place,
and Miele...
when he vanished
after the skull went missing,
we all knew what he'd done.
So I followed him here.
And killed him.
No, mio Dio.
No, I would never do that.
When I arrived,
he was already dead. I...
And I didn't know what to do.
So you hit me?
The skull was gone.
When I saw you found something,
I-I-I lost my head, okay?
Look, that relic means
everything to my congregation.
And I understand that sounds
strange to you, but...
imagine you woke up one morning,
and this thing you loved,
this thing
you and your parents
and your children saw
every week,
this thing you prayed to
since you were old enough
to form words, was just gone.
What -- what would you do?
Try to get it back.
And I did. And I failed.
And -- and this never
should've happened.
Yeah, well, the world's
a screwed up place, padre.
What are you gonna do
about it?
Change it.
Yeah, good luck with that.
It's not about luck, son.
It's about effort.
All the time, I hear people
saying the world's not perfect.
And they're right. It's not.
But do you use that
as an excuse?
Do you use it to excuse
your own sins?
Your failings and your laziness?
Do you use it
to give a bad man power,
because the world's not perfect?
Or do you work?
Do you try and improve things
in whatever way you can?
Guys, the world will never
be perfect,
but if good men do good things,
it can be better.
Every day can get better.
I-I'm sorry.
I know I talk too much.
I just...
I just wanna go home.
Without the skull?
[ Voice breaks ] Yes.
What if we get the skull
back for you?
Sam -- Excuse me.
Can I talk to you?
The hell are you doin'?
We have to find it anyways.
Yeah, and give it to Greenstreet
and then get our fill up
on Jesus juice.
Or we get the skull back
and then we arrange a meet
and then...
What? Double-cross him?
Why not?
[ Laughs ]
Okay, look. Look at this.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Father Lucca Camilleri,
born in Malta.
He spent the last two decades
of his life doing charity work
all over the world --
Africa, South America.
He -- he --
he's a good guy.
And what he said...
I believe him.
Great. So do I.
But Friar Tuck over there,
we don't owe him anything.
Okay, yes, I
Sammy, he sucker-punched you.
And I get why. I mean,
if -- if somebody, uh...
If somebody stole the Impala,
what would you do?
I'd murder 'em all.
My point being, I...
[ Sighs ]
I don't want a dick like
Greenstreet or Scarpatti to win.
Not this time.
There'll be torture first.
There'll be, like,
a lot of torture,
and then there'd --
it would end up with death.
If I can't have it,
nobody can.
Were you even listening
to what I was saying?
Scarpatti and Greenstreet?
What did I say?
[ Sighs deeply ]
[ Engine roars ]
All right. It's a party.
The guy who jumped you --
you remember anything about him?
No, I-I'm sorry.
Okay, what about
security cameras?
[ Sighs ]
Nope. There aren't any.
Great. So we got nothing.
Wait. We got the number
on the paper.
The what?
Wow. That's some memory.
[ Chuckles ]
Okay, well, what is it?
[ Typing ]
A combination?
Coordinates, maybe?
No, no, no. It is, uh...
It's a tracking number...
[ Taps key ]
for a package
sent from Valletta, Malta,
five days ago.
Where is it now?
[ Bell dings ]
Can I help you?
You can say that.
[ Door bell jingles ]
Sam: There he is.
That's fake cop.
Yes, it is.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
[ Engine turns off ]
Why did he bring the relic?
Don't know. Don't care.
All right,
here's the play --
we head in there and we kick
fake cop's real ass.
Yeah. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Look at this.
[ Vehicle approaching ]
What the hell?
[ Car door opens ]
Oh, look,
it's your girlfriend.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
So much for simple.
Everything's on schedule?
Yes, ma'am, even with
all the complications.
[ Scoffs ] Complications are
what I pay you for.
Maybe we should talk
about a raise.
No. We really shouldn't.
Mr. Scarpatti, thank you
so much for coming.
Well, what can I say?
When somebody's screwing me,
I like to look into their eye.
No one's screwing --
Wasn't for me,
that wouldn't even be here.
All right? I already
made a deal.
With a dead man.
Well, he wasn't dead
at the time.
Times change.
Mr. Miele was
the competition, so...
Yeah, killed him?
I cornered the market.
So I, uh, I suppose
you don't plan on, um,
honoring his price.
So what if I say no?
Oh, if you won't pay,
he will.
Who's "he"?
[ Chuckles ]
You know the deal's crap
when we start drawing flies.
If that's what you think,
there is the door.
Yeah, well, fat chance.
Now then...
Shall we begin?
[ Whispers ] Ahh.
[ Exhales deeply ]
You're worried.
You're not?
I... [ Inhales deeply ]
[ Train whistle blowing ]
God will see us through.
Yeah, he really won't.
You're not a believer.
Oh, I believe. Hell, I know.
He doesn't give a damn about
you or me or anyone else.
So if you're expecting some
sort of a-a miracle to happen,
well... [ Chuckles ]
good luck.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that God would
reach down and protect us.
Of course that's not
going to happen.
But I believe that all
good things are God's things.
And what your brother's doing,
it's a good thing.
Yeah, or a stupid thing.
Or both.
Many times,
they can be the same.
Sam: Yeah, I got it.
I got it. I got it.
Just go easy.
[ Guns cock ]
I know where I'm going,
so just...
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
Easy. I'm not here to fight.
Then why are you here?
[ Clears throat ]
Just...May I?
[ Unlocks briefcase ]
I'm here to buy.
So...let's make a deal.
Okay? That's all.
He's in. Let's go.
It's just business.
[ Briefcase thuds ]
So very, very good
to see you again.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were
working for me.
And I thought you were
working for me.
Right, yeah. Turns out
I'm working for me.
I don't trust him.
Oh, well, I don't know.
I'm quite fond of Sam.
And besides, money's money.
[ Exhales deeply ]
Pardon me.
The hell are you doing here?
Creating a distraction.
[ Grunting ]
"Creating a distraction"?
Lying, it's a sin.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Thud ]
[ Gun cocks ]
Is he okay?
All right,
I wanna make this simple.
I want each of you to think
of your price,
your very best price,
and write it down on
a piece of paper.
The one with
the most zeroes wins.
-Yeah, whatever.
What he said.
All right,
that's all of 'em.
What now?
[ Gun cocks ]
You stay here
and you stay down.
I'll say a prayer.
Yeah. You do that.
[ Briefcase locks ]
Good luck.
If you would.
Cromarty: Sure.
From Lurch over here,
and 2 cents.
[ Laughs ] 2 cents.
From the boss, $3 million.
Yeah, well, you tried.
the most important part.
[ Chuckles ]
And from Fats over there...
Is this a joke to you?
Oh, no.
I intend to buy the skull...
just not from you.
Kill her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.
Hand me the relic,
and I will pay you
$1 million cash right now.
Mr. Cromarty has been
working for me for years,
and I can assure you...
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Thud ]
Really should've talked
about that raise.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire continues ]
Pater Nostro...
[ Speaking Italian ]
[ Choir singing
in foreign language ]
No! No!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Thud ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gun clatters ]
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Sam: You all right?
I think I got shot.
I...I... [ Groans ]
Looks like
he just grazed you.
A few more inches to the left
and, uh... [ Clicks tongue ]
[ Breathes deeply ]
It's a miracle.
[ Breathes deeply ]
[ Gasps ] Ah!
Uh...I didn't know
this would happen.
I...I'll give you
anything you want, huh?
The blood, where is it?
It, uh...
doesn't exist.
Wait a second.
You told us --
Exactly what
you wanted to hear.
It was just a bit of...
Well...chicane this.
[ Grunts ]
[ Thud ]
No, no. No, no, no. Wait.
Don't -- You -- you --
you've made a mistake.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Jet engine roars ]
You sure
you're gonna be okay?
I am. Grazie mille.
Thank you for everything.
You know it's just
a hunk of bone, right?
I do, but everyone, we all
have faith in something,
even if it's just
"a hunk of bone."
By the way,
I-I-I was reading about you.
Um, what is, uh...
Apostolic Protonotary
A what now?
It -- it doesn't mean
It's just a title the Pope
gives for good works.
The Pope gave that to you?
What -- You met the Pope?
Yeah. He called me
un uomo santissimo.
What does that mean?
"A most holy man."
Before you go, we're gonna
need one more thing.
[ Sighs ]
Well, one down, three to go.
Come on. I know that look.
What's on your mind?
I don't know.
Nothing. I mean --
I mean, you know...
You ever feel like we're --
we're doing nothing
but playing defense?
You know, bouncing from
one apocalypse to the next?
Well, it's not exactly
our call.
I know that, and I'm not saying
we don't do good.
But -- but no matter
how many people we save,
there will be more people
that need saving.
No matter how many monsters
we kill --
There's always gonna be
another one around the corner.
You think we could
ever change things?
I mean, really change things?
You know, stop all
the monsters,
all the bad?
That would be nice.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
So what are you thinkin'?
Think that'll work?
I have faith.
[ Chuckles ]