Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 1 - Keep Calm and Carry On - full transcript

Dean comes face to face with his mother while Sam fights for his life after being shot by Toni.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

? I look out the window ?

? See the fishes
get the run-around ?

? I tell the boys
I gotta be movin' on ?

? I'm tired of playin'
the game ?

? The ending's always the same ?

? Odds are you won't last
too long ?

? I can see you,
you can't see me ?

? Don't feel shame no more ?

? I'm not here,
you're not there ?

? That I know for sure ?

? Bad boys, they call us ?

? Bad boys, they call us ?

? Bad boys ?

? Nobody wants to run,
and nobody wants to hide ?

? The moment of truth becomes
a burning inside ?

? Hey, look at me,
and you'll see ?

? How I've changed my ways ?

Toni Bevell.

Men of Letters,
London Chapterhouse.

They sent me
to take you in.

- Put the gun down.
- Stop.

You and I both know you're not
gonna pull the trigger.

? Bad boys, see how they run ?

You gave me
what I needed most.

I want to do
the same for you.


I, uh...

Are you...



Where am I?

Who the hell are you?

I'm -- I'm Dean.

I'm your son.


My Dean is 4 years old.

I was when you died.



Listen to me.

Your name -- your name
is Mary Sandra Campbell, okay?

You were born
December 5, 1954,

to Samuel
and Deanna Campbell.

Your father, he bounced around
a lot for, uh, work,

and you bounced
right along with him,

and you ended up
in Lawrence, Kansas.

How do you know
all that?

Dad told me.

March 23, 1972,

you walked out
of a movie theater --


You loved it,

and you bumped
into a big Marine

and you knocked him
flat on his ass.

You were embarrassed,
and he laughed it off,

said you could make it up to him
with a cup of coffee.

So, you went
to, uh, Mulroney's

and you talked
and he was cute

and he knew the words
to every Zeppelin song,

so when he asked you
for your number,

you gave it to him,

even though you
knew your dad would be pissed.

That was the night that --
that you met --

John Winchester.

August 19, 1975,
you were married...

in Reno.

Your idea.

A few years later,
I came along,

then Sammy.

And then I burned.

How long
have I been gone?

33 years.


Hi, Mom.

? Supernatural 12x01 ?
Keep Calm and Carry On
Original Air Date on October 13,

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? There's a cute little waitress
at the bottom of the grades ?

? Well, I must have closed
my eyes for a while ?

? 'Cause here I am,
and I'm runnin' wild ?

? I turn my brakes,
strip my gears ?

? Gonna have to ride her down,
I fear ?

? Diesel smoke ?

? Dangerous curves ?

Holy mother.

Where am I?



How far am I
from Lebanon, Kansas?

Th-three hours, maybe.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who -- What are you, man?

How did he die?

He gave himself up
for me.

That sounds like John.

And he was a Hunter?

And he raised
you and Sam to...

Yeah, he did.

And you said
we've met before,

when you traveled
through time.


Your memory got wiped,

And I saw you
when I was a ghost...

which I don't remember,

And God's...sister
brought me back to life?

Pretty much.

It's a lot.

And I know it's a lot.

And I'll explain everything.
I will.

But right now,
let's get out of here.

Let's get you home.

Come on, Mom.

Dr. Gregory Marion?


I need your help.

It's -- It's 6:00 a.m.

It's an emergency.

Lady, hold up.

You have a clinic
at the back of your house.

I trust it's fully stocked.

Lady, seriously.

Unless your uh -- your puggle
got hit by a car or something,

it can wait.

It really can't.

He was shot in the leg.

A single,
.38-caliber bullet.

I need the round dug out,
the wound sutured,

and some anesthesia to go.


No way.

I'm a veterinarian.

Animals, people.
They're all meat.

But I understand
this is an unusual request,

and I want
to do everything I can

to ease your concerns.

Yeah, not happening.

Hear me out.

This is stupid.

You think this is stupid,

I think when Lucifer,

Prince of Darkness,
King of Hell

asks you to do something,

you do it.



What are you,
a 14-year-old girl now?

I mean,
not right now.

I possessed one once,

but -- Pbht --
it didn't work out.

A lot of feelings and urges

and ugly snot crying

about how Julie's
with Craig Castle now,

even though
he's total bae,

but she's, like,
a busted bitch on ice.

Hormones, dude.

Let's clean this up.

Then we go meet the man.

I know, darling.
But mummy will be home soon.

I miss you, too.

I love you so, so much.


Be a good boy.


Now, Sam.

Let's begin.

Toni Bevell,
London Chapterhouse.

That's right.

So, you're what?

You're, uh,
English Men of Letters?


Where are we?

Does it matter?

Just wondering how far I'm gonna
have to walk back to town

after I kill you.

And her.

But you first.

Yes, well,
before you murder us all,

we do have a few questions
about you, your brother,

Hunters in America,

and how you saved
the sun.


You shoot me,
kidnap me,

but yeah,
happy to help.

I didn't want
to hurt you, Sam.

You gave me no choice.

And, well, I could say

it was never supposed
to go this way,

but you'

It was always
going to go this way.

And you know me?
We do.

We've been watching you
and your brother for years.

Every since you almost ended
the world the first time.

We knew all about Lucifer,
the angels falling.

Then where were you?

Fair question.

See, some of us wanted
to get involved,

but the old men
wouldn't allow it.

Thought we were overstepping
our bounds.

After all this business
with the Darkness,

even they have to agree,
things need to change.

And while you might not
believe this, Sam,

we're here to help.

Yeah, no, I-I can tell.

I want to apologize
for locking you up.

You're dangerous --
to others and yourself --

but if you answer
my questions,

you walk
right out that door.

I promise.



You can ask me any kind
of question you want.

The answer's gonna be
the exact same --

Screw you.

You want to get mad?

You want to get mean?

I've been tortured
by the Devil himself.

So you, you're just an accent
in a pantsuit.

What can you do to me?

A cold shower?

That's your play?

Screw you.

You live here?

Yeah, when we're not
on the road.

It's an old
Men of Letters bunker.

Men of Letters?

They're a myth.

An old Hunter's story.

Not so much.

New duds look good.

Well, thanks.

It's better than walking around
in that nightgown the rest --

That's blood.




Take this.

Stay here.



Hands in the air.
Get on your knees.

Who are you,
and where is Sam?

Hands, now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

It's okay.
It's okay.

He's a friend, all right?

Hey, Cass.


All right.


- You're alive?
- Yeah.

What about the bomb
and the Darkness?

What happened?

I'll tell you everything.
Where is Sam?

He's not here.

Are you a Hunter?

No, I'm an angel.
He's an angel.

Come again?

An Angel,
with a-a capital "A."

You know, wings, harp.

I don't have a harp.

This is Castiel.

Cass, this is...Mary.


Your mother?

So, wait, uh,
where -- where is Sam?

He's not answering his phone,
there's blood on the floor.

What's going on?
I don't know.

We came back here,
there was a woman waiting for us.

She blasted me away.

I don't know who she was.

I don't know what happened
to Sam.

I don't understand.
What happened?

Okay, well,
the bunker's empty,

so -- so they've obviously
left here.

You said woman --
not an angel,

not a demon,
a-a human.

She was human.

When did this go down?

It was 2:12 a.m.

Is that a-a computer?


I don't trust them.

Got something.

An S.U.V. ran a red light a few
blocks from here at 2:21 a.m.

And there wasn't another car
for 40 minutes.

How did you do that?

I hacked the traffic cams.

Welcome to the future.

You think it's them?

It's worth a shot.


This was John's car.

Oh, she's still beautiful.

Hell, yeah, she is.

Hi, sweetheart.

Remember me?


We should go.

Can I end this, Sam,

Screw you.

What do you imagine
is happening here?

Do you think
you're being brave,

that you're the hero
of this story?

you're no hero, Sam.

You're just bad
at your job.

and you're better?

So much better.

You drive back roads,
catching cases at random.

You get word a body's dropped,
you check it out,

and maybe you even kill
the thing that did it.

But that person
is still dead,

and maybe a few more.

But my people?

We plan ahead.

We study lore, and we use it
against our enemies.

Back home, every thoroughfare,
every bridge,

every dock,
every airport has been warded.

The moment a monster
steps foot in Britain,

we know about it.

Within 20 minutes,
he's been picked up.

And within 40,
he's dead.

There hasn't been a monster-related death
in Britain since 1965

because we are good
at our job.

Now, you were always
a lost cause, Sam,

but I'm hoping
there are other Hunters

we can work with,

So, I need you to give me
names and locations

and everything else.

Dead drops,
meeting places,

an organizational

because maybe with all of us
working together,

we can do
what you never could --

make America safe.

Or maybe you tie them
to a chair.

Maybe you do worse.

So, maybe...

maybe you can go to Hell.


Have it your way.

Are you really
gonna make me do this?





So, so gross.

I thought he was supposed
to meet us.



No, I --
Of course, my liege.

We're here,
but -- but where's...

What's he saying?

He won't tell me
where he is.

He thinks
we're being followed.

Come on.

There's no way
we're being followed.

Hello, boys.


I, uh, have to go.

Still betting that horse,
are we?

'cause we're not stupid.

Keep telling yourself that,

That dustup
with the Darkness

must've really taken it
out of the old boy.

That's why he's jumping
from vessel to vessel

to vessel.

It's why Lucifer's running --

because he's weak.


He'll get stronger.

Lucifer will lead us
to glory.

As long as he's out there,
Hell will never follow you.

Well, like they say, "Duh."

But when I kill the Devil --

You were his dog.

Even powered down,

he could kick
your Posh Spice ass.

Who's laughing now?






Jamie Ross?

Who's asking?

The blond woman
that you drove yesterday,

what was her name?


Sorry, mate,
you got the wrong --


That's an angel?

Blonde. Name. Now.

I-I-I don't know her name.

What do you know?

No one can take that much pain
and not break.

No one.

What are you saying?

I Th-- Ma'am.

If you want him dead,

then I'll slit his throat
right now.

But if you want to take this
to the next level,

you need to make
the call.

Bring in Mr. Ketch.

I don't want that psychopath
anywhere near me.



we stop trying
to break his body.

We break his mind.

Just tap here.

- I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

This must be difficult
for you.

I remember my first
moments on Earth.

It was jarring.

One word for it.

I grew up with Hunters.

I've heard of people coming
back from the dead before.

But to actually do it...
after 30 years.

A lot's changed.

A lot.

Find anything?

Yeah, ran the, uh,
tail number

that what's-his-face
gave us.

The plane
that Evil Elsa flew in on

has diplomatic registry.

Which means?

Which means its flight plans
are sealed

unless you want to hack
the State Department.

Who are these people?


Dr. Marion,
how about you let us in?

So, you dug the bullet out of
his leg, no questions asked?

She offered me
100 grand.

And you took it?

Student loans were a bitch,

Cass! Cass! Cass!
Don't hurt him.

Not yet.

All right, look,

she didn't give me
her name.

When we were done,
the driver bailed,

I got paid,

and then some other chick
shows up,

and they all drive away.

And that's everything
you know?



Hurt him.

Oh, oh, aah!
I have her phone number!

Okay, look, look, look.

Look, I don't know
where they are,

but she called me
a couple hours ago --

a few hours ago,

asking about the sedative
I gave the guy.

So...I've got
her phone number.

I don't think it's working.


Soon, he'll be begging
to answer our questions.

Anything to make it stop.

Dr. Marion.

Yeah, I'm just calling,
you know,

to, uh,
check on the patient.

Is everything all right,

Yeah, yeah, sure.

I'm hanging up now.

Uh --

Listen, bitch.

I don't care who you are,
I don't care what you want.

You have my brother.

Dean Winchester.

I heard you were dead.

Well, you heard wrong.

Now, I'm gonna give you
one chance -- just one --

to hand Sam back.

Not possible.

Oh, you think
you can run from me?

Try it.

when I find you --

and I will find you --

if he is not in one piece,
I will take you apart.

You understand me?

We have a problem.

Let me out!

Now what?

Well, we got her number.

Let's head back to the bunker,
and we'll put a trace on it.


She's unconscious,
but there's no serious damage.

All right.
Help her.

Dean Winchester,
I presume.


You should be more careful

with your location services
on your phone.

Are you one of them?

I'm one of them.


You tell me
where my brother is,

and I might
take it easy on you.

Oh, please don't.

Looking for this?

So, round two?


I'm dead because of you.

I'm dead because of you.

This is all your fault.

This is your fault.

We're all dead
because of you, Sam.

It should've been you.
It should've been you.

You're a freak.
You are a freak.

You're a freak.

It's your fault.

You're right.

You know,
I would've thought

for two strapping lads
like yourselves,

you would've lasted
a tad longer.

But hey,
you know what they say.

Good things come
to those --

Thanks, Mom.

Your fault!

It's your fault.
Just die.

It's your fault.
It's your fault.

It's your fault.
It's all your fault.

Just die.

Why won't you die, Sam?

Why don't you die?

It's your fault.


Maybe you're not as good
at your job as you think.






Found her cellphone
in the car.

Last phone call was made
from Aldrich, Missouri.

We're guessing
Sam's probably around there.


That's great.

You okay?


I'm sorry.
I just...

I spent my life running
from this, from hunting.

And I got out.

I never wanted this
for you and Sam.

Mom, I-I get it.

I do.

If I had kids,
I wouldn't want them in this.

But Sam and me...

saving people
and hunting things,

this is our life.

I think we make the world
a better place.

I know that we do.

Witnesses say he was sweating
and pale and psycho.

He said his name
was freaking Lucifer.

? My name, it means nothing ?

? My fortune is less ?

? My future is shrouded
in dark wilderness ?

? Sunshine is far away,
clouds linger on ?

? Everything I possessed,
now they are gone ?

? They are gone ?

? They are gone ?

? The world is a lonely place ?

? You're on your own ?

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