Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 23 - Alpha and Omega - full transcript

Chuck tries to lock Amara away for good but then faces some unexpected complications.

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♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪

♪ There'll be peace
when you are done ♪

♪ Lay your weary head to rest ♪

♪ Don't you cry no more ♪

Dean: Where you going?

To see the child
that eats souls.

Metatron: In order to
create the world,

God had to give up
his only kin to darkness.

Amara: I was the beginning,
and I will be the end.

We're bonded.

♪ Once I rose above the noise and confusion ♪
Sam: She's the sister of God.

- God.
- She picked you.

♪ Just to get a glimpse
beyond this illusion ♪

Chuck: You have to understand
this about the Darkness...

♪ I was soaring ever higher ♪
...she's relentless.

It's the only reason I came off
the sidelines.

Dean: Where on earth are we gonna find
an answer on how to stop her?

Sam: The hand of God.

♪ Though my eyes could see,
I still was a blind man ♪

♪ Though my mind could think,
I still was a mad man ♪

Only Lucifer can beat Amara.

Can you really beat her?
I can.

Then yes.

♪ I can hear them say ♪

Dean: That's not Cass!

♪ Carry on, my wayward son ♪


♪ There'll be peace
when you are done ♪

♪ Lay your weary head to rest ♪

♪ Don't you cry no more ♪

Amara, no!

[ Body thuds ]

[ Grunting ]

Check on him.



Can you hear me?



Hey, is that you?

Hey, can you hear me?

All right.

[ Groans ]

Lucifer is gone.

Amara ripped him
from my body.

To where?

I don't know.

Come on.

Are you, uh...

H-How do you feel?


You know when you're driving
and a bug hits your windshield?

I'm the bug.

So, what Amara said
about you...


Yeah, whatever
she did to me,

I can feel my spark,
my light fading.

And when it's gone...

Okay, well,
t-tell us how to fix you.

You can't.

I-I-I suppose she could,

but that's never gonna happen.
[ Door closes ]

So that was a gun
in your pocket.

[ Grunts ]

Crowley: Well...

that was a complete and utter
dog's breakfast, wasn't it?

I didn't know dogs
had breakfast.

Cass is back.

Just curious -- has anyone
bothered to look outside?

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

♪ Supernatural 11x23 ♪
Alpha and Omega
Original Air Date on May 25, 2016

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What is it?

- It looks like the sun is --
- Dying.

Why would Amara do that?

The sun is the source of all
life on earth.

Without it,
everything just...

just wastes away.

Let's get the hell
out of here.

[ Snaps ]


Still got a few tricks
up my sleeve.

I'm not dead y...

Sam: Oh, whoa.
Okay. I got you.

- I should probably sit down.
- Yeah. Come on.

- [ Groans ]
- All right.

What do we do now?

[ Bottle clap clatters ]


[ Sighs ] Really.


We hit Amara with everything
we got,

and she walked it off.


So it's last call?

That's right.

Look, man.

If you've got something for me
to punch, shoot, or kill,

let me know
and I'll do it.

I'll do it till I die.

But how are we supposed to fix
the friggin' sun?

[ Birds chirping ]

Thank you, Reggie.

[ Sighs ]

Hello, hello?

Ah, milady.
Let me.

we've had this talk.

It's not "milady."
It's Toni.

Of course, milady.

Where's the boss?

Down for his nap.

Tea's laid out
in the study.

[ Sighing ] Thank God.

[ Remote clicks ]

Woman: ...astronomers at
the Royal Observatory

may have the answer.
Dr. Nigel Pinfield explains.

We have registered a 6% drop

in the sun's energy output,

and yes, it happened
quite suddenly,

but people need
to understand --

our sun goes through periods
of high activity

and low activity.

While this is somewhat...

there's certainly nothing
to worry abo--

If only.

[ Telephone rings, beeps ]


No. I'm alone.



[ Click, whirring ]

The bloody sun's cracked.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

With what's happening,
are you sure

this is the wisest use
of our resources?


No, I understand.

Yes, sir.

On my way.

[ telephone beeps ]

You know what?
This isn't gonna be enough.

I better make a run.
[ Sighs ]

No reason
to die sober, huh?

You want to?


[ Sniffs ]

I'll put the kettle on.

My mom always said,

there's nothing a nice wee cup
of tea can't fix.

Be right back.

I'll stay here,
find our Plan B.

Cass, come on.


She's using you.

It's what she does.

Find someone
with power...

cozies up...

digs the claws in.


Yeah, well, I'm not helping
anyone right now, obviously.

She's been...nice.

For now.

Now's kind of all we got.


I'm not calling you Dad.

[ Bird chirping ]

You don't want
to say goodbye.

It's easier this way.

Tell him I'll be home
as soon as I can.

How bad is it?

All the way.


Packed you
a little something,

just if all your mumbo jumbo
doesn't work.

Now, Fergus was bright.

Walked before
his first birthday,

but he hated pants.

Hated them.

He'd run 'round
the village,

his wee banger just flapping
in the breeze.

Adam and Eve
were the same way.

Kids. Kids.

I'm so glad the world
is ending.


W-What are we doing?


Amara's out there eating
the freaking sun,

and -- and
we're doing nothing.

And you have
a better idea?

Yes. Anything.

That's my better idea,

because anything is better
than this.

Sam. I get it.

Even if we could
lock Amara away,

it wouldn't do
any good now.

I'm dying.

And when I'm gone,

a cosmic balance between light
and dark --

it's over.

All right.

[ Slams table ]

Then if we can't cage her,
we have to kill her.


[ Engine rumbles ]

How you doing?
You good?

I mean, you know,
the whole Lucifer thing.

I was just...

so stupid.

No, no, no.
It wasn't stupid.

You were right.

You were right to let Lucifer
ride shotgun.

Me and Sam
wouldn't have done that.

Well, it didn't work.

No, but it was
our best shot,

and you stepped up.

I was just
trying to help.

and you do help, Cass.

You know, I --

You know,
sometimes me and Sam

have got so much going on

we forget about
everyone else.

Well, you do live
exciting lives.

[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, that's one word for it.

But you're always there,
you know?

You're the best friend
we've ever had.

You're our brother, Cass.
I want you to know that.

Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beep ]


All right.
We're on our way.

Sam's got something.

[ Tires screech ]

Wait, so now you want
to kill the Darkness?

You're cool with this?

'Cause, you know,
last time...

Look, Chuck's dying.

Uh, no offense, God.

no, I -- I'm dying.

So, we don't really have
a choice.

I mean, look.
Y-You've got darkness and light.

Y-You take one side
away a-and --

It upsets the scales --

the whole balance
of the universe.

But you take both away,

and now both sides of the scale
are empty, so...

Of course.
It's balanced.

Right. Yes. Okay.
Uh, and look.

Hey, I'm game, but how exactly
are we gonna do this?

I mean, Lucifer hit her
with a-a hand of God,

and, well, we saw how that
turned out.

Sam: Yeah.

She does seem impossible
to destroy.


Is she, Chuck?

[ Sighs ]
Well, I...

I mean, well...

I...I-I --

- Chuck!
- Charles!

[ Sighs ]
All right. Fine.

The Darkness might --
might have a weakness --


He tells us now.

I-I just wanted to trap her.

I didn't want to murder her.

Okay, but now that we're
trying to end her,

how much light
are we talking about?

I don't know.

10,000 suns set to supernova.

Well, y-you're God.

So, just God them up.

Look at me.

not in the best shape
right now.

Uh, that's all right.

Uh, we just need
other ideas.



What about
the Book of the Damned?

[ Scoffs ]
This is beyond...

Okay, Crowley?

Oh, I got nothing.

Well, what about souls?
They fuel your demon deals.

Souls are
living batteries.

They're full of energy.
They're full of light.

Each one is
as powerful as...

100 suns?

H-He's not wrong.

Okay, so if we got this kind
of juice, then what?

You get me enough souls...

I can build a bomb.

Would that do the trick?



All right.
Plan B.

Okay. How many souls
are we talking here?

The more the better.

Even if you could get that kind
of firepower...

you really think
it would work?

I can ask the angels.

Heaven is full of souls.

Uh, what else we got?


Well, they're just souls
with baggage, right?

Yeah, but we would need
a whole lot of them.

Waverly Hills.

[ Chuckles ]

Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Of course.

Thousands died there.

Ton of ghosts.

This is desperate...

and stupid.

desperate and stupid's

pretty much all we got
right now, so...


I'll go raid Hell
and see what's left.

All right.

Let's get to work.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Leaves rustling ]

Really think
this is gonna work?

Rowena said it would.

Oh. Yeah.

[ As Rowena ] It's a Book
of the Damned spell, boyos.

Take this wee crystal.

It'll suck up all
the blimey ghosts.

Just say the magic word.

[ Crow caws ]

[ Device warbling ]

[ Wind gusting ]

[ Door slams ]

Place really lives up
to the hype.

Yes, it does.

Let's give the magic word
a shot, because we're six.

All right.
Let's bust some ghosts.

Where the heck are they?

You got me.

Get your Casper asses
out here!

You know what?

Why don't you finish up?
I'll go piss them off.


[ Grunts ]

Okay, I think it worked!

Ha ha!

[ Gun cocks ]

- Say the magic word!
- Aah!

Dean, hurry!


[ Gasps ]

Go magic word.



The angels are --
Heaven won't help.

They know that this is
the end, right?

Of everything.

And they don't care?

No, it's not that.

They know --
They know God is dying

and they don't think
we can win this.

Souls or no souls.

They're sealing Heaven,

and they're
"dying with dignity".

Well, that's awesome.

All right, Crowley.
What about you?

Well, I had all the souls
we needed.

What do you mean "had"?

While I was indisposed,

a few of my demonic pals decided
to raid my stash.

Well, what we have --
it's not enough.

[ Electricity buzzing ]

Well, that could be nothing
but good news.

[ Guns cock ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Nice digs.


Who's Billie?


Wants us dead.

Tons of fun.


Wait a second.
H-How did yo--

What are you
doing here?

I saw you boys
at Waverly Hills,

and call me
a curious kitten,

but with, you know,
credits about to roll,

I got to ask --

why you boys
busting ghosts?

Why do you care?

Dead folks --
kind of my thing.



We're collecting souls
to build a bomb.

To blow the Darkness
to hell.



Uh, w-what does that mean,

way things are going,

I'm about an hour away
from reaping God himself.

So you're here to help us.

Little tip --
you want souls,

call a reaper.

[ Pigeons cooing ]

Bea: Hiya.


Oh, I like your dress.

It's pretty fancy
for the park,

but at least
you made an effort.

Do you want to feed them?

I shouldn't.

I've been feeding these birds
going on 20 years now.

They're practically

And I know that makes me
sound like a crazy old bat,


My husband died
a couple of years ago,

and my son keeps slipping me
these brochures

for retirement
communities --

a.k.a. where they send
old folks to die,

but not to make a fuss
about it.

So you hate him.

Well, a little bit.


But you know family.

Even when you hate them,
you still love them.

Well, this is exciting.

[ Whooshing ]

How many souls
are in there?

A couple hundred...thousand.

I raided the Veil.

Like I said, dead folks --

kind of my thing.

We good?



See you around.

Yeah. You will.

Just hope
it's not today.


[ Footsteps departing ]

Castiel: So, what now?

Well, now we have the bomb,
so we just got to find Amara.

I can track her.

She's not warded anymore.

Why would she be?

She won.

Okay, so?

We need somebody
to get close to her,

someone with a...

personal connection.

Well, what are we
waiting for?

How do I smuggle
this thing?

We could always
shove it up your --


I mean, you could.

You won't carry the bomb.

You'll be the bomb.

I'm gonna take
what's in there...

and put it in here.

Once you get close to her,

you press your fingers
together like so --



[ Sighs ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Groans ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Dean, are you okay?

How do you feel?

Like my insides
just got flame-broiled.

[ Sighs ]

Is that normal?

we're so far past normal.

You've got about an hour,
maybe a wee bit more,

then you're literally
a walking ticking time bomb.

Thank you.

Welcome to the States.
Where we headed?

Lebanon, Kansas.

Dean, you know,
you don't have to do this.

'Course I do.

I just have to get close.

I can do that, okay?

I can do that.

You know,
if this works, um,

that bomb goes off.

I know.

You cool with this?


I -- Even after everything
she's done,

Amara's still my sister.

She's my family.

I can't -- I don't want
to see her dead, but...


...I understand.

Castiel: Dean.




All right.

I could go with you.

No, no, no.

I got to do this alone.

Listen, if -- when --
when this works,

Sam --
he's gonna be a mess.

So look out for him,

Make sure he doesn't do
anything stupid.

Of course.

Thank you
for everything.

Okay, look.
I want a big funeral.

All right?
I'm talking epic.

Open bar, choir,

Sabbath cover band, and
Gary Busey reading the eulogy.


And for my ashes,
I like it here.


You know, as far as
eternal resting places go.

[ Keys rattle ]

Come on.
You know the drill.

No chick-flick moments.
Come on.

[ Clears throat ]
Yeah, you love chick flicks.

[ Chuckles ]

Yeah, you're right.
I do. Come here.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Clears throat ]

Let's do this.

[ Snaps ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Car doors closing ]

He's not wrong.

[ Sighs ] One little apocalypse
and they shut up shop.


Your round, Moose.

Amara: Dean.

How did you find me?

Does it matter?

I'm here to give you
what you want.


That's a change.

Well, I can't just stand by
and watch the world,

my friends,
and my family die.

So if becoming
a part of you

takes me away from that,
then I'm in.


and that bomb
in your chest?

Do you think I can't taste
the power coming off of you?


The problem is you've never
been able to hurt me.

So what makes this time
any different?

I don't have a choice.

What you're doing
to the sun --

That's not me.

With my brother
getting weaker,

the scales are tipping away
from light.

And into darkness.

Into nothing.

When God's gone,
the universe --

will cease to exist.

Including me.

Man: And while law enforcement
is telling people not to panic,

residents are being advised
to stay in their homes

as authorities are baffled
by this st--

[ Snaps ] Boring.

He looks horrible.

My brother betrayed me.

He locked me away
for billions of years.

He sent you
to execute me.

No, no. No.

He zapped me here, yes,
but he didn't want this.

This wasn't his idea.

You're family.
He doesn't want you dead.

He doesn't want
any of this!

[ Gerry and the Pacemakers'
"Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" plays ]

♪ Don't let the sun ♪

♪ Catch you crying ♪

♪ The night's the time ♪
Hey, Chuck.

♪ For all your tears ♪
How you holding up?

Oh, aces.

♪ Your heart may be broken... ♪

Is this what you wanted?


I just wanted
to hurt him.

I wanted to make him pay.

Yeah, that's revenge.

It'll get you out of bed
in the morning,

and when you get it,
it feels great...

for about five minutes.

I've been there.

Me and Sam --

we have had our fair share
of fights --

more than our share --

but no matter
how bad it got,

we always made it right

because we're family.

I need him.

He needs me.

And when everything
goes to crap,

that's all you've got --

Now you might be a --
an all-powerful being...

but I think you're human
where it counts.

You simply need
your brother.

[ Scoffs ]
Just stop.

You don't want
to be alone.

Not really.

I mean, hell.
Maybe that's why you wanted me.

But deep down, you didn't
really want me...

'cause I'm not him.

So maybe I can kill you.

Or maybe I can't.

Maybe if I pull this trigger,
we all live happily ever after,

or maybe we die bloody,
or maybe it doesn't matter,

because maybe
there's a different way.

So I'm gonna
ask you again.

Put aside the rage.
Put aside the hate.

And you tell me...

what do you want?

You know, we, um...

we need you
to try and hang in there

just a little longer.

♪ But don't forget that love's a game ♪
I know. I'm trying.

♪ And it can always
come again ♪

I'm gonna go get
you some water.

♪ Oh, don't let the sun
catch you crying ♪

♪ Don't let the sun
catch you crying ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, whoa ♪




Why did you
bring me here?

Brother, I...

In the beginning...

it was just you and me,

and we were family.

I loved you,
and I thought --

I knew...

that you loved me.

I did.

[ Sighs ]

I do.

But then you went and you made
all these other things.

I hated them.

I hated you for needing
something else,

something that wasn't me.

And then
you locked me away,

and all I could think about
was making you suffer.

You had your reasons.

I did.

And I thought revenge
would make me happy.

But I was wrong.

What you've made...

it's beautiful.

It took me a long time
to see that.

I know that we can't go back
to the way things were.

I don't want to,

but I wish...

I wish that we could just
be family again.

I do too.

[ Whoosh ]

He did it.

He bloody did it.

And Dean?

[ Whooshing ]

I think we're just gonna go away
for a while and...

Hey, yeah.
Family meeting.

I get it.

But first...

[ Gasps ]

[ Sighs ]


What about us?

What about Earth?

Earth will be fine.

It's got you...

and Sam.

Dean, you gave me
what I needed most.

I want to do
the same for you.

[ Door opens ]

Sam, I'm so sorry.

If you want to talk...

I'm here
if you need anything.

Toni: Hello, hello.

[ Whooshing ]



Sam Winchester.

Toni Bevell.

Men of Letters,
London Chapterhouse.

Oh, you won't have heard
of me -- us.

We're very traditional.

Keep out of the way,
keep to our studies.

You, um...


They sent me
to take you in.

To take me in?

Assuming the world didn't end,
and -- Yay.

Look, lady --

We've been
watching you, Sam.

What you've done,
the damage you've caused --

archangels, Leviathans,
the Darkness,

and now, well --

the old men have decided
enough's enough.

I mean,
let's face it, Sam.

You're just
a jumped-up hunter

playing with things
you don't understand

and doing more harm
than good.

Now, where's Dean?


Listen, lady.

I don't know who the hell
you are

or what the hell you want --

Put the gun down.

I said stop.

You and I both know you're not
gonna pull the trigger.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Shell casing clatters ]

Come on.

Where the hell am I?

Woman: Help!

Help me!


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