Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Hook Man - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate an age-old urban legend known only as the Hook-Man, the spirit of a 19th century pastor with a twisted sense of morals that is unknowingly being used as an innocent girl's attack dog.

Dad's on a hunting trip.

And he hasn't been home in a few days.

I swore I was done hunting.

I can't do this alone.


I think dad wants us to
pick up where he left off --

Saving people, hunting things.

No, I got to find Jessica's killer.

Okay, what do you think?


Oh, god. Too Martha Stewart?

Here, wear this.

Um...I don't know if this is really me.

Lori, there's a hot chick
buried somewhere in there.

Okay, okay.


Damn, girl!

He's not gonna know what hit him.

Okay, I think he's probably downstairs.

I'll see you later.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

There's nothing you wouldn't do.

It's true.

I thought we were going to the party.

Well, we can't arrive on time.

You know, if I didn't know any better,

I'd think you brought
me here on purpose.

What? I'm offended.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Do you want to get that?

Definitely not.


It's okay.

Hey, I mean it.

What was that?

I don't know.

What is that?

Rich, no!

Just wait here.

What the hell?

Rich, let's go.



Rich, where are you ?



All right.

Thank you for your time.

Your half-caff

Double venti vanilla latte

Is getting cold over here,


Bite me.

So, anything?

I had them check the fbi's

Missing-Persons databank.

No "John Does"

Fitting that description.

I even ran his plates

For traffic violations.

I'm telling you, I don't think

Dad wants to be found.

Check this out.

News item

Out of plains courier,

Ankeny, Iowa.

It's about 100 miles

From here.

"Mutilated body was found

Near the victim's car

Parked on 9 mile road."

Keep reading.

"Authorities are unable

To provide

"A realistic description

Of the killer.

"The sole eyewitness,

Whose name has been withheld,

Is quoted as saying

The attacker was invisible.

Could be something


It could be nothing at all.

One freaked out witness

Who didn't see anything

Doesn't mean

It's the invisible man.

But what if it is?

Dad would check it out.

Why are we here?

Victim lived here.

Nice wheels.

We're your fraternity
brothers from Ohio.

We're new in
town --Transfers.

Looking for a place to stay.

Who are you?

We're your new roommates.

Do me a favor?Get my back.

Big game today.

He's the artist.

Things he can do with a brush...


Murph, is it true?


We heard one of the guys
here got killed last week.


What happened?

They're saying some psycho with a knife,

Maybe a drifter passing through.

Rich was a good guy.

Rich was with somebody?

Not just somebody
--Lori Sorenson.

Who's Lori Sorenson?

You missed a spot down on the back.

Lori's a freshman.
She's a local.

Super hot.

And get this --She's
a reverend's daughter.

You wouldn't happen to know
which church, would you?

Our hearts go out to the family
of the young man who perished,

And my personal prayers
of thanks go out, as well,

Because I believe he died
trying to protect my daughter.

And now, as time heals all our wounds,

We should reflect on what
this tragedy means to us

As a church.H...

As a community, and as a family.

The loss of a young person
is particularly tragic.

A life unlived is the
saddest of passings.

So, please, let us pray for peace,

For guidance,

And for the power to
protect our children.

I can't. It's sunday night.

It's just us girls.

We're gonna do tequila shots
and watch "reality bites."

My dad makes dinner every sunday night.

Come on, Lori.

I know this has been hard,

But you are allowed to have fun.

I'll try.


Are you Lori?


My name is Sam.

This is my brother, Dean.

We just transferred
here to the university.

I saw you inside.

We don't want to bother you.We
heard about what happened.

We wanted to say how sorry we were.

I kind of know what
you're going through.

I -- I saw someone
get hurt once.

It's something you don't forget.

Dad, this is Sam and Dean.
They're new students.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

I must say that was an inspiring sermon.

Thank you very much.

It's so nice to find young people

Who are open to the lord's message.

Listen, we're new in town, actually,

And we're looking for A...

Tell me, Lori, what
are the police saying?

Well, they don't have a lotto go on.

I think they blame me for that.

What do you mean?

My story.

I was so scared, I guess
I was seeing things.

That doesn't mean it wasn't real.

So you believe her?

I do.

I think she's hot, too.

No, man, there's
something in her eyes.

And listen to this.

She heard scratching on the roof

And found the bloody body

Suspended upside down over the car.

Bloody body suspended?That
sounds like --

The hookman legend.

That's one of the most
famous urban legends.

You don't think that we're
dealing with the hookman.

Every urban legend has a source,

A place where it all began.

What about the scratches
and the tire punctures

And the invisible killer?

Maybe the hookman isn't a man at all.

What if it's some kind of spirit?

Here you go.

Arrest records going back to 1851.



This is how you spent four
good years of your life, huh?

Welcome to higher education.

Hey, check this out.

A preacher named Jacob Karns
was arrested for murder.

He was so angry over the
red-light district in town

That one night he killed 13 prostitutes.

"Some of the deceased
were found in their beds,

"Sheets soaked with blood,

"Others suspended upside
down from the limbs of trees

As a warning against sins of the flesh."

Get this --The
murder weapon?

Looks like the preacher
lost his hand in an accident,

Had it replaced with a silver hook.

Look where all this happened.

9 mile road.

Same place where the
frat boy was killed.

Nice job, dr. Venkman.

Let's check it out.

I know this is your first
time really living alone

Since mom died.

That's not it.I worry about you.

There are 22 girls in
there.I'm perfectly safe.

That's what I'm worried about.

You don't think I know
what goes on in there?

Dad, do we have to
have this argument again?

I'm over 18.I can live my own life.

Which means partying with
that roommate of yours.

I'm an adult.I can take care of myself.

Good night.

come --


Taylor, are you awake?

Here you go.

If it is a spirit, buck
shot won't do much good.

Yeah. Rock salt.

Hmm. Salt being a spirit deterrent.


It won't kill 'em, but
it'll slow 'em down.

That's pretty good.You
and dad think of this?

I told you,

You don't have to be a college
graduate to be a genius.

Over there, over there.

Put the gun down now!Now!

Hands behind your head!

Wait, wait, wait!Okay, okay.

Get down on your knees!Come on, do it!

On your knees.

He had the gun.

Oh, my god!

Saved your ass.

Talked the sheriff
down to a fine, dude.

I'm matlock.But how?

Told him you werea dumb-ass pledge

And that we were hazing you.

What about the shotgun?

I said that you were hunting ghosts

And that spirits are
repelled by rock salt.

You know, typical hell week prank.

And he believed you?

Well, you look like a dumb-ass pledge.

I just want to take her home.

I understand, reverend,

But Lori's now connected to two murders

And I can't ignore that.

Listen to me.

Arrest her now or let me take her home.

Make sure she's
available for questioning.

Thank you.

Why would the hookman have come here?

This is a long way from 9 mile road.

Maybe he's not haunting
the scene of his crime.

Maybe it's about something else.

Dude, sorority girls.

Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?

Try and be quiet, will you?

Me be quiet?You be quiet.

"Aren't you glad you
didn't turn on the light?"

That's right out of the legend.

Yeah, that's classic
hookman, all right.

It's definitely a spirit.

Yeah. I've never smelled
ozone this strong before.

Hey, come here.

Does that look familiar to you?

It's the same symbol.

Seems like it is the
spirit of Jacob Karns.

Let's find the dude's grave,

Salt and burn the
bones, and put him down.

"After execution, Jacob
Karns was laid to rest

In old north cemetery
in an unmarked grave."


Okay, so, we know it's Jacob Karns,

But we still don't know
where he'll manifest next.

Or why.

I'll take a wild guess about why.

I think your friend Lori has
something to do with this.

You've been holding out on me.

This college thing is awesome!

This wasn't really my experience.

Let me
guess --

Library, studying, straight as.

What a geek.

Did you do your homework?

Yeah, it was bugging me.

How is the hookman tied with Lori?

I think I came up with something.

1932 -- "Clergyman arrested for murder."

1967 -- "Seminarian
held in hippie rampage."

There's a pattern here.

In both cases, the suspect
was a man of religion

Who openly preached against immorality

And then found himself
wanted for killings

He claimed were the work
of an invisible force,

Killings carried out
-- Get this --

With a sharp instrument.

What's the connection to Lori?

A man of religion who openly
preaches against immorality.

Except this time instead
of saving the whole town,

He's trying to save his only daughter.

Reverend Sorenson.

Do you think he's summoning the spirit?


Or you know how a poltergeist

Can haunt a person instead of a place?

The spirit latches onto the
reverend's repressed emotions,

Feeds off them.

Without the reverend
ever even knowing it.

Either way, you should
keep an eye on Lori tonight.

What about you?

I'm gonna go see if I can
find that unmarked grave.

Here we go.

That's it.

Next time, I get to watch
the cute girl's house.

Hello, preacher.

I saw you from upstairs.

What are you doing here?

I'm keeping an eye on the place.

I was worried.

About me?

Yeah, sorry.

No, it's cool.

I already called the cops.

No, seriously, I think you're sweet,

Which is probably why you
should run away from me

As fast as you can.

Why would you say that?

It's like I'm cursed or something.

People around me keep dying.

I think I know how you feel.

Goodbye, preacher.

No one will talk to me anymore...

Except you.

The sheriff thinks I'm a suspect.

And you know what my dad will say?

"Pray and have faith."

What does he know about faith?

I heard you guys fighting before.

He's seeing a woman, a married woman.

I just found out.

She comes to our
church with her husband,

I know her kids,

And he talks to me about
religion, about morality?

It's like on one hand, you know,

Just do what you want and be happy,

But he
taught me --

Raised me to believe that
if you do something wrong,

You will get punished.

I just don't know what to think anymore.


Lori, I can't.

That someone you lost?

I'm sorry.


Come inside, please.

I'll come in when I'm ready.

No! No!


It's okay.It's all right.

It's okay. It's okay.

We were just talking.

Then Lori's dad came out,
and then he appeared.

A big man carrying a
weapon, some kind of a hook?

Yes, sir.

Ever seen him before?

No, sir.

Son, it seems every time I
turn around, I'm seeing you.

I suggest you try to
stay out of trouble.

Yes, sir.

It's all right. I'm with him.

That's my brother.Hey, brother.

Let him through.


Go ahead.

You okay?


What the hell happened?


You saw him?

Damn right.

Why didn't you torch the bones?

I did. Are you sure it's
the spirit of Jacob Karns?

Sure as hell looked like
him. And that's not all.

I don't think the spirit is
latching onto the reverend.

Yeah, the guy wouldn't send
the hookman after himself.

I think it's latching onto Lori.

Last night she found out that her father

Is having an affair
with a married woman.

So what?

So, she's upset about it.

She's upset about the immorality of it.

She was raised to believe

That if you do something
wrong, you get punished.

Okay, so she's conflicted,

And the spirit of preacher karns

Is latching onto her emotions

And doing the punishing for her.


Rich comes on too strong.

Taylor tries to make
her into a party girl.

Dad has an affair.

Remind me not to piss this girl off.

But I burned those bones.
I buried them in salt.

Why didn't that stop him?

You must've missed something.

No, I burned everything in that coffin.

Did you get the hook?

The hook?

It was the murder weapon,

And in a way it was part of him.

So, like the bones,

The hook is a source of his power.

So, if we find the hook...

We stop the hookman.

Here's something, I think.

Log book, Iowa state penitentiary.

Jacob --

Personal affects, disposition there of."

Does it mention the hook?

"Upon execution, all earthly
items shall be remanded

"To the prisoner's house of worship,

St. Barnabas church."

Isn't that where Lori's father preaches?


Where Lori lives?

That's why the hookman'sbeen
haunting reverends

And reverends' daughters
for the past 200 years.

But if the hook were at
the church or Lori's house,

Don't you think someone
might've seen it?

I mean, a blood-Stained,
silver-handled hook?

Check the church records.

"St. Barnabas donations, 1862.

--Silver-handled hook

"From state penitentiary.


They melted it down, made
it into something else.

All right.We can't take any chances.

Anything silver goes in the fire.

I agree.

Lori's still at the hospital.

We'll have to break in.

All right, take your pick.

I'll take the house.



Stay out of her underwear drawer.

I got everything that even looks silver.

Better safe than sorry.

Move, move.


What are you doing here?

What is it?

I've been trying to understand
what's been happening, why.

Now I know, so I'm
praying for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for what?

Don't you see?

I'm to blame for all this.

I've read in the bible
about avenging angels.

Trust me.

This guy --
He's no angel.

I was so angry at my father.

Part of me wanted him punished,

And then he came and he punished him.

It's not your fault.

Yes, it is.

I don't know how, but it is.

I killed Rich.

Taylor, too.

I nearly killed my father.


I can see it now.

They didn't deserve to be punished.

I do.

Come on.We got to go.


Come on!


Come on, get up.

Sam, drop!

I thought we got all the silver.

Why is he still here?

Maybe we missed something.

Lori, where did you getthat chain?

My father gave it to me.

Where'd your dad get it?

It was a church heirloom.
He gave it to me.

Is it silver?



And you saw him, too,
the man with the hook?

Yes, I told you.We all saw him.

We fought him off, and then he ran.

And that's all?

Yeah, that's all.

Listen, you and
your brother --

Oh, don't worry. We're leaving town.

You gonna be okay?


I still don't know what happened,

But I do know you saved my life.

My father's, too.

Thank you.

We could stay.