Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Skin - full transcript

A serial killer shape-shifter adopts the likeness of Sam's college buddy to commit a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being "borrows" Dean's form to continue the killing spree.

Previously on Supernatural


Take your brother outside
as fast as you can.

Now Dean, go!

Dad's on a hunting trip.

And he hasn't been home in a few days.

I swore I was done hunting.

I can't do this alone.

No! Jess!

I think dad wants us to
pick up where he left off.

You know, saving people. Hunting things.

No. I got to find Jessica's killer.

Be advised. We've found the victim.

She's alive.

It's okay. It's okay.

In there.

Let's go.


Don't move! Drop the knife!

Keep your hands where
I can see them! Drop it.

Hold it right there! Come on, come on!


Nice and easy!

Do it!

Alright, I figure we hit
Tucancary by lunch then head South.

And best be by midnight.

Sam wears women's underwear...

I've been listening, I'm just busy.

Busy doing what?

Reading e-mails.

E-mails from who? From
my friends at Stanford.

You kidding? You still keep in
touch with your college buddies?

Why not?


What do you exactly tell them?

You know, about...

Where you've been
What you've been doing.

I tell them I'm on a road
trip with my big brother.

I tell them I need some
time off after Jess.

Oh, I see you lie to them?


I just don't tell them everything.

Yeah, dude. That's called lying.

I mean, hey man. I get it. Telling
them the truth is far worse.

So what am I suppose to do? Just
cut everybody out of my life?

You're serious? Look, it sucks but...

In a job like this you can't
get close to people, period.

You're kind of
anti-social, you know that?

You know, whatever.

God. What?

This e-mail from Rebecca Warren
one of those friends of mine.

Is she hot?

I went to school with
her and her brother Zach.

She says, Zach's been
charged with murder.

He's been arrested for
killing his girlfriend.

Rebecca says he didn't do it but...

Sounds like the cops
have a pretty good case.

Dude, what kind of people
are you hanging out with?

No man, I know Zach. He's no killer.

Then maybe you know Zach
as well as he knows you.

St. Louis, we're going.

I'm sorry about you buddy, okay?

But this doesn't sound
like our kind of problem.

It is our problem. They're my friends.

St. Louis is 400 miles behind us, Sam.

Oh, my god! Sam! Well
if it isn't little Becky?

You know you could do
that little Becky crap.

I got your e-mail. I didn't
think you would come here.

Dean, older brother.

Hi. Hi.

We're here to help.

Whatever we can do.

Come in.

Nice place. It's my parents.

I was just crashing here for the
long weekend when everything happened.

I decided to take this semester off.
I'm gonna stay until Zach's free.

Where are your folks?

They live in Paris for half the year

So they're on their way
home now for the trial.

Do you guys want a beer
or something? / Yeah...

No, thanks.

So, tell us what happened.


Zach came home and he
found Emily tied to a chair.

And she was beaten up and bloody
and she wasn't breathing and so he

He called 911 and the
police they showed up and..

And they arrested him.

But the thing is the only way that Zach

Could have killed Emily if he was
in two places at the same time.

The police they have a video.

It's from the security
tape from across the street.

And it shows Zach coming home at 10:30.

Now, Emily was killed just after that

But I swear he was here with me

Having a few beers until
at least after midnight.

You know, maybe we could see
the crime scene. Zach's house...

We could.

Why? I mean what could you do?

Me? Not much but Dean's a cop.

A detective actually.

Really? Where?

Bisbee Arizona.

But I'm off duty now.

You guys are so nice to
offer but I don't know...

Beck, I know Zach didn't do this.

Now, we have to find a way
to prove that he's innocent.


I'm gonna go get the keys.

Oh, yeah man. You're a real
straight shooter with your friends.


Zach and Becky need our help.

I just don't think this
is our kind of problem.

Two places at once?

We've looked into less.

You're sure this is okay?

Yeah, I am an officer of the law.

Beck, you want to wait outside?

No, I wanna help.

Tell us what else the police said.


There's no sign of a break in.

They said Emily let her attacker in.

And the lawyers, they're already
talking about plead bargain.

Oh, god.

Look, Beck.

If Zach didn't do this

It means somebody else did.

And idea who?

There was something.

About a week before
somebody broke in here

And stole some clothes.

Zach's clothes. And the police
they don't think it's anything.

We were not that far from downtown.

Sometimes people get robbed.

You know, that used
to be the sweetest dog.

What happened?

He just changed. You
remember when he changed?

I guess around the time of the murder.

Listen, the neighbor's dog went psycho

Right around the time
Zach's girlfriend was killed.

And most animals have a sharp
sense for the paranormal.

Yeah, maybe Fighto saw something.

So, you think this is
our kind of problem?

No, probably not.

But we should look at the
security tape just to make sure.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, the tape. The security footage.

You think maybe your lawyers
can get their hands on it.

I just don't have that
kind of a jurisdiction..

I've already got it.

I don't want to say
something in front of the cop.

I stole it off the lawyer's desk.

I just had to see it for myself.


I'll miss you.

Why do they always have to send you?

Because I'm the best.

I know, that's why I
want you to stay home.

It's just Kansas City.

I'll be home tomorrow night

And make it up to you.

You better.

Here he comes.

22:04, that's just after 10.

You said the time of
death is about 10:30.

Our lawyers hired some
kind of video expert.

He says the tapes are authentic.

It wasn't tampered with.

Hey, Beck.

Can we take those beers now?

Oh, sure.


Maybe some sandwiches too?

What do you think this, Hooters?

I wish.

What is it? Check this out.

Maybe it's just a camera flare.

That's not like any camera
flare I've ever seen.

You know a lot of cultures believed

That a photograph can catch
a glimpse of the soul. Right.

You remember the dog
that was freaking out?

Maybe he saw this thing.

Maybe this is some kind
of dark double of Zach.

It's something that looks
like him but isn't him.

Like a Doppelganger? Yeah.

That sure explains how he
was in two places at once.

Honey, it's me.

The client canceled at the last minute.

I called, why didn't you answer?




It's okay Lindsey. It's me.

Please, don't hurt me anymore.

Leave me alone.

Alright. What are we doing
here at 5:30 in the morning?

I realized something.

The video tape shows the killer
going in but not coming out.

So he came out the back door?

Right. So there should
be a trail to follow.

A trail the police will never pursue.

Cause they think the killer never left
they caught your friend Zach inside.

Still don't know what we're
doing here at 5:30 in the morning.


Somebody came this way.

Maybe the trail ends I
don't see anything over here.

What happened?

He tried to kill his wife.

Tied her up and beat her.


I used to see him go to work in the
morning. He'd wave and say hello.

He seemed like such a nice guy.


Remember I said this isn't
our kind of problem? Yeah.

It's definitely our kind of
problem. What did you find out?

I just talked to the patrolmen
who was first in the scene.

I heard this guy Alex's story.

Apparently what he did was driving home

From a business trip
when he was attacked.

So he was at two
places at once. Exactly.

Then he sees himself in the
house, police says he's a nut job.

Two dark doubles attacking loved
ones in exactly the same way.

Could be the same thing doing it too.

Shape Shifter?

Something that can make
itself look like anyone?

Every culture in the world
has a Shape Shifter lore.

The legends of creatures who can
transform itself into animals or other men.

Right, skinwalkers, werewolves...

We got two attacks from
them blocks from each other.

I'm guessing we got a Shape
Shifter problem in the neighborhood.

Let me ask you this. And
all this Shape Shifter lore.

Can any of them fly?

Not that I know of. I
picked up a trail here.

Someone ran out of back of this
building, headed off this way.

Just like you're friend's house. Yeah.

And just like in Zach's
house the trail suddenly ends.

Whatever it is?? It just...


Well, there's another way to go.


I bet this runs right
by Zach's house too.

The Shape Shifter can be using
the sewer system to get around.

I think you're right.

Look at this.

Is this from his victims?

You know I just had a sick thought.

When the Shape Shifter changes shape...

Maybe it sheds.

That is sick.

One thing I learned from dad.

No matter what kind
of Shape Shifter it is.

There's one sure way to kill it.

Silver bullet to the
heart. That's right.

This is Sam. Where are you?

We're near Zach's. We're
just checking some things out.

Well look Sam, just stop cause I
really don't need your help anymore.

What are you talking about?

I told the lawyers we
went to the crime scene.

Why would you do that?

I told them that we're
with a police officer

And they checked it out and they told me
that there is no detective Dean Winchester.

Beck... I don't understand why you would
lie to me about something like that.

We're trying to help.
Oh, trying to help.

Do you realize that that
was a sealed crime scene.

This could have just ruined Zach's case.

Beck, I'm sorry...

No, goodbye Sam.

I hate to say it but that's
exactly what I'm talking about.

You lie to your friends because if they
know the real you they'd be freaked.

It's just...

It'll be easier... If I was like you.

Hey, man. Like it or not.
We are not like other people.

But I'll tell you one
thing. This whole gig.

It ain't without purpose.

I think we're close to its lair.

Why do you say that?

Cause there's another puking
dousing vile next to your face.

Oh, god.

Looks like he's lived here for a while.

Who knows how many
murders he's got away with.


Get the son of a bitch.

Alright, let's split up.

Alright, I'll meet you
around the inside. Alright.



No, he's gone.

Alright, let's get back to the car.

You think he found
another way underground?

Yeah, probably.

You got the keys?

Hey, didn't dad once face a
Shape Shifter in San Antonio?

That was Auston.

It didn't turn out to be a Shape
Shifter it was a Thought Form.

A psychic projection, remember?


Here you go.

Don't move!

What have you done with him?

Dude, chill.

It's me, alright? No, I don't think so.

Where's my brother?
You're about to shoot him.

Sam, calm down. You got
those keys with your left.

Your shoulder was hurt.

Yeah, it's better.

What do you want me to do? Cry?

You're not my brother.

Won't you pull the trigger then?

Cause you're not sure.

Dude, you know me.


Where is he?

Where's Dean?

I wouldn't worry about him.

I would worry about you.

Where is he?

You don't really want to know.

I swear the more I learn
about you and your family...

I thought I came from a bad background.

What do you mean learn?

He sure got issues with you.

You got to go to college.

He had to stay home.

I mean, I had to stay home. With dad.

You don't think I had dreams of my own?

But dad needed me.

Where the hell were
you? Where is my brother?

I'm your brother.

You see, deep down...

I'm just jealous.

You got friends you can have a life.

Me? I know I'm a freak.

And sooner or later
everybody's gonna leave me.

What are you talking about?

You left.

Hell, I did everything dad asked
me to and he ditched me too.

No explanation, nothing. Just poof.

Left me with your sorry ass.

But still this life

It's not without it's perch.

I met the nicest people.

Like little Becky.

You know Dean would bang
her if he had the chance.

Let's see what happens.

Oh, hi.

I know what you're
gonna say. Oh, you do.

Well no, not exactly.

But I could take a guess.

Get off my porch.

That's about right.

I admit we lied thought
I tried to explain myself.

Sam told me not to come but

I thought what the hell I have to try.

Damn it!

That better be you Sam and
not that freaking nature.

Yeah, it's me.

He went to Becky's looking like you.

Well, he's not stupid.

He picked the handsome one.

So, you're saying that

There's something out there that
made itself look like my brother?

What did you call it? The Shape Shifter.

Yeah, maybe we're crazy.

But what if we're not?

I mean look, you said it yourself.
That Zach was in two places at once.

Tell me how that can happen?
Okay, so... this thing.

It can make itself look like anybody?

That's right.

What is it? Like a...

Genetic freak?


Evolution is about mutation.


So, maybe this thing was born human

But was different.

Hideous and hated.

Until he learned to become someone else.

Yeah, that's the thing.

He didn't just look like you he was you.

Or at least becoming
you. What do you mean?

I don't know, it was like he was
downloading your thoughts and memories.

You mean, like the Volking Mindmill?

Yeah, something like that.

I mean, maybe that's why
it didn't just kill us.

Maybe he needs to keep us alive.

Psychic connection?



Go. We've got to go. He's
probably at Rebecca's already.

Come on. We got to find
a phone call the police.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're
gonna put an APB on me?


This way.

It's funny.

I kind of understand him.

He's all alone.

Close to no one.

All he wants is for someone to love him.

He's like me.

Everybody needs...

A little human touch now and then.

It's so hard to be different.

You should go.

You are disgusting! Just
get the hell out of here!

Rebecca, just calm down. I'll calm down!

What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?

I'm calling the police.

Give me your hands!

Shut up!

You're a nice girl, Rebecca.

I mean, I liked you.

Believe me, it makes this harder.

But I got to do what I got to do.


Call off the knife.

Drop the knife!

Drop the knife!

Come on, come on.

Go, go!

An anonymous tip led police to
a home in the central west end

Where a squad team discovered
a local woman found engaged.

Her attacker a white male
approximately 24 to 30 years of age

Was discovered hiding in the home.

Shots were fired... Man!

It's not even a good picture.

It's good enough.


God. Come on!

At least attempted
murder unless we know...

I didn't kill her!

I'm gonna check Rebecca in the
morning. See if she's alright.

Alright, first I want to
find that handsome devil

And kick the holy crap out of him.

We have no weapons. No silver bullets.

Man, the guy's walking
around with my face, okay?

It's a little personal,
I want to find him.


Where do we look? We can
start with the sewers.

We have no weapons.

He stole our guns. We need more.

The car?

I'm betting he drove
them over to Rebecca's.

The news said he was on foot.
I bet it's still parked there.

The thought of him driving my car!

Oh, come on.

But it's killing me! Let it go.

There she is.

Finally something right tonight.

Oh, crap.

This way, this way!

You go, I'll hold them off.

What are you talking
about? They'll catch you.

Look, they can't hold me!

Just go! Keep out of
sight! Meet me at Rebecca's.

Dean! Stay out of the sewers alone!

I mean it! Yeah, yeah!

Don't move.

Keep your hands where I can see them.

I'm sorry Sam.

You know me.

I just can't wait.


So, say the Shape Shifter is real.

By the way you know you're crazy?

But um.. Say it is real.

How do you stop it?


Silver bullet to the heart.

You are crazy.

What happened?

I was walking home and
everything just went white.

Somebody hit me over the head

And I rounded up just in time
to see that thing turn into me.

How is that even possible? Okay, okay.

It's okay.

Come on. Can you walk?

Okay, we've got to hurry.

Sam went to see you.

What are you gonna do to me?

I'm not gonna do anything.

Dean will though.

You'll never catch him.

Oh, it doesn't matter.

Murder on the first his own brother.

He'll be hunted the rest of his life.

I must say,

I will be sorry to lose this skin.

Your brother's got a
lot of good qualities.

You should appreciate more than you do.


You son of a bitch!

Not bad, little brother.

You're not him.

Even when we were kids

I always kicked your ass.



So, this is what you do?

You and your brother you hunt
down these kind of things.

Yeah, pretty much. I can't believe it!

I mean I saw with my own eyes and...

Does everybody at school...

Nobody knows that you do this?


Did Jessica know?

No, she didn't.

Must be lonely.

Oh, no. No, it's not that bad.

Anyway what can I do? It's my family.

Well you know Zach and me
and everybody at school.

We really miss you.

Yeah, me too.

Well, will you call sometime?

It might not be for a little while.

So what about your friend Zach?

Cops are blaming this Dean
Winchester guy for Emily's murder.

They found the weapon in the guy's lair,

Zach's clothes stained with her blood.

Now they're thinking maybe the
surveillance tapes were tampered with.

Yeah, Beck says Zach
would be released soon.

Sorry man.

About what?

I really wish things could
be different, you know.

I wish you could be??

Joe College. Na, that's okay.

You know, the truth is...

Even in Stanford deep
down I really never fit in.

That's cause you're a freak.

Yeah, thanks.

I'm a freak too.

I'm right there with you all the way.

Yeah, I know you are.

You know, I got to say.

I'm sorry I'm gonna miss it. Miss what?

How many chances am I gonna
have to see my own funeral?