Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Loyal Subjekts - full transcript

Jordan is infected with the same bioweapon Superman was, leading to hard feelings between Lois and Sam. Sarah is forced to perform alone because Jordan is home sick, and Morgan launches an attack on Lois and Jonathan, and reveals who he really is to Superman.

Previously on
Superman & Lois...

Let's just focus on
what we came here for. Family.

You and Jordan basically are weapons.

I am the only one in this house
that's completely unarmed.

You don't go snooping around some
guy-from-another-world's murder van.

We are the extraordinary humans
in a family of superpeople

Have you seen my dad?
I can't do the performance without him.

I can do it.

I can't keep getting my hopes up,
and then just get disappointed.

Were you able to find enough subjekts?

Yes, but there's no guarantee
they'll be receptive hosts.

That was some nasty stuff.

The gas was
an experimental synthetic Kryptonite

designed to invade your respiratory
system, weaken you from the inside.

Why is Edge here?

I mean, why Smallville?

Definitely not for the biryani.

He was in and out of Hazel Green
and Granville in weeks.

He shut down operations in New Carthage
in a few months, and now he's here.

It's gotta be for the same reason
as the other towns, right?

Mine for X-Kryptonite.

Use that machine I saw
that gives people powers.

Yeah, I know that's part of it,
but Smallville's the only town

where he's sticking around.

So there has to be a reason
why Smallville is different.

He needs this place.

This is your specialty.

How do you suggest we figure out why?

We dig deeper.

We need to use every resource
at our disposal.

So, as we know, he was only in...

Clark's a great reporter.

Now that he's not coaching, he can help.

We get all the information
we can from Lana.

Files on everyone Edge has recruited.

Who they are, where they come from.

Thank you.

Pore over every single detail.

There's Emily.

And then we start back at the beginning.

All right, so we know Emily
is the newest recruit...

Connect every dot,
piece it all together.

And if we've done ourjob right,
the answer will present itself.

My goal has always been the same.

I want to change this world.

And I finally found the place
where I can start doing so,

here, in Smallville,
with people like you.



I know your life hasn't been easy
the past few years.

I know the pain you're in.

The fear,

knowing you can't provide
for your family, that...

burden, that stress.

With my assistance, all those fears
can go away.

I can improve your life
in every way imaginable.

I can improve you, Emily.

Will this hurt?

Not a bit.

If you'd like me to,
I can activate a new life.

A new life?

The process you'd go through
will make you feel like a new person.

Clear-minded. Stronger.

Capable of things
you never dreamt possible.

But I can only do that
if you're willing.

If you acknowledge that
the life you have now...

is not what you want anymore.

Complete host acceptance.

The process isn't complete.

I'll take a few days before
you're fully in control.

But once that happens...

life will be yours again.

Do you want to become
your best self, Emily?

I do.

Lana said Edge asked her
to find more candidates.

So until we can figure out
how to stop him,

we need to convince people to stay away.

Lois, he's offering people jobs
and money.

Things they need to feel
in control of their lives again.

Boys, bus will be here in a minute.

Clark, we have to do something.
And nobody's going to listen to me.

They haven't since that first town hall,
but they will to you.

- Hey. Which one's mine?
- Here.


All right, guys, we're probably
gonna have another late night

working on this Edge case.

All right.

We were gonna see Sarah's revue
tonight anyway, so...

You guys sure are spending quite a bit
of time together

for just being "friends."

Just trying to support her, Dad.

- Uh-huh.
- Right.

What? She said she just
wanted to be friends.

Might be more than that, but I will
leave it up to her to tell you.

Bus is pulling up.

All right, there's leftovers
in the fridge. Okay?

All right. Love you guys. Bye.

- I gotta go meet Lana at the Gazette.
- Okay.

Clark, you are Martha Kent's son.

She was helping people here
way before Edge showed up.

They will listen to you.

- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

And none of these people
are acting differently at all?

I mean, the only change I see
is how happy they are.

Like, they're truly excited to be there.

To be a part of something,
to change their lives.

What is he doing with them?

Personal development, self-improvement,
trust exercises.

I really don't know the specifics.

Well, sounds like a cult, only Edge is
power-brainwashing free of charge.

The only other thing
I can tell you

is they started
these morning "togethers"

- at Victoria May's.
- "Togethers?"

Camaraderie-building breakfasts.

Oh, I'm gonna be late.


Lana, maybe you should take a break.

This is kind of starting
to get really dangerous,

and I don't want anything
to happen to you.

It's okay, Lois. Really.

I mean, if I can keep Edge from hurting
just one person, it's worth it.

Think I should head over to the diner.
Go full intervention on this breakfast.

No, you stay focused on getting
what you can on Edge's minions.

I know someone who might have
a better shot at getting through.

Okay. Hey, boys!

Hey, come on over.

- Hey, Mr. Cushing.
- Hey.

Jordan, listen, I...
I just want to say thank you

for stepping up and helping Sarah
with her audition the other day.

That... that really saved the day, man.

Yeah. Uh, thanks.

- Okay. You don't want to be late.
- Yeah.

Hey, we'll see you later, okay?


Can't wait to see you up there tonight.

Don't ask. He's having some
kind of personality crisis.


Yeah, he keeps telling me
how he's changed for good

and how he feels better.

Things improve for a little bit.

It's the same crap as always,
and then he crashes

- like your brother's about to.
- What?

I told you, stay away
from Tegan Wickhem.

Just trust me, okay?


- Emily, hey!
- I heard you were back in town.

Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sorry I haven't seen you.

It's been crazy since we moved here.

I bet. Well, me too, actually.
But for the better.

Oh, yeah? I heard you were working
at Edge EnerCorp.

It has changed my life.

I feel great.

I can think better, focus.

You know, problems that seemed
impossible before are like nothing now.

Really? Wow. You know what? Actually,
I would love to talk to you about that.

You're looking for work?

- Uh, well...
- It's okay. Just talk to Lana.

She hooked me up,
got me into the program.

I'm sure she'd be happy
to help her old boyfriend.

- Yeah, I'll...
- I gotta go.

Let me know if I can be of help.

It was so good to see you, Clark.

- Yeah, you too.
- Take care.

Thank God you're back.

Edge just sent someone over with
a massive ad buy for tomorrow's paper.

- For more recruits?
- Twice as many.

Whatever crazy voodoo
Edge is doing to these people,

he's kicking into high gear.

Where are you going?

Oh, to make a scene.

- Lois.
- Where's Edge?

He's in a group meeting.

I just found out
about the ad this morning.

You don't want anything to do
with what he's offering.

Miss Lane...

You all need to walk away right now.
Walk away.

Don't touch me.

I'm sorry. If everyone could give
Miss Lane and I a moment,

I promise this won't take long.

I know this sounds insane,
because it is,

but he wants to erase everything you are
and replace it with something else.

Well, that was desperate.

I know what you're doing.

Providing good jobs
to a community in need.

You're putting Kryptonian
consciousnesses into people's bodies.

You are taking them over
and giving them powers.

And your evidence for this is...

Derek Powell, Reno Rosetti, Leslie.

So two dead men
and my personal assistant.

I have to say, this story has holes
even by your standards.

We both know it's the truth.

In my experience,
truth is rather subjective.

Who do you think people
are more likely to believe?

A has-been slumming it
at the local paper

or the man who's giving this town
the best economy it's ever known?

These people are not puppets
to be controlled by you.

They have dreams.

They have families.

No one is being forced
to do anything against their will.

Everyone's made the same offer,
the chance

for a better life. Says so right there.

We're not publishing this.

I guess word of mouth
will have to suffice.

You can't stop this, Lois.

Perhaps it's time you use that device
you have to call in your Super Friend.

Perhaps it is.

Risky, though.

Need I remind you where he's from?

He may take comfort knowing
there are others here just like him.

As John Irons prophesied.

Superman is nothing like them.

I'm excited to find out.

Hey, looks like you finally
figured out that locker.

Yeah... No... Yeah, I took your advice.

You know, nothing good ever comes
from anger, so...

Hey, uh, Tegan.

Hey. Um...

I was just wondering if,
like, maybe, uh,

you wanted to hang out
after school sometime?

Hang out. Like, just the two of us?

Yeah. I mean, doesn't have to be
like that formal or anything. Just...

Grab a bite at the diner.


Look, I'm sure you're a really
sweet guy and all...

Look, I just thought...

I don't know, I just thought, like,
we were trading looks and...

Well, yeah, I mean, you had that
broken arm and you looked so lonely.

I was just trying to be nice.

Yeah. Right.

Look, I wasn't trying to hurt
your feelings or anything.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's... it's... it's all good.

It's my bad.

- Cool.
- See you later.

Whoo! Looks like you need
a new playbook, QB2.

You got to work on closing that deal
like you close your locker.

- Clark, are you here?
- In the kitchen.

We got a problem.

Morgan Edge is ramping up
that program of his.

Oh, my God! What happened?

I went to stop this bank robbery
and I got hit.

- Did they use Kryptonite?
- No. Regular bullets.

This isn't normal.
Superman doesn't bruise,

especially not from bullets.

You think it has something to do
with that gas Rosetti used?

I don't know.
We're gonna have to call my dad.

Sorry about messing up the intro.

I didn't even notice. You sounded great.


How are you so awesome at piano?

Do you have any other little secret
talents you're not telling me about?

Um... Nah, this is pretty much it.

Well, thank you for everything.

All the time you've put into this.
It really means a lot having you here.

I want to be here.

Bless you.

I... I must have allergies or something.

Jordan, I...



Something's wrong with me.

You're infected, too.

Come on.

Here, honey.

So, what's happening?

The Kryptonite gas
that Rosetti used on me at the DOD,

it was a bioweapon, and I think
it might be a communicable.

Like a virus?

So I'm... I'm getting
Kryptonite sickness from you.


Clark, it's not your fault.

You didn't even know
anything was happening until today.

You have super-healing,
so how long are you sick for?

Your dad has never been sick
a day in his life.

Well, I'm not that bad.


This wasn't supposed to happen.

Really? Because it sure
seems like a weapon

designed to hurt Superman
would hurt Superman.

It was only meant as a last resort,
just to weaken him temporarily.

Then why is my son sick?

Explain that to me.
You put your own grandson in harm's way.

Sam, how do we fix this?

My guys are working on it.

Yo, Sarah.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Are there gonna be refreshments
at this thing, or what?

Uh, have you seen Jordan?

No. He's probably just putting on
his best black tee for the show.

- You know how it goes.
- No, I don't, because, uh,

he left about an hour ago,
and he hasn't come back.

Did he tell you where he was going?

No. He just ran out of rehearsal
like a frightened little rabbit.


We were really
having a nice time together.

Or at least I thought we were
until he completely ghosted me.

Sarah, I don't think it's about you.

I'll find him.

Okay, well, hurry up, because
I think I'm the first one up.

All right.


Emily. Hey,
I've been meaning to ask you,

how's it going with the program?


Mr. Edge is a genius.

That he somehow figured out a process
to completely transform people's lives,

it's... it's amazing.

What process?

I'm sorry. I assumed you'd already
gone through it.

No, I haven't.

What did he do to you exactly?

Mr. Edge was very clear
that we not tell anyone.

Emily, we've known each other
since the fifth grade. You can trust me.

Lana, do you have a moment?

I'll see you later.

It seems you've been looking into
things that don't concern you.

Well, you put me in charge
of the Young Executive Program.

I should at least know
what it's really about.

And is this to satisfy
your own curiosity,

or so that you can run
and tell Lois Lane?

I never told her anything.

It's okay.

As evidenced by today's spectacle,
Miss Lane is desperate.

In fact, I'd have been more surprised

if she hadn't tried
to scare you into helping.

Emily told me about
a process she went under.

What is she talking about?

An offer I made her.

The same one I'm about to
make right now to you.

And make no mistake...

the answer you give
will impact the rest of your life.

- Jordan, where are you?
- Upstairs.

It's like Iditarod-level cold in here.

Your brother's sick.

Does that have something to do
with you flaking on Sarah?

- I got to get back to her.
- You're not going anywhere.

Sarah's going on any minute.
I can't just abandon her.

She'll be okay.

No, she won't.

This is exactly what her dad did.
I can't let that happen again.

I know you want to be there for her,
but you cannot go anywhere

until we know exactly what is going on.

Wait, we don't even know
what's going on with him?

The Kryptonite that infected

your brother is affecting him
differently than me.

Your grandfather
is working with the doctors

to figure out a way to help him.

Jonathan, he's gonna be fine.

Dad, that does not seem fine.

It's getting harder to breathe.

- What is happening to him?
- We can't wait for your dad.

Let me call you back.

Why's Clark leaving?

To do what you can't.

Lois, that gas Rosetti
used on Clark was synthetic.

Experimental. It hadn't been tested.

We didn't know
what his reaction would be.

All my life,
your job was your number one priority.

Accepting that wasn't easy.

But I learned to live with it,

and somehow even grew to respect it

because I believed that
you were trying to do the right thing.

And I honestly naively thought that
once I had a family, you might change.

Start putting us first.

But I was wrong.

Knowingly and willingly

endangering the lives
of the people I love?

I can't forgive that.

So when this is over, I want you
to leave and never come back.

You're not welcome here anymore.

Jordan's been infected with Kryptonite.
It's affecting his breathing.

He's in respiratory distress.


The Kryptonite is causing his lungs
to fill with fluid.

As he can condense
large quantities of air...

He's cooling it like I do.

Can you get the Kryptonite out of him?


But only the same way
we have with you in the past.


Come here. Come here.

We're gonna have to burn the Kryptonite
out of your system.

Burn it? How?

With heat. With...

some immense heat.

- No, no, no, no...
- Listen to me.

Listen to me.
This is the only way, okay?

We have to do this, otherwise your lungs
could completely freeze.

Dad, I'm scared.

I'm gonna be right here.
You're gonna take my hand. Okay?

You are gonna squeeze
as hard as you need to, okay?

You can do this.


Mom, you okay?

I should've protected him.

Mom, this is... This isn't on you.

I'm your mom.

My one job is to keep you guys safe,
and I keep failing at it.

No. No, you don't.

You were almost gunned down
in John Henry's RV.

That was my fault.

Got into a car accident.

That was also my fault.

I feel like I can't turn around without
one of you being in mortal danger.

Why is it so hard to keep you safe?

I don't know.


Just part of being
a super family, I guess.

Hey, come here.
Dad will figure something out.

He always does.

- Lana, I saved you both seats.
- Hey. Thank you.

- Hi. How are you doing?
- Hey. Good to see you.

Hello, everyone,
and thank you for coming.

- Our students tonight were...
- How did everything go with Edge?

Oh, amazing!

He explained everything to me.

It all makes perfect sense.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

And for our first performance,
we have the very talented Sarah Cushing

singing "Little Light" by Amos Lee.


I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Yes, you can.

Just like being at home, okay?

Some days I can't get myself
Out the box

And some days I can't find keys
To any locks

Some days I feel like
It's all overblown

And then I look at you
When I don't feel so alone

And I say

Hey, let your little light shine

Let your little light shine

For the world to see

Just waiting
to hear back from my team,

and we'll get everything straightened
out with Jordan and your dad.

Little late for that, isn't it?

Why'd you do it?

Why did you build those weapons
to hurt my dad?

Your father's the most powerful being
this world's ever known.

My job is to keep us safe.

Which means being prepared
for any scenario,

no matter how unlikely.

You and I, we're not like your dad,
or even Jordan.

He's my twin brother.

Yes, but the minute his powers surfaced,

you and him began walking
two very different paths.

That scares you, doesn't it?

It does.

You know, I think you're wrong.

I think you're wrong
about you and I being alike.

How so?

I could never be scared of my family.

No matter what powers they might have.

Jonathan, you haven't seen
the things I have.

Yeah, you're right.

But in the end,
I don't think that would matter

because I'd still trust them,

and you'd still be a coward.

There's a fight to be won
For the love you find at home


- You were wonderful out there.
- Thank you.

It felt really good once I got going.

- Yeah.
- I told you, you'd kill it.

Thank you, Dad, for helping me.

Please forgive if I don't walk

Emily, where are you going?
Avery's not done yet.

I'll be right back.

That was weird.


- Let me go see what's wrong.
- Wait. Kyle...

Have you seen this?

He's still weak.

The exact reason why I just activated
some of our Subjekts.

To take down Superman?

Not him.

The one he protects.

- The Kryptonite is nearly gone.
- You're doing great.

You're almost there.
You're almost there.

That's it!

It's over. That's it. It's over.

You're done. Hey, you did it, okay?

Hey, I'm proud of you.

You all right?

Come here. I'm proud of you.
Come on, stand up.

Stand up.

What do you mean you don't know
how long it will affect him?

No, I haven't tested the prototype.

He wasn't exactly in the mood.

Just get me an answer.

Can we just, like,
call them or something?

It's named
the Fortress of Solitude for a reason.

I know it sucks.
We just have to be patient, okay?

- Hey, Lana.
- Lois.

You know how you kept asking me

if anyone over at Edge EnerCorp
was acting differently?

I just saw it for the first time,
with Emily Phan.


Yeah. She left in the middle
of her daughter's performance.

She would never do that.

Avery is everything to her.

I mean, it's like she was...

She was someone else.

I'll get it.

I guess this is what Edge meant.

What do you mean?

Tonight, before I left the office,

he made me an offer,

to do what he's doing to everyone else.

- What?
- I turned him down.

Lana, why wouldn't you
mention this before?

Because I was nervous.

He knew I was feeding you information.

Hey, Mom, I think it's for you.

Lois, I'm worried.

What if he does something?



- She shouldn't have called.
- Lois?

Not this time.

This isn't you.

Not anymore.

Get out of here.

Keep hitting this till he comes.
It's all we can do.

No, no, no. We need to go to the barn.

I'll keep 'em busy.

You took his weapons?


I just came from the performance.
Lana was scared.

- What's going on?
- Edge sent people to kill me.

It's not gonna happen.

Stay down.

The targets first.

So that's what Kryptonite
feels like, huh?



I'm sorry, Jordan.

Your life right now has completely
changed because of who I am.

Everything that's happening to you,

you didn't ask for any of this.

I didn't.

But you didn't ask
for what happened to you either.

Here, give me the gun.

Pretty good with that thing.

We're not
just gonna kill you, Lois.

He wanted you to suffer first.

They're gone.

Better than ice.

Unless that was a lie
you told me when I was a kid.

Only way I could get you to do it.

We sure went through our fair share
of frozen peas, didn't we?

God, even as a kid,

you were always coming home bruised up.

I was never there to keep you
from getting them, though, was I?


It's true.

Everything you said is true.

I wasn't the best father.

I was gone... a lot.

And I wasn't there to protect you
where a parent should.

You were, tonight.

Couldn't let 'em hurt my grandson.

And my little girl.

Lois, we're gonna stay here
till this is over.

As of now, you,
the boys, Clark, Smallville,

that's my priority.


Because that war John Henry Irons
was talking about...

I think it's about to happen.

Think Mom's gonna let you
keep the solar weapons now?

I don't know.

I mean, they're pretty much
the only reason we're alive, so...

Would suck to come home
and find out I was an only child.



So you're just, like, fine now?

Yeah. Other than ice breath.

So you have that now for good, or what?

- Think so.
- Wow.

What's that feel like?

Like having a piece of wintergreen gum
in your mouth at all times.


I can't believe what happened.

Avery Phan's mom and Mr. Cushing?

Right. But it wasn't them, you know?

They were super, super brainwashed.

Think Grandpa is sending a few people
to go look from 'em both.

Are they gonna tell Sarah?

I don't know.

Oh, my God! What happened?

Are you drunk?

- No.
- Honey, could you excuse us?


Please, I need to speak
to your father alone.


- Are you?
- No.

No. Look, I told you
I am done with all that.

I'm trying to improve myself, Lana.
I really am.

But something happened to me tonight.

I was at the performance.

We were talking to Sarah,
and then I blacked out.

Next thing you know,
I'm out in the middle of a field,

somewhere outside of town,
and my ribs...

My ribs are hurting,

and I don't know how I got there,

I don't know what's going on...


The steps you're taking
to improve yourself,

did Morgan Edge make you an offer?

How can I help you?

I want to be my best self.

I wanted to be better.

For you and for our girls, babe.

Hey, Chrissy.

You said if we kept digging,
the answer would present itself,

and honestly, for a while,
I thought you were nuts

'cause nothing new was coming to light.

But then I got back all the research
on the powered people we know,

and I found this little nugget
that means something.

I just don't know what yet,
but thought your big brain

might be able to connect the dots.

Chrissy, what are you talking about?

Irma Sayres and David Fugelstad.


Leslie Larr and motel attacker guy.

Leslie Larr's real name is Irma Sayres?

Mmm-hmm. And the guy is David Fugelstad.

And guess what?

I found out they're both
originally from Smallville.

Derek Powell's from New Carthage,

Reno Rosetti is from Metropolis.

David Fugelstad and Leslie Larr
are from Smallville.

When Derek Powell killed himself,
what did he say to you?

That he was already dead.

And his powers were fritzing.

Yeah, just like Rosetti's.

That didn't happen when I fought David.

And it didn't happen with Leslie.

When I landed here,

there were meteor showers
all over the world for an entire week.

Right. Remnants of Krypton.
That's why there's Kryptonite.

Right. Every form of Kryptonite.

And the kind that landed here
is buried in the mines.

Was X-Kryptonite.

So the only place in the world
that has X-Kryptonite

is also the only place that has people

who've been exposed to it long enough
to accept its effects.

Like Tag Harris.

It's not Smallville
Edge needs to build his army.

It's the people.


It's your ELT.


I'm glad you came.

Everything you're doing
is going to stop.

That's exactly what your friend
Lois Lane keeps saying to me.

You can't make that happen
any more than she can.

Did you really think
I'd be giving people powers

without having them myself?

You see, I got mine
the same time you did, Kal-El.

- When I arrived on this planet.
- When you arrived?

I think it's time
you learned the truth about who I am,

and where I'm really from...