Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - O Mother, Where Art Thou? - full transcript

Superman is forced to expend all of his powers to free the possessed Smallville residents from the Kryptonian consciounesses possessing them. With Lana's help, he turns to a Kryptonian close to him for help. Meanwhile, Morgan initiates his backup plan with Leslie's help.

Previously on
Superman & Lois...

Your mom wanted us
to move to Smallville.

This family needs Smallville.

What happened on my world
is already happening on this one.

It's very possible that Morgan Edge
is building an army.

You're putting Kryptonian
consciousnesses into people's bodies.

You are taking them over
and giving them powers.

Something happened to me tonight.
I blacked out.

- I don't know what's going on.
- Did Morgan Edge make you an offer?

I think it's time
you learned the truth about who I am,

and where I'm really from, brother.


I know how unlikely it may seem.

But the two of us,
we share the same Kryptonian blood.

You are not my brother.

I am, Kal-El.

My real name is Tal-Rho.

I'm the son of Zeta-Rho
and Lara Lor-Van.

That's not possible.

- My mother...
- Married Jor-El, your father.

Yes, I know.

Years after she'd been matched
to my father.

Years after I was born.

It was when she first warned
that Krypton was dying.

Very reason my father sent me here.

I was the first son of Krypton to leave.

I came here with one purpose...
To further our Kryptonian heritage.

My mother would never destroy
innocent lives.

Humans are far from innocent.

Jacob! Oh, my God.

- It's a boy.
- Margaret, hold on.

Don't you move.

I said don't move!

This world you protect deserves
better than those who inhabit it.

It's not your decision to make.

It's already been made.

Don't you see, Kal?

This is our chance to be with our own,
to have a family again.

- A family?
- The mines, the X-Kryptonite,

the people in this town,
they gave me the means.

Krypton will finally be resurrected.
The defense council will reign.

And we'll have our mother with us
once again.

I know you long to see her,
just as I do.

Help me do that, brother.

Not like this.

Time is almost come, Kal-El.
Our people will awaken soon.

And when that happens,
I need you by my side.

Or you'll be eradicated, too.

You finally kick him out?

Sarah, it's not what it looks like.

- He wasn't at the bars.
- Really?

'Cause this is how things
normally go down.

Just as it seems like
Dad's going to change,

he decides getting drunk's more
important than being with his family.

That's not what happened.

- Why do you always cover for him?
- I'm not covering for him.

- Yes, you are.
- You know what, honey,

I really can't do this right now.

Of course you can't,
'cause you just can't accept the reality

that your husband
is not the guy that you married anymore.


And you don't know
what you're talking about.

And I don't need a teenager
telling me what to do.

Fine. Teenager! What do you know?

- I'm staying at Denise's.
- Sarah!



Everything okay?

Kyle, I really need you
to tell me what happened.


Starting with
when you first went to Edge.

Hi, you've reached Lana,
leave a message. Have a good day.

Lana, you have to call me back
as soon as you can. Please.

I am worried about you.

She's still not answering.

I'll send someone to her house.

Morgan Edge is your brother?

There's no way, right?

He knew things about Krypton
no one could possibly know.

He spoke the language.

He had Kryptonian powers, like...

I don't know.

What does he want?

Kryptonians here.

And for me to join him.

That's why he's putting
Kryptonian consciousness into people.

He wants Earth
to become the next Krypton.

I don't get it though.
Why did he think that you'd join him?

Because he can bring
my Kryptonian mother back. Our people.

Clark, before you go down
the rabbit hole here,

don't you think you should find out
if this is even actually true?

I'm not going to leave after Edge sent
people to kill you and Jonathan.

Babe, half the DOD's on our front lawn.
They're moving into the town.

Edge is not coming here.

Go. We'll call you if we need you.

- Is it possible?
- It is possible, yes.

- How could you never tell me?
- There wasn't the need.

"The need"?

For me to know
I've had a brother here my entire life?

One who wants to restore Krypton using
some technology created by my mother.

"There wasn't the need"?

I understand your frustration.

But restoring Krypton
was never her intent.

At least not the way
Zeta-Rho wished to enact it.

Lara's invention
was a means of preservation,

to save our people by retaining
and transferring their minds.

Just as my own mind
has been retained here.

It was Zeta-Rho who sought
to colonize other worlds

and enslave their inhabitants as hosts.

I can't let this happen.

I have to bring back everyone

Edge's implanted with
Kryptonian consciousness.

Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

The Eradicator
is well beyond my understanding.

It's your mother's invention.

She developed this technology.

I'm sorry, my son. I cannot help you.

How come every time it seems like
things are going to get better,

something happens,
and it's all just crazier than before?

You okay?

Yeah, I saw footage of what happened
to Dad on John Henry's planet.

He killed Mom.

I mean, her
or a doppelgänger or whatever.


So, what if the Edge from that planet
was also that Superman's brother?

What if he brought back their mom,

and then
he gave him a Kryptonian family,

and that's why he turned on humanity.

What if that's what happened there
and it's happening here, too.

It wouldn't change anything.

Look, all I'm saying is
going your whole life thinking that

you're the only one left in your family,

and then finding out that you had
a brother that you never knew about

and that you could see your mom?

- That would affect anyone.
- Yeah, it would.

But the difference between Edge
and your dad is that he has a family.

The three of us, right here.
We're his family.

And no matter what happens,
we always will be.

We found Kyle Cushing.


Why didn't you tell me
you were going to see Edge?

Because you lied to me, Lana...

About the executive program.

I mean, clearly, you didn't think
I had what it took...

- Kyle...
- No, Lana, it's fine.

I just got sick and tired of messing up.
With you, with our girls...

So, yeah, I went to see him
the other morning.

And he made you an offer?

He said I could go through this process,

change my life, make me better...

and it did.

And what was this process, exactly?

First step was we went
into this machine.

And where was that?
Where did Edge take you?

Hey, Lois. Everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Just stopped by to check in.


On me.

You all are so weak.

Not all of us.

Go, go, go!

Good job.

- You okay?
- No. Not really.

How are the girls?

Sophie's at my folks',
she doesn't know anything.

Sarah stormed out last night.
She thinks I'm covering for Kyle.

She won't answer my calls or texts.

We'll have the boys reach out.

You know,

it has been so long since
anything strange happened in this town.

I thought we were done
with this kind of stuff.

And then this happens to my husband.

Lana, we're going to save him,
I promise.


Best place to start is by finding
where Edge hides his Eradicator.

And that's the thing
that he used on Kyle?

Yeah, wherever it is,

it stands to reason that location
has been receiving shipments

of X-K from the Shuster mines.

- What's X-K?
- X-Kryptonite.

It's what Edge has been mining for.
It's what gives people these powers.

The theory is, powers only hold
with Smallville natives.

People who have had prolonged exposure.

Like Kyle and Emily.

And basically everyone I recruited
for the executive program.

Dozens upon dozens of what
he calls Subjekts. His own private army.

And these people,
you know their identity?

It's our murderer's row of suspects.

Info I pulled from employee files,
first-hand encounters,

the names you offered,
anyone Edge could have interacted with.

It's a pretty big list

that, unfortunately, doesn't get us
closer to the big picture.

I don't have a big picture, either.

Well, except, I do see one thing odd.


Doctor Dabney Donovan.
Listed as Edge's personal physician.

He was the one
who conducted all the health exams

for everyone in the executive program.

This guy left a tenure track position
at MIT to work for Edge?

It's a pretty big salary
to walk away from.

Dual PhDs in genetics
and molecular neuro-chemistry.

Knowledge that would come in handy

if you want to swap
one person for another.

Do you know
where these health exams took place?

No, that was top secret.

I tried to get Kyle to tell me before...

I think we need to try again.

Put out the APB. Entire tristate area.

Local, state, FBI,
I want the cub scouts after this guy.

I figure it can't hurt to ask.

At least, it can't hurt me.

Where is this man?

Do you even realize
the threat you now face?

Of what my people will do
to you and your family

when the attack begins?

That's a real shame.

All I wanted was some good conversation.

One more time.

Where do I find this man?

I will melt the flesh
from your skull.

Not today.

Where is he?

I knew my dad was a disaster.

I guess I just didn't want to admit
the extent of it.

Sarah, I'm so sorry.

Why should you be sorry? I'm not sorry.

It's better to know, right?
Even if my mom's in total denial.

Maybe you should go
a little easier on your mom.

Why? Nothing's going to change
if my mom doesn't do something.

My dad's a disaster,
and all my mom is doing

is getting her black belt
in passive aggressive texting.

You're right.

- Jon...
- Sarah, the truth about your dad is that

he is really messed up.

Yeah, Jon. I know.

No, not from drinking.
Morgan Edge did something to him.

This is going to sound nuts, but,

he's basically been body-snatched.


Look, these military guys showing up,
they're from the DOD.

It's a threat reduction agency
headed by our grandpa

to keep Earth safe from aliens.

And the scientists there,

they are looking at your dad right now,
trying to help him.

But, honestly, I don't even think
that they're totally clear

on what's going on.

Right, so it's... It's not their fault.

It's not his fault.

Sarah, it's definitely
not your mom's fault.

Maybe you should go see for yourself.

Lana's really beating herself up.

Hard not to.

Clark, why would Edge give Superman
time to make a decision?

What do you mean?

Edge is a ruthless corporate shark,
he never gives anyone anything.

Why give Superman time?

The only reason that makes sense
is that he needs it.

Maybe the subjects aren't finished
resurrecting or transforming

or whatever the process is
because they're not done.

And Edge knows that
if he's going to defeat Superman,

he needs everyone.

They found Donovan.


- I guess I'll...
- Go out the back?

Go out the back, yeah.

You're coming with us.

We need to reverse what this
machine's been doing to people.

- Reverse it?
- Yeah.

Turn everyone back into
the human they should be.

- I can't do that.
- You'll do what I say.

Look, I barely understand
how this technology even works.

If you want to reverse this process,

you're going to have to find
whoever it is that invented this thing.

Who the hell's that?

My mother.

All of this for Morgan Edge.

It's gonna get a whole lot worse
if we don't stop him.

He's here.

Everything okay?

Uh... I know you're used to all this,

but it's a little surreal
to see Superman in real life.

I'm so used to watching him on TV.

Yeah, it can be a little weird.
Come on. Follow me.

Is there any way to communicate
with the consciousness

inside the Eradicator?

The Kryptonian minds inside
aren't actually alive.

Once a consciousness is chosen,

they need a host
in order to become activated.

So the only way this works

is to place the consciousness
of Lara Lor-Van

into someone from Smallville.

That's my understanding.

Get this machine ready.

This doesn't feel right.

- We don't have any other choices.
- And we're running out of time.

- We need to find a volunteer fast.
- I'll do it.

Uh, I'm sorry, but that's not possible.

Why not? I'm from Smallville.
Makes me the ideal candidate.

You don't have to look for anyone.

- She does have a point.
- Dad!

Can everyone just please
give us a moment alone?

- This isn't your responsibility.
- Then whose is it?

I'm the one who stood by while
Kyle rallied the town to Edge's side.

It was me who signed up my own friends
to Edge's executive program.

- Lana...
- This is my town.

And at every critical juncture,
I failed it.

So don't tell me
this isn't my responsibility.

Not when I stand here,
about to lose everything.

I appreciate what you're trying to do,
but you have a family.

Yeah, and my husband is one of them,

who is going to become some
alien psychopath

if I don't do something.

I have to save Kyle, Lois.

If there's a chance that
he's still alive, I have to do it.

What about Sarah and Sophie?

They mean the world to me,
you know that.

- It's why I can't let you do this.
- No, it's why you have to.

I have to fix this. For them. For me.
For everybody here.

There's no guarantee
this will even work.

This is alien science.

Well, it's good thing
I'm just a local loan officer

who doesn't know any better.

You are not authorized to go in.

This is his daughter.
How much authorization do you need?

We've been through this already.

- I need you to vacate the premises.
- Or what?

What are you gonna do?
You gonna shoot us?

Guys, maybe we should just
try again later.

No, we're going in whether
GI Jerknuts here wants us to or not.

The hell's going on here?

I'm in the middle
of a national emergency,

only to get word my own grandsons
are down here causing problems.

We're just trying to get in
so she could see her dad.

Not an option.

We already told her
what happened to him, okay?

She deserves to see it for herself.

- Why would you do that?
- I don't know.

Maybe because I'm done
with your BS secrets.

- Those secrets save lives.
- Really?

Because you keep saying that
and it keeps proving not to be true.

Is this about
what happened with your brother?

No, it's about everything, okay?

You keep acting
like you're doing the right thing.

And then it keeps proving
to be the exact opposite.

Come on, can't you just act like a real
person for once and not a soldier?

Let 'em in.

Thanks, Grandpa.


I don't get it, you said that
there would be some kind of...


- You think your little toys can stop us?
- Dad!


Oh, Daddy doesn't exist anymore.

He's a screaming corpse.
Ashes on the pyre.

Hey, Sarah, let's just get out of here.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on, come on.


When I get out of here,
I'm gonna kill you first.

- I don't like this.
- I don't like it either,

but it's her choice
and we have to respect it.

I know, but it's Lana,
she's one of my closest friends.

Which is why you should say something,
even if it's as you, it'll mean a lot.

I want to thank you.

It's very brave.

I wouldn't be so sure.

My heart is racing
a million miles an hour.

Yeah, I know.

Right. Sorry.

You know, you don't have to do this.

There's always another way.

I don't think you really believe that.

Also, did Superman just lie to me?

It's not lying. I'm just an optimist.

I guess that's what makes you a hero.

You're the hero right now, Lana.

It's time.

We'll be right here.

Did it work? Is she okay?



I know this must be a lot to process.

Resurrection was my life's work.

As a way to ensure
our civilization was not lost forever.

It was never meant to be used as a way
to supplant another race.

Kryptonians are peaceful people.

At least the majority of us.

I don't understand.

Zeta-Rho, my brother...

You had another family?

We were genetically matched.

That's how unions were formed
for thousands of years on Krypton.

And then I met your father.

We fell in love

and ended my relationship with Zeta-Rho.

Jor-El and I shared a vision
for a better world.

I gave birth to you
and then your father and I...

When we decided to send you to Earth,

we hoped you would live that vision.

I think I have.

The sunstone crystal, in my pod.

Why only Father's?
Why not yours as well?

It was stolen by Zeta-Rho.

Revenge for leaving him.

My biggest fear in letting you go
was that you would be without a mother.

I had a mother here.

Her name was Martha.

And she loved me very much.

You have no idea
how much that means to me, Kal-El.

This world, it welcomed you.

It has.

And you found someone.

I can tell by how you look at her.

She's the love of my life.

It's all I ever wanted for you.

To find a new home,

someone to love,

create a family of your own.

We have two sons.

Tell me all about them.

What are we going to do?


Look at her. She's upset.
I think she wants to talk to you.

Yeah, why is she so upset?

'Cause you had to tell her
what's going on.

Hey, look, I'm not going to apologize
for telling the truth, okay? Ever.

And I wish things weren't
the way that they are.

And what happened to her dad...

It really sucks, all right?

But I think all you can do now
is be there for her.

Yeah. Right.

- I'm so sorry.
- I had to see him.

I had to understand,
but now it's like...

I don't even know what that was.

I think a lot of really smart people
are trying to figure that out right now.

Last night... That was my dad.

I know that was my dad.

I was awful to him.

Is that going to be the last time
I ever see my dad?

Is calling my dad a drunk going to be
the last thing I ever say to him?

I need him back.

We're just going to have to
hold on to hope.

I'll find them.

- There's no need.
- They have the Eradicator...

I said there's no need!

- Leave. Prepare for our arrival.
- Now?

Kal-El made his decision.
He chose humanity over us.

There's no saving my brother now.

How does this thing work?

Same principle as a computer.

In this case, instead of a computer,
it's a brain,

and the information being uploaded
is a person's consciousness.

The Eradicator holds
and transfers this information.

A new consciousness into a person.

So, during this transfer process,

does the old consciousness exist?

It does until the transfer is complete.

And then the new consciousness
fully takes over.

- How long does that take?
- Days. Weeks.

Depends how willing the host is
to accept this new life, if at all.

But the Kryptonian part
that's developing,

that person could just emerge
at any time?

If prompted, yes.

The Kryptonian consciousness
will remain in the Eradicator

and their powers will dissipate
over time.

And how do we stop this?

Prevent the transfer from completing
so only the old consciousness remains.

- Can we do that?
- We can.

We just need to get the people
who were affected

to go through
the eradication process again.

- Bring 'em here, all of them?
- Yes.

- And run them through the machine.
- Yes.

We don't know how many people
have gone through this.

There has to be another way
to do it all at once.

That would require too much energy.

How much?

We would need something
that rivals this planet's sun.

It's Edge.

Figure out a way to do everyone at once.
I'll hold him off as long as I can.

How the hell are you going to do that?

Appeal to him
the same way he did to you.

As a brother.


Go, my son,
be the hero I knew you would be.

Hello again, Superman.

Why do you love them?
There must be a reason.

Did they take you in
when you first arrived?

They treat you
like you were one of them?

'Cause they did no such thing for me.

I landed in the British countryside
where I was not greeted.

I was hunted.



Kept hidden from the world for years.

A piece of alien meat,

an experiment for them to learn
why I had abilities.

Brother, I am sorry
that happened to you.

But not everyone here is like that.

Only when they're afraid.

And believe me...

I made them afraid.

No. No. No!

And I'm going to again...

Without you, brother.

Tell me...

What is it like being with my son?

Most of the time it's easy.
But sometimes it's very difficult.

Most of the time I feel very secure

and then I've also had some of the most
terrifying days in my entire life.

But there's always love and respect.

- A partnership?
- Very much so.

On Krypton,

I had all the hopes and dreams
one could ever have,

and I lived them all.

And then one day,

those hopes and dreams were
for the son I'd just had.

Thank you, Lois,
for making them come true.

He's this world's first
and greatest hero.

But I want you to know that
he's an even better man.

About last night and the performance.
I'm so sorry I didn't make it.

It was because of this, wasn't it?


I feel like such a jerk, Jordan.

All this weirdness with you
and now it makes sense.

I mean, you knew about all of this
and you had to keep it a secret.

Now, I'm actually really glad that
your dad was there instead of me.

You guys got to have that together.

That's a great memory to hold on to.

Here you go.

Something's going on.

The hell?

Yes, humans are flawed,
and, yes, some more than others.

But they don't deserve
what you're trying to do.

You will defend them over your own kind.

They don't deserve to lose their lives.

They are inferior to us, Kal.

No, they're not. They're just different.

I was sent here with a mission.

- To resurrect my people.
- No.

- To save Krypton.
- Stop.

- And I will not fail.
- Yes, you will.

The thing is, Kal,

this is the only planet
you've ever known.

So you don't know the pain
of losing one. But I do.

And I am not going
to let that happen again.

And neither are they.

That's your family coming, Kal.

Your real people. Your real heritage.

Make a choice, us or them?

There is no us or them.

Sam, we're out of time. Is it ready?


- We are.
- It is.

Except for that energy source part.

We don't have anything
strong enough here.

- Yes, we do. Me.
- What?

I'll release all my energy at once.
Create a solar flare. It'll be enough.

And you'll be out of commission
for days. I can't let you do this.

- We don't have a choice.
- Superman.

Sam, we're out of time.
Get everyone out, I'm coming in.

- And so are they.
- Everyone out!

Go, now! Go, out!

Now! Go, go, go!

Boys! Boys, please come now!

- Where's Sarah?
- I don't know.

Boys, right now!

Come on.

Come on, come on.





What happened?



Sir, no sign of Morgan Edge.

Search the globe until you find him.

- There's no sign of Dad either.
- Where is he?

- Just us?
- For now.

But all is not lost.