Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 7 - Dark Heart - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- [Voiceover] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their
codename: Street Fighter.

The heroic man beast Blanka.

Hard kicking fighting
machine Chun-Li.

[upbeat instrumental music]

And the team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces
with Guile to combat

the criminal empire of Shadaloo

and it's superhuman
leader Bison.

They have their
own code of honor,

discipline, justice, commitment

and together they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

[upbeat instrumental music]

Street Fighter!

- You waitin' on the
transfer to Dallas?

- Yeah, cup of coffee please.

- And now a special report

from our senior
correspondent Chun-Li Xiang.

- Anticipation runs
high here at NASA

where scientists are
studying the approach

of the Millennial Comet.

- Hey, come on Violet,

I thought I told you
to put the game on.

- The comet's orbit is so large

that it is only visible from
Earth once every 1,000 years.

- Who cares!

- Do you mind?

- Yeah I mind, you wanna
make something of it?

- Maybe some other time.

- Why you...

- Sonic boom!

- Your bus is here...


- Get aboard.


- Not exactly mass transit.

I've seen that already
thanks to Chun Li.

- So you've heard of
the Millennial Comet?

- Yeah, every 1,000
years and all that stuff.

- Exactly, only this time
something's different.

According to NASA, it's orbit
is not what was projected,

something seems
to be redirecting

the comet's orbit toward Earth.

The scientists think

it's some sort of
electromagnetic force.

- What could be strong
enough to do that?

- We don't know, it's
up to you to find out.

NASA's tracked the energy
source to the Himalayas.

You have to find the
source and destroy it

before the comet hits the Earth.

I want Blanka.

What about Chun Li, she's
already familiar with the comet.

- Hmm, if this comet
is aimed at Earth,

we'll need an
insider in the press

to try to keep people
from panicking.

- [Guile] Well, at least
they're in the area.

- They'll have to do Colonel.

[upbeat instrumental music]

- Alright kid, let's give
the folks a good show.

That's it kid, yeah,
work the crowd.

[crowd yelling and cheering]

- Hey, that wasn't
part of the plan.

- Hey sorry kid, plans change.

[speaking foreign language]

- I thought we had
an arrangement?

- Hey, you know the
fight game Wo Fat,

I mean anything can happen.

- I pay you so I know
what will happen,

maybe you need some
reminding of that fact.

- Listen Wo Fat, maybe we
can make another arrangement.

- Sonic Boom!

Let's go!

- After them!

- So, where are we
going this time Colonel?

- Tibet.

- I don't care if it's Timbuktu,

as long as it's away from here.

- Dhalsim, he's
nearby, I can sense it.

The rage, it grows inside of me.

- When Dhalsim transformed you

back in Shadaloo
city, it was terrible.

But, Bison's the one
who forced him to do it,

that's who we're after.

- I tried, but I can't forget
what I was, what I've become.

- We should have taken
our chances with Wo Fat.

Why can't Bison ever
hideout in Acapulco?

- A few more steps Tovarich,

you won't have to
worry about the cold.

Detonate the charges!

[bombs exploding]

- [Guile] Avalanche!

Where's Ken and Ryu?

- Ken!


- We got to find them!

- The ice is too unstable,
we'll have to find a way around.

- How could anybody
survive in there?

- Dig them out, Bison will
want them alive for the moment.

- Maybe Ken and Ryu were right,

maybe they should have
stayed in Bangkok.

Now they're gone,

and we're no closer to
completing the mission.

Two lives wasted!

- Don't blame yourself,

there wasn't anything
natural about that avalanche.

I could smell traces
of an explosive.

- I brought them here,
if it wasn't for me

they wouldn't be buried in
the snow back there somewhere.

- They knew the risk
and accepted it.

The words we live
by aren't easy,

discipline, justice, commitment.

Look at that.

Bison's stronghold?

- I don't think so.

Maybe we shouldn't have
left Bangkok either.

- Stop.

- Dhalsim!

- Blanka no!

- I will not fight you Blanka.

- No talk, tonight
you pay Dhalsim.

- I am not your enemy.

- You made me this way,

any other man would
have just destroyed me.

Fight me you coward!

- You give me no choice.

- Blanka!

[speaking foreign language]

- I took away the man you were

when Bison forced me
to experiment on you,

but I refuse to destroy
you a second time.

- We don't have
any choice Blanka,

we've got to trust him, for now.

- So be it.

Come, there is still much
that needs to be explained.

- What the...?

- Gentlemen, so good
to have with us.

- What happened to
Blanka and Guile?

- The deep freeze.

You were always looking to
make a quick buck masters,

interested in a little
business venture?

A little beachfront
property in Kansas.

- Yeah, there's no
beach in Kansas duh.

- Not at the moment.

- Oh boy, visual aids.

- The Millennial Comet
is speeding towards

it's 1,000 year
rendezvous with Earth.

Only now using this complex

to increase my
magnetic G powers,

I have been redirecting on a
collision course with Earth.

The target: defense
headquarters at NORAD.

One more adjustment
to the comet's orbit

and nothing will
be able to stop it.

As an added bonus,

the impact should produce
an impressive crater

and drop the western United
States into the Pacific.

And guess who owns most
of that new waterfront.

A brilliant plan, a crippling
blow against my enemies,

and a tidy profit.

A pity you won't be
around to see it.

- You're right, we should
have stayed in Bangkok.

- Find Guile and Blanka.

If they survived the
avalanche destroy them.

Tonight is the crucial
moment to divert the comet,

I want no interference.

- You were the
turning point Blanka,

I saw the evil science
can do and it sickened me.

I've turned my back on science
and technology forever.

- It doesn't change
what you did Dhalsim.

- No Blanka, you are right.

If there was anything I
could do to set things right.

My students and I have
devoted ourselves to the chi.

We have learned many secrets.

The comet that
approaches was forecast

in the ancient writings.

I feel it may be an important
sign of what's to come.

- It's a sign alright, a
sign Bison must be stopped.

- I hope you're comfortable.

- Oh, I've had better rooms.

- Not much of a view.

- On the contrary, you've
got a ringside seat.

The cyclotron
channels my chi energy

and magnifies it a billion times

as it travels through
the accelerator.

- There's millions of innocent
people that'll be destroyed.

- I wouldn't be concerned
about those millions,

it's billions I'd worry
about if I were you.

When the cyclotron is
activated, you'll be incinerated

by a few billion watts
of energy particles.

- Crash the comet into Earth?

Impossible, the
science does not exist.

- The science to turn a
human being into an animal

didn't exist until
you found a way.

- Perhaps, if Bison
has found a way

to enhance his
magnetic G powers,

it would subvert all the
laws of the universe,

but it could be done.

It would tear the fabric that
binds the cosmos together.

He has used technology to
violate the cosmic order.

He must be stopped.

- You keep bad
company Tovarisch.

- Better company than Bison.

[weapons firing]

[speaking foreign language]

- I should have smelled
you coming Zangief.

- Bison can not be stopped.

- Flash kick!

Keep after them!

- They will lead us to Bison.

- As the Millennial Comet

makes it's closest
approach to Earth,

there has been an unusual
amount of activity

here at the observatory.

When questioned about
it, a NASA spokesperson

would only say "no comment".

- Well, actions do
speak louder than words.

Ready the cyclotron, full power.

- [Mechanical voice] Full
power in five seconds,

four, three, two, one.

[tense instrumental music]

- Now!

[energy weapon firing]

- Look!

- Bison started,
there isn't much time.

- Course shifted,
bearing 093 degrees,

impact in five
minutes, 30 seconds.

It's coming right at us.

- Come on Guile, you can do it.

You've got to, you've got to
save us, save the country.

- Sonic boom!

- Hold them, don't
let them get through!

- I'll take the big one,

think you can handle
all the little ones?

- Hey, what they got in size,
they make up for in volume.

[speaking foreign language]

- Sonic boom!

- Guile!

- Going somewhere Bison?

- Guile, I thought Zangief
buried you in the avalanche!

- Sorry to disappoint you.

- You're too late Guile,
the course is set,

the comet will smash into
the Earth in four minutes

and you can't stop it.

- Maybe, but I'm not too late

to make you pay for your crimes.

- Wait!

Bison is mine.

- What do you think Guile?

- Suits me, as long
as you pay Bison.

- You tampered with
the cosmic order.

You turned a thing of
wonder into a weapon.

- Everything bends to my
will Dhalsim, even you.

[fast-paced instrumental music]

- Now Bison, you pay.

- Dhalsim, your chi
power is strong,

but I will always be stronger.

Another time Guile.

- One day there
will be a reckoning,

but for now we have failed.

- You give up too easy,

there's still time to
knock the comet off-course

- Are you kidding man,

you ain't even got time
to find the on button.

- I couldn't, but Dhalsim could.

- Impossible, even
I haven't mastered

the magnetic chi
powers Bison controls.

- We don't have to
attract that comet,

just hit it, knock
it off course.

If you'll operate the controls--

- I can not, I have sworn
never to use science again.

- Back at the temple

you said you would set
things right if you could,

this time you'd be using
science for good not evil.

- Someone must restore the
cosmic balance, I'll do it.

- Then let's get to it.

You better pull
this one off Guile.

- Powering up.

- [Mechanical voice] Five,
four, three, two, one.

- Now!

- Beam away.

- Wow, I never saw anything
like that in Bangkok.

- Thanks Dhalsim, we couldn't
have done it without you.

- Using technology sickens
me, but it was necessary.

The balance has been maintained.

- You know Dhalsim,

your power would be a great
help in defeating Bison.

- Perhaps we'll meet again,
but I fight a different battle.

To free the spirit from the
materialism that binds it.

Now go, I'll see that no one
ever uses the cyclotron again.

- Well, that's the end
of Bison's cyclotron.

We were lucky to have
Dhalsim on our side.

- Maybe it wasn't luck,
maybe Dhalsim was right.

The comet is a sign, the
past can't be changed.

But there's always
hope for the future.

[upbeat instrumental music]