Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 6 - Desert Thunder - full transcript

[majestic tones]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal his top
secret mission as leader

of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their
codename Street Fighter.

The heroic man-beast, Blanka.

Hard kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li.

[exciting rock music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadoloo and its
superhuman leader Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together, they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

[heroic music]

Street Fighter.

[ominous music]

[electric buzzing]


- Laser crew, standby.

- Radar all clear, captain.

Targeted tow
coordinates locked in.

Awaiting go ahead.

- Time we gave those Pentagon
boys the show they came for.

Do it.

- Laser crew, you have a go.

[alarm blaring]

[dramatic music]

[air hissing]

[engine whirring]

[laser zapping]

[explosions booming]

[lasers zapping]

[explosion booms]


[ominous music]
[plane whirring]



[alarm blaring]

[flames crackling]

[alarm blaring]

[dramatic music]

[explosion booms]

[flames crackling]

- [Satin Hammer] Two
minutes, 47 seconds, T. Hawk.

That's three seconds
ahead of schedule.

Oo, is that a
little gift for me?

- You're pleased?

- Sated.

Such ruthless efficiency.

You almost remind me of me.

I like that in a man.

But that attack was just a taste

of the excitement
I have planned.

Prepare yourself for a feast.

[dramatic tones]

[siren wailing]

[upbeat music]



- See, no one throws
Bruiser, mate.

I'm talking to you,
you freak of nature.


[animalistic shrieking]



- That's gotta hurt.



- None can be called
deformed but the unkind.

Your boy Shakespeare said that.

- No thanks, freak.


[somber music]


- Sticks and stones.


- Hey, don't let that
bonehead get to you.

Come on, let's get some coffee.

Escher's buying.

[thunder crackling]

- [Escher] The biggest,
most powerful chemical laser

on Earth, and the
Navy just lost it.

- Chemical laser?

Looks like it could
toast a few marshmallows.

- Hm, most cities too, if
she decides to play nasty.

- [Guile] She?

Not Bison and company?

- [Escher] I almost
wish it were.

Take a look at these.

The Satin Hammer.

- Huh, catchy.

- She's some sort of
engineering genius.

We don't know much
else about her

except she used
to be on our side.

- What happened?

- The higher-ups aren't saying.

Must've been big though.

Intelligence thinks it's
got her next target.

- The Pentagon.

Yeah, I'd say she's ticked.

So, Satin hacksaw grabbed
the laser all by herself?

- She had help.

- [Blanka] T. Hawk?

No, I don't believe it.

- He's part of our team.

Wasn't he working some deep
cover angle for you, Escher?

- He was until we lost contact
with him three months ago.

- You think he's
gone over, don't you?

Look, we all know T.
Hawk's lost everything.

His people, his ancestral home.

- But he's not gonna roll
over to the other side

just because he gets in
there and gets a taste of it.

If losing everything
made you a criminal,

Blanka and I'd be on
the most wanted list.

Hawk's a good man.

He may have had no choice.

- Good, bad, or ugly, colonel,

your job is to
recover that laser.

And if T. Hawk is in your way--

- I don't like it.

But I understand my orders.

- The Satin Hammer will
need fuel to run that laser.

The Federal Chemical
Depository in Nevada

is the only place to get it.

I just hope we're
not already too late.

[thunder crackling]


[ominous music]

[percussive music]


- These and these.

Laser fuel.


- Surprise.

Pop goes the bad guy.

Flash Kick.


- Keep loading.

I'll deal with this.

- Hiya, T. Hawk.

Mind telling me what
you think you're doing?


- Get outta here.

- Aw, but things were
just getting interesting.

[rock music]

- Pal, you're on
our side, remember?


I guess not.

Okay, I tried to reason.

Now I'll try this.

Sonic Boom.


Come on now, Hawk, you
don't really want us

to do this to you.

- What I want is you
two out of the way.

How about a game of catch?


- [Blanka] I can make it.

- Careful.

Anything goes wrong up
there, it's too far down.

Even for you.

Thanks for the loaner.

I'm good for it.


[doors whirring]

- Blanka, I warned you.

You don't wanna do this.

- You're right.

But you're not
giving me a choice.

- Delicious.

How I love target practice.

I hope this one struggles.

- No.

He's mine.

- [Satin Hammer] Hawk, no.


- T. Hawk, Blanka.


[tense music]

- Oh bother, and good help is
so hard to find these days.


- [Guile] Blanka, T. Hawk.

- Stop struggling,
I'm trying to...

Hang on.


- Made it.


- Blanka, no.


- He just pushed me
out of an airplane.

- And saved your life.

He could've let you
fall, but he didn't.

So what's going on, T. Hawk?

Base hasn't heard
from you in months.

- I'm undercover, remember?

You two nearly blew
it for me back there.

- No sale, Hawk.

When you went along
on that laser heist,

you crossed the line.

The stunt you just pulled
at the depository seals it.

- You're in too deep
and you know it.

- I'm just doing my job.

Not that anyone cares.

- Escher and the others
think you rolled over.

- Look, I worked my way in

and now I'm the Satin
Hammer's second in command.

I'm in charge of
her whole operation.

- [Blanka] Listen to yourself.

Do you hear what you're saying?

- Your job was to get in
and get the goods on her.

Or did you forget?

Sonic Boom.

- I'm not like the
other Street Fighters.

I had nothing until she
gave me the chance to lead.

- Correction, you had a code.

Remember it, sergeant?

Discipline, justice, commitment.

- Back with her,
I didn't see it.

I didn't see any of it.

I didn't want to.

- What about now?

- I had a mission.

I wanna finish it.

- I was hoping you'd say that.

- I guess this time
I'll have company.

- Consider us twins.

No, triplets.

[tense music]

[doors whirring]

[heroic music]

- Blasted Hawk, you were a fool.

Like all men.

No matter, I shall
simply find the power

to take the Pentagon myself.

- Data, data, data.

Azimuth elevation.

Satellite coordinates.

[rock music]

[rapid laser fire]


So much for the
element of surprise.

Sonic Boom.


- Who would dare?

T. Hawk.


When I'm through with you,
you'll beg me to let you die.

[rock music]

Having a man betray me
does not improve my mood.

[rapid laser fire]

Well, time to destroy this place

and the man who betrayed me.

[explosions booming]


[explosions booming]
[alarm blaring]

[intense music]


[tense music]

[rocks crumbling]

- Blanka, I need your
Rolling Attack, now.


On my signal,
punch your way out.


Sonic Boom.



[rocks crumbling]


Scratch one secret base.

[dramatic music]

- What a perfectly cunning
place to put my laser.

On top of my own
Las Vegas casino.

Unimpeded access to
the satellite above.

And no one in the
world is the wiser.

My tactics have always been

a bit more intense than
people are used to.

But what delicious results.

- Ready to test laser tracking.

- Lovely.

Now, who's the lucky target?

That spent rocket booster
will provide a tasty test.

Coordinates locked in.


[laser whirring]

- A tunnel of quartz, Guile?

Gee, and I thought you slept
through chemistry class.

- I wouldn't have
survived that alone.

- Me either.

Lucky we're in this together.

[laser whirring]

That spotlight on Casino Luna.

Maybe our crazy lady's
got her nightlight on.

[laser zapping]
[explosion booms]

- Oh yummy.

How long before the
reflection satellite

is ready to help make history?

- [Assistant] Five
minutes, 17 seconds.

- Those Pentagon fools
didn't believe me.

They claimed my
theories were weak.


Well, I'm not weak now.

And it's time the world felt
the force of my strength.

[heroic music]

- [Guile] Closed for
renovations, huh?

Must be termites on the roof.

- This is my fault.

I coulda stopped her
before, but I didn't.

I didn't want to.

I have to do this now.

- No, it's all right, Hawk.

See you upstairs.

[tribal music]

Sonic Boom.

[heroic music]


[rapid beeping]

[alarm blaring]

- What's this?

The casino's been breached.

Activate security defenses.

- [T. Hawk] This ends
now, Satin Hammer.

- Hawk, still alive?

A wise man knows when
it's time to leave.

It appears you need prodding.

[laser zapping]
[explosion booms]

- Uh-oh, that spells trouble.


- Last flight.

Roof access.



Easy, boy.

Roll over?


- Satin Hammer, it's over.

[laser zapping]

Gotta take myself outta range.

- I'll have you.

I'll see you burn, T. Hawk.

- One minute to
target in position.

[rapid laser fire]

- Those floorboards,
my only chance.

Come on, come and get it.

Eat Sonic Boom, sparky.

Sonic Boom.

- [Assistant] 20
seconds to target.

- Adjust azimuth .2 degrees.

Lock in coordinates.

The satellite
mirrors will only be

in position for 10 seconds.

- Good time to make my...

Wait a minute.

What's that?


- [Satin Hammer] Four.



- Behind you.

- Engage.

[explosion booming]

[laser whirring]

[rock music]

- Huh?

- It cannot be.

All the years.

The planning.

My perfect planning.

And all because of you.

Ha, you think you've defeated
me, but you're wrong.


I'm strong enough to endure this

because I'm strong
enough to destroy you.

[gears whirring]


A touching moment.

It will be your last.

- Can I play too?

[gears whirring]

Fuel lines.

Gotta move fast.


[explosion booms]

- No.

- Pathetic fool.

No man can hold
the Satin Hammer.


[laser zapping]

- [T. Hawk] We can save you.

[tense music]

- If those tanks
blow, we're history.

Guess we'll have
to use the express.

- [Assistant] No.


[explosion booms]

[water splashing]

- [T. Hawk] Guile, Blanka.

- Water's cool.

[flames crackling]

Well, so much for Casino Luna.

What about the Satin Hammer?

- Disappeared.

Without a trace.

- [Guile] Well,
if she comes back,

I know one Street Fighter
who'll be ready for her.

[Satin Hammer cackling]

- No.

Not one.

A whole team.

[pleasant tones]

[heroic rock music]