Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Dream a Little Dream of Me - full transcript

Vic rallies the crew to pose for a calendar photo shoot that will support a good cause. Meanwhile, Emmett comes clean to Ben and Sullivan, and shows Andy a softer side.


♪ Come now, child,
the day is long ♪


♪ Hide not yourself from me ♪


♪ Angels sing the final song ♪

♪ Silence will turn to sleep ♪

[ Gasps ]

♪ Take heed, my son ♪

You okay?

You got to sleep.

Whatever Warren gave me,

it... it gives me crazy dreams.

♪ The darkness will come ♪

Come here.


Crazy dreams are better than
not sleeping for three days.

You have to go back to work.

You need to have Maya's back.

♪ Just as the night
swallows the sun ♪
The only thing that's okay
in any of this

is that he went out his way.

Dixon doesn't get
to make that a bad thing.

♪ Inside the heart of everyone ♪


I'll go.

♪ There lives infinity ♪

[ Door closes ]

[ Footsteps descending ]
Oh, good, hi.

Uh, who wants to be July
and who wants to be August?

Back up a thought or two?

Uh, the department is refusing
Pruitt his Line of Duty funeral.

It's a huge honor.

Entire department
usually comes together,

but Chief Dixon is saying
he was a civilian

when he died, which is
a giant load of crap,

because he was a hero.

Okay, now fast forward
a thought or two?

Uh, so we're making a calendar.

Last firefighter calendar raised
more than enough money

for a Line of Duty funeral.

No, no, no, no!
Oh, c-come on!

You got the body. You may as
well make some money from it.

Yeah, I, um... I heard it,
and that sounded bad.

I'm so...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

This has been happening
all week.

Hey, there's nothing
to apologize for.

He sounded like
a really great captain.

Um, my first day on the job,
first call [sniffles]

there was this woman who threw
her poop out the window.

Yeah, and, uh,
she had gone number two

in her new boyfriend's house,

and when she went
to flush the toilet,

it, uh... it was clogged.

So, she...
You know, of course she didn't

want him to see the poop

Because romance.

So she just threw her poop
out the window.

[ Laughter ]

Only the window was, like,
a double window thing.

So it... it just,
like... pbht!

Splattered there.
- Mm.

- Ohh, God.
- You know?

And then she had to clean it up,
so she climbed out

the first window
and she got stuck.

Yeah, with the poop.
With the poop.

With the poop.
[ Laughs ]

And she had to call for help,
but she didn't have her phone.

So she had to call
for the boyfriend.

Ohh, I'm so embarrassed
for her.

Oh, yeah, I was, too.
I couldn't, um...


Yeah, I could barely make
eye contact, but...

But Pruitt, he just, um...

He looked her in the eye.

You know,
and he calmed her down.

And then he cut through
the glass, and he got her out.

[ Voice breaking ]
And then he helped clean

the poop up off the window.

[ Laughter ]

You're right.

The man deserves
a hero's funeral.

Yeah, then, um, at the end
of my shift, he, uh...

He said it was... he was glad
it was my first call.

Because I'd never forget
that this job,

it's not just about
the superhero crap, you know?

I-It's about...

Actual crap?

[ Laughing ] No, it...
It's about empathy.


It's about treating every member
of our community

like a member of our family.


So will you be my Mister July?


Breakfast fairy is here!
[ Laughs ]

Marsha, what's this?

Oh. I know you fellas
are going through a lot,

and I know the only things
that help me through pain

are time and donuts.

[ Chuckles ]

Ah! Hey.

Hey, Marsh.


I second that, and yes, please.

I will take a glazed
and a jelly.

Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

You know, Marsha,
you're not a bad lady.

Fooled ya.

Did Jack ever tell you
Pruitt saved my life?

No, he did not.

Well, he saved my cat,
Chairman Meow,

who was my life back then.

Little guy got himself
caught on the roof,

you know, tangled up in
the damn satellite dish wires.

Captain Pruitt climbed up there
and got him down.

[ Chuckles ]

Never teased me or anything.

He was a real class act.


And good with cats.

Quick, donut me.

Aww, geez.

Magical happiness treat?

You know, the photographer
is charging way too much,

so I pulled this bad boy
out of the closet.

Uh, photographer for...?

For the Funeral Fundraiser

Y... Okay, my friends
from the community theater

brought over a box of costumes,
so pick a month.

Um, okay, I'll do Janu-never.

Okay, March it is.

Are you almost ready?

Travis: I'm not ever gonna
be ready for this.

Well, Miller needs to change,
so if you could just

come out of there already,

Uh, no, he doesn't.
I am busy.

I'm drawing up my will.

Luckily for me,
I don't own anything

but a houseboat
and a lot of T-shirts.

Dibs on that houseboat!

Pru gets the houseboat!

The question is who...
Who gets Pru.

Oh, so... No.

You know I love her.
I just... I've spent

my entire reproductive life
obsessively avoiding

the whole single-mother thing
one condom at a time,

so you don't...
You don't get to just die

and thrust that upon me.
Yeah, yeah.

Also, don't... don't die.

I'd offer to take Pru,
but after you've seen this...

I can't imagine you'd say yes.


I'm gonna need
some context here.

Okay, I feel like
a piece of meat.

Do it for Pruitt, man.

[ Laughs ]
Keep... Keep laughing, Gibson!

You're next.
[ Klaxons sound ]

Dispatch: Gas leak
at 6912 Bryn Mawr Court.

Bryn Mawr Court? That's like
the third time this week.

Darn it.
Photoshoot cancelled.

No, no, no.
You stay, you stay.

Your co...

[ Laughing ]
Your country needs you.

[ Laughs ]

And on top of keeping
the Station open

to the community all week,

we also have a boot in reception
for donations.

Thank you, Bishop.

How's she doing?

Due respect.

I know you two are together.
Andy's my best friend.

So she told you.

She didn't have to.

Well, she's sleeping right now,

so that feels like progress.

You know, she's, uh, told me
several times to leave her,

to be there for you
in your hearing.

Thank you,
but I don't need any backup.

I stand by every call I made.

You stand by her.

I plan to.

[ Siren wails ]

[ Siren stops, brakes hiss ]

[ Radio chatter ]

Won't your gajillionaire parents

raise Pru if you kick it?

Yeah, but that's why
it's imperative

that I put in writing
that I don't want them to.

Then what do you want for her?

[ Sighs ] I don't want her
to be judged by her looks

or her income,
but by her passion,

you know,
how good a friend she is,

how much she laughs
during the day.

Basically, I want her
to be raised by parents

that are not my parents.

I was gonna say
I could take her,

but I can only
teach her dominoes

and how to cook grilled cheese.

[ Sighs ]
Okay, so no.

[ Chuckles ]

We received a call
about a gas leak.

A gas leak?
No, no, that wasn't us.

Well, we'll need you to exit
the home just so we can check.

Guys, really,
I appreciate all your concern,

but we don't have a gas leak.

We received three calls
from this address

this week about a gas leak.

Now, either there's a problem
that you don't know about

that will kill you
and your family in their sleep,

or you're pranking
the fire department,

which is punishable by law.

Which do you want it to be?

I'm so sorry.
You're right, you're right.

Come on in.

Honey, the fire department's
here... again.

Okay, Marcus, buddy, let's
listen to the nice fireman.


You have a kid that doesn't hear

and you haven't learned
sign language?

He's my new stepson,
and I'm really old.

I'm trying to learn, I-I swear.

Why don't you hang out
on the porch

and I'll just check them
for hypoxia?



[ Sighs ]
This place is kinda dark, huh?

When my dad talked me
into going to the academy,

part of the sales pitch
was that firefighters

are the friendliest guys.

You know, it's a cheerful job.

Our former captain
just died saving our lives.

So I think we earned
a little darkness.

Uh, no, no, I-I know.

I'm sorry.
I just, uh...

I just had this idea
that firefighters are,

like, the happy heroes,
you know?

And then on my first day,
someone OD'd,

and then Rigo died,

and now
this really nice old dude

sacrificed his whole damn life
so that I could live.

Which is, just...
I mean, I'm super grateful.

It's just...

Who OD'd?


Come on down. And stop!
Stop, there.

Right here?

Hat off.
Hat off?

Yeah, like... like it's fun.

No, like... like Yankee Doodle.

Like I'm throwing it away?
Look like you like this.

Taxpayer dollars
hard at work.
Come on.

Let me guess: Bishop had you do
this fundraiser

the same day as her hearing
to garner sympathy?

I don't think anyone was looking
for sympathy, sir,

just a clearly deserved
Line of Duty funeral.

How is that coming, by the way?

He was a retired firefighter,
wasn't on duty,

and he certainly
wasn't authorized

to be at that incident.

But it's no secret
that this station

has been through a lot
in the past year.

So I do have some good news
I'd like to share with you all.

I would like all of Station 19
to join me and my family

three weeks from tonight
at our country club

to celebrate the engagement
of Emmett and Alicia.

I'm proud of you, son.

Congratulations, probie.
[ Chuckles ]

Uh, yeah, thanks.

Now tell me who OD'd.



Hey, I just gotta
10-100 real quick.

[ Sighs ]

[ Water running ]

I didn't want you
to find out like this.

I do love her.


I think I love you, too.

Emmett, you don't love me
or her. Okay?

If you loved either one of us,
you wouldn't have proposed.

No, I didn't.
She proposed to me.

You know, Emmett, when you try
to hide your poop from people,

you just end up getting stuck
in the window...

with your poop.

Your stepdad... does he get, you
know, really mad sometimes?


What's your name?



Did you call in the gas leak?

Yes, I... I smelled some gas.

Well, guess what.

He turned on the burners again.

I'm sure he didn't mean to.

he's not stupid, he's deaf.

I... I think he needs
a good talking to.

Hey, sir,
do you mind waiting over there?

I'll check you for hypoxia
as soon as I'm done with them.

It's just a little gas.

Your... Your partner's opening
the windows. We'll all live.

Sir, we're the fire department,
and we'll be the judge of that.

How about you just
sit over there

and don't go back into the home
until we tell you it's okay?



At what point did you authorize
the civilian

to use the ladder truck?

I did not authorize it...
And, sir, please stop

calling Captain Herrera
a civilian.

Except he is.
Or was.

He was a Fire Captain,
a Seattle Firefighter

of over thirty years,

he knew what he was doing.


Andy: Dad?





You promised you'd tuck me in.





Mm. Papi.

[ Inhales, exhales deeply ]

What, did you fall in?

Oh, sorry, I just...
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who OD'd?

Uh, it was a patient.

I-I misspoke.

Well, did you misspeak,
or was it a patient?

Probie, I swear to God,
I'm gonna throw you off this...

- Help!
- Hello?

Can someone help us?

Up here.

[ Gasps ]
Oh, my God, this is so bad.

- I know.
- I'm mortified.

Can you help us?

Um, yeah.
Yeah, uh, just stay right there.

We're coming down.


And that's when we broke through

Which has been
done to great effect in...

fourteen Seattle fires
in the past five years.

But if you tried
and failed venting the roof...

The first attempt
with Montgomery...

Why did you think
you'd succeed with Herrera?

I wasn't going
to sacrifice Montgomery

or any other members of my team.

But you were prepared
to sacrifice Herrera?

I was not prepared
to sacrifice him, no, sir.

But he was not going
to take no for an answer.

Okay, so you're admitting
that you knowingly

let a civilian go into
a critical scene

and put his life
in danger.
No, sir.

I knowingly allowed a lauded and
unanimously respected captain

go into a critical scene
that was certain death.

Dixon: Bishop,
pull yourself together.

Don't make me regret
endorsing a woman for captain.

My former captain knowingly
sliced through a roof

and fell to his death
to save my entire team.

These are tears of gratitude
and tears of amazement

and wonder and I will not
apologize for having them.

You think I didn't cry when
I won the gold medal? I did.

You watch 250-pound athletes
cry when they win Super Bowls,

and it doesn't make them
any less heroes.

You are asking me
to relive a day

that my hero died
and my team lived.

I will not apologize
for having feelings about that.

The ability to care while doing
my job is a quality

Captain Herrera
both modeled and lauded.

My ability to care
while doing my job

is what makes me superior,
not inferior,

to those who can't.

Well, crying won't keep you
from getting transferred

to pushing paper behind a desk.


I don't know
what you're talking about.

Have you called the police?

He locked me in the closet
for eleven hours that night.

[ Sighs ]



The burners were cranked up,
the pilot light was out.

He thinks the kid did it.

The kid did.

Stepdad's hitting his mom.

Want to call PD?

Well, they've been here before.
It just makes it worse.

[ Sighs ]

I keep thinking
about Captain Pruitt

choosing to go up on that roof.

He wasn't a perfect man.

Who is?

But he was truly a good man.

Saved our lives.

And I just really want to be...

The kid called us for help.

We need to find a way
to help them.

Okay. How?

I don't know.
Just, uh...

Just buy me some time.


Yeah, we... we were studying.
It w... It was a science thing.

And, um, you know...

Can you not call our parents?

My dad's a cop.
These are his.

He'll kill me if he finds out
I was using them for... homework.

Uh, well, you know what?

That, uh... That depends.

On what?
Well, if we can get them off
without amputating.

I mean, your parents are gonna
want to know about that.


[ Laughing ] I'm messing
with you. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Are you allowed to do that?

Oh, it's half the fun
of the job.

Hey, probie, why don't you
get the bolt cutters?

I-Is there any way to, like,
pick the lock or something?

You know, 'cause...
'cause my dad, he really...

Whoa! What?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Probie, get a turnout.
She's seizing.


[ Radio chatter ]

Andy: Maya.

I can't find a way out.

I'm trapped.

I've got 5% left on my tank.


Diane: What was it like for you
growing up,

losing your mother and knowing
your father could die in a fire?


You grew up.

Joined the same firehouse
as your father,

and now you're married to...

Both: Andrea,
you're a big girl now.

You don't need a daddy.

[ Gasps ]


[ Crying ]


[ Sniffles ]

Thank you.

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Sniffles ]

When I was a kid...

[ Sniffles ]

my dad used to do this thing
when I was sad.

He would open all the blinds
and let all the light in

and say, "Casa brillantes,
corazones brillantes."

"Bright house,
bright hearts."

Bright hearts.

He was so good at...

At pulling me back.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ]

[ Klaxons sound ]
There's a still alarm
in the barn!

A still alarm!

Tamil: Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.

What's happening to her?

Make sure she stays on her side

to keep her airway clear.

Do not stick your fingers
in her mouth.

Okay, her jaw is locked.

What is that?

What is that for?

It's for seizures.

Warren, where do you need us?

Hughes, Montgomery,
grab the PRT gurney

so we can prep for transport.

We're good here, Captain.
You can go back to your meeting.

What's your name?

has she done this before?

No. N-Never.

Does she take any meds?
I-I-I don't know.

Do you know her parents'
phone number?

Unfortunately, no.
Do you know her name?

Of course I know her name.
I love her.

It's Dara Agate.

You love her but you don't know
if she takes any meds.

Second dose isn't working.
We got to get her on the gurney.

Need a board.


Everything okay?

Somebody come in with a pencil
stuck in their eye?

Warren's handling it, sir.

Look, I know Pruitt Herrera
was hard-headed,

and he probably
wouldn't have listened to you,

even if you tried to stop him.

But the fact is you let him
go up that ladder and he died.

And that's public record.

Someone has to answer for that.

[ Door closes ]

Your Battalion Chief abandoned
his post and ran into a fire,

sir, and you know that.

But you're not investigating

because that would
reflect badly on you

because you appointed him.

That storage unit
was a nightmare.

It was a maze not up to code.

Our whole team
was trapped in there.

They were dying,
and Captain Herrera saved them.

The only villain
in this story is you,

for denying
his Line of Duty funeral.

So I'd be happy to face
the music or face the press

or whatever you order me to do.

Or, sir, you could
just order me back to work

and stop wasting
all of our time.




Oh, good.

You're done.

Let's go.

Come on!

Do this.

And do this.

Mm-hmm, good.

One more.

Okay, just one more.

Could we do one more?

If you...
Yeah, let's just do one more.

Got it.

Great, now, uh...

Is this really necessary?

Yes. You're, uh...
You're doing great.

You are, just...

How you doing back there, Inara?

Don't be hogging up
all the oxygen.

Such big lungs
for such a tiny person.

You don't want
the firemen to run out!

Uh, firefighter.

Excuse me?


Firemen is very 1955 of you.


Didn't know that.

Yeah, you learned
something today.

You deserve a happy life.

Dean: And don't get me
started on methane.

You both do.

You know what?

You deserve someone
better than you're getting.

You were born
to this one life.
And, uh...

Your child was born
into this one life.

You don't deserve to be hit.

You don't deserve to be scared.

You deserve better.

Let me help you find it.

Now stand on one foot.

Can you watch him
for a few minutes?

I, um... need
to pack a bag.


So, anyway, the worst CO
poisoning that I ever saw?

Man, it... it was,
um... two parents, three kids,

two cats, a grandparent,

and a big old golden retriever.



[ Insects chirping ]


Andy: Where do you think
they're going?
[ Airplane flies overhead ]

At the departure gates,

people are saying sad goodbyes,

waving at the planes,

they'll never see them again.

But, across the sky,
at the arrival gates,

other loved ones are waiting
for them to land,

waving hello,
so happy to greet them home.



[ Chuckles ]


It's okay.


I never wanted
to live without you.

You don't.
[ Laughs ]



You're back.

Andy, it's me.

[ Chuckles ]

Robert Sullivan.

Your Battalion Chief.

And husband.

You're still here.

Yeah, I'm still here.


Did Ted see me?
No, I don't think so.

Can you help me
hide this?

Dean: There are still trace
amounts of natural gas.

You'll probably be fine,
but your wife and kid,

they'll have to stay
somewhere else for a few days.

Somewhere else?
No, no, no, no.

We... We...
We have to stay together.

As a man, you are more prone
to self... filtering.

You will be fine
with trace amounts of gas.


No, no. What is it
with you firefighters?

Don't you have a-a-actual
fires to be fighting?

Why do you have to come to
my home and start this crap...

[ Fire whooshes ]


Shut up.


What is that arm doing?

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Can't... Can't use that.

I don't really know what I'm...

This is... This is not...
No, no, no, no, you look...

This is just not my thing.
You look great.

You look...
You're doing just great.

Give the camera some love.

You know, sparkle motion.

Hot action.
Hot action.

Just got to whip it in.

Alright, well, you... you know.
You... You got it.

This is only for the department,

No civilians are gonna see this?

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Well, you look amazing!

And you should want
the whole city to see it.

You'll be fine.
Vic, if I weren't afraid that my
boob would pop out right now,

I would come over there
and kick your ass.

Maya, what you
need to do probably

is explore
the space a little bit.

How? How?
Use the props.

Maybe, um...

And also, your hands.

What about my hands?
Why do they do this?

Well, where am I
supposed to put them?

If you can't make them sexy,
then hide them.

Maybe it's this.

Maybe you don't know, and you...

Wait, stop.

I'm not gonna kick your ass.




I'm just so...

I am so sad.


I am just so, so sad.

And I am so mad.

[ Sighs ]


[ Klaxons sound ]

Dispatch: Ladder 19
and Aid Car 19

requested to
6912 Bryn Mawr Court.

That's where Gibson
and Miller are.


Can't you do something?
Isn't this thing an OR?
She's in status.

If it continues,
she doesn't need surgery,

she needs to be paralyzed
and sedated.

Plus, we need to get used
to not having the PRT,

because I'm pretty sure that
once you answer my question,

it'll get shut down.

[ Inhales deeply ]

Oh, my God, Dara.

- Dara?
- Okay, coming up.

Hey, Dara.
Hey. Hey.

I'm Dr. Ben Warren.

Uh... are you okay?

Dara, do you have epilepsy?

Dara, where's your medical ID?

And she's never
mentioned having epilepsy?


She's embarrassed.

Dara, when you're with Tamil,
do you take off your bracelet

because you don't want him
to think

there's anything wrong with you?


Are you serious?

Dara, baby,
you can tell me anything.

A medical condition
is not embarrassing.

The athlete's foot I've been
hiding from you is embarrassing.

Why do you think I always
keep my socks on

when we're...


I love you.

Don't ever do that
to me again, okay?

[ Siren wails ]


Oh, my God.
Are you guys okay?

Ted, stop,
you're hurting him.

I'm not hurting him,
I'm checking for burn marks!

He was with me the whole time,
he wasn't inside!

Oh, really?
Is that true, Marcus?

You weren't inside, maybe
starting a little bit of a fire?

Take your hands off him.

Stovetop gas leak,
we ventilated,

but the bedroom combusted.

Hughes, inside with Gibson.

Cutler, I want another hose line
on that window.


Check on the family.

Family? Family's fine.

They are not fine. Do not leave
him alone with them.

[ Glass shatters ]


[ Sighs ]

Maya: I want a thorough overhaul
and cause investigation

before you clear out.

That oughta keep 'em out
for a week or two.

Keep who out?

That jerk's wife and kid.

What did you do, Marcus?

Stop yelling at him.
I am not yelling,

I'm talking loudly
so he can hear me!

Okay, okay, that's enough, guys.

Is there a problem, sir?

Oh, hi.
This isn't a fire.

This is a private family matter,

so why don't you
back the hell up?

Sir, I'm Captain Maya Bishop,
let's take a walk.

No, I don't want to take a walk.

Why don't you put the fire out

in my house that one
of your fireman started?!

The fire is contained, sir.

That who started?
I don't know, the one who looks
like every high school

football star who ever failed
one of my classes!

He's the one
who started this fire!

Captain Bishop... my husband.

He gets confused.
He's not well.

I'm sorry, what?

What did you just say?
Hey. Whoa, whoa, no.

I need you to back up right now.

What? I would like to hear
what you just said!

Back up right now, sir.
Okay, let's walk it off.

I'm not well?!

Did you start that fire?


No, there must have been
a candle going or something.

But I swear I might have
if I'd thought of it.

This kid...
All he has is his mom,

and the husband's beating her.

He has to watch that every day.

If she can't get out,
why not help her?

Okay, so what's the plan?


Put the kid and the wife
in the aid car,

tell the husband
we're taking them to Grey-Sloan.

Okay, where are we
really taking them?

I think I have a friend
they can stay with.


Montgomery's on the aid car.
He'll get it.

Thank you.


I never had a dad,
never mind one like yours.

I never had a mom.

People are wired different.

Your mom.

They made mistakes.

They didn't mean
to hurt anybody.

My mom died.

Your dad is not a bad guy.

You are not a bad guy, Jack.

But my wiring's messed up.

Probably on account
of my childhood.

You're not dead, are you?


Then why are you here?

Andy, we're orphans.




[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing shakily ]

I'm an orphan.

I'm an orphan.

[ Sighs ]

Me too.


Uh, why didn't I know this?

I don't talk about it.

Plane crash.

Oh, my God.

What... That...

How old were you?



And then you got married.

And your wife died.

And then your friend
Ripley died.



We're all we have.


[ Siren wailing ]

Okay, I-I was sixteen
when I lost my virginity,

so I know teenagers have sex,
but... with handcuffs?

[ Chuckles ] These kids were
the same age as my foster kid,

not that much older than Tuck,

but they're already
experimenting... with bondage.

Alright, probie, I know
you're new, but, uh, look,

this... this can't have been
the worst thing you've seen.

Oh, that's right, you, uh...

You saw your Battalion Chief OD
on fentanyl.

So it was him.


Did you see the syringe?

You give him Naloxone?



W-What'd he even say to you?

Well, he, uh [clears throat]

he said he had a prescription.

And he said that this station
runs on trust.

And if people
don't trust each other,

then people get hurt.

[ Chuckles ]
That's, uh...

That's... That's a good one
coming from him.

So he doesn't have
a prescription?

Fentanyl prescriptions
are not injectable, alright?

They come in patches
or lollipops.


And now I have to turn in
my Battalion Chief.


[ Knock on door ]

Hello. [ Chuckles ]

Hi, honey.

this is Travis Montgomery.


And this is, uh,
Marcus and Inara.


This is Marsha.

She's the best.
[ Laughs ]

Thank you so much for having us.

Are you sure it's not too much?

Oh, goodness, I live for this.

I ordered pizza.

Hope you like Hawaiian.

I'm kidding.
Pineapple on a pizza?

I'm not that crazy.
[ Chuckles ]


[ Sighs ]

Thank you.


You did a good thing here,

Captain Herrera would be proud.


Hey, Warren, um,
can I ask you something?


I've been putting
a will together.

And since I'm Pru's only parent,
if I die, then...

You know, Pru...


Will you and Miranda
take my baby?

You two are the best parents
that I know.

Oh. [ Chuckles ]

I... I'd be honored, man.

My guy.
[ Laughs ]

Oh! Thank you, thank you,
thank you.

Hey, Warren,
you like Fall, right?

You like Fall.



[ Whistling ]

You can be a sexy
turkey costume?

[ Gobbles ]
Do it for Pruitt, man.

Do it for Pruitt.
Do... You are...

I'm gay.

♪ Under the weight ♪
Oh, um...

♪ What did I say? ♪

S-So, look, I know, uh, you guys
don't all know me that well,

and what you do know
is that my dad's the Chief,

and I just got engaged
to a woman,

but this station runs on trust,

and I don't want to be
the person hiding her epilepsy

or the woman
who... who got stuck

in the window with her poop.

So, I'm gay.

And I-I want to say
that "I'm a proud gay man,"

but... I don't think
I'm there yet.

But I am a... a gay man.

That's cool.
But you should probably tell

before you marry her.

- Yeah.
- T-That's what I was thinking.

- Probably.
- Really.

There isn't a club,
but if there was, welcome.

What Club?

Seattle Fire Queers.

I'm only half gay,
but it counts.

- Okay.
- It does count.


I'm proud of you.
Yeah, I am, too.
I'm proud of you, too.

But I do... I need you
to pick a month, okay?

I need you all to pick a month.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

♪ White like lightning ♪

♪ And I fight to feel alive ♪


We are alive
because of Pruitt Herrera!

Emmett got to live long enough

to come out
because of Pruitt Herrera.

We get to laugh
and... and... and clap

and make chili
because of Pruitt Herrera.

We get to breathe!

We get to live!

We all get to live
because of Pruitt Herrera.

♪ There's no good way to go ♪

♪ Still I fight to feel alive ♪

So pick a damn month!

- October.
- Okay!

- Oil me up.
- Thank you. Jesus.

- I'm doing it for Pruitt.
- Okay.

- November.
- Thank you.

Oh, hell. You know what?
You know what? December.

- There it is.
- Just call me sexy Santa.

Let's do this.

Can we... Can we not... Can we
not do this in the beanery?

- Well...
- You know what?

That's probably...
- There's... There...

There is food here.
- Alright, alright.

There's food here.
Thank you, thank you.

Now. Let's go.
Let's go, sexy Santa.

Get out of here.

Okay. Do we need
to buy props?

Have fun.
No, I have them all.

They have no idea.


♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

[ Cellphone chimes ]

♪ Feel the panic rise ♪

♪ There's no good way to go ♪

♪ Still I fight to feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

"If you see a fire, put it out.

And then move on
to the next one.

Whatever you do, don't stick
around once the fire's out.

There is no life
to be lived in the ashes.

Let them blow away."

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

Good night, Daddy.

Good night, Andrea.

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

Goodbye, Daddy.

♪ Feel alive ♪

See you later.

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪

♪ Feel alive ♪