Station 19 (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - No Days Off - full transcript

While at a lunch seeking Pruitt's blessing for their relationship, Andy and Sullivan jump into action when immigration officials raid the restaurant; Travis gets roped into an awkward lunch with Chief Dixon, Emmett and Emmett's girlfriend.

Station 19. This is Montgomery.


Aren't you on vacation?

- Aren't you off shift?
- I need my headphones.

Well, I need someone to grab
the fire prevention file

off my desk and read
the quarterly numbers to me.

On your vacation?

- Montgomery.
- Captain... Maya.

You deserve a break. You should take it.

Vacations are so stressful.

Sweet, broken Maya.


Drink a piña colada,

then sex up that gorgeous
Italian woman of yours

and stop thinking about work!

Are you ready?

Yeah. Yeah, I just, um...

Y-You don't look ready.

Just had to call the station.

- No one ever remembers to restock the...
- Okay, okay, okay.

Then, um, all this

and some fruity drinks

will be waiting for you at the pool.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

- Screw the station.
- Okay. Okay.

Hey, Andy.

Andy. Hello?

We still going on that hike today?


Maybe don't sing her a song

about the fact that her mom
abandoned her?

I swear to God, I didn't even
realize those were the lyrics.


♪ Go to sleep, you little br-blah-blah ♪


I brought you a present.

Owen Hunt.

Ohh! Ahh.

I'm excited to see you here.

Me too. Here.

What did you do?

This is a field surgeon's best friend.

HD screen, splash-resistant
for your bloodiest traumas.

Okay, I've been looking for
one of these for months.

Look at this.

It's a window into the whole body

in the palm of your hand.

Okay, see... see, this...
This is the new stethoscope.

I raided the Pac North
supply closet before I left.

They spent a lot of money there
before Catherine bought it.

It's yours.

Thank you, man. Thanks.

Hey, you... you ready for the tour?

Yeah, su... Wait, tour?

I was hoping for a test drive.

Yeah, well, maybe we'll get lucky.

But hey, you're not trained yet,

so no sticking your hands in any bodies.

I can't promise that.

But wait, when do I get to
slide down the pole?


- Now?
- Don't tell anybody.

- Really?
- Let's go.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- Stop fidgeting.
- I'm not fidgeting.

You're shaking the whole car.

It's my nerve syndrome.
Driving's uncomfortable.

Oh, it's your leg.

It's not that you're about to
share a meal

with the father of the woman

you're currently sharing a bed with.

No, it couldn't be those nerves, right?

- Mm.
- That was a terrible idea.

Spoken like every boyfriend
I've brought to meet my dad.

Well, I've known your dad
for a long time, okay,

but this... a lunch in a public place?

What would you prefer?

A bunker.

With thick glass separating us.

You know, maybe I should sit
on the other side of the table,

so he doesn't think that we...


That we've brushed elbows?

Mm, I think that ship has sailed.

Hey! Barnesy. You owe me 20 bucks.

Don't forget.

What are you doing here?

I left my headphones in my
locker. What are you doing here?

This is where they do the laundry.

- I'm so sorry.
- On the police force,

we like to do our laundry at home, but...

- Yeah.
- Chief.

Travis Montgomery.

- Ah, yeah. Right.
- Oh, my God.

Travis! You're the one mentoring Emmett.

Ah! It's so nice to meet you.

I've heard such lovely things about you.

Oh! Good!

Uh, and you are...?

Sorry. G... I always do that.

I hug people before I introduce myself.


Um, I'm Alicia, Emmett's girlfriend.



Of course!

It's so great to finally meet you!

Yeah, well, it was good seeing you.

Montgomery, we're about to go to lunch.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

I'd love to hear some stories.

Emmett never tells me anything.

Oh, Dad, it's... it's his day off.

Uh, he... he probably doesn't...

I'm sure he'd love to sit down
with his boss, right?

Yeah! Yeah!

Structure fire at 2914 Fulham Road.

Oh. Do you guys have to go?

Nah, the other team handles it.

These guys are off duty.

Come on.

You can give me an update
on my son's progress,

plus some intel on how things
are going around here.

Tell me again why I'm here.

Uh, because I'm your favorite daughter

and you love me.

You're my only daughter,
so there's not much competition.


Uh, Robert and I would like to
tell you that...

You got married.

What? Dad.

No. No, sir. No.

Uh, we... we wanted to share
with you that... we're dating.


- We're... We're in love.
- Mm-hmm.

As we know you've long suspected.

- Um...
- Mm.


I'm in love with your daughter.

In love, huh?

What's that got to do with me?

Well, we wanted to come to you first,

before we go to the department.

Out of respect.

What's your plan?

W-Well, I-I'm gonna report

- our relationship to Dixon...
- Mm.

...and then I will request
a transfer to another battalion.


What? Another battalion?

Yeah, we talked about that.

- When?
- Months ago.

- You were yelling at me...
- That was way before...

- No, that was before you...
- Okay, we... we'll...

- we'll figure it out.
- Okay. Yeah.

Um, we will do whatever we need to do

- to be together.
- Be together.

Just like you and mami.

Wait a minute, now. That's different.

- How?
- We were in training,

and I was never her authority.

I guess you made sure of that
by knocking her up.

For the last time, Andrea,

I did not force your mother
out of the academy.

- It was her choice.
- What choice?

What was she gonna do?

Carry 80 pounds of gear up the stairs

while nine months pregnant?

Hi, there.

Do we know what we want?



- Um...
- I think we might need another minute.


Uh, it says here colic can be soothed

by putting a warm bottle on her belly.

Uh, Alexa,

can you add a hot water bottle

and, uh, diapers
to my shopping list, please?

I added hot water bottle and diapers.

Why do you say "please" to her?

Because I have manners!


Alexa, turn off the music.


- Please?
- Hey.

Hey. Shh.


You guys look not good.

I need a bath and I need an omelette

and I need a triple latte.

Did I say bath already?

I need so many things.

- Yeah.
- But first...

Here, and first, you're taking this.

- No, no, no.
- Take her.

You know me and babies are not...

Take the baby.

We've been getting more sleep
on duty than off duty, buddy.

Oh. Good.

Whoa. Hey.

Look at that.

She stopped crying.

I think she likes me.


I'm in love.

How do I take this thing off?

My brain isn't connected to my hands.

How did you do that?

I guess she was tired.

Nighty night, chubs.

If I could move, I would kill him.

What... What... What...
What are you even doing here?

It's your day off. Go.

Be free and childless.

No, I was... I was bored.

You were bored?

I see that. I see that.

You know, they have these
in the military.

- Did you know that?
- I did.

And that was actually
part of how we came...

You know, when I was doing
trauma in Iraq,

I would have loved one of these.

I'm kind of surprised
that Bailey signed off on this

without a trauma surgeon running it.

Hold on. You've only got 10 chest tubes?

Well, we can only have one
patient in here at once, so...

In Iraq, we needed to be ready
for everything.

You know, we had to work on
multiple patients at once,

for over 24 hours sometimes.

I mean, it was a war, after all.

Well, the PRT is ready for anything.

- I mean, I am ready for anything.
- Except a massive trauma.

What if there was
a city-crumbling earthquake

or a ferry-boat crash

or, you know,
the Seahawks stadium collapses?

Why would that ever happen?

You'd need more than
10 chest tubes if it did.

You know, I gotta tell you, man,

this is all good,

but I kind of feel like

you're way off being field-ready, here.

Hmm! Okay. Well, uh,
I've already been in the field.

I've cross-clamped an aorta, all right?

I've placed a REBOA in
a traumatic bowel evisceration

and still got the patient
safely to the OR.



great job, then.


Why have you only got...

- What... Where...
- Okay.

All right, that's my stuff.
No, you got the wrong one.

It's supposed to be sterile.

Back the hell up!

You stand right there.
You stand right there!

I'll teach you to ignore my orders.

I'll teach you to waste my food!

I'm sorry, Dominic.
I just went to get the garlic.

Did I ask you to get the garlic,

or did I ask you to watch the steak?!

Sir, there... there's a fire
over there on your, uh...

Hey, ICE?

Yeah, I'd like to report a lazy sack

of illegal crap in my kitchen

at Domenico's on Garden Sumpter Square.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing?! No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!

Man, what the hell?!
You're ruining my food!

- It was a grease fire.
- It would have burned itself out.

See, that's not a chance
you should be taking

so you can abuse your employees
while you cook.

Yeah, what are you, a cop?

I'm a Battalion Chief with
the Seattle Fire Department.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Who called the fire department?

Did you really call ICE?

Or was it just a show?

All right, come on, guys.
Someone clean up the grill!

If you placed that call,
I suggest you call them back.

See, if they come here,
you'll face penalties

for hiring undocumented workers,

in addition to the many fire
hazard citations I will issue.

Just at first glance,
I can see enough hazards in here

I could shut you down
for a couple weeks... at least.

He was two years ahead of me in college.

We were in some art history class.

What was it?

Oh, uh, Modern Perspectives
in the Visual Arts, I think.

Yes! Ugh, it was so boring!

I would just stare

at the back of Emmett's head all class

to pass the time.

What? You did?

I told you that!



It's the mayor.

Um, but Emmett helped me
study for that class

and prepare for the final,

but he was constantly being chased after

by all the girls on campus.

I didn't think I had a chance.

- That's not true.
- Don't listen to him.

Oh, I never do.

Requesting additional
units to 2914 Fulham Road.

That's the same address as before.

It's two alarms.

That's bad, right?

It's not great.

Well, then after graduation,

I saw him at the museum downtown one day.

He was sketching one of the paintings.

And I couldn't bring myself to say hi.

And then... this is so embarrassing...

I bought a damn membership to the museum,

and I kept going back.

The next time I saw him
with his sketch book,

I sat down next to him
and I said, "Hi, Emmett.

It's been a long time."

He didn't remember me!
I did remember you.

- No!
- I did!

It's just, it... it...
it took me a second to remember,

- then I did.
- Oh, my God, you are such a dude.

As his supervising officer,

can you train him to be less of a dude?

Every time I think that you've
learned your lesson, it's...

Uh, what? I'm... I'm happy, Dad.

Why can't you just be happy for me?

Happiness isn't everything!


being smart about how your choices

affect your future
and the people around you...

those matter just as much as momentary...




Oh. _


And he speaks Spanish.


You okay? Where'd you go?

A little fire in the kitchen.

What? What happened?

The chef was berating the line cook

and threatened to call ICE,

ignoring the steak on the grill.

He threatened to call ICE?

- Well, that's low.
- Yeah.

Is the line cook here illegally?

The word is "undocumented," Dad.

I know what the word is, Andrea,

but there are ways to become a citizen.

- There are laws for a reason.
- Are you serious?

ICE didn't even exist until 2003.

I don't need a lecture on ICE
from you, son.

I've had friends, legal friends,
detained, deported...

And you think that's okay?

I think sometimes maybe they go too far,

but they are government
employees, like firefighters,

and for the most part,
they're doing their jobs.

- Right.
- Like Nazis did their jobs.

You're gonna let him get
away with that? Ryan was a cop.

He's not talking about cops.

He's talking about ICE.

Either way, "Nazis"
is a false equivalence,

and it minimizes
the atrocities of World War II.

Well, yes, it's a false equivalent.

You're right, sir,
but there are similarities.

And I have strong feelings about all this

because my grandfather was one.

Was one what?

Was undocumented?

Was a Nazi.

Thank you for making me come outside.

Thank you for coming outside.

But, Maya, you're very white.

Don't you think you
maybe should cover up?

Shut up!

Hey, ladies.

Name's Todd.

Hi, Todd.

Uh, bye, Todd.

Aw, man! You're gonna go
and break my heart like that?


Naw, see, we were just stopping by

to see if we could buy y'all some drinks.

We have our own drinks. Thanks.

Oh, cool. So, you two on a girls trip?

Something like that.

Sweet. Just blowing off
a little steam, huh?

Look, man, we're just trying to
have a nice time,

so would you mind?

Oh, you having a nice time is all I want.



Whoa, whoa, what's that?

Spanish? I took Spanish!

Hola. Cómo está?

Okay, Todd, you want to have some fun?

Hell yeah.

Okay, if you can do
more push-ups than me,

you can buy us drinks,

but if I can do more push-ups than you,

you buy us drinks

and then you leave us the hell alone.

I like a feisty woman.

I'll do 'em with one hand
just to keep it even.

Oh! Thank you.

I want to see this.

After you.


Another round of drinks
on their tab, please.

And fries. A-And mozzarella sticks.

Thank you.

You're right. Vacation is fun.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

State-of-the-art trauma bay on wheels

with the x-ray, ultrasound,

auto-adjusting surgical lights.

Oh, oh, oh, and ECMO.


Ben, this is gonna save so many lives!

Thank you! I agree.

And I, uh... I need someone
to run it with me,

to be my partner.

You made a face.

- Yeah, I-I didn't make a...
- Yeah, just a little.

Okay, well, it wasn't on purpose.

- Ben, thank you.
- I'm... I'm... I am running

the cardiothoracic department
with Pierce.

So, you're telling me you miss trauma?

Uh, hearts are my greatest love.

And you know, my baby girl
Allison is a close second.

I thought I was gonna miss
trauma, but I got to tell you,

motherhood is traumatic enough.

I mean, every day, she changes,

and every day, I grieve that change.

I mean, she grew this new little tooth,

and I miss those toothless gums.

And she learned how to crawl,
and, you know,

I miss holding this little lump
in my arms.

And I cry like 10 times more often

than I did before she was born.

And I thought at first it was hormones.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

No. No.

No, Ben, I'm...
I'm really sorry. I forgot.

Teddy, you are allowed to talk

about how much you love
your baby girl, as long as

I'm allowed to think
about how much I miss mine.


As exciting as the notion
of doing a sternotomy

in an OR on wheels is...

Mm, come on.

...motherhood is profoundly

And I just...

I can't add overnight shifts.

This is one of my favorite pieces.

That's extraordinary.

Isn't it? Emmett
refuses to finish it for me.

Okay, babe, I think Travis has
seen enough of my so-called art.

Emmett, seriously, some of this
stuff is remarkable.

It's like a cross between Kiefer and...

Yes! Kiefer and...

- Um, someone.
- ...someone.


You have to come to
the museum with us one day.

We'd have so much fun.

Mm, Alicia, Travis has
a life of his own, you know?

I know, I just want him to be
part of ours, too.

All right, enough with the art talk.

Montgomery, how's Emmett
shaping up on the job?

Is he gonna make lieutenant on his own,

or am I gonna have to pull some strings?

- Dad.
- Relax, Emmett. You have time.

I don't need you to be
wearing bars on your uniform

for another six months.

That would be fast.

Not if his training officer
wants to keep his job.

Chief Dixon, there's a lot to
learn on this job,

and you got to learn most of it
while running through an inferno

or keeping someone from bleeding out.

You think he has the grit for that?

A few decades on the job,
we'll toughen him up.

Yo. Yo!

No. Those are expensive.

Aren't you, like, a prince or something?

Yeah, well, I was.

That was before they cut me off.

Like, actually?

Like, not a single text. Accounts closed.


Yeah, I mean, it's... it's all good.

Lord knows I should have been cut off

a long time ago.

I just wish I stashed, like,
some cash away in a boot.

The Crabby Granny Nanny agency
is getting expensive.

Want me to kick anyone's ass?

You're offering to kick my mom's ass?


- No?
- No.

Your dad, maybe? No?

Okay, well, at least
you have Pru and Hughes.

You guys are kind of like a family.

That's my child,
and Huey just lives here.

Wow. That's nice, Miller.

What? Would you put some clothes on?

We have company.

What company? It's Gibson.

Yeah, I see her in a towel
all the time, dude.

See? No one cares.

No, I care, and I don't want to
confuse Pru, so...

Oh, my towel's what's gonna confuse her?


I'll change.


That therapist get in your head at all?

- Nah.
- Yeah. Me, neither.

My grandfather... Opa...

he, uh, lived with us when I was a kid.

He never really learned English.

So we spoke German at home for him.

My parents were doctors, always working.

He taught me how to ride a bike,
taught me how to fish.

You know Melita Maschmann?

She wrote a war memoir, right?


I know things.

She was a Nazi propagandist in the war.

In the '60s, she wrote an autobiography

explaining why she became a Nazi.

And I was 12 years old,
had to do a book report,

come across this book in the library

and figure, "Hey, I can read
this in the original German.

That's got to be good
for extra credit, right?"

So I come home from school,
Opa is there with my lunch,

and he sees me put the book down
on the table

and just goes... dead white.

I ask him what's wrong,
and he starts to cry.

And he says, "Today is the day
where you start to hate me."

He... He was a soldier in the war?

No, he was a Nazi. Believed.

But I mean, obviously, your dad...

What? Married a black woman?

Yeah, prejudice is stupid.

It doesn't have to make sense.

But he cried. So he had regrets.

He regretted my finding out.

He knew I would never understand.

And here I am looking
at pictures of people

who've been starved to death in camps,

piled them in mass graves.

I mean, I was 12 years old.
I knew history.

I knew about all the evil things
that happened in this country

to the people that look like me.

But now there was someone
in my family, someone I loved,

who did those kind of things?

And he tried to explain to me.

He said, uh "Sometimes a nation in crisis

needs the patriot
who does the unspeakable."


No, he was right.

That day, I started to hate him.

Six more years I lived in that house.

I never spoke to him again.

See, the Gestapo,
the Geheime Staatspolzei,

the secret state police,

were legitimate law enforcement
for Nazis.

They were government employees,

storming into homes,
into schools, into restaurants,

ripping parents from their children,

ripping husbands from their wives

and then shipping them off
to detention centers.

People think what happened in
Germany could never happen here.

There have been multiple reports
of sexual abuse

on women and children by guards

in ou detention centers right here.

And we just scroll through those reports

and shake our heads and do nothing.

If we do nothing when we see
our fellow human beings,

our neighbors,

being abused, detained...

...what happens next?

Yeah, you're gonna have to
finish lunch without me.


Andrea. Andrea. Don't get involved.


- Oh!
- Hi.

- Hi. Hi.
- Sorry.

Can I ask you a question?


Do guys ever tell each other stuff,

like, relationship stuff?

Well, I-I don't know
what straight guys do...

Wait, are you gay?


Oh, my God. You seem so straight.

That's not...

Sorry, uh, that came out wrong.

I j... I just meant I didn't realize.

Oh, I've always wanted a gay friend.

- Alicia.
- Right. Sorry.

Uh, so, Emmett and I

have been together for like six years

which is longer than
some of my friends' marriages,

and I really want to get married,

but he hasn't proposed.

And I'm thinking
I should just do it myself,

but that's weird, isn't it?

I mean, I guess it's modern.

I don't know. It... Is it desperate?

Alicia. You're young.

You're in absolutely no rush...

I know, I know, I know.

My mom says that to me all the time.

But... I just love him so much,

and I want to be there

to take care of him when he's old.

That's a wonderful way
to feel about someone.

But, um, and I'm saying this
as your new gay bestie...

...firefighters don't always
get to grow old.

It's a dangerous job.

Yeah, but they don't make the new guys

do the dangerous stuff, right?

He won't always be new.

He'll have to do the hard stuff.

In this job,
- we lose people all the time.

Important people.

People... we love.

Who did you lose?

My husband.

I'm so sorry.

Look, all I'm saying is...

if you marry Emmett,

you are signing up for
a lifetime of heartbreak, okay?

I promise you.

Will you look out for him?

So I don't lose him?


Yeah, I'll... I'll...
I'll look out for him.

♪ Pru's the silliest girl I know ♪

♪ Girl I know, girl I know ♪

♪ Pru's the cleverest girl I know ♪

Made-up songs disturb my sleep.

Sing a real song or zip it.

Hey, don't be jealous

'cause Uncle Jack's
got her sleeping like a rock.

An adorable chipmunk-cheek shaped rock.

And now she's laughing in her sleep.

Do you hear that gurgle?

That is a laugh.

See, babies really value me.

Mnh-mnh. Babies don't laugh at that age.

If she did, it's gas.

You're making my daughter fart
in her sleep.

You know, I miss living here.

Moved in with Andy, and she's never home.

I may as well live alone.

Why is she never home?


She's seeing someone.

Okay. Give me the gossip.

Don't hold back.

Don't know who. She won't tell me.

You want to trade?

You live here with Huey and Pruey,

I stay at your place, get some sleep?

Hear that? Laughter.

Believe what you need to.

I am going back to sleep.

Officers, I swear I had no idea
this man was undocumented, okay?

He must have faked his ID.
The moment I realized, I tr...

No, no, no, I'm... I'm...
I'm sure you had no idea.

I'm gonna need you to step out
of the kitchen for me, sir.

- This is my kitchen.
- Right now it's mine.

And the same way I'm gonna have to decide

whether to arrest this man for
being in this country illegally,

I'm gonna have to
decide whether to write you up

for employing illegals.

You getting in my way of doing my job

is gonna make writing you up
a lot more fun.

Seattle Fire Department.

Somebody called in a kitchen fire.

There's no fire here.

SFD? Where's your uniform?

Off duty, in the area, picked up
the call on the radio.




All kitchen staff over there.

She's a firefighter, and she's with me.

There's no fire here.

Smells like there was one, though.

Was there a fire here, sir?

- On the grill.
- And, uh, are you injured, sir?


- Yes.
- Yes, sir.

Herrera, check him for injuries.

Okay, hold up.
All right, this is my scene.

Everybody just stay where you are.

No, sir, this is my scene.
Somebody called in a fire.

There are injuries
and possibly smoke inhalation,

which gives me the command of the scene.

I see a second-degree burn here.
Chief, call it in.

Ma'am, you need to step away
from the illegal alien.

He has a second-degree burn.

If it doesn't get treated,

it can get infected or even gangrenous.

- All right, let me see it.
- I can't.

Exposure to air is very bad
for this type of wound.

You know, we will get him medical
attention at the detention center.

- Come on.
- What, uh, crime

are you charging him with?

His boss called and reported him.

For burning a steak?

Is that really what you're gonna
arrest him for?

- He's illegal.
- How do you know that?

All right, everybody, IDs out now!

I'm gonna show you how I know. Mm-hmm.

Um, a fire was called in.

This is my scene.






Chief Sullivan, you need, uh...
need some extra hands?

Yes, thank you.

Captain Herrera, could you
please check these folks

for signs of smoke inhalation?

Captain Herrera, Station 19.

Nice to meet you all.

Can I put my hands on your back?

I need to check your lungs.

Yeah, this is Battalion Chief
Robert Sullivan.

I need an aid car for a patient
with second-degree burns

at 924 Sumpter Garden Square.

Take a deep breath for me, please.

Well, then, send the PRT.
Yes, that's right.

Listen, all of you, pull out your IDs.

We will check them

while the old man
checks if you're breathing.

What cause do you have for them
to show you their papers?

You need to settle down, Chief.

You're out of your lane.

Officer, this is America.

In America, we have rights.

Now, these people have given you
no cause to show you anything.

Now, if they wanted to run
right now, without a warrant,

you would have no basis to chase them.

- Oh, my God!
- Enough!

The floor is really slippery.

Sorry about that, guys. You guys okay?

- All right.
- All right, I can arrest

each and every one of you

for obstructing justice,

for conspiracy to obstruct justice,

and for aiding and abetting
an illegal in my custody!

He wasn't aiding anyone.
He slipped on a wet floor.

I'm a witness to that.

And nobody was in custody, either.

Now, I'm sorry for the fall, guys.

Now, if anybody's hurt,
paramedics will check you out.

Oh, you have a CO2 laser scalpel?


You planning on doing
plastic surgery in this thing?

Of course not, but, you know,

you never know when a guy's face
will get chewed off by a bear.

And don't worry, man,
we got a traditional Bovie here

ready to go for all things trauma.

And, uh, look, I-I know
trauma's not your thing,

usually, but look,
I've seen you in the pit, right?

In a crisis, you get calmer,

and that's what I need in a partner.

PRT 19 requested
to 924 Sumpter Garden Square.

- What, is that us?
- Severe burn.

Oh, that's us. Uh, and don't worry.

It's normal to get, uh,
excited about injured people.

Get changed on the way.


- Oh, can I go down the pole?
- We'll talk about it.

- And can I do... cut a...
- We'll talk about it.

If he's so badly hurt, how come
you're not treating his burn?

I already told you.

We can't expose this type of burn to air

if we hope to preserve the skin.

I've never heard of anything like that.

Well, when you've trained as a paramedic,

come back and share your
expertise on wound care with me.

You just throw
some butter on it or something.

That is literally the worst
thing you can do for a burn.

Where are you from?


What's your ethnicity?

I'm an American citizen.

You got identification to prove that?

You know, he really doesn't have to be

- speaking to you right now.
- All right, that's enough.

You're not gonna show me a burn,

there is no evidence of an injury,

and that makes this my jurisdiction.

Remove your hands from my
suspect, lady, now.

- Officer.
- Okay.

Respectfully, that's a mistake.

The last thing you fellas need
is a bunch of bad PR.

The bleeding hearts
are just looking for reasons

to talk crap about you in the papers.

"ICE denies necessary medical treatment

in front of Seattle Fire Department"?

That's some nightmare PR.

And, sir, that paramedic is my child.

You point a gun at her,

I'll be the first to go to the press.

...been to the mall since.

I, uh... I should get going.

Yeah. Dixon.

All right, I'm on my way.

Fire at the recycling plant's
up to three alarms.

The Chief has to make an appearance.

- Good to see you, Lish.
- You too.

Well, three alarms.

Shouldn't we be responding to it?

You worry about it
when it gets to five, hmm?

What do we have here?

Second-degree burns. Scalding injury.

Warren, we already told the agent here

that exposure to air can increase

the danger of infection
with this sort of wound,

and it needs to be treated at a hospital.

I'll ride with you.

Our patient doesn't actually
need to speak to you guys

without an attorney present,

so no need for you to ride with us.

You can meet us
at Grey-Sloan, if you want.

- Four-alarm fire.
- It's gonna be five.

Let's go.

What if I came to your fire

and got in the way of you doing your job?

Well, I'd probably
turn the fire hose on you.

Damn. I miss fighting fires.

No, no.

Don't do that!


Four alarms?

Anything you can help with
from a thousand miles away?

It's a four-alarm fire.

Th-They're expecting it to get to five.

They're calling everyone in.

They will call everyone else.

They... They are gonna put out the fire.

It's... Okay, I'm...

I'm... I'm...

I'm the captain.

I should be there.

A f... A five-alarm fire is, um...

- Maya.
- I should be... I should be with them.

I've never been this far away. Maya.

- And now I'm too... I'm too far away.
- Maya.

Maya, cal... Okay, Maya,
you're having a panic attack.

It's okay. It's okay. I've got you.

They are gonna put out the fire.

- But what if...
- What if somebody gets hurt?

There are emergencies in every
state and in every country

during every hour in every
minute of every single day.

And they all get solved and
fixed, even without you there.

It will be okay. They will be okay.

It's... But, um...

Okay. Okay. O-Okay. Look... Look at me.

Look at me.

Yeah, y-yeah, look at me.

Your eyes only need to be on me.

No, no, no, no, no, eyes forward.

No, eyes forward. Eyes only on me.

Good. Breathe.


Just pull up right out front.

Got it.

I didn't break any laws.

Sir, it... it doesn't matter
to us what...

It matters to me!

I work hard.

My wife works hard.

In my country,
I was a teacher until the war.

And then we had to flee f-for
our lives with our children.

I am not a criminal.

I work hard.

I'm so tired. I get so tired.

I didn't break any laws.


Okay, sir.

We... We believe you.

Do you know how rare it is

to have someone who does not look like me

or talk like me

look me in the eye?

Let's not take him to the ambulance bay.

All right, Beto, there's a side door

in the parking structure, okay?

All exits there lead to the street.

We're doctors, Warren. We're not cops.

If someone jumps out and runs,

there's not really much we can do.

Nurse Carson. Change of plans.

Uh, well, enjoy your day off.

It was great meeting you, Alicia.

You have to come have dinner
with us one night.

It'll be so fun.

Yeah. That would be fun.

Five alarms

at 2914 Fulham Road.

Recalling all units.



Wow! I heard about this thing.

You guys really do surgery in a truck?

Well, this truck

is a half-million dollar OR on wheels.

So have a little respect.

But, uh, if you ever want to
take a shift, let me know.


Dr. Avery. Cool suit.


So, uh, how's his arm?

What's that?

Our patient.

I-I need to put something in the record.

Uh, yes.

Uh, well, he was able to keep his arm.


And he was able to keep his skin.


Listen, I'm, uh...
I'm sorry it was a little lame

for your first run. Are you kidding?

That was anything but lame.

I meant medically.

We saved his life, his family.

So, it's a pretty damn good day
for a doctor.


- Everything all right?
- Five-alarm fire.

They need everyone.

Tour's over.

Oh. Uh, okay.

- All right.
- Uh, you coming?

- What do you mean?
- Five-alarm fire.

There's likely to be injuries.

You know, full-thickness burns,
compartment syndrome.

Someone may even need an escharotomy.

Yeah, yeah, you had me at "fire."

You getting this, too?

Is that Vic's phone? Is everyone buzzing?

- Five-alarm.
- What?



What? What? What happened?

Still with the towel?!

- Oh.
- We won a contest.

We're going to Disneyland.

It's a five-alarm fire! Let's go!

Who's gonna watch Pru?!

- Uh...
- Uh...

Uh, who... who is gonna watch Pru?

- Uh...
- Uh, yeah, yeah. Come on. Come on.

One, two, three, go.

- What?!
- Aw, come on!

One, two, three, go!

- You bitches!
- Stop cheating!


Hey, someone's gonna be
at the station. Let's just go.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Your dad turns out to be
kind of a badass.

I think he kinda likes you, too.


You know, it was my idea

for Ripley to ask Hughes to marry him.


And it would have worked,

if they had gotten the chance
to get married.

It would've worked.

Would have kept their jobs
and their titles.

It might be nice for your dad
to get to see that.

Hey, uh, I'm sorry about earlier.

Don't be sorry to me.

Be sorry to that lovely girl
you're destroying.

Whoa, what? Travis, come...

No, don't say my name.

Don't ever say my name again.
We're done. You hear me?

I don't care about the closet
you're living in.

I'm not even judging you for that.

But that girl believes she knows you.

She plans to marry you.

She loves you.

And you...
Honestly, Emmett, you're just...'re worse than weak.

You're cruel.

And I don't care how mean your dad is

or how big your panic attacks are.

If you don't man up and tell
that poor woman the truth,

I swear to God, just...
don't ever talk to me again.

Hey, is there anyone
from "C" or "D" shift here?

Already headed for the fire.

Somebody needs to watch Pru.

Uh, pick a number between 1 and 10.

This is my kid.


This is my kid.

She's our kid!

Thank you, brother, but it's my name

that's on the birth certificate.

She's mine to not lose
my life over, if I can help it.

I'll stay.

I'll watch the front desk.

- You guys go.
- You sure?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Oh, man.

You're lucky you're so damn cute.


This is not Disneyland.

Here we go.

Welcome to the party.

We've been battling this
for the past five hours.

You just got here.

We're dealing with a fire
in a pile of titanium shavings.

There was a massive explosion.

Some workers caught shrapnel.

Some got burned.

They're all en route to Grey-Sloan.


So, five-alarm means...

Every firefighter in the city
gets called in. Yeah.

All right, be safe, be smart,
and don't get dead.

It'll be murder on the city's insurance.

Andy, you haven't said
a word since, uh...

Let's just get this fire out.

I just wanted my headphones.