State of Play (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Who gave you the briefcase, Mr McCaffrey?

This is the second time
l've asked for a phone call.

- What part of you kept this evidence?
- Phone call.

- The greedy part?
- Phone call.

- Or the part protecting Stephen Collins?
- L worked for him once, about 9 years ago.

He didn't do it. Phone call.

He sheltered from the press at your house.

- So?
- He denied anything to do with her death?

- He was never asked.
- Never remotely crossed your mind?

Look, he was on a train,
she went under another.

- Somebody paid for a hit man.
- The briefcase implies that.

But you exclude the man
with everything to gain. How come?

If the reason you're keeping me here
is to stop me doing a better job than you can,

then l would be
seriously embarrassed about that.

You know? L'd want to lead, not follow.

Well, you asked for that. L said it was getting
repetitive. Were either of you listening?

Hi, it's Anne Collins. If you leave your name
and your number l'll get back to you.

At least l heard a bit of you.

L hope this is the first thing you hear
when you wake up. How are you?

L've been thinking about you.

A bit more than l should.

L've got half a dozen people out here thinking
l'm making a phone call to my next of kin.

L've been arrested, so...

l don't know when l'm going to get a chance
to speak to you again.

L just wanted to say...

...good morning.

- Hi. Thanks for coming.
- Well, it's a first, so it's a pleasure.

Don't eat the food.
Adam swears to me he can get you bail,

so don't take anal sex for granted.

And l'll see you back in the office...
before you're 40.


He used the mobile.

Find out who he rang.

Louis, don't forget the bin.

At least l heard a bit of you. L hope this is
the first thing you hear when you wake up.

How are you? L've been thinking about you.

A bit more than l should.
L've got half a dozen people out here...

Brake, Mum! Brake!

Good morning.

- How's Cal?
- Is Cameron in?

- You reply, l reply.
- He's fine.

- Still banged up?
- Helping with enquiries.

L was here when they handcuffed him. Sexy.

But if that's helping,
l'd hate to see force applied.

Yeah, um, lovely.

- The union want their own lawyers on it.
- The more the merrier.

We haven't actually lost anything, except time.

What the police haven't got
is how we joined the dots.

- Do they know where the letters came from?
- No, and don't say it in the plural.

We're the only ones who know Dominic Foy
wrote to Anne Collins and faxed the "Mail".

- What have they charged Cal with?
- Obstructing justice.

For not saying where the briefcase is from?

Cal couldn't identify the contact if he wanted to.
He never got the girl's name. Right?

- That's my understanding.
- So why tell the police he won't?

- That just puts pressure on us.
- It's to protect the Stagg family.

- Also my understanding.
- He's a journalist! He can't protect them!

He should never have bloody told them that!

Della, don't walk out... Sit down!

You lot need to find Foy. Get some history.

Della Smith's on her way back, a bit confused
as to why a trusted friend left her wide open.

Do you explain or do l keep on speculating?

An established journalist is arrested
for protecting a contact.

That hits the evening papers in a few hours.
Maybe even the telly.

What? You think that scares me?

Look, if l'm in here,
refusing to surrender "vital information"

because it might jeopardise a contact,
and l'm the only person you're holding,

then no hit man's gonna give two shits
about Della Smith, is he?

That's a very dangerous manoeuvre.

Well, it's my choice.

Make it look like we've relaxed supervision
of Della Smith. LOOK like. Plain clothes only.

And find me a decoy for Della.
Get a support unit together.

Right, can we talk properly
or are you going to drag the lawyers in again?

L didn't sponsor a hit man for a headline,
Inspector. You know? That happened.

L'm here because l want him caught.
Like you do.

So why don't you get your press people
to publicise this arrest and get on with the story?

It's a case, not a story.


Hi! Do you live here?

L wish.

- L'm flat-sitting.
- Oh. L was actually looking for Mr Foy.


- Sheena Gough?
- Who are you?

L'm not talking about Sonia OR Collins.

- L'm not interested in the affair.
- Of course not (!)

Fancy a little job?

- What kind of job?
- Fairly basic one.

Give me a ring next time he shows up?

If somebody rang me with devastating news,
the first person l'd run to is my wife.

- What are you talking about?
- Who would Sonia ring? Collins? You?

Me, possibly.

So why did she ring Dominic Foy
an hour before she died?

He drives a red BMW.
M3, private plate - DF025Y.

Not a wanker at all (!)

He's a creep. Foy read Economics.

Sonia was having her affair with Collins while
you stayed with her. Did she ever discuss that?

L thought you weren't after gossip.

Had Dominic Foy made a comeback
during that time?

Was she sleeping with the pair of them? No!
If you knew her, you wouldn't even...

No. He just swans around
like he's everyone's friend.

- He wouldn't resent her sleeping with Collins?
- No, he probably found it amusing.

You were... You were away when she died?

L got back last night.
L went straight to her parents'. They're wrecked.

- What was the phone call?
- Sorry?

You said, "If Sonia had received
devastating news, why would she ring Foy?"

- What devastating news?
- It's hypothetical. Do you have Foy's number?

L haven't seen him since Sonia's birthday party.

He bought champagne. We were meant
to be celebrating that she'd got her new job.

The job with Stephen Collins?

Actually, can l call you back in two minutes?

- Sonia Baker's date of birth?
- 25th March, '75.

- When did she start working for Collins?
- 30th April.

- Exact date?
- 30th April. L'm sad, l remember dates.

(DCI BELL) There's Sonia Baker.

- L don't want to see her go under...
- It's too crowded for that. Just watch.

Yeah, him.

- Get the engineers to clean the image up.
- OK.


(RADIO) Callum McCaffrey, a senior journalist
with the "Herald" newspaper,

has been arrested and charged with obstructing
the investigation into Kelvin Stagg's murder.

Stagg was shot dead
in what police earlier called a drugs reprisal.

McCaffrey was said to be withholding vital
evidence that could expose Stagg's killers.

L'm Kirsty Walsh. L'm going to be you.

L'll be taking over your flat, your car,
your clothing. Can l take a sample of hair colour?

Yeah... You think he'll go back to the flat?

Assuming he hasn't found what he's looking for.

Don't go anywhere without Sergeant Cheweski.
Chewy for short.

- Hiya.
- Hi.

You're named in the press release. If it's
a professional hit man, don't take any risks.

- And you're happy sleeping in there?
- "Happy" would be psychotic. Well armed!

Don't get drunk and go home by accident!

- Is your house alarmed?
- Yeah, but it's bust.

L need a copy of all the house keys. Any pets?

- No.
- What's your car?

Blue Ford Escort. H reg.

L thought you lot earned silly money.

Which l spend on silly things
and cars aren't one of them. Excuse me.

You OK?

Why are you doing this?

Well, the more this nutter thinks l know,
the less he pins you down.

Thank you. Is Stephen Collins here?

No. L don't think so.

L think Bell wants to bring him in.

Della, let me introduce you to Jack.
He's going to be keeping an eye on you.

(MP) They have introduced a range of initiatives
that have genuinely improved working locally.

L fear that the Bill is taking us
in the other direction.

Detective Chief Inspector Bell.

- Stephen Collins?
- Obviously.

- L need your cooperation with our enquiries.
- Look, why wasn't l warned about this?

Cooperation needs a warning?

- What if it's not convenient?
- L come back with a warrant.

You could have phoned
or arranged to meet at the police station.

You seem determined to be visible. Is it fair?

There's only one seat at the circus.
Lawyer or spin doctor?

- Mr Collins has business in the House...
- No, it's OK.

If you're going, use your own transport.
And take your lawyer.

- Who decided the affair be made public?
- We both did.

- Who first?
- It was mutual.

It must have been a significant conversation.

You were about to risk your career and family
to go public. One of you voiced it first. Who?

- Sonia did.
- Did that worry you?

- No.
- Huge exposure.

L wasn't relishing the prospect.

So you preferred things as they were?

- What man wouldn't?
- And you told Sonia that?

- Not in so many words.
- But she knew.

And presumably
she was keeping the pressure up.

- Sorry, what are you suggesting?
- Keep it civilised or we leave.

- She wanted to go public more than you did.
- She brought it up first.

Did she threaten to expose the affair?
Request money?

Now you're really crossing the line.
L came here for me...

Sonia Baker was receiving ?2,000 a month,
in cash, into her bank account.

Not from me.
What? You think that came from me?

- Did she have access to special privileges?
- No.

- Not at the Energy Select Committee?
- Have you any idea about my paperwork?

- Not yet.
- Happy reading!

Reams and reams of over-written,
under-informed repetitive shit.

Most not worth the paper it's written on.

- Not to you, maybe.
- L've had enough!

You said cooperation. L thought, "Fine."
'Cause l want to understand why she died!

L want to know what the last year of my life was
for! You're not capable of helping me, are you?

You drew ?200 on your cash card
every second or third day

that isn't accounted for
in your expenses or tax returns.

- You've accessed his accounts?
- Yeah. A police officer was killed.

You processed over ?2,000 a month in cash.

What did you spend that on, Mr Collins?

That's my business.

Say nothing. Let me do the talking.


This was a routine part of the investigation
into a tragic death.

My client supplied all the information required.

We came here voluntarily. The discussion
was mutually beneficial. No further comment.

Is it true Mr Collins is going to resign?

No further comment! Excuse me.

If they've gone that far, they'll want receipts.

- You can produce receipts?
- L keep receipts for claimable expenses.

Having an affair is not a claimable expense.

George Fergus, please.

(TV) Stephen Collins went voluntarily...

(CAMERON) For God's sake!
He looks like he's trying to catch a bus.

Sorry. Are you waiting for me?

L just had to double-check some stuff.
Chronology of Sonia Baker's employment.

The interview with Stephen Collins
happened on the 10th of April.

The letter confirming it was posted on the 25th.

But a whole month before any of that -
on the 25th of March -

she told Sheena Gough
she was going to work for Stephen Collins.

Could Sheena Gough have the dates mixed up?

This was discussed at Sonia's birthday party.

25th March.

Exactly what l asked. Specifically.
"The job with Stephen Collins?" "Yes."

And Stephen Collins told you he'd never
met her until she went to work in his office.

- Yeah.
- L just spoke to his previous researcher.

She was unexpectedly offered a job at the COI.


So if Collins shoe-horned her into that job...

No, hang on.

If Stephen Collins lied to me, ever...

No. You...

l know what you're thinking.
What if she blackmailed him? Don't you?

- Don't you?
- L don't.

- You did.
- Mm.

- You started that ball rolling.
- Before l knew of her sexual history with Foy.

On/off at university, and since.

Humps her and dumps her and she can't resist
bouncing back when he's a little bit bored,

which he thinks is fantastic. Shag on tap.

Until she starts an affair with Collins.

- Foy gets jealous.
- With a motive for the anonymous letters.

And he vanishes when we start asking questions.

- So what are we thinking?
- Why is Collins lying?

The only lies he's told
have turned out in his favour.

Once she's dead, what is the point in admitting
he was going to leave his wife for her?

That's the worst he's done.

Plus, Foy's the first person she calls
when her life is threatened.

(CAMERON) Which can't be a coincidence.

Excuse me, chaps. Now, Andrew.

Er, two minutes.

- You advised Collins to talk to the police?
- Only to prevent his arrest.

- Have you briefed against him?
- No, I...

- Hugh Priestner thinks you did.
- L made a joke.

- Ah, not contrived at all (!)
- George...

Stephen Collins has had more crap on his plate
in a week than you could stand in a lifetime.

He needs all the help he can get.
Brief in his favour. Put this right.

(COLLINS) Is he here yet?

Who are you?

- L've said all l'm going to say.
- He's with Mr McCaffrey.

You need a bodyguard?


- 2,000 quid a month.
- Asking or offering?

- Sonia banked ?2,000 a month. Where from?
- We don't know where.

- But you knew for a fact. And didn't tell me.
- There's a lot of stuff l haven't told you.

- L'm trying to cover you.
- From what?

They're talking to me like a bloody suspect!

The first time l asked, you called it a fling.

Then you admitted you were in love with her.

You finally admitted you planned to leave Anne.

- They weren't lies.
- OK, Stephen.

You want everything l've got in return
for little bits of truth. It's not good enough.

OK, Cal, what do you want me to say?

How long before she arrived did you know Sonia
Baker was going to be your new researcher?

The day l offered her the job.

All right, the day Greer offered her the job.
L'd have gone for another applicant.

Greer talked me round. L trust her instincts.

Sonia knew
a month before you reckon you met her.

That's not true.

It's not even possible.

One of her closest friends says it is.

- Which close friend?
- She's not my contact.


...on the life of my children,
l did not put Sonia in my department.

Ask Greer.


- Yeah?
- The Whips are on their way down.

You'd best vanish.

Do you know a Dominic Foy?

Of him, yeah. He used to date Sonia. Why?

- You never met him?
- No.

First time l've ever been inside there.
Very impressive.

- Yeah.
- The building's great.

Fancy a coffee?



Stephen Collins. L'm under pressure
to explain what all the fireworks were for.

Sonia Baker's death is now part of a wider
murder investigation. And he was her lover.

- Was he helpful?
- Selectively.

- "Wider murder investigation" because?
- There's a possibility she was pushed.

We can connect her to one phone call made
to a lad called Kelvin Stagg, also murdered.

- Which... um... needs investigation.
- Right.

Fair enough.

But keep Collins out of this building
unless you have cast-iron proof.

With respect, sir, that limits how l proceed.

You imposed your own limits by tipping
the press off. He's an easy target, William.

You made a meal of it.

If he was your best lead and you had to let go,
that's not his fault.

She's entering the building now.


- Oh.
- L win again.



We all saw the news
and they were worried about you.

Hello, Dad.

The police, they're under pressure
to look like they are making progress.

- Were you actually arrested?
- No, they just asked me to come in, that's all.

Why? What more do they wanna know?

Everything. You know, what you thought
six months ago, what you didn't.


Look, l've no food in, so we can go out
or we can get a takeaway.

- L've booked into a hotel.
- You didn't have to do that.

- It's reserved now, so...
- Yeah, can l have a cab on account, please?

Collins. 21540.

- Going to?
- Charlotte Street.

Charlotte Street.

Can l come round?

It's a bit complicated.

L just want to talk.

L'm under protection. There's a copper here.
It wouldn't look good if you rolled up now.

- Come and see me at the hotel.
- l can't travel alone.

L just don't know what the hell's going on
with Stephen. L just... l need to see you.

Whereabouts are you staying?

L need to go and interview a contact.

- Which means l need to go out.
- L look forward to meeting her.

Your phone's on a tracker.

Mr McCaffrey, l'm just here for protection.

Who else heard that?

Your private life's nothing to do with us
unless it's relevant to the case.

- Am l allowed to go alone?
- L stay within range.

The rest, l'm not interested. OK?

Thank you.

- Are you there? Four.
- Go ahead.

- We'll be on the move shortly.
- OK.


Your guests have arrived, Mrs Collins.
May l send them up?

Room 70.

L'll be waiting here.

He looks high.


Very high.

To have a bodyguard.

He's average.

Stephen was all over the place.
L get your message first - arrested, then his.

L've got journalists hammering on the bloody
door, and the kids. Why were you arrested?

- Tactical.
- Andrew Wilson says it will all blow over.

It's all going in the wrong direction.
L don't know what l'm gonna do.

If Stephen was seriously involved in something,
you'd tell me, wouldn't you?

What are you doing?

L could have e-mailed you answers to all that.

Now, we can talk about Stephen
or we can do what we came for,

but l can't do both, Anne.

Four in the morning, they ring down.
Eggs and tea, kippers and tea.

You don't eat eggs with tea!

Eggs and coffee, fine.

Eggs and coffee.

- Would you eat eggs with tea?
- L eat anything with anything, mate.

Are you hungry?

Well, l wasn't...


- Good money?
- You what?


He's not my employer. L'm a police officer.

Real police?

Only kind we've got in this country, mate.
Did he put saffron in that, 'cause...


- Where's your nearest fire exit?
- End of the corridor. Can't open from outside.

Are you there?


- L checked it at ten.
- Back-up! Rear door's been breached!

- Room 70, you said?
- Yes!

- Where's the briefcase? You don't turn around.

- The police have got it.
- Who gave it to you? Have you got a name?

L don't know her name. Kelvin Stagg's girlfriend.
L can't remember her name.


- Black, five two...
- She was white!

- Name!

- Room service.

What have you ordered?


- What have you got?
- Champagne.

No, no, no, please. Take me, take me.
Take me. L'll walk with you. Please. Come on.

(RADIO) Chewy, come in.

Chewy? Chewy, are you receiving?

Chewy, are you there?

The fire doors. He's going for the fire doors.



- Can you see him? Where are you?
- No. F*ire door.

- Which? Back, you tosser!
- F*ront.

- Back fire doors!
- Weapon. Floor.




Radio. We're heading for reception.

- Back towards reception.
- What?

Reception! Front reception! Now! Now!

Move! Against the wall! Hands!



(ANNE) l'm not going anywhere.

- Listen...
- l want to see my kids. Just get my things!

Listen! News crews will have picked this up.

If she's seen like this, it's a whole other story
l don't want involving in. Right?

- Let me handle the information. All right?!
- Yes, yes.

Take her to your house. Wait for us there.
L mean it - you wait there.

Chewy, what the hell happened?
Who gave the order to kill?

Who said to kill him, for Christ's sake?

(TV) Early reports indicate that the gunman
was shot dead by police marksmen.

Two other people were treated at the scene of
the incident. They were later allowed to go home.

Let's go back to our top story today
and that is that charities are claiming...


Morning, Eddie. Good news about the palace.

It'll make a very draughty council house!

Hey up, Gus. Morning, Abby.
How are you? Good to see you.

A love affair or just sex?

Does it matter?

What do the police know?


Look, l'll...

l'll withdraw from the story.

L'll let Della run it from here.
She's got Helen and Dan to bounce off.

And Pete's better infantry
than you give him credit for.

Don't tell me how to rearrange my staff.

And if you don't fancy subbing the greyhound
results, start looking for another job. Fair?

- L didn't plan this.
- Obviously not.

You just couldn't resist her. That's reprehensible.

Totally unprofessional.

You better now?

Why did you lot discount drugs in the Stagg case?

Do you mind (?)

You seemed certain he was clean.

We got a sneak preview
of the toxicology from the post mortem.

- Trustable informant?
- Yes.

Sure you weren't just paying
for what you wanted to hear?

Kelvin Stagg was found
swimming in crack cocaine when he died.

L saw the tox report myself.

They found nothing but steroids for asthma.

- L can show you the copy we got. In confidence.
- Yeah.

In confidence?

The dead guy is Robert Bingham. Ex-soldier
turned businessman. Domestic security.

L think he could easily have been disarmed.

L've had three calls from upstairs
asking for a full report, meaning final report.

They want to shut the case down.

If you can give me any information to shift
my authority, do it now and l'll return the favour.

Just telling you that
gives you more than you had!

Sonia Baker's ex-boyfriend, Dominic Foy.

Runs a PR company in Apex House.

Did a runner when we tried to interview him.
We can't find him anywhere.

- Foy? F-O-Y?
- He sent the anonymous letter to the "Mail".

That's all l can tell you.


There were sombre scenes in North London

as mourners gathered
for the funeral of Sonia Baker.

At the request of the family,
Stephen Collins was not in attendance.

- Joy.
- Cal, l'm due in court. Can't talk.

- L've got a car outside. L'll give you a lift.
- L can't talk to you.

This is Della, by the way. She's as pissed off
as l am that you sold us duff information.

She'd like to know how it could have happened.

Why were the post mortem results changed?

You pushed me for early results,
l gave you them.

Later tox screens revealed the drugs.

This is what l got
from the professor of toxicology. Quote,

"That amount of crack cocaine would have been
detected in the very first screening.

"Anybody who tells you otherwise
is totally incompetent or misleading you."

Which one is it, Joy?

We know for a fact
the police weren't involved in that decision.

It was weird. The forensic laboratory
said they'd made calculation errors.

When l saw the new report, l knew
they couldn't be that far adrift. L rang them.

They said they'd phone back. Ten minutes later,
my supervisor removed all my files on that case

because it's now classified.

Rumours suggest a connection between this and
Tuesday's arrest of journalist Cal McCaffrey.

McCaffrey was charged with obstructing
a police inquiry into the death of Kelvin Stagg.

This is Deborah Hall,
Charlotte Street, Central London.

(SONNY) Just wait here, yeah?

- L just wanted to say...
- You promised we wouldn't bury him like this.

- L'm sorry.
- Why weren't you at the inquest?

- L'd been arrested.
- You will be if l have anything to do with it.

- You lied to us to get your story.
- My story hasn't even been printed yet.

Look, l saw the post mortem results for myself.
They found no drugs.

They have now!

They've made him look like what
everybody wanted him to be - black druggie.

- And l'm trying to find out how...
- l gave you evidence to clear his name.

The briefcase, the gun, the witness!

The guy that killed Kelvin was murdered.

- Great. Thank you (!) Fuck off that way!
- They want it to be the end, but it's not! Sonny!


Is he being buried or cremated?


Dominic Foy flew to Malaga yesterday.

He's booked a return flight into Heathrow
tomorrow morning. L could have him picked up.

The Inspector wants to know, if we got to him
first, what our line of investigation would be.

Look, if all we've got is that he's friends with
Sonia Baker, then we've no cause for arrest.

When Kelvin Stagg
rang Sonia Baker that morning,

we believe it was to warn her
she was on a hit list.

She didn't call the police.
She didn't call anybody from her own phone.

She used a payphone in the lobby.
She talked for an hour. She rang Dominic Foy.

Can we make a deal? There is more.
But you've already said your hands are being tied.

If we tip information up to you

and your governors make political decisions
about what gets buried, we could have nothing.

- Spoken like an editor.
- Depending how conclusive the information is...

There's a wider picture
and we're not sure what that is yet,

but it stretches a lot further
than you'd have access to.

The information, for the time being,
stays with me and Chewy.

L'll let you know in good time
before l refer anything to my superiors.

In return for fair warning that we're going
to print with anything you don't know?

(DCI BELL) Correct.

Foy sent two anonymous letters.

One, before Sonia died, to Anne Collins,
telling her about the affair.

The second you know about,
after she died, to the "Mail",

suggesting Collins and Baker were about to
go public. One's handwritten, one's typed.

We can pin both of them on him.

And you've got the originals?

Given the deal, and that we both
trust each other to stick to that,

is it wise for you to arrest Foy?

If we get hold of him first, is there not value
in seeing what he'll say to us for a fee,

as opposed to what he'll say to you
to avoid charges?

Flight UK415
touches down at 10.30 tomorrow morning.

And we'll obviously hear from you whether
the fingerprints on the two documents match?


Was that all right, Dad?

This is fantastic, thank you.

Louis did most of it.

Me and Kas, we've talked over all this stuff.

Consensus being... you're an arsehole.

- Still, a special one, though.
- We know you've got a lot of things to sort out.

This isn't a conversation for the table.

But if you do separate, you've got to promise
that you'll keep talking like grown-ups.

We deserve a bit of respect.

That's all l'm saying.

- L'm sorry.
- L know.

Make sure you have the kids
at Euston by half ten.

See you tomorrow at the station.


L didn't used to like you. How did we get here?

- L couldn't stand you.
- You're just saying that.

No, l'm not. L'm not. You really bugged me.

Well, l was...
l was Stephen's campaign manager...

...and you made me feel like his bitch.


Just returning your keys, Cal.

In 1994, when you came to work for my election
campaign, you weren't the best on offer.

Just the best at the right price.

And l caught you looking at Anne then.

Not seriously, because she's out of your league,
but it was definitely a look.

Wanting something more than you could have.
That's you all over, isn't it?

- Stephen, with all due respect...
- Shut up!

You've not had a serious relationship
in all the time l've known you.

Chasing this, poking that.

The second they mention moving in, off you go
for someone else, like a kid with a spud gun.

The first grown-up woman that you sleep with,
to my knowledge,

has to be this damaged and this desperate.

- Piss off!
- What does that say about you, Cal?

- You haven't helped that situation at all?
- You're not even embarrassed.

- Don't you dare preach!
- She looks embarrassed.

L've enough to be ashamed of
for it not to be preaching.

But you could have gone anywhere to get laid.

My private life's
none of your business any more.

An hour ago you promised our children
we would keep it civilised for their sake.

- Compared to your mess, this is nothing.
- You think they'll see it like that?

Don't be ridiculous. They've no need to know.

Yesterday he's pretending to be my best friend.

- How do you know he's not?
- What? This is "best" (?)

- You started all this.
- Not for revenge.

- You said ten minutes.
- L lied. You should have guessed.

- Did you see Mum?
- Yeah.

- Was she all right?
- When was it l really disappointed you, Louis?

- The affair.
- Yeah?

- Having to read it in the papers.
- Only then?

So what was all that pouting before, then?

- Months before?
- L don't know what you...

Every time l came home
l felt as welcome as a cold.

- We were always happy to see you.
- You were or your mother was?

- What are you on about?
- You sat here demanding respect and loyalty.

For months and months and months,
you've been looking at me sideways. Eh?

- A front man for your mother's moods.
- L didn't come here to argue.

L work long hours, days away, weeks away
and she started resenting that.

Resenting the very job she'd encouraged me
to stand for, you as along with her.

- We missed you.
- You did. Karen did.

But your mother started wishing
that l would never come home.

She'd written me off long before l had an affair.

That's marriage. That's a risk.
But l didn't marry you or Karen...

l helped make you.
L've got nothing but devotion to you.

So it's a bit offensive
when you start demanding more.

You're a big land now, son, eh?

So if shit happens, you have
to avoid pretending it's personal.

If you're going to sit up watching
crap all night, l'm having the bed.

It'll get worse before it gets better. Don't rely
on your mother to do your thinking for you.

(CHEWY) It's confirmed.
F*oy is on the earlier plane.

He's on the half nine.

- Did you try Cal's mobile?
- It's off.

Foy's arriving an hour early.

- Sorry.
- Again. Like you mean it (!)

- You take care of yourself, OK?
- Yeah.

Come here.

- All right.
- When will you be home?

As soon as l can, all right?
You'll be the first to know.

Sorry, the traffic was bad.

See you soon.

Your granddad's going to pick you up at
Manchester. L've got two more things to do.

- Then l'll be right behind you.
- Today or tomorrow?

L'll try and get everything done by tomorrow.

L've got to go and talk to your dad.
Ring me when you're home. Bye.

Stephen, don't go off like that.

- Come on, let's just talk.
- We've got nothing to talk about.

Bloody hell! Dominic Foy. How's it going?

- Do l know you?
- We're connected through work.

- How come?
- L'm a journalist and you've been avoiding me.

- Now l know...
- How was Spain?

- Can you get that tanned in 24 hours?
- Some do. Depends on your UV exposure.

- Me, l go pink, then medical.
- Listen, forget it. L don't wanna talk here.

- Like we do (!)
- Shift that. L wanna use my car.

- We could always go to your office.
- No way.

- Or use mine.
- Or print what we know and let you swim in it.

- No sexual history?
- With Sonia? No chance.

- Did you want to?
- No.

So Sheena Gough was lying
about you two banging?

Sheena Gough? What would she know?

A lot more than you're telling us.

OK. All right. OK.

We were a bit of an item once.
Or twice. L can't remember.

- Way, way back, though.
- So you had slept together?

Yes, but not that l was taking it seriously.

All right? She stalked me.

Not in a freaky way.

And time to time...

...I caved in.

- So definitely more than once?
- Yeah.

Ex-lovers, you know? Better as friends.
But what's the hassle?

Why did you send Stephen Collins' wife
an anonymous letter warning her

of his affair with Sonia?


- That's not true. L mean, nowhere near true.
- It is. And we can prove it.

That's not my writing.

It matches the signature we took
when you signed for a parcel.

And the one on the fax you sent to the "Mail"
after Sonia died.

From Kinko's in Half Moon Street.

That's just round from your office.
They've got you on their security tapes.

Oh! Sorry.