State of Play (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

L need you to go with Della and put
the squeeze on Foy. Grab his luggage.

Find his diary.


Avoid the front lobby and don't check in.

Room's in my name. That's Daniel Foster.

L'll get rid of the car
and follow you up with your gear.

Hello. Dan Foster, room 662.
Can l erm... use your business centre, please?

- Yes, of course, sir.
- Thank you.

- Worth anything?
- Invoices.

A tenner says he has a PDA - wanker's wallet.

Call me when you've done.

(ANNE) Hi. Leave your name.
L'll ring you back when l can.

Hi, it's me. Er... just need to know
if you're back to mine tonight, or what?

Don't stay in a hotel, please.

You OK?

Who's been briefing against me?

Reading stuff, hearing journalists. One minute
l'm on the way in, the next l'm being Mandied.

- Who's briefing against?
- Not me.

L was, till l got slapped for it.

You'd lied in public about your private life.
You're questioned in a murder investigation.

People like you don't survive that attention.

L assumed you wouldn't. L was told otherwise.

- Who by?
- You've enough supporters.

- Until the energy report goes out.
- You're being willed to succeed regardless.

The "Herald" have reporters chasing this.

- L hear two, Cal McCaffrey and Helen Preger.
- Four at least. Anything else l should know?

No. L'll start people sniffing.

While you're at it, find out who else knows
that Cal McCaffrey's shagging my wife.

- Room OK?

Yeah, it's OK. Look, l'm...

l'm not staying here. How do you know
the police are looking for me?

They took evidence about you and Sonia.

What kind of evidence?

Phone log. She spoke to you before she died.

A kid rang her to warn her that her life might
be in danger. Then she rang you. How come?

- Dunno.
- You spoke to her for 51 minutes, Dominic.

Did I?

Oh, she...

Er... said she had some freaky calls.

That's it. L called to... Yeah, calmed her down.

She... You know, wrong numbers and nutters.

She had a mobile and a landline,
but she chose to call you from a call box.

- How do you know?
- Why you?

She's the only one who's gonna know that.

And the police are gonna buy that?

Look, erm... do you want a drink?

Whisky for five quid. Vodka for five.
Brandy for four.

We're only paying for room and meals,
by the way.

Is there a lager in there?

- Jesus Christ!
- Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

- l'll get it cleaned.
- l haven't got another one to change into.

L can send somebody to your flat for stuff.

Like who?

Look, it's not what l'm paid for, but l'll do it
if you trust me to be tasteful - relatively.

L know what to buy. L just can't afford it.


Good man.

Hiya, Cal. L'll er... l'll leave you to it.

- Where are you going?
- Favour for Dominic. No more than an hour.

Dominic, you look scared. Who's scaring you?

You know, l don't exactly know
what l'm doing here.

Well, think about why you said yes
and work backwards from there.

- What do we want if l can't grab everything?
- E-mail, Excel files, passwords.

- Address book?
- Couldn't find one.

- Address books.
- OK.

If you're making hard copies, make it sharpish.

Pete's brought the scanner.

Sad, wanky...

lucky bugger.

Downloading the files.

What about this file?

Hey, guys, come and have a look at this.

L saw Andrew Wilson today. He said
that you turned the tide a bit for me. Big thanks.

Wasn't a one-man job.
You had a strong fan base. Joining us?

No, we're just nailing down
the recommendations on the report.

Ideally, we're looking to the oil industry
to foot the bill for education with their taxes.

And health and policing and the environment.

L was going for Christmas presents
for all pensioners in the Commonwealth.

Make sure you don't flog 'em in public
or the Treasury will end up getting bugger all.

- Hi.
- Hi.


We picked him up at Heathrow. Thanks.

Never mind the thanks. Just return the favour.

- Is he saying anything?
- Whatever he thinks we need to hear.

We can't really crank things up without you.

Why me again?

If the police had actually gone looking for him,

say, to his office, so that he'd hear about it...

Don't wag the dog, Della.

L can't invent reasons just to pick him up.

Unlike you lot, we have to justify
aggressive manoeuvres.

He's admitted on tape
that he sent both anonymous letters.

- Can l hear that?
- Not yet.

Saying nothing's not ambiguous, Dominic.

Listen, all right? Look.

All l'm prepared to talk about
is me and Sonia, right?

The rest of my life - nothing to do with you.

Your best friend Sonia? Ex Sonia?

- So?
- Inseparable Sonia?

How come you shot off to Spain
rather than go to her funeral?

- L was upset.
- Hey, her family were doing cartwheels (!)

She was in a state.

If it was suicide, l'm thinking...

...I could have helped.

- What kind of state?
- Her relationship with Collins.

L mean, he... He's just... you know.
He was just taking the piss.

You know, it's funny,
'cause everybody else apart from you

describes her as positive and buoyant
before she died.

And stop pretending it was suicide.

- Were you jealous?
- No.

So why send letters anonymously?

L loved her.

L didn't wanna face Anne Collins
saying her husband was knobbing my friend.


So, when Anne Collins couldn't give a shit?

L was wound up, yeah. You know, jealous.

A little bit. Not in the way you're thinking.

- Really? How am l thinking?
- L don't know.

L'm thinking what the police are thinking.

- You could've killed her.
- Fuck off!

- Yeah? Why?
- You said "angry".

You said "jealous".
You haven't looked me in the eyes once.


Sorry about this. Liz? Hiya.

If you're not in the mood, get Della to do it.

Er... sure. Just sign it in my absence. Fine.

You're scaring him. What's the matter with you?
Tell him you're needed in the office.

OK, or just um... bike it round.


- Yeah?
- The police are asking when you're back in.

- l'm stuck in Spain.
- L know, but they're asking when you're back.

A Sergeant Cheweski?

All right. Right, listen. Listen, listen.

L'm in a meeting. Can't talk.

Just tell him... Tell him l'll ring him. And er...

Just been... Yeah, s?, s?, se?or.

Just been called back into the meeting. Bye.

Janine panicking.


Got a fairly expensive cross-section.

The phone rang at your house. Didn't pick it up.
The answering phone screened it.

An Inspector... Bell?

Urgently wanting a conversation.

Yeah, l know.

Who knows that l'm here?

Dominic, you're... You're safe here.

You know, l didn't kill her.

L mean, l didn't kill her.

L loved her.

Dominic, get some sleep. We'll hook up tomorrow.

If the tabloids try threatening you, ring us.

(DAN) He's scared to death.

- Not by me.
- L slipped the concierge 50 quid to ring me.

Great gig. Overpaid.

L need it back.
L'm taking my wife out for her birthday.

- What did you get married for at your age?
- If you met Kerry, you wouldn't ask.

If you join us for the meal,
you can pay on your own card.

Helen. Buy you a drink?

No, thanks. Did somebody invite you in here?

L didn't think you'd mind
if it was to your advantage.

Thank you.

The er... Sonia Baker story.
How far are you lot gonna push that?

As far as it goes.
We'll know when we get to the end.

Stephen Collins -
why can't you cut him some slack?

Because every time we do,
he remembers something else he forgot.

Your chief reporter's screwing his wife.

That's Stephen's fault?

Stephen's recall on that is clear as a bell.

- Hello?
- Della, it's Helen.

Are you and Cal determined
to make me look like a bloody typist?

- What are you talking about?
- What do you think?

Helen, l swear l don't know.

Wilson briefed the tabloids that Cal is sleeping
with Anne. If you knew, l'll never forgive you.

That's not the case. Anne stayed at Cal's
because she was digging for information.

He was desperate to offload her.
He asked me to put her up.

Stephen's on record saying he went round
there and caught them in bed together.

(DELLA) Too late. L can't do anything about it.

L'll be there.

She's not in her room.

- She hasn't checked out?
- No.

Can l use some paper?

Er... a bit more.

And a packet of Marlboro.

- Soft pack.
- We haven't got.

- Haven't got soft pack?
- No soft pack, sir.

It's OK. L'm going in a sec.

- Stephen Collins.
- Stephen, Cameron F*oster from the "Herald".

- Have we met?
- Not yet.

You know what? We've got nothing to say
to each other, so l can't see that happening.

- Mr Collins.
- You're Cameron?

- Della Smith.
- You're making a mistake.

No news there, then.

- If you let the spin doctors leak this fact...
- It's a fact. He's screwing my wife.

- You're just harming the process.
- You haven't got a process. You chuck shit.

- Well, now it's my turn.
- Stephen, l'm sorry this has happened.

What's to be gained by feeding it to the press?

- Personal satisfaction.
- Sonia's murder won't benefit.

If Cal McCaffrey's having an affair...

He's screwing her to screw me. L'm screwing him.

You'd sacrifice your personal life to discredit
a story because you've got something to hide.

Which, let's be fair, Stephen, you have.

Cal warned you that Sonia
might have been planted in your office.

Is that going on general release to the press?

L knew nothing about that until Cal told me.

Fine. But that was a favour
because he thought you needed to know.

The chances of this backfiring on you
personally need serious consideration.

If you want to give him a pasting, say so.
L'll sack him.

So give me something. What have you got?

The police know it was murder.

They're being encouraged not to.

And if you weren't Sonia's principal employer,
you surely want to know who was.

If McCaffrey's a no-no, my mobile's on there.



You can't put that story out. L don't want it out.

- It's already gone.
- All parties deny the rumours, including me.

If it's gone out, you'll have to retract it.

L can't believe l said, "Let's be fair, Stephen."
It just came out.

His wife's being knobbed by a hack.
He's being knobbed by God knows who.

"Let's be fair." l don't get out enough.

Bloody hell, that's the way to turn one round.

- Would you sack Cal?
- L've already sacked Cal.

L'm not renewing his contract. Hasn't he said?
Maybe he thinks l don't mean it.

His earnings aren't bad.
L've got a 25 grand deposit here.

Same here.

Can l see what you were writing in the hotel?

L left it there.

You put it in your pocket.

Helen's looking for you. And l want a word
when you've got, like, 16 hours.

- What?
- You buggered up my references.

- L gave you a good reference.
- They've shown it to me.

- You could've said l'd make a good journalist.
- How do l know that?

How do YOU know you'll make a good
journalist? L said you were bright and pushy.

- Shift that!
- L'm off out.

Big deal. Shift it.

Newsroom. He's just gone into a meeting.
Well, that's life, l'm afraid.

Dan? L've e-mailed you the transcript.

Great. Um...

Sorry, l've forgotten your name. Terrible.

- You never asked. Syd.
- L'm new here.

- Am l working with you today?
- More than likely. Do you want a coffee?

Syd. Such a short name. So memorable.

- In the transcript, Dominic Foy says that...
- Oi, oi. That's confidential.

- Sorry.
- DF.

DF goes on about how much he loved Son...

- SB, yeah?
- So?

You know he's gay?

- You're saying you do?
- L'm saying l can prove it.

- And then it starts every two months.
- Definitely untaxed?

Helen has found untaxed income going into
Dominic Foy's account from Warner-Schloss.

The lobbyists?

How come? He's got no political background.

He took three payments of 25 grand
from Warner-Schloss.

- He might have been working for them.
- Went into his personal account.

The third was paid in just before Sonia Baker
died, but debited two days after.

And Warner-Schloss are lobbyists for?

- L don't know.
- Amongst others, U-EX Oil.

Collins chairs the Energy Committee.


So... Foy was employing Sonia Baker.

Well, he wasn't screwing her any more.
Not biblically, anyway. Syd reckons he's gay.

Who's Syd?

Half-year diary. No, it's OK. L'm on it.

You've got that meeting in ten minutes.

L know, but this is er...

The police need receipts for cash transactions
from the time l was seeing Sonia.

L just need to account for enough to show
them that l wasn't... paying her for anything.

- It wouldn't feel right, you doing this.
- Stephen, this is just paperwork.

L don't need to take sides to tidy your desk.

L'm just tidying your desk. Leave it with me.

- Go to your meeting.
- Thank you.

L heard his voice. L turned to get a peek.

He saw me looking, and kind of... Game on.

- I... l beg your pardon?
- He half-smiled.

Somebody half-smiles and you have sex?

No. Well... Yeah, mostly.

- That's bloody primitive.
- Dad, can we just? Syd.

L waited outside the shop, pretended to gas
on my mobile. He came out and hung around.

L walked back the other way,
as if l'd just checked in.

We got in the lift together.

L waffled on about hating hotels
and missing your mates and that.

He asked if l fancied a drink. L said, "Yeah."

- He said...
- Look, Syd, don't milk it.

L went to his room. We had a beer.
Half a beer. Not even half.

Then he dives on me.

- Do l stop there?
- No, you go and work for the "Star".

How long from when you met him?

Nine minutes? That's not a record.

You didn't do all that just to prove a point.

- Plus, he's fit.
- Thanks, Syd. This won't involve a bonus.

- Major contradiction being?
- It doesn't disprove he loved Sonia.

- He could have been bi, or jealous.
- L'm not talking Foy Toy Boy Sex Shock Knock.

If U-EX Oil planted Sonia as a spy
on the Select Committee...

...we've got a major corporate crime, sure.

But if she was doing such a great job,
why knock her off?

Who do we know at U-EX Oil?

- You do.
- Eh?

She used to be one of his journalism lecturers
with a penchant for twitchy undergraduates.

When she was fired, there was an uproar.

She got Head of Communication at U-EX Oil.
Find out if she's still there.

If we start digging up at U-EX Oil,
they'll bolt the door. We'll get nowhere.

- Can't we work up from Dominic Foy?
- No. Having spoken to Stephen Collins...

- When?
- L'm with Cal.

He didn't slide Sonia Baker into his office.
Talk to City desk.

Find out what U-EX Oil's expectations
of the Energy Select Committee are.

Angles they're getting Warner-Schloss
to lobby for, apart from "Don't hammer us."

We can only crystallise a connection
if they've got information they shouldn't have.

We need specific things. We need... Well...

I... l can't talk to Stephen Collins.

Why not? For the group.

Come on, Cameron.

Cal's having an affair with Stephen Collins's wife.

- You lousy twat.
- They've already heard it, and not from me.

Andrew Wilson tried spinning it to the tabs.

They haven't got it because Collins
was persuaded to deny it by me and Della.

And yellow card for "twat".
L'm way too lenient for "twat".

- Cheers for the warning, Della (!)
- You mean, "Thanks for bailing me out."

Whoa. Hang on a minute. Who are you?

What have you contributed to this story, Pete?

Mainly stuff you couldn't be bothered chasing.

Cal, calm down. We wouldn't have
Dominic Foy without Pete, would we?

Would we?

L'm sorry.

L'm really sorry.

L can't stop it.


l can't stop it.

L'd rather walk.

You can't walk.

A: We need you.

And B: L'd sue your arse for breach of contract.

Collins genuinely wants to know what's going on.

If you don't want to talk to him, maybe l could try.

- L can't ring him.
- Cameron gave him the option to have you fired.

Collins declined.

Whether he hates you or not,
l think he needs you.


Sheena, sorry about this.

- Who told you l was here?
- L drove past you.

- You could have stopped.
- L wanted to catch you dripping wet.

Two minutes. L promise.

So... Sonia and Dominic Foy
definitely had a sexual relationship?


Well, l'm hearing he's gay.

- And?
- Well, which?

Well, both. Wasn't then, is now.
Or was then, faked the opposite. L don't know.

It's just rumours. Does it matter?

L've seen his holiday video. He's cuddling her
and kissing her. You were in the background.

That's not his holiday. That was mine.

L took Sonia to France for her birthday
because she was skint. He gate-crashed.

He was full of shit.
She wouldn't discuss it with me.

- Discuss what?
- Him offering her a job.

He recruited her for the research job
on that holiday?

Well... only 'cause she was desperate for work.

Thanks, Sheena.

- For what?




Della's going to be joining us today.

L'm having a nightmare here.


MTV, yeah? Don't work. All right?

CNN, look. Knackered.

L can't get any of the film channels.

- You rang reception?
- No.

- Do you want me to ring reception?
- L just want it fixing, or l want moving.

- Well, l want moving.
- Tough.

- Why does this need two of you, anyway?
- One to nod, the other to scoop up bullshit.

If Sonia was dead,

how was an anonymous fax to a national
paper supposed to benefit her good name?

Special friend.
The friend you told Cal you wanted to protect.

L told you. Stephen Collins was walking away
from Sonia's death without any blame.

- That choked me.
- She was pushed.

- You know she was pushed.
- Because she fell in love with Collins.

Which she was not put in that office to do.

We know you were working
for Warner-Schloss.

- That's not true.
- So they were paying you for what?

- Not true.
- A 50-grand paper trail. Who's your contact?

Not true.

L like it. We're making sweeping accusations
and he goes for the skin care products.

How gay is that?

You weren't in love with Sonia, Dominic.

- Did l say that?
- You tried implying it.

- L wouldn't hurt her.
- You used her.

You offered Sonia the job
in Collins' office in March.

Sheena took her to France to celebrate
her birthday. You were at that party.

But you were celebrating recruiting her.

- You're full of shit, do you know that?
- Dominic, we've got the video of the party.

Sheena Gough is on record filling in the gaps.

Sheena Gough hates me, OK?

She hates anybody who doesn't treat her like
a fucking princess. Sonia couldn't see past it.

And Sheena loved Sonia 'cause of that.

Sonia had the right qualifications to apply
for that job, which you talked her into.

Good money. We know she was skint.

But you can't just put somebody into that job.

- Warner-Schloss are lobbyists for U-EX Oil.
- If you say so.

Which means it's their job to try and find out
what the Energy Select Committee is thinking.

If you say so.

- Move.
- How does that work? How does that work?

C-list management consultant pulls off a major
stroke of corporate espionage? Come on.

Not on your own, you didn't.

Don't think l won't hit you.

He's the one making the digs. Hit him.

Calm down, Dominic, or l'll start.

Dominic? Dominic?

Whoever these people are,
they're not your friends any more, are they?

Please move.

You daren't even answer your own phone!

Sonia's dead because she knew too much.
Didn't she, Dominic?

Didn't she?

It's your funeral.

- Susan.
- Have you put weight on?

Only on the penis, thank God.

L always said there was a little slack.

If it's water, it's work. Just a tonic for me, please.

Ever heard of Dominic Foy?
PR guy. Small independent.

Not one of ours.

L've got an information budget of 16 million
a year. Please, l don't need to use whitebait.

What if l know that he's banked 75 grand
from U-EX lobbyists Warner-Schloss?

Warner-Schloss don't just lobby for us.

The account code for those payments
go back to you.


That your account code?

A close friend of Sonia Baker,
she being research assistant to Stephen Collins.

He's the guy you're lobbying. She died recently.

Yes, l read about it.

You probably read she fell under a train.
In light of new evidence, that may be revised.

- This is not how you buy me lunch.
- Is that your account code?

My coat, please. If something's coming our way,
l expect some kind of warning.

- L thought we were still friends.
- It will come your way. Sit down, Susan.

She was working on the report of the Energy
Select Committee. She was screwing Collins.

We think she was feeding preview information
to U-EX via Warner-Schloss.

- And that's what you're printing?
- Yes, it is.

- We knew nothing.
- You're speaking for how many people?

In the last six months,

U-EX has spent double on environmental
improvements than any other oil corporation.

- A U-turn.
- Will you print that? No.

It's dig, dig, dig. We're so big,
you can't miss. That is not journalism.

Everybody reckons that the report
is about to legislate punitive taxation

for oil companies not behaving themselves.

Last year, you were the worst offenders.

If you didn't know about the report, how did
U-EX go from worst to best in six months?

L'll deny this conversation, Dan.
You'll look the fool.

Thank you.

Just the bill, please.

This is a better job than my accountant does.

Any lunches or dinners with no receipts
l assume were private.

- L phoned restaurants to estimate amounts.
- You didn't have to do that.

There's a big invoice here for a weekend
at the Craymore House Hotel.

Um... l've got them to fax me a copy.

It's charged to a Mr and Mrs Collins.

L knew Anne was in Manchester that weekend,
so you must have taken Sonia.

It was Sonia's big treat to me.

Can we get a bike to take these to my lawyer?

Yes, sure.

- 22nd of July.
- Hold on, please.

- The room was booked under "Collins".
- Just looking.

It's just that you faxed me an invoice earlier
and l can't track payment. Have we paid?

L don't want it coming off the card
and l haven't got enough to clear it.

Collins. Two nights full board, room 546.
The account has been cleared.

- Who by?
- Open debit to the company.

Which company?

Warner-Schloss. Settled in full.


Cal McCaffrey.

- (STEPHEN) Are you on your own?
- No.

L'm downstairs.

Put some clothes on.

(ANNE) What does he want?

L don't wanna fight.

End of July, Sonia sprang a surprise on me.

Weekend away, booked in her name.

Place in Somerset. Posh, glitzy.

L wasn't allowed to pay for a thing.

Dominic Foy paid?

It was charged to U-EX Oil.

Well, their lobbyists. Warner-Schloss.

- Why say Dominic Foy?
- We think...

he recruited Sonia to work for you.

L recruited her. We interviewed six people,
male and female.

How can a plant be that arbitrary?

The money U-EX spend on lobbying,
they can afford to put every CV on your desk.

These things aren't advertised. You hear names.

- From?
- Civil servants, colleagues.

- Like?
- Look, she didn't work in a bloody shop.

She was cleared by appointment,
cleared by security services.

You told me the other day
your secretary picked Sonia.

Greer's been at this game longer than l have.

Good instincts.

She just...

picked someone she'd feel
more comfortable working with.

You ask her yourself.

How's Anne with all this?

Well, if she brings your name up,
it's remedial therapy. If l do, it's dick-swinging.

- Were you going to tell me?
- Eventually.

How would you start that conversation?

Don't milk it. L'm not the magpie.
You stepped away from Anne.

Did she offer, or? L'm just curious.

No. We... We got pissed
and l made a stupid move.

But l was working up to it sober.

U-EX paid for that weekend
very early on in your relationship.

- Dates aren't relevant.
- They are if you wanna prove they set you up.

Is the report recommending legislation
that might hit them financially?

- You're not quoting any of this.
- L'm just trying to find out why people died.

A few billion quid might constitute a motive.

The Committee was a threat to them, because
they'd done wrong. Not just U-EX, all of them.

An all-party consensus after the last fuel
crisis. Nobody wanted to go like the States.

Oil industry dictating
whether a government stands or falls.

- (ANNE) Where's Stephen?
- (CAL) l put him to bed.

What are you doing with his car?

He was... a bit bladdered, so...

l'll drop it round tomorrow.

What did he want?

- It was mainly about him.
- L didn't enter the conversation?

- He's not angry with you.
- Or you?

He's scared.

Do you think Stephen is capable
of taking a backhander?


And l'm not discussing your work for you.
L've been worried sick here.

L want to know what he's thinking.

He's only just realised how much trouble he's in.

Has he taken backhanders?

L don't know.

Be in, be in.

- Hello?
- Paul! Wey-hey!

Thanks for getting back, you bastard (!)

- Who's calling?
- Hello?

Who are you ringing for?

- Paul Canning. Who's this?
- Richard Siegler.

What? At U-EX?
No, l've just got through to Warner-Schloss.

They transferred you. Is this Dominic?

No. Er... it's a personal call.

- Paul's in the Cape Town office.
- Till when?

His family like it, so it won't be short-term.

Why don't you come in and see me, Dominic?

You've really helped me. Thank you.

Hey, hey, if l want to help somebody,
l'll buy a jacket from Save The Children for ?2.

You think this was just helping?

No. L've just got to be back
in child care in a couple of hours.

- So?
- 300 miles away.

L can work from Manchester, you know.

No problem.

Well, we'll talk about that...

My job is emails and phone calls.
L can do that freelance.

L've put feelers out.

And besides, after a story like this,
l'm hardly going to be invisible, am I?

L'll call you tonight.

Yeah. After ten. L'll leave the phone on.

No, it's all right. There's nothing in it.

Anne, you ring me tonight.

Mr McCaffrey. Take a seat.

You brought the sunshine with you. He knows
you're coming, so he can't be far. Coffee?

Coffee's great. Black.

Actually, Greer, it's you that l wanted to talk to.

Oh, l'm in no position to speak for him.

Stephen reckons you compiled the list
of interviewees for Sonia Baker's job.

- Yes, well, that's private information, and...
- Stephen knows l'm talking to you.

He's downstairs.
Ring him if you don't believe me.

- L compiled that list.
- Can l see it?

- It's private.
- Even with Stephen's permission?

Sonia was well-enough qualified for the job.

She stood out. L liked her.

It was Stephen's choice, but l think
my opinions counted for something.

- Did you know they were having an affair?
- You don't have permission to ask me that.

- Would you excuse me for a moment?

Stephen Collins' office.

It's not a question of whether l'm right or wrong.
L'm the boss. Just do it.

Mr Coutts, line three.

And there l'll leave it. Bob!

Yeah... No.

Why the fuck are you following me?!


For a warm day, it's a draughty building.

So, what's your problem?

The U-EX Oil story.

How careful are we being there?

How much have you spent on it so far?

Including staff hours, 30-40 grand.
Not huge, given the scale of the connections.

Draw a line at 40.

You can blame me.

Giving what reasons?

We can't afford to upset the government.
We're bidding for two radio licences, at least.

It's just bad timing.

So, not upset the government at all
with anything? Diary, cartoons?

- Who rang you?
- Don't be smart, Cameron.

Draw the line at 40.


His car's not here, either.

We'll get a drink somewhere.
Try again once the pubs shut.