StartUp (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Pivot - full transcript

Yo, our network manager
needs to stay here for a bit.

I sort of floated him
some cash.

Y'all keep it cool
on our corners.

We keep shit peaceful.
Nigga, you trippin'.

We're here to talk
about Isabelle.

She tried to shoot Alex.

-I am not a babysitter.

It's not part of the deal.

-Does Wes live here?
-I'm his daughter.

Stay away.
Live your goddamn life.

"Live my goddamn life"?

While you...

They already own GenCoin.

If they own the dark web too...
I know.

We would really like
to talk about Guizer, but...

Who did you sell to?

Axis. Your friend, Alex Bell.


I think it's gonna
be a pass for me.

I think ArakNet
could be really something.

-Cool. I... I appreciate that.
-Call me sometime.

Get him, Tou.
Blue ain't shit, dawg!

Yeah! Beat this
nigga out, Tou!

Ronnie, you in there?

I know it's only been
a couple weeks, but...

if you need anything,
whatever you need, we got you.

Maybe let's just give him
some more space.

-But I cooked all this food.
-That's okay. Just leave it here.

Hey. So...

I made you some ropa vieja.

Probably tastes like shit,

but I'm gonna
leave it right here.

-Here, just...
-On your rug.

Leave it here
so he doesn't step on it.

-Okay, whatever.
-It's on the chair, pal.

We love you.

Yeah, we're around, man.

What is it?

Get Nick.



Hey, Nick.

I'm sorry.

Hey, man, you gotta
come see this.

Guizer's been online
for six hours,

and they've already
got 4,000 users.

Jesus Christ, this up-down
is super legit.

God, their decryption
is insane.

I know.

So if Stella's not
gonna do it, who?

We... we could pay
someone. I don't...

But then again,
if we had any money,

I'd be using it
to pay off your debts.


What if we charged
a subscription fee?

No, no, no. That's the
kiss of death right there.

Our 1200 measly users
would all bail.

They're winning. Yeah. They're about
to have a monopoly on the dark net.

We need to go global.

I need to find
a cryptographer

that can compete
with what Guizer's doing.

Rance, you need
to talk to your guys,

and I need nodes in every
continent by next week.

Babe, nobody's gonna
pick up the phone for me

unless I have cash in hand.

Okay. Okay.

I have an idea.
Let me try something.

Let me try and get that cash.
Give me a couple days.


Just trust me!


GenCoin has managed
to procure the backing

of seemingly
every major player

on the global tech stage.

How do you think Alex Bell and his
associates over there at Axis

have managed such a feat
in this short period of time?

I think what we're seeing
here is a shift of priorities.

I mean, it's sort of baffling that the
horse everybody wants to back right now

is a currency that no one
fully understands yet.

Guizer's at 5,000 already.

They're blowing up.

As we're having
this conversation

at this shitty table,

they're blowing up.


Queen, look, you have to stop
thinking about it this way.

Think about IBM versus Apple,

or MySpace versus Facebook.

Look, I know you're really
concerned about being first,

but maybe it just is
about who's better.

I got an idea.
About the cipher.

What? How to write it?

How to steal it.

How to what?

The cipher from Guizer.

Okay. So, that is
a terrible idea.

It is, but I'm gonna
need your help.

Babe, look.

I got enough problems right now.

And we agreed that I would help
you out if you worked for me.

Yeah, but that's ridiculous.

It's corporate espionage.

So, do you work for me or no?

Goddamn it.

Izzy, come on.

Do you work for me or no?

Shit, Izzy.


Goddamn it.



Mom? Mom?

Mom, I want another turtle.

Elsie, sometimes it just
doesn't work out.

-I want a turtle.
-Please stop...

-I want a...
-Goddamn it, Elsie! Stop it!

What's goin' on?


Yo, Ronnie.

It's Jules.

You know we got
a dozen eyewitnesses?

No one's talking.

The entire 'hood
all holding out.

Three weeks now.
'Cause you told 'em to.

What difference
do it make, Jules?

Come on, Ronnie.
I ain't stupid.

If you go at this kid yourself,

then I ain't gonna
have a choice.

Then do what
you gotta do, Jules.

You know, back in
the day, I would've...

I would've been like, "Handle
your business." You feel me?

But it's a different time now.


It certainly is.

It certainly is.

It's stable
enough for now.

But we've only been
live 36 hours.

Every new user
that joins the network,

we notice a slight dip
in the decryption speed.

It's imperceptible
for now, yeah,

but when we go from
14,000 users to 14 million,

we're gonna feel that.
Everybody is gonna feel that.

Yeah, I thought
I could get ahead of it

with the patch I was writing.

The one that Alex took over.


One of my classes was basically
about how to put on a sport coat.

The proper right way
after a meeting.

-Like you've been doing it your whole life.

I'm not kidding.
That was pretty...!

How to shake hands.

Firmly is the answer there.

There's a class on that?

Yeah. Pretty much.

Show me.

Okay. All right.

No slack here., I... I would
like to impart to you is do

It's all from here, right.

And much more power,
so you can move the elbow.

I will end you...

if you don't close
the deal immediately.

Things like that, basically.
It's just... it's about being...

It's about being aggressive
is the point. Is this us?

Yeah, this is us.

You okay with this?

Is it like your
first date spot?

Are we on a first date?

-I didn't know that.
-I'm wearing my date dress.

I don't know.!

Slow down, 'cause...

I used to come here
with my ex.

-It's fancy.
-It is. It's nice.

It's expensive.
Looks it.

Yeah. Like her, actually.

Honestly, I really just want a
greasy burger and a beer, so...

I know a place.
Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

This... this is really good.

My dad used to take
me here actually.

My mom was sort of
a health nut

and didn't really want us
eating this, but...

every once in a while,
my dad would...

tell her that I need
some new clothes.

And we'd come here.

Well, wouldn't she ever wonder

why you didn't come back
with any clothes?

I assume she knew.

I just...

I think she was just happy
we were getting the time.

Yeah. My dad and I
don't have a spot.


No, he's always
seen me as more of a...

I don't know. Never mind.
Nothing. What? What?

Listen, my dad and I,

There was just nothing
you could say that would...

I mean
it's not that. I just...

I don't want you to think
badly of him. Why?

What does it matter?

Well, if you're gonna
be in business together.

I don't think we are
gonna be in business together.

I think that ship has sailed.

Monica Cruz.

That's who you're gonna
want to meet with.

I can get you in the room.

She was a huge VC
back in the day

when my dad nearly
lost his ass in the tech bubble.

Yeah. He had, like, one shot
to cash out pretty legit,

and Monica swept in
and stole it from him.

He's hit her back
a couple of times.

So I guarantee
she can still taste blood.



I didn't say anything.

Well, that's why you called.

To find out who
my dad's enemies are?

It's okay.

Why do you think
I gave you my number?

It's okay.

I'm here.

You do what you gotta, baby.

You do what's gonna
make you feel better.

Do what I gotta?

That boy.

He killed our son.

It's time we make things right.

You gonna pretend like that
ain't what you planning?

I don't know what I'm planning.

You don't know
what you planning?

When you ever not know?
Since right now, Tam.

Since right now.
He killed our son.

You put people down
for way less, Ronnie.

Because you tell me to.

What in the hell
is that supposed to mean?

Them Towners last year.

Put down eight, five died.

I killed five people 'cause you
scared of what Jey-Jey might do.

Just like you were in my ear
about taking over the 'hood,

you becoming queen of Little Haiti.
Don't, Ronnie.

Tam... Don't do that.
Don't go there.

I see the way
you eat that shit up

when your girlfriend
all look at ya,

like you hot shit.

'Cause your man
the man 'round here.

'Cause your son
is the prince around here.

We all types of royalty
up in here.

But none of that shit matter,
do it, Tam?

'Cause our boy's dead.

We coulda got him...
outta here, Tam.

But he's dead.

So what you saying, Ronnie?

It's my fault?

All right, it'll take
a minute to upload,

so you'll have to keep him busy.

Jesus. I think it'll be okay.

Yeah? Okay, all right. Cool.

Hurry up.


Don't fuck it up.

Here's your change.

Good morning.
Hello. Top of the morning.

How are ya?
How may I help you?

Okay, I've got
a bit of an order.

Four cappuccinos. Half caf.
Sure. Cappuccino...

-Two Earl Grey teas.
-All right.

An Earl Grey latte, and
one of those hibiscus drinks.

Okay. Done.

That'll be $28.25.


-Gonna get your drinks started.
-Okay, great. Thanks.

-Are these done?

Okay, good.

-Yes. Here are your coffees.
-Thank you so much.

There you go.

And... money.

I found cash.

-Do you need change?
-No. I think I'm okay.

Jesus Christ.





It says it uploaded.

He's never this early.

I really hope you're thirsty.

Eight lattes?

One of them's a hibiscus.

-Good morning.

The usual, right?


Let's see. That'll be $3.00.

GenCoin, right?
You know it.

-Bless you, Big Ronnie.
-Yeah, took.

Good, big dawg?

What they do?

You a'ight?

I'm livin'.

Is it time to do?

Bring him my way.

I'll take care of the rest.

-What's goin' on?
-Problem with the network.

Excuse me. -Entry nodes
keep bouncing the software.

It's like it can't get through
its own firewall.

-It's a virus.

We're diagnosing it right now.

-Where did it come from?
-Who knows, man.


Wait. What is this?
How'd you do this?

Nothing. I just
dragged it into DOS.

What is it?


-Alex Bell's Guizer.

Sounds a lot like ArakNet.

Well, I won't pretend.

ArakNet's very similar,

however, Guizer...
they have it wrong.

Alex Bell's
got it wrong. Okay.

Monica, Alex's smiling mug
is the exact reason

Guizer's gonna be
nothing more than a fad.

All these users who are
jumping aboard right now,

they're craving
a digital safe haven

that is truly free,

that is truly democratic.

Axis is a massive conglomerate.

It's not gonna be long
before Guizer users

are being marketed to
by other corporations.

This is America, kiddo.

That's how it works.


And, hey, when the internet
was first invented,

it didn't take long
for dot-com to...

Which is commercial...

To become the overwhelming
domain username,

because yes, you are right.

This is America.

But this is not 1999.

This is the new frontier.

And we are living
in a post-truth era,

and users,
especially young ones,

they trust no one.

Not governments, not media,
and especially not corporations.

I am telling you,

ArakNet, that is the future
of the internet.

It is the digital Eden that the
new generations are craving.

Say I was interested, how many
other investors are on right now?

What sort of share could I hold?

Well, I mean,
that sort of depends.

There's a lot
circling the wagon,

but I don't...
Don't like to commit

to too small an investment.

in lieu of a bigger fish.

For instance, Wes Chandler.

Currently trying to buy
the whole pot, but...

I don't know.

I don't know.

Still keeping my eyes
peeled for a better fit.

Old Wes is involved.

Well, not yet.

Like I said,

looking for a better fit.

Hey there.

You have 2,000 active users
just through word of mouth?


And you can tell what people are
using the network for? So far?

Drugs, guns, rock and roll.
So far.

I mean, hell.

BitCoin wouldn't be BitCoin
without the Silk Road.

Nope. -The internet
wouldn't even be invented

if we weren't
at war with somebody.

You wanna make an omelet,
you gotta break some eggs.

How's the steak?

Delicious. How's the shrimp?

Monica Cruz. That was cute.

That was cute.


Took a page right out
of my playbook.

I sure did.

Speaking of which...

you might wanna
flip through that.

What the hell is this?

It's the offer from Monica.

I guess...

I don't know, you thought
this was gonna be easy?

That you would
sort of make me wait,

and feel small
and crawl back to you

so you could low-ball me?

These are great.

You don't wanna
blow this, kid.

Open investigation
with the feds?

That's gonna make
financing... tricky.

I don't think I have to worry
about that anymore.

She's not serious.

Maybe that's just
how much she hates you.

Uno ms?

So good.


I have a funny story
about Isabelle Morales.

What took them so long?

Sit up front.

You really screwed up
this time?

You know the,
scorpion and the frog?

What? -The fable of the scorpion
who wants to cross a river.

There's a scorpion who wants
to cross a river, right?

And, he sees this frog.

And so he asks if
he can get across the river

by riding on the frog's back.

And the frog says,
"No way, you're a scorpion!

You'll sting me."

The scorpion replies,
"Well, why would I do that?

I sting you, we'll both drown."

You following this?

So, anyway, the...
The frog says "Okay.

I guess you're right."

He lets the scorpion
get up on his back,

but while they're
crossing the river,

all of a sudden
the frog feels

a sharp piercing in his spine.

And he knows what's happened,

so with his final breath,
he looks up at the scorpion,

and says,
"Why would you do that?

Now we're both
gonna drown."

And the scorpion simply shrugs,

and says...

"'Cause I'm a scorpion."

So which one of us
is that about?

Hands up.

You can go now.



You can go.


This way.

You are one crazy bitch, Izzy.

Fix it.

Fix what?

What you did. Fix it.

That. Right.

We're in.


Fucked you guys up pretty good.

Do not fuck with me.

You understand?

Fuck off.

Els at school?


Just dropped her off.

Come inside.


this is what we do.

What do you want me to do, Tam?

Hold up, hold up.

You the one that asked me
to do this, Tam.

I don't wanna be here.

But you still want
me to, though, right?

You want me to, right, Tam?

Tam, look at him.


Look at him, Tam.

Tam, just look at him.
Please look at him.

Baby, look at him.

He killed our son.

Touie ain't here no more
'cause of him.

So, baby... tell me

what to do to make you
feel better.

Tell me right now.

What you want me to do?

Ronnie, please, please.

So you want me
to cut him loose?

'Cause I'll untie him right now.
I'll send him on his way.

Is that what you want, Tam?


So you want him to stay?


You want me to make
this pain go away, right?

Please. -You want me to
make this feeling go away?


I need you to look me
in my eye right now.

I need you to look me
in my eye and tell me legit...

if this what you want.

Do you want me to kill this boy?

I need you to say it.

Kill him.


Kill him.

Do it.

Do it!

You're fucking twisted.

You're broken inside.

You heard Jules come in here.

He say if I kill this boy,

I'm gonna spend the next
20 years of my life in jail.

That's what you want?

That's what you want for Els?
For all of us?

No. I didn't think...

No, Tam!

You did not think.

You did not think!

You just expect!

Expecting! Expecting Ronnie
to do how Ronnie do.

Like every other zoe
in the 'hood!

Expecting Ronnie to do
how Ronnie do!

Well, I'm through doing!

You want to kill him, kill him.

That's on you.

If you wanna untie him,
untie him.

You decide.

It's your choice.


Kill him!

Where is she?

What are you gonna do with her?

She's just fixing
what she broke.

That's all.

And then?

Jesus Christ.
You can't do this.

Do what?

I think you're being a little
irrational right now, Alex.

All right.
I'm... I'm outta here.

I'm not here.

-You're not where?
-Here. Here! Here, here.

At Axis. I'm... I'm not here.

Okay? Whatever you're gonna do,

I wasn't here.


I'm gonna finish
the network patch in Greenwich.

Hey. We got it.

-You tested it?

Griffin ran a hundred different network
configurations, they all went through clean.

There's no virus left
anywhere in the system?

Everything's clean?

-Get everyone back to work, Nico.
-Sounds good. Bye.

Thank you, Isabelle.

We're done here.