StartUp (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Liabilities - full transcript

Yo! Get that nigga
off you, Touie!

Shut up! Stop it!

Touie ain't here
no more 'cause of him.

-Kill him.
-You're broken.

Did you come here
to recruit me?

I just need
a cryptographer.

-You're a fucking user, Izzy.

-What the hell is this?
-That's the offer from Monica.

I got an idea.

About the cipher.
How to steal it.

It's corporate espionage.

What took them so long?

What are you
gonna do with her?

She's just fixing
what she broke.


-You can go.

Whatever you're
gonna do, I wasn't here.

We're in.

I'm gonna finish
the network patch in Greenwich.

We're done here.

Let's go.

Easy, easy.

-Don't touch me.
-Shut up.

Don't move.



-All right, all right.

Hands! I'm calling this off.

We're all going home.

Easy. Calm down.

I need you to lay
your weapon on the ground.

Hands on your head.

you're arresting us?

You're not leaving me
much choice.

Tell whoever's in that car
to get out now.

I thought it was set?

Why have you still got
the gun in your hand, Gavril?

No, listen to me. Listen to me.

Does Vera know
you're doing this?

-You know...
-This isn't Vera.

This is my call. Now tell him!

Get out of the goddamn car now!



Goddamn. Goddamn it.

Goddamn it.

-Untie me.

Untie me.
I can't move.

-Phil, untie me. Untie me.

I got a knife.

I got a knife.
Untie me.

There we go, okay.

-Untie me.

My gun!

Izzy, pull over. Izzy...

-Pull the car over.

Phil. Phil.

I'm gonna take you
to a hospital.

Izzy, you gotta pull over.

-Izzy, you gotta pull over.

What... what... Why? -You can't
take me to the hospital.

If you take me to the hospital,
the cops will get involved.

If the cops get involved,

you might as well tell Vera
where you are.


I got this.

You pull over. You get out.

You just gotta run, Izzy.

-No. No.
-You've gotta run.

-No! No!
-I can do this, okay?

What are you gonna do? -I'm
gonna drive to the hospital.

I will drive myself
to the hospital.

You get out.


Izzy, pull over.
I'm gonna drive.

Izzy, pull over!

Pull over now.

-Pull over.
-Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.

Iz... Isabelle...

I can drive the car.

I need you to go.


Hey, I...

I had a box put on hold for me.

-What's your name?



Slow down! You wanna
get pulled over by the cops?

-I need your phone.

I think that would be a very good idea.
We should go to the police.

We can't!
That's what he said.

No cops!
You trust him all of a sudden?

Yes! Yes, he just saved
my life, Nick!

If we go to the cops...
Goddamn it.

Goddamn it.

We were supposed to have
gotten away from this.

What do you want from me?

I want you to have not done it.

You shouldn't have done it.

Well, I did it!

I did it, and it was me
in the swamp!

Not you!

It's my problem!
No, it's not!

-Not yours!
-It's all our problems.

It's mine!

It's Ronald's.
It's his family's.

It's all of ours.

Take me to the police.

If that's gonna fix this,

if that'll make you feel safe,

we can say goodbye to ArakNet.

God! Fuck!
Son of a bitch!

-Are we cool?
-Where am I taking you?

I need your phone!

-Izzy, where the fuck are you?

No. I-I...
Meet me in Little Haiti.

Pack up all our shit.

The dry-erase boards,
erase everything.

Get everything,
put it in the car,

and go!
What happened to you?

You went totally off the grid!

I was watching you,
and then the phone turned off.

Rance! Are you not
listening to me?!

Go! Okay, then. Drop
me a pin, Queen. Shit!




Got you.


We have a problem.

It's R-Ronald.

Ronald. I don't remember...

Okay, but I don't know.

Dacey! Dacey, Dacey!
It's Ronald Dacey!

-Ronald Dacey?

Okay, what does that mean?




Thank you!

I couldn't find you!

What's on your legs?
Is that... is that blood?

Rance, get inside.

-Go. Go.

Go. Go. Go! Wait. Is that...
is that blood on your pants?


-Izzy? Okay.
-Rance, yes, it's blood.

Izzy, wha... -Okay? We're
in really deep shit.

Nick, why does she have -Wblood on
her pants? d -I'm talking to you!

Did you get everything?
Yes, I got everything!

-Did you wipe the whiteboards?
-Yes, I wiped the whiteboards.

I took down the papers.

I took everything... Okay, okay, okay!
Did it work?

Did what work?

The cipher, the Trojan horse.

Yeah! Duh! It's me.
Of course it worked.

That's good, that's good.

Okay, I need you...
I need you to go.

I need you... Listen.
Tell me. Just-just... Queen.

Queen, please.
No, no, no, no.

-Listen to me!

I will call you. I promise.

Just go back to Ybor City
and lay low.




Jesus Christ.

Clean yourself up.







What a surprise!

Yeah, it's still the same.

For sure.

I still keep meaning
to update it.

Make it a real guest room.

No. It's perfect.

This is a real nice surprise.


it's good to have you.


Izzy, can you hear me?

Agent Rask?

You think he made it?

I don't know.

You messed up
real bad this time.


I just got off with Tam.

Got her headed back with Els.

I'm gonna send 'em away.

Someplace safe.

They gon' be coming at us...


All they want is me.

-If I just leave...
-No, Izzy.

They know we're your team.

Meaning, if you come at them...

we come at them.

And now they're coming after us.

And the cops ain't
gonna help neither.

This shit gonna play out
on the street level.

Not necessarily.

-No, no, no.
-Just trust me.

Two of their boys murdered.

They ain't gonna sit on this
but for more than a second.

Okay. I know.

And of course, they're
very, very pissed off,

and it makes a lot of sense,
they should be.

But I think there's
a way to fix this

where nobody gets hurt.

They started Guizer...

to help bolster GenCoin.

'Cause the dark net is still
their biggest market, right?

Well, if we take away
that demand...

If we... if the three of us... if
ArakNet becomes that demand...

-Then they need us.
-Yeah, then they need us.

-It's too late.

Why is it too late?

Because they're already
winning, Nick.

But you do have
their cipher, right?

That dumb plan worked?
Yes, I do.

Okay, great. That'll buy us
a little time, right?

Okay, right. It'll buy us
a little time.

But we still need a team,
and we still need cash.

Well, Wes Chandler's in.
So, by the way,

while you were committing corporate
espionage and getting kidnapped,

I closed that deal.
You're welcome.

We just have to
make it to a place

where they need us
more alive than dead.

Right now we need to focus
on being not dead.

Fine by me.

I got some calls to make.

Daddy, you ain't
coming with us?

Nah, baby girl.

Daddy got some work to do.

What kind of work?

Grown-folk work, baby girl.


Don't worry.

I'll come visit you real quick.

Come on.

Give Daddy a hug.

All right.

Get in there, baby girl.

Just put your seatbelt on.

I'm gonna clear
things up, all right?


Tell your sister I said hello.

That there earlier, that was my
family that I said goodbye to.

Or what's left of 'em.

Ain't nothing more
important to me...

than those two girls
drove up out of here.


My boy.

This ArakNet shit.

It started with him.

I know.

So I'm gonna see it through.

I'm gonna see it through.

'Cause that's all
I have right here.

But if you fuck up
like that again, Izzy...

If you fuck up like that...

ever again...


How many?

All right. Let him through.

Go stash yourself
in Elsie's closet.

You and Nick both. Come on.

You lost, bruh?

Where's Isabelle?

I ain't seen her.

How 'bout you invite me in?

Have a cup of coffee.

We drink, we talk.


I'd rather not.

Gavril. Misha.

We forgive you for this.

Long as you give us Isabelle.

You know, I got no idea
what you talking 'bout.

I'm just out here chilling.

Just like all my friends.

I come back then...

with some of my friends.

Please do.

Please... do.

So, this Wes dude...

he gonna get us up and running?

And you trust him?

I don't know.
I trust his money.

All right.

We gotta tell him
about this, yo.

About the gun collection? Why?

Why is that?
About what we dealing with.

We gotta be up front.
Come clean.

I don't know, man.

I'm telling you, bruh,

we do not want
to start off

on the wrong foot
with this dude.

Exactly. That's exactly right.

Lies, bruh.

That's that shit
that'll poison us.

I mean,
we can't do this without him.

And hopefully
we don't have to.

You really think we can keep
all this from him?

Lies beget lies, bruh.

That's how we sunk ourselves
with GenCoin.

It's better to man up

and get out in front of it.

Babe, you coming to bed?


That a new one?

What? The robe?

No, I've had it.

I like it.
Thank you.

Your phone was ringing.


Everything okay?



Come here.





I saw you called me.

Unless it was, like,
a butt dial or something.

No, I... I called.

Okay, so...

what's up?

Yeah. I...

So I almost died today.


It was really stupid.

These Russian mobsters...

thought that I put a virus
on their software,

so they... Wait! Someone
tried to kill you?


Izzy, what the hell
are you doing out there?

Like... like, are you hurt?

Did... Are you okay?

Like what...
No, I'm not. I'm not okay.

But... I'm alive.

Holy shit.

I mean, all I
could think about

at that moment was you,

and... and...

and wanting to say sorry.

And... and wanting
to tell you

how much I love you.



I have to go. I'm sorry.

No, wait! Don't hang up!

Don't hang up!
I'm sorry, I can't.

-Wait, wait, wait.
-Listen to me.


Check this out.

That craftsman came back
on the market.


one on Waverly?

Guess it fell through.


Open house from 2-5.

We should go over there
tomorrow and pounce, right?


Let me call this guy. Dennis.

Yeah. Just shoot him
an email or something.

Run it.


He's gonna bail.

-He's not gonna bail.
-I would if I were him.

"Hi, Wes. We're so excited
to be working with you.

"Those guys.

"Those are just Russian
mobsters who will be making

"frequent attempts on my life
while they run this company.

No big. Where shall we sign?"

Well, let's just
not say it like that.

Just let me talk it out
with him, all right?

He's gonna bail.

-Hey, sorry, I'm late, man.

No problem. Wes,
this is Ronald Dacey.

Ronald! What a pleasure, man.

-Izzy Morales.
-Izzy. Fantastic!

So good to finally
meet the rest of the team.

Yeah! Yeah, this is
the heart and soul of ArakNet.

Hey, look, bruh...

I'm just gonna cut the bullshit.

Just gonna get right to it.

All right? You know, it's nice
to meet you face-to-face.

Hopefully, we BFF some day.

But right now...

we got a small issue that
we need to wind out for you.

Okay. -We need to be
straight with you.

About any baggage
that we bring to the table.

Baggage? -Yeah. Just a
little bit of baggage.

No, we've got more
than a little bit.

It's more than
a little bit of baggage.

Again, it's just me
being real with you.

'Cause honesty's
what this shit's about.

All right.

So, we got some competition.

Guizer. I ain't worried.

No, I ain't worried
'bout their business.

-We'll smoke them.
-We got some personal issues.

Recently, things came to a head
with some of their backers.

The Kazankov family.

They tried to ghost
your girl Isabelle right here.

Tried to ghost her?

Merk. Eight-six.

Put a girl in the dirt.
Ya feel me?


That's exciting.

-I would... I would say the reason...
-And they're still at it, bruh.

And they gonna be
at this shit for some time.

They ain't gonna stop...

until she dead.

Or until we beat them.

So that's just us
putting that shit out there.

Cards on the table.

Excuse me.

Well... we're done.

-Let's just... let's just give him a minute.
-He's done. We're done.

-That's not true. We don't know that.

-He's still...
-He's not coming back.

He's kinda still here though.
Hey. Right. I mean...

-So let's chill out. Let's give him...
I don't know what he's talking about.

Just... you guys don't know him.

I think...

I think he might.


Drink up.

Goin' for a ride.


I went by the Waverly place.

I just think that place
really has something.


Maybe he's gonna kill us.


To what?

Your new office.

I was getting ready to turn
this whole thing into a resort.

Then '08 happened.

I don't know.

I mean, it's salvageable.

We'll spruce it up
as we go along.

Main thing is...

nobody'll ever look for us here.

Yeah. Nobody will ever
wanna work here.

How am I supposed
to hire a team?

You just pay everybody a little
bit more than anybody else would.

What... what about

Why don't you let me
and Mara worry about that?


you're all gonna be living
on the island with me.

Till this whole Kazankov
thing blows over.

Speaking of which...

Hey, Ronald?

May I get a word?

I appreciate you being straight
with me back there, my man,

so... I'll be straight with you.

What do you see
as your role at ArakNet?

Founded that shit.

Got the user base up.
No, no, yeah. Of course.

Of course, but, like, look. I
got an investment in there now.

It's about to get big.
It's about to get real.

That's the plan.
Ain't that right?

So how do you see
yourself fitting in?

What you gettin' at?

I need to know...

can you protect my investment?

Talking about Izzy.

You want me to be your nigga.

Come on, man.
I didn't say that.

-Hey, but that's where you goin' though, right?
-Look, look. I did my research.

I know what you're capable of.

I know who you're connected to...
That ain't me, bruh!

I ain't tryin' to do
all that, man.

Come on, Wes.

You can buy
your own security, man.

Nick and Izzy, they trust you.

You're all in this together.

And by the way...

anybody who makes his living
protecting people,

I don't trust.

'Cause there's always somebody
coming around with more money.

Now, my dough's in the bank.

It's ready to go.

How bad you want ArakNet?

Just give it some thought.