StartUp (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Angel Investor - full transcript

Nick makes the pitch of a lifetime, reviving GenCoin. Rask and Maddie's partnership takes a surprising turn just as Rask forms an unlikely alliance. Ronald gets pulled into a wave of violence with his gang.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We can walk into a
bunch of different banks

and ask for a little bit.

After a few, they could file
a suspicious activities report,

but that takes weeks to go through.

- That's a great... I can cover our tracks.
- Yeah?

Where's Daewon?

Get down!

- That money isn't yours!
- I invested it.

You gotta get it back.


So, I'd be back at zero?

No, no, no, 'cause we would
still have the 300.

- Who is "we"?
- Fucking fine.

You either with me or you against me.

You ever do any investing into
small businesses or startups?

What does a banker from Brickell,

a hacker from Hialeah, and a thug

from little Haiti have in common?

- I don't know.
- Me neither.

But once we do, that's
where the money went.


Oh, goddammit.

- Phil.
- Yeah?

Just got off the phone with FinCen.

There was an SAR filed on
Nick Talman a couple weeks ago.

Where? How much?

She didn't know, but she's gonna
scan it and send it to me tonight.

That's good news.

- It's great news.
- Huh.

All we have to do is
nail down even one of those

and figure out where it landed.

All right. Should we get some food?

You go ahead.

She's supposed to be
sending this any minute,

and I want to print the files.

I got a printer at my place.

I gotta get out of here
before I hang myself.

Um, okay.

I'm close by.

There's a great Thai
spot around the corner.

- Sure.
- All right. Cool.

Hey, and well done.


What, too hot?


Well, that's mild.

I don't usually do spicy.

DC must have a ton of great
Thai places though, huh?

- Yeah, it did.
- Mm-hmm.

Not really my thing though.

I was a country girl.
I grew up in the sticks.

In the sticks?

Yes, sir.

Outside of Richmond.

Daddy'd hunt rabbit, squirrel.

No shit? That's how you sound?

- Mm-hmm. That's my real accent.
- Wow.

Took me years to lose it.

It's a shame you lost it.

It's "purty."

Okay. Homework.

It's divide and conquer.

Here's the BFO.

- Okay.
- I'll take Valencia.




Holy shit.

All two point two
million, you gave it back to him?

Except for your 300.

I moved it all in pieces.

Super careful.

No one's gonna notice.

Yeah, but we are effectively...
We're back at zero.

Except for my 300.


So, technically...

I'm your only investor.

That is correct. Yes.

I'm all you got.

Right you are.

Well, I'm happy you feel good about it

'cause I don't think
this guy's gonna say yes,

That is a great attitude, Nick.

I mean, powerful salesmanship, dude.

I'm just trying to keep
our hopes to a minimum.

And why not get our hopes up?

Because this guy is pretty tough

- and when he doesn't say yes...
- Oh, he's gonna say yes.

I want us to be prepared.
Well, you don't know that.

- No, he's gonna say yes.
- Okay. Think so?

He's gonna say yes.

Now say it with me, dawg.

Now say it. He's gonna say yes.

- He's...
- He's gonna say yes.

He's gonna say yes.

- He's gonna say yes.
- He's gonna say yes.

Hey, nobody said this shit
was gonna be easy, dawg.

- Hey! Hey! He's gonna say yes.
- He's gonna say yes.

All right! He's gonna say yes.

Hey, guys, Mr. Blush is ready for you.

He's gonna say yes, baby.

Me, I don't know anything about tech

or computers or apps or what have you,

but my consultant was very
impressed with your code, Izzy.

And Nick, you know,
Leo will vouch for you.

He says that you're a good kid,


'cause you're banging his daughter.

But, uh...

I don't think that I can
jump in this pool just yet.

I'd like to.

Believe me.

But, uh, some of my people say
that there are a lot of other

competitors out there right
now in the cryptocurency market.

Like RadCoin?

That's one of the big ones, yeah.

Dude, Maya Hibert, I
went to Stanford with her.

They've been begging me
to come work for them.

I mean, they're a joke. Their code is shit.

Well, maybe so.

But you know what they say.

It doesn't matter if you're the best.

It only matters if you're first.

Here, let me get you another drink.


We're gonna grab lunch.

Y'all want anything?

- I'm good.
- Oh, no, you should go. Come on.

Come on.

Yeah, come on, Maddie.

Take you to Sandoval's.
Get you some real Cuban food

instead of the horse shit
this gringo been feeding you.

Well, I could use some alone time.

You, you should go though.

Go on. Go.


- You want something?
- No, I'm good.

- See you in a bit.
- See you later.

What's her name?

What's that bitch from your school named?



The fuck kind of name is that?

She Chinese, yo.

For real?

What you think she was?

She ain't Haitian.

That's for damn sure.

No, man.


You're messing with me though, right?

No, man.

Oh, shit! Look, look, look, look, look.

Shh. I see him, dawg.

That's the third runner right there.

That's all Jey need.

We're good.

For real, yo.

Shit, dawg. Hung-Lee?

Whatever, man.

Know what I'm saying though?
We gotta talk about that.

That ain't even in the blood though.

Ain't right.

Stay woke. You feel me?

Tap that ass first though.

Ah, my boy.

- Get out of here.
- But then leave. Feel me?

Shit. That's all I'm trying to say.

Can we just take a break please?

- What, your ankle?
- Yeah. Just one second.

- Babe!
- It's just a little sore.

You gotta go to the doctor.

I'm gonna make the appointment.

It's getting better. It's just sore.

All right.

It's nice.

I heard you hung out

with one of my dad's friends yesterday.

I did, yeah. Uh...

this guy Benedict that he had me golf with.

Was that for something for Valencia or?

No, it was a pet project.

That GenCoin thing I was telling you about.


And Marci's cool with you just
like, doing something on the side?


Yeah, as long as it
doesn't interfere with work.


Well, that's good.

So how'd it go?

He wasn't all that into it actually.

Guess saving the world's not his thing.

What is his thing?



then I guess you just gotta
tell him what he wants to hear.

Show him the money.

Hey, Ben. Hey.

You want the truth?

And it's a truth I can't say
in front of Izzy and Ronald.

And it's certainly a truth that I
would never, ever say in front of Leo.

GenCoin for me, it's not about

giving loans to farmers in Afghanistan

or bank accounts to political refugees.

That is just something that's a New Age
hippie pipe dream we like to tell ourselves

so we can feel good when
we close our eyes at night.

But the truth is those things won't change.

They never change. You know that.

That is the way the world works.

But what GenCoin can do, as a business,

pure bottom line,

just imagine owning a fraction

of a penny of every dollar

spent in the United States.

Think about that.

Owning a piece of currency.

You know how much I care
about kids in the Sudan?

About as much as you
care about cats and dogs.

All right, one job,
you get your shit back,

I don't chase you anymore. How's that?

'Cause there's this girl, see?

She's hiding this money.

It's mine.

And she's good, but
she's not as good as you,

so I have to trust you.
You understand that?

I have no other recourse.

But when it's done, we're done.

You get to keep your drive,
whatever else the Russians gave you,

go back to Taipei or Singapore or wherever,

or you can stay in Miami. I don't care.

The point is, you do this thing for me,

and you'll be protected.

Forever. How's that?

That's a promise, by the way.

Solid gold promise.


All right, I'll be in touch.

Here you go, fella.

- Ooh!
- There you go.

Load it up, load it up, load it up.

That's what I'm talking about. Let's go.

- Come on, come on, get some.
- Y'all already know.

Turn up, dawg.

Big man Ronnie. What it do, man?

Oh, shit. Big Ronnie.

Sid, what it do?

These them right here?

Fresh and clear from ATL. No serials.

It's some extra cash though.

Jey and I be squared with the shit.

It's all good.

Thanks to my G right here. O pulled in
some quick bills, you know what I'm saying?

- Had to, dawg. You already know.
- All right.

Big Ronnie here say
our cash ain't liquid no more.

It's all good though.

It's going down Saturday night.

We gonna light up Overtown like it's
goddamn Afghanistan. You feel me?


We're gonna start off
with the stash house though.

Hey, your little boy, he
scoped 'em out the other night.

He did good. He did right.

Yeah. Him and O staked 'em out.

Yeah, that's where Davis be at, man.

Caleb, all them niggas
be up in there holed up.

Waitin' to get us, but we gonna
get them first, you feel me?

Saturday night?

Their whole crew gonna
be up in there, man.

You with us?

You with me?

Baby, where you at?

I'm right here.

No, you ain't.

They found them Towners' stash house.

Bunch a them that came at us.

They killed Jules and Joelle.

Jey got them young bloods all worked up.

Boys ain't much older than Touie.

Got 'em runnin' around with choppers
like we at damn war or somethin'.

We are, ain't we?

They came at us.

Tam, for real?

They came at us 'cause they
trying to start some shit.

It ain't about turf no more.

They want us to come at 'em.

And we doing exactly what they want.

You told Touie.


You told him, "This
the life we been given."

This our home, baby.

This neighborhood, this
where we raise our family.

Okay, look, you really think
this thing you got is gonna

make a difference for us?

For our family?

It's just gonna take some time, baby.

All right.

But until that happens...

if Jey tell you to pick up that chopper

and cut down them Overtown
niggas that killed Joelle,

that killed Jules, that turned
this whole place upside down...

then you gonna do how you do.

Mm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Mm. Mm.

I like the chocolate more.

Yeah, but see, Adolfito,
the ice cream goes much better

- with the plain vanilla cake.
- Yeah, yeah, I agree with Mom.

- Then why aren't we doing the vanilla?
- Oh, we are, Dad.

Then why are you having me eat all these?

- I like that one too, Mr. Morales.
- Oh, come on.

See, I knew there was a
reason I liked this guy.

- Okay, taste this, mija.
- No thanks, Mom. I'm okay.

No, baby, you're the bride.
You gotta taste it.

I know, but I gotta lose
three more pounds.

- What?
- No, you don't baby.

Now, now, now wait a minute, corazon.

You look perfect.

- Thanks, Dad.
- Hey, baby, escucha. Listen.

Let me tell you something, okay?

I gained weight before our wedding.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

Eating my worries.

I couldn't wait to marry
my perfect, delicious man.

- Mm.
- Oh, my god.

Think I need a sundae after that.

- Ven, papi.
- Ya aca.

Ay esta.

Do you girls remember when
we used to make these? Hm?

- A little.
- Oh, it had to be perfect.

Delfi was insistent on it.

- Mm-hmm.
- A perfectionist.

- Yeah, that's true.
- Like her mother.

No, no, she needed the chocolate
to be a certain temperature.

That was bad.

The bananas to be perfectly ripe.

And those cherries. You
remember those cherries.

Yes, Dad, I remember the cherries.

The ones we could only
buy at Rosa's Market.

Ay, Rosa's. It was so
sad that they closed, no?

Oh, I remember that one night,

Delfi's 11th birthday I think it was,

Mom was running around like crazy

trying to get ready for your party,

and she didn't have time to go to Rosa's,

so she just bought some
regular old cherries.

Yeah, I remember, Dad.

Well, Delfi threw quite a fit.

- "It has to be these cherries!"
- Oh, my god. Dad!

It's true!

- And your sister, you know what she did?
- What?

She broke open her piggy bank,

rode her bike to Rosa's Market,

and bought them for you herself.

I don't remember that part.

Oh, she did.

She's always looked out
for you in her own way.

And she looks out for all of us.

- But you always had the story wrong.
- Really?

I didn't buy the cherries. I stole them.

That's hilarious.

It's not a joke.

- Hey, Izz, your gringo's here.
- Hm?

Why are you just standing out there?

Oye, ask him
if he wants to try the cake.

What are you doing here?

What? No, they're just
working on a project together.

A little cake, mami.

It's true.

1.5 million.

I'm sorry? I didn't hear.
I didn't hear you.

What did you do, give him head?

What did I do? What didn't I do?

- I persevered.
- I like your style.

I like my style too.

You don't know how
to give high fives, but that's...

How do you give high fives?

- Yeah, don't...
- I was doing more of a soul thing.

- No, you were doing a hand hug.
- Yeah.

Let's go celebrate.

Yeah? What do you want to do?

Transfer a lot of money to GenCoin?


I want it in and then I
want to get blackout drunk.

- You're real humble.
- You know like, you know,

I feel like some it, you know,
I feel like this warrants it.

Okay. You totally said it
yourself. Let's go celebrate.

- Okay.
- Okay.

So 1.5. And that's what
a celebration looks like.

Let's go!

You know what this means?
We have a true first-in now.

Someone... He's very
public, he's legitimate,

he's got a great reputation
in the business community.

Everyone's gonna see it
and they're gonna want it.

It's gonna be a windfall.
Just watch. Just watch.

Speaking of legit, what about Ronald?

What about him?

Do we still need him?

- You're cold blooded.
- No!

You're fucking cold blooded,
and I like it.

- And we absolutely don't need him now.
- No! But you like it!

We have the seed money
and he's dangerous.

So, let's give him his money back

- and that's it.
- I don't think...

he would take kindly to that.

I wish it was that simple.

I mean, yeah, he's a huge liability.

But he can also kill us.

I mean, at this point, you
think he's gonna kill us?


Hey. Um...

I'm sorry. You weren't
picking up your phone.


I found something. Can I...


I was going through the
second batch of that SAR.


The off-shore shell corps
that the money was pulled from.

- Mm-hmm.
- Isabelle Morales opened each one of them

at exactly the same time.

Yeah, I know. I looked into that too.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

- Why didn't you...
- 'Cause she didn't break the law.

She opened the shell corps legitimately.

Yes, they're for harboring investments,

but it's all legal and she
even pays taxes on them.

- Really?
- Really.

I thought the same thing too though.


Hm. Drink?

Oh, no. You're going to bed.

No, believe me, I'm gonna
be up late. It's fine.

- Okay.
- Wine okay?

Maybe just coffee.

What? It's 10:00.

Doesn't affect me. I'll
still pass out in an hour.

Oh. Well, cafecito?

- You can make those here?
- I'll show you.

That's some serious equipment.


Only thing I got from my ex-wife.

Don't mess with a man's coffee.

All right, here we go.

One in.

Oh, okay. Okay, so...

you don't touch it yet.

You just let the... heat do its thing.


Now we can stir.

Stir and here, try it.

I don't want to mess it up.

You can't mess it up. Just
beat the shit out of it.

Just stir.

That's it. Work up a pace.

Come on. Give it all you got.

My arm's getting tired.

Oh, that's what she said.

All right, now you got it. Stop.
All right, stop, stop, stop.

Good. Next step.

Oh, my god.

- Sorry.
- Don't apologize.


can I do that?

Oh, my god.

- Mm.
- Oh, that's gross.

- Dude, do you salsa?
- What?

Salsa. Do you do it?

- Shit, no.
- What do you mean "no"?

I'll show you. You're with a real pro.

- And I can teach you.
- No.

- Fucking dumbass.
- I'm gonna show you.

I know how to dance. I just don't do it.

Now it feels like you're lying.

Let's see who knows how to
dance and who needs lessons.


- Come on!
- No! No!

Prove it on the floor!

- L'Union!
- Fait la force!

I'm really hungry now.

How about pizza?

- Mm. Bed pizza.
- Bed pizza.


Unfortunately, that means
having to make a phone call.

Can I...

- You having trouble?
- Can't reach the phone.

No... almost...

- Need some help?
- You aren't helping me at all.

You're not helping me at all.

- L'Union!
- Fait la force!

Touie, can we just...

Step off.

Hey, Touie, let me
just to talk to you for a second.

Touie... Let me just talk to you, son.

- Step off!
- Touie, let me just... Touie!


You think this make you tough, huh?

Look. You think this make you tough?

This don't make you shit.

You understand? This don't make you shit.

- Jey
- Jey: Ronnie! Let's go, man! Let's dip!

Let's go!

We all goin' in at once?

No, we gotta be smart about this shit.

Plus, I'mma tell...


- Damn!
- Someone ratted!

- Watch out!
- Oh shit!

Hey, Jey! Jey, look at them!


I'm peeing!


Is Phil home?


Hey, I got cash.

I reprogram her key.

She gonna change soon. We must do it now.

Maddie, I know what this looks like.

- Um...
- Who this?

She not your girlfriend?

Let's everyone just take a breath, okay?

Daewon is here because he has information

about another suspect.

- Okay.
- Okay.

So, I am just gonna talk to him.

Two minutes. Nothing to worry about.

We're gonna have a
chat, he'll be out, okay?

- Okay. I'll let you guys talk.
- No, no, no, no.

Wait, no, you don't have to.
Just... You can stay. You can stay.

Daewon, come inside. I'll
talk to you for a minute.

- I'm gonna go.
- Why?

- I'll go.
- No. Maddie, why?

- I'm gonna go, Phil.
- Maddie.

- Let go.
- Maddie, Maddie, please, I...

Come on. Don't make me do this.

- Do what?
- I'm not gonna let you leave

because I just need to talk to him.

- I'm leaving.
- No, you're not.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on. This is crazy.

- Yeah.
- This is crazy.

- Yeah.
- You're not going.

- I'm going.
- You're not going, Maddie.

What are you doing? Get off me!

- Come on! Maddie!
- Phil, what are you doing?

- Maddie, just...
- Let go! Stop, Phil!