StartUp (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Proof of Concept - full transcript

Nick, Izzy and Ronald's fundraising is off to a slow start, but Ronald spots an opportunity with a neighborhood VIP. Rask and Maddie catch wind of GenCoin just as Andy tells Nick the truth ...

- I want my money, Isabelle.
- Your money's safe.

Nick's invested in a startup.

Agent Rask? Special
Agent Madeline Pierce.

Today's all about Andrew Talman.

- So, who gave you that money?
- My dad!

He launders money through his bank.

I swore I would never be that person.

I was this close to losing you today.

You kill one of us,
we gonna kill 10 of y'all!

We're gonna get the rest tomorrow.

No, you're not. I wanna
be your partner.

We still need eight million to get
GenCoin on its feet.

- I know a lot of people.
- And so does he.

Why not give him a shot?

Jesus Christ.

Pass to... three on one.

Takes it down to the net, shoots.

Welcome, my friend.

Please, would you like a drink?
Give me the glass.

You like this girl? This
is a good girl, huh?

- Karina.
- Where's Daewon?

Daewon? I don't know who this is.

Vadik, you do. You know how I know?

- Tell me.
- 'Cause after the last time I was here,

I went back to my desk,
I watched, and I waited

until four million US suddenly
vanished from Deutsche Bank

and magically reappeared
in six different shell companies

from Malaysia to the Virgin Islands.

Oh yes.

I retraced each one of them...

Where it moved, how it moved.

And there's only one person in my mind

who could manage all of that so
quickly, so cleanly.


He's not here. Look around.

My guy traced the IP
address back here...

this morning.

You, my friend, look like someone
who works very hard, huh?

Maybe you should have a little fun.

- Please, take Karina.
- Don't do that. Don't do that.

I said don't do that!

Don't do that.

Sure, okay.

What? What?

- Feds. We have to go now.
- Two minute, almost done.

- Show me.
- Show you what?

That he's not here. Show me.

Do you have a warrant?

Be smart.

Let's go!

Every time you come here, you
bust my balls for information,

and I give it to you, don't I? Don't I?

Come on, hurry. Let's go!

Put it away. Come on.

Let's go.

Get... Get down!


Jesus. Yeah. Ooh.

Unfortunately, I- I- I...
I have to resign here.

- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.



Wasn't expecting that.

You know, half this world
ain't got access to banking.

You go to some messed
up village in Sudan where

a nigga ain't got two coins
to rub together,

guarantee you, he still
got a cell phone.

- Thanks for making it. When'd you get in?
- Saturday.

It's... it's lunches,
dinners, and just...

Lunches, dinners.

Look, I know the powder
been good to y'all,

but it's 2016. The feds
are locking that shit down.

It's time to start looking ahead.

I got like $200,000 in student loans,

I have interest climbing every day,

and I can't even justify why
I got 'em in the first place.

So, the difference between BitCoin

and this and other cryptocurrencies

is that we have the best one.

And I know that we have
a better than the best one,

we have "the" one, and...

quality and class tells over time.

Digital currency. Free from government.

All you need is this here.

We've actually already raised
2.2 million very fast,

and we're looking for an additional
eight to launch.

So, what type of team do you have?

We're just starting to assemble that,

so the team is being built as we speak.

- Okay.
- What does Taylor have to say?

Have you talked to her about it?

Things been quiet
between us for a minute,

so this ain't no olive
branch or nothin' like that.

Straight up business. You feel me?

Um, we are gonna put 5.3
towards marketing and PR.

The goal with these
things always has to be

to generate a massive
awareness before the launch.

I just wanted to see if you wanted

to get in on the ground
floor of something big.

A'ight, check this out. Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Your PR expertise and,
to put it bluntly,

your PR capital would go a long way,

'cause that's what we want
to put a lot of the money into.

Cryptocurrency. What you think?

I'll have some of my guys
take a look at her code,

and we'll just... We'll...
we'll circle back

in a couple of weeks, okay?

Well, here's what I would say.
Definitely do that,

but the sooner the better,

only because we're
moving very, very fast

- I'm sorry. I gotta go.
- All right. Feel better.

Come up here, think you gonna
take us for some sorta ride?

I'm just offering you a little piece.

- That's all, my nigga.
- Ain't gonna happen.

This the kinda game, bring the Puerto
Ricans up like the Cubans?

This company is truly
the future of currency.

It's a pleasure.

I got plenty more trees to shake.
Y'all don't fret.

No, it's fine. We'll just
launch in 2056.

Bitch, it's only been a few days.

Truly, "the currency of the future."

Yeah, what about you? A
family of dry foots?

Family doesn't have money.
I thought I told you that already.

Yeah, but they know some folks that do.
Ain't that right?

I can't do that.

What about the first
three you gave Nick's dad?

- You can't get more?
- More?

That first three, that was everything.

Our entire hood, that was our stash.

Ain't come from one of us.
Came from all of us.

But you gimme some time, I can...

I can make shit work.

The DR's and us,
we working on an alliance.

What's that?

- The gang?
- What's the D...?

The D... No.

No. No more gang money.
This is supposed

to be a legitimate business.

Oh yeah, South Beach, 'cause your...

Your seed money looking
real legit right now.

- That is different.
- How is it different?

It's... just trust me, it's different.

Boy, you are tripping.

Ronald, we made you a partner

because you'd secure more investors!

Made him a partner 'cause he hit
me in the head with a gun.

Man up! Nick!

Yeah, I'll do it again, you don't
watch your goddamn mouth, son.

- All right, you see? I don't need that.
- Shit!

I don't...

You just gonna walk away
like that, white boy?

- Yes! I don't need some, some...
- Some what?

Go on. Spit, South Beach.

Just say "nigga," be done with it.

- God, I was not gonna say that!
- No! No!

- Listen! Do me a favor.
- That's not what this... shut up!

Let me know when there's no one making

threats to me or my entire family.

We can talk about business.

Let me know when you
grow a sack of nuts.

- Really?
- Listen, I believed in GenCoin, Izzy.

- I still do, but not like this.
- Nick.

- Not if it's gonna be like this, no.
- Nick.

Do we even need that cracker?

You're an asshole.

Right, well, they didn't confirm

yet officially, though, did they?

Y-y... honestly, I think we can
just scrap the chairs altogether.

People are gonna be out there
for like five, 10 minutes tops.

Yeah. No, let's-let's,
uh, let's just scrap it.

Umm... okay, have a good one.


Hey, sorry about that.

This thing on Saturday's gotten
way bigger than I expected.

No, it's good. Your dad's thing?

Yeah, his fundraiser.

I was thinking about putting
you in a foursome with him.


I mean, you totally don't need
to go if you don't want to.

I just don't want him to try

and hook me up with a job or anything.

I know, I know, but look,
that's my dad, okay?

It's literally the only way he knows

how to show people he cares about 'em.

- He likes you.
- No, he doesn't.

- Yes, he does.
- No, he doesn't.

Trust me, compared to other Nick,

- all those tattoos...
- Don't talk to me

- about other Nick.
- If you really don't want to go,

you don't have to.

I just thought you might
want to rub some elbows.


I'll go.

- You sure?
- Yeah, absolutely.

I just gotta find my clubs,
gotta learn how to be racist.

Oh, that's so sweet.

Thank you for doing that for me.

- You're welcome.
- Yeah.

I'm open for business
again, by the way.

- So am I.
- Oh, really?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.


Who is that?

Are you expecting someone?

- No. Are you?
- Are you sure?


- Just... damn it.
- Ignore it.

- No, come on.
- Damn it.

- No. Babe.
- No, one second.

- Let me just... I think I know. Let me...
- Babe. Babe.

- Don't. No.
- Just wait for me.

- Nick.
- Not here.

I'll meet you in the car.
I'll meet you in the car.

You can't just come to my house.
Why would you come to my house?

The phone would've been worse.

N-no one followed me,
I made sure of it.

Whose money did you give me?
Who else's money

was that? You said it was your money.

I had no idea what I was walking into!

Did someone talk to you?

Yeah, someone talked to me!
Ronald talked to me!

- We had a very nice talk!
- Oh Christ, the Haitian?

He came after you?

He dragged me
out to the fucking Everglades.

- Look at my head.
- Oh!

- He was about to kill me!
- It's cracked. Don't...

Then the FBI came to my office.
Guess how much that sucked.

- Was it an Agent Rask?
- Yeah, a friend of yours?

- What'd you tell him?
- I didn't tell him anything,

but he could see it all over my face.

I'm not well-versed in this like you!

Yeah, it's okay. You did good.

Look, he... he won't do
anything to you, okay?

- He can't.
- He's FBI!

It's... complicated with Rask.

Just put it this way, he...

He's not what you think he is.

- You doing okay?
- I wasn't looking at her.

You need anything?

I need you to stop ignoring me.


- Hey.
- Sorry it took me so long.

There's still traffic here at 10:00?

So, what do you drink?

- Umm, no, I'm okay.
- What, you don't drink?

Not when I'm working.

Nat? Two Zippers. Thanks.

Here we mix business with pleasure,

otherwise there's no time for pleasure.

- How'd he get on?
- Actually, better than I thought.


I tailed Nick, 'cause I was thinking
you're probably right.

If all the accounts I grabbed
from BFO went cold,

then the only way Andrew
could've moved the money

- was through another banker.
- Yeah, I told you.

- He's pissing himself.
- Right.

- And also...
- What's that?

Diverse group of friends he's got.

W-what is this? A UN
meeting on the beach?

Thanks, Nat.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Mmm.

- What is this?
- This? It's a Zipper.


It looks like a shot
of tequila and a beer.

It kinda does, huh?


You all right there?


The girl is Izzy Morales
from Hialeah, no priors.

- That's all I've got so far.
- Find out who the black guy is.

Oh, uh, Nat?

- Two more, please.
- Wait. No. Wait.

No, you wait. Thanks, Nat.

You're trouble.

That's what they say.

Why don't you just... why don't
you just give him what he wants?

- 'Cause it's not my money!
- I know that.

I'm screwed either way!
I can run or go to jail!

Maybe you should've gone to jail then!

Nick, you are holding onto a time bomb.

You've got to move it
into that account I gave you

- before somebody else...
- I invested it.

- You invested it?
- Yeah, in a startup,

small tech company called GenCoin.
I thought maybe I could...

All 2.2 million?

I thought I could do something
good with that money!

You've gotta get it back, Nick.
That money isn't yours.

- It wasn't mine either!
- Yeah, I know.

You were supposed to move it.
You were supposed to put it...

- Well, I didn't, did I? I didn't!
- Shit.

You still don't get it.

You like to think you're so...

all these years, never taking my money,

but it wasn't because it was dirty.

- No?
- No.

It's out of spite.

So... where's that gotten you, huh?

How's that working out?

Money'll all be there tomorrow,
all but the Haitian's cut.

It's just gonna be the last
you'll ever hear from me.



- Mmm. You're a saint.
- Mm-hmm.

- I smell bacon.
- That's 'cause there is bacon.

- Mmm.
- There's plenty if you're hungry.

- I work the day shift today.
- I'll box it up for you.

I'm not hungry, really. Thank you.

It's sweet.


I need help with my computer, mija.

Look, don't get all grumpy with me.
It's almost noon.

- I worked all night.
- Yeah, it must've been hard work,

drinking all of your father's Heineken.

- Hey, Izzy.
- Hey.


You trying to play "Oregon Trail"?

- What?
- Ma, this computer's as old as me.

Okay, look, I've been trying
to email this video to Heidi, okay?

- I never have a problem with it.
- Well, right, obviously. Move.

- What are you doing?
- I'm not doing nothing yet.

This shit's having a damn aneurysm.

I got it!

- Hey, Izz.
- What, Del?

Someone's here for you.

- So, what'd he say?
- Uh, well, he-he... he needs it back.

- How much?
- All of it,

except for Ronald's 300.

Look, it was...

- Do you wanna get some food or something?
- Food? It was what?

Okay, okay, okay, obviously, I wasn't
100% transparent with you...

- Clearly!
- In the beginning.

And there was one other thing
that I neglected to mention,

which is...

And I should've.
I definitely should've,

but this FBI guy came
to my office a week ago

looking for my dad
and apparently the money,

so we should just
definitely give it back.

Don't you think that you

should've been straight
up with me about shit like this?

Yes, of course I should've.

Of course, and I'm... I'm
very sorry I didn't.

- I'm not going to prison, Nick.
- No, of course not.

Look, you didn't even know.
This can go away.

We just have to give it back. Okay?
That's all we have to do.

We give the money to my dad,
FBI guy finds my dad,

he goes to jail, we get left alone.

- That's cold.
- Well, it's a long story.

So, I'd be back at zero.

No. No, no, no, 'cause
we would still have the 300...

Who is we?

Well, I would still very
much like to be involved.

- Involved in what?
- In the company!

- In my company?
- Yes!

- You are a guy in a suit who gave me cash!
- Oh. Oh. Okay.

Okay. Put the money back,
I'll be on my way, all right?

- And good luck finding another fundraiser.
- A fundraiser?

- Yes.
- You didn't bring shit to the table!

Actually, no, I have
a lot of good leads.

Actually, you have dick!

Fine. You know what?
That's fucking fine.


You want to go to prison? Do you want

to be around to see GenCoin through?

Then you have to give
the money back, all right?

So, is that a yes? Are
you gonna give it...

Are you gonna put it
back in the account?

Okay, I would like to clean that up...

- Get out!
- All right.

- Hi.
- Oh. You could've waited.

- I was gonna come...
- No, I... I just didn't want you

to have to carry this around all day.

- Come on in.
- Yeah, thanks.

It... it's just a little...

welcome gift. I've been meaning
to do something, you know?

- Rum?
- Not just any rum.

That there is Haitian
five-star sipping rum.

It's aged eight years.
This is really nice.

- It looks fancy.
- Oh, it's so not fancy.

Tastes good, though.

Now you can mix business with pleasure.

Right. Thank you.

- What?
- Nothing.

- Okay, come on. Get your shit, let's go.
- Right.

- Just give me one sec.
- All right.

Same tomorrow?

Not gonna be here tomorrow.

Thank you, Carmen, for...
keeping me company.

Meant the world.

Get out.


You the man. I ain't got
that much left in the tank.

- Defense! Defense!
- Let's go.

Enjoy. Thank you. Thank you.

What's up, family?
Thanks for coming out.

- There you go. Hey.
- Thanks. Thank you very much.

Oh, how touching. Thank you. Enjoy it.

- What's up, Lance?
- Big Ronnie!

What's going on, baby?

- Oh, bruh. Hey, man, good to see you.
- It's good to see you.

It's been, what, 10, 15
years at least, right?

- You still looking good, bruh.
- No, man, 10, 15 years

on the knees and ankles
ain't that good.

- Damn, it's good to see you, bruh.
- Good to see you too, dawg.

Hey, can I holla at you
for a minute, dawg?

Come on, man. Come on. All day.

- How's Tam doing?
- She a'ight, she good. She good.

- Got two now, you know?
- No shit?

I remember meeting
your boy a long time ago.

Yeah, Toussant.

That's right. You brought
him to a game, right?

Yeah, you was in town against the Heat.

He got to go down to the floor,
he was five years old,

blew his goddamn mind.

So, what you got for me, Ron?

You said you're trying to help
the neighborhood out?

- What you got for me? Come on.
- All right, check this out.

You in the real estate game.
That's a solid game.

Everybody know it.
Safest game there is.

But it ain't what the future about.


That's the next game.

- What you talking about?
- I'm talking about a new currency.

Unregulated, untaxed, incorruptible.

Not part of no government or economy,

'cause it's its own economy.

Give every man, woman,
and child in Little Haiti,

across the world, a level playing field.
Check this out.

Pretend like you one of us coming
up the way we done come up.

You a boy fixing to become
a man, right quick,

trying to go into business for yourself
instead of slinging rocks.

How you supposed to lock
down one of them loans?

Bank ain't gonna touch you. You
ain't got no credit score.

Breaking your back to get even.

GenCoin. You can apply
for that money right here.

A loan that ain't got nothing to do
with profit on the other end,

because you not borrowing
from a corporation,

you not borrowing from no bank.

You borrowing from the currency itself.

A currency owned by the people.

You smoking that pipe again, man?

You know I ain't for that, dawg.

- Shit is serious, dawg.
- Yeah, yeah, you know what it takes

to put something like this out there?

We already got the seed money,

but first I figured I'd give some folks

the opportunity to get in early.

I figured, shit, it might
be somebody from the hood.

You come here to ask me for money?
That's what's up?

I came here to offer you
an opportunity, dawg.

I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do.

You take that home
to Tam and the kids...

and you do whatever you need to do
to get your life back on track.

Go buy yourself a nice suit,

- apply for a real job.
- I ain't for no charity, dawg.

What, you think I'm a sucker? You
know how many broke-ass niggas

come knocking on my damn door
every day with their hands out?

Trying to sell me a bullshit line
about some business opportunity?

You better than that, Ronald.

Shit, at least I thought so.

See you later.

Awesome. Thank you, Brett.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thank you. Got an ID on the Haitian.

Ronald Dacey, major
player with the LH7.

Hmm. Okay, Andrew Talman...
Been doing this half his life.

But his son has no priors,
no previous experience

in this kind of thing
as far as we know.

Maybe he was just nervous.

Most people get nervous like that,

even if they haven't done anything.

Nah. I know nervous, and I know liars.

He's hiding something for sure.

Maybe that's all he's doing.

He could know something,
and he's protecting his dad,

but it doesn't mean
he's helping him with money.

Come on, let me show you something.

- Nestor!
- What's up, my man?

- What up, man? Good to go?
- Let's do this.

All right.

- Hey, how's the wife?
- Ah, she's great. She left me.


Thanks, Nestor. Won't be a minute.

Long as you need.

What are we doing?

How long you been in Miami now?
Is it... two weeks?

- Three.
- Three? Right.

Well, the first thing you gotta
understand is that Miami

is a haven for dirty money.

Florida's homestead exemption

means that white-collar criminals

can dump all of their money
into real estate

and the government's not
allowed to touch any.

- Even if they're convicted.
- Even...

- I know.
- Good.

Good. Now, pay attention.

Here we got Miami Beach, obviously.

But all these houses
that we can see from here,

I would say about 18% of them,
bought with dirty money.

A lot of that money
flows from over there.

Brickell, Miami's shiny
new financial district.

You thought Wall Street was sleazy?

Try pulling a few recent
files on Brickell.

Now, as well as being
a mecca for unclean wealth,

Miami is also bringing in more
guns, drugs, and hot cars

than any other city on the East Coast,

mainly through Port Miami just there.

These days it's largely
controlled by the Cubans.

Speaking of... Let me show you.

Miami is also home to more immigrants

than anywhere else in the US.

Next year, half the babies
born in this city

will be born to immigrant parents...

Dominicans, Haitians,
Nigerians, Russians, Chinese...

The list goes on. But
of all those populations,

the one group that has climbed

the socioeconomic
ladder startlingly well

is the Cubans. Like those
houses out on Biscayne Bay?

The big ones? A lot
of that is Cuban coin.

But their roots? You know,
where they started?

Over here. Look.

See that? With the park in the middle?

- Yeah.
- That's Hialeah.

Biggest population of Cubans
outside of Cuba itself.

Everyone thinks that's Little Havana,

but that's just the postcard version.

You want the real Cuba, you
gotta cross the river.

Now the Haitians... oy,
that's something different.

Unlike when the Cubans came here...

They're granted asylum,
they're welcomed in...

The Haitians come,
they're told to go back.

So, anyone who does stay
is going to be persecuted,

demeaned, relegated
to this patch of land

just across the 195 there.
That's Little Haiti,

some of the most desperate
people in all of Miami-Dade.

Drugs, gangs, turf wars, poverty...
all day, every day.

So, you got your bearings?

- Almost.
- All right.

So, standing up here,
looking around at all this,

you've got to think about one thing:

What does a banker from Brickell,
a hacker from Hialeah,

and a thug from Little
Haiti have in common?

- I don't know.
- Me neither.

But once we do, that's where
the money went.

They're just a little bit late.

Oh, oh, oh, reintroduce me.

Afternoon. How are you?

- Hi.
- Lovely to see you.

Welcome. So glad you could make it.

Hi, how are you? Taylor.
Good to meet you.

Thank you so much for coming.

What a spectacular event
you've put on this year.

No, no, no, I had... I had
nothing to do with it.

- My daughter is my...
- It's what I do.

She owns her own event planning company.
She's very successful.

- Don't be shy.
- Thank you, Dad.

You can sign in right over there.

Get a couple of extra tickets
and a drink afterwards.

so we're not bombarding people...

- Uh, one second. Hey. Hoo!
- Hi.

- You made it.
- Did you get my text?

- Yeah.
- I did, yeah. You wanna go in the back?

- I'll show you kind of around.
- Okay.

- My dad's here.
- Nick.

Hey, did you meet Benedict yet?

- No.
- Hey, Benny Blush. How you doing?

Nick Talman. Nice to meet you.

Hey, is this the one that's shacking
up with your daughter?

Yeah, that's the one.

All right, kid. Great to meet you.

- You too.
- Ben here owns Bark & Beak.

- Oh really? The pet store chain?
- Yeah.

Yeah, the guy prints money. Makes

real estate look like a fool's errand.

Ooh, nice one, Leonard!

So, you looking for a new
regional manager?

- Uh, maybe.
- Huh?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Uh-huh.
- I'm good, thank you.

- Well, well.
- All right.

Uh, you know that if you don't
make it past the women's,

you play the rest of the hole
with your dick out.

You know that, right?

- Yeah. No, I... I was aware.
- Just... just relax.

All right, good.

He's good, he's good. Yeah, yeah.

All right!

- It's all right!
- God.

You dodged a bullet. You
missed it by that much.

I'll still show you my dick
if you wanna see it.

Leo tells me that you work at a bank.

Yeah, I do. Valencia.

- What do you do there?
- Small business loans.

What, he didn't... he didn't
tell you all about it?

- He did.
- Yeah.

Actually, yeah. Oh man,
that man is a piece of work.

You know, I don't think I ever
had a conversation with him

that we didn't come
around to the bottom line.


Me, I just got involved
with something I care about,

- and I got lucky.
- Yeah, so you love dogs, huh?

- No, I love money.
- Oh, I see.


Hey, nice round. Great
playing with you, kid.

Yeah, likewise.

Let me know if you ever want
to get out from behind that desk.

- Okay. Yeah.
- Earn some real scratch, you know?

- And I'm not saying that 'cause of Leo.
- I know, I know.

Actually, Ben, let me
ask you something.

You ever do any investing
in small businesses or startups?

- That sort of thing?
- Well, it depends.

Why? You got some clients
that need partners?

No, no, I'm talking about something
for myself, actually.

I'm starting my own company.
It's a tech company.

It's called GenCoin.
It's the future of currency.


We don't sit like that. What?

Better eat, better eat.

Yo, Big Man Ronnie.

What you do, man? Hey,
pull up a chair, man.

Food getting cold. Come on.

Hey, Touie. Go ahead
and take your sister to bed.

What? You gonna send
your kids to bed hungry?

They're my kids, Jey. I'll do
whatever the hell I want.

Come on, little. Let's leave 'em.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. You straight, man?

I'm straight.

- Bye, Uncle Jey.
- I'll catch y'all later. Bye.

Emmanuel told me you been meeting
up with the DR's, the Ricans.

Word is you went to Lib City.
What's up with that?

Working on this new deal.
It's all good.


Like Mark Cuban, huh? My nigga.

motherfucker right here.

- You know about that, Tam?
- Yeah, course she know about that.

That's my girl, dawg.
Tell her everything.

Okay, everybody know? Who else know?

- Frantz know? Oskar know?
- No, they don't know yet.

I'm still trying to work
on a few details, so...

All right. That's what's up.

That's what's up.

This business is a big step
up for this community, dawg.

And I ain't talking about no
Lance Cherelus bullshit.

I ain't for no bearded,
skinny-jean-wearing cracker

moving up in this neighborhood,
be turning this place

into Wynwood. You feel me?

That's what's up, but here's the deal.

Both you and Lance, you
gotta be outta your mind,

thinking all that cheddar
gonna be moving through here

without it coming through me first.
Coming through Jey.

Let me ask you this then.

Who went and decided that part?

What's that, bruh?

This neighborhood don't need no king.

So who decided...

When's the last time you actually

opened your eyes
and looked around, dawg?

We in a war. This hood don't
need no Lance Cherelus.

This hood don't need no Mark Cuban.

Man, this hood need a general! A king!


Wanna play Transformers?

- Mm-hmm.
- Come on.

I think it's time that you get going.

You gonna kick me
out of your dinner table like that?

I never invited you.

You gotta respect a man home, right?

But here's what's up.

You either with me or you against me.

You against me, Tam against me.

You against me, your boy against me.

And that's a whole lot of against me
I gotta deal with now.

Thanks for the food, Tam.
It was so delicious.