Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 7 - The Avenger - full transcript

Starsky unknowingly places himself in serious danger when the Detectives investigate a woman's claims that a jealous ex-lover from San Francisco has followed her and is responsible for the murders of her recent one-night stands.





It's an overhead cam
eight with four-barrel carbs.

Thing corners like a dream.

Sounds nice.

You own it or lease it?

Hmph. Who wants to
tie his money up in a car?

I'm thinking about
buying a condominium.

I'm not much interested in cars.

What are you
interested in, uh...?

Monique, isn't it?

Organic foods.


Your body's a temple, right?

That's right.

You got great eyes.

Thank you.

Wanna get outta here?

What'd you say your name was?


Okay. Your place or mine?

My place is about
eight blocks...

Your place.



How could I blow that shot?

I was about to ask
the same question.

Sorry, my man.

Don't be sorry for him.

I'm not sorry for him.

I'm sorry I didn't put
some bread down

against the chump.

Huggy, you are supposed
to be the impartial judge.

I'm impartial to being poor.

How 'bout that, Starsky?

Well, if you two poverty
cases would kindly step aside

while a man after a little
bit of wealth takes a shot

at that 10 ball in
the corner pocket.

What's the score
on that one, Huggy?

The score be looking
like Starsky loses.

I don't know how it's possible.

Oh, I do.

I'm twice as good as you
any six out of seven days.

Well, just call it a
seventh-day miracle.

I knew I had you.

Just put it down
there. That's fine.

Here, read that and weep.

What is it?

Well, I plugged your birthday

into this astrological
biorhythm calculator.

My what?

Your birthday.
You're in bad shape.

You're in what we commonly
call a triple-zero phase.

Your mental, your physical,
your emotional state

is on a downward plunge

that's put you at
about a zero level.

I don't know how you got
out of bed this morning.

Starsk, the way you played,

I'd start to believe
it if I were you.

That means that you won money
from me under a false pretense,

and I am gonna thank
you to take it right back.

What time is it?

It's not late.

Am I gonna see you again?

Yeah, I guess. If you want to.

Will you call me sometime?

Yeah, I'll call.


Come on, I'll call.
And no strings, okay?


How about some herb tea?

Yeah, why not?

How long will it take?

Just a few minutes.

Okay, but hurry up, okay?

Because, like, I gotta
be up early tomorrow.

MAN: At it again, huh?

Harry. Yes, Monique.

You've gotta leave me alone.

HARRY: I'm never
gonna leave you alone.

You've gotta stop doing this.

HARRY: I'm going to do it.

I'm going to do it.
I'm going to do it.



HARRY: You. You.

You. You! You!




MAN: Pending an autopsy,
I'd say the cause of death

was multiple stab wounds.

I tried counting 'em,
but I ran out of fingers.

STARSKY: What kind of weapon?

MAN: A sharp-bladed instrument.

STARSKY: Come on,
Russ, give me a break.

Was it a butter knife, a
letter opener or a bayonet?

As you can see, it was
larger than a penknife

and smaller than a sword.

What else you got?

Assailant was
smaller than the victim.

Probably right-handed
and crazy as hell.

I can't confirm that till
I get him on the slab.

Are you moonlighting
for the coroner's office?

Oh, no, no. My contract
wouldn't allow that.

Now, that's a relief. Sign.

Keep raining on the
witch doctor's parade,

he's gonna turn you into a frog.

No big deal.

Knife wounds are
on the left side,

which means the
attacker's right-handed.

Angle of entry is
pretty well straight on.

Now, if the victim were
smaller than the assailant,

the knife wounds would be at a
downward angle, wouldn't they?

Let's hear it for
Sherlock Holmes.

Lead on, Watson.

You feeling better, miss?


Mind if we ask you
a few questions?

I guess not.

Well, we understand that, uh...

you were in the bathroom
when this happened?

Yeah, I, uh... I saw him
run out the front door.

Can you describe him?

Uh, dark hair.

I guess he's about
your age, glasses.

Harry's eyes are strange, cold.


Harry Ashford.

He's done it again.

Done what again?

About six months
ago in San Francisco.

It was just like tonight.

I, uh... I met this man,

and we went back
to my apartment.

And then Harry burst through
the front door with a knife.

It was just awful.

It was the same as this.

This Harry Ashford,
is he your, uh,

boyfriend, your ex-husband?

No, no. I only met him one time,

and he formed this
crazy attachment to me.

They arrest him?

No, he disappeared
after that night

in San Francisco.

You see, I don't think his
real name is Harry Ashford

because the San Francisco
police couldn't find a record on him.

So the last time that
you saw Harry Ashford

was that night in San Francisco?

About a week ago...

I found this.

It was in a book that...
That I've been reading,

and I've had the book
for a long time, you see.

So I didn't know
whether he put it in there

up in San Francisco,
or... Or whether he...

What does that mean,
"Have to stop you"?

From what?

He's talking about
the other men.



DOBEY: Did you read the San
Francisco file on Harry Ashford?

What's to read, captain?

STARSKY: There's
no photo, no rap sheet.

Just a composite drawing,

which matches the description

the Travers girl
gave this morning.

Where's the Travers girl now?

She's across
town at her sister's.

Her sister know anything?


Delaney get any prints
off this note she found?

Not a thing.

Looks like a piece
of hotel stationery

with the address
heading torn off.

Hey, what's that right there?

half of a zip code.

Strictly skid row.

Suppose you get
down to strictly skid row.

Captain, you have any idea

how many hotels
there are in that sewer?

Count 'em.



What's the matter?

My Rolls-Royce parked
at an expired meter?

Be nice.

HUTCH: You ever
seen this guy? No.

Don't be bashful. Look at it.

Never seen him.

Name's Harry Ashford.

Never heard of him.

HUTCH: Well,
would you mind, uh...?

Would you mind checking
your registration files?

Ashford, Harry.

CLERK: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CLERK: Yeah.

Room 211.

Why'd you say you'd
never seen him?

Look, I've only had
this job for three days.

He hasn't been in since
I've been here, I swear.

Well, the rent's a week overdue.

I told you, he ain't been in.

Here, here, you can
check for yourself.

Here, here.




Well, either he's moved out,

or he likes his
newspapers a week old.

Well, maybe this time
we can get some prints.

Here, you wanna hold this?

I think we might have a
sample of his raven locks.


STARSKY: What are you doing?

I'm gonna call Monique.

Make sure she's all right.

Yeah, hello, Bobbie?

Is your sister there?
I'd like to speak to her.


Well, where'd she go?


What's the matter?

She split.

BOBBIE: I don't understand. I don't
know why she does these things.

HUTCH: Do you have any
idea where she might've gone?

She probably went to a place
where there are lots of men.

Anything more specific?

Well, you know those
clubs and places around...

Oh, wait a minute.

You know, she left
something on her night table.

A-a book of matches.

I think it's from one of
those places, you know?

HUTCH: "The Cellar."



MAN: The tape was running
about 10 minutes behind

the action on the floor.

Twenty-six million shares.

I was putting my people

through chemicals and
leisures like no tomorrow.

Do you always talk so much?

Not when there's
something interesting to do.

And you're interesting.

You seem very nice too.

I can be fascinating.


Well, what?

Well, are we just gonna
sit around here all night

and make small talk?

Well, what are you suggesting?

Well, you'd love my hot tub,

but I'm afraid my place is
all the way out at the beach.

Well, my place is in
the neighborhood, but...

I've always loved
this neighborhood.

MONIQUE: Just because
you picked me up...

MAN: I picked you up?

I thought it was the
other way around.

Want an engagement ring?
I don't want you to think...

You're terrific, okay.

Then just show me some respect.

Listen, uh, uh...

Monique. The name's
Monique, Roger.

What's the matter?

Nothing. I-I thought
I heard something.

It's nothing.

Listen, will you make
me a cup of coffee at least

while I finish gettin' dressed?


Uh, you know a girl by the
name of Monique Travers?

I ring up drinks. I
don't take names.

She's a girl about that
tall, reddish-brown hair.

Well, that cuts out at
least half the population.

Yeah, right.

Look, she may
be in some trouble.

Her sister said she
may have come in here.

Look, she's a
girl about that tall

with reddish-brown hair.

I already told him that.

Oh. Well, she wears a medallion,

you know, a, uh... A
zodiac around her neck.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
She was just in here.

Was she alone?

Like always, she comes in
alone, she leaves with some guy.

How long ago?

Half-hour, 40 minutes.

Well, look, did
they say anything?

You know, like where
they were going?

Same place everybody's going.

Where's that? Where
else? The sack.


HARRY: Monique.

Harry, not again.

Please, no more.

Let me in.

Harry, no more.

Let me in.


Harry, please.

I-I'll never do it again.

I'll get rid of him. I'll
get rid of him, okay?

You're trash, Monique.
He doesn't respect you.

You're defiled. You're defiled.

Take off that robe.

Take it off. I
don't want to. No.

Take it off!

I need this like I
need another leg, boy.

Lot of aggravation just for
one night with one woman.

You. You.

You. You. You!



MONIQUE: Come on, we've
been through all this three times.

There just isn't anything
else I can tell you about it.

Maybe you could tell us why
you left your sister's house.

Well, I stopped at
a bar to get a drink

'cause I wanted to
talk to somebody.


I was trying to forget
the whole bad trip

and there was this guy
who started talking to me.

And he was kind
of attractive, and I...

Well, you know.

Well, is there a
law against that?


Weren't you afraid to go home?


Well, a little bit.

His place was all the
way out at the beach.

And you can forget
my sister's place.

I really didn't think
Harry would come back.



Yeah. Dobey.

Don't go away this time, huh?

What's going on here?

Two murders in three
nights, and we got zip.

Put her back in circulation.

Bait? Why not?

You mean send her out
to pick up other guys?

No, one of you two guys.

Oh, well, uh...

Okay, me.

Why you? What's
the matter with me?

You're an at-home-in-front-
of-the-fire type of guy.

What this job calls
for is a little flair,

a little charisma.

That's what I mean, why you?

All right, knock it off.

Starsky spoke first, so he's in.

Maybe you can make
this Harry guy jealous.

You really think you
can make him jealous?

Why not? Well, the
guy may be crazy,

but he's not stupid.


WOMAN: Hey, blondie.

Wanna dance?

Sorry, love, I got a bad back.

So does the guy I
was with last night.

I'll bet he does.

Seen anybody that
looks like our friend Harry?

No, but I've seen a
couple of cockroaches

that bear a vague resemblance.

Why don't you go
home, get some sleep.

And leave you here with
your biorhythms down?

We've been here
for three nights.

Nothing's happened.

Somebody's gotta get some sleep.

Well, you slept all day.

That's my job, to
work the night shift.

Which one is it?

You're getting a little
fuzzy around the edges.

Look, go home. You're probably
gonna scare the guy off anyway.

Okay. I'll go home and zonk out.


Least I know what to
get you for your birthday.

What's that?

Dance lessons.


You know, I think you're
really nice, Starsky.

Thank you.

Where's Hutch?

I sent him home.

Do you like me?

Yeah, I like you.


You know, I'd like to
get to know you better.


under different circumstances...



I think I'd like to go home.




Wine's for aging,
Taggart, not coffee.


MAN: Desk Sergeant Jones.

Yeah, will somebody get me, uh,

Delaney in the lab.

Lab's closed.
It's past midnight.

I know what time it is.

There's gotta be
somebody there. I'll hold.

You should call
back in the morning.

This is Hutchinson. I
sent a piece of glass

and some human hair
down there for lab analysis.

Hold on, I'll ring.








What's going on down
there? Is somebody dying?


That's my kung fu disco record.

I'm dancing my
way to self-defense.

Well, could you dance
your way over to the file

and pick out requisition
number five-eight, uh...?


Hold on a sec.


Okay, here it is.

Seems as if the CII,

they have no record
of any fingerprints.

And the saliva
analysis from the glass

reads blood type A.

Anything else?

Well, Delaney has a note here.

It says the saliva and the hair

are probably from
the same woman.


There's gotta be
some kind of mistake.

No, sir. I'm looking
at it right here.

Says female, Caucasian.




Let's go sit down.

Okay? Okay.

I hope you like chamomile tea.

Thank you. Yeah.

It's good.


Sit down, David.

Thank you.

It's getting warm in here.

Maybe it's the tea.

I think I'll take my jacket off.

Do you sleep with that on?

Not always.

[SIGHS] I guess if Harry's
playing Peekaboo at the window,

I'd better be out of uniform.

A woman?

When the job is over, maybe
you'll ask me out to dinner

because you want to,

and not because
you have to, huh?



Just where did you
meet this Harry?

I'd rather not talk about him.

I think you should.

Did you meet him in a bar?

I told you before.
I avoided him,

but he just kept
after me, and I...

Look, if you don't mind,
I'd rather change the...

It's weird. You hardly know him,

and he's so hung up on
you he thinks he owns you.

He's not like other men.

In what way?

I'm gonna get some more tea.

HARRY: He's gonna find
out about me, Monique.

No, please. I'll send him away.

He doesn't want to...

They all want to.

You've got to be
careful with this one.

Don't give him the chamomile.
Give him some of the other tea.

Not the chamomile.
Give him the other.

The other, Monique.



♪ Sittin' up here ♪

♪ Wonderin' why ♪

♪ The blues out there ♪

♪ The sun in the sky ♪

♪ Lookin' at all you
people Way down there ♪

♪ Playin' in the water
The sun in the air ♪

♪ And I say ♪

♪ It's just another day ♪

♪ Yeah, I say ♪

♪ It's just another ♪

That was beautiful,

Really beautiful.

How you feeling now?

More tea?

Thank you.

What kind of tea is this?


And some of my special spices.



Tell me more about Harry.

Do I have to?


But it might help.

You're different.

From whom?

Most men.




We met outside a
bar in San Francisco.

It was closing time,

and I'd had a very bad
experience that day.

Actually, it was the first
time I had ever been to a bar.

A man?

The man I was
engaged to, we broke up.

Harry helped me get through it.

I thought you only
saw Harry once.

I did.

We talked all night.

We walked around the
empty city and talked to dawn.

Well, he must've told you
something about himself.

No, he told me about myself.

My past, my weaknesses,

all the men I've known.

Harry hates them all.

Sometimes I think
Harry hates me.

Why would he?

Because of the person I am.

Because of the things I do.

He has such impossible
standards for girls.

He must really despise me.

Then why hasn't he
turned against you?

Because he loves me too.

Don't you understand?

He protects my
honor from all the men.


I'm sorry, I...

I'll get a cloth to clean it up.

Harry, you out there?

HARRY: I'm in here now.

In a few minutes, he'll
be completely disoriented.

He's different. Harry,
he's really different.

He knows about me.

I tell you, he's different.

He knows about me.
He knows about me!

Now, get a cloth and
watch him till it's time.

And get back out here. Now.




Call my partner.


[HARRY'S VOICE] It's time.

It's time. It's time.


Come in.

I have to talk to you.

Well, is something the matter?

Sit down. Sit down.

Do you wear glasses?

Well, yes. I wear them...

Just sit down here.

I wear them for reading.
I'm... I'm a little farsighted.

Put them on. Well...

Put 'em on.

[CHUCKLES] I just wear
them for reading. What?

Where were you the
nights of the murders?

I was at St. Matthew's
Cathedral on, uh, Fourth.

I go there every night for Mass.

Until what time? I come
home about 11. Why?

How do you and your
sister Monique get along?

We used to be very close,
but she's changed, so it's hard...

Do you approve of
her lifestyle? No, I don't.

Jealous? No, I've
never been jealous...

A different guy every night.
She can't help it, it's a sick...

Sexy, beautiful,
free-loving redhead.

It's not free.

She pays plenty for her
sins. And she's not a redhead.

That's me.

Do you think that I could...?

What do you mean
she's not a redhead?

It's a wig. She... She's
a brunette, just like I am.

BOBBIE: Do you think that
I...? I'm a respectable person.

How can you think that I could
possibly do a thing like that?

Everybody knows me. I mean...

BOBBIE: Monique.


What's her number?
What...? W-what's her number?

Eh... It...

Where's her number?
It's in the desk.



I have to get over there.

I'm... I'm going
to come with you.



You! You!


















MONIQUE: You. You.

You. You.

Monique. You. You.

She put something in my tea.


You! You!


You. You.


[NORMAL VOICE] Is Harry gone?

Why does he hate me so much?

He's gotta leave me alone.
He's gotta leave me alone.



Question. Shoot.

What are we doing here?

Having a picnic.

I can see that. The
question is why.

Well, because it's probably
the safest place for you.

Come again?

I mean, what can happen
to you in a park, huh?

Yeah, no cars, no poisonings,

no buildings falling
on your head.

The sun shining, the
grass smelling sweet.

Starsk, you might
even get a tan.

Careful you don't get sunburned.

STARSKY: Look, I appreciate

the extent to which
you guys are going

to look out for my
welfare, my well-being,

but I do happen to
be a mature adult.

Starsky, I can also
appreciate... I don't need...

I can also appreciate your
sensitivity to this whole thing,

but I'll tell you, you
cannot fight scientific fact.

Fact. You know your problem?
You believe all this malarkey.

It's not malarkey,
Starsky. Your biorhythms

are still in the
triple-zero phase.

Until this thing is over,
you're a walking disaster.

Will you stop this please?
You're accident-prone.

What? Accident-prone.

Starsk, you got it? Here.



I got it. I got it. Don't.

Don't antagonize it.

Wait a second.

Are you sure? I'll get
it. Yeah. It's my leg.



I got it.