Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 6 - Strange Justice - full transcript

A veteran police officer goes berserk when his daughter is raped. He gets revenge by arranging the shootout in which the rapist is killed by police.




Hey, now, wait a minute.

I mean, that's a
police parking lot.

You were on the other
side of the yellow line.

Well, three inches maybe...

Try a couple of
yards. Stay out of it.

Obviously, Ms. O'Reilly,
you don't know who I am.

Sure I do.

You're a detective first
class with a $15 parking ticket.

Yeah? Yeah, well, I hope your...

I hope... H-hope
your tricycle has a flat.

On the freeway. In rush hour!

She knew it was my car
when she gave me this thing.

Lucky she didn't cite you
for driving a public eyesore.

Yeah, she ought to be arrested.

I'm gonna check her out.

I'm gonna find some
violation... No fair, chump.

Can't use your badge
for personal reasons.

Well, she did. Who
gives out tickets at night?

It's about time
you guys got here.

It's all his fault, captain

He was trying to weasel his
way out of a parking ticket.

Well, that's good. Hm.

Should teach you your badge
doesn't give special privileges.

Yeah, ain't that the truth. Ha.

We also both know a captain

who's got one on his car.

I guess that'll teach him

not to park his car in a
wheelchair zone. [CHUCKLES]

Here. Get down to this
warehouse in the garment district.

Slate needs a backup.

Yeah. I know you'd
never use your badge

for personal reasons, captain.

But in case you're interested...

the author's name is O'Reilly.




All units, all units.

A prowler reported on the
Weldon College campus.

HUTCH: That's down the
street from here, isn't it?

STARSKY: But we have heavier
business in the garment district, buddy.



This is Dr. Rustin.

WOMAN: I just don't know why
you're so hung up on Russian dissidents.

I mean, what...? Look
at the Birmingham Six.

Okay. Okay, so it's
Selma, not Birmingham.

What's the difference?

Yeah, okay, I'll hold. Okay.

Leslie, don't you know

that disco will damage
your brain cells?

Sure. But it's great
for the solar plexus.

I thought you were going to
write your philosophy paper.

I'm trolling for inspiration.

And I thought that you
were gonna go on a diet.

I am. Just as soon as I
finish this masterpiece.

No time like the present, kiddo.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, I'm on the phone. Hey!

Ladies. Hey!


MAN 1 [ON TV]: Look,
doc. It was a nice try,

but we're getting
you out of here.

DOC: Lieutenant, please. I
can't take any more chances...

Hey, Lori... see
this scientist here?

In the end he unleashes

this Pavlovian beast,
see, who is in a gorilla suit,

and he kills all the girls
wearing charm bracelets.


I just love people that
give away the endings.

Oh, you're not missing much.

Well, I'm gonna turn in.

I've got an early
class tomorrow.

Yep. Me too.

Okay, well, you give
my regards to academia.

This one is sleeping in. Uh-hah.

Beware of Pavlovian beasts
that love charm bracelets.

Sleep well. Good night.

Good night. See you
tomorrow. Good night, honey.

Sleep well.





Shut up. Just...

Don't make another sound.

I mean it, I'll kill you.


Please don't. I swear.

Just... I swear, I'll kill you.

Just don't hurt me.


Soon as you get dummy booked,
I'll see you back in my office,

and we'll get this thing
wrapped up. [SHOUTING]

I'll catch you back on the beat,
man. What about that? Come on.

Don't count on it, Mac.
Get this punk out of my face!

I certainly hope so.

He, uh... Eh. Five robberies,
three rapes, six assaults. Heh.

The bars haven't
even closed yet.

Chuck, you got any aspirin?

Sir, Dobey wants to
see you in his office.

What's up? What's up?

Well, it's about this rape
case that just came in.

Tell him I'll handle it later.

We just brought in
some punk on a 211.

I think he wants to speak
to you right away. All right!

All right, all right.

If I don't get something
soon for my headache,

it's gonna bust.



What are you doing here?

Leslie, it's Daddy.

What happened?


Lori, what... What's going
on? What happened to her?

Lori? Lori, what
happened to her?


we were all getting
ready for bed.

So, what?

What? I didn't know.

I mean, nobody could've known.

Know what? Lori,
know what? Wh-what?

Mr. Slate. I'm so sorry.


why is my kid here?

What is this?




Anybody got the
guts to tell me what...?

Anybody got the guts
to answer my question?!

Dan. What?!

I think maybe, um...

You wanna step in my office?


Go ahead.

Officer Milton.


Come on.

HUTCH: So how much
time we got before it closes?

I got no idea. Hey.

Hey, Chuck, what's going on?

Oh, It's a rape case.

Slate's daughter? Yeah.

I know Slate since I been
a rookie, seven years.

He's gonna freak
behind this thing.

Well, how'd it go down?

Oh, some creep got in the
sorority house. Got to her.

Her girlfriend came
home later with her date.

Must have scared
the suspect off.

Campus police picked him
up... SLATE: Get out of my way!

Lieutenant, that's an order!
Hold him up there, Starsky.

Get out of my way, before
you two end up Siamese twins.

Get out of my way! Danny.



That him? Is that
him, Dobey? Danny.

Is that him. Huh?

That's him, huh? Danny.

That's him?

You filth! Get
this guy off of me!

Filth! Get this guy off of me!

Filth! Filth!

Filth! I'll kill him!

I'll kill him! I'll kill him!

Okay, get back inside!

I'm all right. I'm all
right. It's all right.

I'm all right. You must
be the proud father.

You people up there
find something to do.


STARSKY: Okay. Ambulance.

Come on, get me first aid.

Now, easy.


Get the legs, will you?

DOBEY: Take him
into my office, Hutch.

Come on, Dan.

MAN: "Cop Guns
Down Daughter's Rapist."

Needless to say,

it's made the headlines
of every paper in the city.

Do you realize the repercussions
this incident has caused?

Yes, sir. And we are
confident that Internal Affairs

is gonna be right on
top of the situation, sir.

MAN: You're darn right we are.

And if our investigation
reveals that this thing

could've been prevented,
heads are gonna roll.

Go slow on that, Ed.

If anybody's gonna accuse
my men of dereliction of duty,

they go head-to-head with me.

Hey, what are we
arguing about here?

We all have the same problem.

There isn't a man in this
department that condones Slate.

ED: I realize that, Starsky.

But understand, it's
the whole department

that's going to suffer
the consequences.

I mean, take a look
around for yourself.

The press, the mayor's office.

The whole city's
coming down on us.

And let's not forget
Lieutenant Slate.

County jail's a hell
of a place to end up

after 20 years as
one of the city's finest.

ED: Slate's record will be taken

well into account in my report.

Along with the fact
his only daughter

is lying in shock because
of some sewer rat.

Don't make me
the bad guy in this.

My obligation is to
the entire department.

I understand that.

There are outside forces
to be dealt with here.

Not the least of which happens
to be an image-conscious DA.

You handle your obligations, Ed,

and we'll take care of ours.

But just don't forget,
Slate's on top of the list.

You wanna put us on
that case now, captain?

I thought you were
on the Taggert case.

We are. Unless you take us
off it and put us on this one.

All right. You got it.

Okay. DOBEY: Start
with follow-up on the rape.

If there's gonna be
any kind of justice at all,

we're gonna need a
conviction on that case first.


Captain. You have a daughter?


Then maybe it
wouldn't be too hard

to picture yourself
in Slate's shoes

when you make out
that report for the chief.

WOMAN: I really don't
think I can add anything else

to what I've told
the other officers.

What about the other girl?

Lori? [SCOFFS]

No, she's in school.


I don't think

that she'd have anything
of interest for you.

Why is that?

Well, Lori is of the
suburban Tupperware mold.

She would no more know

how to deal with
this than the PLO.


rape is not the easiest
thing to understand.

I guess that's true, coming
from your perspective.

And what perspective is that?

A man.

In our all-American,
male-dominated society.

Well, I trust you won't
judge us on genetics.

But if you know some reason

why this happened to
Leslie, we'd love to know it.

[SIGHS] Oh, you want reasons?

The reasons are just
everywhere, aren't they?

This country packages
sex and violence

like it does breakfast cereal.

That's a very pat
theory, Cassie,

but you need more than
Madison Avenue to breed a rapist.

Oh, well, I don't
know about that.

When all you see is
women depicted as objects,

you think it's any wonder
men treat them that way?

Okay, here it is.
Now, you tell me.

Are they selling a product,

or are they selling
white slavery?

I really don't know.
It was on your table.

You're not showing us
anything we haven't seen.

Yeah, I know. That's
kind of the point.


what we're trying to do

is put together an airtight
case to take to court.

I don't think that the
judge would accept

your senior thesis as evidence.


I suppose you officers

have... [SIGHS]

done sounder
research on the subject?

Well, for our first
12 rape cases, yes.

Until we finally discovered

that the bad guys
read different books.


How's Leslie?

She's not good.

We're gonna have to talk to her.

I doubt that she's in any
condition to wanna talk.




Hi, baby.

Hey. How you doing?

Everything all right?


I wish your mother were here.

No, I know. I...

What the hell would
I want her here for?

She suffered enough, huh?

We're okay.

We're gonna be all right, honey.

We're gonna be all right, huh?

Come here.


Yeah, baby?

Daddy's gonna take
care of everything.

Okay, sweetie?




Jeez. What kind
of a hospital...?

Here. Here.

They don't have any tissues.

Here, sweetie. Blow your nose.

Okay? Go ahead.

All right? Okay?


Okay, baby?

I gotta go.

How's that, baby?

I'm gonna take care of
everything, sweetheart.

I'm gonna get him.

Don't you worry.

Daddy's gonna take
care of everything.


I'll talk to the
dummy nurse and...

get you some tissues, all right?

Slate, 117. It's my daughter.

Would you give her a box of
tissues, please? Thank you.

Hi, lieutenant. Hey,
Hutch. How are you?

How's Leslie? She's all right.

I hear the union went
your bail. That's good.

Yeah. All these
years paying dues,

they finally did
something for me.

If you guys are here, you must
be handling my daughter's case.

Yes, sir. If I know Dobey

he's got you on mine too, huh?


look, as far as what
happened to my daughter,

you guys probably
know more than I do.

And if you're gonna ask me
questions about the shooting,

if there's nothing I've learned
in 20 years of police work,

at least I know when
to keep my mouth shut.

Lieutenant, we're not
here to ask questions.

Then you want to
give advice, huh?

STARSKY: Things are
bad enough as they are, sir.

We'd just hate to see
you complicate things

any more than they are.

Meaning, stay out of your way.

Well, let's just say, uh...

don't interfere in your
own best interests.

And if I do?

Tough being in the middle, huh?

The truth is, uh...

I don't really have
much more to lose, do I?





Heh. Sorry, lieutenant.

It's all right.

You know...

that kid's gonna get off.

He'll get out.

He'll get out on some...
Some technicality, huh?

Something about
his civil rights, right?

Pretty soon we're gonna
have to have a judge

ride around in a squad car
so we make sure we don't

violate people's
civil rights, uh?

What about my kid's rights?

What about the
rights of society?

Huh. What the hell am I...

carrying on for?


What am I doing here?

Uh, lieutenant... Uh...


MAN: What you two fail to
realize is the department's policy.

Look, what I'm
trying to point out is

what we face on every case

in the DA's office.

We're chronically understaffed,
the court calendars are clogged,

and we're placed in a position
of trying to exchange the time,

expense and risk of a trial

for a plea of guilty
to a lesser offense.

Look, Rich, what
we're talking about here

is a young lady
that has been raped.

She is spending time in the
psycho ward in the hospital

while you are standing there
and have to nerve to tell us

about department policy
about plea-bargaining.

Now, look here, Starsky.

The man has a right
to judicial process.

HUTCH: Counselor.

I realize that our departments

are supposed to maintain
some degree of cooperation.

But so help me, if Biggs
gets off this rape charge

by copping to a plea of
guilty to an assault rap...

Oh, you don't think the DA
would let him off that easy.

Oh, no?

How about Bennett last month?

How about the
Harvey Prideman case?

Wasn't that the guy
that raped that old lady?

And then he got off?

In fact, I was
reading the other day

about the 2600
reported rape cases

in this town last year.

Of those, about half
made it into this office.

About a fifth went to
court. And of those about...

Where is the credibility of
your departmental system

if we're gonna have to
deal with scum like Biggs?

Look, okay, okay, okay.

I'll see what I can do.

I'm not making any promises,

but I'll give this
case my best shot.

Thank you.



Hey, uh, uh...

Uh, that's my car
here. That's my car.

Ah, then this is for you.

Oh, I see. It's you again, huh?

Funny, I was just about
to say the same thing.

Yeah, well, look, uh,
you're not gonna get away

with it this time, O'Reilly.

Well, excuse me
if I don't tremble,

but that happens to be the
tenth time I've heard that today.

When I get through with you,
you're gonna be on a beat some...

Some project someplace.

Really? Yeah.

Could you really arrange
that? You bet I can.

Good. I've been trying to get
out of Traffic for a year now.

Well, don't just stand
there. Tell the lady.

Perhaps he'll learn from this
experience, Officer O'Reilly.

Oh, come on.

Good job.

Next time you drive.

I mean, I got wear
and tear on my tires.

I pay for the gas in this thing.

I got insurance
rates up to here.

I've got a ticket in front
of a municipal building

when I pay taxes to
build the damn thing...

And... Get that
smirk off your face.


But, anyway, that
guy was way up there,

and, uh, there was
the police down in...


Hey, Cobb! Cobb!

Hey, come on! That
stairway leads nowhere.

Where are you going?

Stairway leads nowhere. Come on.


Come on down. Come on.

Come on.

That's a good boy. Come on.

Hey, heh-heh.

That's good. That's good.


Come on. You know
the position, huh?

Position. Do it!



Here you go, guys.


All right.

All right, the other one.

What's this, man?
Another humbug bust?

Come on, come on. Get in there.

Get in, hm? Get in.



SLATE: Here we
are. Usual place, huh?

Just like always.

Righteous enough for you, Cobb?

A little too righteous.

Why don't you get
these things off me.


Now, this will square us, right?

If you got what I want.


You could call it a Nam import.

Now, I took it off a dead
VC who more than likely

took it off a dead GI.

But tell me something.

What's a big city cop like you

doing with a toy
pistol like that?



You were an officer in the Army.

What happened to you?

What happened to you?


See you later. Wait
a minute. Come here.

Don't worry what happened
to me. Get in the car.

I'll take you for a ride
to the county jail, okay?

No. No, no. No, g-get in.

Trust me. Come on.

Come on.

Trust him, he says.

Come on.

I ain't going to no lockup.

No. No, you're not going in.

You're gonna help
me get somebody out.




Come on, Biggs,
you've been released.

No way.

Trial's not for
another week yet.

I don't know anything more

than the doctor's
okayed your release,

and somebody's gotten your bail.




All right.


Somebody went my bail?

That's right.


And I thought nobody loved me.

Where's my shirt and socks?

Come on.

You Biggs?


You the guy that put up my bail?

Friend of mine did.

Does he know me?

You could say he's, um,

ambassador of goodwill.


So, what's happening?

Am I supposed to
meet him or something?

You'll meet him...

one way or the other.






Remember me, punk?


You stay away from me.

Where you going, Biggs?
Just keep away from me.

Huh? There ain't
no place to run, huh?

You can't do this.

Who's gonna stop me?

The police? Who's
gonna stop me, huh?

From now on, you and me...

You and me is
inseparable. Got that?

Come on, come on.

You and me are
gonna be inseparable.


Sure would like to know who
put that bail money up for Biggs.

The description
doesn't fit Slate.

Yeah, well, he has
disappeared, so...

Maybe Huggy's got a lead on him.

When I called The Pits
about an hour ago, the waitress

said he was out having lunch
with his business manager.

What is that?

STARSKY: Don't tell me
that's his business manager.

Hey! Where'd you
get that ugly hat?


If you hurry you can
catch the next flight.

Come on over! Let
us take a look at it.

[SIGHS] Excuse my rude friends.

And honey, just
hold tight one minute.


Say, what are you guys up to

beside giving me a bad time

at the wrong time, huh?

Huggy, we're looking for a cop
named Slate. Seen him around?

Hey, come on, it's important.

[SIGHS] Yeah, I seen him.

Came in my place last
night giving me a bad time.

Slate in The Pits?
What did he want?

He's looking for a
dude named Cobb.


What did Slate want with him?

Look, when a guy is 200
pounds and nasty to boot,

it kind of dulls my curiosity.

If you want, you can ask Cobb.

His hotel is right
down the street.

Thanks, Hug.




The guy that just
boogied in here?

What guy?

The guy walking his duck.

I was reading my book, officers.

How'd you like to be reading
from an unusual perspective?

Sounds like the guy in 204.

Hey, don't be kicking
in any of my doors.



Well, I guess we lost him.

Sure looks that way.

Well, well, well,
if it isn't Marsellus.

What are you doing down there?

Looking for my contact lenses.

Did you find them?
No, I can't see.


How come you haven't
dropped a dime on us lately?

Um... I been busy, guys.



I been looking around
for employment.

As what?

Stand-up comic.

Okay, so I haven't called.


Look, I'm just a
hype trying to survive.

You guys ever get tired
of putting the squeeze on?


You had a visit from
Slate lately, didn't you?

Oh, come on, guys.

You come on, Marsellus.

You know, from the
look in your eyes...

I'd say you were ready for
a long stint in detoxification.



I'll roll over.

But you ain't gonna like it.

It's heavy.

Try us.

And you guys are
gonna protect me.

You got it.

[SIGHS] You're right.

It's about Lieutenant Slate.


Still alive?

BIGGS [MUFFLED]: Let me out!

[LAUGHS] I don't
want you dying on me.

Not yet.

Let me out, please.


HUTCH: Zebra Three to Control.

Go ahead, Zebra Three.

HUTCH: I'd like an APB on
a possible kidnap suspect.

The suspect is wanted only
for questioning at this time.

Suspect: Slate, Daniel E.

Use caution. Suspect may
be armed and dangerous.

SLATE: Why did you do it?

You know what rape is?

Total act of brutality.

Physically, mentally.

She was a good girl.

You listening to me?
Why did you do it?

[SOBBING] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Yeah, yeah.

What are you gonna do?


I'm gonna teach you the meaning
of the word "vengeance," huh?

Three, Zebra Three, come in.

Yeah, Zebra Three. Go ahead.

WOMAN: Zebra Three, switch
to Tac two for Captain Dobey.

Hutch, this is Dobey. I
heard you broadcast that APB.

Would you mind telling
me what's going on?

We have reason to
believe that Lieutenant Slate

may have kidnapped Biggs.

What gives you that idea?

We just left
Slate's main snitch.

Talked to a snitch?
What is your location?

En route to the Biggs' residence

to check out the possibility
we might be wrong.

All right, you continue.

I'm close to Slate's place.

I'm going there and
find out what's going on.


Operator, get me
the police department.

Police department?

This is Lenny Biggs.

And I'm about to blow
away one of your finest pigs.

Sure I'll give you the location.

You'll never get there in time.

WOMAN [ON RADIO]: All units.

All units in the vicinity
of 458 South Weller.

Officer believed kidnapped and
being held at the Roslyn Hotel.

Suspect is one Lenny
Biggs, armed and dangerous.

That's gotta be Slate. I repeat,

all units in the vicinity
of 458 South Weller.





WOMAN: All units, all units,
Captain Dobey on Tac two.


Can't trust those guys
to do a doggone thing.

DOBEY: This is Captain Dobey.

I'm approaching 458 South
Weller. Send backup units.


send backup units to 458 Weller.




You hear that, Biggs?

They're coming for you.


Now the show starts.




What's the situation, captain?



Biggs has Slate
hostage up there.



from everything we've got,

it's Slate up there
doing the shooting.

Are you saying Slate
has Biggs hostage?

Either that, or he's
already killed him.

Dobey, you out there?!

You open your
mouth, I'll kill you.

Yeah, Dan, I'm here.

What's going on up there?

SLATE: Why don't
you ask Biggs here?

He's the one that's got
a gun pointed in my ear.

What are you talking about?

SLATE: Biggs, captain.

The man that raped my
daughter. Remember him?

He followed me here.

Says he's gonna kill me
because of what I did to him.

Can you believe
it? What I did to him.

It's possible.

Uh-uh. Something's
all screwed up.

I'll tell you what's screwed up.

I got a friend up there I've
known almost 20 years...

in a possible hostage situation.

And you're asking
me to make a decision

based on some information
you got from a dope addict.

A snitch. Slate's snitch,

who says he bought
a hot pistol from him.

And besides that, you
think... Think, mind you

that Slate bailed Biggs out of
jail so he could knock him off.

Well, if that's the case, why
hasn't he knocked him off?

Slate! What?

What did you do with the gun
you got from Marsellus Cobb?

Biggs is coming out!

He wants to come out.

Take this. Take this.
Keep your mouth shut.

All right, stand up.

All right. Grab onto me.

Grab onto me.

Keep your mouth shut.

SLATE: Everybody hold your fire!

Everybody hold their fire!

Why is Slate doing
all the talking?

He wants money, captain.

SLATE: He wants a
free pass out of here.

Swears he's gonna kill me!

He's gonna kill me, captain!

Shoot him, Chuck, now!



Am I glad to see you guys.

Why? Why?!

HUTCH: Did you
have to do it this way?

Was it worth it?!

Hutch, what are you doing?


Why would a man take
on half a squadron...

with an empty pistol?

Assume the position...




Come on, Starsky,
get him out of here.

You asked me if it was worth it.


Biggs got the
justice he deserved.

Justice has nothing
to do with murder.

Never did.





From Internal
Affairs' point of view,

it's out of our hands.

The court's got it.

Well, Myerson. That about
completes our work with IA.

I guess.

Nope. Something new came up.

Don't tell me there's
trouble with another cop?

Oh, no, not another cop.

It concerns Officer Hutchinson.


What concerns
Officer Hutchinson?

It's not an official
complaint yet,

but we are investigating.

I don't know what
the problem is,

but I'm gonna back Hutchinson.

Thanks, captain. Thanks.

Two complaints of harassment
and possible intimidation

beyond limits set by
the code of conduct...

What? Now... Now wait a second.

I... I gotta know who,
where, what, how and why.

I mean, after all, this
man is my partner.

I've had him on a close leash...

A leash? Just wait
a minute, okay.

If IA is gonna investigate
Officer Hutchinson,

he wants to know
what, where and who.

"Whom." Whom.

We received calls
from a meter maid...

A... A wh...? A me...?

Who states that
Officer Hutchinson

did vigorously object
to her doing her duty.

A meter maid? Is that
what IA is investigating?

Huh? Just because I
park and get a ticket

before I have a chance
to reach for a dime?

Like I said, it's not an
official complaint yet.

But if I were you,
I'd watch it. Captain...

Captain. Captain.

Captain, I...

Captain, I am not gonna
take this, uh, lying down.

I don't know. There are
some foxy meter maids around.

I'd reconsider my
position if I were you.

Starsky, in this world...
This harassed world

I can be thankful for one thing.

That you are not me.



Hutchinson! Let
him go, let him go.

Where are you going?

Got a date with O'Reilly.