Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 14 - Ballad for a Blue Lady - full transcript

Hutch dates a lounge singer and is badly beaten and marked for death by her racketeer brother.





What time you got?

11:15. Mm-hm.

You seen O? Yeah. Left at 10.

Yeah. Here, take that.

Take an hour, huh.
Take a break, huh.

You sure?

Yeah. It's okay.

Believe me, it's okay.

Go get some dinner.

What time?

Ah, give me a blast
in about an hour, huh?

Don't turn that light on.


Not that one.


You're the boss, huh?




Hey. Relax.

Nobody's biting.

MAN [ON TV]: I'm not?

WOMAN: No, I don't
know. I thought...

MAN: What did you think?

You want a drink?

Sure. Please.


One Scotch coming.

WOMAN: Well, what then?

MAN [ON TV]: Jane, I know.

I know everything.

WOMAN: What are
you talking about?

You know... you're interesting.

Real interesting.

What do you mean?

Well, your calling to see me.

It was a nice surprise.

I mean...

I can't count the
number of times

I asked your brother about you.

And, uh, he said you were shy.


Harry. Your brother.

I can understand that.

It may sound strange
to you but, uh...

MAN 1: What's going on?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

Get your sister out of here.

Harry, wait. No,
no. No, you said talk.

HARRY: Right, I'm going to.

You said talk!

HARRY: Come on!

Harry, you said talk!

Will you please, Marianne.

You said talk! Only talk!

Yeah. It's all right.


DOBEY: Charles Baron.
Five feet nine inches tall.

STARSKY: Isn't gonna
testify before any grand jury.

Looks like he
was hit by a truck.


STARSKY: What else we got?

A cigarette with lipstick.
STANTON: Let me see.

Uh-uh, Stanton.
That's for the crime lab.

DOBEY: What else do we have?

STARSKY: Well, we
got one mauled victim,

so everybody could see.

One lady...

The lady did not do the beating.

Whoever did the beating
wanted to make sure it was seen.

STANTON: I'll tell
you what we got.

After four years,
we get one Joe Fitch

coming up before a grand jury.

We had two witnesses
with which to bury him.

Now you've got one. Thank you.

And when Benny Paycheck
gets wind of how Charlie Baron

got his brains beat out here,

he's gonna be
one scared witness.

If he makes the stand at all.

DOBEY: Not if you protect him.

I'll worry about that, Dobey.

I wanna know what's going on
with you and that Owens broad?

Stanton, please...

You've been
undercover for a week,

and you still don't
have anything...

We do our best!
It's not good enough.

I need that girl, I
need her brother.

I suggest...

I suggest you
shut up and get out!

You don't understand...

I understand perfectly!
I suggest you get out!

Captain Dobey, will you...?

Get out. Captain Dobey!

Get out!


MAN: Ladies and gentlemen,
Miss Marianne Owens.


♪ There's a high flyin' bird ♪

♪ Way up in the sky ♪

♪ And I wonder ♪

♪ Does he look down ♪

♪ As he flies on by ♪

♪ He's ridin' on
the air So easy ♪

♪ In the sky ♪

♪ But, Lord, look at me ♪

♪ Oh, I'm rooted like a tree ♪

♪ I got those
sit-down Can't cry ♪

♪ "Oh, Lord I'm
gonna die" blues ♪

♪ Oh, I have a man ♪

♪ And he lived in a mine ♪

♪ Well, he never saw the sun ♪

♪ But, Lord, He
never stopped tryin' ♪

♪ Then one day my man... ♪

Another drink?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

♪ My man up and died ♪

♪ I said my man Up and died ♪

♪ Well, he wanted to... ♪

Here you go.

♪ His eye was too blind ♪

♪ But, Lord, look at me here ♪

♪ I am rooted like a tree ♪

♪ I got those
sit-down Can't cry ♪

♪ "Oh, Lord, I'm
gonna die" blues ♪

♪ "Oh, Lord I'm
gonna die" blues ♪

♪ "Oh, Lord ♪

♪ I'm gonna die" ♪

♪ Blues ♪


Perch a blue butterfly
on a velvet apple, Steve.

STEVE: One blue butterfly...

On a velvet apple.

How is it I keep
bumping into you?

Oh, must be the wind.

Oh. The wind.

Yeah. Yeah.



I never could do that.


Hm, what's that?

"He brought her...

"He bought her a
flower at the fair.

"1927, Kansas City.

"Said he liked the
color of her hair,

walked her home and
told her she was pretty."

Is that for me?

Just something I've
had since I was 15.

It belonged to my mother.

I don't know.

A man comes all the
way from Nashville

just to write me a song?

Mister, you are doing me wrong.

Oh, I haven't
finished this song yet.


That was pretty.


You know something...?

That was beautiful, honey.

My brother. That's my brother.

Harry, Kenneth. Kenneth, Harry.

I seen you in a few nights now.

How do you do?

Look, uh, I'm... I'm moving.

I'll catch you later, okay?

That was really beautiful.

Double beautiful. Yeah.


Harry, where's the fire?

I got something I gotta do.


Yeah. I'll, uh... I'll
see you around, uh...

Ken. Ken, right.

Okay, take it easy.

You going on again?

That was my last set.
Where have you been?

Nowhere. Here.

Well, uh, catch you around.

Very busy man.

Yeah, I can tell.

What about you?

Are you a busy man?


Oh, well, I...

Don't tell me.

I like the mystery.

I like the lady.

See you, mister.

Oh. Where you going?

I got to change my
frock. [CHUCKLES]

He's dead.

You sure?

I'm sure.

Benny Paycheck ain't
gonna talk to nobody.

Where do you keep the
cigarettes in this desk of yours?

Benny Paycheck.

He actually believed
he could get away with it.

Come here.

It's all right.

It's over.

Nobody left to talk about
Joe Fitch anymore, right?


Just you and me,
Harry, like old times.


Know what I feel like?
I feel like some deli.

What do you say
we grab some deli?

Hey, deli sounds great.

I'll go get Marianne.

I'll meet you out front.


Five, six, seven, eight.

Me? I sound like Billie Holiday?

Sure do. With a little touch
of Bessie Smith thrown in.

Didn't your mama ever
tell you it's a sin to tell a lie?

Excuse me, I was
just coming to get you.

We're gonna go get some deli.

Uh, Ken, you don't mind, do you?

No, not at all. Later.

Eh... Uh, sis.

Oh, I don't mind.
Have a good time.

I don't think you understand.

Oh, oh... We don't
want deli, do we?

But, uh, Joe asked
me to ask you.

Well, thank him, and tell him...

I'll... I'll... I'll tell him.

Mr. Fitch, thank you
for your invitation,

but we're gonna pass tonight.

What do you mean, pass?
Your plans can change.

Let's grab a couple of
sandwiches. Marianne.

Uh. Sandwiches aren't what
we had in mind tonight. Uh...

No kidding.

Tell your friend you'll
meet him later. Marianne.

Okay. Yeah, I got it.

Mr. Fitch, I don't believe
we've had the pleasure.

No, we haven't.

Get the car, Casey.

Hey, look, mister.

Try being a little polite, huh?

Marianne and I are not
interested in your invitation,

thank you very
much all the same.

You're welcome.

Hey! Wait, wait...
Wait a second.

Wait a second.

Ken, I'm sorry. I have to go.


It's hard to explain.

I'll see you later.


DOBEY: You like to
meet Benny Paycheck?

You're not gonna believe this.

STANTON: Captain, it's okay.
DOBEY: Neither is Stanton.

Where the hell is Hutch?
STARSKY: I don't know.

He was supposed to call.

Stanton. Watchman
said he heard shots.

How many? Five.

Five what?

Shots. Point-blank, in the back.



MARIANNE: ♪ There was a boy ♪

♪ A very strange Enchanted boy ♪

♪ They say he
wandered Very far ♪

♪ Very far, over
land And sea, oh... ♪

Damn it.

That's not it. Give
me the four bars again.

♪ There was a boy ♪

♪ A very strange Enchanted boy ♪

♪ Who wandered very far ♪

♪ Very far ♪

♪ Over land, and... ♪

Ugh. Oh.

Hi there.

What are you doing here?

Look, I'm busy. We're working.

Oh, that's all right, go ahead.

I'll wait.



Okay, Chicky, once more.

♪ There was a boy ♪

♪ A very strange Enchanted boy ♪

♪ Who wandered very far ♪

♪ Very far ♪

♪ Over land and... ♪

Ugh. Oh.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Forget it. I gotta get
out of here for a while.


Lovely, huh? Well, I
thought it was pretty good.

Especially the part
where you got mad. Ugh!


I stood you up last night.

Yeah, well, that's okay.

I'm still standing.

I'm sorry. Well, it's your loss.

I had a hell of a night planned.

You did? [CHUCKLES]

Yeah. What happened?

Well, call it family business,

or, um, intrigue.

Which? Whichever.

Who's Joe Fitch?

Let's not talk about him.

Why not?

Because, okay?


I gotta run. I got to take
care of some business.


How about lunch?

Rain check. See you.

CHICKY: The lady has trouble.


Boy, that's a nice
old song, isn't it?


Hasn't done it for a long time.

How long have you known her?

A long time.

She's scared, mister.

Of what?

Take your pick.

CASEY: Chicky.

Hey, Casey.

See you around. You bet.

Can I help you?

Some other time, perhaps, huh?


The club is closed.
Know what I mean?

Yeah. The club's closed.



Hello again.


Hello, goodbye.
Hello, goodbye. Huh.

Yeah. You change
your mind about lunch?

I'm not hungry. Oh.

How about a walk? You
wanna take a walk, huh?

Oh, boy, this is ridiculous.

What's ridiculous?

No questions. I gotta go.

No, no. Wait a minute, now.

What's going on?

Please, you're gonna get hurt.

You let me worry about that.




Get outta here!

Hey, wait a minute.
Where you going?

They went up the alley.

They didn't go in there.
It was down further.

What are you, crazy?
They're up here.

Wait a minute. Just
give me a chance to think.

I saw them. Didn't you see them?

All right, just a minute.

Just hang on a second.
All right, come on.

Who is that guy?

What guy?

Your sister's latest stray.

He lost the tail we
put on him like a pro.

I don't know who he is, Joe.

Look, Harry.

Anybody Marianne
plays potsy with

I wanna know who, what,
when, where and why.

Especially this one.

They got cops now
that can milk a cow,

she don't even know
she's being squeezed.

We don't need another
Benny Paycheck!

Joe, she's my sister.
Well, it's my neck!

Anyone lays it on you, I
go down the tubes with you.

She's had it tough, Joe.
She's entitled to a few kicks.

Kicks, okay. But
strays, that I don't like.

Especially ones I
know nothing about.

Joe, she did five years for me.

Her life's been a
mess ever since that.

Maybe she has had nightmares
about those five years,

and maybe she don't
go down a second time.

But this ain't a
discussion, Harry, it's a fact.

You make sure she
ain't playing footsie

with no undercover cop,
or sister or no, she goes!

She won't talk, Joe.

I'll bet my life on her.

All right, Harry.

You're faded.

I shouldn't be here.

Why not?

Marianne, who are those
people, and what do they want?

Do they own you?

Don't they just.

What is that supposed to mean?

Forget it.



Is "because" enough for you?

No, it's not.

Who are you?

I don't even know who you are.

It's weird.

You're asking me for
some pretty heavy stuff.

You don't know
that, but you are.

Why? I don't know you.

You float into
my life one night.

Next thing I know,
I'm in another movie.

I'm gonna go.


Marianne, you're in trouble.

You need help.

I can help you.

Oh, you can help me?

I can.

Next thing you're gonna
tell me you're a cop.

You are.

Aren't you?

I'm getting outta here.


Okay, I'm a cop.

I didn't want it to happen
like this, believe me.

I didn't want it to happen
this way. I'm a cop.

I can help you. But I
can't do it without you.

I want Fitch.

Who do you think you are?!

I'm a person!

Do you hear? A person!

You latched onto
me to get to Joe Fitch.

Well, I'm not gonna blow
my brother's brains out

for you or anybody!

What about your brother's life?

He's my brother.
And it's my life!

And it's none of your business.

I'm not talking about your life,

I'm talking about
your brother's life.

Well, talk away, sailor.

Talk to the walls, copper.

Go find a rock
and crawl under it.



Huggy, I need a line
on one Gino Lundo

and one Casey O'Connor.

Lundo is Baron's bodyguard.

Casey O'Connor is
Joe Fitch's muscle.

Right. Okay.

Hey, Dirkson, you got a
line yet on Casey O'Conne...?


Where you been?

You hear about Benny Paycheck?


Five slugs in the back.

I don't believe it.

Neither does Stanton.
He's lost both witnesses.

Yeah, now they want Marianne.

Well, he doesn't
have much choice.

Neither do you.

How's it going?


she knows I'm a cop.

And? And what?

And what's she gonna do?

Is she gonna blow
the whistle on you?

Is she gonna blow it
on Fitch? I don't know.

You gotta know
something. Get off my case.

We're not talking... We
are talking about Joe Fitch,

who's burning witnesses faster
than the DA comes up with them.

You gotta know where she's
at. She needs help, Starsky.

And she's caught between
Fitch and her brother.

And you. And me?
There's no room for me.

She's scared.
She won't let me in.

Hey. You're a cop.

Your job is to
get her to testify...

I know my job not
to hold her hand.

Thanks a lot. Where you going?


If she takes it to Fitch,
you're a dead man.




Morning, Harry.

What is this? What do you want?


have some coffee.


You're in trouble.

Get out of here.


You're in trouble.

Your sister's in trouble.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Even if Joe Fitch has
something on you and your sister,

which he thinks
will keep you quiet...

you gotta believe he's
gonna feel a lot safer

if he doesn't have
to worry about you

while he's on trial,

because you might get the notion

that if ever there was a time

for you and your sister to
get out of Joe Fitch's sewer...

this is it.

Look, will you leave
my sister out of this?

I can't, Harry.

You got her into it.


Think about it.





♪ Heigh-ho, who cares? ♪

♪ Nobody writes
his songs To me ♪

♪ No one belongs to ♪


♪ Heigh-ho, who cares? ♪

♪ Nobody writes
his songs To me ♪

♪ No one belongs to ♪

♪ That's the least Of my cares ♪


Where you been?

I've been asking myself
the same question.

It's 9:00 in the morning.

You got a cigarette?

Over there, Harry.

Over there.

We gotta talk.

[INHALES] Okay, talk.

Who's the guy?

I thought you'd never ask.

Now, come on, will ya.

[SLURRING] It's all
right, Harry. It's okay.

It's important. It is
important, isn't it?

Why do you have to do that, huh?

Why do you have to do that?

It's early in the morning,
and I can't talk to you.

What am I doing here?


Just talk, Harry. Talk.

Do you understand
what's going down?

I got Joe Fitch on one
side of me breathing fire,

staring down a
grand jury next week,

and you on the other side
saying "hello" to the world.

You're a regular family man.

How am I gonna do this, huh?

Do what, Harry?

Will you just tell me
who was that guy?

Who was that guy?

A cop, Harry. The guy's a cop.

You're kidding?

Mm. Wrong.

Guy's a cop.

I don't believe this.

I don't believe this.

Sit down, Harry. I
don't wanna sit down.

What, are you crazy?

Are you nuts?

What's the matter with you?

It happened. It's over.

I don't feel like
talking about it.

It's over? It's over.

Let me tell you
something. It better be over.

You understand me?

You better stay
away from that cop.

I don't wanna see you
giving him the time of day.

Let me ask you something.

What am I supposed to tell Joe?

The two of you shared a bed
and not a word was spoken?

Not a word was spoken.

Think he's gonna believe that?
He is not gonna believe that.

So, what do you
want me to tell Joe?

Tell him I made a mistake.

Tell him I broke my heart.

Tell him you knew
his mother when.

Tell him a ball score.

Tell him it seemed like
a good idea at the time.

My heart felt good at the time,

for the first time
in a long, long time.

Tell him I got busted.

Tell him I got used.

Tell him I hate that cop more
than I hate my own brother.

Tell him.

I don't care.

That's nice.

After what I came
here to do, that's nice.


MARIANNE: ♪ Baltimore ♪

♪ Oriole ♪


♪ Took a look at the mercury ♪

♪ Forty below ♪


♪ No life for a lady ♪

♪ To be draggin' Her feathers ♪

♪ Around in the snow ♪

♪ Leaving her mate ♪

♪ She flew straight ♪

♪ To the Tangipahoa ♪

♪ Where a two-timin' jaybird ♪

♪ Met the divine Miss O ♪

♪ Baltimore Oriole ♪

♪ You come down
From your bough ♪

♪ Fly back to your da-ddy ♪

♪ Now ♪



Come on.

Here we go. Another
action-packed walk.


Do you mind if I smoke?

Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

About what? Wasn't
too bad, was it?

Oh, no, I'm... I'm just...
I'm just sorry about...

the way things happened.

What way is that?
You're there, I'm here.

Everything's more fouled up

than it's ever been.
No, listen to me.

I don't wanna listen to you.

I don't have to listen to you.

I know who you are, I
know why you're here,

I know what you want.
What do you want?

Are you kidding?
Don't insult me.

You're not as
interested in what I want

as the man in the moon.

What do I want? I
want you out of my life.


Let go of me. No.

Let go of me!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Listen to what I'm saying.

I don't have to listen.
Forget what we do.

Forget what we've done,
forget where we've come from.

Forget where we're going.

We've had something
special, right?

You wanna walk
away from it, okay.

But before you do that...
you gotta know something.

You're worth it. You
gotta know you're worth it.

For once in your life,
you gotta own that.

You gotta own your life.

You gotta say, "This
is me, and I like it.

This is what I want,
and I wanna take it."

You gotta make that choice.

Why don't you leave me alone?

I'm making the only
choice I know how.

Don't you understand
that? You think I'm dumb?

You think I wanna
see more killing?

There is another
choice, Marianne.

There isn't any other
choice. Yes, there is.

All right, I'll make
another choice. You.

I want you.

I'll marry you.

We'll run away together,
live happily ever after.

All you have to do is say yes.

No, that's not the point.

All you have to do is say yes.

See you later, cowboy.

MAN: Turn around, Ken.


Hi, Burke. Oh, hey, Burke,
you seen Hutch around?

Can't find anything around here.

Oh. Heh-heh-heh.

I'm sorry, I forgot.
I forgot again.

Wouldn't you know it.

Ahem. Let's see, raffle
tickets are, uh, 50 cents apiece.

That's, uh, ahem, 20, huh?

Pretty generous.

Ten bucks out of
20. You got change?

Never mind.

Oh, uh, look. Uh, I'm on my way.

[CHUCKLES] Rain check.

I'll, uh... I'll catch
you next time.

I promise. I really do.

Hey, uh, has anybody seen Hutch?

Huh? Huh?

Hello, anybody home?

Starsky. Um-hm?

Starsky. What?

Now, just wait there a second.

Well, how are you,
captain? Uh, Stanton.

Look, I'm in a awful
hurry. Detective Starsky...

Where are you going?
Uh, tell you later.

Have you heard from
Hutchinson? Since when?

Since recently,
Starsky. Most recently.

No. Now, if you'll
both excuse me...

Yeah. Look, Starsky, I
wanna know where and what

your partner is doing. Yeah. Hm.

Sorry, I don't have
any news, gentlemen.

I'm afraid that's not enough.

I'm afraid that's
all you're getting.



What happened?

Who did this?

The man in the moon.


You said important.

Look, man. Where's Hutch?

I don't know. He was supposed
to contact me last night.

You better find
him in a big hurry.

I guess you haven't seen these.

Where'd you get that?

You grab in any
direction and you got one.

Joe Fitch spread
'em all over the street.

And he's paying five big ones

for a line on my blond brother.

Dig? Some people will give up
their own mother for that bread.

Nose around. You come up
with anything, let me know, okay?

You got it.

Where you going? To Hutch's.

You come up with
something, call me there.

You got it. See you later.




Good morning.

How are you feeling?


Better ask me tomorrow.

You don't give up, do you?

What time is it?

It's about 7.

I've gotta go.

Where you going?

Doesn't matter.


Just like that?

Just like that.

What're you gonna do?

The best I can.

You sure that's what you want?

I can't do it.


We could do it.

You really believe that?

I'd like to.


So would I.

So long.

He's a cop!

I'll tell her. She'll drop him.

No way, Harry. Too late.

Joe, you don't know that.

What do I need, an affidavit?

Look, will you let me handle
it. All right, you handle it.

Tell me how you're
gonna handle it.

I'm listening. Just give
me a cigarette, will you?

I'll, uh... I'll send
her out of town.

All right.

Planes don't fly
out of town, huh?

They don't have
phones out of town.

She's playing
footsie with a cop.

Sergeant Ken Hutchinson, P.D.

She can pull the string
on me, Harry, and on you.

She'd never put the finger
on me, Joe, and you know it.

That's your ace in the hole. I
got a better hole card, Harry.

You made a bet,
and I covered it.

All right, Harry,
it's payoff time.

Joe, look, give me a break.

We'll go talk to
her. You and me.

We'll give her a
chance to bail out.

I'm asking that much, Joe.

A favor.

For old times' sake.

For old times' sake, huh, Harry?

How do you wanna play it?

Give me an hour.

I'll bring her
wherever you want.

What's my security?

You got my marker.

The warehouse.

One hour.

Look, Mary, somebody
has to have seen him.

Okay. No, I'm sorry.
Look, if he calls in, tell him...

Never mind. He just walked in.

What happened to you?

Somebody tried
to take my picture.


I didn't like it.

It's not a very
good likeness, is it?

It's close enough.

For the money that
Joe Fitch is paying,

it's just a matter of time
before he finds out who you are.



Marianne. Huh?

I've got to get to her
before Fitch does.

Just tell me why.

It's not gonna do any good.

Running is not gonna
do any good, Harry.

You want me to tell
you why? I'll tell you why.

Because I'm nothing.
You understand?

I'm your brother,
and I'm nothing.

So get out of here!

Forget about me. Forget
this ever happened!

Start a new life for yourself.
Get something going!

[SOBBING] Harry, wait. Stop.

Just get out of
here! It's very simple.

Wait, Harry. Wait. Stop.


What? What are you saying?

I don't know what you're
saying. What about you?

Forget about me!

That's it. Out of the way! No.

It's not difficult. No!
Now, you are acting crazy!

I'm scared!
Something's going on.

And I don't know what it is.
Now, you tell me what it is.

I'm just trying to get
you out. That's what.

That's what,
that's all. Nothing.


You tell me the truth.

This time, you
tell me the truth.

They're gonna kill you.



[SOBBING] They're
gonna kill you.

And they want me to deliver you.

I can't.

I'm scared.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I don't
know what to do.

Oh, Harry.




It'll be all right, Harry.

It'll be all right.

It'll be okay.

I wish we were home.

FITCH: Never knew you
to welsh on a bet, Harry.

Always a first time, huh?


What's in the bag,
Harry? My marker?

She didn't talk, Joe.

I told you she wouldn't talk.

You also told me you'd meet
me at the warehouse in an hour.




She's my sister.

Let her go.

You got me.


I got you.


We've still got that
date at the warehouse.

Uh, that's out of order.
Yeah, I can see that.

There's a staircase. Got it.

Marianne, run!


No! Harry, no, no.

Harry, no. No.

Hold... Behind you!


Hold it, Fitch!

Okay, okay. No more,
no more. No more.

MARIANNE: Harry, don't.

Please, Harry. Don't.

Don't. Oh.



Harry. Harry.





H... Harry.




Well, now, my
meshuggenah... Ahem.

Let's take a look at you, huh?


There's one.


Three new leaves
in two days, huh?


You're beautiful.

Oh, you're doing...

You know what I'm
gonna do for you later?

I'm gonna put a little
Donna Summer on...

Oh, boy. And get you off.

I don't believe this. Yeah.

I don't know what you're
so depressed about,

with all this beautiful
green life around.

"Wild Monkeys Eat
Woman and Child."


Marcoola Province,
South Africa. A pack.

"A pack of hunger-crazed wild
monkeys went on a rampage

"in the remote province
of Marcoola last week,

"devouring a woman
and her young child

out for a pleasure
stroll..." Starsky.

That is absolutely disgusting.

I mean, what does
that have to do...?

You asked me why
I was so depressed.

Well, any world that a bunch
of wild monkeys can run around

eating innocent people is
not a terribly wonderful place.

Why is it you always have
to look on the dark side?

Why can't you expand your
world to include the good too?

Like me, for instance. I'm...

I'm expanding this greenhouse.

Yeah? Yeah.

Sure it's gonna cost
me an arm and a leg.

But it's worth it because
of my positive attitude.

And you know something? What?

It works. You know, I went
down to the bank yesterday...

Mm-hm. For a
home-improvement loan.

And you know what? What?

I got it. Huh?

You know why? Why?

Because of my positive attitude.

Of course, the fact
that, uh, we're getting

that pay hike next week,

now, that doesn't hurt.

But the point is...

that there is a lot of good
news in the world, you know?

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Of course I'm right.

Of course I'm right.

Even if this story is true.

What's that? What story is that?

"City Police Lose Bitter
Battle for Pay Hike."