Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 15 - Birds of a Feather - full transcript

In order to pay off his wife's gambling debts, a former partner of Hutch's arranges for the murder of a witness.





STARSKY: Come on, sweetheart.
WOMAN: What are you doing?

STARSKY: Here we go.
HUTCH: Come on, now. Come on.


But this is entirely
unnecessary, officer.

Not according to Mr. Kramer.

Oh, that old fuddy-duddy.

Well, I never liked him anyway.

Why were you looking
in his bedroom window?

He was in my line of vision.

If you're standing on a rock
knee-deep behind a bush, it is.

Would you kindly
sit down, please?

Heh. Take a seat, ma'am.

Well, what... Well, what
am I being charged with?

Voyeurism, public
nuisance and peeping Tom.

The name's Gertrude.

Oh, peeping Gertrude.
No sexism here.



Excuse me. Ha-ha.

How do you like that?

Kenny, what are you doing?
You're looking wonderful.

Yeah, you always
were a good liar, kid.

Are you charging me with
taking a peep at a skinny old man

with a strawberry birthmark...

while those two guys are
carrying on like that in public?

Well, their turn
will come, I'm sure.

And I'm sure it already has.

Uh, yeah.

May I have your full
name and address, please?

I want a public defender.

Just your name and address.

I promise you we
won't hold it against you.


Busted again? What
are you doing here?

Captain Dobey wants to
see me. Like a good cop,

I go where they... They send me.

He's lost a lot of weight.

Oh, really? I like him fat.

Well, I'm also a good liar.


Well, Luke. Hey.

What's the big joke?

Well, it loses a little bit
in the translation, captain.

I thought I'd escort one
of the west side's finest.

Good to see you, captain.

I'm temporarily
assigned to your outfit.

That's a break
for the home team.

Are you still here, Hutchinson?

Captain, you know that Luke

is one of the reasons
I'm on the force.

I don't think he'd mind if I...

DOBEY: All right, all right.

I won't hold that against him.

Now, Luke, here's the situation:

I've got four homicides
and 12 robberies,

and we're a little short,

and we, uh, need some help.

You got it.

I hope it's a major collar.

We have a deal going
with a snitch named Palmer.

Going to court to
blow the whistle

on Reuban for us loud and clear.

All right.

You want me to go get
Reuban, huh? I love that.

Every cop on the street
wants a piece of that bum.

Uh. Not exactly, Luke.

We want you to guard Palmer

at the St. Francis
starting tomorrow.

You, uh...

You transferred
me here to babysit?

Hey, Luke, look...

Luke, this thing
is a major setup.

They needed somebody
with experience

to hold off any
attack on Palmer.

You know Reuban's boys
may try to wipe him out.

Save the soap, Hutch.
Twenty-five years on the force,

I gotta diaper some punk.

Okay, okay, I
understand. I understand.

It's all in a day's
work, right, captain?

Right. You got it, cap.

Tomorrow at St. Francis.

Thanks, Luke.

You'll be relieving Edwards
at 12 tomorrow. Mm.

What's the room
number? Is that 307? 307.

307. Mm.

You're welcome. As
if I had a choice. Yeah.

Ah, let's go get
a beer, huh, kid?

Sounds like a good idea.
Let me check the time.

Well, it is the end of the run.
Let's pick up my partner, huh?

See you later,
captain. All right.

Come on, dear. Follow me.

To where? You're gonna lock
me up and throw away the key.

No, no. We're just
gonna book you.

Prints and pictures.
Then you can make bail.

Is she lying? Minnie never lies.

You see? Now, come on, honey,

let's get out the door.

That's a girl.

You take care now.

Yeah. Keep your eyes
open there, Gertrude.

Bye-bye, Yvonne.
Thought it was Gertrude.

Only to strangers.
Oh, yeah? Ha-ha.

Starsk, say hello
to Luke Huntley.

Luke who? Right
behind you. Luke.

Right behind me,
huh? Remember Luke?

How are you, Lucas?
Of course I remember.

Taught you everything
you know. How are you?

I taught him so good. Sergeant
first class in seven years.

He never got out of
first grade [BABY TALK]

He's still buying lousy
ties, I'll tell you that.

Come on, I'll buy
you guys a beer.

Yeah, you're going the
wrong way. Wrong way.


Well, Luke, this
here's Huggy Bear.

Luke Huntley.

Our friendly proprietor
and, uh, friend in need.

Yeah, he talks too
much. Have a brew, Luke.

Thank you, Huggy Bear.

Hey, please,
please, no formalities.

Just call me Mr. Huggy.

Get out of here, will you?

HUGGY: Hey, talk
nice to me, Starsky.

Tonight you're drinking my beer.

Tomorrow you'll be asking
me to be your man about town.


Despite my tough
exterior, I can be hurt.


So, Luke, how's Doris doing?

Take my advice, boys.

Don't ever get married.

What are you talking about?

You've always been the happiest
of couples, huh? Come on.

Right, that's true, but...

I mean, uh, you
know, a cop's life...

I didn't even give her a kid.

Listen to him talk.
He's got a wife

who got enough love
for him for 10 kids.

Right. Don't get me
wrong. I mean, I...

I love her like my
right hand, kid, but...

And that's my shooting finger.


But, I mean, a cop's life...

I mean, you guys know
what I'm talking about.

Right? I mean, ahem,

a cop's on the street

more than he's in
the bedroom, right?

Is she still beautiful? Hm?

More than ever. Oh,
yeah? Let me see.

Oh, yeah.

Look at that.

Who's this? Your sister?


Here's to Doris.

I'll drink to that. Okay.


I'll bet three.

The bet is 300.

Three hundred to
you, Mrs. Huntley.

Mrs. Huntley...


I see your three
and raise you five.

DEALER: Excuse me, Mrs. Huntley,

but you only put in 200.

Well... I'm all out of chips.

Uh... Write me a chit.
Y-you can trust me.

I-I mean, I-I've certainly
been playing here

long enough for you to trust me.

Mrs. Huntley's a favored
client. Make out a chit.

Certainly, Mr. Reuban.

DORIS: Thank you.

DEALER: The bet is covered.

The raise is now 500.

All bets are covered.

Declare your
hands to the raiser.

Read 'em and weep.

Three ladies.

I hate to be rude to a lady,

but a full house beats you.

Congratulations. Excuse me.

Are you all right?

Yes. I'm just fine, Mr. Reuban.

It's getting a little late,

and I-I'm just
tired, that's all.

I'd better be getting
home. Of course.

Why don't you just step
into my office for a second,

and I'll have them
bring your car around.

Please, sit down.

I'm going to ask you to
sign this, Mrs. Huntley.

"Of my own free
will and volition, I..."

write your name in
here "Doris Huntley,

"agree to pay Mr. Anthony
Reuban the sum of $12,000

"in payments of $1000 per
week for 12 consecutive weeks

commencing the first
Monday from the above date."


Thank you, Mrs. Huntley.

You had a bit of a bad run

of luck tonight, that's all.

Maybe next time, huh?

Jimmy, you wanna witness this?

I, uh...

I really should be going.

Sure. See you next week?


I might take some time off,

stay away for a while.

I don't know.

The Greek islands are
sensational this time of year.

I'm sure they are.

The payments begin
next week, Mrs. Huntley.

You won't forget, will you?

A thousand dollars
a week for 12 weeks.


I really don't understand h...

How there came to be so much.

Well, the chits
have been piling up

for close to three
months, Mrs. Huntley.

Add to that the
current rate of interest,

it comes to 12,000 on the nose.

Right, Jimmy?

Right on the nose, Mr. Reuban.

Next Monday, Mrs. Huntley.

Look, if it's inconvenient
for you to come by,

I suppose I can
always send Jimmy.

What's your address now?


It's, uh... Y-your address.

1435 Allerton.

I'll remember it.


I don't think we'll have any
problems, do you, Jimmy?

As long as she's not lying.

I better check out the
address just to make sure.

Good idea. Do that.


Luke? Luke, are
you... Are you home?

fire in Lone Pine last night

claimed the lives
of Donna Pilfrey, 3,

and her 86-year-old
grandfather, Edmund Pilfrey.

It's believed that
the elder Pilfrey

dozed off with a cigarette

while babysitting for
the child's parents.



MAN [ON RADIO]: Burial
will be in the family plot...

HUTCH: Hey, this is a great-looking
place you got here, Luke.

Compared to Hutch's dump,
it looks like the Taj Mahal.

LUKE: Hey, honey!


Honey. Honey, guess...
Guess what the cat dragged in.

How you doing? You
remember Kenny Hutchinson?

Sure. Yes. It's nice
to see you again.

How are you, Hutch?
You haven't changed a bit.

You have. You're
looking better than ever.


Doris, meet my partner,
Dave Starsky. Doris Huntley.

Oh, Mr. Starsky. Hi.
I've seen your picture.

It doesn't hold a candle
to you. Thank goodness.

Since when did you
start watching television

and listening to the
radio at the same time?

Oh. Guess I just got a
little lonesome for you.

Huh. You feeling okay?

Hey, you know,
she... She just got in.


You know, uh, I... I really
don't feel so good, Luke.

Maybe it's the flu or something.

You know, that 24-hour
thing that's going around.

Yeah? You know... I really think

I should go to bed, don't you?

Except I just... I...
I feel so terrible.

You bringing Hutch home.
Don't give it a thought.

You take care of
yourself. We'll...

We'll do it another time.

Oh, you promise?
HUTCH: Oh, yeah.

Next time you'll
stay for dinner?

I'd love to. Love to.

Okay. Nice meeting
you, Mr. Starsky.

Dave. Feel better.

Thanks. I will.

I'll... I'll see you in a
minute, okay, honey? Yeah.

Well, boys. Excuse
me, darling. Excuse me.

Hey, fella, how you doing?

Okay, old man.
LUKE: I'm sorry, boys.

HUTCH: That's all right.
We'll make it next time.

Okay. See you. Good night.

Stay well. HUTCH: Your
keys. Don't lose them.

LUKE: All right.
Thanks a million.

She got sick in a
hurry, didn't she? Yep.

Well, you're the family friend.
How would you diagnose it?

I don't think I want to.





DORIS: I don't know what to say.

I love you, Luke.

I hate myself.

Hey, wait a minute.
Now, stop that.

It's okay. No, it isn't.

I just felt so useless.

All that time... nothing to do.

Just waiting for
you to come home.

I just...

I just wanted to be
with people, Luke.

I just wanted...
To be somewhere.

I didn't mean to.

I just started playing a
little poker in Gardena.

And then it was 10 years...

$50,000 later.

All our savings?



My rings.

And now $12,000 more.

It's all right.

No, it isn't. It isn't,
and you know it!

All right, so it stinks! [SOBS]

It's my fault too, Doris.

No, it isn't. No...
Now, listen, Doris.

No. No, it isn't, Luke.

You're my wife, Doris. [SOBBING]

Come on, sweetheart.
Don't. Please.

Don't hate yourself.

Everything will be
all right. I promise.

How? How?

I don't know what to do, Luke.

I don't know what to do.

Do nothing.

If anything, after all these
years as a cop's wife...

it's me.

No. Yes, I... I owe you, Doris.

No, you don't. Oh, yes.


Maybe we can go to the movies

or something like that
this afternoon, huh?


[LAUGHING] Oh, Luke.


You are crazy.

I love you.

Oh. What about Reuban?

He scares me, Luke.

I'll talk to Reuban.
Don't worry, honey.

I may not be the
smartest cop in the world,

but I know a few things.

Just don't hurt yourself.

Don't get hurt.

I'm just gonna go down
there and talk to him.

He'll listen to
my point of view.

Don't worry. I'll
work things out.

I love you.

I'll work things out, honey.

I will.

REUBAN: What are you
gonna do, call the cops?

Twenty-five years. It...

That's... That's
my life's savings.

No way.

I want it back,
Reuban. Understand?

Every dime you took from her.

I'll make you a trade.

Yeah? With what?

My money. Your life.

I think maybe you should explain

what's on your
mind, Officer Huntley.

HUTCH: Finally.
I don't believe it.

A warrant for Reuban.

STARSKY: I know you're excited,
but do you have to drool on my seat?

HUTCH: Oh. Hey, what's a
little drool among friends, huh?


Now... what about
the 50,000 she owes?

You'll get it when Jimmy
is permitted visiting rights.



Just, uh... Just one more thing.

If my wife ever comes
around here again,

you turn her away, agreed?

I never asked
her to come here...

and I don't intend to.

She's your problem,
Huntley, not mine.

And Huntley... Remember this.

If anything goes wrong
at the St. Francis Hotel,

Jimmy will be happy
to visit your wife.

What was that
address again, Jimmy?

1435 Allerton.



Get yourself a
clean piece, Jimmy.




Figure Reuban's gonna resist?

I certainly hope so.

Mr. Reuban, a
warrant for your arrest.

I'm sorry, Mr. Reuban.

It's all right,
Gloria. Thank you.

Shall we go?

Oh, come on, Tony. No
protest? No resistance?

No "you've got me all wrong,
trying to frame me" routine?

In the face of a
legitimate warrant, officer,

that would be a waste of
energy, don't you think?

That's too bad.

Besides, I pay my
attorneys very well.

Why don't I let them
straighten out the confusion.

Not this time, Reuban.

This time, your attorneys
are gonna strike out.

You're gonna get
kicked out of the ballpark.

PALMER: Hey, look, if it
weren't for guys like me,

then cops like you
would be out of a job.

Think of it that way.

Some other time, Palmer.

Right now I'm going
down to the lobby.

Pick up some magazines.

What, and leave
me all by myself?

Ain't that kind of
against the policy?

Count your blessings, Palmer,

that you lived this long.

I don't know how to count.

Hey, uh, buddy.

Pick me up a pack of smokes

while you're down
there, would you?

[SIGHS] Hey.

Just because
you don't like me...

Don't like you?

What's not to like?

A two-bit hustler who'd
sell a radio to a deaf man

and his wife to
the highest bidder?

Filters. Okay?

And, uh...

keep the change.


What's the matter?

Did you forget to
say, "I love you"?

Hey, Jimmy, look...

if Reuban sent you,

I ain't planning to tell
'em any of the real stuff.

No. I'm just setting the cops up

so I can get myself
off a murder rap.


Hey, Jimmy, take it easy.

I'm your old friend.

I used to go with you
to the track. Remember?

Reuban sends his regards.


What's wrong, Dave?

It's more than just
nervousness, isn't it?


MAN [ON TV]: I know.

Know? What do you know?

MAN [ON TV]: Everything.





the word, Henderson?

Bullet went in
like a half a dollar

at the speed of sound.

Came out leaving
a hole in the back

big enough for
an air conditioner.

A magnum?

No, a .45.

Blew him right through
the third floor window.


What do you got, Webster?

What have I got?

What I haven't got is
worse than what I've got.

What's that supposed to mean?

Hey, where's Luke?

Where's Luke Huntley?

Your partner just
answered the question.

What do you mean?

It stinks. It all stinks.

Save the editorial.
Tell us what happened.

Luke, uh, Huntley is
supposed to guard Palmer,

our star witness.

Palmer gets dead,

and there's no
veteran cop in sight.

What are you talking about?

There's only two
ways to get by a cop

with 25 years'
experience behind him:

without his
cooperation or with it.

Are you trying to tell me
that Luke set this thing up?

Look... You gotta be crazy!

Out of your mind.

I feel the same way
about this as you.

You're gonna eat this!

Come on. Come on.
You're gonna eat this.

Come on.

All right, what is this,
a wax museum? Huh?

Come on. Come on. Move
around so I can see some life in you.



GLORIA: Mr. Reuban, a
Mr. Huntley on your private line.

Thanks, Gloria. I'll take it.

This is Reuban.

I'm at the Hotel Dixie, 206.


Don't play games on me,
Reuban. I want that 50 grand now.


Why don't you come
down to my office

say, around 10
tonight, all right?

I prefer this place.

Just send your messenger
boy over with the money.

It'll take a while to get hold
of that much in cash, Huntley.

I just heard on the
radio Palmer's dead.

Either you pay off,

or I blow the whistle
that you arranged it.

What's your choice?

I always pay off.

You can count on that.

I'll be waiting.


GLORIA: Yes, Mr. Reuban.

Gloria, come in for a minute.

Hotel Dixie, room 206.

Yes, sir.


it's my Uncle Louie's
birthday today.

Go out and buy him a
nice attaché case, okay?

Yes, sir. Will do.

And, Gloria, it's a
surprise, you know.

So don't leave any
names when you buy it.

Understood. I'll
bring a receipt.

Don't bother. Just
keep the change.


Get 10 grand from petty cash

and put it in the
case that Gloria buys.

Wear gloves.

And when you're through,
leave the cash behind.

A high-minded cop

with too many years on the
force and too little to show for it

finally breaks down
and goes on the take.

Only he gets to
feeling real bad about it.

And when he can't
face himself anymore,

he puts a bullet in his brain.

It's a sad story.

Very sad.

Give Huntley my regards.


DOBEY: What do you
mean Luke Huntley's missing?

What can I tell you, cap?

The star witness is dead,

Anthony Reuban's out on bail,

now an officer's missing.

I think you better
tell me something.

We all know Reuban
arranged the hit.

We sure do.

And he was right
in this building...

It was a setup!

Reuban's hit man burns Palmer...

and then sets up Luke
a-as some kind of a patsy.

They did it that way to make
it look like Luke was involved.

And you wanna know something?
They almost got me convinced.

Captain, you don't... The man's
been on the force for 25 years.

I'll bet my badge on the guy.

I don't want you
to bet your badge.

Just prove it.

I'm gonna do that, captain.

Where you going?

I'll be in touch.

What do you think?

What do you think I think?

Luke called.

Wants me to go visit with
my sister for a little while.

Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Oh, Hutch. Come on.

I've been a cop's
wife long enough

to have learned not
to ask any questions.

Uh... when did he call, Doris?

Oh, a few hours ago.

Why? Is he in trouble?

Where did he call you from?

I don't know.

Doris, you're not trying
to cover for him, are you?

What are you talking about?

Doris... What...

He is in trouble.
He's in big trouble.

Now, you gotta tell me
something, anything,

to help me find him
before it gets worse.

Look, Doris, I've known the
man a long time. I love him.

You gotta trust me.



Come in.



Case. Case!

Now spread 'em!

Take it easy, cowboy.


It's locked.

Well, I... I didn't want you
to lose the money, you know.

Yeah. [SNAPS]

Come on, keys.


Keep them up. Keep them up.

Left hand.

Keep it up. Keep it up.



Some guys only learn
the hard way, huh, Jimmy?

You through? Go ahead.

Jimmy Lucas.

Reuban's top gun.

Well, he wasn't top this time.

Uh, desk clerk. Thank you.


I'm only the clerk.

I'm not responsible
for any of this.

Nobody says you are, sweetheart.

We just want some information.

Yeah, I know.

The guy that rented out the
room called himself Smith.

Yeah, so what else is new?

Is that the guy they
just wheeled out?

Oh, no, it was the older guy.

What older guy?

What did he look like?

He looked like,
uh, a truck driver.

Well, what does that look like?

A bartender, heh,

a cop with a lot of years.

You pick 'em.

Does this look like him?

CLERK: That's him.
HUTCH: Mr. Smith?

The one and only.

What are you doing
with his picture?

Thanks, sweetheart.

Like the lady said,
where'd you get the picture?

Uh, from his wife. From Doris.

What's going on? [SIGHS]

It's like Webster
said. It stinks.


Excuse me, Mr. Reuban.

Gloria, I told you I didn't
wanna be disturbed.

I know. But there's this
man on the telephone.

He says he has a
message from Jimmy and...

From Jimmy?

He says he'll hold
for 10 seconds.

Should I tell him to call back?

No, no. I'll take it.

I'm sorry to have
interrupted you.

It's just that I
thought maybe...

It's all right. Thank you.



Yeah, Reuban. Never
send a boy to do a man's job.

Your boy Jimmy blew
it. It's gonna cost you.

Huntley, if Jimmy
tried any numbers,

he did it on his own.

I sent him over to
give you the money.

Uh-huh. So how come, uh,
there's only 10,000 in the case?

I'm telling you.

I'm telling you, Reuban...
we made a deal.

And you tried to burn me.

And that's gonna
cost you the extra 10.

I want the other 50,000, cash,

delivered by you personally.

I'm not a bank, Huntley.

If Jimmy hustled you,
that's your problem.


Well, listen good, partner.

just heard on the radio Palmer's dead.

Either you pay off,

or I blow the whistle
that you arranged it.

What's your choice?

RECORDER]: I always pay off.

You can count on that.

I only put in a dime, Reuban,

but there's more if you
wanna reverse the charges.


Fifty grand, Reuban.

Or I turn it over to the police.

Where? And when?

I just find that
hard to believe.


It was their life
savings, captain.

The whole thing.

And she's still into him
for another 12 grand.

But that's dumb.

Luke's got 25
years on the force.

He should've known better.

Uh, what would you have done?

It's the woman that you love.

And she loses it
all to some punk.

Are you gonna sit there

and face social security
and old-age pension?

That's a tough
decision, all right.

I pray to God I
never have to make it.


Any idea where Luke is now?


No, we figure either
the payoff's been made,

or Jimmy Lucas double-crossed
Luke, and it didn't work.

In which case,

Luke is gonna go after Reuban.

I'm sure Reuban
figures that too.

Reuban must be
armed up to his eyeballs.

You better find Luke first.

On my way, cap.


Somebody gonna get the phone?


Now, listen, Hutch.


Look, Hutch...

I know you're a cop, and you got

the make on me by now,

but... I'm talking
to you as a...

As a family friend

who's calling in a favor.

Luke, listen to me.

You gotta come in.

It's like family, Hutch.

It's family.

Now, you let me talk, or
I hang up and go it alone.

No, no. Go ahead.


Reuban's on his
way for the meet now.

No, you can't do that, Luke.

Reuban's gonna be
carrying more protection

than any one man can handle.

You know that.
We both know that.

I'm only concerned
about two things, Hutch:

that Doris is taken care
of and Reuban gets his.

All right, where are you?

Only if you come alone.


Okay, alone.

Your word?


Uh, yeah. Yeah, Luke.

My word.

Now tell me what's going on.

Yeah. Yeah, I know it.

I know. I'll be there. Yeah.

What? I'll tell you on the way.

HUTCH: He figures
Reuban will bring the money.

STARSKY: He'll bring
the money, all right.

The question is, what else?

Look, I promised Doris
I'd give her the money.

Well, I think the only thing

that Reuban plans to
leave there is Luke's body.

Why don't you
turn right up here.

Go down a couple of blocks
and stop. We'll walk from there.

Luke doesn't expect me
for another 30 minutes.

Stay right where you are.


I said alone...

and 30 minutes.

You gave your word.

Uh, Luke, you need help.

You can't hold
Reuban by yourself.

You know that.

All I wanted you
here for, Hutch,

was to pick up the pieces.

If Reuban tries anything,
I'm gonna blow him away.

He won't be coming
alone. Don't be a cowboy.

We're here. Let us help.

So the 50 grand goes into
the police fund? No way.

You guys don't seem
to understand something.

That's my life savings.

He owes it to me.

And he owes it...

to my Doris.

I mean, what's she
supposed to live on?

Now, who says she'll
want to live at all, Luke...


without you?

Get out of sight. Both of you.

Look... Please get out of sight!

This is my game, let me
play. Let me make it. Come on.


Yeah, over here.

Go ahead.

Your boys keep moving...

and I won't tell you
where the tape is.

How are we handling
this, Huntley?

The money. Put it on
the crate, under the light.


Fifty thousand.

You can count it.

I intend to.

Where's the tape?

After I count.

It's all there.

You're a real prize, Reuban.

You prey on lonely people.

You take away their future.

Save it for Sunday
school. Now, the tape.


Where are you going?

To get what you came for.

Keep him company.






Please! Please!


[SOBBING] Please!


HUGGY: All right, captain.

Hey, it's really nice
of you to come out

and spend a night
with the troops, cap.


Say, you got any word on Luke?

Well, we're doing all we can.

But you know he's gonna
have to serve some time.

You didn't come down
here to tell us that.

As a matter of
fact, no, I didn't.

I thought I'd come down and pick
myself up some chump change.


Chump change.

You know, in my younger days,

they used to call me
the Southside Stickman.

No kidding.

The ghetto's answer
to Minnesota Fats.

Well, you got the
second part right.

You're not from
Minnesota, are you, cap?

Hey, will you guys shut
up and let my man shoot?

DOBEY: All right, all right.

I'm gonna put the eight
ball in the corner pocket

for the match and the game.

And for $10 from the
white boys in the corner.



Sorry, captain.

Must have been those
ribs I had for lunch.

Or maybe that avocado omelet.

Or those jalapeño peppers.
Man, they were something.

They were...


Go right ahead, cap.




You don't expect me
to drink out of the bottle,

do you, captain? Mm-hm.

Now, look, I wanna
tell you two something.

I know you're doing all this
to make me blow this shot.

But it ain't gonna happen, baby.

And my man here's
got $5 to say so.


Care to make it 10?

Five will do.

Rack, man. Rack, man.



Nice shot, Stickman.

Yeah, graceful.
Ever so graceful. Ha.