Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 4, Episode 12 - Starsky's Brother - full transcript

Starsky's little brother thinks he's a big fish until he gets caught up in a net he can't get out of without Starsky's help.



So, Mrs. Krupp, you say
that your husband's head

just accidentally got in the
way of your baseball bat?

Well, look at it this way.

He wouldn't be
in the hospital now

if he'd just stayed
out of the way.

Mm-hm. Or ducked in time.

Well, I don't wanna make it look

like it's all his fault.

I mean, i-it really
was an accident.

See, what I was doing,

I was just...

Excuse me, Mrs. Krupp.


Thank you.

How big did you
say your husband is?

A hundred and six
pounds soaking wet.

Oh, boy.

is a cute little devil!

Even if he does cheat on
me with all the floozies in town.

Is that why you use
him for batting practice?

Hey, that's just my way of
showing him how much I care.

Hutch, Dobey wants
to see you in his office.

Yeah, right away.

[MOUTHS] I love you.



Do you mind?

Book her.

What's the charge?


First-degree husband beating.

There's no such charge.

Sweeney, I'm aware of that.

For her husband's sake. Huh?

Hutch? Yep.

The bat.

Oh, yeah. You may need it.




You wanted to see me, captain?

Yeah. You know
those punks we busted

breaking into the paper
warehouse last week?

Yeah, they scored
enough currency blanks

to set up their own mint.

Providing they had
plates to print them,

which they didn't.

Well, they must've
known who did.

Well, that's what
the feds thought.

Just wanted to tell you, they're
downstairs asking questions.

What about Frank Stryker?
According to the word we got,

Stryker's either got the plates
or he's gonna get them soon.

Don't worry about Stryker.

The Feds have him
under 24-hour surveillance.

Then everything's under control.

Thanks for the
update. Enjoy your chili.

I wanna ask you something.

HUTCH: Sure.

I mean, uh, it's just
one little question.


It might not be
any of my business,

Mm-hm. But I still wanna know.


Where in the hell is Starsky?



ANNOUNCER: Passengers for Lisbon
may now board Flight 115 at Gate Four.

Oh, you are really funny.
You ought to be a comedian.

I like you too.

Thank you.

Excuse me, uh... Ahem.

This young man wasn't
molesting you, was he?

Well, I really was trying.

I bet you were. Hey.

Wow, you've gotta be
Nick's... NICK: Clone!

Clone? What are
you talk...? Clone.

Marlene, they did a pretty
good job with David, didn't they?

I mean, the face,
it's not perfect, but...

I don't think it's that bad.

Why, thank you. Thank you.

Well, go easy with him,
he's my little brother.

Look, the face is okay
with your girlfriend, right?

Oh, my girlfriend? Well...

Oh, uh, you know,
Marlene doesn't strike me

as the kind of lady
that would go for a cop.

You're a cop?

Who, me? No.

Don't be ashamed of it.
Don't be ashamed of it.

I mean, just because
he has to leave

in the middle of every date...
I mean, nine times out of ten.

All in the line of duty, uh...

You wouldn't mind
that, would you?

I think I would.

No, no, Marlene,
he's always kidding...

Say, uh, what time do you think

we ought to get
together tonight?

What about 8?



You got it.

Nick, it was really
nice talking to you.

And it was great meeting you.

Bye-bye, Marlene.

Hi, hi, Nicky.


How you doing?

I'm doing good. You?

Yeah, pretty good.

You look pretty good. Thank you.

Two years, though,
and you're still trying.

Who's trying?

Ah, come on, she
was teasing you.

She's attracted to me.

You wouldn't want to make a
small wager on that, would you?

Call stakes.

All right, 50.

Fifty bucks.

Bucks? Cents. What
do you think this is, rich?

Yeah, all right, 50...

Show the man your claim check.

I don't know where
it is. He's a cop.

What? Yeah, flash the badge.

What are you talking
about? Look in your pocket.

I don't know where it is.

You can't find your
badge? Did you get fired?

Take a look. Did you get fired?

Look in your pockets.

Here it is, here
it is, here it is.

Sorry about that. Happy?

Come on.



Hutchinson. Yeah, I'll
have to call you back.

Now this is your desk.

You got it.

Hey, this is
really nice. This...

This is very chic.

Oh, yeah, well, we've been
trying to get it condemned.

It's a menace to public safety.

But the mayor's
not going for it.

I got an idea. Why don't you
move it right out in the street?

Hmm. Kid's sharp.

Apples off the same tree.

Half-eaten, huh?

Well, Starsky.

I'm humbled that
you've decided to join us.

Oh, captain, uh, I have
an excuse for my absence.

I hope it's as good as the
excuse you have for being alive.

May I have the pleasure
of introducing you

to my only brother
in this small world?

Captain, I'd like you to meet
Nicholas Marvin Starsky.

Hey, give me a break, will you?

One's not enough. There's two.

Afraid so. Look
at those two mugs.

You know for sure they're
cut out of the same mould.

What you're saying is nature
made the same mistake twice.

Terrific, isn't he?
Isn't he terrific?

I'd like you to meet
Captain Dobey.

He's, uh, my acting
superior and chief misery.

It's a pleasure, sir.

I'm his superior.

Actually, I feel like I know you

considering all the wonderful
things David told me about you.

He did? I did?

You did?

I know a job like this
is quite a responsibility

for a man in such
a heavy position.

Uh, all right.

Uh, the man said
"heavy," not "overweight."

Listen. You two guys
could learn something

from this fine young
man about propriety.

Your mother did a fine job, son.

Oh, thank you very much, sir.

That's all right.


STARSKY: Come on. Hop in
a cab. Meet you at the house.

You got bucks?

Oh, yeah, I'm fine, don't worry.


Look, here's the house
key. Make yourself at home.

Take a shower, unpack your
bags. There's beer in the icebox.

Hey. Hm?

Any women there?

In the icebox?

Come on.


You're not living with anybody?

Well, I wanna get
to know her better

before I ask her to move in.

Oh, really?

Yeah. Well, she's
more than willing.

I just, uh, wanna
wait till I ask her.

Well, come on. What's her name?


Well, come on. Marlene who?

Marlene stewardess.



♪ Since I fell for you ♪

♪ Love ♪

♪ Brings us misery and pain ♪

You mean those two dummies

who tried to steal the
paper and got caught?

Thank you, Trish.

I'm gonna tell you
something, Victor.

The only one who could've
fingered the job is Cubby.

My good friend Cubby.

He's gotta be the one who's
opening his mouth to those cops.

What are their names?

Hutchinson and Starsky.

Them! You tell Jake he's
gotta do something for me.

He's gotta make sure that Cubby

never speaks to
anybody ever again. Ever.

Frank... See you later, Victor.

♪ But what can I do ♪

♪ I'm still in love with you ♪

Some guy here says
he wants to see you.

Says he's a friend
of Tony Markano's.

Frank Stryker.

Hey, Nick Starsky.

I like your jacket. Thanks.

Where'd you get it?

Uh, in the city.

Oh, you're new in town.


Where you staying?

Uh, with my brother.

Oh, yeah? Who is
he? Do I know him?

Wh-what is this, 20 questions?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's cool.

So tell me, is Tony still
selling bridges to people?

As often as he can and
as many as he can get.

Yeah, I love Tony too.

So Nick, what can I do for you?

Ah, just, uh... I'm just
checking in, like Tony asked.

Good enough. Well,
if you need anything,

you give me a jingle, okay?


I'll see you around.


I'll see you around.



Well, whoever the kid
was, he didn't stay too long.

Let's check with the cab
company and get the film downtown.

Maybe we can find out who he is.



STARSKY: Hey, will you hurry up?

We're gonna eat and then we're
gonna meet Hutch at the disco.

Take any longer, I'm gonna
finish my dinner right here.

NICK: Hey, don't
stuff yourself, uh-huh?

I don't want you to be too
tired to dance with Marlene.

Hey, one step at a time.

Right now I'm worried
about my stomach.

NICK: I just don't want
you to be hurt, that's all.

After all, hey, what
could a lady say?

Not a bad fit.

NICK: And considering I just
bought it off the rack today.

You bought that today?

You think creases like
this come in suitcases?

Martin's on Oxford.


Well, you don't look so bad.

You don't look so good,

Come on.

But you don't look so bad.



Hey! Hey!



Hey, Nick.

How are you?

Where... Where are the ladies?

STARSKY: They're on their
way. Be here any minute.

Here they are. HUTCH: Oh, yeah.

Hi, Marlene. MARLENE:
How do you do?

David. Hello.

Hi, good to see you.

How are you?

These are my friends.
This is Carol, Katie.

How do you do, Carol?

Stephen. Nice to meet you.

HUTCH: Carol. Katie.

You're K-Katie. STARSKY: Katie?

CAROL: No, I'm Carol.

NICK: Oh, you're Carol. Hi.
CAROL: Oh, you're David?

I'm Nicky. KATIE:
Hi. Nice to meet you.

CAROL: Carol. Hi. Carol, yes.

Yeah. Uh...

Uh, Marlene, this
is my partner, Ken.

Ken, this is Marlene.
How do you do?


Do you ever walk out in
the middle of your dates?

Of course not. Can
I buy you a drink?

Yes, sure.

Buy you a drink? KATIE: Sure.

So what would you like to drink?

No, no, lookit, I'm telling you
it was the movie house on 3rd.

I'm telling you, it was
the Loews on 86th.

Wrong, wrong, you're
completely wrong.

It was the movie house on 3rd.

It was a different theatre.

No, look, it's the same theatre,
It was always the same...

Are you guys still arguing?


Really, always.

Excuse me, uh, either
of you two want to dance?

Dance? Do you wanna dance?

Well, come right on.

HUTCH: How rude.

Would you care to sit down.

I would love to.
Thank you so much.

Yeah, have a seat. Can
we order you a drink?

Nothing, thank you.

No, we were just trying
to remember, you know...

Wait, are you guys
really brothers?

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, he's really a good dancer.

Yeah, uh...

What do you think?

About what?


Shall we?

We shall.


Mm. Such a fox.

Oh, thank you very much.

No, no, no. Not you.
The curly-haired one.

Don't you think so?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Dynamite.

Real cute.

Oh, what a good dancer.

Well, thank you. I...

You know, I really
enjoyed that...

No, not you. The other
one. The other. Look.



Huh. Oh.


JAKE: He got you, Frank.

You know something, Al?

I'd have beaten you
if you didn't do that.

I know that, Frank.

You know something, Jake?

Al here has got
a brilliant mind.

I know he does, Frank.

But one of these days
I'm gonna beat him.

Am I right, Al, huh?

You bet, Frank, and real soon.

Now, that's a fact.

Tell me, Jake,
what did you find out

about the Starsky kid?

He's got an appetite, Frank.


For the finer things in life.

You called Tony
like I asked you?

Mm-hm. And what did he say?

Sends his regards. Says
the kid is 100 percent.

Says we should use
him when it counts.


Well, maybe it's gonna
count real soon, huh?

I mean, what could be better?

A cop's brother.



And I lost someone Who's dear to me ♪

♪ I'm a loser ♪

♪ And I'm not what
I Appear to be... ♪

Will you come on, man?
We got neighbours...

♪ My tears are falling
Like rain from the sky ♪

Oh, my God, what are you doing?

My God. Hey!

♪ Is it for her or
myself That I cry ♪


♪ If I was only the
one I'd be here... ♪

You know something?

Speaking for myself


at this moment in time,

I feel like I'm the only one

who is fit to speak for
myself, here and now.

I think I did pretty
good tonight.

If you did so good,
where are the girls?

Oh. Well, they're not here.

NICK: ♪ Although I laugh
And I act like a clown ♪

♪ Beneath this mask I
am wearing a frown ♪


♪ My tears are falling
Like rain from the sky ♪

I'm glad you're not a singer.

Hey, What?

You know, to tell you the truth,

I didn't think you
still had it in you.

What? Just 'cause I'm a
few years older than you?

That had nothing
to do with the age.

This has to do with the work.

What, you don't work?

Sure, I work. But not like you.

Not running around
chasing people,

you're fighting with people.

You're even getting
shot at once in a while.

I'll tell you, a life like that

could age a person
way beyond his years.

No, no, no, no. Works
just the opposite.

Makes me even stronger.

And broke, right?

That too.

Will you tell it to me straight?

Don't you ever get tired of it?

Don't you ever get sick of it?
Don't you ever get sore of it?

Well, sure. Don't you
get tired, sore and angry?

As seldom as possible.

I'll tell you, there's a
lot of people out there

and very few of them
are doing what you do

and taking home the
money you take home.

Well, you got a point.

What for?


What for?


May as well be talking
to head of lettuce.

Well, I feel like
a head of lettuce.


Hey, so what are we
gonna do tomorrow night?

Tomorrow night?

NICK: Yeah.

Tomorrow night?

This is tonight.

I'll tell you what we're
not doing tomorrow night.

We... We, meaning you,
are not picking up the check.

We, meaning me, are
picking up the check.

Oh, my God. Was
that what I picked up?

I thought it was the
girl" telephone numbers.

Very funny. Look, I don't know
where you're getting the bucks,

but keep one thing in mind.

While you're here,
you're my visitor, hm?

You're my guest, I'm
the home team, hm?

Yeah, but I wanna
have a good time.





On the couch. Have a
good time on the couch.

I'm very tired.


What time is it?

It's five hours later.


you wanna meet
for lunch at noon?

No, I can't think of food now.

Come on, there's a
place near the station.

It's called The Pits. Hm?

Yeah, sounds delicious.

Sleeping Beauty.


DOBEY: Sit down, Starsky.

Never mind sit down!
What do you mean

you got my brother under
surveillance? For who, what?

For visiting a restaurant that
happens to be owned and operated

by the prime suspect
in a federal investigation.

Which is? Frank Stryker.

Oh, wait a second. Just
wait one minute here.

You got my brother
under surveillance

for going to
Stryker's restaurant,

maybe to get something to eat,
maybe to get something to drink?

I mean, I know things are tough,

but I didn't know
you were that hard up.

Look, Stryker's restaurant
is clear across town

in the opposite
direction from your place.

So tell us, out of all the bars
and coffee shops in this city,

how come little brother chooses

to go to the one
that's furthest away?

I haven't got a clue.

But I know how you can find out.

MAN: How's that?

Ask him.

Is he always this uptight?

Only when you tell
him that his little brother

is under federal investigation

for eating lunch out
of his neighbourhood.




Hi, Darling Joey.

FRANK: I'm sorry, but
there's no Darling Joey here.

Oh, but I just got into town,
and he left me this number.

Is that right? Well, we're
closed right now, sweetheart.

Uh, maybe Joey will be in
tonight, when we're open. Bye.

Al, find Jake.

Yeah, Frank.


I know, I'm late, I'm late.

Don't say it. You
guys owe me one.

I've done it for you.

You didn't have
the kind of day I had.

Get out of here.

What's up, Frank?

Well, I just got the Joey
call. The plates are in town.

All right.

I think it's time to say good
night to the feds, don't you?

You getting tired of
having your picture taken?


Well, I never considered
myself to be photogenic.

Do it.

All right.






Weldon, I'm sorry about Bronson.

Did he have a family?

No. He was lucky that way.

Maybe there ought to be a law

about people like
us having families.

Speak for yourself, Weldon.

Don't get smart, Starsky.

A good man is dead.

I believe he was a good man.

And we're gonna do
everything in our power

to prove that Stryker was
responsible for this whole mess.

Maybe you could help
if you'd stop following

my little brother
all over the place.

Come on. Just take
it easy, now, huh?




Hey, hey, hey, welcome
to The Pits, my man.

Where the food always fits
and guaranteed never to...


You got the time?

How much you want?

I got a date, and he's late.

Well, if he's late,

I guess I'll just have to wait.



Well, I figure they're
having a problem

with their wiretap right now.

Uh, well, when do
I make delivery?

As soon as I find a messenger.

Not a good idea.


we're gonna prove

that you're responsible
for this rubble,

and then we're
gonna bury you in it.

Jake, get Victor on the phone,

my attorney.

Tell him I'm sitting in my
place with two policemen

who are threatening
me in no uncertain terms.

Jake, while you're at it,

tell Victor to brush up
on his trial procedure,

because he's gonna
need it very soon.


Count on it.


[SIGHS] Why didn't you ask him

about Nick?

What for?

Think I'm gonna believe
anything Stryker told me?

Well, who will you
believe? Nick. Who else?

What's the matter with you?

You think Nick had
something to do with this?

Starsky, he's calling out
to you. Can't you see it?

What? Well, think about it.

What's he doing out here?

Why cause trouble for himself?

You haven't seen
the kid in four years.


Whatever he's doing
on the East Coast,

you wouldn't want to know.

He probably wouldn't
want you to know.

Suddenly he shows up. Why?

What's he want? What's
he...? What's he need?

What's he trying so hard
to make you find out?

I don't know.

I just don't know.



Well, if it ain't the
two centurions.

Just can't live without me, huh?

Ah, who else would be dumb
enough to take our credit?

[CHUCKLES] Love makes
fools of us all. What can I do you?

Hey, David!

Hey, Nicky.

NICK: Hey, how are you?
Good, how you doing?

Yeah, you're looking tired.

Dr. Hutchinson, I presume.

NICK: So how'd it go
last night with Marlene?

You guys, uh, left a little
drunk last night. How did it go?


Yeah, uh, she got a
little sick on the steps.

Meet my brother? Oh, God.

Nick, this is Huggy.

Well, well, no wonder
you looked familiar.

Huggy Bear.

Who? Huggy's the name,

and my game is the same,
the ladies, they love me

because they all wanna hug me.

Hey, beers all right with you?


I'll have another one of them.

HUGGY: You got it.
Okay, terrific, Huggy.

Hey, uh, Nick.

There's this club across town,

it's, uh, called
the Velvet Slide.


You were there yesterday.

Hey, how'd you know?

STARSKY: How come?

How come? Because a friend in
New York asked me to say hello

to a guy named Frank
Stryker, who owns the place.

Why? I do something
wrong? Oh, no. Uh...

HUTCH: Nick,

what do you know
about Frank Stryker?

He knows where
to buy his clothes.

Hey, I don't know
anything about him.

Why? Should I?

Yeah, uh...

He's bad news.

He's very bad news.

If your friend is friends
with Frank Stryker,

I suggest you tell
him to forget him.


That bad, huh?

Yeah, Nick, do me a favour, huh?

Don't ever see him again.

Yeah, sure.


What about the drinks,
huh? Where are the drinks?

Garçon, [TAPPING]

let's go, a little service here.

Thanks, kiddo.

All you gotta do is ask.

Nah, little boys play with
weed. Big boys play with coke.

Listen, I understand that.

Hey, Tony said you
were a good man

to do business with.

It's just that if I
wanted coke...

Which, see, I don't deal in it.

I would've asked you.

But all I want is a
bit spending money.

All I want is a little... I want
a little cash in my pockets

to spread around, have fun.

Hey, Nick, whatever
you do is okay with me.

I'm just trying to steer you

to a bigger profit
margin, that's all.

It's... See, it's just that I
got a brother and his buddy

I gotta steer clear of, so I...

I've done enough
driving for one day.

That's fine by me.

But if you decide to that you
wanna make a lot of bucks,

I got a nice little
errand for you to run.

Make yourself a few thousand.

Listen, I got some other
business to do. Uh...

I'll think about it.

Have a nice day.


How few?





Hutch, it's Huggy.

Look, I need to
see you right away.

And without Starsky. ¿Comprende?

Uh, yeah, I'm on my way.

Look, uh...

I left my wallet
down at Huggy's.

I'll be right back.


HUGGY: I whipped up
that little concoction myself.

So whatever you
need, just holler.

Because Huggy
aims to please. Hey.

So, what's up?

Well, the more
liberal of my patrons,

those who have been
known, from time to time,

smoked those cigarettes

with no writing on them,

have found themselves
a new supplier.

That's great, but
you didn't bring me

all the way back down here

just to tell me that.

Unfortunately, I did.

What are you talking about?

It's because of
who that supplier is.

Oh, come on, Huggy,
don't tell me that.

Starsky's brother.




So you're dealing weed, huh?

Ah, who's the weasel at Huggy's?

Is that all you
care about, Nick?

Who's the weasel at Huggy's?

Hey, what are you
getting so bent out of shape

over a couple of
kilos of weed for?

What do they do out
here if they catch you, huh?

They give you a traffic ticket.

And frankly I don't care
what happens to you.

But do I care what
happens to your brother.

Then why don't you...?

Called Huggy's looking for you.

Oh, yeah.


Look, um, I'll see
you later, huh?

Yeah, thanks.

Hey, I bought some beer, huh?

I bought a whole case.
What kind do you want?


Aw, come on. You
let me down, kiddo.

What is it? What are you
getting so uptight about, huh?

Are you guys working for
the abolitionists or what?

All right. Wait, all right.
I pushed a little weed.

But what's the big thing,
huh? What's the harm?

The harm is, is
that you lied to me.

That harm is that I don't
know what else you're turning.

Oh, wow, hey, if that's all
you're worried about, forget it.

I don't mess
around with cocaine.

I don't touch the hard stuff.

Come on, you know me, I... I
don't even take aspirin. I'm...

I'm afraid of it.

So if that's all
there is, don't sweat.

[SIGHING] Oh, man.

Hey, look, wait a second.

Where'd you get the
money for this stuff?

The money for that shirt?
The money for these pants?

For the shoes? Where'd
you get the money for 'em?

I don't have to answer to you.

Yeah you gotta
answer... No, I don't!


Nick, I'm talking to you!

Well, I'm right here.


You know,

I look at you, and
suddenly I see

one of the mugs on
the street I grew up on.

Hey, what do you got to
be so righteous about, huh?

I wanna know that.

Who are you to
be righteous to me?

I'm 28 years old, David.

I've been on my own a long time.

Look, come on,
let's face it, okay?

We grew up in the same room,

but me and you
are different people.

Okay? I live my life
by my own set of rules,

and you live your life.

All right, all right, well,
I push a little weed.

Okay, and back
East I sell some stuff

that happens to fall off the
back of trucks. But so what?

I give good deals. I
guarantee everything.

Yeah, that's right.

Last week some guy
I sold a hot stereo to,

he comes back, it's
defective. You know what I did?

Right away I gave
him a new stereo.

Just like that, I gave
him a new stereo.

These people I deal with,

they're poor people who
can't afford retail prices.

That's right. And
you're proud of that?

Yeah, right. I'm p... I'm proud.

You're a regular Robin Hood.

That's right. I'm a Robin
Hood. I'm... I'm my own man.

I'm my self-made man.
I don't punch a clock.

I'm my own boss.

If I don't know the difference

between right and
wrong right now,

you're not gonna teach me.

Who did?

All of a sudden you care?

Maybe nobody.

Oh, no, no, no.

They taught me.
Oh, they taught me.

I had all the best teachers.

All the guys that you left
behind when you moved.

Guys like Tony Markano,
he's like an uncle to me.

Guys like... Guys
like Big Billy Hayes,

guys like Spider McGuiness.

All those guys.

I know them all
personally now. All of them.

But you know something?

They know me.

You're real proud of that, huh?

That's right, Yeah.

That makes me what I am.

And what I am has nothing to do

with what you are.

And you know why?

[TEARFULLY] Know why?

Why? I'll tell you why.

Because you were
never there for me.

That's why!


What are you gonna do?

STARSKY: I don't know.


I don't know what to do.


Find him, I guess.

We had a tail on your brother.

He just called in. Your
brother ditched him.

And it wasn't by accident.


Look, I almost got grabbed.

I'm not moving another inch.

If you want the merchandise,
you'll have to come and get it.

All right, we'll be
there within the hour.


Seventy-five hundred. Ouch.

All right.

"874 West 74th Street."

Is that room six?

You got it.

When do I get paid?


COD. When you bring it back.


Hey, good luck.




Who is it?

NICK: It's Joey.

Hey, hi.

Hey, is that any way to
greet your Darling Joey?

It's on the bed.

On the bed.

So, what's in here?

You'll find out.

I mean, that is, if
you live long enough.

Excuse me?

Excuse me.


A lot of Joeys have died.

A lot.

Are you, uh...

You're keeping score?

Stryker keeps score.

Really? Well...
Well, listen, uh...

you wouldn't happen
to, uh, know who's next?

Because I wouldn't want
this little package here

to interrupt my
main goal in life.

Which is?

To die of natural causes.

think I'd worry about that.

No? No.


Because the next Joey's a cop.



Well, um, you...

wouldn't happen to know...

who, would you?




Nick? Where are you?

Don't say anything,
just listen to me.

They're coming after you,

you hear what I'm saying?

Frank Stryker...




Nick! What's going on?



Hey, Frank.

He'd make a good narrator.

Now get it
delivered. Fast. Okay.

I'm not all that crazy

about using a cop's
brother like this, Frank.

I don't see the sense
in having the girl tell him

you were gonna hit his brother.

Victor, the only way
we can turn this job

is if we control the moves.

Now we can. The kid is
my ace. Do you understand?

I don't know. You
don't have to know. I do!

[SOFTLY] Okay.

NICK: I didn't wanna
hurt you, Dave,

but we've been on
different sides of the tracks

since 104th Street.

And I am what I am.

But now I'm asking for your help

because I believe
these guys, brother.

If you don't come through
with what they're asking,

I don't think we're gonna
be seeing each other again,

at least this side of hell.


They left the Velvet
Slide a few hours ago.

And nobody knows
where they went.

What's this 104th Street?
Is that somewhere you lived?

No, that's where he
held down terrific job

until he spilled a
couple of gallons.

Of what? Of printer's ink.

He spilled ink all
over the presses

in this print shop
that he worked in.


HUTCH: Print shop.

Yeah, give me the
computer centre.


FRANK: Hey, Al.



They're perfect.

There won't be one
place in all of Europe

we won't be able
to pass this stuff.

The rest will be done
in less than an hour.

What about the kid, Frank? Huh?

What about the kid?

Oh, save the sports jacket. It
might fit one of my nephews.




STARSKY: "Carmelle Printing."

2200 Del Rey,

owner of record, Gerald Victor.

That's Stryker's attorney.


Police, put your hands up!




Over here now.


Now, where's my brother?

In the... Huh?!

In the room.


He's all yours.

Let's take a walk.

You okay?

Hey, untie the ropes.

Hey, untie the ropes.

What? Come again?

[MUMBLING] Untie the
ropes... My hands hurt.

Oh, sure, I'm sure of it.

[MUMBLING] Come on, my
hands hurt. Untie the ropes here.

Well, let me ask you
a couple questions.

[MUMBLES] Unite the ropes.

Who's your older brother?

You are.

Who's the younger brother?

[SIGHS] I am.

Who's the home team?

You are.

Who's the visiting team?

I am!

Who's sitting there
all tied up in knots?

I am.

And who's standing up here

free as a bird?




HUTCH: Coming down to the wire.

Excuse me. Oh, go right ahead.

HUTCH: All right.
Now for the big one.

HUTCH: Eight ball
in the side pocket.

HUGGY: Side Pocket.


All right. [WHISTLING]

Oh. Game time.

Looking good, blondie.

We got the team with the
looks and talent to match.

Here you go, 10 bucks
for two lucky chumps.

Okay, that's 5 for you,
and how much for me?

Five for you. Five for me.

Care of COD from
the brothers Starsky.

Our best luck was finding
suckers like these to play with.

Graceful winners, aren't you?

NICK: These guys
are too hot for us.

Hey, I'll buy you a
beer. [CHUCKLES]

NICK: Hey, what time
does my plane leave?

Not for a couple of hours.

We're gonna be
sorry to see you go.

That's right. That's
the fastest 5 bucks

I ever made in my life.
I gotta go back East.

I got things to do.

I got places to go,

I got people to see.
You got women to meet.

Yeah, I got a couple
of girlfriends I miss.

Say, I got some time.

You guys wanna
play for another 20?

What are you, nuts? Your plane.

No, wait. Wait a second.

NICK: No, no, wait,
I'll tell you what.

Give us 3-1 odds, we'll
take you up on your offer.

Nah, we didn't offer. Right.

You guys are so good, right?

You're so good

that we me and my brother here

will play both of us left-handed

Y... if you give us 4-1 odds.

You're out of your
mind! BOTH: We'll take it.

I'll tell you what. You
guys can even break.

Money on the wood
makes the game go good.


You think. HUTCH: Sorry, sappo.

You bragging about Nick
being another Willie Mosconi.


He is.

Yeah, sure.

He's also left-handed.