Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 11 - Captain Dobey, You're Dead - full transcript

Captain Dobey's determination to heat up a cold case puts him and his family in the crosshairs of a grudge-nursing ex-cop sprung from prison by a corrupt corporate CEO who wants both Dobey and the case put on ice.

Open it up.

Come on, hurry up.

Come on!

Come on, come on, come on.

Relax, Moon.

We'll be at the
airfield in five minutes.

After four years in that
joint, I'm not relaxing.

I'll relax when the man
who put me there is dead.

Go! Go!

Why don't you just admit it?

You're ticked off

because of what
happened last night.

No, I'm not.

Starsky, what was
the color of that car?

The second car in that smash-up.

Was it red or orange?


It was flamingo.


My mother had a '47 Studebaker.

It was the same color.

No kidding.


You sure it had nothing
to do with last night?

Yeah, I'm sure.

I've been meaning to give
that to you for some time now.

Madame Olga's Self-Help
Program to Become Right-Handed?

Starsky, if your best friend
can't tell you, who can?

Sooner or later
you've got to realize

that this whole
world was designed

for right-handed people.

You're just out of step.

I do all right.

Aren't you a little tired
of doing just "all right"?

And finally, this one,

taken just 15 minutes

before he was gunned down.

You know, that's
absolutely amazing.

I don't think I've seen

any of these photographs before.

You know, Isaac Douglas
wasn't just a Civil Rights leader.

He was one of my best friends.

And in order to keep

this investigation
of his death open

without official approval

from the department,

I need help.

That's why I wanted to appear

on a major TV show like yours.

Well, captain,

you've certainly worked hard.

But I can't take all the credit.

I just make the
public appearances.

Quite a few of my detectives

have given just about
all of their off-duty time.

Well, Miss Sutton,

I'll send the
blowups over later.


See you this afternoon
at your studio?

I'll be looking forward
to it, Captain Dobey.

Thanks again. Bye, now.


Hey, cap.


Hey, uh, you're not going to
buy a candy bar, are you, huh?

You just started
the diet this morning.

Me, put money in this machine?

You kidding?

Look here, Starsk.


A candy bar.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Hey, don't you two guys
have a beat to cover?

Oh. Sure.

Well, how about getting on it?

Thanks, cap.

I don't know about this one.

I think you look fine, Daddy.

You really like that one?

Harold, every tie
you own is out here.

I was looking for the one I wore

when I spoke at
the University Club.

You're wearing it.


What's going on?

Uh, Cal, you and
Rosie run along, huh?

Come on, Rose.

What's up?

Just came from
the chief's office.


Leo Moon escaped from prison

two hours ago.


it was a well-executed,
well-organized break.

A riot was staged
to cover the getaway.

Now, Roarke has ordered a unit

stationed outside your house

until Moon is recaptured.


We'll wait outside, cap.

Better keep the kids inside.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Do you have to go?

Yes, I do.

This TV show could
open Isaac's case up.

Or at the least,

keep it before the public.

Besides which,

you know how hard
I've worked for this.


Now, come on.

Give me a smile.

That's better.

Give me a kiss.

Who's the boss
around here, anyway?

I am.

Captain, there's a
squad car over there.

Now, we've had
R&I pull Moon's file,

but we thought we'd save
some time by talking to you.

You, uh...

You knew Moon better

than anybody on
the force, right, cap?

Well, yeah, I guess
you could say that.

We went through
the Academy together.

Rosie! Cal!

Now, what else can I tell you?

About five years ago,

he disgraced himself
and the department.

He was convicted of
extortion and Murder One.

I was instrumental in
sending him to prison.

The beat you guys have
now is the one he had.

Well, then he's got some
friends in the area, right?

That you can make book on. Okay.

I don't care how many
times you tell these kids,

they're going to leave
their bikes out here anyway.

Cal! Rosie!

Captain, relax.
I'll take care of it.

I used to leave my bike
out when I was a kid too.

Yeah, I'll bet you did.


if and when Moon comes to town,

he's probably going
to have to get in touch

with one of these
friends, right?


Leo had a girl, used
to work for Frisco Fats.

Her name was, uh...


Lola Bryner.

Lola Bryner. We'll
check with the fat man.

Now, if we need any more help...

I'm going to be at the
TV station until 9:00,

and then I'm coming
straight back here.

Got it.

Mr. Pommier will take
care of you from here.

I'll catch up with you later.

Has he got my goods?

He's got everything
you asked for.

From a rifle with a
high-powered scope,

right on down the line.

We're just as anxious as you are

that you complete your mission.

Yeah, I'll bet you are.

Before I do anything else,

I've got a phone call to make.

There's a pay phone over there.

Take good care of our friend.

Until this is done,
just like a baby.

I'll see you later.

Move, kid.

Four ball.

Last ball.

When you play with the king,

you're going to get burned.

Be sure to come around
next time you get paid, huh?

Aw, don't be
ridiculous, fat man.

What are you going
to do, outrun us?

You guys got no
business with me.

We do. We do.


You want information.

Maybe the kind that
can save your life.

Leo Moon busted
out of jail today.

There ain't a hole big enough

for you to hide in, fat man,

so you're going to
have to talk to us,

or start getting yourself
fitted for a piano crate.

You testified against Leo Moon,

and he ain't going
to forget that.

I want protection.

We want Lola Bryner.


Sure, if anyone would
know where Leo was...

We already know that, fat man.

The question is,
where do we find her?

From everybody
we've talked to so far,

sounds like she
dropped off the planet.

Well, let me make
some phone calls

and I'll get back to you guys.

Well, you make it fast.

It could mean your
chubby cheeks.

Isn't that nice?

All right, everybody,
quiet on the set.

This is a rehearsal.

This is really something.


I've never been in
a TV studio before.

Have you?

Yeah, once, when I was a kid

and my Cub Scout group

was on the Maxie Malone Show.

The Maxie Malone Show?
Hey, I remember him.

He was that little
midget, right?

Yeah. You know
something about him?

What? He was left-handed too.

There, you see? Yeah.

I used to watch
his show every day.

Hey, whatever happened to him?

He was arrested.

For what? I don't know.

My mother never let me
read that part of the story.

Look at Dobey over there.

They say on television

you, uh, you gain
about 10 pounds.

Yeah, that's for sure.

Off the record, Captain Dobey,

who do you think was involved

in the Douglas killing?

Off the record or on the record,

if I knew, I'd be
there, arresting them.

Yes, but you must
have some idea.

Well, let me put it
this way, Miss Sutton.

We know Isaac Douglas
was stirring up trouble

in the City Finance Office.

He was using some
pretty important names.

For instance, C.J. Woodfield.

Oh, yes.

I remember now.

Hello, Mr. Woodfield.

I'm sorry to have kept
you waiting, Norris.

Oh, that's quite all right.

Moon is here and happy,

ready to do his job?

That's right,

and chomping at the bit.

I still don't like it.

How do we know
we can trust Moon?

Beauty of it is, Crenshaw,
we don't have to trust him.

Moon has no idea who we are

or why we helped him
escape from prison.

The man's single purpose in life

is to kill Dobey.

Don't you see?

We kill Dobey now,
using this crazy ex-cop,

and then it's all over,

and there's no possible
connection to us

or the Isaac Douglas killing,

because, uh, quite
frankly, Crenshaw,

you can't even
imagine the things

Moon plans to do to that family.

Zebra Three, come in please.

Zebra Three, over.

Message from Frisco Fats.

See the woman at
the massage parlor.

14th and Hudson.


The massage parlor
at 14th and Hudson.

The fat man sent us over here,

said you could help
us find Lola Bryner.

Figures. Cops, huh?

Afraid so.

Oh, well.

You win some, you lose some.

Oh, well.

You know, that's the trouble
with you younger generation.

No respect for age.


Well, look,

could you tell us
something about Lola?

Honey, it looks like we're
all out of luck tonight.

Why is that?

After Fats called,

I sent one of the girls
over to Lola's place.

Man, she split, bag and baggage.

Any idea where?

Can't say for sure, but
she was in some big hurry

after she got a phone
call this afternoon.

You know from who? Well, sure.

I was sitting at the desk
taking phone calls, wasn't I?

I really couldn't hear
what he had to say.

There was some kind
of funny noise, like, uh...

like airplane engines
or something like that

making a terrible
racket in the background.

What was his name?

Did you catch his name?

Well, sure.

Just a minute.

I think I got it right here.

His name was, uh...

Here it is.


Yeah, that's it.

There's a number there too.


Lola wasn't here at the time,

so I had to get his number

so she could call him back.

If Moon was calling
from an airport,

he just might have beat
all those roadblocks.

He might have
flown right over them.


See you, sweetheart.

Baby, I hope so.

Then he turned to me and said:

"Harold, if I'm in defiance
of that unjust law tomorrow,

you just may have to arrest me."

That was shortly
before he was killed.

Right on, Dad.

That was the September 8th march

for hiring minorities.

I'm sorry, Captain Dobey,
but we have run out of time.

I just want to thank
you very much

for coming here tonight.

Thank you.

And thank you
all for joining us.

All right, young man.

Time for you to be
getting to your homework.

Yeah, I guess I'd better.

Mom, can I have some ice cream?

You just had a huge
bowl of popcorn.

Yeah, I know,

but I always get hungry
when I eat popcorn.

I'll get it.

How did I do?

Oh, honey, you were terrific.

I'm all finished here,

so I'll be leaving in
a few minutes, okay?

Okay. Did you lock up?

Yes, yes, all the
doors are locked.

Good. I'll be home
in 20 minutes.

All right.

All right, I'll see you then.


Well, I see you
didn't waste any time.

Oh. Mom?

Cal, it's...

It's probably just
a power failure,

but I don't think it
would do any harm

to get ahold of your father.

Hello, operator?

Yes, would you get me the number

of television station
Channel Six, please?


Hello? Hello?

Operator, hello?


Cal, go upstairs.

First, lock your
sister in her room,

and then bring me down
your father's spare gun.

All right.


I have a gun.

I'm warning you.

Come on, Cal.

Come with me.

Why doesn't he do something?

I don't know,

but I'm sure going to find out.


Bolt the door after me.

Protect your little sister.

Officer. Officer.



It's Hutch.

It's all right. It's all right.

Come on now.

All right, baby.

We're almost home.

Now, once Dobey is dead,

it's a plane for South America

and $50,000 cash.

We can do an
awful lot down there

with that kind of money.

If you're still alive.

I'm beginning to wonder

which way you'd prefer it.

Four years is a long time,

the way I've had to live.

Where the hell do
you think I've been,

on a picnic?

Now, tonight,

Dobey made the down payment

for those four years.


he pays the whole bill.

Yeah, give we a trace
on the following number.


Yes, Edith.

Now, come on.

Sit down.

It's going to be all right.


They said

that the phones were working,

though they have to
send a man out tomorrow

to make the
connection permanent.

Good, Cal.


I'll go check on her.

And close the
door, will you, Cal?


Now, everything's
going to be all right, baby.

The family's together,

and he can't hurt us now.

Okay, that's it.

That number Ethel gave
us is from a pay phone

at White Airfield.

White Airfield?

Yeah. Where's Dobey?

He's with Edith.



Hello, old pal.


I just wanted to let you know

I'm in town.

Tomorrow's for real.

You're a sick man, Leo.

That's right, I'm sick...

but you're dead.


now, I want you to
go upstairs and pack.

It's better if you
and the children

wait over at your mother's

until this is over.

But you're my husband,
and this is our home.

I don't want to leave you,

and neither do the children.



Let's talk it over in here.

White Airfield, huh?


Lot of light plane
traffic out there...

Yep, which means

we've got to check
an awful lot of planes

before we find the one

Moon might have come in on.



Hi, Rosie.

We didn't hear you
come down here.

Why does that
man want to hurt us

and make my mama cry?

Aw, come here, sweetheart.

I guess because that
man isn't very nice.

He used to be a policeman.

He was a bad policeman,

and your daddy
helped put him in jail.

Did he rob banks?

No, I don't think he
robbed any banks,

but he did a lot of other
things that weren't very nice.

Please don't let
him hurt my daddy.

No, we won't.

Yeah, and the third guy,

the third guy was big.

You know, muscular,

and he had a wicked-looking scar

running right across his face.

Is this the guy?

Yeah. Right. That's him.

Now, wait a minute.

I want you to
check that out again.

He just identified
Moon from the picture.


Did you come up with anything?

No. The plane was a rental.

A cleaning crew went
through it after it came in.

There wasn't a usable print

in the whole thing.


Yeah, all right, all right.

Thanks. Yeah.

Uh, gentlemen, look, uh...

I'm afraid to tell
you that the license

and the name the pilot used,

they were both phony.

What's the matter
with you people?

Don't you check out
who rents your planes?

Yeah, usually.

What do you mean, usually?

I knew him. I mean, you
know, I've seen him around.



when I worked at the
airfield at Mandalay Heights.

He flew for
Woodfield Industries.

Wait a minute.

C.J. Woodfield?

That's right.

He was the old
man's private pilot.

C.J. Woodfield?

His company was one of
those that Isaac Douglas named,

which was getting
special treatment

on city contracts.

Wait a minute.

So if he's the one

that Douglas had the goods on,

now, with Dobey

trying to reopen
that investigation,

things could get pretty
hot for Woodfield, right?

And if he wanted to kill
Dobey, what better way

than to bust a crazy
like Moon out of prison?

Then, to ensure Moon doesn't
get hung up with a roadblock,

Woodfield has one of his pilots

rent a plane under a phony name,

fly upstate, and pick him up.

This whole thing is
getting very scary.

All of a sudden, we're in
the middle of a conspiracy

that Dobey's been trying
to pin down for over a year.

What have we got, huh?

The pilot.

But even if we make him,

it's going to be an awfully
long way before we prove

that Woodfield
himself was involved.

Well, Moon is the key.


He missed last night.


That's going to make
them nervous, huh?

Maybe they'll make a mistake.

Let's hope so.

Zebra Three to Control.

We're en route

to Mandalay Heights Airport.

Notify Dobey.

We'll check with him from there.

Yeah, yeah, sure.

The pilot you guys
are talking about

is, uh...


Marty Pommier.

Pommier. P-O-M-M-I-E-R.

You're sure of the spelling?

I ought to be.

He's signed enough
work orders for me.

I do most of the maintenance
on the Woodfield plane.

You always do your maintenance

early on a Sunday morning?

I don't think I should be
talking to you two guys.

You're going to talk to us
one way or the other, pal.

Make it easy on yourself.

Woodfield's people

call in the middle of the night,

say they've got a rush-rush job,

have to have the plane ready

for a long-range flight

no later than noon.

Well, then, you got one
hour to get Pommier for us.

Hey, I ain't got time

to be running your errands.

I've got to get this
plane in the air.

Look, I don't know how
to break this to you, pal,

but if Pommier is
the guy we're after,

you're not gonna get
anything in the air today.

Your bosses
aren't going to like it

if we close this place down.

And we'll close it down

unless we get the
answers we want.

You can reach us at this number.

That's one hour.

That's interesting.

A suddenly-scheduled
long-range flight.

Be a good way for Moon
to get out of the country.

The only part that bothers
me is it's scheduled for noon.

This is what I call
being dressed to kill,

right? Hmm?

Everything is set.

You leave in 30 minutes.

I want to be on time.

The captain's never late

for Sunday services, right?

How do you know the police

will even let the
hearse near the church?

Because the funeral arrangements
were made three days ago

by one of the most reputable
mortuaries in the city.

Shall we try your casket on?

Let's go.

If you're right, you're
only one step away

from tying C.J. Woodfield
not only to Moon's escape,

but Isaac's murder.


But on the other
hand, if you're wrong,

Woodfield's a
powerful enough man

to see to it that we're all
walking a beat in a bean field.

That's what I like
about you, cap.

You always look
at the bright side.

Did I ever tell you
about my aunt?

She was left-handed.

No. What did your family do?

Lock her up in the attic?

Yeah, sometimes.

How'd you know?

Hey, what are you talking about?

Didn't you ever notice

about left-handed
people, captain?

A little strange.

Answer the phone, Hutch.

Yeah. Dobey's.

No, this is a
Detective Hutchinson.

Uh, yeah, we'd appreciate that.

We'll be there in
about 20 minutes.

C.J. Woodfield just
invited us to breakfast.

Heavenly Father,

we thank thee for the
food we are about to eat

and ask thy divine
grace and guidance

for those who are about
to share thy bounty.



I'm a simple man
from simple roots,

Mr. Detectives.

I like to feel I can keep
close to my creator.

I hope my little invocation

didn't make you
feel uncomfortable.

Oh, no.

No, no. Why should it?

One never can tell these days,

with lawlessness
and anti-patriotism

running rampant
across the nation.

Excuse me, Mr. Woodfield.

I think you're forgetting,

these two gentlemen
are officers of the law.

Oh, yes, yes.

Now, uh...

I believe you two are
interested in talking to me

about something to
do with Mr. Pommier?

Yes, uh...

we'd like to ask
you a few questions.

I think the point

Mr. Woodfield was
trying to make was,

what sort of questions
you want to ask.


Was your pilot involved

in helping a man escape
from prison yesterday?

Escape from prison?

Oh, somebody has certainly

sent you off on a
wild goose chase.

Why do you say that?

Marty was with us
all day yesterday.

All day?

Yes, most of the day.

We were talking

about a trip he's
going to make for us

this afternoon.

We still want to find him...

if you can tell us where he is.

We've just told you.

Marty was with us.

Quite frankly, sir,
we don't believe you.

Could I have some
more milk, please?

We want to see Mr. Pommier,

and we want to see him now.

If we find out the two of
you knew where he was

and you weren't telling us,

we're going to come back here

and arrest the pair of
you for obstructing justice.

I can see now it was a mistake
inviting you here this morning.

Norris, I want their names
and badge numbers.

Just tell them
Starsky and Hutch.

They'll know who we are.

He's Hutch. I'm Starsky.

I'm not in the habit

of being called a
liar, and I don't like it,

and I don't think my friend
the governor will like it.

Well, by the same token, sir,

we don't like anybody

busting out of jail
to kill our captain.

Causes unrest in the ranks.

You never know

who to invite to parties

or who to...

And believe me,

Mr. Detectives,

before I'm through,
you two won't like it.

Oh, we stopped
liking it long before,

when you first started
serving this mush.

going to be all right,

Mr. Woodfield.

Not if they find Marty

before Moon has
finished his job!

They can't.

Not now.

There's not enough time.

After you've killed Dobey,
it's up to you to get back here.

If you make it, I'll
pick you up at 11:30

and we'll be in the air by noon.

I'll make it. Be ready at 11:30.

All right, fine.

Well, everything's set.

We're going to arrive at
church five minutes late,

but we get better
protection that way,

just in case Moon...

Whatever you think best, dear.

Well, you know damn
well what I think is best.

Harold, such language,
and on the way to church too.

Come on, children.

After your mother, young man.

Zebra Three, come in please.

Zebra Three, over.

Partial information
on suspect Pommier.

Suspect has no
listed local residence,

but does have a
business address.

132 Marshall.

Roger and out.

That's in the
warehouse district.

Little early, aren't you?

Regular services won't be over

for about a hour.

All right, drive through here.

You can park across the street.

Hold it!


What do I do now?

Well, you're the one
she isn't listening to.

Come on, Starsk.

Look out.

Oh! No! No! Stop!

I don't think she likes you,


Too much for you, partner?

The next time we
bust into a room,

you yell "freeze."

Are you Lola Bryner?

Stuff it.

Listen, you have a
very easy choice, Lola.

You can either spend

the next 20 years of
your life in a penitentiary

or you can tell us
where Leo Moon is.

Edith, I want you
to take the children

and wait for me inside.

I'll be there in a moment.

All right.

Watch the door, Cal.

Everything is secure, captain.

We have officers all
around the perimeter.

This is Zebra Three.

Instruct all units
protecting Captain Dobey

that suspect Leo Moon
is waiting in a hearse

at the First
Congregational Church.

Okay, let's go.

Down! Get down!

Go! Go! Go!

Cut him off!


I owe you guys one.

If you want to go to the station
and get started on your report,

I'll see you there
in about an hour.

Yeah, where will
you be till then?

I gave you your
thanks, didn't I?

Now I'm going to
give the Lord his.

We don't have any choice.

That's easy for you
to say, Mr. Woodfield,

but I'm the one
the cops are after.

I'm getting out of the country.

You'll leave the country
when I say you can.

We always knew Moon could fail.

That's why we had
the contingency plan.


you're the only one
who can handle it.

If I get caught,

it's a pipeline
straight back to here.

If Dobey isn't killed, it comes
right back here anyway.

Marty, this way, it'll
still be blamed on Moon.

We can't survive

a new investigation into
Douglas' assassination,

or Crenshaw's city contracts.

Let's face it.

Either way, everything
is on the line,

for all of us.

All right, all right.

But when it's done,

I want a plane ready
when I get to the field.

But of course.


after he's planted the dynamite,

I think Marty will have
outlived his usefulness.

Take care of him.


You can tell them
everything's fine now.

Well, Lola Bryner's not
the brightest girl in the world

but she figured she'd get a
better break if she helped us

while you were still alive.

But what about Pommier?

We got the airfield staked out,

the warehouse,
Woodfield Industries...

If he moves, we've got him.

According to an FBI kickback,

Pommier was a demolitions
expert in the Navy,

then he worked for Woodfield
Industries for 12 years

as a pilot and an
explosives man.

You know,

there have been
a lot of lonely hours

these last few months.

I even wondered if I was crazy

trying to get Isaac's
case reopened.

Hey, captain...

if we get Pommier
and if we get him to talk,

we can blow this
whole thing wide open.

Hutchinson. Hutchinson.



A telephone company uniform?

Got him.

Our man's been spotted
at Mandalay Heights airfield.

Wait a minute.

There was a telephone truck

at my house this morning.

The man was
supposedly fixing the wires

Moon cut last night.

Looks like they're
not giving up.

Rose, get my wife on the phone.

Tell her to get the
hell out of there.

You get the bomb squad.

Tell them to be at
my house right now.

You know, the bomb squad

took 12 sticks of dynamite
from under my house.

They were set to go off

just as my family and
I sit down for dinner.

Is everybody all right?

Yeah, but what about Pommier?

Is he going to cooperate?

Well, after Woodfield
tried to kill him,

he's ready to talk
about everything

from Moon's escape from prison

to Douglas' assassination.

Let's get to it, huh?

The police have just come
in through the front gates

and they're on their way up.

Thank you.

I'd like to be alone, Crenshaw.

Well, Mr. Detectives, it
seems we meet again.

What can I do for you?

Not a thing, Mr. Woodfield.

Mr. Pommier is already doing

all that's necessary
down at the station.

Mr. Woodfield, Captain Dobey.

C.J. Woodfield?


I'm placing you under arrest
for the murder of Isaac Douglas.

You, uh...

You going to give
me my rights, boy?

You're going to get
all your rights, C.J.,

including the rights you
denied my friend, Isaac Douglas,

the rights you have denied

the people of this city

by corrupting its
political process,

even the rights you would
deny me and my family.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Left foot, blue.

Left foot, blue? Okay.

Starsky and Hutch
saved our lives.

Now, I don't see why
you can't give them

a simple thank you.

Because, Edith, Starsky
and Hutch are policemen.

What they did was
in the line of duty.

No more, no less.

Spin it again, Rosie.

So why'd you recommend
them for medals?

Hey, look, can we just
enjoy Rosie's birthday

without any more shop talk?

Yes, dear.

Right hand, yellow.

All right, if, um...

if you don't want to admit

to Starsky and Hutch themselves,

why don't you admit to me

that you're grateful to them

for saving our lives.

Look, Edith, as captain
of the detectives,

I've got a certain
image I have to maintain.

A certain, uh...

"Dignity" is always
a very good word.

Uncle Dave, Uncle Ken!

Happy birthday, Rosie.

Hey, sweetheart. For me?

Well, I suppose you could
let that big kid over there

play with it, if he promises
to behave himself.

I've got one for you too,

but you got to guess which hand.

That one.

Hey, hey, do that again.

Do what?

Point at his hand,

the way you just did.

You're left-handed, huh?

Of course.

Oh, you come here,
my little pumpkin.

Oh, you are my partner, hmm?

Rosie's left-handed.

Now, what do you
got to say to that?

Well, one out of two isn't bad.