Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 8 - Space Race - full transcript

The captain of the Serrakin prisoner transport ship Cerberus seeks Major Carter's help in winning a race and offers in exchange full access to their ion engine technology. He further explains that it is not through official channels and that they will only learn what they pick up by helping him tune up his ship. Sam agrees to help and insists upon running the race with him. However, the competition for this race is steep and there is no telling whether the team will be able to surpass their rivals.

Sorry I haven't changed, sir.
The message said it was urgent.

Hello again, Major Carter.


- It's good to see you again.
- You too. What brings you here?

When last we spoke, you reiterated your
desire for access to Serrakin technology.

Yes, of course.

Yet diplomacy between our respective
leadership has been slow to develop.

- I'm sure they're just being cautious.
- As I told Hammond and Dr Jackson,

I am here to offer you full access to
the ion propulsion engine on the Seberus.

Well, that's great.

- Sir, this could...
- I read your report, Major.

I won't debate the value of the technology,
but there's more.

In return, I would like your help...

to win a race.

It is called the Loop of Kon Garat.

Every year, the largest corporation
on my planet, known as Tech Con Group,

awards an extremely lucrative contract
to the winner of the Loop.

A contract?

It is a time-tested method to find the most
able pilot with the best ship for the job.

The race is open to anyone.
There are few rules.

The winner's ship
must arrive first and intact.

The government of your planet is letting
you share advanced technology with us

in exchange for us
helping you to win a race?

Not exactly.

I have arranged for a small group of you
to come to Hebridan on a diplomatic visit.

There is no rule
preventing you from helping me,

and what you learn while you're there...

So, unofficially.

- How can we help?
- Major!

Can't hurt to ask, can it, sir?

The power you used to recharge
the Seberus when I was stranded...

- A naqahdah generator.
- The Seberus has been through a lot.

But my diagnostic analysis of its systems
showed greatly improved efficiency

when supplemented
by the naqahdah generator.

I'd like to participate.

Well, actually,
I was not asking you to join me.

Why not? I'll have to
interface the generator.

Could you not just show me?

Naqahdah generators are valuable to us.
We won't let one out of our sight.

Besides, you never know
what issues could arise on the fly.

I feel compelled to warn you of
the danger. It's not for the fainthearted.

We take risks to attain
advanced technology all the time.

For me, there'd be no better way to learn
about your ship than to see it in action.

A victory would mean a great deal to me.

I am not above accepting your offer.

With your approval, sir.

Major, I expect you to evaluate the risk
of this mission on an ongoing basis

- and act accordingly.
- As always, sir.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You ready?
- Yeah, just about.

Warrick has set us up some meetings with
high-ranking members of his government.

- I bet O'Neill's looking forward to that.
- Oh, yeah.

- You really think this is worth it?
- Absolutely.

Why, don't you?

No... Yeah... I just...

- You just seem unusually gung ho.
- Gung ho?

This is more than about
attaining new technology for you.

You mean helping Warrick?
He did once risk his life for me.

Yeah, I heard that.

I think there's something else.

Look, I know that
this could be dangerous,

but this is our job, right?
It's what we signed on to do.

We take risks in the hopes of
achieving new levels of technology.

If - and I stress "if" -

participating in this race
happens to be a little bit, I don't know...


- What's a girl to do?
- Nothing. That's just what I thought.

I'm Ardal Hadraig.

Welcome back to TCNN's exclusive
coverage of the 59th Loop of Kon Garat.

With the Loop set to begin tomorrow,

we have a startling
new development to report.

Perennial also-ran Warrick Finn
announced today

that his copilot will be a human from
the planet we've come to know as Earth.

Major Carter's participation will mark the
first inclusion of an alien in Loop history.

A band of explorers happened upon him

when his ship, the "Seberus",
crashed on an uncharted planet

while transporting convicts
to the outlying prison colonies.

The question on everyone's mind is

will these earthlings bring Warrick luck
a second time around?

Continuing coverage
of the Loop of Kon Garat

is brought to you
by Tech Con Ultra Sport Beverage.

When you've got an ultrabig thirst to
quench, only Tech Con Ultra Sport will do.

May I introduce you all to Eamon?

He is responsible for making
the Seberus what it is today.

And he is my younger brother.

Ah, yes. I see the family resemblance.

It's uncanny, boys.

It's like...

- Colonel Jack O'Neill. This is...
- You just had to do it, didn't you?


- You think we'd lose without their help?
- Eamon!

They saved my life and are responsible
for my getting back home to Hebridan.

- I suggest you show some respect.
- My apologies.

I am honoured to meet
my brother's saviours.

And you must be Major Carter. The one
without whom we could not win the Loop.

You know, I feel all warm and fuzzy.
How about you?

Major Carter, if you are to be my copilot,
you'll need to know how the ship works.

- What is this?
- The operations manual for the Seberus.

- I had it translated for you.
- Thank you.

That's not our language.

It's mine, sir.


The long-range scanner control unit
didn't come in again today.

- When I called, they said our credit...
- I will go and pick one up,

after I escort Colonel O'Neill, Dr Jackson
and Teal'c to our capitol building.

- T, you coming?
- Carter requested I remain to assist her.

- She did?
- I did?


Right. Yes, thank you.

I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter.

Yes, I know the feeling.

- Shall we?
- Stay in touch.

- I am in your debt, Major Carter.
- Indeed.

With all your science, I'm surprised you
don't have a power source that rivals this.

Oh, they exist.
We just couldn't afford one.


- Warrick is desperate, Major.
- How do you mean?

He was gone a long time.
We all thought he was dead.

His wife, Athea, remarried,
and has children of her own now.

Since his return, work has been scarce.

He thinks this race
is his chance to get his life back,

and he will do anything to win it.

- What about you?
- Me?

I work for Tech Con.

I design garbage disposal units
for their food service division.

Need I say more?

- No.
- Eamon, I'm back.

- Did you get the...
- No. They just transmitted the race data.

Tech Con Group - progress
and people working in total harmony.

I'm Miles Hagan,
President of Tech Con Group.

I wish to welcome you as an official
contestant to the Loop of Kon Garat.

Congratulations on qualifying.

As always, the Loop will run through
a course that consists of four stages.

- Defence...
- We know that. Skip to the competition.

Let's meet your fellow pilots, shall we?

I don't believe it. Jarlath.


I know him from my days
of transporting convicts.

He was caught running illegal weapons.
I thought he was in prison.

- Looks like he's been paroled.
- He's not our biggest problem.

La'el Montrose, independent cargo runner
from the Parallel Colonies.

Her ship is very fast.
And worse still...

- Hm. Muirios.
- His skill as a pilot is legendary.

- Can we beat him?
- You'll lose in the navigation phase

without a long-range scanner control unit.

I will get one.

What's this?


Hello, Warrick. Who's your friend?

Hi. Major Samantha Carter.

Ah, one of the earthlings.

I heard about you.

We're here for the scanner control unit.

- Look, Warrick...
- Taupen.

I'm running a business, not a charity.

Your credit's been over
the maximum for months.

The best chance of my paying you back
is for me to win.

I'm sorry, Warrick. I can't give you
a new one, but you're in luck.

I just picked up this
reconditioned unit this morning.

It should work fine.

I will take it. Thank you.

- I promise. I will settle up things after...
- After you lose.

You don't think he's good for it, do you?

He doesn't stand a chance
of winning the Loop.


Still avoiding personal hygiene, I see.

Who's your friend, Warrick?

She looks nice.

Golon Jarlath, Captain of the Oran,
very much at your service.

lgnore him, Major.

Stay out of my way, Warrick,
or I'll blow your pathetic ship to pieces.


You're right. He is not worth it.

That's it. We're done.

She's ready.

Do you believe
the Seberus can win this race?

I'd like to think we'd have won without
the naqahdah. With it, I'd guarantee it.


That depends.

I'm sure we can find something
that will suit you.

With the Loop set to begin
only minutes from now,

I'm joined by race expert
and two-time champion Coyle Boron.

Coyle, what's going through
the pilots' minds right now?

Well, at the starting buoys there's nothing
else to do but run your preflight check

and hope all your hard work pays off.
It's a tense time.

There's no question the stakes are high.

The winner receives
a lucrative contract

with Tech Con's
deep-space-exploration project,

while anything else means massive debt
and the acrid taste of bitter defeat.

It's an interesting group of pilots this year,
Coyle. Who do you like?

You gotta like this kid Muirios.

He's got the talent
and the ship to take it all.

What about Warrick and the human
woman? Any potential for an upset?

They don't stand a chance.

Well, the gaming experts agree.
You can wager on the outcome

at any of Tech Con Group's
friendly gaming kiosks,

conveniently located
throughout urban centres near you.

Tech Con Gaming Kiosks -
if you don't play, you definitely won't win.

I'm getting the feeling that even
a long look at an ion drive isn't enough.

We'll need a compression coil to have any
chance of reproducing the technology.

If we win, I'll buy you one.

If we win?

Prepare for race start.
All pilots check in now.

Flight Control, this is the Seberus,
preparing for race start.

- What do you want, Jarlath?
- Just to tell you to drop out now

and save that worthless junk barge you
call a ship from being destroyed.

- Eat greeven, Jarlath.
- You piece of...

- Greeven?
- Don't ask.

This is Tech Con Flight Control.
Stand by for race start.

Ready or not,

here... we... go.

The first stage is a test
of each ship's defence capabilities.

Against what?

- Those things are firing at us.
- Yes.

Bring aft shields to full.

- That is auxiliary power.
- Right.

- Shields are holding.
- Captain Shibo of the "Tritan".

Losing shield power.
Key systems are failing.

Tritan, this is Warrick on the Seberus.

Siphon primary power from your regulator
and boost your shield strength.

I can't. I've lost my interchange unit.


Tritan, hold on.
We're on our way to assist.

Too late. My engines are fried.
I'm out, Warrick. Thanks anyway.

- Is he gonna be OK?
- Drones cease firing if a ship is disabled.

That's it, we're clear.

Anyone ever die in this race?

- I told you it was dangerous.
- I know.

Are there no events such as this on Earth
where humans risk their lives?

- Yeah, a few.
- No matter how much winning may mean,

I'd never intentionally
endanger your life. This ship...

- What now? I thought we were clear.
- Stage two.

We're entering
the coronasphere of our sun.

It disturbs the communication
and navigation equipment.

Eamon has designed shielding
specifically for this phase.

And so, after stage one,
Muirios has the lead,

followed closely by
La'el Montrose and Golon Jarlath.

The "Oran" made quick work
of those drones.

- We've got stage two coming up fast.
- That would be the coronasphere.

It's made up of ionised gases, so you
fly though a layer of translucent plasma.

- Wow. Sounds hot.
- At this stage it's all about the shields.

Does your ship have what it takes
to survive that intense heat?

- And if it doesn't?
- You'd be instantly vaporised.

Interesting. In a horrifying sense!

If you have a loved one
who's close to death, don't delay.

Contact Tech Con Group
Funeral Services today

and make your loved one's farewell
memorable beyond words.

Tech Con Group Funeral Services -
helping you make peace with death.

- Initiating coronaspheric shielding.
- Communication systems are inoperative.

They will come back.

- What's going on?
- I do not know.

We are losing engine power.

Teal'c, Eamon.

We are sending a distress signal.
Our key systems are inoperative.

- Engines are failing.
- How does one respond?


- Major Carter, come in.
- We can no longer maintain...

They've lost all primary power.

They're in trouble.

Auxiliary power will not engage.
We are on emergency storage cells.

- What are you doing?
- The blast shields will block the radiation.

So much for not risking your life.

- What happened?
- The power diverter overloaded.

- Can you fix it?
- No.

Major Carter, Captain Warrick,
do you read me?

- We're here. Can you hear us?
- Are you all right?

The power diverter overloaded.

Impossible. I ran a full diagnostic
three hours before the race.


Unless what?

It's hard to tell with all the damage, but
if someone cut the link to the system...

- Somebody did this on purpose?
- They'd need knowledge of the systems.

I think they knew exactly where to hit us
and how to cover their tracks.

- Eamon, we're being pulled to the sun.
- I know.

Bypass the diverter and manually regulate
power to the engines with the accelerator.

- It's dangerous.
- More dangerous than flying into a sun?

We have to reconnect the naqahdah
generator in order to bypass the diverter

and supply power directly to the engines.

- How much time do we have?
- Not much.

And so, out of the ten ships
that started the Loop, only six remain.

And that number
may soon dwindle to five.

For those of you just joining us, all
I can say is where have you been hiding?

Warrick Finn and his alien copilot
have slipped back into last place.

- They ran into trouble during stage two.
- That's right, Ardal.

Latest updates place them
dangerously close to the sun.

Warrick must be disappointed to be
facing certain defeat so early in the race.

You got that right. This is the moment
where every pilot has to dig deep

in that reservoir of desire and fortitude
if they want to win.

It sounds like maybe they could use
a couple of bottles of Radon Shield 55,

new from Tech Con Cosmetics.

Radon Shield 55 protects you and your
whole family from the sun's radiation.

Day in, day out, Radon Shield 55 keeps
your fun factor up and lesion count down.

Available at quality Tech Con
family outlets everywhere.

Someone must have snuck in here,
got into the ship.

- Who would know the ship well enough?
- No one.

The Seberus is a common model,
but I've customised it significantly.

Unless someone accessed the schematics
on my computer at Tech Con.

I'm done.

Me too.

- Let's hope this works.
- If it doesn't?

We fall into the sun and burn up,
or worse.

- Worse?
- We could explode right now.


Here goes.

Let's get out of here.

Teal'c, we've got
the power back online.

That is good to hear, Major Carter.

- I can't believe it.
- What is it?

- Someone did access my computer.
- Who?

His name is Del Tynan.
He's my supervisor.

I can't tell exactly what he got.

If we're gonna prove anything,
we need to go to Tech Con.

They won't let you in without clearance.
You'll need a hat.

Three more ships have pulled out,
and we've fallen far behind the others.

If you wish we can drop out now
and avoid any further risk.

Carter?. You there?

Colonel, sir.

I got it to work.
How's it going up there?

We had some trouble, but we're fine now.

- You sure?
- Yeah. How's it going down there?

Uh, good. We're gonna
help them bring a Stargate here.

In exchange, we get an ion drive to study.

- Really?
- Yes. So no need to take any chances.

I made a deal. I'm sticking with it.

Oh, having fun are we, Carter?.

Um, gotta go.
We're pretty far behind at this point.

All right. Be careful.

- We will. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

OK. If we use the gravity of the sun to
slingshot us around back onto the course,

we could pick up enough speed
to get back into the race.


- Hi, Eamon.
- Hello.

This is my cousin...

- Murray.
- Mm. Twice removed.

I just forgot a data unit in my office.
Won't be long.

You have to scan in. Company policy.

- Sorry your brother isn't doing very well.
- Oh, me too.

Nice to meet you, Murray.

- This is Tynan's office.
- Does he not keep his office secure?

The company philosophy
encourages mutual trust.

Besides, no one is
going to steal his plants.

Everything of value is in here. The system
is protected by a secret pass code.

I put a program on my system

that records an intruder's pass code
if someone attempts to access my files.

Then it is good you do not subscribe
to the company philosophy.


This is an automated
distress signal. The following pilot:

- Jarlath. in need of assistance.

Current status is:

Die, you rotting scrap of jetsam!

This is worse than I thought. He has
schematics for every ship in the race.

For the purpose of
sabotaging the competition.

But not this one.

It has boosters from
Tech Con's prototype division.

A private-sector pilot could not buy these.

- To whom does that ship belong?
- Muirios.

Tynan has set him up to win.

We have to warn Warrick.

I don't think so.

Oran, this is the Seberus responding to
your distress call. Jarlath, do you read?

- Warrick?
- We're close by. What is your status?

My status is mind your own business.

- You sent out a distress call.
- No, my computer did. Everything is fine.

Transmission indicates
your life support is failing.

My oxygen supply vented.

That is what you get for having no shields.
The drones must have caused a leak.

Shut up, Warrick.
Go back to losing the race.

You'll die if you don't let us help.

I don't need help, least of all from you.

What about emergency reserves?

I don't have any.
I needed the room for additional weapons.


I would rather die kissing space debris
than board that barge you call a ship.

He does not want to be rescued.

Jarlath, hold on. We'll be there soon.

I am not coming up there.

We tried.

Come on!

Can you move any slower?

You don't think you can still win, do you?

We are only this far behind
because we were sabotaged.

A likely excuse.

- So was l, by the way.
- How so?

The drones didn't cause the leak
in my life support. I was never hit.

- Somebody fixed the whole race?
- It is not over yet.

What planet do you live on?

Told you we should have left him to die.

Teal'c, do you read?
Teal'c, you still at Tech Con?

This is unfortunate.
You were a good employee, Eamon.

- How could you do this?
- How could l?

How could I not?

Your new friend here doesn't want you
to know the Serrakin are not to be trusted.

The Serrakin freed your ancestors
from the Goa'uld.

For what purpose, hm?
Sharing technology? Living in harmony?

All lies.

The Serrakin are seizing control
of our world, piece by piece,

taking power and opportunity away
from pureblood humans,

polluting our race by crossbreeding,
weakening it, by design.

Don't you see? The Serrakin
are no better than the Goa'uld.

This is insane. Our society was built by
both races, for the good of all Hebridians.

Is that why Serrakin
hold all the highest positions

and humans are like
second-class citizens?

That's not true!

When Hagan finds out...

Hagan is one of the primary architects
of human oppression on this planet.

The winner of the Loop will be a pure
human. And that's merely the first step.

You're just mad because you've been
passed over for advancement three times.

You think I'm the only one? There are
enough of us to make a difference.

Has it occurred to you maybe the reason
you've been passed over so many times

is not because you're a human,
but because you're a moron?

I am doing this to save my kind
from the likes of you.

I guess not.

Welcome back to TCNN's continuing
coverage of the Loop of Kon Garat.

We have startling developments.

Warrick and Samantha Carter have
re-entered the race with a vengeance,

and are now pulling into
a close third position.

- What does this mean for Muirios?
- He's had a commanding lead throughout.

He's gotta be wondering what Warrick has
that let him make up that distance so fast.

Well, Coyle, perhaps he's using Ion Pro,
a new engine additive

- from Tech Con Propulsion Systems.
- Perhaps.

Ion Pro is guaranteed to improve drive
performance, whatever class ship you fly.

Whether you're competing in the Loop
of Kon Garat or taking the kids to school,

use Ion Pro in your power source.

Ion Pro from
Tech Con Propulsion Systems,

your systemwide experts
in ion-drive technology.

- I can't let you inside without clearance.
- We're looking for people in the building.

If you give me their names, I'll check.

- OK. One of them is named...
- Eamon.


- And his cousin Murray?
- Murray! Yes, that's them.

- Yes, they're here.
- Can we come inside now?


All right, here's what I'd like you to do.

Pick up that phone,
call Mr Whoever-Runs-This-Place.

- Hagan.
- I'm sorry, but I just can't...

We're old friends.

Tell him Mr Man-Who-Has-The-Stargate
is here to see him. He'll understand.


Go ahead.

Buttons. Phone.

Mr Hagan, please.


What are you going to do, Tynan?
He's an alien. His people will miss him.

- Tynan, respond.
- What is it, Muirios?

It's the "Seberus". Warrick is still in
the race and he's gaining on my position.

Hard left!

What was that?

- You said left!
- Oh, did l? Sorry.

This is a waste of time.
We don't have a chance.

- You're gonna get us killed.
- Shut up!

How did this happen? You said the
"Seberus" would be disabled and I'd win.

You will win, Muirios.
Just focus on what you have to do.

I'll take care of the Seberus.

Tynan calling the Seberus.

- I know you can hear me.
- What do you want, Tynan?

I only intended to disable your ship, but
your stubbornness has forced my hand.

I have your brother
and one of the visitors from Earth,

so drop out of the race. Now.

Dr Jackson.

Colonel O'Neill.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
What can I do for you?

We think a member of our group might
somehow be lost inside your building

with one of your employees.

Lost? That seems unlikely.

Well, you gotta know the guy.

Of course. Come with me.

We were gaining on them.
We had a chance.

You'll let a little thing like your brother's
life stop you from winning the race?

Shut up.

Muirios, La'el Montrose is gaining on you.

- You were supposed to take care of her.
- She must have overcome the problem.

- Lose her.
- I'm trying.

Try harder. Do whatever you have to.

Get rid of them. Take them away.

Hello, Del.

Mr Hagan.

Nice outfit. You guys OK?


How many times have I told you,
don't get caught by the bad guys?

How could you do this, Del?

He says he was defending his people from
a Serrakin conspiracy to enslave humans.

I did what I had to.
Your kind are a disease.

The only disease here is greed.

He was protecting the deal he made with
Muirios, which I suspect was lucrative.

The reason you've been
passed over for advancement

is because you've been under
investigation for corruption for a year.

We couldn't prove anything, until now.

I intend to file a protest
with the Employment Council.

Employment is the least
of your worries right now, Del.

Warrick, Major Carter, it's Eamon.
Are you there?

- Eamon, are you all right?
- Teal'c and I are safe.

Now get back in the race and win.

If you can.

- You must be out of your mind!
- Do not say a word.

Major, give me all you've got.

Max power.

I hate to say it, but Jarlath might be right.

Muirios has too big a lead.
We'll never catch him.

He cheated. I can't believe
they'll still let him take first prize.

Unless we can keep Muirios
from crossing the finish line first.

- How can we do that?
- That's easy.

Just get me close.

The closest we will get is when they
double back past us after the final turn.

It'll have to do.

- What are you doing?
- Rerouting the conduit from your device

and doubling it back
through the communications array.

- Why? So we can ask him to lose?
- Humorous.

More like tell him.

This will allow us
to send a blast transmission.

If my aim is correct, it'll temporarily freeze
the command controls on Muirios's ship.

- You are even crazier than I thought.
- Never was much of a pilot.

But weapons?

It's an art.

They're coming around the final turn.

- He's trying to take out La'el's ship.
- I don't think so.

Well done.

Ah, don't make me sick.

Unbelievable! What a finish!

La'el Montrose has won
the Loop of Kon Garat!

- What happened to Muirios?
- It was his race to lose, and he lost it.

Some kind of beam weapon
caused his ship's power to fail.

Opening the door
for La'el Montrose to take it all.

You have got to love
there are no rules in this race.

It's what makes
this competition so special.

I must say,
I haven't seen anything like it.

You must be particularly surprised,
since you picked Muirios to win.

Yes, I was wrong about that.

You also said Warrick
wouldn't be in contention,

and yet he came very close
to finishing this race.

- I was wrong about that too.
- Predictions for next year?.

Well, I'd rather not say!

Back with interviews after a word from
our sponsor, Corso's Temporal Eatery,

where your whole family can eat
what they want, when they want.

Part of the Tech Con Group
family of restaurants.

- Sorry we did not win.
- It was still worth it.



Warrick just told me the winner of the race
hired him as copilot on her new contract.

- That's great.
- Yeah, he sounded happy.

- You don't.
- I'm fine.

- You still got that ion drive to study.
- I know. Very cool.

- You're just sore that you lost.
- Well, it wasn't fair.

Bunch of cheaters.

So what you gonna do?

Next year, I'm gonna kick butt.