Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 7 - Enemy Mine - full transcript

At a hopeful mining outpost for Naquadah a member of the survey team is kidnapped by an unknown foe. Based on mining artifacts, Daniel speculates that the creature may have been an Unas. When Teal'c finds the missing man as part of a collection of corpses warning others away from the area, their suspicions appear to be confirmed. Daniel brings Chaka to the planet to help negotiate with the leader of the tribe of Unas.

Oh, God. Three months on this rock,
and I still can't get a decent cup of coffee.

Core sample analysis coming in,
but so far,

the highest concentration
is 2.3 parts per million.

2.3 parts.

Major Lorne, we need enough
naqahdah to manufacture 303s.

- You know how big a battle cruiser is?
- It's pretty big, sir.

If we start mining these deposits
right now, today,

your great-grandchildren're still gonna be
trying to pull out enough ore to make one.

Colonel Edwards?

- Menard.
- Latest analysis shows a concentration

50 times higher than anything we've seen
so far. It's increasing as we go deeper.

This could be the one, sir.

Yeah. If this pans out, your
great-grandchildren might be off the hook.

Yes, sir.

Colonel Edwards?

I'm glad you're here, Jack. Ritter's
been missing now for three hours.

- I assume he has a compass and a radio.
- The planet has strange magnetic traits,

which make a compass useless
and limit the range of our radios.

We need him back, now that we may have
found a significant deposit of naqahdah.

- How significant?
- We won't know until after our analysis.

The Pentagon wants battle cruisers
and F-302s. We find the rocks.

- And we find the rock... finders.
- There you have it.

Major Lorne will show you
where Ritter was last seen.

If you'll follow me.

What's this?

- Artefacts?
- Yes.

- You found all this and didn't contact me?
- We were going to.

- They've been moved.
- Well, they were in the way.


Go to your happy place.


Lieutenant Ritter was mapping
the surrounding area.

When he didn't show up for chow, we got
worried and went out looking for him, sir.

Sent up flares, hoped he'd see 'em,
get his bearings.

Is it normal for guys
to wander away from camp?

He might have been placing markers.
Multiple sightings, you get turned around.

- Teal'c?
- The ground is extremely firm, O'Neill.

- No tracks?
- Not in the immediate area.

But there is damage to the underbrush
moving off in several different directions.

Jack, come in.

Yeah. Go ahead.

I'm not reading you. Say again.

I said I've got something here
you need to see.

All right, on my way.

You guys keep looking. I'll be back.

- What you got?
- Mostly mining equipment.

Could be several hundred years old.
Hard to date it till I get it back to the SGC.

- Remember these?
- Ever so fondly.

- Still has power.
- Just keeps going and going.

I want to show you
the truly fascinating part.

It's a yoke, capable of pulling great
weight. It predates the harness on Earth.

- Fascinating. Truly.
- I was getting to that part.

It's too big, too heavy.

- Meaning?
- It wasn't made for a human being.

- Who was it made for?
- It's too small for an animal.

Based on what I know about the Goa'uld,
I'd say it was made for an Unas.

The Goa'uld used the Unas
as slaves before humans.

They're predominantly cave dwellers
and can work in harsh environments -

- perfect labour for this kind of mining.
- This day just gets better and better.

Teal'c, come in.

Proceed, O'Neill.

- Find anything?
- We have not.

Heads up. Daniel just found evidence
an Unas might have been in the area.


You want me to delay this operation
because you found a shoulder harness...

- Yoke, actually.
- ..that could be built for a creature

that probably disappeared
or died off a long time ago?

The Goa'uld left slaves behind
once they lost interest in a planet.

In three months we haven't seen
anything like what you describe.

- Maybe that's the way they want it.
- Doctor, the Pentagon wants results.

You don't understand. Unas are territorial,
and when provoked can be dangerous.

- Is he always like this?
- Yeah, pretty much.

If they are here, do you think they had
anything to do with Ritter gone missing?

Yes, I do.

I'm not closing down this operation,

but I do think we should bring in
some extra troops, help secure the area.

What is it?

The Unas wear these to prevent the
Goa'uld from burrowing into their necks.

I believe these figures
are intended as a warning to stay away.

Lieutenant Ritter.

All right! I want extra ammo for everyone.

Keep your eyes open
and stay in radio contact.

What are you intending to do?

These things killed one of my men
and strung him up like a scarecrow.

- What the hell do you think I intend to do?
- You may have provoked them.

We didn't even know they were here. How
the hell could we have provoked them?

If the mine extends as far as you estimate,
then this other entrance is in the network.

It's an alternate entrance
to the same mine.

It has to be something
about this area, this mine.

- They don't want us here.
- The feeling's mutual.



I know he can be a little...

but he's usually right about this stuff.

My orders are to determine the potential
of this site as a mining operation.

Until those orders are rescinded,
I will ensure the safety of my people.

So, are you gonna help me
secure this area or not?

- This is a mistake.
- It's his command, Daniel.

He's never encountered the Unas.
He doesn't know what he's dealing with.



Ka Keka!

Ka Keka!

Ska nat?

Ka Ko Keka?


Benna Ka Cha!

Benna Ka Cha!

Help him. Help him.

My men'll take care of the wounded.
They're on the run. Let's take 'em now.

- What's that? What are they doing now?
- They're mourning their dead.

This may be our best chance.
We're not gonna let 'em get away, are we?

We won't pursue an enemy
into unknown terrain.

You think they're capable of tactics?

We know them. They're
far more intelligent than you think.

I don't care. They attacked us.

Edwards, we're not going in!

This is my command.
You are here at my request.

- You're in charge of a mining operation.
- Your standing orders no longer apply.

Let's take it back to SGC
and we'll figure it out there.


Ow! God!

Get away.

- How's the arm?
- Good.

How's the science project?

You mean my overhaul
of the gate diagnostic system?

- I guess that's what I mean.
- It's going well, sir. Thank you for asking.

If we go back to this planet,
you're not coming with us, are you?

- It's doubtful.
- Yeah, that's too bad.

I was hoping
you'd take command of the mission.

Colonel Edwards
has no experience with the Unas.

Nor you.

He's an OK guy, Daniel.
He's just under a lot of pressure.

Yeah. Yeah. I guess I just spent
a lot of time breaking you in.

I just didn't want to
have to start with a new colonel.

It'll be fine.

Just try not to be so...

- What?
- Oh, you know.

Colonel, General Vidrine
is down from the Pentagon.

He's been put in charge of
BC-303 production.

We've read your report, Colonel, and we
agree that the evacuation was warranted.

Unfortunately, with the Prometheus
stranded across the galaxy,

Earth is currently vulnerable
to orbital attack.

If someone can show me another way
to acquire naqahdah, I'm listening.

Otherwise, we've got to
go back to P3X-403.

With enough men and firepower,
I can take care of your problem, sir.

We've dealt with these creatures before,

and I can guarantee you
it won't be as easy as you think.

Be that as it may, the Pentagon's
position is quite clear on this.

Colonel Edwards will return to the planet
and begin mining operations.

SG personnel will provide security
on a continuing basis.

- If this leads to hostilities...
- It will.

Dr Jackson, I don't believe
you were invited to this meeting.

Yes, General, I know.
I'm sorry, but please hear me out.

- The situation can be resolved peacefully.
- How?

We've been on this planet a long time.

It wasn't until we encroached on
this one region that the Unas attacked.

Can't we just mine
away from this one area?

All the other mine sites we've surveyed
have been void of significant deposits.

This is the only site we've found thus far
that might satisfy production quotas.

- And if this leads to another dead end?
- Then we won't have a problem,

but I'm not going to walk away from this
until I know for sure.

Then can we at least
try to negotiate with them?

- They're animals, sir.
- They are not. They are intelligent.

If you underestimate them, more will die.

Who would negotiate on our behalf? You?

I have a limited vocabulary and a
rudimentary understanding of their ways,

but this has gone too far
for me to handle myself.

- What are you proposing, Doctor?
- I suggest we use Chaka as a liaison.

- Chaka?
- An Unas we met on a different planet.

I've had contact with him. He's made
progress in his understanding of us.

We've interacted with these beings before
and lived. Chaka saved my life.

This is their planet. We're the invaders.
We don't have to provoke or kill them.

- I'm sure no one wants that, Dr Jackson.
- Yes, I'm sure.

If talks are resolved in the time allotted
to determine the viability of the mine,

you're giving up nothing by letting him try.

All right. Proceed.

Dr Jackson, you'll contact Chaka
and return him here without delay.

One more thing,
so that there's no confusion.

If negotiations fail
and it comes down to us or them,

I choose us.

The use of deadly force is authorised.

IDC received, sir.
Dr Jackson, plus one.

Open the iris.

Stand down.

Chaka's never been in
a structure like this before.


A Cha' Aka.

"A Cha' Aka" is a greeting.
In this case, he's saying hello.

'Ell... o.



Um, I've had a chance to talk with Chaka.

He's managed to accomplish
some remarkable things.

On the planet where Chaka lives humans
used Unas as domesticated slaves,

- but Chaka led an uprising, and...
- You neglected to mention this before.

How many were killed in this uprising?

That's not the point. Chaka brokered
a truce and established a fragile peace

between the humans and Unas
who were formerly their slaves.

If he managed to do this,

I know he could act as a peaceful liaison
between us and the Unas of P3X-403.

- Does he even want to help us?
- I've informed him of what we need to do.

He's eager to meet Unas of other worlds.

Tar Ma Kan Ko?

'Uman 'elp Chaka.

Chaka 'elp 'uman.

Looks like the Unas had a party
while we were gone.

You're right, Dr Jackson.

They're much more advanced
than what I thought.

They have command of fire.

Major Lorne,
as soon as this place is cleaned up,

I want you to begin a resonance scan
analysis of the lower mine shafts.

How do you intend
to find these Unas, Doctor?

I think Chaka will lead us to them.


Colonel, he knows you don't like him.

Keep staring at him like that,
he's gonna take it as a challenge.

Chaka, Ka Kreeka.

Just keep him away from me.

Hanson, Penhall, you're with them.

The rest of you,
I want this perimeter secured.

Antipersonnel and
overlapping fields of fire. Move it!

- He's getting ready for a war.
- He's responsible for protecting his camp.

Yeah, or he's looking for revenge
for Lieutenant Ritter.

'Uman tatack?

Ka. No. We're not gonna attack.

Tonok. Shesh.

'Uman tatack.

He says our weapons
and the size of our group create fear.

It seems like we intend to attack.

Ka. Dan'el, Chaka Ka cha.

- He wants me to go with him alone.
- Ka. Keka.


- You will be helpless.
- I'll be all right.

- This is unwise.
- We can't make contact if they fear us.

Are you certain?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm... I'm certain.

Staff weapons, torture sticks, manacles -
symbols of pain and death.

Chaka? Here, got a new toy.

- Aka.
- You're welcome.

A Cha' Aka, A Cha' Aka.

A Cha' Aka...

"Come sit by my fire" - Unas diplomacy.

A Cha' Aka, A Cha' Aka.

A Cha' Aka, A Cha' Aka...


How long is this, um...

Kel Nok. Ma Kan Ska nat?

- Nok.
- Now.

- Ka Nok.
- Later.

A Cha' Aka, A Cha' Aka...

It will take as long as it takes.

A Cha' Aka, A Cha' Aka...


I hope you know what you're doing.

Down. Good idea.



A Cha' Aka.

Te Chaka.

- Ta?
- Um, a Cha' Aka.

Te... Daniel.


"Dan'el" is fine.

Te Kor Asek. Zo.

"Kor" is "iron". "Asek"?

lron Shirt. The alpha male.

Kel, Ko Tar?

Tar 'uman.

'Uman ka ne.

Kel Ko keka?

Uh, yes, we brought death,
but we want to be friends.

To preserve life.
Ska nat.

Ska nat.
Unas, Kor Asek, A Chaka, A 'uman.

- Ska nat Te.
- Right. We work this out, we all win.

Cho'ee'che, Chaka.


Cho'ee'che, Kor Asek.


All right.

Now we're talking, huh?

Dr Jackson, how'd it go?

I figured out why they attacked us.
It's this mine. It's sacred to them.

Their ancestors were worked to death
by the Goa'uld while they were mining it.

I said I'd speak to my superiors
on their behalf.

Burial sites are protected on Earth. Those
rules should apply here. We have to leave.

We got the results of the resonance scan.

The deposit is over 300 metres in length
and almost completely solid.

53,000 metric tons.

We're not going anywhere.

My meeting with the Unas went well.

They're reluctant to trust us,
but we're communicating.

- How many of them are there?
- I only saw a medium-sized clan. Why?

We need to know
if we're going to relocate them.

They'll never accept it, sir.
They won't understand it.

Then it's your job
to make them understand.

If you don't, we'll have to go in there
with tranquillisers and capture them.

They're not animals. I'm sure
Chaka and I can accomplish something.

Just let me go talk to them again.

You have 24 hours
to convince the Unas to come peacefully,

or they'll be forcibly removed.

'Uman Ko Keka Onac.

Unas Ko Keka Onac.

Right. We should not fight each other.
The Goa'uld are our common enemy.

- Ka nay.
- Ka nay. Friend. Uh, clan member.

'Uman Ka nay.

That's right. That's right.


We're going to give you food.

'Uman Ko Nan Unas.

And, in exchange,

we need... this.


Kada. Yes. We need Kada
to make war with the Goa'uld.

'Uman Ko Kada,

Tonok tok Onac.

- Kel?
- How? We make ships out of it.


Right. Why would either of you
know what a ship was?



You know what this is.


Kekata, yes.

We can make Kekata with this - Kada.

Now, with many Kekata,

we can bring death to the Goa'uld,
the Onac.

Ka Keka Onac.

That's right.


'Uman A Unas Ma Kan Nok.

- Kel?
- Why?

Because if we don't come to
some sort of agreement, 'uman Zo...

relocate you.


- Ta "relocate"?
- Shesh?

Ka Ko Ka Cha.

Ko Ka Cha.

'Uman Ko Ka Cha Unas Ka No na.

Away from your home.

Ko Ka Cha Unas Ka No na?

- Tok!
- No.

Defiance will only lead
to Unas bloodshed. Ka tok.

'Uman Ko Keka Te.

Keka Unas.

'Uman Ko Keka Te Unas.

Unas Ko Keka Te 'uman.

No, you won't give us death.
You can't win.

A Unas Nay A Tok!

All the tribes will fight.

How many?

Uh, Kel Ka Naya?


No. That's impossible.

Teal'c, come in.

Teal'c, this is Daniel.
Do you read me? Over.

Dammit. Um...

Just wait here. Lota.

Lota. Lota. Lota.

- Oh, God.
- What happened?

It was coming up on my position.
It was attacking.

It was attacking...

The necklace.

This necklace was precious to him. He
was coming back for it, and we killed him.

- I didn't know.
- No need to apologise.


- They are preparing to attack.
- Let 'em. We're ready.

No, you're not.

- Colonel, we have to get out of here now.
- I don't buy it.

- Are you hearing this?
- They'd have been seen by aerial scans.

Unas live in caves
where aerial scans don't detect them.

Our position will be overrun.

I was close to working out an agreement.
They wanna be left alone.


- Hold your fire!
- If they attack, we will defend ourselves.

You're right, Dr Jackson.
Let's get back to the gate.

No, it's too late.
If we move now, they'll run us down.

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

Don't do anything stupid.

- He's giving us a chance.
- A chance to do what?

To surrender.

Surrender? Not possible.

Don't do it, Colonel.

Kor Asek.

'Uman A Ta Ka Keka.

- What are you saying?
- That we don't have to kill each other.

'Uman A Te A Ka Naya.

We can be of the same tribe.

A Ka Naya Keka Onac.

Together we can bring death
to the Goa'uld.

- Tak!
- Trick?

Dan'el, cho'ee'che.

'Uman Ko Keka Unas.

He's saying that while we talk peace,
humans kill Unas. He doesn't believe me.

We have to show respect.

- We have to get down on the ground.
- On the ground? There's no way I'm...

Colonel, this is the way
their social order works!

We have to show submissiveness
to show we're not a threat.

We have to get down on the ground,
and that is all we have to do.

Colonel, everyone.



A Benna A Tar 'uman.

On 'or.


He understands.

Cho'ee'che, Kor Asek.

Now we can negotiate.

How long do we have to kneel?

As long as it takes.

A Cha' Aka, Dan'el.

A Cha' Aka, Kor Asek.

- I think we've got ourselves a deal.
- And what deal would that be?

- We won't desecrate their sacred ground.
- We won't?

In exchange, the Unas will help defeat
their ancestors' killers, the Goa'uld.

And just how are they going to do that?

They're gonna work the mine themselves.


- Did you propose this?
- No, actually, it was lron Shirt.

So the Unas are gonna mine this deposit
and turn all the naqahdah over to us?

That's right.

Can they work a jackhammer?

I think you'll find
they're very intelligent and can learn.

You treat them with respect and you'll
find out what kind of allies they can be.

O'Neill was right about you.

You are a pain in the ass.

But... well worth it.