Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 5 - Revisions - full transcript

SG-1 investigate a seemingly idyllic and subtly advanced human colony sheltered inside an energy dome on an otherwise inhospitable planet.

- What's going on?
- Getting MALP telemetry from P3X-289.

Atmosphere is completely toxic.

Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide,
methane, ammonia.

If there was a gate,
there was life there at some point.

Yeah, I think that's a safe assumption.
Look at this.

We got these images two hours ago
after the MALP went through.

The dome seems to be the only thing that
withstood the effects of the atmosphere.

- How big is it?
- About 2.2km wide and 500 metres high.

The MALP's giving us a proximity alert.

Three metres,
and we're picking up a static charge.


Extend the arm.

- It went right through.
- Whatever it is, it's not solid.

Move forward.

We've lost contact.
The MALP's not responding.

Bring up that last image.

- How is that possible?
- I have no idea.

- Colonel O'Neill, report.
- We're good, sir, but not much of a view.

- What about suit integrity?
- The hazmats could withstand

12 hours of exposure
before any serious degradation.

Not a problem, sir. We can make
it to the dome and back inside an hour.

Understood. Hammond out.

- Picking up a static charge.
- Yeah, I can feel it.

So what do we do,
just walk through?

- The MALP met no resistance.
- But it disappeared.

It did transmit for a while before we lost
the signal, which suggests it got through.

I'm reading normal atmosphere -
oxygen, nitrogen.

We're clean, too.

Seems the barrier scrubbed
the suits when we passed through.

The inside of the barrier
seems to be some kind of hologram.

You can feel the resistance.

That, combined with the static charge,
must act as a warning,

so you don't accidentally step through.

The MALP appears to be fully operational.

The barrier must block the signal.

This is an amazing piece of technology.

Permeable to solid objects, but won't
allow the poisonous atmosphere in.

We really need to study this further.

All right, come on out. Let's go.


We're not gonna hurt you.

- You came from outside.
- Yes, we did.

- What's your name?
- What's yours?

I asked you first.

- I'm called Nevin.
- Hello, Nevin.

I'm Jack. That's Sam, Daniel and Teal'c.

You wear strange clothes.

You caught us on a bad day.

- Nevin, where are your parents?
- My father's in the town.

- Can you show us?
- We just want to talk to him.

Maybe we could trade.

You know, sir, we probably could have
found the town without his help.

- Nevin?
- I found some people in the garden.

Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c.

- I'm Kendrick, Nevin's father.
- I assume you don't get many visitors.

We thought we were the only survivors.

Survivors of what, exactly?

You'd better speak to the council.

- You came from outside the dome?
- That's right.

But the atmosphere is toxic. Anyone who
went outside would die almost instantly.

- We wore protective suits.
- But where do you come from, originally?

From a planet called Earth.
It's about 6,000 light years from here.

- You came in a spaceship?
- No, we came through the Stargate.

It's that big, circular object with symbols
carved on it. It's right outside the dome.

- There must be a historical reference to...
- One moment, please.

The Gate of Mahg Mar.
Discovered 563 years ago.

Believed to have been of significance
in the worship of Goddess Morrigan.

Taken from Danaan and displayed
in the National Museum of History.

- So you do know about the gate?
- We do now.

We've accessed the relevant information
through the Link.

It's a direct neural interface
with a databank.


The Link contains
the sum total of our knowledge -

all our history, our culture,
our science. Everything.

You can call up this information
whenever you need it?


Think this'll work?

The signal was lost only when
the transmitter crossed the barrier.

We need only manoeuvre the MALP
into the correct position.


We have a scheduled
radio contact with SG-1, sir.

Dial the gate.

SG-1, this is General Hammond. Come in.

Yes, sir. We read you, loud and clear.

- Loud and clear.
- Colonel O'Neill, report.

It turns out this planet's
not so dead after all, sir.

- I take it the dome's inhabited.
- Yes, sir.

So far the natives are very friendly,
if a bit odd, if you know what I mean.

- Will they share information?
- They'll show Carter the technical stuff.

In the meantime,
they've offered to put us up for the night.

All right, next contact in 24 hours.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

- What?
- How many planets have you been to?

I don't know. Lots.

- More than ten?
- Yeah.

- More than 20?
- Yes.

- More than 30?
- Yeah.

- More than 40?
- Yes.

- More than 50?
- Maybe.


Let the poor man eat.

It's more than 50, isn't it?

You think it's too late to pitch a tent?

- Are you sure you've had enough to eat?
- Yes, it was delicious.

You've obviously no trouble growing food.

- Everything in the dome is self-sufficient.
- What about power?

We draw energy from geothermal vents
beneath the town.

Tomorrow I can show you the generators.

Pallan's one of the technicians
who maintains the system.

Your level of architecture seems to be
out of step with your level of technology.

Technology destroyed our world.

The dome was created because
industrial growth poisoned the air.

Our people were dying, so the survivors
made a choice to simplify their lives.

We have environmental problems. If we
learned your history, it might help us.

The easiest way for you to learn
about our history is through the Link.

- Is that possible?
- Of course.

Thousands of historical books are on file.

Maybe that isn't such a good idea.

We don't know if our brain physiology
is compatible with the technology.


Thanks. Maybe later.

Hello, Nevin.

I'm not Nevin. I'm Colonel O'Neill
from Stargate Command.

All right, Colonel O'Neill.

Will you please take off my hood?

Nevin, time for school.
Go to your room and access your lessons.

When I grow up, can I be an explorer?

We'll talk about it later.

- None of you has been out of the dome?
- Not in over 400 years.

We monitor the levels of toxicity,
but we've never seen it.

- What's it like?
- It's not very pretty.

I've seen images on the Link of a great
city with tall buildings of glass and steel.

I'm afraid there's not much left but rubble.

I suppose...

that's why they created this.

So we're not always reminded
of what happened.

A pretty convincing illusion.
I'd love to see how it's made.

The control room's underground,
but the entrance is this way.

As you can see, Major, we haven't
abandoned technology altogether.


If using the Link is out of the question,
then this is your only option.

We don't have much need
for books any more.

These are all that's left from the old world.

Interesting. The writing's similar
to a language we've seen before.

Can you translate it?

With your help?

Let's get started.

Atmospheric analysis,
dome integrity, power utilisation.

Very impressive.

If you don't mind, I just have
to check the coolant pressure. Please.


This looks like some kind of religious text.





- Are you OK?
- Of course.

Let me see.

- Did you see that?
- See what?

The screens became filled
with some sort of streaming code.

lmpossible. They always display
the status of these systems.

- I know what I saw, Pallan.
- I'm afraid you must be mistaken.

- So, what do we know?
- Well, their technology's incredible.

Pallan and I are rigging up a computer
interface to download some of the specs.

- Do they wish anything in return?
- Apparently not.

- They seem happy with their situation.
- It makes no sense. They live in a bubble.

They've managed to survive
for over 400 years.

Sometimes there is more to life
than mere survival.

We could offer them relocation.

Yeah, I suppose.

- Are you suggesting we leave the dome?
- We're just saying it's possible.

There are many worlds
where your people can live.

- But we have all we need right here.
- Except room to grow.

We're talking about fresh water,
fresh air, mountains, trees.

We can experience all these things
through the Link.

You've gotta be kidding me.

It is a very generous offer, Colonel,
but this is our home.

What about the other folks in the town?

Some of them have to think differently.

The council speaks for the town,
and the council's decision is unanimous.

What about the other council member,
the woman that was here?

There hasn't been a woman
on the council since the last election.

And that was two years ago.

What? There was
a woman here yesterday.

Colonel, I can assure you, the council
has always consisted of three members.

I spoke to Pallan. He has no memory of
there ever being a fourth council member.

She was just there yesterday.

Maybe the Link
has something to do with this.

If it can download data
into people's brains,

maybe it can also be used
to alter their perceptions or memories.

Perhaps she opposed the others
and they got rid of her.

So they erased her from existence?
Seems a little harsh.

The bottom line is
we can't trust these people.

I'd still like to finish my research
on the dome technology.

Maybe something in the archive
can shed some light on it.

The behaviour of the people does seem
odd, but they don't appear to be a threat.

All right, see what you can find out.

How's it coming?

I still can't find any historical reference to
the time period when the dome was built.

By then, our people
had begun using the Link.

It's possible not much written material
survives from that era.

Let me ask you something.

If you had a chance to leave the dome and
live on another planet, would you take it?

Pallan told me about the talk
you had with the council.

- And?
- We have everything we need right here.

That's what they said.

We hope someday the poison'll dissipate
and we'll be able to reclaim the planet.

- But not in your lifetime.
- No.

What about children? Don't you
and Pallan want to have a family?

Of course.

But there must be population controls.

- A couple's allowed a maximum of two.
- You're OK with that?

Limited resources dictate we maintain
the population at a certain level.

- How many people are we talking about?
- At this precise moment?


And what would happen
if someone decided to break the rules

and have more than two children?

I don't know.

No one ever has.

Try the interface now.

We got it.

You believe this technology
will be useful on your world?

Why don't you and your wife
come see for yourselves?


Just for a visit.

- Do you have oceans?
- Oceans, deserts, rainforests.

- It would take a lifetime to see it all.
- It sounds wonderful.

Wait a minute.

- These are the power utilisation figures?
- That's right.

- What's a normal variation?
- Between 0.01 and 0.07%.

Well, then, we've got a problem.

These levels are 2% lower
than when we first came down here.

No, that can't be.

No, you're mistaken.
These figures are within normal range.

- Do you have this morning's readings?
- Of course.

You see? No variation.

This is wrong.

- These measurements are foreign to you.
- Doesn't mean I can't recognise a drop.

Major, I can access 400 years of recorded
power utilisation figures on the Link.

There's never been
more than a 0.1% variation.

Hypothetically speaking, if there was,

would it threaten
the integrity of the force field?

I suppose it might, but it's never come up.

Colonel O'Neill!

Is it true you've offered to take us
through the gate to another world?

Yeah, that's right.

Then Nevin and I will come with you.

I see the way he is with you. I realise he
deserves more than this world can offer.

Are you certain?
This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

I want my son to be in a world

where the sky and the clouds aren't
part of an illusion created by computer.

That's good enough for me.

- Colonel, come in.
- Go ahead.

Sir, I've run some calculations here
and I've discovered something.


Sir, are you reading me?

- Carter, the MALP's gone.
- Say again?

The MALP is no longer parked
where we parked it.

Someone does not wish us
to communicate with SGC.

That's not our only problem.
The dome is losing power.

I noticed a discrepancy with output levels,
but the computer data showed no change.

I converted the units and compared the
current levels with yesterday's readings.


In the last 24 hours
there's been almost a 4% drop.

If this continues, the dome will fail.

- How much time?
- It's hard to say.

But when it does
everyone here will die.


The computer's giving me new data.
The power level is definitely dropping.

Major Carter,
should we not warn the townspeople?

I'm not sure we'd convince them.

Our only evidence is the readings,

and, for some reason,
Pallan couldn't see they were changing.

Maybe he's in on it.

I don't think so.

I think his memories are being altered.
The same may hold true for the others.



I called out to her and she ignored me.
It was like she was in a trance.

Perhaps she was
under the influence of the Link.

Who knows what level
of manipulation is possible?

- So... brainwashing?
- That's one way of putting it.

We have to help them.
They're being held against their will.

As long as they've got those things on,
they won't be convinced of anything.

Is it possible to disable the Link?

The same computer system
controls the dome.

If we tamper with it, we risk
bringing the whole force field down.

However, if I could use the computer
to access the Link,

maybe I could reprogram
the data being sent out.

Do a little brainwashing of our own.

The only problem is, I need Pallan's help.

If I can find historical evidence
in the library that contradicts the Link,

some people may believe
they're being lied to.

The records of council meetings will show
there used to be over three members.


All right. You two do what you do.

Teal'c, you and I
are late for a radio contact.

Colonel O'Neill!

Where are you going?

Back to the house.
We need those special outfits we had.

- The house is this way.
- You are mistaken. It is in that direction.

There's nothing over there.
It's the edge of the dome.

Come on, I'll show you.

Here it is. See?
Right where you left it.


- Is this where we slept last night?
- It is not.

What's going on here?


- Are you going back to Earth now?
- No, we were just gonna send a message.

- Don't worry. We won't leave without you.
- Excuse me?

Anyone who wants to leave
is welcome to come with us.

Why would I leave?

You desire to live in a world
where the sky is not artificial.

You must have me mistaken
for someone else.

Nevin, you wanted to be
an explorer, right?

I'm going to be a gardener, like my father.

- You are under the influence of the Link.
- What are you talking about?

- Those things on your head - lose 'em.
- No, no.


They're messing with your mind.
Get rid of 'em.

- The Link gives us everything we need.
- Just take it off a minute. Just flick it off.

I can't!

To be disconnected from the Link
would cause instant death.

Now, see, that's something
you've never said before.

Colonel, I think you should leave now.

- Carter, what's your status?
- I'm on my way to the control room.

Well, watch yourself.
They got to Kendrick.

I've almost finished
downloading the generator design.

- Pallan, we need to talk.
- All right.

Do you remember earlier I said
I noticed a drop in the power levels?

I remember you being mistaken.

What about now?
Do you notice any change?

- Power levels are constant.
- No, they're not.

It's just that every time these screens are
updated, the data on the Link is as well.

It alters your memory,
so you don't see what's happening.

Major, this is absurd.

Pallan, the dome is failing.

- I told you you're mistaken.
- No. I am not mistaken.

If you don't help me warn the others, you,
Evalla and everyone in this city will die.

- Who?
- Evalla, your wife.

Major, I don't know what's come over you,
but I've never been married.

I need you to disconnect yourself
from the Link.

That's insane.

You believe that
removing that node will kill you.

- I've known that since childhood.
- Evalla removed hers. Nothing happened.

- Who is this Evalla?
- I told you. She's your wife!

Your memories of her have been altered,

just as you've been kept
from realising the dome's dying.

I thought the council was responsible, but
the changes are happening too quickly.

I think it's automatic.
The computer makes changes,

then updates the memories of everyone,
so no one's the wiser.

- Pallan, you have to disconnect.
- That would be suicide.

No. That's just a lie
that's been planted by the computer.

We need to reprogram the Link to
convince the others, but I need your help.

- No.
- Sam!

- Got it.
- What is that?

Legal documents.
All I can say is, thank God for lawyers.

When everyone else was converting
to the Link, they still used paper.

When the dome was made, you all signed
a contract on land ownership rights.

Look at the number.

- That can't be.
- There were originally 100,000 people.

lmpossible. The dome
can't sustain that many.

- Not any more.
- Oh, my God.

I thought the power loss
would cause the dome to fail,

but the computer found a way
to compensate. The dome is shrinking.

That's what happened to the MALP. It's
where we left it, but now on the outside.

Wait a minute.

If there were over 100,000 people
living here, where did they all go?


There are other remains, but the bones
have been eaten by the corrosive air.

I understand why
you're reluctant to believe us, Pallan.

Things in your head must seem like
memories of a lifetime, but they're not.

Yesterday you didn't know disconnecting
from the Link could be fatal.

- You're lying.
- These documents are over 400 years old.

They're in your language. How could we
fake this? Why would we fake this?

They only exist because the computer
did not foresee outside interference.

- To anyone on the Link, they're irrelevant.
- But why?

The computer is programmed
to maintain the community.

Individuals were sacrificed
for the good of the whole,

only each time someone vanished no one
noticed because all memory was erased.



- It's all right.
- No.


You see?

Now we need your help.

- What's your status?
- Pallan's trying to access the Link.

- We might be able to reprogram it.
- Understood. We're coming to you.

- What did I do?
- It's another update.

Nevin, I want you to stay here.


Is Colonel O'Neill sick?

Yes, but we're gonna make him better.

What is it?

These systems are so complicated.
I'm not sure I know what I'm doing.

You've been doing this your whole life.

You just have to try
to remember the old-fashioned way.


- Maybe not that way.
- Agreed.

Let's keep moving.

- Carter, we may have a problem.
- They're controlled by the computer, sir.



Everything's gonna be all right, Colonel.

These are for you.

I don't think so.

You've been disconnected from the Link.
You're not well.

Let us help you.

Carter, now would be a good time.

- I'm in. What do I tell them?
- There's no time to explain everything.

Try to erase all memory of us completely.

- Don't make me shoot you.
- You're not yourself, Colonel.

Without the Link,
your mind is playing tricks on you.

Who are you?

I did it.

We ran tests on the geothermal vents
that supply the town's power.

They started to cool about 200 years ago.

The dome started shrinking
some time after that.

We should have the whole town
relocated in a couple of days.

I think I'm going to miss this garden.

- How much longer'll the force field last?
- It's difficult to say.

Even with less surface area to maintain,
power would have failed eventually.

And in the meantime,
more of us would have disappeared.

You still don't remember her, do you?


You know, in a way, I envy the others.

They all must have lost somebody,
but I'm the only one who knows for sure.

How do you mourn someone
when you can't even picture her face?

I'm sorry, Pallan. I wish I could help.

Maybe you can.


Tell me about her.