Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 7, Episode 4 - Orpheus - full transcript

In a firefight with Jaffa, Teal'c takes a staff blast to the gut. Without his symbiote, he cannot regenerate as he once did. Daniel feels that he cannot remember something important, so he goes searching through the logs for any sign of his lost knowledge. Teal'c expresses his feelings that the Tritonin has made him weak.

offworld activation.

It's SG-1's IDC, sir.
Receiving audio, sir.

On speaker.

Close quarters withdrawal.
It's gonna get ugly.

Acknowledged, Colonel.
We'll be ready. Just give us the word.

Watch your friendlies. Safeties off.

Clean targets. Clean backgrounds.

Teal'c, let's go!
Base, this is it. We're on our way.

Open the iris.

Teal'c's right behind us.


Med team, get in there.


Come on.

- I'm not getting a pulse.
- Start CPR.

Give me one milligram epi.
Prepare to intubate.

You had us all very worried.

That was not my intention.

The staff blast hit you
directly in the symbiote pouch.

- If you weren't on tretonin...
- I would be dead.


Well, you're not out of the woods yet.


You have more healing to do.

The staff blast passed through the empty
symbiote pouch and damaged your spine.

In the past, I could have let
your symbiote regenerate it.

With work, you should be able
to make a full recovery.

- Teal'c?
- The Jaffa that wounded me?

Died. His symbiote
was damaged beyond repair.

Look, I know this is hard for you...

but you're very lucky to be alive.

Colonel O'Neill planted my radio
in the underbrush

and began broadcasting
to create a distraction.

The Jaffa fell for this and
half of them left the temple.

We engaged the rest and escaped.

Were you able to ascertain
who these Jaffa were loyal to?

The forehead tattoos were of
various System Lords, mainly Baal.

- Baal?
- His empire has expanded fast.

No surprise to us, since he now controls
the United Alliance of the System Lords,

something we're responsible for.

To level the playing field against Anubis.

So, in a way, we did it to ourselves.

- Sir.
- How is he?

It's gonna be a long road back,
but he should get there.

I boosted his tretonin dosage
to stem off any residual infection.

- Can we see him?
- Yeah.

My son? Why do you ask?

I just thought you'd be sick of
"How're you feeling?" again.


No, I was just thinking about him.

Rya'c is with Bra'tac.
They are attempting to recruit rebel Jaffa.

I have not heard from them,
and do not expect to for some time.

What's with the, uh...?


I believe his offer of coloured gelatin
was his attempt to sympathise.

Ah, well, he's thoughtful that way.

There's no need.

I blame only myself.

- How is it your fault?
- I fell behind.

- I was...
- Covering us.


I wish to be alone, Daniel Jackson.



No! Master!

So they fly
halfway across the galaxy,

in a highly advanced spaceship,

but don't use their technology
to take over the planet.

You know what their weakness
turned out to be? Water.

Why go to all the trouble to invade
a planet that's two-thirds water?

Not to mention the rain!

Why do you watch those movies?
All you do is cut 'em up.

Don't you occasionally like to see if
they're getting it anywhere close to right?


- What?
- Are you OK?

Ever feel you forgot something important?

- What do you mean?
- Well...

I can remember almost everything
from before I died,

but I can't remember anything
from when I was ascended.

Lately something's been nagging at me.

Something specific.
I just can't pin it down.

Very good, Teal'c.

OK, you're done.


- Looks like you're doing better.
- There is such a thing as overdoing it.

Teal'c, it is possible to aggravate
your condition by pushing too hard.

Leave me be.

No! Master!


Any technical anomalies
during an incoming wormhole

are noted in this box and cross-referenced
and detailed here. It's pretty dry.

- The mission files cover points of interest.
- I've been over those.

- If I knew what you were looking for...
- We wouldn't be doing this.

Why do you think the answer's here?

I have a feeling it has something
to do with an incoming wormhole.

I was hoping that looking at some of
this stuff might jog my memory somehow.

It must be tough.

The hardest part is not knowing
whether or not I chose to be here like this.

Whether I could be doing
more good if I was still...



Well, this should be everything
you need. Good luck.


That's the last of
the physical examination.

You have just lifted and pulled more
weight than anyone on this base ever has.

Alien technology notwithstanding.


I'm clearing you for active duty.

I am not ready.

- Still nothing?
- I've broadened my search

to include outgoing wormholes
and unauthorised activations.

I still have no idea what I'm looking for.

Maybe if you stop thinking about it
it'll come to you.

Take a break.

Fraiser says Teal'c needs a little pep talk.

I've been practising in front of a mirror.

- Not peppy enough?
- Not really.

Don't give me the eyebrow.

Something's bothering you. Something
was bothering you before this injury.

- We're pretty sure we know what it is.
- Then there is no mystery.

Yeah, but the point is,
you have to talk about it.

OK, you don't have to talk about it,
but you'll feel better if you do.

You know, forget that crap.
I'm your commanding officer.

And you must be kept informed
of my fitness.

Fraiser says you're ready for duty now.
Is that true?

I have been dishonest with you.


It is unacceptable. All Jaffa children
know this without being told.

They are born with the knowledge.
It will not be tolerated.

- What?
- Kek.

- "Death." You mean "death"?
- Weakness.

We use one word for both. For if one
is weak, one may as well be dead.

You're talking about the tretonin.

I believed it to be the answer of liberation
for all Jaffa from the Goa'uld

and the reliance on symbiotes.

But as soon as I began to take it
things changed.

I felt my capability
was being compromised.

But I said nothing, hoping the effects were
temporary and my strength would return.

It did not.


- Forgive me, O'Neill. I should have...
- No. There's nothing to forgive.

You're still twice as strong as I'll ever be,
and you've got two good knees.

Then the answer to your question is no.

I do not feel that I am fit for duty.


I can accept that. For now.

- Not exactly peppy.
- What did you want me to say to the guy?

He's lost his confidence.
He wants you to reinstill some.

If he really has lost his mojo,
nothing I can say will get it back for him.

- It's all in his head.
- If he doesn't think he's ready, he's not.

Without a symbiote,
kelno'reem is unnecessary.

- I have discontinued the practice.
- Yeah.

I know you don't need to kelno'reem
any more, but just indulge me.

Humans meditate even though
they still require REM sleep.

- I think this thing I can't remember...
- Daniel Jackson.

For a successful kelno'reem, there is
one element required above all others.

- What?
- Silence.


No! Master!

Master, no!

Master! No, master!

Kree! Ha'shak!

Leave him alone.

No! Master!

Master, no!

Master! No, master!

- Rya'c?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I saw him and Bra'tac.

I think they're in danger.

Are you familiar with
the ambush of Kresh'ta?

The Jaffa rebel tribes.
I read the report.

106 warriors slaughtered.
Only you and Bra'tac survived.

You sustained both of your lives
by passing a symbiote between you.

There is something
that is not in the report.

As I lay near death, I began to dream.

You used your abilities and appeared
to me in that dream.

- I did?
- Indeed.

When I had recovered you appeared to me
again, and that is when I knew.

You had stayed with me
and watched over me for three days.

And that is the reason I am eternally
grateful to you, Daniel Jackson.

And why I wholeheartedly
believe you concerning Rya'c.

- So you believe me too?
- The things I've heard sitting here?!

If this happened before
you retook human form,

then whatever supply of tretonin
Bra'tac had would be depleted by now.

That is why we must act immediately.

Daniel, you thought all this
had to do with gate records.

Perhaps you knew to look for a location.

I've been through those records.
I haven't found anything.

Teal'c, is there anything familiar
about the planet?

There is not.

General Hammond, I request
that we send for Rak'nor immediately.

- Do it.
- Yes, sir.

You grow more and more weak each day.

You worry too much for me, Rya'c.

Tend to your own labour.

A kek ha'shak! Ya duru!

If you do not work,

you will die.

They do not work hard enough.

No rescue is forthcoming...
and your supply of tretonin runs low.



We will not be able to maintain
our workload. They will execute us next.



Have faith. I will ration
my tretonin, until a rescue.



Is any of this familiar to you?

A planet with two moons, a naqahdah
refinery near some sort of dry dock

with a mother ship under construction?

I know the planet of which you describe.

According to Greek mythology,
Erebus is where condemned souls pass.

It is aptly named. The planet is used
for the construction of Ha'tak vessels

and the purification
of naqahdah to build them.

Only Jaffa prisoner labour is used.

They can withstand the heat and
toxic gases of the blast furnaces

fed by underground volcanic systems.

- Eventually, even the Jaffa succumb.
- I am aware of such places.

Jaffa prisoners, unwilling to serve their
Goa'uld masters, are worked to death.

The perfect place to recruit rebels.
Something's gone wrong.

The planet was recently taken by Baal.

If Bra'tac and Rya'c were there then,
perhaps they were trapped.

- Then they are lost.
- Why?

- The Stargate on Erebus is impenetrable.
- How so?

A force field much like your iris blocks it,
making rescue through it impossible.

Someone must get through.

We believe a signal is used
to power down the force field.

But we have no way of knowing
what that signal is.


I was there. I saw the whole thing happen.

Nothing I could do - just watch,
powerless to interfere.

- Come on, it has to be there.
- Just give me a minute.

I never thought of checking
the Alpha site gate records.

A coded energy signal
was received and recorded

through the gate three months ago.

No one was able to determine
its origin or its purpose.

That is the deactivation code Bra'tac sent
before he was captured.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

I can synthesise this. If it is the code,
I can get us through the gate.

And I can provide details of their defences
and the lay of the land.


I must tell you that I believe
I may be a liability on this mission.

I don't.

If I should die,
it is my wish that you watch over Rya'c.

Let's see it doesn't come to that, all right?

Chevron six encoded.

- It's his son.
- Chevron seven locked.

All right, let's do this.

Sending signal now.


OK, so... that happened.

SG-3, secure these guys,
then establish your perimeter.


Master Bra'tac.

It is difficult to ration
that which you do not have.

- If only you had not seen.
- I have seen.

Now tell me the truth. I'm not a child.

The tretonin is gone.

Then you will die, and all your words
of faith will have been for nothing.

No, Rya'c, not for nothing. For you!

You might survive.

How long can you live without tretonin?

As long as I have to.


Trade. Give me that thing.

No sign of Bra'tac.

Wait a minute. I've got Rya'c.

If we eliminate that guard position,
we can create a blind spot.

Infiltration is the best option, O'Neill.

All right, it'll be dark in an hour.

Everybody, get comfortable.


- They're in.
- Jaffa, hol!

- Jaffa!
- Come on, come on.

Rin nok!

- What's this?
- He's dressing the warrior down.

"Do the bidding of Baal. Shut up."

- "Shut up"?!
- I'm paraphrasing.

Kel mar tokeem. Tal ma kree.

Meg tal.

"You're poisoned. You're cursed by
the wearer of horns. You're sloppy."

- Oracca aseemu.
- Oh, for crying out loud!

- Hol mel!
- Damn it.

- I think they've been made.
- Just hold on.

- Rya'c.
- Father.

I'm sorry. Master Bra'tac said
you would come, but I did not believe.

- How is he?
- He still lives, but I fear not for long.

Tek matte.

Old friend.

- Rak'nor.
- Tek matte, Master Bra'tac.

There is enough for both of us.

You cannot hide here for long.

It will take time for him
to regain his strength.

- Then we will carry him.
- We came to take you and Bra'tac away.

What about them?
What about all the others?

There are too many.

- They can fight.
- And they will die.

If they stay, they will die.

Teal'c! You've been made.
Get outta there. Get outta there!


Kree chok!

Hold your fire. Hold your fire!

- Sir.
- Just hold your position.

- We're just gonna sit here?
- Yes! We're just gonna sit here.

Till we can find another way in.

Rya'c. You are still alive.

Yes, Father.

That is all that matters.

What of Bra'tac?

The tretonin has helped.

What of you, Father? Can you walk?

Not at the moment.

You must.

Those who cannot work are killed.

You must not lose your faith, Rya'c.
Rak'nor and I did not come alone.

Even now, a rescue is under way.

Search patrol went off in that direction,
heading for the Stargate.

They don't believe Teal'c and Rak'nor
were working alone.

- This is my fault.
- How's that?

I should have done something
when I had the chance.

When I had the power.

I think we've already established
that wouldn't have worked out either.

Nope, it's time for plan B.

- We have a plan B?
- No, but it's time for one.

We've already determined
there are too many guards for us.

We need a distraction.

- Grenades?
- Think bigger.


Much bigger.

Major, target TRP-1 .

His strength still grows.


Rya'c, you and Rak'nor
must spread the word.

If we wish for our rescue to be successful,
the others must be prepared to fight.

- How will they know when?
- When the time is right they will know.


Can you fight?

- I am not the Jaffa I once was.
- No!

- Rya'c...
- No.

You are Teal'c.
There is no greater warrior.


I am... weak.

No... Father, please.


No matter what...
you must survive.

You must survive.

Or I have come for nothing.

Now go.

Once this panel goes it'll take seconds
for the anti-gravity platform to shut down.

It has been difficult.

For both of us.

You are feeling better.

You will not be rid of me so easily.

When the time comes
I will be ready, old friend.

As will I.

I am not so sure.

This tretonin seems to have
had an effect on your memory.

Why would you say such a thing?

You've forgotten that a warrior's strength
comes from his heart and his mind.

You have had a physical advantage
over me for a long time,

and yet I have never
lost a sparring match to you.

Because for years, old man,
I have let you win.


Much better.

This could be a problem.

This is not your work station.

Take him.

If you do not work, then you will die!

This one does not know
where his work station is.

But he is young... and still able to work.

You dare to speak to me?

Only to ask that I take his place.

So be it.

No! No!

You are barely able to stand.

You would not have lasted another day.
It was a good trade.

- Carter, what's the hold-up?
- We're a go in 30 seconds, sir.

Assume we do not have 30 seconds.

You were once the first prime of Apophis.

Now you're nothing
but a weak, pathetic shol'va.

Do not look away.

Be strong for him.

What better way for Teal'c to die than
to be looking upon the face of his son?

Kree! Trey lon tonok!


Take them now!

Come on, boys, have at 'em.



Welcome back, SG-1 .

The camp has been liberated. All the
prisoners relocated to the Alpha site.

They are anxious to join the rebellion.

Then my mission has been a success.

Hammond of Texas,
I find myself once more in your debt.

I think it's Dr Jackson you owe
on this one.


Kelno'reem is unnecessary.
Although it does make me feel... better.

Colonel O'Neill has officially informed me
that I have my "mojo" back.

I guess I should be thanking you, actually.

You see, I used to...
I used to feel like I didn't belong.

Anywhere, really.

I think I thought that this ascension
thing would change that.

Now I'm realising that
the sacrifices were far too great...

and my life here is too important
to just leave behind.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that...

for the first time in my life
I feel like I'm a part of something.

Something important.

As do I.