Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 20 - Memento - full transcript

On a shakedown cruise of the Prometheus, the ship's hyperdrive regulator becomes irreparably damaged. A nearby planet was listed on the cartouche of addresses found on Abydos and thus may have a stargate. After a short jump towards the planet, the naquadria reactor overloads and must be jettisoned. After the reactor explodes above the planet causing damage, the fate of SG-1 and the crew of the Prometheus is in the hands of a once Goa'uld-controlled world that they're off to a rough start with.

All right, everyone, on your toes.
Major Gant, report.

A ship just exited a hyperspace window.
Goa'uld vessel. Ha'tak class.

- Sound general quarters.
- Goa'uld vessel is closing on our position.

Shields at maximum. Load missile bays
and charge the primary weapons system.

Excuse me!

That's annoying.

Colonel Ronson has issued a call
for battle stations.


Aren't we participating in damage control?

Yes, and if there's ever any damage,
I'll do my best to control it.

Right now I wanna talk to Ronson.

- Goa'uld vessel is within range, sir.
- Weapons Officer, prepare to fire.

He's weapons officer.
You'd think he'd be prepared.


The bridge isn't where you should be
during a battle drill.

No. I've been meaning
to talk to you about that.

Can it wait until
we're not in the middle of a drill?

When are we not in the middle of a drill?

OK. We'll talk about it later.

Teal'c, prepare to assist
in damage control.

- I am prepared, O'Neill.
- See how melodramatic that sounds?

It's unnecessary.

Where were we?

Sir, I feel like
we're getting in the way here.

SG-1 has valuable experience with both
hyperspace travel and the "Prometheus".

Besides, your mission to P7X- 009
shouldn't take more than a few hours.

General Greer and I
just want you there for the shakedown.

- In the unlikely event of an emergency?
- Something like that.

Enjoy the ride, Colonel. Hammond out.

This is Prometheus
requesting go- ahead for mission start.

This is Vandenberg. You've an affirmative
for hyperspace window activation.

Roger that. Major, we have a go.

Yes, sir. Activating window.

Run level- one diagnostics
on all weapons systems.

- Ring transport?
- Hit all of them.

Also set up a hull- breach simulation
for 0500. That's all.

Yes, sir.


You've got a fine crew here, Ronson.

- You've got a pretty solid team yourself.
- Speaking of that...

Jack, I know that in the event
of a real situation with the Goa'uld,

you feel your place is on the bridge.

You'd be a fool not to take advantage
of Teal'c's expertise.

You're absolutely right, but you're
just along for the shakedown cruise.

My crew needs to be able to count on me
and on each other after you're gone.

I guess I can respect that.

Besides, I highly doubt
we'll run into the Goa'uld.

We just dropped out of hyperspace.

Carter, Teal'c, meet me on the bridge.

- Major?
- We were supposed to be in hyperspace

for another 90 minutes, sir.
I don't know what happened.

- What's our position?
- 40. 62 light years short of the target, sir.

Something caused the hyperdrive
to shut down.

That would only happen if the computer
detected instability in the naquadria.

He's right, sir. Diagnostics show
a massive power surge in the hyperdrive.

- Have you begun restart procedures?
- The computer won't allow start- up.


- You promised me it would work.
- It did work.

- No, it didn't.
- The hyperdrive was fitted with a buffer,

designed to modulate fluctuations
in energy from the naquadria.

- This shouldn't be happening.
- Yet it is happening.

- Yet it is.
- Something must've damaged the buffer.

- Sir, with your permission, I'd like to look.
- Yeah. Me too.

Take Major Gant.
Report back to me as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

We were right. Something caused
the buffer to overload. It's fried.

But it was created
to handle massive amounts of energy.

Gravity waves.
I just checked the ship's sensor log.

We passed through an intense
gravity wave from a collapsing star.

That would explain it.

But the engines are intact
and we have naquadria.

But we have no way to regulate it
or to calculate the distance we travelled

because of naquadria's instability.

We could end up anywhere.

If he was gonna help out,
he'd have shown by now.

- Who?
- Thor.

- Little guy, grey.
- I know who Thor is.

The Asgard have proven valuable
in similar situations.

- Carter?
- I'm afraid it doesn't look good, sir.

Even if we could write a subroutine
into the computer to bypass the buffer,

we'd still risk the reactor going critical.

Use whatever you need to repair
the buffer. Cannibalise any other systems.

With all due respect, Colonel, I can't.

- Carter?
- Sir, I helped design the buffer module.

There is no way I can make it operational,
not with what we have on this ship.

It's like a light bulb that's burned out -
you can't just fix it.

- Do we have any extra bulbs?
- There's no redundancy for that system.

So you're saying there's no redundancy?

Even if we plotted a course for Earth using
maximum sublight thrust, it'd take years.

- We don't have the supplies.
- Not to mention the relativistic effects.

That buffer has to be repaired.

Actually, there may be another solution.

According to the cartouche, there's a
planet. 38 light years from here - P3X- 744.

We've dialled it unsuccessfully before, but
if it's on the cartouche it must have a gate.

Perhaps it's buried.

If we get there, we can get
what we need to fix the ship.

It's a four- month journey using
sublight engines. We'd never make it.

- We use the hyperdrive.
- I thought we couldn't do that.

For a protracted period of time, no.

744 would be a pretty short hop.

The shorter the energy burst,
the less chance of instability.

That's what I'm thinking.

It's your call.

But I don't see how we have much choice.

Major Gant, plot a course for 744.

Now orbiting P3X- 744, sir.

- Any port in a storm, eh?
- Good work, people.

Sir, there's an energy build- up
in the naquadria cells.

- Shut down power to the reactor.
- The controls will not respond, sir.

The jump must have triggered a surge
that overloaded the control systems.

Sir, without the buffer
we can't stop the build- up.

We have a few minutes
before the naquadria reactor goes critical.

- Stand by to jettison the reactor module.
- Yes, sir.

If there's no gate on this planet,
we lose our only means of getting home.

- It would appear there is little choice.
- Get shields and sublight engines on line.

We won't get very far away
before it blows.

Then we're about to find out
just how good our shields are.

All hands, brace for impact.

Reactor- module separation on my mark.
Three, two, one, mark.

- Module jettisoned.
- Get us clear. Full military thrust.

- Damage report.
- An electromagnetic pulse hit the shields.

Primary computers down. All we have
is artificial gravity and life support.

- Casualties?
- None reported.

- How soon till systems are back on line?
- It's too early to say.

- I'd like to assist if I may.
- Please do, Major.

Colonel, picking up incoming bogies from
the planet's surface heading this way.

- Can you identify them?
- A long- range ballistic weapon, sir.

We're under attack.

- Missiles are on an intercept course.
- Leave orbit.

- We can't manoeuvre, sir.
- Arm weapons. We'll try to take them out.

Weapons control is down, sir.

- How long before they hit?
- Three minutes.

Not enough time
to get systems back on line.

They only launched missiles
after we exploded our hyperdrive.

It could have looked like an attack
from their point of view.

I agree, sir. Based on the weapons
they fired, they're a sophisticated race.

The EM pulse that hit our computers may
have had the same impact on their planet.

Then how could they launch missiles?

Ballistic missile sites on Earth
are shielded for EMP.

- Let's talk to'em.
- Two minutes to missile impact.

I can broadcast on multiple frequencies.
They could pick it up.

Do it.

This is Colonel O'Neill
of the US Air Force vessel Prometheus.

Can anyone hear me down there?

The explosion that just happened
over your planet was an accident.

The resulting EM pulse damaged our ship.
We are defenceless against your attack.

We've come a long way to meet you folks,

so if there's anything you could do to,
you know, stop those missiles...

- One minute to impact.
- Lock down compartments and brace.

We'd very much like the opportunity
to land and introduce ourselves,

but if you destroy our ship,
that's going to be... very difficult.

Missiles self- destructed at 17, 000 metres.

This is Commander Kalfas
of the Tagrean security force.

We will transmit landing coordinates.
Kalfas out.

Not exactly an engraved invitation, but...

I would prefer not landing until we have
our shields and weapons back on line.

We should have systems back up
within a few minutes, sir.

The guy you talked to is
Commander Kalfas. The planet is Tagrea.

Kalfas. Tagrea. Got it.

Sir, I've scanned for naqahdah traces
to determine the location of the Stargate.

So far I've got nothing.

- Could the cartouche be incorrect?
- It hasn't been yet.

If they don't accept our apology, finding
the gate'll be the least of our problems.

Drop your weapons immediately.

Howdy, fellas.
Colonel Jack O'Neill, United States...

Powerful weapons
are aimed at you and your ship.

- Air Force.
- Disarm yourselves, or you'll be fired on.

- This is not negotiable.
- I believe he is being sincere in his threat.

I guess we have to start
trusting them at some point.


I take it we've you to thank for destroying
the missiles before they hit,

thus saving our lives?

There was something in your voice
that I trusted.

Did I mention we're sorry?

Knowing the EM pulse damaged your
ship I'll accept it was unintentional.

- I'm not so willing.
- Power has been restored to the cities.

There was much impact
on our economic systems.

- They will recover.
- We don't know the extent of the damage.


compared to the event of meeting people
from another world for the very first time.

It is a profound moment for us.

You have said Tagrea holds the key
to returning to your home planet.

- Could you be more specific?
- Chairman Ashwan...

we believe you have alien technology that
can transport matter across the galaxy.

We'd like to borrow your Stargate.

- I'm sorry, our "Stargate"?
- A ring thing? Comes with a dialler.

You hit the symbols, it spins around,
lights come on and it flushes sideways.

It looks like...


Once activated,

it is able to transport you from
one planet to another instantaneously.

In this case,
from Tagrea to our planet, Earth.

They seek the Ring of the Gods.

If that's what you wanna call it.
"Ring of the Gods" is good.

Please, understand.
This device you seek - the "Stargate".

- I regret to tell you...
- It's a myth.

There has never been a shred of evidence
to prove its existence.

Have you looked around? Just...

If you grant us access to historical data,
we might be able to shed light on this.

Your freedom of movement
is not negotiable.

Once this meeting is over, you are
to return to your vessel and stay there.

In the meantime, I will have
some historical data delivered to you.

- Mr Chairman!
- If you prove the existence of a Stargate,

we will be glad to help you locate it as an
act of good faith between our two worlds.

Thank you, Ashwan.

They may well be gathering
information for an invasion.

Even if you're right,
knowing our history will do no harm.

But, Kalfas...

what if this ring does exist?

Imagine, after all these centuries,
finding a piece of our past.

And what if our past
was buried for a good reason?

Travellers from another world
are seeking our help.

How goes the homework?

There's almost nothing
to indicate how these people got here.

No archaeological data, no ancient
writings, no documentation of artefacts.

I have found no mention of the Chaapa- ai,
nor other technology used by the Goa'uld.

That's a little weird.
The Goa'uld are damn litterbugs.

They usually leave a lot of crap behind.

That is most often the case.

If this is a comprehensive history,
it's a joke.

I know. There's nothing
dating back further than 300 years.

- Maybe a year is longer on this planet.
- Maybe, sir, but even so,

with no idea of where the Tagreans
came from, we can't find the Stargate.

So, either they are
hiding something from us, or...

Or their entire past has been erased.

- You invited them for dinner!
- I was thinking more of a brunch.

We offered it in exchange
for access to their archives.

- A library pass for a tour of the ship.
- When were you going to inform me?

- Now.
- I can appreciate you wanna get home,

but my priority is the security
of this ship and crew.

Ronson, your ship and crew are going
nowhere unless we find that gate.

I just don't like the idea
of giving a guided tour of Prometheus

to the same people
with gun batteries aimed at us.

We'd do the same damn thing.

Colonel Ronson,
we need these people to get home,

and we didn't exactly make
a good first impression.

We'll do this little barbecue of yours,
but that's as far as I go.

Do we have a barbecue?

- How many planets has SG-1 been to?
- 133.

On each of them,
those inhabited by humans at least,

there's been some indication
of their origins - a temple, ruins.

It is indeed a mystery, Jonas Quinn.

A Goa'uld would not bring Tauri to a world
and not force them to build monuments.

I don't care how hard you try, you can't
erase history. Something has to remain.

We just need to find it.

- We are being watched.
- The guy half- hiding behind the shelf?

He's been casing us since we got here.

And not very well either.

Most impressive.

And you say much of the technology
included in your vessel is of alien origin?

- Yes.
- Most of the key systems, in fact.

It's one thing to build a ship,
another to fly it across the galaxy.

We haven't got that part
straightened out yet.

We use the element naquadria to power
our hyperdrive engines, but it is unstable.

In fact, that instability
led to the explosion above your planet.

We had to eject the reactor.

Why use such a dangerous substance
to power your ship?

I've asked the same question.

For now, naquadria is our short cut
to interstellar travel.

More stable forms of energy don't provide
enough power to run the hyperdrive.

My advisors have expressed concern this
is a military ship. What do I say to them?

That they're right.

Prometheus was designed
for defensive purposes.

- From these "Goa'uld"?
- Yes.

- Without your main source of power?
- With or without the naquadria reactor,

this ship is more than capable
of defending itself against attack.

May I introduce Colonel William Ronson,
commander of the Prometheus.

It is an honour.

I assure you we would not attack
without provocation.

There are several gun batteries
aimed at my ship, sir.

We must defend ourselves
from any action you might take.

For instance, should Chairman Ashwan
and I fail to appear at a specific time,

my men have orders
to fire those batteries.

Then perhaps we had better
continue the tour.

- Please, Major Carter, after you.
- Thank you, sir.


- May we be of assistance?
- Forgive me. I did not want to intrude.

I am Tarek Solamon. I am a professor
of mathematics at the university.

I'm Jonas Quinn. This is Teal'c. If you
were curious about us, just come over.

With respect, Mr Quinn, it is not you
I was curious about, but what you seek.


I've heard you seek evidence of the Ring
of the Gods. I believe I can help you find it.

I hope it's satisfactory. We didn't expect
to host a formal dinner on this mission.

It's fascinating to realise
we are eating food

grown and prepared on a world
millions of light years away.

And frozen millions of years ago.

It's the best we have on board.

Mr Chairman, we noticed in our research

that your history seems limited
to the last 300 years.

Prior to our recorded history,

our people endured a...

a long and terrible dark age.

One they desperately wish to forget.

Thus, only after Tagrea
emerged from this black era

did historians begin again
to record events.

It means you're missing
many years of your past.


Aren't you curious?

It's hardly a question of choice.

Even if we wished to know our history,
there's none to study.

All evidence of it was destroyed
centuries ago.

We believe what came before Year Zero
has no intrinsic value to our society.

The society of the new era
has no need to know how they suffered.

On Earth we study our past
to learn from it.

Whereas we believe
that nostalgia's a sign of weakness.

I'm sure both points of view have merit.

Well said, Major.

A drink to history.

And to the future.

Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter,
the meal was... interesting.

Glad you liked it.

- He didn't say that.
- Well, I did. Thank you.

Now that we've gotten
to know each other a little better,

do you think having those guns
pointed at us is completely necessary?

Would your Colonel Ronson
not be as vigilant?

Yes, I'm sure he would be.

- Mr Chairman?
- Go, Kalfas. I will join you in a moment.

I apologise for Commander Kalfas'
behaviour. Diplomacy is not his strength.

Yes. We share that quality in common.

Since I took office, I have been perceived
as being weak in matters of civic defence.

As a result, Kalfas has
growing political support.

Our arrival hasn't
helped things much, has it?


I only hope his mistrust does not interfere
with your quest for the Stargate.

I believe finding it would be
a great discovery for our people.

Tarek Please excuse
the state of my office.

So you said you could help us
find the Ring of the Gods.

- How?
- With these.

I spent a lifetime collecting them.

Relics from before my people
turned their back on their god.

- To which god are you referring?
- Our creator. Horus.

Only a few of us dare believe in him.

- It is the symbol of Heru-ur.
- You know him?

Heru-ur is not a god. He is a Goa'uld.

He is the one who made us. The relics
speak of him as the creator of all life.

The one who spoke us into existence.

More likely he enslaved your ancestors
and brought them here from Earth.

Heru-ur must have abandoned your
people when resources were depleted.

Then the Tagreans must have tried
to destroy all evidence of their former god,

including everything
to do with the Stargate.

They did not destroy everything.

This remains.

My understanding
of this language is limited,

but it appears to be an etching
of something called a "shap eye".

- Chaapa- ai.
- Ah.

This text is a slight variation
of predynastic Egyptian. It's beautiful.

This section here says Heru-ur's Stargate
can be found in a great desert to the north.

It must mean the wastelands of Anhur.
They lie far beyond the city.

- I have found many of my artefacts there.
- Really?

Guys? We'd like to take a little field trip.

- They want to go to the wastelands.
- Then take them.

I think that's a mistake.

Because they may find something
you do not wish them to find?

- If this is some sort of reconnaissance...
- You're being ridiculous.

- And you are being reckless!
- People from another world are here.

Do you understand?

- And what's more, they seek our help.
- We do not know their true intentions.

Or what they can offer us -
an exchange of knowledge.

The Stargate
could open up the universe to us.

A universe of potential enemies.
I demand you reconsider.

We cannot undo what has happened.

The difference is, Kalfas,
I would not if I could.

They are here, and we must
deal with them one way or another.

- I prefer to help.
- And I prefer...

Now have them taken to the coordinates.

As you wish.

The Stargate should be located
directly in the middle of the second...

and third monument.

Are you certain, Jonas Quinn?

Well, that's what it says.


- You think that's the cover stones?
- Indeed.

"Here lies the Chaapa- ai of Heru-ur...

false god to the people of Tagrea. "

"May it never know the daylight again. "

The ring exists.

- Teal'c O'Neill.
- What's up, T?

I believe we have located the Stargate.

- That's good news.
- We will require assistance to retrieve it.

I'll talk to Ashwan.

Nice job.


It looks good. It looks intact.

Well, let's give it a shot.


- What are you doing?
- Taking back what belongs to my people.

Kalfas' actions are outrageous.

- Tell him to stand down.
- I've done that. He refuses.

- He claims to be protecting our security.
- Have him arrested.

Kalfas commands great loyalty
in the military.

Challenging him
would only lead to civil war.

Sir, we could use the Prometheus.
Her weapons would defeat Kalfas' troops.

There is still that nagging problem
of all the guns pointed at it.

I chose the commander of those
gun batteries myself. He is loyal to me.

Colonel, I give you my word
he will not fire upon your ship.

Kalfas, you've no idea
what you're dealing with.

I know our ancestors
buried this device for a reason.

Maybe they were wrong. Maybe
you should stop being afraid of the past.

It's not the past that concerns me.
It's the future.

Having assessed our strength,
you would return with greater numbers.

- You have nothing to fear.
- We just wanna fix our ship.

Our people can become friends, they can
exchange knowledge, even trade.

We'll even teach you
how to use the Stargate.

Yes. You will teach me how to use it.

They're holding two of my men prisoner.
We need the ship.

Our shields are down. If we take off
and they open fire with those guns...

Ashwan promised they wouldn't.

He lost control of his government, and I'm
to trust the safety of my crew to his word?

Yes. That's what you're going to do.

Jack, you're asking me
to risk everyone on this ship.

If that is so, Colonel Ronson,
then I will be taking the same risk.

You may launch your vessel when ready.
You will not be fired upon.

- Major Gant.
- Sir?

Fire up the sublight engines.

Arm all available weapons and
prepare to return fire... on my orders only.

That will not be necessary, Colonel.

Let's hope the old man is right,
or this is gonna be a short ride.

No sign of weapon fire from
the gun batteries, sir. I think we're clear.

Very well. Proceed to the coordinates
at one- third thrust.

Yes, sir.

Are you sure you're up to this?
Things can get out of hand.

I'm not afraid, Major.
I should have done this a long time ago.

This is Ronson. We're in position.

Roger that.

hold your fire until my signal.

"Prometheus" has your six.

This has gone far enough.
Release these men.

Hold your positions. We cannot let him
hand this device over to the aliens.

Commander Kalfas.

He's a good man, a cautious man.

But he thinks, as our ancestors did,

that it is better to control
what we do not understand,

to bury it so it cannot harm us.

I, too, once thought as he does,
but no longer.

These... "aliens"
who Kalfas fears so much...

are not conquerors.

They are long- lost brethren.

Look at it.

This is where we came from.

This is who we are.

Our ancestors
erased our history out of fear.

And yet, without our history...

we cannot know who we are...

or what we may some day become.

I will not make that same mistake.

I'm relieving you of your command.

You and your men will stand down.

I said lower your weapons!

Take him away.

Didn't know you had that in you.

Neither did I.

We'll be back in a few days
with equipment to repair our ship.

Until then Colonel Ronson
and his crew will be our guests.

I hope you'll join us
at a state dinner upon your return.

- Thanks, Tarek.
- No. Thank you.

I hope you will soon return.
There is much to learn about our history.

Yeah, but I think you know more
than most people on your planet.

I have a feeling this guy's
gonna be getting a bigger office soon.