Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 22 - Full Circle - full transcript

Riding in the elevator at SGC, O'Neill is visited by Daniel Jackson who needs his help. Daniel tells him that Anubis is headed for Abydos to search for something called the Eye of Ra, a ...

Skaara, join us.

You know why
you are here?

Then it is true?

There's not much time.

Kasuf will take the women and children to the caves of Kalima where they will be safe.

No one will be safe anywhere.

How can we even hope to defend ourselves against a Goa'uld as powerful as Anubis?

Our lives are meaningless if we don't stop him from finding what he seeks here.

You must rally all those
capable of fighting.

All those willing to die.

All those who must not fail.


You won't be alone.

Hello? This is C.. Hello?



Hi Jack.

Jack, Abydos is in trouble.

Anubis is on his way.

He's after the Eye of Ra.

I have that replica Catherine
gave me, it looks like this.

Now I'm pretty sure the real one is
located in some secret chamber

in Ra's pyramid on Abydos
but I'm not sure where exactly.

According to legend there were
six Eyes including those held

by Apophis, Osiris and
Tiamat among others.

Each is powerful on its own but to use them in combination increases that power ten fold.

Recently, Anubis has managed
to track down five of the six Eyes

and only needs Ra's
to complete the set.

He's looked everywhere Ra used
to hang out except Abydos;

now he's on his way there.

I'm sure that was an
aspirin I took this morning.

Jack, it's really me. It's me,
you have to help, you have to find

the Eye of Ra before
Anubis does.

Keep it, hide it, destroy it, whatever, it doesn't matter, we don't have much time.

Hey Daniel, how you doing?
Long time. How are things on the higher planes?

Hey Jack, long time no see.
How you doing?

Fine, just fine.

How are the knees,
the back? Everything's..

Oh you know, kind of
weather contingent actually.

So what's new?

Ah actually a funny thing
happened to me, today,

I'm riding an elevator and an old
friend of mine, someone who never calls,

never writes just shows up and tells
me all about this very important

and apparently urgent mission
that needs my attention.

You gonna help or…

Wait; let me tell it, it's good.

You see this buddy of mine, this
pal, this chum has ascended to

a whole new level of existence.

Do you see the irony?

He's asking for my help and he's
this great and powerful being.

Jack, we've already been through
this, I can't actually do anything.

See, I'm still not clear on that.

The Others have rules; just
talking to you is a violation.

What like jay walking,
double parking, what?

The point is, taking action that changes
human existence, that's a big one.

Let me ask you this.

Have you met any of
these Other guys?


Well how do you know
they're any kind of a threat?

Well good, that's a good one.

As it is, Oma's an outcast
because she believes

helping people
ascend is our duty.

And that's okay?

Technically, no. But
she does it anyway.

Those of us that follow her
are walking a very fine line.

Why don't they
try to stop her?

I don't know.

You don't know?

No I don't know. All I know
is what Oma has taught me.

Ascension doesn't make
you all knowing or all powerful.

It is just the beginning
of the journey.

The point is, if I were to help you, if
I were to take any action to help you,

Oma would step in and stop me herself
to avoid drawing the wrath of the Others.

If they wanted to, they could stop everything
she's been trying to do for a long time.

I can't jeopardise that.

Obviously we can't match forces
with Anubis but apparently

the Abydonians are willing
to back us on this one.

Colonel, how'd you
come by this intel?

I didn't say?

No you didn't.

Daniel told me.

You saw Doctor Jackson?

Actually, it's not the first time.

Is he all right?

What else did he say?

Whoa, wait.

You guys don't think I'm
nuts or anything like that?

I too have recently
see Daniel Jackson.


Why didn't you say something?

Why did you not?

Well to be honest, I wasn't quite sure
it was really happening the first time.

Neither was I.

Did he tell you where
we could find the Eye?

Uh, he doesn't know.

He doesn't know?

I know.

Personally I think this whole
ascension thing is a bit overrated.

hat's good enough for me Colonel.

If Dr Jackson is right, we have
to find that Eye before Anubis does.



It is good to see you.

You too.

I'm Jonas.

Good to meet you.

We are prepared to
do whatever you ask.

Appreciate that. Teal'c, set up a perimeter,
I want to know the second we have company.

Any idea where this Eye thing is?

I will show you.

This is as far as the catacombs go.
Daniel and I have spent much time here.

No Eye's?

The Eye of Ra is mentioned
many times on these walls.

Just so we're clear,
it's not a real eye?

It's a kind of
jewel or something.

Well, we have never
been able to find it.

So you seeing anybody?


Is it serious?

We are betrothed.

Trust me, that's serious.

Thank you.

I assume my invitation
got lost in the mail or..?

I wanted to ask you to
sha'loki. To stand beside me.

During the ceremony right?

Yes, yes.

I'd be honoured.

Will you becoming
to my wedding alone?

I assume Carter's invited too?

Of course. Will you
becoming together?

As in?

Friends going to a wedding.

Yes, sure. Jonas?

Is there something
you wish to ask me?

You are a friend
of Daniel Jackson?

Indeed I was.

Skaara says he is not
dead. He is now a God.

A God he is not.

Is he not powerful?

That remains unclear.

Daniel once brought freedom
to my people from the false God Ra.

He has asked us to fight; we will fight
in his name. Die for his cause if we must.

Skaara says Daniel will protect
us, watch over our families.

I am unsure of what
you have been promised.

But if you are not prepared to
die, you should not be here.

How you doing there, son?
We don't have all day.

I know. Believe me I know.
But there's nothing.

Just a lot of talk about the power
of Ra, the size of his domain.

Big domain?

There's no mention of a secret chamber
where he keeps his most valuable possessions

not that I would expect that.


O'Neill, we are under attack!
Ground forces have landed.

We will not be able to
hold them off for long.

Roger that.
You heard the man.

I don't know what to tell you.
I mean if Dr Jackson was here..

Oh he's here. He's definitely
here. Trust me, he's here.

Son of a bitch.
Hey, where are you?

We're only doing
this because of you.

Jack, it's here. I know it is.


Sam. Jonas.

Dr Jackson.

You hear that?

I can't do anything
about that, you know.

I don't care. Do something
or we walk. Right now.

Remember that fine line
we were talking about?

Cross it.


I always thought there might
be a secret chamber here.

This section talks about how Ra
draws his power from the sun.

O'Neill, we cannot
hold our position.

Fall back to the pyramid. You guys do
your stuff, I'm gonna go help Teal'c.

I will come with you.

Fall back.
Fall back!

Ah, can't you just zip into the wall and
see if there's something on the other side?

It's complicated.

Some kind of trigger for a secret
door. Rays of the sun will reveal all.

Rays of the sun, there's no

Think any light will do?

It's possible.

Maybe you need to
focus it a little?


Is that my stuff?

You weren't using it any more.


How many?



Sir, we're working on it.

Work faster.

Yes sir.

I thought we were
on to something.

You are.

It's not working.

It's red.

What is?

The rays of the sun on
the fresco are red. Sam?



Daniel what is it?

I'm an Ancient.


Not me, but the Others
like me. They're the Ancients.

This is written in one of the
oldest dialects of the Ancients.

I mean I always suspected but
I never really knew for sure.

What does it say?

It says the Ancients evolved from a
race of humans that lived long before us.

They were wiped out by a plague
that was sweeping across the galaxy.

Many learned to ascend, the
rest died out. I have to go.


I'll be back. Don't lose that tablet;
it talks about a lost city

that's more valuable
than anything.



What if it's not here?

Maybe there's a
secret compartment?

A secret compartment
inside a secret chamber?

Why not?

Why not?

Right here.

I don't see a latch
or a jewel like in the other door

but there's got to be
some way to open this.

Yeah, stand back.

Sir, we got it.

Too late.

We cannot hold the Gateroom. Anubis
dialled the Stargate preventing our escape.

We got jaffa on our ass.

Where's that Eye?

Right here.

What are you going
to do with that?

I'm gonna see how much Anubis
wants that Eye in one piece.

Surrender or die!


Surrender or die!

I was just gonna say
the exact same thing.

O'Neill of SG-1.

Hey, how're you doing?

You'll have to forgive me,
I'm terrible with names. What..


I am Herak.

Failing upwards I see.

You have no choice.

Actually I do.

I've got the Eye and about a pound of
very powerful explosives stuck to it.

Give us clear access to
the Gate or I'll blow it up.

Yourself along with it?

What's your point?

I will speak with my master.

Yes, you do that.

Don't forget to tell him
you screwed up again.

Is it really necessary to
further antagonise him?


Would you really do it?

Sure, why not?


Skaara is in need
of medical attention.

I have failed you.

Ah stop it.

My Lord. The humans from Earth and the
one named O'Neill have found the Eye of Ra.

We have them trapped. But he says if we do not
grant them free passage he will destroy the Eye.

He will give you the Eye of
Ra or I will destroy Abydos.

Yes my Lord.

You won't touch Abydos.

And how will you stop me?

I can. And I will if one more
person down there is hurt.

You can do nothing but stand there and utter
empty threats because I know what you are.

If you know what I am, you know very
well I can wipe you from existence.

I know you who are Daniel Jackson,
but you know not who I am.

O'Neill, can you hear me?


Anubis commands that you turn over the Eye of
Ra immediately or he will destroy all of Abydos.

Tell him to go ahead.
He's not getting the Eye.

He's bluffing.

We don't have much of a choice.

If we blow up the Eye he's
going to destroy Abydos anyway.

He's just as likely to attack
after we give it to him.

Maybe not.

He's a Goa'uld.


What's he say?

He speaks of a bright light.

Of giving up.

Of releasing something.

With a wave of my hand,
I will bombard the surface.

You can try and stop
me if you choose.

What makes you think I won't?

Your words mean nothing.
Take action if you dare.

Maybe I won't have to.

I command the collective
forces of the System Lords.

You've finally managed
to rally them against me.

You will hand over the Eye
of Ra or face destruction.

I will consider your
most generous offer.

You won't survive that
many motherships.

They are not attacking
because they fear me.


I'll tell them you
don't have the Eye.

And they can beat
you if they strike now.

Do you know that for a fact?

Maybe I'll deliver the
Eye of Ra to you.

If you give me your word you won't
harm the people of Abydos. Ever.

So be it.

That's a promise I'll hold
you to no matter what.

Sir, you're not considering
shooting our way out?


Anubis must really want
that thing in one piece

if his boys have
held off this long.

He does.

Where were you?

Busy, busy.


thanks for Skaara.
I assume he's okay.

What are you talking about?

He has ascended.


That wasn't you?

Oma's here watching me.


And I don't care any more.
Anubis is one of us.


He's partly in some
bastardised way.

Daniel, what are
you talking about?

The Goa'uld Anubis used to
be figured out how to ascend.

He was believed to have been
dead for quite some time.

The Others didn't want him.

That's understandable.

They sent him back. At least
they tried, but not all the way.

What is he now?

He's still some form of energy, that black
mask is a shield, it's keeping his form intact.

He's stuck somewhere between
human existence and ascension.

Why have the Others allowed
him to remain that way?

I don't know. Maybe they
couldn't exile him completely?

Maybe they just don't care?

Maybe you're right. Either
way he's still very powerful.

It explains his mastery
of Ancient technology.

How's that?

Jack, the Others
are the Ancients.

The original creators
of the Stargates.

You didn't tell him?

Uh, no.

All right look, just bottom
line this for me, will you?

There's a fleet of System Lord
Motherships surrounding Anubis,

I warned them about the
Eye and what it can do.


Turn it over.


I made a deal with Anubis, you turn the Eye over,
you go free and the people of Abydos remain unharmed.

You made a deal with Anubis?

I'll make sure he keeps it. The Goa'uld
are going to fight it out over the Eye

and hopefully destroy each other in
the process but even if they don't,

while they're licking their wounds, you're
gonna find the lost city of the Ancients.

The lost city?

Didn't tell him about
that either, huh?

Daniel found a tablet
talking about a lost city.

Where there are powerful Ancient weapons capable
of giving you a big advantage over Anubis.

Do you know where it is?

No, but I'll help you find it.

Jack, nothing will happen
to the Abydonians,

the most important thing right now is for
you to get out of here with that tablet.

If Anubis gets his hands on it and finds
the lost city before you do, it's all over.

He already has a huge
advantage over you

because of what the Others have
done or rather failed to do.

You gonna kick his ass?

If I have to.

Can you?

We'll see. Nothing will happen
to the people of Abydos.

Coming out!

I assume you know about the
part where you don't kill us?

As much as I would like to.

Jaffa Kree!

Well spank me rosy. Let's book.

My Lord, the Eye of Ra.

The ships weapons
are now fully powered.

Your time is up.

Of that you are
gravely mistaken.

Sounds like a hell of a
battle going on up there.

They are retreating.


What now My Lord?

Now I will destroy Abydos.


Stop me, if you can.

Strike me down. Do it now
or I will destroy Abydos.

No! Don't do this.

You are indeed all
powerful my Lord.

What you just saw
was not my doing.

However, this is.

What was that?

What just happened?

Abydos was hit.

You saw it?

I felt it. Just before
I came through.

Sergeant, call up a
full Gate diagnostic.

What have you got?

I'm working on it.

A large burst of energy was
transmitted through the wormhole

just after Colonel
O'Neill came through.


We're lucky they closed
the iris when they did Sir.

A massive energy wave followed
you through the wormhole.


Yes sir.

Welcome back SG-1.
What's happening?

Seems there was a large explosion
on the planet just after we left Sir.

Is that possible?

Unfortunately, Sir.

We're dialling Abydos now
to see what happened.

Chevron 6 encoded.

Chevron 7 will not lock.

Briefing room.

Yes sir.

The only thing we can assume is that
Anubis didn't keep his deal with Daniel.

That's a shock, eh?

And that Daniel Jackson was unable to
prevent Anubis from destroying Abydos.

Which leaves Anubis in possession of
a powerful weapon that has given him

clear superiority over
the System Lords.

We don't know any
of that for sure, Sir.

What we do know, is that we have to find
the city that's described on that tablet.

Can you translate this?

Oh yeah. It will take some time but
Dr Jackson did offer his assistance.

I'm not sure we can count on
Daniel for anything any more.

Why not?

Well Sir, he would have done everything in
his power to protect the people of Abydos.

If he was somehow prevented
from doing that then….

Chevron 5 encoded.

Major, if you don't mind me asking,
how many times are we going to dial

Abydos before you give up?

Until a Tok'ra with a ship flies
over the planet and tells me

there's no one left alive.

Chevron 6 encoded.

Chevron 7


The MALP shows the pyramid
is intact. No evident damage.

What about the explosion?

I don't know Sir,
I can't explain it.

I'd like to go Sir, make
sure the people are okay.

I guess everybody's all right.



What's going on here?

Anubis destroyed the pyramid.
Everyone was killed in the blast.

They don't look dead to me.
But then neither do you.

Death is only the beginning
of one's journey.

That sounds familiar.

What of Daniel Jackson?

I have not seen Daniel.

Do you know if he's okay?

I do not know. One
named Oma did this.

All of you?

I wish you well O'Neill.

You will not see me again.
At least not for a while.

Take care.

Do not fear.
You will find your way.

What do you mean by that?

The Chappa'ai will
remain until you leave.

Let's go home.