Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 17 - Disclosure - full transcript

The powers that be have decided the time has come to share the secret of the stargate with its allies and major powers. The Russians have known about it for some time but for the ambassadors of France, the United Kingdom and China it's a major revelation. They are given a thorough briefing on the SGC's activities from the beginning and are upset that the USA had chosen not to inform them earlier. They generally feel that this will become an international incident. Senator Kinsey is also at the briefing and proposes that the entire operation be turned over to the NID something that meets with some approval. It takes the intervention of an old friend to keep General Hammond in command.

We've been over this, Mr Ambassador.

Your submarine. Yes, yes.

The missile sub Rostovwas less than
75km from the impact of the meteor.

You insist on maintaining this story?

The shock wave caused
severe damage and she sank.

In the spirit of international cooperation, a
rescue vessel was sent from Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately the Rostov's reactor went
critical before she arrived on the scene.

I have heard your government
repeat this story time and time again.

Yet, according to our intelligence,
on the day in question

the submarine in question was still taking
on supplies in the harbour at Vladivostok.

What can I say, Ambassador?

Your intelligence is wrong.
And not for the first time, I might add.

The Americans are hiding something,
and have been for years.

That Russia seems to have no objection
is all the more confusing.

- In the spirit of cooperation...
- Please.

What you call a new spirit of cooperation
between your two countries, Colonel,

makes the People's Republic of China

- We couldn't help but overhear.
- Yes. I was trying to explain...

My dear Colonel, if we can agree
on anything, it's that your lost submarine

is merely the latest in a long list
of extremely unlikely events

the Americans have attempted
to foist upon us as the truth.

- Yes. The Americans are up to something.
- They did summon us here for a reason.

To hear more stories of falling meteors
and exploding hot- air balloons.

Mr Ambassador, I am sure we can provide
you with the necessary evidence...

That won't be necessary, Colonel.


Gentlemen, please be seated.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Pentagon.

Please forgive any security measures
you had to undergo to get here.

In America we try never to underestimate
the competence or curiosity of our media.

We asked you here to inform you
of a secret operation

that the US Air Force is operating
out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

It's called the Stargate programme.

Gentlemen, the Stargate.

The device itself
was discovered in Egypt in 1928,

where it lay buried
for several thousand years.

In 1945 a team of scientists looking
for a military application for the device

established a stable wormhole
by a process of random dialling.

For all intents and purposes a lucky
accident, which they could not repeat.

The gate remained inactive
until eight years ago,

when this man, Dr Daniel Jackson,
joined the programme.

Dr Jackson deciphered
the symbols on the gate,

allowing us to begin
exploration of alien worlds.

Since that time, Mr Ambassadors, we
have visited literally hundreds of planets.

Thousands more remain to be explored.


This is absurd.

I know it's a lot to process, gentlemen.

The first time I saw the gate activated,
I could hardly believe my eyes.

- It is true.
- You know about this?

The Russian government has been
aware of the Stargate for some time.

Are you quite serious?

Did your president not recently call
Great Britain "America's closest ally"?

One of our people illegally
sold the Russians information

which allowed them to temporarily
operate their own programme.

- You had one of these Stargates?
- For a short time.

How many of these
bloody things are there?

Another Stargate was recovered from
the bottom of the ocean two years ago.

I don't understand.

SG-1 was trapped
aboard an Asgard vessel.

They beamed aboard our Stargate
as their means of escape.

So the gate the Russians recovered from
the Pacific was the gate found in Egypt.

We replaced it with a gate we
discovered in Antarctica five years ago.

That Stargate has since been destroyed.

The original gate is back in Colorado,
leased from the Russian government.

The explosion of your nuclear submarine
was a cover story for these events?

Actually the Rostov explosion covered up
the explosion of a crashed Goa'uld ship.

Whereas the Stargate
was aboard an Asgard... ship.

The Asgard...

Obviously this is very confusing
at first glance.

Oh, no, no, no. What could be more clear?

There were two different sorts
of alien ships. I follow completely.

This is much more believable than the
accidental loss of a Russian submarine.

Although I am dubious that not one but
two reported meteors in the last few years

were in fact alien ships.

Actually, there were three.

Gentlemen. Sorry I'm late. I had a meeting
on the hill that couldn't be postponed.


General. What have I missed?

Your officers have been telling us
several tall tales, as you might say.

So you've been at this God knows how
long and they don't even believe you?

If that doesn't take the cake...

I don't know what they've told you,
but it's true. The Stargate exists.

And they go through
the damn thing on a daily basis.

Does everyone in your government
know about this?

As chair of the Appropriations Committee,
Senator Kinsey was given a full briefing.

I demanded to know
where all the money was going.

And believe you me,
we're talking about a lot of money.

I'm sure what you find hard to believe
is why we would come forward with this.

The Chinese government
has threatened to go public

with information that contradicts
one of our cover stories.

But that isn't the only reason.

The fact is,

due in no small part to the actions of
the Stargate programme's flagship team,


our planet is facing imminent danger.

So, assuming this is not
some sort of elaborate hoax,

and there are no television cameras
ready to pop out at any moment,

these aliens who threaten
to destroy Earth even as we speak...

- The Goa'uld.
- Mm- hm.

- They built the Stargate?
- No, sir.

The gate system was built by
an older race, long since disappeared.

The Goa'uld regularly use the gates,

but they subjugate humans with powerful
ships capable of interstellar travel.

Such as the one
that crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

And the Goa'uld have dozens,
if not hundreds, of these vessels.

This is a single Ha'tak- class vessel.

Each Goa'uld system lord
operates entire fleets of these.

Typically a Goa'uld flagship
is several times this size.

They also have bombers called Al- Kesh

and small fighters
known as Death Gliders.

Pull up, Teal'c. Teal'c, pull up!

The Goa'uld are
more advanced than us in every way.

There can be no doubt that
they have hostile intentions.

- Can we negotiate with them?
- The Goa'uld are a predatory species, sir.

They will enslave a planet or, in the face
of resistance, wipe out its inhabitants.

They don't negotiate. We have witnessed
Goa'uld attacks on several worlds.

They begin with a long- range assault
launched from orbit,

designed to take out planetary defences
and instil fear in the population.

I am Svarog.

From this day forth, you will serve me.

After their orbital assault, they'll move in
to strike any remaining ground positions.

After that, they'll put
their troops on the ground.

Each mothership carries hundreds
if not thousands of warriors.

They appear to be amassing a few troops.

It was high time you were all briefed
on what we're up against.

If what you are saying is true,

then the US has unilaterally taken actions
which have placed the world in jeopardy.

Mr Ambassador, I know how you feel.
When this was brought to my attention,

I insisted that the gate was
too dangerous to remain in operation.

Unfortunately I was overruled.

With due respect, the president
took your recommendation.

And it nearly resulted in disaster.
It was only because of the efforts of SG-1,

who violated your order to shut down
the gate, that we managed to survive.

Oh, and they've done a great job since,
under your tenure, haven't they, General?

You managed to defeat
the Goa'uld known as Apophis,

only to see him replaced
by another more dangerous one.

Isn't that a fair assessment?

You are the one they call Thor.

I am Anubis.

As I have told your lieutenant,
I will reveal nothing to you.

This device will be
implanted into your brain.

It will form a link between
your mind and the ship's computer.

Your knowledge will simply be
downloaded into our memory banks.

You will no doubt resist.

And you will no doubt fail.

The Goa'uld possess no such technology.

I think you'll find many things
have changed since my return.

Admittedly, Anubis has technology
that is far superior to any other Goa'uld.

But we could not have foreseen his return
to power among the other system lords.

The point is, he's already tried
to destroy the Earth on two occasions.

I'm sure you were getting to that.

Yes, sir. A year ago, we discovered an
asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

When you say "asteroid"
I assume you mean "spaceship".

No, sir. Not this time.
We were fortunate to detect it at all.

There'd have been no need for a cover
story. It would have wiped out all life.

The asteroid had been deliberately set on
a collision course with Earth by Anubis.

Fortunately we managed
to divert it in time.

Carter, I can see my house.

Engaging hyperdrive... now.

I should point out once again,
gentlemen, that it was SG-1 who saved us.

Are we expecting another attack?

Anubis is consolidating his
position amongst the system lords,

but in time he will
turn his attention back to Earth.

The nations represented here make up
the bulk of this planet's military capacity.

Our chances for successful resistance
would be improved if we work together.

This would require an unprecedented
level of military cooperation,

as well as a commitment from all of you
to maintain absolute secrecy.

I'm afraid that may be impossible.

If we are facing invasion then we must
warn our people so they can prepare.

Ambassador, we feel that coming forward
now would result in widespread panic.

As opposed to the panic that will result
when aliens march through our streets?

The government of China does not believe
in keeping secrets from its people.

We may have no choice
but to release this information.

We're talking about
a full- scale attack from space.

I'm afraid people are going to notice.

We're hoping it won't come to that.

As you now know, Stargate Command has
dealt with several threats to this planet

without divulging
information to the public.

You've been lucky and you know it.

We also have damn good people.
We've given as good as we've got.

On one occasion we managed
to wipe out an entire fleet of motherships.

- This SG-1, I assume?
- That's right.

Engaging force field.

- Something wrong?
- No.

I've just never blown up a star before.

Well, they say
the first one's always the hardest.

They say that.

Opening cargo bay doors.

Releasing the clamps.

And the gate is away.

A significant achievement,

but the circumstances
would be difficult to duplicate.

For all their advanced technology,
the Goa'uld have a fatal flaw. Arrogance.

We've taken advantage of the fact
that they don't perceive us to be a threat.

Clearly that's no longer the case.

The point is, they're not invincible.

Our technology may be inferior,
but it is effective.

- Target Sierra One has been acquired.
- Missile away.

Sierra One has been destroyed.

Very impressive. But nothing on Earth
could go up against these motherships.

Mr Ambassador, our primary mission

has been to obtain technology
capable of defending this planet.

And we've made significant progress.

We've made progress.
The jury's still out on "significant".

Since the Stargate has been in operation

we've acquired knowledge
of alien technologies.

We've tried to adapt them to our uses.

Towards that end, two years ago we
developed a fighter- interceptor, the X- 301.

It combined human technology and
parts from two salvaged Death Gliders.

The prototype failed
to live up to expectation.

Beginning attack run now.

- I am no longer in control, O'Neill.
- Excuse me?

The craft is not accepting input from
the controls. The drive is at full power.

- This is an emergency.
- The ejection system has malfunctioned.

We are no longer in control. I repeat,
we have lost control and cannot eject.

After the failure of the X- 301

we concentrated on creating an entirely
man- made craft with similar abilities.

The result was the X- 302.

- Navigation?
- Check.

- Oxygen, pressure, temperature control?
- All check.

Inertial dampeners?

Cool... and check.

- Engines?
- All check.

- Phasers?
- Sorry, sir.

Systems operational. Mission Command,
all systems go from Abydos One.

Do you mean to tell me
that the United States Air Force

is flying a fighter- interceptor capable
of both aerial combat and space flight?

That's correct.

This... is unacceptable!

Mr Ambassador,
I understand how you feel...

With all due respect, General,
I don't think you do.

Your government has operated
this Stargate for six years,

supposedly for the benefit of all mankind.

Yet now we find out you've been
taking advantage of the situation

to create military hardware that radically
alters the balance of power on this planet.

The X- 302 was designed
to defend against the Goa'uld.

We have no intention
of using it against our neighbours.

And for that we have only your word.

The United States has had
such capabilities for some time,

but have not used them on other nations.

Are there any other new technologies
that we need to know about?

Might as well tell them, General.
They're gonna find out sooner or later.

Since we encountered a mothership we
have been working on a countermeasure.

Prometheus was designed to carry
a complement of eight X- 302 fighters,

and is one of several planned.

I must contact my government

Mr Ambassador, we volunteered this
information in a spirit of cooperation.

We're trying to create a coalition
to defend the entire world.

- Under your leadership.
- We have the experience.

I'm sorry, General, but it may be
impossible to achieve an agreement

as long as the Stargate
and any resultant technologies

remain solely under the control
of the United States military.

- What do you suggest?
- Move the gate to a neutral location

and create a permanent staff
drawn from all five nations.

- I'm afraid we can't agree to that.
- The choice may finally not be up to you.

Once the rest of the world learns
of the Stargate, they may well demand it.

We support the United States.

And what are you getting
in exchange for this support?

Gentlemen, please. Perhaps
I can offer a compromise. Please?

I sympathise
with the ambassador's position.

A device as powerful as the Stargate
in the hands of a military organisation...

It's a recipe for abuse,
despite everyone's best intentions.

- What are you suggesting?
- We have a civilian agency called the NID.

Its mandate has been to keep an eye
on top- secret projects like the Stargate,

and has done so from the beginning.

I propose that we give this organisation
direct control of the gate,

effective immediately.

You can't be serious.

I'm completely serious. The NID is the
only organisation besides the air force

that has the knowledge, experience
and skill to run the Stargate.

- They tried to kill you, Senator.
- Now, now, Major.

Those were rogue agents
working for outside interests.

Under the NID, I'm sure we can determine
a suitable level of participation

for all the great nations
represented here at this table.

Senator, could we speak in private?

I find your reluctance to relinquish
military control of the gate disturbing.

You'd do a lot better to trust the US
Air Force than the NID, Mr Ambassador.

The General has an understandable
personal prejudice against the NID.

Personal prejudice? Senator,
their record speaks for itself.

I've never met anyone who liked
doing what they do more than you.

You were good at it. Great.

You'll never convince me
you just got fed up. I'll never buy that.

You don't understand.

And I won't unless you explain it to me.

Two weeks ago I was contacted
by a representative of the NID.

He suggested I should become
more aggressive in my policies.

They've no jurisdiction.

They wanted me to help them
access off- world technology,

which they're unable to do since we shut
down their side operation.

- You told him to go to hell.
- Of course.

Then he told me that if I didn't cooperate
there would be consequences.

The next day two men in plain clothes,
driving a black unmarked car,

picked up my granddaughters at school.

- I don't believe it.
- They took them for a ride,

then brought them home.
The girls were fine, but I got the message.

We're talking about
a borderline- criminal organisation

whose true mandate has always been
to acquire alien technology at any cost.

If the threat posed by this Anubis
is as serious as you say,

acquiring alien technology
should be our first priority.

Tell that to the Madronans. The NID
stole a weather device from their planet,

destabilising their atmosphere.

They'd have died if SG-1 hadn't found
the culprits and retrieved the device.

Stand to, gentlemen!

Keep those hands visible.

- Who the hell are you?
- No one's damn business.

Step away from the crate.


Don't do it!



I missed the address.

At least we have this.

After we shut down their operation they
continued to steal from an off- world base.

But they stole from the wrong aliens.

What are they doing?

Taking back
what's rightfully theirs, I guess.

Listen up, all of you.
You've got two choices here.

As soon as they stop taking stuff,
they'll start taking people.

Now, you can go with the Asgard,

or you can follow me. It's your choice.

I'll be holding the door open
so you can't go anywhere else.

Granted, the NID employed some
questionable methods in the past.

But we're all agreed
the status quo won't do.

And I would hesitate to point fingers,
General Hammond.

That you and Jack O'Neill are still
in charge of the Stargate programme...

- If you're questioning our record...
- I'm questioning your competence.

But, if you want to look at your records
in the company of these fine gentlemen...

that's just fine.

These reports detail incidents in which
the operation of the Stargate programme

has brought this planet to the brink
of destruction. For example...

four years ago, despite indications of
extreme danger, you opened a wormhole

to a planet that was in the process
of being destroyed by a black hole.

That was unforeseeable.

Gravitational and time distortions
were translated through the gate,

which you had been unable to disengage.

And the Earth came within
a hair's breadth of being torn apart.

We did shut down the gate by directing an
explosive device through the wormhole.

And I believe it was Jack O'Neill
who risked his life to pull it off.

Teal'c, pull him up!

What else
do we have here? Ah, yes.

Isn't it true that
while under your command

the Stargate facility has been
completely overrun by alien life forms?

Get out of there!

We've set the self- destruct. You have less
than five minutes to tell us to override.

Roger that!


Close that iris.

It's overridden.
I'm shutting down the gate.

The situation was successfully contained.

The situation should never have arisen.

Not if you had been doing your job.

And these incidents
are just the tip of the iceberg.

Face it, General. Under your command,

the Stargate programme
has lurched from one crisis to the next,

never averting disaster by
anything more than the skin of its teeth.

We can't afford
to let you roll the dice any longer.

Would you excuse us, please?

Made a few calls. Kinsey's moving from
Appropriations to Intelligence Oversight.

Which would give him
direct power over the NID.

He's manipulated this whole situation
to gain control of the Stargate.

I may have my own ace up my sleeve.

I understand your feelings,
Mr Ambassador, believe me.

We're junior partners in the Stargate,
following the lead of the Americans.

The Chinese government will not accept
a secondary position so graciously.

There are advantages. The programme
costs them seven billion dollars a year.

- They reap the benefits.
- The X- 303?

Research and development of the
hyperdrive alone has cost two billion.

And it still doesn't function properly.

They will spend more money and risk the
lives of their people perfecting the design.

Then we'll get the blueprints and build
our own ship in less time for half the cost.

Once again, I apologise, gentlemen. It
seems a politician's work is never done.

You could have the same deal.

Now, where were we?

Gentlemen, I realise we're in
no position to make demands here.

We're trying to reach a consensus.

But before you go to your leaders
and make recommendations,

I want you to consider something.

Whoever runs the Stargate will represent
this planet throughout the galaxy.

They will be ambassadors, meeting other
races, establishing ties with other worlds.

It is true that in the six years we've
run the Stargate we've made enemies.

But we've also made friends.

I believe we've
acquitted ourselves with honour.

On that score, I stand by the record.

This is the Asgard planet Othala
in the galaxy of Ida.

Why did I come here?

The ancients moved on
from our region of space long ago.

But your subconscious mind
used their knowledge to find us here,

where you could get help.

- Very impressive.
- Well, you know...

We did not think your brains
had advanced even that far.

How is it you know
so much about our brains?

We have studied your race closely.


- What did you learn?
- That your species has great potential.

Great potential.

That's good.

You make an interesting case, General.

However, I'm afraid I must
take this matter to my government

and recommend
full disclosure to our people.

I must do the same, though I will admit
Senator Kinsey's proposal is interesting.

Thank you, Mr Ambassador.


Hello. I am Thor,
Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.

- Thank you for coming, Thor.
- It is my pleasure, General Hammond.

The Asgard are in your debt.

"Your debt"?

SG-1, under the command
of General Hammond,

has saved my people and yours
on many occasions.

We are not only allies against the Goa'uld,
we are true friends.

Commander Thor, my name is...

Senator Kinsey.

O'Neill suggested I send you
to a distant planet for your actions here.

But I am reasonably certain
his statement was in jest.

- I'm sure it was, Commander...
- Supreme Commander.

It is the opinion of the Asgard High
Council that Stargate Command

should be left in the very capable hands
of General Hammond and his team.

And while our continued friendship
with Earth is not contingent on that,

it is preferred.

You came all this way just to tell us that?

And to install Asgard- designed
shields and weapons on Prometheus.

A small token of thanks
for SG-1's recent efforts

in securing our galaxy and yours
from certain destruction.

I see.

I hope I have been successful
in convincing you.

- Good day, General Hammond.
- Always a pleasure, Thor.

Please drop in any time.


that settles it, then.
You have our support, General.

- Thank you, Ambassador.
- Ours as well.

And the continued support of Russia.

It's much appreciated, sir.

While I still have my reservations,

I believe my government will agree
that, for the time being,

the Stargate is in the right hands.


I'll say this, General.

Well played.