Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 6, Episode 16 - Metamorphosis - full transcript

The Russian SG team brings back a man who claims that his people are being experimented on by Nirrti. SG-1 investigate where the experiments are conducted, with the Russian SG team as ...

I'm sure I'll see you again.


With any luck, I'll get sick.

"With any luck, I'll get sick"?

Lieutenant Rush is a nurse.
She works in the infirmary.

So you were... flirting?

- Well, I'm thinking of asking her out.
- Then you should.

In Kelowna, it's common for
that request to be passed on by a friend.

- Oh, it is not.
- You could at least see if she's receptive.

Jonas, you are such a chickenshit.

Unscheduled offworld activation.

- Who is it?
- The Russian team, ahead of schedule.

- They're requesting a medical team.
- Open the iris.

Page General Hammond
and Colonel O'Neill.

I thought aliens weren't allowed back
to the SGC without prior permission.

Carter, what's goin' on?

Colonel Evanov and his team
brought this visitor back with them, sir.

- Sergei, who the hell's that?
- I am Alebran.

Alebran has vital information
on the Goa'uld Nirrti.

What about her?

She is experimenting on my people,
transforming us.

I knew you would want to know
what Nirrti was doing to his people,

since it was you who
allowed her to go free.

Colonel, what's going on?

Old Sergei brought this guy back
from 367 without authorisation.

- You'd better have a damn good reason.
- General, sir...

Alebran and his people
are innocent victims of Nirrti.

I felt certain you'd wish to act.

Colonel Evanov has promised
you will help us.

Has he now?

Are you in pain?

It's nothing that I cannot endure.

Please, I must know
if you will help my people.

Sir, I'd like to take him
into isolation room three.

- Very well.
- Come with me.

We found him near the Stargate after
we performed a recon of Nirrti's fortress,

or I should say he found us.

Alebran has asked for our help to save
his people being held prisoner inside.

I thought that she was helping us.
We all did.

And then I saw one of my people die
in such a horrible way, I realised...

When I questioned her methods,
she released me.

- She let you go?
- I was well enough to go home, she said.

When I arrived back in the village,
everyone was dead.

She'd lied to us.

Those of us she took away
were the last of our people.

- She was using us.
- You look OK to me.

Please, do not be fooled
by my appearance.

I have spent as much time
in the machine as the others.

I know that I have been changed.
Inside, I am not like I was before.

- What kind of machine?
- It's one that sees inside of us.

It lets her manipulate
that which we are made of.

If he's talking about a machine that can
directly alter human DNA in real time...

You believe Nirrti is
attempting to create a Hok'tar?

- I'm not familiar with that term.
- It means "advanced human".

Nirrti wants to create the perfect
human host to increase her power.

So... she's at it again.

No, sir. This is worse.

Sam's right.

Up to now, Nirrti has been using eugenics,
like with Cassandra's people,

breeding only those that demonstrated
specific genetic attributes.

With a machine to alter DNA
and a population to experiment on,

Nirrti could create a new host,
or alter the DNA of her current one.

A Goa'uld with the powers of a Hok'tar.

Obviously we can't let that happen.

Nirrti does not have the power
and resources of the other Goa'uld.

She has only a small number
of Jaffa in her service.

I believe her capture, or if necessary
her assassination, is quite possible.

- Sir?
- Agreed.

- Can you get us in that fortress?
- No, I cannot go back.

- We're offering to help your people.
- No, there's no time.

I feel something happening.

Alebran believes Nirrti
has the power to kill him, even here.

What if she does?


We need to know if Alebran has a device
like the one Nirrti placed in Cassandra.

- You mean like a bomb?
- Go.

Get him into x- ray.

- No, it's too late.
- Breathe deeply. Go! Let's move!

Take it easy.

What is happening?

Several years ago Nirrti hid
a naqahdah device inside a young girl

in order to destroy the SGC.

My team can take him back home.

No, these devices detonate
in close proximity to the Stargate.

- You have to kill me.
- Take it easy.

- Kill me now!
- Give him a sedative, 2cc Valium.

- Something terrible is happening.
- We need a chest x- ray.

- No!
- Get him down.

Please kill me!

Everybody get back!

What happened?

This is Hammond. Hazmat team
to the level 22 elevators immediately.

It's like every cell in his body broke down.

Nirrti must have written
some kind of time delay into his DNA.

There's nothing we could have done, sir.

- How soon can your team be ready?
- Right away.

- I'd like to take SG- 3 with me as backup.
- Very well.

Allow my team to join SG-1, General.

- I don't think so, sir.
- Not so fast, Colonel.

- Sir?
- Lieutenant Colonel Evanov's team

has gathered intelligence
that could be useful to you.

We have scouted the entire area, sir.

I can get you right inside Nirrti's fortress.

Fine. Get geared up.

Thank you.


Like it or not, a Russian team
is operating out of the SGC.

I've been asked
to integrate them more fully.

Does it have to be with my team?

Lieutenant Colonel Evanov's a fine officer.
I'm sure you'll agree.

You'll be in command.

Yes, sir.

I'll remind him of that.

This is the path leading
to the fortress, guarded by Jaffa.

- How many?
- Only ten.

All right, Evanov. You're with us.

- They're well positioned.
- We're gonna need a diversion.

Carter, Jonas, that's you.

Kree, Jaffa!

- Colonel!
- I got him.

Evanov, stay out here for now.
Watch our six.

Yes, sir.


Please... don't hurt us.

We're not here to hurt anyone.

We've come here to rescue you,
take you from this place.

- No, we can't leave.
- One step at a time here, Jonas.

Where's Nirrti?

- She is not here.
- Are you expecting her back?

Of course... for our treatments.

My name is Jonas.

I am... Wodan.

We've come from a place called Earth...

to help you... all of you.

That is not necessary.

Nirrti is helping us.

- Excuse me?
- She cares for us.

- Nirrti is our god.
- Nirrti is of a race called the Goa'uld.

They are parasitical beings
that use our kind as hosts.

We are very ill.

Nirrti is curing us of our sickness.

That is most unlikely.

When the god Nirrti came,
a great plague had befallen our people.

We were dying.

With the machine, Nirrti has kept us alive.

Check it out.

Don't take this wrong, friend, but...
if this is cured...

My brother Alebran
once looked as I do now.

In time, she made him whole again.

Alebran, you say?

Your brother is dead.

Nirrti allowed him to return to our village.

There's no one left alive at your village.

Alebran told us himself.


Might have been a different Alebran.

It's... a popular name.

The point is, we need to know exactly
when and where Nirrti's coming back.

Very soon.

And when she comes, she will punish you.

Your people were never sick.

- Nirrti's been lying to you.
- No!

No, the plague ravaged our people
long before she came.

Our village was almost wiped out.

It is possible she found them like this
and took advantage of their situation.

She brought me to this place.
She gave me back my life.

You said Nirrti would be
returning for your treatments.

- What if you didn't get them?
- We would die.

We must receive treatment by tomorrow.

- Their mutations might be unstable.
- So... what happened to Alebran

will most likely happen to them too,
if they don't go back in that machine.

This is incredibly advanced technology.

My guess is that
it was built by the Ancients.

- Can you figure it out?
- Not by tomorrow.

Maybe with a few days and a lot of help.

- We're gonna need Nirrti, sir.
- Yeah.

Figure out what you can.
I'll go brief Evanov.

Jonas, Teal'c, take these folk someplace
where they can be comfortable.

He intends to kill her.

- What?
- You are planning to kill Nirrti.

- Are you certain, Eggar?
- Yes, even now.

No. First I intend to ask her,
in the nicest possible way,

to undo what she's done to you folks.

You'll just have to trust me.
We came here to help you.

Only because you believe you are
responsible for what has happened to us.

Do what you can.

- Colonel.
- Nirrti's not home.

She must have left
while we were on Earth.

She's coming back.
I wanna set up an ambush.

- I will inform my men.
- Your team will be our backup.

We need her alive. She's the only one
that knows how to use that machine.

Very well.

By the way, did you talk to any of the
people in there, other than Alebran?

No. Why?

Probably nothing.

I'll relieve you in two hours.

- This is where you sleep?
- Yes.

- How did you...?
- We cannot allow you to harm Nirrti.

We have no quarrel with your people,
but I must insist you enter this cage.

And I must insist the same of you.

You're making a mistake.

No. It is you who has
made the mistake, Jonas.

She is coming.

Jonas, I'm already stymied here.
I could really use your help.


Colonel, Jonas isn't responding.


Jonas? Teal'c?

Evanov, this is SG-1 niner. Come in.

Carter, stay put. I'm on my way.

Yes, sir.

I'm sure you're aware that
a second shot from this weapon will kill.

This weapon kills on the first shot.

- Then why haven't you already fired?
- Cos I need you alive.

- You?
- Yeah.

I know it's kinda hard to believe.

- But I need you to help these people.
- But I am helping them.

- Yeah, I can see that.
- Appearances can be deceiving, Colonel.

Now... as I said...




I really, really don't like that woman.

- Yes, sir.
- Teal'c O'Neill.

- This is an unpleasant surprise.
- Indeed.

Wodan's telekinetic.
He took our weapons by thinking it.

Nirrti is progressing
in her attempt to create a Hok'tar.

- Maybe we're too late.
- No.

These genetic manipulations are unstable.
She's not there yet.

Eggar's telepathic. He did know that
Colonel O'Neill intended on killing Nirrti.

That was not my intention.

Who knows what abilities
these others possess?

Enhanced senses, superhuman strength?

Hey, folks?

How you doin'?
Jack O'Neill, Earth. Listen.

Originally we came here to rescue you.

But, as you can see,
we've run into a bit of a snag.

So if any of you can bend steel
with your bare hands,

or happen to be more powerful than
a locomotive, just raise your hand.

Identify yourselves.

Let us know where you are.

Must not know what a locomotive is.

Wood Man. Buddy.

Listen. I think we're dealin' with
a bit of a misunderstanding here.

Do you think Nirrti will
keep you alive with these powers

after she's finished her experiments?
She's using you.

- What'd she do to him?
- You are next.

- I think I'm next.
- Nirrti has asked for this one.

- And I'm asking you to take me...
- No!

All right, look.

If you really can see in my mind,
you know we came here to help you.

I did sense that when you first arrived,
but when I looked deeper into your mind,

I realised that you would sacrifice us all
if necessary to destroy Nirrti.

- That's not true.
- You cannot lie to me.


At least I'll find out
how the machine works.

Major Carter, I am pleased
to have such an excellent subject.

I might consider you for my new host.

- Over my dead body.
- True. That's far more likely.

Now... step inside.

Let's see what you're made of.

Colonel, I'm sorry.

I should never have
allowed myself to be captured.

- Did you get a message off to your team?
- I tried, but my radio...

- Yanked right out of your hand?
- Da.

And at the same moment I was struck by
a zat'n'ktel that appeared from nowhere.

My team would follow orders to return
to base if we were out of contact this long.

- Perhaps they will send reinforcements.
- Hopefully it won't come to that.

What'd they do to you up there?

I don't know for how long
I was in the machine.

Or what she did.

But... something is different.

We'll get out of this.

Where is Major Carter?

Enough. She has served her purpose.

Bring me the one called Jonas.

Fellas, you wanna do me a favour? Let her
know that I'm next. She should pick me.

Her will is my command.

Yeah, well...
there's your mistake, right there.


You didn't see that coming, did you?

Do not attempt that again!

- Carter.
- Sir...

You made it through.
You're gonna be all right.

No, sir. I don't think I am.

- We have not met.
- No, but I have heard a lot about you.

You're not human.

I'm human. I'm just not from Earth.

A Goa'uld took my ancestors from Earth
thousands of years ago, enslaved them.

Sadly, it was not I.

The few thousand years on another world
have changed you more than you know.

Are you in pain?

Something is happening. I can feel it.

- Is there water?
- We'll ask.

Try to rest.

I have tried to communicate
with the other prisoners.

They also believe Nirrti is a god.
They will not listen.

He's in pretty bad shape.

He is suffering
the same symptoms as Alebran.

We gotta get to that guy...
what's his name?

- Wodan.
- No, the other one.

- Eggar.
- Yeah.

If he can read my mind,
why can't he read Nirrti's?

He can't read minds all the time.
He'd have known Jonas was gonna jump.

Perhaps he is afraid to look into the mind
of one he perceives as a god.

- What?
- Nothing. I'm fine.

Get some rest.

It's an order.

Why did you... bring me here?

Because you're different.

- How's that?
- You are much closer than the others.


With my help, you could
complete the transformation.

End up looking like those others?

No, I assure you.

You must know that
you are capable of much more

than the petty tasks that
life among the Tauri can offer.


I... like my life the way it is.

I can make you more powerful
than you could imagine.

The powers you have seen
in Wodan and the others?

Only a fraction of what I could give you.

Well, that is... definitely

the most interesting offer
I've had in a very long time.

But you can't risk
giving me those kind of powers

unless you're certain that
I won't use them against you.

Once I share those powers,

we could rule the galaxy... together.

What about everyone else?

- Unnecessary.
- Wow.

I can only imagine what it would be like
to have powers like that.

What would I do?

I guess the first thing I would do...

would be to free my friends

and all those other people
you have caged up down there.

And then I would destroy you.

Not necessarily in that order,
but you get the idea?

Take him away and bring O'Neill.

Once you have seen what has happened
to the others, you will change your mind.

- Evanov?
- Dead.

Just like Alebran.

Yeah, that's right.
Nirrti killed your brother.

Go ahead. Take a look in my mind
if you don't believe me.

Better yet... look into Nirrti's head.

- That is forbidden.
- No kiddin'!

- Because she's hiding something.
- She is a god. She would know.

She would not know,
because she is not a god.

O'Neill is next.

Look... she just killed a good man.

She'll do the same to the rest of us.

Together you're stronger than she is.
You just don't realise it.

You know, you're right.
I did wanna kill her.

But if you'd look into her mind,

you'd wanna do the same thing
for what she's done to your people.

You should not have come here.

- Can you undo what you did to Carter?
- If I choose to.

I let you go once.
We made a deal, I honoured it.

I told you then
I would not have done the same.

Fix what you've done to Carter,
let the rest of my team go. That's all I ask.

You can do whatever you want to me.

Yes, Colonel. I can.


What he says is true.

- My brother?
- She murdered him.

She has murdered hundreds of our people
and she intends to do the same to us.

Jaffa! Kree!

I command you!


- Stop.
- I am your god!

We need her alive.

Wodan, she's the only one
who can help your people.

I can make you more powerful
than your wildest dreams.

Why did you do that?

- She deserved to die.
- She was Carter's only chance.

Not so, O'Neill.

Before she died,
I looked into Nirrti's mind...

and took what I needed.

Hurry... while there is still time.


It is done. You are as you were before.

Thank you.

Yes... thank you.

We can all be as we were before,
now that you have shown us the truth.

Hail Dorothy. The Wicked Witch is dead.

It's a movie. Margaret Hamilton...

The point is, with Nirrti gone, you can
get back to your lives, rebuild your village.

We can help with food and supplies,
get you back on track.

Once we get to know each other better,
I'd like a chance to study this machine.

As soon as we have made our people
whole again, we intend to destroy it.

- But it's incredibly advanced technology...
- Carter?

Don't you think it would be for the best?

Yes, sir. I guess it would.

To Oz?

- It's... part of that movie.
- Thank you.