Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 3 - Ascension - full transcript

SG-1 finds a weapon on planet 616. As Carter is inspecting it, a spirit alien interacts with her. But Carter passes out. So the alien follows them back through the Stargate. Hammond believes there may be something wrong with Carter and sends her home. The alien takes the form of a man and calls himself Orlin. He lives with Carter for a while and the rest of SG-1 think she's going crazy. In time Orlin and Carter fall in love. But the pentagon finds out about the alien and surround Carter's house.

16's coming through to set up the UAV.

It appears this city's inhabitants lost a
great battle and were destroyed long ago.

There appear to be no survivors.

That's too bad. I was hoping someone
could help me decipher this language.

- No idea?
- No, and it's very odd.

This, uh... whatever this is,
is a completely different design

than the rest of the civilisation.

Maybe it was here when they got here.

That's assuming the inhabitants
were foreign to the planet.

I can probably date its construction
using some sort of carbon analysis.

How long?

- For what?
- All of it. How long?

Uh, well, days, weeks, months maybe,

of meticulous, tedious,
boring tediousness.

I can just keep working now.
By lunch, at least.

Carter! Any idea what this thing is yet?

No, sir, but the technology's
very advanced.

So, what? Two hours?

Very advanced.

Teal'c and I have secured the area.
We're gonna check out the town.

Yes, sir.

Don't turn it on.

(O'Neill) Ah!

- What'd I just say?
- I know.

Hey, Sam, are you done
with that camera yet?


Jack, get back here. Now!

Then I'm waking up with
Colonel O'Neill looking down at me.

It's possible I touched
something inside the device.

- No contact burns.
- So what do you think it was?

People have been known
to black out from fatigue.

Come on, Janet. I was a little tired, but...

Your pre-mission blood test
did show slight anaemia.

You gave me clearance to go.

And I'm starting
to question that judgment.

- There's nothing wrong with me.
- OK.

Consider what you've
been through the last few years.

A Tok'ra symbiote died in your brain,
your memory was stamped

and your consciousness
was transferred into a computer

and back into your body,
and that is just for starters.

Eventually it has to take its toll.

- Are we done?
- Yes.

Make sure you come back if you
start speaking an alien language.

I'm sure I'll have no choice.

The structure was built 400 years ago,
but the civilisation may date back 3,000.

Why is that significant?

The society may have developed
in isolation, and was later influenced

by something that suddenly led it
to leap to a more advanced technology.

- A Stargate.
- Exactly.

It's likely they either discovered it,

or figured out how to use it
just before building the device.

It seems that these events led to
the cataclysm which ended their society.


Goa'ulds often attack a planet that
threatens technological advancement.

I'm sorry, but I haven't heard
anyone say exactly what the device is.

We're still just speculating. It could be
a deep space observatory for all I know.

Or a big, honkin' space gun, sir.

Most likely the Goa'uld
would have taken that.

Whatever it is, the power core is missing.

I was able to determine
that much before l...

Dozed off?

The engineering is extremely advanced.
It's gonna take some time to decipher.

You're saying that the power core
to the device is missing?

- Major, you know Colonel Reynolds.
- Of course.

He's been transferred from Area 51

and will be leading SG-16 during
its long-term analysis of the planet.


Well, as I was saying, uh,

I believe that a naqahdah generator
could be modified to interface...


16 is on the case.

Once I've heard someone
conclusively tell me what the device is,

I will decide whether we should
try and find a way to turn it on.

Of course. Request permission
to join SG-16's assignment, sir.


Dr Jackson will assist in
the translation of the alien language

until SG-1's next mission.

Otherwise, you're all free
to take some time off.



With all due respect, I feel fine. There's
absolutely no reason why I shouldn't help.

I have no doubt that your technical
expertise will be required at some point,

but until Dr Fraiser advises otherwise,
I'm ordering you to take it easy.

- "Take it easy"?
- Yeah.

- You've been a little tense.
- "Tense"? Me? I'm not tense.

Am l?

- When did you first notice?
- As we met.

I've always thought
of myself as very focused.

It's called "working too hard".
You're gonna crash and burn.

I don't have that much else to do, sir.

Well, find something. Take up... golf.

Fly a kite. Knit something.

I'm... I'm fine.


(voicemail) You have no new messages.



How are you?

- Fine. How are you?
- Good.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah... Are you from around here?

No. But this is where you live.

Yes, it is. I'm gonna go back inside now.

See you again.


(phone ringing)

- Daniel Jackson.
- Hey, Daniel, it's me.

Hi, Sam.

I was just wondering how far
you've gotten on the 636 translation.

Oh, yes. Um, yeah, I'm almost done.

It miraculously seems to hold the key
to all the mysteries of the universe.

You just got there, you haven't started
and I should leave you alone.

- You were supposed to be taking it easy.
- Yeah. It's not so easy.

Yeah, I know. I promise
I'll call you when I have something.

OK. Thanks.


- How did you get in here?
- I won't hurt you.

No, I'll hurt you if you come any closer.

Please don't. I just wanna talk to you.

- About what?
- It's complicated.

Let's start with
how you got into my house.

- I followed you home last night.
- You've been here all night?

I read your books and watched television,
to learn how to speak and what to wear.

- Is this OK?
- You've been in my house all night?

Yes. But you couldn't see me.

I just took this form now
so we could relate.

Actually, I used to look this way,
before my ascension.

(dials number)

Please. I'm not crazy.

- Who are you?
- My name is Orlin.

I'm from the planet you just visited.

- I followed you through the Stargate.
- That's impossible.

I can become invisible
in my natural noncorporeal state.

What do you want?

I'm sorry if I scared you.
I just wanted to talk to you.

It's been so long since l... I...

I know this is going to seem...

OK. I'll just come out and say it,
and we'll move on from there.

I have these... I guess you could
call them "feelings"... for you.

Actually, the truth is l...

Iove you.

(door closes)

- Looked like an ordinary guy?
- Pretty much.

- What was he wearing?
- Average, normal clothes.

Where do you think he got 'em?

Come on, sir.
We've seen lots of aliens before.

Hammond had the surveillance tapes
in the gate room checked.

The alien said he could
become completely invisible.

What else did he say?

He just said who he was
and where he was from.

Believe me, at first I thought
he was some crazy guy off the street.

Then he starts walking
through solid objects!

I knew there was no way I would
be able to contain him if I tried.

My phone was dead.
I decided the best thing to do

would be to bring a code-three team in
as fast as possible.

Carter, no one's accusing
you of acting improperly.

Colonel, we're done. I'm ordering
my men to evacuate the premises.

Notify the local authorities.
Tell 'em the gas leak is fixed.

Yes, sir. Our remote surveillance system
can be monitored from a van outside.

- We'll watch as long as you want, sir.
- Thanks.

I could hang out for a while.

So far he's only shown himself to me.

Maybe he's shy.

Please don't say "Take it easy".

Take care.

How's Sam?

Absolutely no evidence
of her "secret friend".

How's Sam?

Hammond recommended
a psych evaluation.

Do you believe Major Carter
has become mentally unstable?

No more than the rest of us.

- What do you guys got?
- Looks like that thing on 636 is a weapon.

- I was right?
- It is a weapon of great power, O'Neill.

Big and honkin'?

From what I can decipher,
the people on 636

had a similar technological
timeline to Earth.

They had just discovered their Stargate
when "the threat from the skies" came.


Yet they managed to build an incredibly
advanced weapon to defend themselves.

Couldn't have been so advanced.

The place was a disaster.
It obviously didn't work.

Actually, it did.
The monument outside the device

tells how they destroyed
the "threat from the skies",

and the men who built
the weapon were heroes.

So the Goa'uld did not take the weapon.

Hey, I saw that planet.

If the Goa'uld didn't get 'em, who did?

We're not sure.

I understand why you did it.

Of course, you would wait
until they took the cameras away.

Military protocol.

You would have jeopardised your job
if you didn't report me.

I just came from
a psychological evaluation.

- Do you understand what that means?
- They think you're crazy.

Am l?

There were times on Velona where
I thought I was losing my mind.

- Velona?
- Your planet refers to it as 636.

I was there for hundreds of years
by myself. The first time I saw you...

- Look...
- Please. Let me finish.

My kind attain a level of communication
that shares our innermost essence.


Reading someone's mind
is an invasion of privacy.

It's not about specific
thoughts or memory.

It's a sort of exchange of spirit.

- So you did this sharing thing on me?
- Unfortunately you passed out.

I guess you weren't prepared.

But I did learn about you.

- What did you learn?
- That you're a good person.

That your heart is pure.

That on the inside, your spirit is as
beautiful as you are on the outside.

All right!

- Where are you going?
- To get the code-three team back in here.

- I'll just hide again.
- So what are you gonna do?

Stalk me for the rest of my life?

I just wanted you to let me try again.

I think a human can handle it.

I think you have to just be...

well... receptive.

Then will you go to the SGC
and turn yourself in?

No. But I'll leave, if you want.

Will you actually be gone?

I promise.

OK. What do I do?

Stand there.

Open your mind to
the possibility of an existence

not governed by the rules of science
which you hold so dear.

How do I do that?

- Just close your eyes and...
- Don't say "Take it easy".


Oh, my God.

- Colonel!
- Yeah.

Sir. Look at this.

- So?
- So, it was in my house.

The code-three team was supposed
to take away their equipment.

- No more cameras or listening devices.
- So they forgot one.

- Are you sure?
- No.

Sir, is the SGC secretly
keeping tabs on me?


I did my duty in reporting
the alien encounter,

and now everyone thinks I'm crazy.

Look, here's the bottom line.
No one is seeing what you've seen.

Until that happens,
we're all gonna think you're nuts.


Purely hypothetically,
as my superior officer,

if this alien did show
himself to me again...

Did it?

I'm just saying, ifthe alien had the ability
and desire to show himself only to me,

it would be better
if I gathered information,

possibly even found a way of isolating it,

before I officially
mentioned it again, right?

Probably... yes.

- I gotta pee.
- Yes, sir.

- That's the last of it.
- Thanks.

Whatcha working on?

Well, based on your translation,
and SG-16's latest report,

the Pentagon is urging General Hammond
to find a way to activate the weapon.

- You think that's gonna be possible?
- Yeah.

The naqahdah reactor
can be interfaced easily.

The problem is, the burst of energy
required makes it all pretty dangerous.


Well, you have to start an overload in
the reactor, then release it into the device.

But once the overload is started,

you have to release the energy,
or the reactor will explode.

So you better be sure
you want the weapon to fire.

Yeah. I'm working on a way to buffer
the energy in a safer environment

prior to the release, but General
Hammond hasn't given me much time.

By all accounts, this device on 636
is a pretty powerful weapon.

- You think we should just leave it alone?
- Let's say I'd feel a lot better

if there was someone left
to explain exactly how to use it.

You're late.

- What do you mean?
- You said you'd be home an hour ago.

I was worried.

Hey, this is not a relationship
we have going here.

- I don't even know what it is.
- You still could have called.

What are you talking about?
You couldn't have answered the phone.

Maybe I could have.


I mean, l... I...

- Surprise.
- How?

Things have been going well
between us. Right?

There is no "us", Orlin.
I don't see how there ever could be.

That's just because we both used
to live on different planes of existence.

- "Used to"?
- My kind are able to take human form.

Actually, retake human form,
considering that's the way we started.


Oh, boy. Uh...

- (O'Neill) Carter!
- It's Colonel O'Neill.


That's what I was trying to tell you.
I can't any more.

(knock at door)

Hey, guys. What are you doing here?

- We brought pizza and a movie.
- Star Wars.

- He's seen it eight times.
- Nine.

Nine times.

If Teal'c likes it, it's gotta be OK.

- You've never seen Star Wars?
- You know me and sci-fi.

Come on, we never get
to just hang out so...

Well, sir, as much as l, uh...



do you already have company?

- Kind of.
- A date?

I can understand why you might
assume that I didn't have plans.

Don't worry about it.

We'll find something else to do.

I'm really sorry.
This was a surprise. Very unexpected.

Good for you.

- Have fun.
- Thank you.

Have a pizza. And fun.


As I was saying, once my kind
chooses to take human form,

we can't ascend again
without the help of the others.

So... now what?

I have read of a place where humans
do battle in a ring of Jell-O.

Call Daniel.

I don't know where
the rest of my kind are.

Believe it or not,
I think we met one of them.

Her name was Oma Desala.

Really? Never heard of her.

She could do the same glowy
kinda things that you can.

And she controlled the forces of nature.

Yeah. That's easy.

At least, it used to be.

She lived on a planet called Kheb

and she helped people ascend
to a higher plane of existence.

That's why I've never heard of her.

She was probably banished, like me.

What for?

Breaking one of the most
sacred rules of our kind.

Do not accelerate the natural ascension
process of those beneath.

The humans of Velona were
under attack from the Goa'uld.

I was prohibited from interfering,
but I couldn't just watch them die.

You told them how to build the weapon?

Communicated the knowledge, yes.
They saved themselves.

But not for long.


Well, you were right to try.

You're wrong. It was a horrible mistake.

After they used the weapon for defence,

they planned the conquest of other
planets using the technology I gave them.

So what happened?

The others.

The others of your kind
destroyed the planet?

Well, they interfered, too.
Isn't that breaking their own rule?

They decided it was necessary

to prevent a disaster
that I was responsible for.

I was forced to live on Velona
as my punishment.

- You couldn't have known.
- That's why the rule exists.


what now?

I'm human.

Mortal. Like you.

I can never go back to the way
I was without the others.

Why would you do this?

I did it as much for myself as for you.

(Orlin) lfnothing develops
between us, I'll accept it.

Ijust couldn't go on any other way.

Ijust had to know.

One week should be more than enough
time to run the proper pre-test simulation.

Sirs, if I may, I think we should wait.

You think we should wait?
You're the one who figured out

how to use the naqahdah reactor
to power this device.

Because General Hammond
ordered me to.

If you read my recommendations, you'll
see I also said it's extremely dangerous.

I did read your recommendation

and the Pentagon feels
that the risks are worth the reward.

Going through the Stargate is dangerous
and you do that every day.

I agree with Sam. We don't know
enough about what happened.

Need I remind you of the dangers that
we're trying to defend Earth against?

Oh, could you? I mean, go slow.

General, I believe that using the device
caused an atmospheric weather anomaly

big enough to destroy
the civilisation on 636.

You do?

- That wasn't in your report.
- Do you have any evidence, Major?

Well, not exactly.

But I think that we need to perform
a forensic environmental analysis.

We're going to,
after test-firing the weapon.

That's when we'll be able
to gather accurate information.

- Not if you're dead.
- There is nothing to show...

Major, you have two weeks
to bring me any relevant evidence.

If you can present a good reason
to stop the test, I will.



Need I remind you that, ultimately,
the decision rests with the Pentagon?

Colonel, there's a red phone in my office
that only takes calls from one man.

The last time I checked, he's the boss of
your boss, or do I need to remind you?



I'm glad you're home.
I made something for you.

Is this real?

I read about how humans associate
certain materials with their birth month.

Yours is emerald, right?

- It's huge.
- Oh. Is it?

It was difficult to tell the common size
from the pictures in the book.

You made it?

You wouldn't believe what you can make
from the simple items lying around Earth.

Which reminds me,
you're going to need a new microwave.

Orlin, I need to talk
to you about something else.


Let's take a walk.

The others will know
if the weapon is activated.

- You think they'll try to stop us?
- It's possible.

Even if we only intend to use
the weapon to defend ourselves?

How can you be sure
of your people's intentions?

You obviously can't trust them if you think
they would spy on you in your home.

Yeah, I guess I can't trust all of them.

- I've read some of your recent history.
- And?

Many of the creators
of the first atom bomb

honestly believed that it would
only be used to maintain peace.

I can't take the chance, Sam.

I won't be responsible
for the demise of another civilisation.

If you thought it might come to that,
why didn't you destroy the weapon?

I thought I had. I never expected
you'd be able to replace the power core.

You really are brilliant.

I think your point is,
we have to find a way to stop the test.

How? You have no proof
without exposing me.

I know.


I'm sorry. If you haven't turned
me in by now, there must be a reason.

I'd feel bad betraying you.
That's all. Nothing more.

- You like me.
- Orlin.

You like me. I can tell.

You like me a lot.

They're testing the weapon.

I received an order from the president.

Colonel Reynolds and SG-16
are on P4X-636,

setting up the naqahdah reactor
as we speak.

You said I had two weeks. It's only been...

Nine days, Major.

And I dare say you haven't
spent a single minute of it

working on atmospheric
weather anomalies.

What's that supposed to mean?

Would you like
to explain these deliveries?

- What deliveries?
- 100lbs of pure, raw titanium,

200 feet of fibreoptic cable,

seven 100,000-watt
industrial-strength capacitors.

The list goes on. All ordered
online from your home computer.

I've no idea what you mean.
I've been on the base every day.

Oh. Then maybe you would like to explain
who's been accepting these deliveries?

You have been watching me.

Not us. The Pentagon.

I'm sorry, Major. I've expressed my anger
and disappointment to the president

regarding the investigation of
one of my officers without my knowledge.

We have tapes of
your conversation with the alien.

At least we know
there is one now, for sure.

Would you like to tell us
what's going on, Major?

She doesn't have to tell you squat.

Major Carter was working with
the approval of her superior officer.

She told me he was there.

I authorised her to collect
as much information as possible.

I'm not here to lay blame, Colonel.
I'm here as a courtesy.

As we speak, a team of Special Forces
are surrounding your house.

And on my command, they're gonna go in

and take that alien into custody.

What's going on?

The suspect is in there, but he's failing
to respond to our call to surrender.

Let Carter go in.
He's worth more to you alive, right?

(man) Yeah.

(O'Neill) You got the place sealed off.
He's not going anywhere.

Let Carter go in and try and bring him out.

All right. Give her a radio.


- Orlin!
- (Orlin) Sam. Come on down.

- Orlin, what are you doing?
- (Orlin) OK. Just a minute.

- A team of Special Forces is outside.
- I know.

- They wanna take you into custody.
- I know. It's OK.

Orlin, I didn't turn you in.

I didn't think you did.

Come on.


You've been busy.

I didn't think they'd let me go back
to Velona through their Stargate.

- So you built one?
- Sort of.

This won't dial multiple addresses. It only
creates a wormhole once, then burns out.

And you ordered the materials online?

Mostly. Sorry, but you're gonna have
a pretty big credit card bill this month.

Oh. And you're going
to need a new toaster.

I tapped into the main power line.

Hopefully we'll be able
to draw enough energy.

Then what?

Go to Velona and stop your people
from using the weapon.

They won't listen to you.
They have orders.

- I'll have to make them listen.
- They could kill you.

(radio) Major Carter. Report.

Major Carter, respond immediately.


Carter, what are you doing?

- Move in.
- All teams, we have a go for entry.

- We're comin' in.
- (commander) Go, go, go.

I was really hoping
that there would be another way.

You know how I feel about you.

I hope this isn't goodbye.


Don't move!

- Hold your fire! I know this man.
- He attacked us.

Colonel, please, lower your weapon.

- He has good reason to stop this test.
- I have orders from General Hammond.

I know. Let's just dial out
and talk to the general about it.

I can't do that.

Your instructions said if we aborted the
energy build-up, the reactor would blow.

He's right. If we disconnect
the reactor now, it will explode.

Good. The weapon will be destroyed.

I can't let that happen, Major.

I can't believe how much this hurts.

- Just hang on.
- Major, we gotta get outta here.

We can't dial out. We can't risk the blast
wave translating through the wormhole.

I have to go, Sam.

They're giving me another chance.

It's the only way that I can save you.