Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 2 - Threshold - full transcript

To help Teal'c mind clear again, SG-1 asks Bra'tac to help. Bra'tac removes Teal'c's Gou'ald and Teal'c is forced to remember certain memories of his past. The real Teal'c in the end. SG-1 is glad to have him back.

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":

Finally, you have resumed
your rightful position as my first prime.

- Apophis is dead.
- Gods cannot be killed.

You got his body back. Getting
his mind back may not be as easy.

It is good to see you, O'Neill.

- You too.
- You appear to be well.

Well... forget appearances.

The back's gone, the knee's shot.
Forget curling.

- You?
- I am well again.

So I hear.

Welcome back.

I again pledge you my allegiance, and ask
forgiveness for succumbing to Apophis.

Well, he did sorta have you over a barrel...
you bein' dead an' all.

The power of the sarcophagus forced
me to believe that Apophis was my god.

Sarcophagi will do that.

- Dr McKenzie convinced me otherwise.
- You convinced yourself, Teal'c.

All I did was shine a light on
something you already knew.

You know, just for fun...

I'd love to hear you say it out loud.

That Apophis is a false god? That the
Goa'uld are nothing more than parasites?

Yeah, that stuff.

I hope to one day restore
your trust in me, O'Neill,

and to return to your service,
General Hammond.

What do you think?

After you.

- Hello, old friend.
- Master Bra'tac. It has been too long.

So it has. Your friends of Earth
took great pains in bringing me here.

He is deceiving you.



Hoh! What are you doin'?

If Teal'c won't hear the truth in words,
he must learn of it another way.

The only way left to us.

- Master Bra'tac, before we proceed...
- We waste time!

Please explain what you hope to achieve
by depriving Teal'c of his symbiote.

I hope to save him.

- By killing him?
- If necessary.

See... I think we disagree on
the meaning of the word "save".

You would have him remain this way,
loving a false god, spitting and cursing?


- There may be other methods.
- I have seen your methods.

You underestimate the hold
Apophis has on Teal'c's heart.

In time, you will have little choice
but to lock him away,

for he is far too dangerous an enemy
to have in your midst.

- The rite of M'al Sharran is the only way.
- Last rite?

To save Teal'c's soul, first we must
take him to the very threshold of death.

On Chulak, it is said that
when a warrior is dying,

the events that forge him
wash over his mind like a great wave.

His whole life passes before his eyes.
We have a similar...

What does that get us?

Through his fever and hallucination,
he will relive his true path,

buried beneath this lie.

You've done this before?

Twice... in my 137 years.

So you know it works?

Neither Jaffa had the strength
to turn back from the precipice,

but I am content they died free.

Teal'c would ask for nothing more.
I owe him that.

Do you?

He's in and out of consciousness.

His temperature is rising, his BP is falling.

His immune system is failing. If we don't
return his symbiote within a few hours...

- Do nothing.
- I can't do that.

Bra'tac made his case.
Hammond gave the go- ahead.

I see. Then I will take this up with him.

Do you call yourself Teal'c's friend?

Of course.

Then stay.

When the time comes, he may need
your help to find his way back to us.

Can you hear me, old friend?

Kal kek ma'I, shol'va.

- Then where is your god now, Teal'c?
- He will come.

I don't think so, buddy.

I know we've been over this a few times,
but in case you weren't listening,

I am 100 per cent sure...

99 per cent sure Apophis is dead.

He has deceived you, O'Neill,

as I have deceived you all these years,
claiming to be in the service of the Tauri.

I have never left the service of
my lord Apophis, and I never will.

So all that time you were
savin' the world, killin' Goa'ulds...

- Subterfuge.
- Savvy.

You can take my life, but you can
never take away my loyalty to my god.

I die in his name.

- I die for you, my lord!
- Enough.

- Do you know me, Teal'c?
- You are the shol'va, Bra'tac.

There was a time I was once the first
prime, loyal servant of your lord Apophis.

- You were my apprentice.
- Kek tal shree, shol'va.


Remember, Teal'c!

It was glorious.

For years we fought side by side.

- In battle.
- In his name.

My lord Apophis.

My lord Apophis, your enemy is defeated.

You have won the day.

Shal met, Bra'tac.


You have done well,
and will know my gratitude.

You do me honour.

In displaying great skill and cunning,

these three most honoured
your name in battle.

- Tell me of this one.
- His name is Teal'c, my lord.

My apprentice... and,
with your blessing, my successor.

Who was your father?

- He is the son of...
- Let him speak.

If he is to take your place as my first
prime, I must know he has a tongue.

My father was Ro'nak,
first prime of Cronus,

who was murdered for
failing to win an unwinnable battle.

My family was exiled to Chulak.

He failed his god.

He did not.

Shek kree, Teal'c!

My lord, I speak only the truth.

The battle could not have been won.

Your father should have died trying.

- He was a coward.
- My lord, my father was not.



Uh... what was that?

A conjured memory. The first of many.

He's obviously in a lot of pain.
At least let me...

Pain is what we seek.

Teal'c's path was
laid down with suffering.

- It is the path he must take to return to us.
- At the moment he's unconscious.

- All the better.
- All the better?

It is his unconscious mind we must reach.

I know my ways are foreign to you,

but I have known Teal'c longer than any
of you have lived. I have walked his path.

You cannot hope to understand
the darkness in his heart as I do.

Trust in me.

All of you.

- We do.
- Whatever you need.

For the moment...
I must meditate in kelno'reem.

This rite will take most of the night
and I am tired from my long journey here.

In the meantime,
stay with him, speak to him.

- He won't be able to hear us unless...
- Perhaps not in his mind.

But in his heart. Even in silence
he will know of your presence,

but your words will
force him to remember.

Challenge him when he does.
Question his beliefs.

Without his symbiote

he will not resist reason so readily.

Carter, maybe you could
show Bra'tac to the VIP room?

Yes, sir.

I hope you understand
how difficult it is for us

to just stand by while Teal'c is in such
obvious agony, especially Dr Fraiser.

Humans concern themselves
too much with pain.

Yeah, we also don't approve of torture.

The greater torture
would be to leave him as he is.

Teal'c is strong, stronger than I.

I don't know.
You're the fittest 137- year- old I know.

Perhaps, but I am
nearing the end of my time.

Kelno'reem is more and more difficult.

The symbiote I carry within
will mature within two years.

It will be my last.


Even if I could procure another,
the new symbiote would reject me.

It is how old warriors die.

Maybe we can find some way to help you.

Life for the sake of life means nothing,
neither for me, nor for Teal'c.

- Do you understand?
- I think I do.

Either he will return to us
as we know him,

or he will not return.

You wanna go first?


- I'll go.
- Yeah.

So... explain this to me one more time.

You believe that from the moment you
broke us out of that prison on Chulak,

that you've been serving Apophis?

Because I gotta tell ya, as your best
friend, at least in this whole wide world,

that makes absolutely no sense at all.

I mean, that would make you the most...

ineffective double agent
in the history of double- agenting.


- What?
- Va'lar.

- Va'lar.
- Teal'c, are you all right?

I met him. I spoke to him.

With Apophis himself?
You were granted an audience?

As a reward for my deeds in battle.

A reward? When they brought
you here, you were so weak.

- He punished me.
- Then you must have failed him.

This day I struck down
one hundred of Apophis's enemies.

You fought well, Teal'c.
None would deny that.

But he is a god, and if you fail him,

by sparing even one enemy's life
that was yours, he will know.

This was not for the battle. What god
would punish a son for loving his father?

- Your god.
- Yes, but...

- Never question that again.
- Quiet!

Today you served Apophis well in battle.

Serve him well again tomorrow
and you may live to see another day.

"Valar. " Is that what he said?

- I thought he said "velour".
- Velour? The fabric?

- That's what I heard.
- Why say that?

- Why say "valar"?
- I don't know.

Va'lar was my friend.

- What?
- Teal'c.


What is happening? Why am I restrained?

Well, you were sort of trying to...
kill everyone these past few weeks.

I could never have harmed you.

The rite of M'al Sharran has been
successful. Please release me.

Yeah. Nice try, but no.

I am not your enemy.
We are brothers, Daniel Jackson...

Tell us about Va'lar.

I have not heard that name in many years.

I trained with him under Bra'tac. We
served in the personal guard of Apophis.

If you do not return
my symbiote to me, I will die.

What happened to him?

He failed his god!

His god?

You mean that...

scumsuckin', overdressed,
boombox- voice snake- in- the- head?

Latest on our long list of dead bad guys?

Colonel, his heart rate just doubled.


That I understood.

Do you think I don't know
what you're doing to me?

- We hope you do.
- No Jaffa can survive M'al Sharran!

You are allowing Bra'tac to kill me!

Where is he?

- Shol'va! Where are you?
- BP is crashing. Let's start an IV.

Where are you, shol'va?
Are you afraid to face me?

Where are you?

Where are you?

Kel mak!

Were I truly your enemy,
you would be dead.

This is pointless. I am not blind.

In battle, you must use all your senses.

- Once again.
- You have died enough for one day.

We'll begin again in the morning.

Without this!

Do you believe you can defeat the
first prime of Apophis in a challenge?

I am the stronger.

Shall I fire, and stop this waste of time?

Or will you learn?

- I was not prepared.
- There are no second chances in battle.

You have ears to hear and eyes to see,
but you will not learn.

Shall I put us both out of our misery?

The choice is mine. Who can stop me?

- Apophis?
- Yes.

So you believe our lord Apophis
is all- seeing, all- powerful?

- He is a god.
- Is he?

In battle, Teal'c, faith will not save you.

Blind faith least of all.

Rely on your own strength
and your own wits,

or you are of no use to me.

I think the point Jack was trying to make
is that you're generally a logical person.

Your assertion that you never left the
service of Apophis is completely illogical,

almost to the point of
making no sense whatsoever.

Do you not know the meaning of faith,
Daniel Jackson?

I think I do.

Then you should know that my faith
in Apophis is beyond question.

Still, if you remember me
and you remember Jack,

then you must remember
questioning your faith.


- Apophis is a god.
- False god.

Dead false god.

Your words cannot change the truth.

They're not my words, Teal'c.
They're yours.

You were wrong at the time - he wasn't
dead - but that's neither here nor there.

- Lies!
- The point is,

there was a time in your life when you
realised the Goa'uld can't all be gods.

Every symbiote a Jaffa carries will try to
take a human host and become a Goa'uld.

How can they all be gods?

Do not test my temper, woman.

- I know you honour Bra'tac.
- I said, do not test my temper!

But you have no choice
but to tell Apophis of his betrayal.

- Bra'tac is my master.
- Apophis is your god.

If I am ever to be first prime of Apophis,
I must first honour Bra'tac.

You have seen the power of Apophis.

You have seen his chariots
rise from the ground,

- walk through the Chaapa- ai...
- As I have done.

Explain how light can leave his palm
and throw a warrior across the square!

I cannot!

Yet neither have I seen
a warrior greater than Bra'tac.

- Then you are the servant of two masters.
- What am I to do, Drey'auc?

Come to bed.

Did he just call me a woman?

Yes, I believe he did.

He's still unconscious?

In and out. Obviously delirious.

- How's Junior doing?
- The symbiote is fine for now.

But I don't know what we're gonna do
with it if we let Teal'c die.

But won't be my problem. I'll have
already resigned if we let this go that far.

- Janet, I know how you feel...
- No. I'm a doctor, Sam.

This goes against every part of me,
to just stand by and do nothing.

I don't think that we're doing nothing.


So is it working? Has he said anything?

He talked about fabric, briefly.

- He just called me a woman.
- So I think it's working.

Well, something's happening.

It looks like we're in for the whole night.
We should take turns sitting with him.

Yeah. I'll come back in a couple of hours.
Daniel, you go after me.

Then I think we'll all wanna be here.

Hey, Teal'c.

Look, I don't know how good
I'm gonna be at this, but...

I guess the important thing
is just to be there for you.

Major Carter.

- How can you allow them to do this?
- Teal'c...

I have no wish to die, Major Carter.

- You and Dr Fraiser could yet save me.
- You're not gonna die.

- I am being murdered as we speak.
- We're helping you.

Help me escape.

- Please.
- Oh, God.

Teal'c, we want you to remember.

- Do you believe in a god, Major Carter?
- This isn't about me.

How would it be if you were punished
for loving your god as I love mine?

- It's not the same.
- I cannot help what I believe.

You believe in freedom, Teal'c.

You believe in justice,
in protecting people from false gods.

You despise everything Apophis was.

He failed his god.

He... failed...




- Why have you returned?
- I need to speak with you.

- Speak now. Apophis has summoned me.
- Alone. Please.

The battle did not go well.
Ra's warriors were in too great a number.

- You were given a battalion.
- Ra sent gliders. We were bombarded.

- There was no choice but to retreat.
- Shek kree, Va'lar.

- It was the only way to save my men.
- And yourself.

No! I intend to return,
and with greater numbers.

I will drive Ra's warriors
from their foothold.

Please... tell him I am no coward.

If given the chance,
I will yet prevail, I swear it.

Go to your sleeping quarters.
Wait for me there.

Teal'c. It would have profited no one
merely to fight and die.

You may yet wish you had.

My lord, we are at your service.

Who did you entrust with this campaign?

Va'lar of Chulak, my lord.
A promising warrior.

Yet he has returned in disgrace.

Perhaps not in disgrace, my lord,
but as part of a cunning strategy:

withdraw and return in greater numbers
to crush an overconfident enemy.

Va'lar himself would like
to lead the second wave.

- Does he?
- My lord, allow me to...

Would you have done the same
in his place, Teal'c?

- No, my lord.
- You would have held your ground?

Yes, my lord.

Then return with him
to his place of shame and kill him.

Yes, my lord.


Kek shal kree, shol'va!

You may take solace for
what you are about to do, Teal'c.

I should have died on this battlefield.

Please tell Apophis I died well,
honouring his name.


There is a small village
two or three days' walk south of the city.

You may find shelter. Do not allow
yourself to be captured by either side.

Teal'c, you cannot do this, even for me.

- He will know.
- We shall see.

I'm more willing to face punishment than
to live knowing what he will do to you.

For your sake, you must.

Go now, and never show your face again.

He is a god, Teal'c.

He will know that you have spared me.

We shall see.


It is done.

You have promise, Teal'c.

You didn't stay away long.

You should talk.

- You can go in there, you know.
- I know.

General... if Teal'c were here,
he'd say you made the right decision.

If he were here...

He'll be back.

If not,

he will be sent to a high- security facility
and placed in solitary confinement.

When his symbiote matures
in four or five years...

I won't do that to him, Jack.

No, sir.

Of course not.

What is wrong, Teal'c?

Three days ago I led a battalion

to retake a planet
that had been occupied by Ra's army.

Apophis ordered me to burn a village
of Ra's followers to the ground.

You did this?


Then sleep well in the knowledge
that you have served Apophis.

I cannot close my eyes

without seeing the innocent faces of
women and children who lived there.

A Jaffa lived there also.

A warrior named Va'lar.


I banished him to that village
to save his life,

only to take it away, for fear that
Apophis would learn my secret.

I put my own life before that of
an entire village, and that of a dear friend.

- No. You had no choice.
- I did have a choice.

A son will soon be born to us, Teal'c.

You must ensure that he has a father.

Our son will be born into a real home,
a gift from Apophis himself.

It is the best life we can hope for.

Then why am I so ashamed?

Tek matte! Master Bra'tac!

Tek matte!

Apophis has made you his first prime.

- You are not pleased.
- No.

There's no greater honour among Jaffa
than to become first prime to one's god.

You know as well as I
what the Goa'uld truly are.

We pretend, men like you and I,
so we may advance in rank and privilege.

But do not pretend to me now.

You know the truth. Can you
look me in the face and say otherwise?

My entire life you have
prepared me for this day. Why?

I saw the spark of doubt in you, and the
wisdom to keep that doubt unto yourself.

I saw you play the game
with those who would play god.

If I do not believe in him, how can I serve?

Because there is no other choice
but to serve. The Goa'uld are powerful.

They have seen to it that we cannot live
without them, and so it may always be.

But neither can they live without the Jaffa.

- We are their true power.
- I do not understand.

As first prime, that power will be yours.

When Apophis throws his armies into the
fire, you will be there to temper his sword.

In so doing, you may save countless lives,
as I have done in my time.

And you have done all these things
against his will?

His will can be made to bend.

But not always.

I have done deeds for which
I cannot forgive even myself,

as will you.

Men such as you and I have
only the comfort of those times.

We make a difference.

Make a difference.


Those are the humans
who came through the Chaapa- ai.

They do not appear to be
as formidable as I imagined.

Their weapons are not of Goa'uld design.

That may be so, Teal'c...
but they are only three.

They have something more.

A strength.

They know the taste of freedom.

Your dreams of freedom
will be your undoing, Teal'c.

- Perhaps so.
- Pray they are not chosen as hosts.

That is the best fate
you can wish for them.

What have I done?

He's in v- fib! Get the cart!

- This is it.
- Get Bra'tac down here.

- I'm returning the symbiote.
- Stand aside.

- If I don't return it immediately...
- Stand aside!

Or his suffering
will have been for nothing.

This is the moment
when he must choose.

Stand aside, Dr Fraiser.

Choose now, Teal'c.

Return to those who love freedom,
or die in the name of a false god.


Shaka ha!

Kree hol mel, Goa'uld!

Choose to be the warrior we know!

Renounce Apophis and return to us!

It's now or never.


- Very well.
- Let's move.

Kill the rest.

Symbiote's in.

No change.

- We waited too long. Charge to 200.
- Charging.


No pulse.

- Make it 360. Give me five of epi.
- Charging.


I can save these people!

Help me!

Help me.

Many have said that.

But you are the first I believe could do it.

I choose freedom.

The rite has succeeded.

He has returned to us.


Just out of curiosity...

- How do you feel about...?
- Apophis is a false god.

A dead false god.


That's good enough for me.
Get him out of those restraints.

Thank you, Doctor. Well done.

Yes, sir. I'm glad it worked out too.

- Hey, Teal'c.
- Major Carter.

Daniel Jackson.

- Tek matte.
- My friend.

General Hammond.

I once again pledge my allegiance
to you and the people of this world

and I request permission
to return to SG-1.

Permission granted.

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