Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 20 - The Sentinel - full transcript

To fix a mistake caused by the fake SG team, the real SG-1 must enlist the help of two convicts. The threat of an approaching Goa'uld mothership stresses the repair of the Sentinel.

Previously on "Stargate SG-1":


A requisition just came to me for a C- 5 to
make a classified pick- up at an NID site.

We demand you return
the Touchstone!

It's missing?

They were dressed like you
and carried weapons.

Colonel O'Neill.

Is this a joke, Maybourne?

I think you'll wanna hear
what I have to offer you.

Your mission?

Use any means necessary
to acquire technology to help Earth

in the battle against the Goa'uld
or other unforeseen aggressors.

There's an Asgard ship
over the base!

I'll be holdin' the door open
so you can't go anywhere else.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to
announce that you are all under arrest

for high crimes against
the United States and its allies.

- How overdue is SG- 9?
- Coming up on 11 hours, sir.

That's not like Major Benton.
Dial P2A- 018.

Try to establish radio contact
from our end.

Sir, my mission report.
Better late than never, I always say.

Chevron one encoded.

Yep. I always say that.

- Chevron two encoded.
- What's goin' on?

SG- 9 was on an extended mission

to re- establish diplomatic relations
with P2A- 018.


- Latona.
- Oh, yes.

One of several planets visited by the NID
while running their offworld programme.


Major Benton has spent several months

negotiating access to a defensive weapon
they call the Sentinel.

It's said to be capable of
defending their entire planet.

Yeah, I... read the report.

They were scheduled to return
early this morning.

Chevron seven locked.

Standing by, sir. MALP relay is active.

This is Hammond. SG- 9, report.

Major Benton, you are overdue.
Please respond.

General, sir, this is Sergeant Grogan.
Major Benton...

...three days...

The Star...

The Latonans tried to...
but the thing didn't work.

- Can you make it back to the Stargate?
- Negative. There are two Jaffa...

...supported by a staff...

There's no way I can
get back to the Stargate.

- Sergeant, shut it down.
- Yes, sir.

OK, Marul. Go ahead.

Your friends will see me?

Not right now. I'll send
your greeting back with my report.

- What shall I say?
- Anything you like.

How about "hello"?

The rat bastard.

- I thought he came across as very nice.
- The voice behind the camera.

Colonel Sean Grieves,
formerly of the NID.

He led an offworld team
for Colonel Maybourne

and was one of the members of that
organisation convicted of high treason.

And what was Grieves' team
trying to steal?

The Latonans possess a planetary
defence they call the Sentinel,

which has kept them safe
from the Goa'uld for generations.

I can see why the NID would
wanna get their hands on it.

We put'em all away before they could.

Frankly, I'm afraid Colonel Grieves' team

may have done something to the Sentinel
they haven't admitted to.

- Fiddlin' around with it, was he?
- Well, according to his report,

the Latonans never granted
Grieves' team access to the Sentinel,

before they were... recalled and arrested.

You don't think it's possible
for an NID operative to lie?

I believe it is, Daniel Jackson.


So if Grieves' team disabled
the Latonans only means of self- defence...

- We're responsible.
- Grieves is responsible, thank you.

I doubt the Latonans will appreciate
that distinction, Colonel.

Time will be of the essence.

The Goa'uld forces SG- 9 encountered
on Latona were most likely sent as a test.

- To see if the Sentinel was operational.
- And by now they'll have reported back.

A Goa'uld mothership
most likely is not far off,

if the Goa'uld believe
that Latona may be conquered.

Might be a good time to try that
new guidance system on the UAV.

I think that can be arranged.

Sir, before we go anywhere,
we need to talk to Grieves.

- Why?
- Well, whether we like it or not, sir,

Colonel Grieves and Lieutenant Kershaw
may be the only people qualified to fix it.

I'll go.

You're dismissed.

He's worried I might try to kill you.

In that case, I insist.

Had many visitors lately? Did Maybourne
stop by, see how the old team's doing?

- What do you want, O'Neill?
- P2A- 018.

- A device called the Sentinel.
- What about it?

I need to know what you did to screw it up
and how I can fix it.

I'm more inclined to tell you
where to shove it.

As we speak, SG- 9 is either
pinned down by the Goa'uld or dead,

so let's just cut the crap, OK?

- How is this my problem?
- You're responsible.

018 is defenceless because of you.

Earth is defenceless because of you.
You don't mind that.

You stole technology from our allies.

If I hadn't shut you down,
they would have.

Do you really think the Asgard
or the Tok'ra will rush to our defence

when the Goa'uld finally
decide to stomp on us?

That day is coming, Colonel.
Don't kid yourself.


I guess I should just
go have a chat with Kershaw.

The Latonans didn't want
to show us the Sentinel.

We found it ourselves
not far from the city.

There was a force field
guarding the device itself.

Kershaw and I took two weeks to get in,
take it apart, and put it back good as new.

Not good as new.
You did something wrong.

Only thing we did wrong was
come back to base to meet our new CO.

It's funny. At the time I was
looking forward to meeting you.

I need you to write down
exactly how you got in,

and exactly what I need to do to fix this.

If I do anything - anything -

I want my sentence commuted.

I think that's understood, goin' in.

And you'll need to take us with you,
Kershaw and me.

- SG-1 can handle it.
- Who do you think you are?

We were good, Colonel.
Just as good as you.

We were acting
for the good of the country.

If you hadn't put me in here, we might
have had our own Sentinel by now.

You done?

I don't care how good Carter thinks she is
or how cocky you are.

The device is way too complicated
for you to try to repair without us.

You already know that,
or you wouldn't be here.

UAV is away, sir. Climbing into position.

Receiving telemetry. Confirm two staff
cannon emplacements 20m from the gate.

We got lucky, sir. The cannons couldn't
down the UAV before it was out of range.

Begin painting the targets
as soon as the UAV reaches altitude.

Close the blast doors. Prepare to launch.

Prepare to launch.

- Target Sierra- 1 has been acquired.
- Sergeant, launch when ready.

Missile away.

Sierra- 1 destroyed.
Attempting to acquire Sierra- 2.

How do you know those are the only
emplacements guarding the gate?

- We don't.
- Sierra- 2 has been acquired by UAV.

Launch when ready.

Sierra- 2 has been destroyed,
but I can't confirm casualties.

UAV switching to recon mode
for stage two.

- That's us.
- Colonel, SG- 3 will take point.


- Major Lawrence, make it a clean sweep.
- Yes, sir.

Why don't you go with'em?
Keep'em out of trouble.

Be on your six in 60 seconds.

SG- 3, let's go, let's go, let's go!

I'll say it again, I don't like
goin' into this unarmed.

And... I don't care.

I feel better knowing an archaeologist
is watching our backs.

Which end do the bullets go in again?

I'd be happy to show you.

Our mission objective is to fix
whatever you screwed up.

If you get any ideas other than that,

I'll shoot you.



Move out.

No sign of SG- 3.

SG- 3, this is SG-1 niner. Report.

Three Jaffa warriors survived the attack.

SG- 3 is in pursuit to prevent them
from reporting our arrival.

Major Lawrence suggests we continue on.


You want me to take point
without a weapon?

I want you to point Teal'c
in the right direction.

How many years did you promise
to take off their sentence if they fix this?

Actually, they'll get
a few more years out of this.

- More?
- They were on death row.

How did you find the Sentinel
if the Latonans wouldn't show it to you?

Maybe we're good.

- Bribed the locals?
- You've done your homework.

Major Benton's preliminary report said the
Latonans don't use currency of any kind.

They don't care
about material things.

Everybody's got their price.

- Colonel.
- Grogan.

You all right?

There was a Jaffa patrol
on my six most of the day.

I decided to stop running and fight it out.

- How long ago?
- Last night.

I guess I passed out
and they went right by me.

- They'll be long gone.
- Where's the rest of your team?

Major Benton took a hit in the chest
on our way back to the gate.

Tarkman and Winters were with me
at first, but I'm the only one left.


This shouldn't happen, sir.
The Latonans have a device...

- We know, Lieutenant.
- We're here to fix it.

Sir, should I tell SG- 3
Grogan's coming back to the gate?

Negative, Major.

Teal'c, how soon should we
expect a mothership here?

Of that I am unsure, O'Neill.
It could be hours, perhaps even days.

Grogan, can you get me into the city?

There are Jaffa patrols all over the place

making sure the Latonans
keep their curfew.

But I can take you
straight to Marul if you want.

- That's a waste of time.
- Why do you say that?

The Sentinel was built centuries ago
by Marul's ancestors.

- He has no clue how to use it.
- None of'em do.

- Look. We're here to help these people.
- What the hell do you think you can do?

Maybe give them another option
other than being wiped out.

- Grogan, are you good to go?
- Mm- hm.


- Carter, you're in charge.
- Yes, sir.

- Fix it.
- Yes, sir. Good luck, sir.

Let's go.

That's the main road
leading in and out of the city.

You wouldn't happen to know
a back way in there, would you?

Yes, sir. I think I do.

- This is it.
- What is?

You have to know it's there.
We went right by it at first.

All right, you're on.

Major Carter, it would be wise
if we were to guard the entrance.

Absolutely. At least
until the force field's down.

- How long will that take?
- Last time it took just over 48 hours.

Maybe Daniel can help you shave
a couple of days off that estimate.

You're not preparing for
his arrival as I instructed.

Your people ignore the curfew.

- Because they do not understand it.
- It is a simple matter.

Lord Svarog has claimed Latona
as part of his domain.

Your conquest will happen,
as sure as the sun will rise.

Accept that...
and you may live to serve him.

My people have no desire
to serve anyone.

When Svarog rains fire from the sky,
they will beg for his mercy

- And offer him their devotion.
- No, they will not.

They will, when those
around them begin to die.

This is my last warning.

Your Lord Svarog should not come.

The Sentinel will send him away.
You will all be sent away.

So you have said for three days,
yet here I stand.

- The Sentinel is nothing but a legend.
- It is very real.

Then my patrols will find it and destroy it.

- It's all right, Marul. He's a friend.
- From your world?

That's right. He's come all the way
from Earth just to see you.

I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill. We need to talk.

Please don't do that.

It doesn't look much like a weapon.

Why don't you make yourself useful,
Dr Jackson, and go watch the front door?

I'd rather be helping you, but
your approach looks completely random.

The patterns change randomly.
We're trying to keep ahead.

The sounds?

The code to shut off the field
is always changing

relative to the harmonics
between the tones in each pattern.

- How many different patterns are there?
- We've recorded over a hundred.

- Oh. So I should probably...
- Shut up.


Your offer is kind, but not necessary.

I think it is.

The Sentinel has not
failed us in centuries.

It will not fail us now.

- What's taking it so long?
- I've sent a messenger to the Sentinel

to seek the answer to that question.

Perhaps it is waiting.

You will see.
Our enemy will be sent away.

How, exactly?

One moment they are there,
the next they are gone in white light.

- Gone where?
- To the place our ancestors divined.

We are only grateful
that our enemies are gone.

And that's it?

Their civilisation has
technologically regressed.

Nobody knows how anything works,
just so long as it keeps working.

And you've seen this thing working?

Oh, yes. As a child.

An enemy of our people came
in a great ship, but it was sent away.

That's the story we get
from everybody, sir.

Marul, do you remember a team who
came here from Earth two years ago?

Oh, Colonel Grieves, of course.

He asked that he might see the Sentinel
to learn its mysteries,

so that one day your people
might be protected as we are.

But to do that... that would be
against our highest law.

No one may see the Sentinel,
except its Caretaker.

Yeah, well... They did anyway.

They worked at night so no one
would know. Somehow they got in,

they took it apart, put it back together,
but something's wrong.

They're trying to fix it,
but we might be running out of time.

But... what you say cannot be so.

This flame burns to tell us
the Sentinel is watching over us,

and in turn is being watched over.

As long as this flame burns,

we may rest assured
that we are safe from harm.

There's a battalion of Jaffa in your city
right now, just waiting to harm you.

- There is a barrier to the chamber.
- They got past it.

- Colonel Grieves gave me his word.
- He lied.

Yet you speak the truth?

He does, Marul.

Teal'c, come in.

A Jaffa patrol.

I count ten, maybe more.
With luck they'll pass right by us.

It is more likely they followed
our tracks to this location.

- This is impossible.
- We haven't been at it that long.

- Let me try.
- Do you realise how complicated this is?

It's hit the fan already.

Give me your Beretta.

You think you can help in here?
I can help out there.

We have to take all of them out
so they can't report back.

A Jaffa patrol must have
tracked us here.

We can hold them off for now,
but get that force field down.

Do you know what to listen for?

The progression of the harmonic in each
pattern relative to its spectral equivalent.

My people have depended on
the Sentinel for 300 years.

It was created to be there always,

so that we might feel free to pursue
matters of the mind and spirit,

without fear of what is happening now.

If what you say is true.

I didn't come all this way to lie to you.

- How many will die?
- I don't know.

And I can't undo
what's already been done.

But we can save hundreds
of your people, maybe all of them.


We're prepared to evacuate
as many people as possible.

And military support
to get'em to the gate.

Leave our world...

I'm afraid so.

As we speak, a Goa'uld mothership
could be on its way here.

What will I tell them?

That the very people
who doomed our world

now ask us to trust our lives to them?

I am Svarog.

From this day forth, you will serve me.

That's all of'em I can see.

- What are you doing out here?
- Helpin' you.

- A mothership just fired on the city.
- I saw.

You must get that force field down.
That's why you're here.

Jackson wanted a try, I gave him a try.
You were getting shot at, I backed you up.

Or is it you don't like
the idea of me with a gun?

It's empty.

Get back in there.

Teal'c, I wanna see what's taking so long.
Keep an eye out.

That voice...

All part of the show.

- The sky rained fire.
- It's from a ship in orbit.

One with really big speakers.

Marul! Marul!

Has the messenger returned
with any news?

There are Jaffa patrols everywhere.
I doubt anybody would make it very far.

Go home. Tee h'eta.

Do you have any other way
of defending yourself?

- Carter, come in.
- Yes, sir.

The mothership's here.
Some guy named... Svarog.

He's a System Lord, sir.
You should get out.

- Yeah. What's your progress?
- Still working on the force field.

- Major, people are startin' to die here.
- Yes, sir. We're doing our best.

You tell Grieves, if he doesn't fix
that thing, I'll shoot him anyway.

Marul, you have to
make an announcement.

Tell your people to evacuate the city
and head to the Stargate.

Many of your people could survive.

You've got two options: sit here and
watch your city burn to the ground,

or surrender. You surrender,
they'll enslave your people.

And they'll take some of them as hosts.

The Goa'uld are parasites.
They take over the bodies of people.

My people are innocent.
They have done nothing to deserve this.

I can't stay here much longer.
You've got to make a decision.

But your friends may yet be able
to repair the damage they have done.

This Goa'uld is not gonna wait for that.

It's time to go.

With or without you.


You almost had it. You just had
the last two colours in the wrong order.

- We're in!
- Go!

Colonel, we've made it past the force field
and we're starting to work on the Sentinel.

Warriors of Svarog approach
in greater numbers.

Understood, Teal'c.
We'll make our stand inside the cave.

Keep them at bay as long as you can
and then get in.

Daniel, can you get
that force field working again?

I'm on it.

Incoming transmission!

- It's SG- 3, sir.
- Put it on the speaker.

- This is SG- 3 niner. Come in.
- What's your situation, Major?

Goa'uld forces are headin' toward us.
A battalion supported by gliders.

- Can you hold the Stargate?
- Not without reinforcements, sir.


What's the status of SG-1?

They're out of radio range, sir. We've
been out of contact for several hours.

Very well, Major. Hold the Stargate for
as long as you can, then get out of there.

- SG-1 will just have to get the job done.
- Yes, sir. SG- 3 niner out.

- I'm sure they'll find a way, sir.
- It's not SG-1 I'm worried about.

Colonel Grieves?

While stealing a powerful beam weapon
from the people of P3Y- 294,

Colonel Grieves turned the device
against his pursuers, killing all three.

We returned the weapon, but P3Y- 294
would have nothing further to do with us.

I'll be in my office, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Colonel, you and I know that we left this
exactly the way we found it.

- We can't have. We missed something.
- We didn't. It must be something else.

Either shut up or go help Jackson
get the force field back on.

- How many?
- Several gliders, a battalion of warriors.

You wanna be on this side
when we get this up again.

Just tell us when.

Go. Save yourselves.

I will remain here
as long as this flame burns.


As long is it burns, the Caretaker lives.

What Caretaker?

He is not to be spoken of.
It is against our law.

Look, do you want
your people to survive or not?

- I'm almost outta ammo!
- OK, get on this side.

- Daniel!
- If you could stop shooting for a second.

I got it. Go, go, go, go.


It's gonna be all right.
They can't get past the force field.



Carter, if you can hear me,

we've got to find
someone called the Caretaker.

He's like a hermit. He lives near the
Sentinel and apparently takes care of it.

One of my patrols
has discovered your Sentinel.

Even now, warriors of the Tauri
endeavour to repair it.

I cannot allow them to succeed.

Tell me how to disable the force field.

That would be against our highest law.

You would sacrifice
your own life to defy me?

I would.

Colonel O'Neill, come in.

Force field must be
blocking the radio signal.

We put it back the way it was.

- I know we did.
- Obviously we didn't.

If Colonel Grieves can
get it working, I'll tell you.

Wait a second. I think
I recognise some of these symbols.

Their written language is similar
to the people of P2A- 463.

- So?
- So it's possible they're related.

Don't tell me you could read that.

No, I'm just saying I recognise
some of these symbols.

On P2A- 463, these symbols mean
"life force","life energy".

Life energy?

- These ones mean "two as one".
- And that means?

I have no idea, but it means something
or they wouldn't have written it here.

- The Caretaker, Colonel.
- Shut up!

What if the device is only
part of the equation?

- You're guessing.
- We both know nothing's wrong with it.

We put it back the way it was.

What if the Caretaker did more
than just look after it?

Tell us of this Caretaker.

The night we found this place,
a Latonan man took us by surprise.

- What happened?
- He attacked us. I defended myself.

Colonel, look out!

My orders were to retrieve technology to
save Earth from the Goa'uld at all costs.

- You killed him.
- I defended myself!

We should have taken him into the city.

They could have saved him.
I know they could have.

The Caretaker... he begged us to.


Please. I do not wish to die.

Colonel, maybe we can
take him back to the city.

- Yes, the city...
- That's not an option.

But, sir, he'll die if we just leave him here.

We have our orders, Kershaw.

- Then allow me to touch the Sentinel.
- Why?

- Shut him up.
- Please...

Allow me to touch the Sentinel
just once with my hand.

- You're not touching anything.
- This is wrong.

It's his own damn fault
for sneaking up on me like that.

You've gotta think of the big picture here.
The Sentinel could save Earth.

We're talking about one life- one life -
compared to billions of people.

- We don't even know how it works.
- We'll find out.

Will you allow me to give him
something for the pain, then, sir?

Fine, but that's all we can do.

When I die,

Marul will know.

What do you mean, he'll know?

He told us that, if he were to die,
the Latonans would know anyway.

How so?

A flame in Marul's chamber
would die with him.

He... wore a band around his wrist.

It was a dead man's switch.

I rigged it so nobody
would know he was gone.

Two forces as one, man and machine.

No, no! We missed something.

We just need to find out what it is.


You know, now would be
a good time to turn that thing on.

Lower the force field,
or your friends will be killed.

- Sir...
- Don't do it, Carter. That's an order.



- Blow it up! Don't let'em have it.
- Jaffa.

- Do it!
- Yes, sir.

Wait! I can deactivate the force field.

I can do it from here.

I'm gonna let Colonel Grieves
take down the force field, sir.

Carter, I gave you a direct order.

Yes, sir. I understand that.

I think it's the right thing to do.

- He's gone.
- As are the Jaffa.

What just happened?

The Sentinel was never damaged, sir.
It just required a human component.

Man and machine working together
to become a weapon.

The Sentinel is indeed
a device of great power.

We would be wise to ask the Latonans
if we may study it further.

Oh, I think I know what they'd say.