Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 5, Episode 21 - Meridian - full transcript

As Jackson suffers from a fatal dose of radiation, he struggles with the value of his life while his friends deal with the emotional and diplomatic repercussions.

We have to get to the infirmary.
Daniel's been exposed to radiation.

Have a medical team meet us on the way.

Medical team to Alpha 2.
Repeat, medical team to Alpha 2.

- Colonel, what happened?
- Details are a little sketchy, sir.

We were not present
at the time of the incident.

- Don't touch me!
- He may still be radioactive.

Let's get him scrubbed down.

- Do we know what kind and how much?
- It was a device,

housing an unstable radioactive
variation of naqahdah.

We think his right hand was exposed

to eight to nine grays of neutron radiation
resulting from direct contact.

Full body exposure of over seven.

- Oh, my God.
- Doctor?

It's a lethal dose, sir.

As you were.

Dr Fraiser tells me there's nothing more
we can do for Dr Jackson at the moment.

In the meantime, tell me what happened.

Well, sir, as you know, Kelowna is
one of three major countries on 4C3.

What we've learned since
our initial contact is they appear to be

at a similar stage of development
to that of the United States in the 1940s.

Geopolitically, there is obvious
mounting tension between the nations.

Sort of like a cold war, sir.

The Kelownans discovered their Stargate
approximately 15 years ago,

along with a number of Goa'uld artefacts
in what appears to be an ancient temple.

Their knowledge of the gate
is still limited.

But their interest is strong.
We told them what we could offer,

and they were eager to share
any technologies

that could potentially
be offered in exchange.

This is incredible. It is a pleasure
to meet you. I'm Jonas Quinn.

I'm special adviser to our high minister.

- Security's a little tight around here.
- As you've undoubtedly been told,

this is one of our most secret
and important research operations.

Daniel Jackson.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Sam Carter,

and the tall, silent one is Teal'c.

"Teal'c"... Well, your arrival on
our planet is an extraordinary event.

It's my honour to show you around
this facility. Please, follow me.

- He's an adviser to the high minister.
- Their equivalent to our president.

As we understand it, Jonas was
responsible for overseeing the research

- From an ethical perspective.
- Yeah. Whatever.

He had several degrees from their
most honoured education institution:

- Social studies, Kelownan history...
- He was a nerd, sir.

He and Daniel got along great.

If we could have access to the artefacts,
we have a process called carbon dating.

- I could determine the age of the temple.
- I'm sure that can be arranged.

Our archaeologists believe they've only
begun to uncover what may be buried.

- There were extensive alien writings.
- Teal'c and I could help with translation.

I understand that your knowledge and
expertise will come at a price, Colonel.

- That is why you are here, right?
- Don't get me wrong.

We wanna help out as much as we can.

It's just that we've been
burned a little in past relations.

We're not questioning
what you offer in return...

- We want to get to know you better first.
- That's it.

Still, hopefully we'll have
much of value to offer in exchange.

This way.

We can go in now.

This is Tomis Lee.

He is chief physicist overseeing the
development of our most critical project.

Tomis, this is SG-1 of the planet Earth.

My pleasure.

What is this?

The core of this device
was uncovered in an ancient temple

of a race of people
we believe were called the Guld.

- Goa'uld.
- Really?

It's a mineral substance found to have
highly unstable radioactive properties.

This experiment seems to indicate
the potential for great bursts of energy.

Our translation of the writings indicate

that the alien element
is called naquadria.

Uh, naqahdah.

No... We also translated
that word in the same text.

This is definitely naquadria.

So this is some sort of
power- generating device?

Not exactly.

They were making a bomb, sir.

They were far from achieving
a deliverable weapon, but, if successful,

it would have been as powerful
as a naqahdah- enhanced warhead.

The Kelownans claimed they were
under threat from neighbouring nations,

and the weapon would only be used
to ensure their freedom.

It's a situation we'd have to be
careful about getting involved in.

Yes, sir.

I'm not sure we need to
worry about that, General.

How so?

I don't think they want
our help any longer.

Something to do with how Dr Jackson
was exposed to that much radiation?

We were touring the city. Daniel
was at the research facility with Jonas.

He was pretty passionate about
trying to convince the Kelownan people

that building a bomb
wasn't the answer to their problems.

- Still, we don't know...
- Colonel, what do you know?

Sir, they're claiming Daniel
tried to sabotage their research.

They're lying, General.

I also do not believe this to be true.

They let us bring him back home
on compassionate grounds.

But the fact is, they just didn't
want us around there any more.

But they are demanding that
he be returned to face the charges,

if he survives.

What is Dr Jackson saying happened?

The nausea will be followed
by tremors, convulsions,

and something called ataxia.

Surface tissue and internal organs
will inflame and degrade.

I believe that's called necrosis.

Based on the dose of radiation I got, that
will happen in the next ten to 15 hours.

If I don't drown in my own blood
and fluids, I'll bleed to death.

There is no medical treatment
to prevent that.

Maybe not that we know of.

We don't go running to our offworld allies
every time an individual's life's at stake.

My life is no more valuable
than anybody else's.

- What happened?
- It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does.

You didn't try to sabotage anything.

There was an accident.

The scientists figured they would be held
responsible. It was easier to blame me.

- And you're OK with this?
- No. But there's not much I can do.

Yes, there is.

If they really wanna blame me,
denying it isn't gonna change anything.

10, 000 years ago a Goa'uld tried
the same experiments that they're trying,

and he nearly blew
the entire planet to bits.

I tried telling them. They wouldn't listen.

They're gonna build that bomb,
and nothing we say is gonna stop them.

The Asgard is still not responding.
We've tried to reach Jacob Carter,

but, last we heard, he was on a mission
to recover the last undercover Tok'ra.

General, we do have
intelligence on a sarcophagus.

- SG- 3's mission report two months ago.
- Yes, sir.

We both know the negative effects
of that technology.

But Daniel's been in one of those things a
dozen times. Once more isn't gonna hurt.

However, SG- 3's report clearly indicated
that the sarcophagus is heavily guarded,

and likely retrieving it would
result in significant casualties,

which is why I did not order
a recovery mission at the time.

- Sir...
- Colonel,

please don't think you're alone
in your feelings on this matter.

Yes, sir.

- Got anything?
- Well, I've been doing some calculations.

- Anything to help Daniel?
- I wish.

Based on the amount of radiation
they say he was exposed to,

I've estimated the energy that would have
been generated by the experiment.

- And?
- The potential's astronomical, sir.

A very small amount of
the unstable element they're working with

emitted a pulse of energy far greater
than anything I've ever believed possible -

much more than weapons- grade
naqahdah would have.

It would require a massive nuclear
reaction to even approach this level.


This could be the missing link
in terms of generating the kind of energy

I believe is necessary
to create a hyperspace window,

or to generate the kind of shields the
Goa'uld have used to protect their ships.

Sir, we have to get some of this element.

Their government believes Dr Jackson
was trying to sabotage their research.

It's a lie. They're using Daniel
as a scapegoat.

You said he was vocal in his disapproval
of their project before the accident.

None of it bodes well
for diplomatic relations.

Why are you talking about diplomatic
relations? This is Daniel's life!

Sir, I know how you feel
because I feel the same way.

But I cannot stress enough
how valuable this element could be.

I will draft a letter
to the Kelownan leaders.

General, you cannot capitulate to
these people. They are lying bastards!

Their government doesn't know the truth.

They will have little reason to believe us,

when what we're forcing them to admit
would be a major embarrassment.

It will put them at too great
a disadvantage in further negotiations.


you cannot admit Daniel is guilty.

Give me some credit, Jack. I will tell them
that we did not order any such action,

and do not condone its obvious
intentions, both of which are true.

Hopefully we can lay the groundwork
for further diplomatic negotiations,

which will eventually result in
an amicable trade for the naquadria.

I'm ordering you to deliver the letter.

Fine... sir.


Colonel O'Neill.

I'm surprised to see you.

I brought a letter from
my superior to your leaders.


That's, uh... an apology.

Yeah, hardly. You see, we know
you're lying through your teeth.

- How is Dr Jackson?
- Not good.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Two of the scientists are already dead.
The other two will be shortly.

Their deaths were... horrific.

My superior thinks that denying
the allegations against Daniel

- Would be a waste of time.
- He's a wise man.

Why is your government even trying
to maintain a relationship with us?

We want some of that stuff
you're experimenting with.

My government still thinks
they can negotiate for it.

The naquadria is very spare
and extremely valuable to us.

I doubt that my government
would ever agree to that.

Yeah, I figured.

- That's why I'm here.
- I don't understand.

I only agreed to bring that letter
so I could see you.

- Why?
- Because Daniel is dying.

And you're looking
for someone to blame, or...?

I'm not gonna let you tarnish his name.

See, I don't care what
that stuff is worth to anyone.

My government will admit
Daniel is guilty over my dead body.

- What do you want from me?
- Just tell the truth.

I can't.

Even if I wanted to,
without the support of...

We're in this mess because you
and your buddies are lying cowards,

- Trying to cover your own incompetence.
- Colonel.

We desperately need
the weapon we're developing.

Without it, the Kelownan people
could fall to our rival nations,

who are developing their own
powerful weapons as we speak.

We will do whatever's necessary to
ensure our freedom and a lasting peace.

All right, let me be clear about something.

I think this is the point
Daniel was trying to make.

A weapon of mass destruction
can only be used for one thing.

You might think it'll ensure peace
and freedom, but I guarantee you,

it'll never have the effect
you're hoping for until you use it,

at least once.

Now, just for the record,
the reason we want that stuff

is because we think it could be
used to create defence shields.

But you just go ahead.

Blow yourselves to hell with it.

He looks awful.

It's gonna get a lot worse,
and it's gonna happen fast.

I'm sure you're doing everything you can.

Sedatives and painkillers.
That's all we can really do.

You have no idea
how painful this is going to get.

I'd not normally say this- it goes against
everything I've been trained to do -

but the truth is,
he'd be a lot better off if I...


I didn't suggest this before because, um...

Well, the truth is, I'm not really sure
what I'm doing with this thing.

I could make things worse.

He's seizing. Give me five of Valium.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Help me get him on his side.

Valium's in.
Stand by with the Ambu bag.

Draw two grams of magnesium sulphate.
Ease him back.


Your fate is in your hands.

Hey, Jack.


I, uh...

I just wanted to...

I'm really bad at this.

Yes, you are.

I hear that Sam thinks, uh...

naquadria might be
an important discovery.

Yeah... apparently. If we can get some.

For what it's worth, I...

tried to get your point across to Jonas.

He's in a tough position.

You're not gonna take the fall for this.
I don't care what's at stake.

Why do you care?

Because despite the fact

that you've been a terrific pain in the ass
for the last five years,

I may have...

might have, um...

grown to admire you a little...

I think.

That's touching.

This will not be
your last act on official record.



Oma Desala.

I felt like I knew you, like we had met
before, but... you look different.

Lightning flashes, sparks shower.

In one blink of your eyes,
you have missed seeing.


What did you mean when you said
my fate is in my hands?

When the mind is enlightened, the spirit
is freed, and the body matters not.

You're talking about ascension, right?

The rising to a different
plane of existence.

Are you saying that I could do that?
Become like you?

You must complete the journey
you began at Kheb.

Only then will you be able
to find your way to the great path.

- What do I do?
- Release your burden.

OK. Well, consider it released.
What's step two?

A tall man cannot hide in the short grass.

I really don't have time for one
of these kind of conversations.

One cannot reach enlightenment
by running from death.

- Tell me what to do.
- Many roads lead to the great path.

Only the willing will find their way.

OK. Well, I'm willing.

So let's go. I mean,
you know, do your thing.

Glow me.

The river tells no lies,

though standing on the shore,
the dishonest man still hears them.


I didn't think it was gonna be that easy.

What are you doing here?

Your commander was kind enough
to grant my passage.

I brought this.


I took as much as I could.


Data recorded in that accident showed
the potential power of the weapon

unlike anything collected previously.

I don't know what was worse, seeing
my colleagues die in that manner, or...

seeing the looks of utter glee
on our leaders' faces

when they were told
the potential power of this weapon.

They wanted to know
when it could be "demonstrated".

I told them the truth
about what happened.

I read that book you gave me.

Already? I just gave it to you last night.

Quick study. It's how
I got this position at my age.


It should prove useful in the translations.

I thought you'd be a little more excited.

No offence. I'm just more interested in
what's out there, through the Stargate.

Whatever problems there are
between your planet's nations

will seem insignificant when you do
find out what's going on "out there".

Until you give us more details,
there's not much else I can do.

Well, you've probably seen the evidence
right here on your own planet.

That temple was obviously occupied by a
powerful, technologically advanced race.

As far as I can tell from your pictures,

they were destroyed
by a catastrophic explosion.

Our scientists theorised that an asteroid
impacted our continent 10, 000 years ago.

The fallout could have
easily buried the civilisation.

Or the race were experimenting with
the very technology you are today.

If what you say is true about the
potential enemies out there in our galaxy,

we may need these advanced
weapons more than ever.

I can't deny that, but some very
wise people have shown me how

a sudden leap in weapons
technology by a civilisation

can lead to its destruction.

Given the chance,
you would deny us this technology?

I can't predict what would happen
with or without the weapon. I just...

wish there was another way.

Energy readings are increasing
by a power of ten.


Did you see that?

Get down!

Stay away from the glass!
The radiation will penetrate the window!

- What's happening?
- This device could explode.

We have to remove the core.


Dr Jackson!

No! Dr Jackson!

I am ashamed...

that they would not bring themselves
to recognise Dr Jackson's heroism.

He saved millions of lives.

Millions could still die.

The future's never certain. You saved
many without regard for your own life.

I could have destroyed the device.

You believe your journey is still not over.

Actually, I'm not entirely sure what
the point of my journey so far has been.

If this is about being honest with yourself,

I believe my entire life has been a failure.

Just so you know,
Jonas had a change of heart.

He stole some naquadria for us.

He took a big risk. He said
it was because of what you did.

I think it could be important,
and I wanted you to know that.

You have an effect on people, Daniel.

The way you look at things...

It changed me too.


I see what really matters.

I don't know why we wait
to tell people how we really feel.

I guess I hoped that you always knew.

You can never reach enlightenment
if you do not believe you are worthy.

Then I guess we may have a problem.

You once gave me this.

You said that its spirit would
one day serve its owner in the afterlife.

Thanks. I'm not dead yet, but...
I guess it doesn't look so good right now.

If you are to die, Daniel Jackson,

I wish you to know that I believe
that the fight against the Goa'uld

will have lost one of its greatest warriors.

And I will have lost
one of my greatest friends.

Because it is so clear,
it takes a long time to realise it.

If you immediately know
the candlelight is fire,

the meal was cooked a long time ago.

The monk at Kheb said that to me. I don't
know what it meant then, and I still don't.

Why do you feel you have
failed on your journey?

You've opened the Stargate
for your world.

I cracked a code.
A lot of other people made it work.

The very next thing you did was
help free the people of Abydos from evil.


I had the chance
to live out my life with her.

I couldn't leave it alone.

I was the one that unburied the gate.
What happened to her was my fault.

I couldn't save Sha're,
I couldn't save Sarah.

Every Goa'uld I helped eliminate,
another one took its place.

Maybe I did some good, but nothing I've
done seems to have changed anything.

These tasks of which you speak
were great challenges,

- Perhaps even impossible to achieve.
- Does that absolve me?

You feel your journey must continue
until you have found redemption?

No. Not any more. Not if I'm dead.

Exactly true.

You said I was the only one
qualified to judge myself.

So no matter how much I want to achieve
enlightenment, or whatever you call it,

what happens if I look at my life
and I don't honestly believe I deserve it?

The success or failure of your deeds
does not add up to the sum of your life.

Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge
yourself by the intention of your actions,

and by the strength with which you faced
challenges that have stood in your way.

And what if I can't?

People close to you have been trying to
tell you that you have made a difference.

That you did change things for the better.

Not enough.

The universe is vast, and we are so small.

There is really only one thing
we can ever truly control.

What's that?

Whether we are good or evil.

Obviously they don't know that I'm here.

I was lucky enough
to be able to access our Stargate.

If I'm caught returning to my planet,
I will be considered a traitor.

- What do you want?
- I don't believe my people will support

a war that leads to
any kind of mass destruction.

Our leaders just don't see
any viable alternative right now.

Promise me, if you're able
to develop defence technologies

such as these shields that you spoke of,
you'll share them with my government.

- Of course.
- Unauthorised incoming wormhole.

Wait here.

- Receiving Tok'ra IDC, sir.
- All defence teams on high alert.

High alert. Repeat, high alert.

Open the iris.

Stand down.

Sorry, Jacob. Given what's
been happening with the Tok'ra,

- We had to be sure it was you.
- Understood. What's going on?

It's Daniel.

Hey, Sam.

I'm so sorry.

I tried this, but it didn't work.

We'll do our best.

His condition is grave.
I do not know if I can save him.

And even if I can, I do not believe
I can restore his full healthy state.

Do what you can.

You're leaving?
You can't... you can't leave.

The rest is up to you.

Why... why me?
Why... why give me this chance?

Anyone can reach enlightenment -

anyone prepared to open their mind
as you did when you first came to Kheb.

They're trying to save me.

They're healing me. I can feel it.

Then your journey will continue as before.

What if I don't want it to?

Not that way.

Walking the great path
brings great responsibility.

You cannot fear it,
nor hesitate in your resolve.

I understand.

- I'm ready to go with you.
- Then stop them.


- Daniel.
- Yeah.

- Did you want something?
- Yeah.

- Tell Jacob to stop.
- Why?

Because I'm ready to move on.

- You're just giving up?
- No.

No, I'm not giving up, believe me.

You remember Oma?


I think I can do more this way.

It's what I want.

I have to go now.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Please, Jack.

Tell Jacob to stop.



- Are you serious?
- It's what he wants.

Is someone else
gonna tell me what to do?

Just let him go.


I'm gonna miss you guys.


You too.

Thank you.

For everything.


What? See you around?

I don't know.


Where are you going?

I don't know.

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