Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 11 - Point of No Return - full transcript

The SGC is contacted by a strange man called Martin, a conspiricist who believes he is an alien. The question is, how does Martin know about the Stargate and how come he has a gate address and is he being drugged by others?

Does anyone know
what this meeting's about?

No. I hope it's important. I was translating
the cuneiform tablet we found on P30- 255.

I have to finish recalibrating
MALP sensors...

..for long- term reconnaissance
on P5X- 3D7.

I was unable to complete my kelno'reem.

I was just about to do
something important.

All right, people. As you were.

We have ourselves a situation.

Early this morning
at approximately 0400 hours...

..the base switchboard
received the following call.

Hello. This is a message
for Colonel Jack O'Neill...

..and anyone else who's listening in.

I know this call is being monitored,
but don't bother to set up a trace.

I'm at a phone booth in Butte,
Montana. I'll be long gone...

..before yourBlack Ops teams can get
here. You're not dealing with an amateur.

I know all about Roswell
and the Kennedy cover- ups, and the...

He goes on like that for a while.

..and the CIA- sanctioned
microwave harassment, and the...

Quite a while.

..and the lizardpeople,...

..but the point is none ofthese
compare to your little secret, Colonel.

I'm talking about a large circular
object, discovered in Egypt,...

..currently residing in a missile silo
under Cheyenne Mountain.

I believe you call it the Stargate.

And now that I've got
yourattention, I want to meet.

Tomorrow, 11am, at the new
Cloverleafrestaurant in Billings.

And, Colonel - come alone.


It would appear security
has been breached.

I wanna know who this man is. I wanna
know how he got his information,...

..and I want to know
who he's been talking to.

You leave in half an hour.

Colonel O'Neill?

- Yeah.
- Sorry I'm late. I think I was followed.

- You sure?
- Yeah. But don't worry.

- I managed to lose'em.
- Very professional.

- What's your name?
- You can call me Martin.

OK, Martin. What's this about?

If you don't mind, before we get started...

Just like to check you for transmitters.


You're clean.

You understand a man in my position
has to take precautions.

Yeah. You never know who's listening.

Exactly. I don't know about you,
but I always feel like I'm being watched.

Come on, Martin, let's get to it.
What's goin' on?

- You know as well as I do, Colonel.
- I don't.

OK, here we go. If he's got a driver's
licence we should be able to find him.

I've never been on a stakeout. Shouldn't
we have doughnuts or something?

A top- secret government programme...

..involving instantaneous travel
to other solar systems... means of a device
known as a Stargate.

Sounds like a good idea for a TV show.
If you're into that sort of thing.

Colonel, let's not play games. If it isn't
true, why would you come all this way?

OK. The truth.

There is a top- secret government
programme called Project Stargate.

- I knew it!
- But it's nothing to do with space travel.

What does it have to do with?


- What the hell is that supposed to mean?
- I've already said too much.

- You're not taking this seriously.
- No, I'm not.

- I need help.
- Why? What seems to be...

I have to go through the Stargate.

- Marty, I don't...
- No. I mean it.

I've come to realise
that I don't belong here.

For the longest time I was obsessed
with all those alien conspiracies.

Crop circles, cow mutilations,
the Apollo cover- up...

I thought the lunar landings were a hoax.

No! That was a story
created by the government... direct attention from the real cover- up.
Everybody knows that.

Anyway, one day I'm on line
and I find this conspiracy chat room,...

..and they're talking about
something called the Stargate.

Most of it was disinformation,
but the word "Stargate" stuck in my head.

It triggered what I later realised
was a suppressed memory.

You see, Colonel O'Neill, the truth is,
I'm not just interested in outer space...

I'm from outer space.


We got something.

That's him. Martin Lloyd.

Brown hair, hazel eyes.

He has a criminal record. He was arrested
for protesting outside a TV station.

He claimed subliminal advertising
was controlling his thoughts.

- Do you have an address?
- Oh, yeah.

I could get the prescription
of his glasses if I wanted.

- You still don't believe me? I'm an alien.
- You look pretty human to me.

No. What I believe is that thousands of
years ago people were taken from Earth.

Maybe as part of some experiment,
maybe as slaves...Who knows?

But the point is there are
entire civilisations up there...

..descended from those original humans.

- Now that's just crazy talk.
- You want proof?

I can give you proof.
I can show you my ship.

Look, Marty, I'm a busy man...

..and you don't strike me as any
great threat to national security...

But, as you know,
it never hurts to be thorough.

So... me.

It's just over the next ridge.

The ship's mostly buried,
but I know exactly where it is.

Marty, what makes you think
you can trust me with all this?

I can't explain it, Colonel.
I just have a gut feeling.

Like...we have something in common.

Well, that's very flattering.
But I'm not an alien.

Oh, I know that. It's somethin' else.

Here. Up here.

- This is it.
- Nice place.


Oh, boy.

Something tells me we don't
need to worry about this guy.

Except for the fact that he happens
to be very close to the truth.

He looks familiar.

It would appear this weapon is ineffective.

Oh, hello.

Sam, you're gonna wanna
take a look at this.

Whoa. That's quite a collection.

Tranquillisers, antidepressants,

Looks like he was being treated
for a number of psychiatric problems.

Yeah. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Marty, we've been walkin'
around for half an hour.

I don't understand it. The clearing where I
landed should be round here somewhere.

How do you lose a spaceship?

Well, my memory isn't so good.
Sometimes I get a little confused.

- I think it might be the medication.
- Well, there you go.

Listen. I'm goin' back to the car.

No, wait! You can't. Please.
It's around here, I know it is.

Marty, listen! There is no spaceship.
You're not an alien.

- You don't understand!
- I get that a lot.

Come on. I'll drive you back to town.

- Find anything?
- Oh, yeah. It's a diary. Take a look at this.

"April 12th. Someone's been going
through my garbage. Suspect CIA."

"May 2nd. Comb missing. Suspect CIA
stole it to acquire genetic identification."

"June 26th. Comb found behind dresser.
Disposed of it in case of tampering."

"Bought new comb,
39 cents at Shop- More."

I'm telling you, this is a complete waste of
time. This guy's got paranoid delusions.

What've we got?

Activity in the house.

Looks like Martin's got visitors.

That's not all. See the big guy? Watch
what happens when I go to thermal scan.

Definitely not human.

- Come in.
- Sir...

I have the results of the tests done on
the medication from Martin's house.

- That was fast.
- Preliminary analysis done in Montana.

- There are some anomalies.
- Meaning?

Several unidentifiable
chemicals were present.

I believe that the drugs
may have been tampered with.

- For what purpose?
- I can't say.

For all we know, the medication
may be the cause of his delusions.

- I'll mention that to Colonel O'Neill.
- The psychiatrist's name is on the label.

Your phone call piqued my curiosity.

I don't often get requests for information
from the military.

Well, this concerns a particular
patient of yours. Martin Lloyd?

I see. Of course you understand
that doctor- patient privilege...

..prohibits me from discussing clients.

This is a matter of national
security, Dr Tanner.

That privilege doesn't exist in this case.

National security, involving Martin?
I find that hard to believe.

Why do you say that?

Let's put it this way. People like
Martin sometimes compensate...

..for feelings of insignificance
by creating elaborate fantasies... which they are the centre
and focus of all attention.

Though usually harmless, they often try
and draw others into their delusions.

That's what's happened here.

- Colonel O'Neill?

Colonel O'Neill, are you in there?

- Martin?
- Please, I have to see you.

So good you're here.
You have no idea what's...

- Who's he?
- Uh, my friend. Murray.

- You trust him?
- Oh, yeah.

- I guess it's OK for me, then.
- Good. Glad you're comfortable.

Don't you wanna know how I found you?


I noticed in your car there was a map
from the Sleep- Rite motel chain.

- I checked every one in town.
- There's two.

I'm surprised a man in your position
wouldn't do more to maintain your cover.

Marty, I'm not undercover.

You think I'm makin' this all up.
Look at this.

- Yes...It all makes sense now
- I leaned it against the inside of my door.

When I got home it was on the ground,
meaning someone was there.

If you prop it up against the inside
of the door, how do you get out?

Through the window. Think I'm
so stupid I go out my own front door?

- So you leave the window unlocked?
- Yeah. But I put a hair on the windowsill.

- Now if that's gone when I get back...
- Marty...

The point is someone was there!
They're after me.

You have to help me. Please.
I'm running out of time.

- What do you want?
- I wanna go home.

You have to take me through the Stargate.

Martin may be delusional, but there are
still some unanswered questions here.

- Such as?
- Well, he's taking a lot of medication.

- No more than necessary.
- Doxepin, haloperidol,...

- ..perphenazine, lithium, Valium...
- Major, please.

I don't have time to discuss
the benefits of psychopharmacology.

This interview is over.

Dr Tanner, we obtained samples of
Martin's medication and ran an analysis.

Apparently the drugs have been laced
with indeterminate chemicals.

- That's absurd. It must be some mistake.
- The tests were very thorough.

I just write the prescriptions.
I don't make the drugs.

We're not accusing you of anything.
We're just looking for answers.

You realise this investigation
will only fuel Martin's paranoia.

We don't have a choice.

And we are gonna get to the bottom
of this with or without your help.

I...don't know what else I can tell you.

Does he have any friends or relatives
we can contact? Anyone else?

This is his work address.

It's the best I can do.

I knew it would come to this.
They're gonna do tests on me,...

..then dissect me like one of those
demented school biology experiments!

- Marty, take it easy.
- I wanna go home.


You gotta relax. Nobody's gonna
do anything to you, I promise.

Now if, and I stress the word if,
there is such a thing,...

..what makes you think your way home
is through this Stargate?


I don't know. I, uh...
I get these ideas. Flashes.

It's a little confusing, actually. I don't
even know for sure why I wanna go.

It's just...a feeling.
Like I'm somebodythere.

Like there's something
important for me to do there,...

..more important than anything I do here.

Can I have a glass of water?


Let me see those.

You should go easy on this.

- But...
- Just for a while. Trust me.

- What about the symbols?
- What symbols?

It's one of the things I see in the flashes.
There's seven of them.

I wrote them down.


- This is the place?
- Yeah.

This is the address he gave us.

It, uh...

It doesn't really look like anybody's
place of work. There's no one here.

Except for the guys with guns.

Just cos I'm from another planet
I don't have rights?

Doesn't the Geneva Convention
cover extraterrestrials?

I have to remember
to go on line and look that up.

Carter's not answering her phone.

- Should they not have contacted us?
- Yep.

You know, I think it would be a good idea
if I took some of my medication now.

- I don't think so.
- If I go too long without it,...

..I tend to get a little...nervous.

No, really.

Marty, sit down.

Let' about these symbols.

- They mean somethin', don't they?
- I need you to think very carefully.

- Where did you see them?
- I told you, I have these visions.

I don't know where they come from.

Maybe it has somethin'
to do with my implant.

- Excuse me?
- They put an implant in my head.

I always thought
they were sending me signals.

To whom are you referring?

You know: them. The secret government.

The New World Order.
Black helicopters, underground bases...

- Don't you read the papers?
- Marty, for God's sake!

My neurologist didn't believe me either.

But that's only because the implant is so
small it can't be read on a normal X- ray.

All right, this is goin' nowhere.

I'm gonna go look for Carter and Daniel.
Keep an eye on him.

Hey...Where you goin'?


OK, let's keep this simple.

- Who are you?
- Who are you?

The guys with the guns, which
means you answer ourquestions.

So once again, who are you?

I'm Dr Daniel Jackson.
This is Major Samantha Carter.

- We're with the air force.
- What are you doing here?


- What do you know about Martin Lloyd?
- Never heard of him.

You were conducting
an illegal search in his house.

No, we weren't.

So who are you guys really? CIA? NID?

What do you know about Martin Lloyd?

- Can I come out yet?
- No.

Psychiatrist's office was completely
empty, like no one had ever been there.

- So what now, O'Neill?
- I got some people on it.

- Where's Marty?
- He was insistent on having medication.

Uh, Murray?

Listen, I'm really sorry I tried to bite you,
and I realise it's totally out of line,...

..but I was wondering if maybe
I could come out now?

Or I could just stay in here.
That's good too.

It's just I'm gettin' a little dizzy.

I don't get it. How does a nut job like that
get a set of gate coordinates?


Martin! You all right?

Oh, crap!

Marty! Marty!

Come on, Marty!

In hindsight, perhaps we should have
given him his medication, O'Neill.


I remember where my ship is.

We know you were in Martin's house
because we have you on video.

What can you tell us about him?

- He's an associate.
- We know that.

- We also know he's not from round here.
- Not from Montana?

I think you know what I mean.

We should've turned left at the bottom
of the ravine instead of turning right.

Do you now believe Martin
about his spaceship?

No. But he's the closest thing we've got
to a lead on Carter and Daniel.

After you, Murray.

This is it!

I told you! This is the clearing.

The ship is around here somewhere,
but remember, it's mostly buried,... keep your eyes open
and watch your step.

This is it!

I knew it was here.
I knew it! I'm not crazy.

The material the object is made from
is definitely not terrestrial.

We used sonar to get
the general size and shape.

And I've enhanced the image by
extrapolating from the exposed portion.

It should look something like this.
It's approximately 16 feet by 10 feet.

That's not right.

It's too small. That can't be my ship.

- There's another ship out there?
- Could it be an escape pod?

That's it!

There must've been
some kind of malfunction.

We abandoned the ship
and came down in the pod!

We? There's more of you?

- How many more?
- I'm not sure.

It can't be too many, sir. From the size of
that thing, I'd say four, maybe five max.

All this time I thought the governmentwas
watching me. What if it was the others?

What would these others want?

I don't know. Maybe they're afraid.
They don't want to be exposed.

If that is the case, these others
may indeed be responsible...

..for the disappearance
of Daniel Jackson and Major Carter.

So you're telling me this man
is an ordinary technical sergeant?

- I wouldn't say ordinary.
- He's very good at what he does.

What's his area of expertise?

Speech writer.

What about this?

That's very good.
Did you draw that yourself?

- What is it?
- That's a duck, isn't it?

We'll just wait here.

Our home world was under attack.
We were sent out to find allies,...

..but when we got here we realised
you weren't advanced enough to help us.

Well, we have our moments.

The enemy was too powerful.
They wanted to make us slaves.

They wanted us
to worship them like gods.

- The Goa'uld.
- Yes. That's it!

Show him.

The enemy of which you speak
enslaved my people,...

..murdered my father, and banished
my wife and child from our people.

I am branded with the symbol
of this false god.


Colonel? We've completed the radiation
sweep. We're ready to open the hatch.

- All right, let's do it.
- Wait, wait! You can't.

The pod has remote sensors.

If you penetrate the hull,
they're gonna know about it.

Perhaps this can be used
to our advantage, O'Neill.

I don't get this. These guys
know what a symbiote is,...

..but if they were really NID they'd know
that Teal'c isn't a security threat.

I don't know. That's why I hate
workin' for the government.

Every department has its own agenda,
its own little secrets.

Very true, Dr Jackson.

Oh, yeah. Yup.
Didn't see that one coming

I understand your
reluctance to cooperate.

In situations like this, information
is on a need- to- know basis.

The fact of the matter is,
we're running out of time.

I'm running out of patience.

And I really need to know.

You're not a real doctor, are you?

Looks like the experiment's
been discovered. What do we do?

Get the van.

- We're going for a ride?
- Not exactly.

This is not a good idea.
Did I mention this is not a good idea?

I don't exactly appreciate
being used as bait.

Hang in there, Marty.
And stop talking into your lapel.

Oh, it's easy for you guys,
all nice and cosy back in your van,...

..eating your crullers and your bear claws.

I'm the one standing out here risking my...

We got company.

I must say, Martin,
this is very disappointing.

Stopped yourmedication, didn't you?

I'm not crazy, and you're not
a psychiatrist. You see this?

This is what brought us here.
I know it. I remember now.

Martin, you've really made
a mess of things this time.

Nice van. What do you call that colour?
Kind of a greyish- green?

Just get in.

All right, they're movin'.

- So you gonna drug me again?
- Well, obviously that didn't work.

I'm afraid we're gonna have
to take more drastic measures.

You're not gonna kill me.

You know how manypeople
know about this now?

What about Major Carterand DrJackson?
You gonna kill all ofus?

We're gonna do what we have to do.

This isn't right. I know you - all of you.
We were on the ship together.

We're soldiers, not murderers. That's why
you drugged me instead of killin' me.

- Martin...
- It's not too late.

Our people are at war. They need us.

Martin, I hate to see you like this.
You were my best agent.

I was never any kind of agent! You're just
saying that cos you think I'm bugged.

- Well, aren't you?
- No, ofcourse not!

This whole government agency thing -
it'sjust a cover.

We're all really aliens, right?

With all the secrecy and all the lies,
it's easy to get confused.

I'm not confused. I know who I am.

Why don't you just admit who we are?
We can all just go home.

They have a Stargate!

They stopped. Get to'em.

Seal off the area. No one in or out.

- Carter?
- Sir?

You all right?


Oh, Murray. Am I glad to see you!


- Where are your friends?
- I'm not sure.

- Sergeant, any sign of the targets?
- Negative, sir.

- They just disappeared?
- They're aliens, right?

I have more evidence. Look.

- What's that?
- A mobile computing device.

I snuck it out of Tanner's bag.
It has multiple functions, see?

Uh- oh.

- What?
- Guys, we better get out of here.

This thing is countin' down!

Clear the area!


That's weird. I'm sure this is a countdown
for some sort of detonation.

Exactly! This is just like I remember.

Chevron seven is locked.

- He was right. It's an active gate.
- Sending the MALP through.

I remember everything now.
There was no malfunction.

What are you talkin' about?

When we abandoned the ship, we did it
deliberately. We were losing the war.

We're deserters.

After a while I realised
what we'd done wrong.

I wanted to go home,
but the others were afraid.

So they gave you the drugs.

They're not...bad guys.
They're just hiding.

Receiving MALP telemetry.

You're gonna...
hunt them down, aren't you?

- Not me.
- But the military, the government?

I don't think anyone's gonna find'em.

- General Hammond says you're a go.
- Really?

Yeah. It's safe, but, uh...
you're not gonna like it.

They were right.

If we'd gone back, we'd be dead now.

- I'm sorry, Martin.
- So now what?

We go home.

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