Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 4, Episode 12 - Tangent - full transcript

O'Neill and Teal'c test-fly the experimental spaceship X301, created from two captured Death Gliders. While they attempt a test run in the atmosphere, the craft flies into space. A message from Apophis plays to say that the traitors who took his property would die in the cold of space. Can the SGC find a way to bring them back, or will they die drifting ever further from Earth?

Teal'c was ordered to push
the envelope, sir. He'll be back soon.

Well, that'd be nice.

Where else would he go?

Good point.

Well...Here we go.

- Is there a problem, Colonel?
- No, sir. Not at all.

I'm sure Teal'c just felt he'd take her
for a spin...around the world.

While we wait, I have someone
who'd like to meet your team.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha
Carter, Dr Daniel Jackson,...

..allow me to introduce
Lieutenant General Vidrine.




General Hammond
has told me good things.

Has he, sir? Well then,
I'm sure he's left something out.

Such as?

- Teal'c? You there, buddy?
- Look immediately to the southwest.

Whoo- hoo- hoo!

- What in God's name is that?
- That, General, is the X301 lntercept.

Lookin' good, Teal'c.
Give us another flyby, low and slow.

As you wish.

It's a hybrid, sir.
A combination of American know- how...

..and two Goa'uld death gliders
that SG-1 recovered two years ago.

It may be the most impressive
aircraft I've ever seen.

It's more than that. Up till now
we haven't had a platform...

..from which to launch an attack
against a Goa'uld ship.

Now we do.

- What makes it fly?
- That's difficult to explain, sir.

The power plant doesn't exert force so
much as take inertia out of the equation.

Pilots are immune to ordinary G- forces.
We don't completely understand...

Major, I'll just accept the fact that it flies.

Yes, sir.

Oh, it flies. Yes, sir!

I always like to get the view
of the man in the cockpit.

- How does she fly, son?
- It was within expected parameters.

Whoo- hoo!

Sorry, sir. I couldn't help but get
caught up in Teal'c's enthusiasm.

Upon completion of flight tests,...

..we hope to deploy the X301 as an orbital
defence craft under your command, sir.

In all seriousness,...

..if that's all right with you, Colonel,... effective can a single fighter be
against a fleet of Goa'uld warships?

- That is what these tests will determine.
- Let's find out. What's next?

I take second seat
for an air- to- air live- fire test.

Our SGC control room
will serve as mission control.

- Light that candle, boys.
- Yes, sir.

Does General Vidrine wish us
to perform a candle- burning ritual?

Yes. That's it, exactly.

Requestpermission for weapons test.

You're go, Digger One.

- Proceeding to target area.
- Copy. You're go forphase two.

That's them?

The X301 has Stealth technology.

It wouldn't show up on radar,
so we've installed a transmitter.

These blips represent the target drones.

301 is carrying two AIM- 120A
air- to- air missiles.

Major, do you mean a Slammer missile
could take out a Goa'uld mother ship?

If it has a naqahdah- enhanced warhead
and a shield- frequency modulator,...

..yes, sir.

Beginning attack run now.

Oh! Whoo- hoo!

Digger One, you're going to overshoot.

Uh, Teal'c...Target's back that way.

- I am no longer in control, O'Neill.
- Excuse me?

The craft is not accepting input from
the controls. The drive is at full power.

- Flight, we have an emergency.
- Ejectors have malfunctioned.

We are no longer in control of the vehicle.
We have lost control and cannot eject.

- Please advise.
- Digger One, Digger One, this is Flight.

- They're not responding.
- There's atmospheric interference.

Major Carter?

The glider accelerated into a steep
vertical climb. It's off our radar.

- We're trying to regain tracking.
- They've gone into orbit?

- They're heading into space.
- The 301 is capable of space flight.

Yes, sir, but that wasn't in the test.

There has to be something wrong.

A malfunction. Get me the shuttle
action officer at Space Command.

The shuttle won't reach them, sir,
unless we can turn them around.

It's all we've got.

We've got NASA's Deep Space tracking
looking for the glider now.

They should be able to get a hack on it
and restore communication.

Flight, this is Digger One.

Cheyenne, we have a problem.

Nothing's workin' back here.

Uh, Teal'c...

On our six, is that what I think it is?

If you think it is Earth, yes.

- It's shrinking.
- Its size remains constant.

Rather, it is we who are moving away
at extreme velocity.

These instruments
indicate drive shutdown.

We are no longer accelerating.

- That's good.
- I will attempt to restart.


To all those who would
turn against theirgod, know this.

you will die in the cold ofspace.

What was rightfully mine
will now return to me.

Was that who I think it was?
And did he just say what I think he said?

If you think it was Apophis
and that he said the original gliders...

..contained a device designed to return
this glider to his home world...then yes.

He also mentioned
something about...dying.

- In the cold of space.
- Right.

Well, the old boy hasn't
lost his touch, has he?

Digger One, come in.

Jack or Teal'c, please respond.

- Nothing.
- NASA is trying to boost the signal.

General, maybe we should contact
our allies capable of space flight.

Proceed, Doctor.
SG- 2 will stand by to assist.

How fast is the glider going now?

Roughly a million miles an hour,
give or take.

At least they're no longer accelerating.

George, maybe it would be best
if I returned to the Pentagon.

See what our people can
contribute from that end.

- You bring them home.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, I have an idea, but a lot of things
have gotta go right in order for it to work.

- Cheyenne, we have a problem.
- Digger One, this is Flight.

Reading you five by.

- Why haven't they responded?
- We have to wait, sir.

It's the time- lag, sir. The time for our radio
signal to travel to the X301 and back.

How are we on consumables?

We have sufficient power
and life support for several days.

Several days. Well, that's somethin'.

How long will this thing take
to get to wherever it's goin'?

Assuming this device is programmed to
return to Apophis's original home world,...

..several hundred years.

- Several hundred?
- Years.

Yeah, just, uh...

Let me do the math on that here.

Carry the four...

The installation of this device was clearly
the result of my betrayal of Apophis.

Before I became shol'va, such a device
would have been unnecessary.


- I am indirectly responsible, O'Neill.
- Stop it. We'll be fine.

Digger One, come in.

- There. See?
- Jack or Teal'c, please respond.

Flight, Digger One. We read you.
We have lost control of the craft... some sort of hidden recall device...

..that apparently...the scum- sucking,
slimy, snake- ass Apophis...

..installed in his death gliders. Over.

- Flight, do you copy?

Uh, Flight, I don't know whether or not
you can hear me, but,...

..uh...controls are not responding.

No thrusters and
no reaction- control system.

We are...purely ballistic.


Colonel, you're so far out
there's a time- lag of a few minutes,... conversation is gonna be a problem.

We've received some preliminary tracking
data from the Deep Space Network.

The glider is going to pass
relatively close to Jupiter.

We're hoping, if we can somehow
nudge your trajectory a bit,... can perform a slingshot manoeuvre
back toward Earth.

Message ends 1430 Zulu.

The time- lag. Good thinking, Major.

It'll take at least three minutes for
our radio signals to get that far out.

Flight, Digger One. We read you.
We have lost control ofthe craft... some sort ofhidden recall device...

- ..that apparently...

..Apophis installed
in his death gliders. Over.

Flight, do you copy?

Uh, Flight, I don't know whether ornot
you can hearme, but...

Uh...Controls are not responding.

No thrusters and
no reaction- control system.

- We are...ballistic.
- Dammit!

I was counting on them having
some ability to manoeuvre.

I don't know how to swing them around
Jupiter without reaction- control systems.

We're hoping, ifwe can somehow
nudge your trajectory a bit,... can perform a slingshot manoeuvre
back toward Earth.

Message ends 1430 Zulu.

Message understood at 1433 Zulu.

- OK! How do we do that?
- Without thrusters,...

..we are incapable of nudging.


Flight, this is Digger One.
We have negative...nudging capabilities.

Stand by, Flight.

Teal'c, the weapon system we installed
shouldn't be affected, right?

- What are you considering, O'Neill?
- Our missiles.

A great deal of thrust would be required
to significantly alter our trajectory.

We just need a nudge.

I am unsure of that specific measurement.

Uh...Flight, Digger One. We've got two
AIM- 120 Alpha rocket motors that may,...

..I'll say again, may be at our disposal.

Uh...Flight, Digger One. We've got two
AIM- 120 Alpha rocket motors that may,...

..I'll say again, may be at our disposal.

Can we override the release mechanism
and keep them attached through burnout?

Ifso, we'll need to calculate
where, when, and duration ofburn.

Digger One at 1458 Zulu.

Major Davis?

- They wanna cook off the missiles, sir.
- What for?

If we get enough delta v out of the
rocket motors, our plan might still work.

- Can you do an override procedure?
- Yes, that's the easy part.

Talk them through it. I'll need half an hour
to make the burn calculations, sir.

Major, don't get me wrong,
but the margin for error...

- That's the time we've got.
- I realise that.

- They thrust wrong, they hit Jupiter.
- Wait any longer and we're too late.

- Sir?
- Do it.

OK, missile selection switch
to AIM- 120A.

- Air- to- airradarmode to BORE.
- Slow down.

You'll see an "out ofrange" message.

Enter "update" and load the fiigures
I read you to override the fiiring inhibitors.

- Teal'c, you gettin' all this?
- At thatpoint you will get a tone.

Fire missile two,
followed by missile one at Tplus 10.

This sounds like a lot, guys,
but it's what we have to do.

You can commence at anypoint
from 1622 Zulu.

This is Flight - 1618 Zulu.

That's right about now.

Whenever you're ready.

Air- to- air mode: BORE.

- Update.
- Update.


Flight, this is Digger One. We copy
updates and we're ready to begin burn.

Selecting...missile two.


Weapons are releasing.

Look out!

Preliminary data coming in.

Digger One, this is Flight.

We have no joy on the burn.

I'm sorry, Colonel, but the missiles
just didn't have enough thrust.

Your current trajectory takes you out of
the solar system towards the Oort cloud...

..which you should reach in a... a few months.

We're all still thinking down here,
so...don't give up.

1813 Zulu.

We're all still thinking down here,
so...don't give up.

1813 Zulu.

Cabin pressure's holding.

We didn't spring a leak.

Though I may have just...taken one.

- Our situation has indeed worsened.
- You think?

Indeed. Impact with the missile
has damaged both power and life support.

I've always wanted to see the Oort cloud,
so there's that.

Flight, this is Digger One.

The failed burn caused damage to
our power systems...and life support.

No propulsion and limited consumables.

The attempt to change their course has
damaged life support and power systems.

We recommend a complete shutdown
of all non- essential systems.

Maybe they can disconnect whatever
locked them out in the first place.

- It's worth considering.
- No, sir. I don't think it is.

Why not?

It's logical to assume there's a fail- safe
mechanism to prevent the pilot doing that.

- We don't know that for a fact.
- It makes sense.

At this point I recommend we concentrate
on ways to maximise life support.

The designers of the X301
are running scenarios.

They can scrub the CO2, but oxygen and
power are going to be a problem now.

And it is going to get cold up there.

Dr Jackson?

The Tollan don't have a spacecraft fast
enough or close enough to get there.

- And the Tok'ra?
- Um...I spoke with Anise personally.

She said they have a scout ship
within a day or so of Earth, barely.

But it's on a covert mission
to a Goa'uld- occupied world...

..and the High Council doesn't want to
expose their operative by making contact.

Then why would they tell you that much?

They hope the operative will complete the
mission in time to help Jack and Teal'c.

I assume Anise refused to say
where or what this covert mission was.

And to understand not wanting to risk
the life of a Tok'ra important to both of us.

I sort of...Iost my temper,...

..but she said she was doing us a favour
by telling us as much as she did.

Maybe she was.

We know a scout ship's maximum speed
from our mission to Netu.

We also know it's a Goa'uld- occupied
world relatively close to Earth, so...

- So...that narrows it down.
- Yes, it does.

- Sir, with your permission...
- Granted.

Navigation off.

Fire control systems off.


Illumination at minimum setting.

Is that all we can shut down?

The radio, O'Neill.


Flight, this is Digger One at 1952 Zulu.

We have initiated power conservation
and will have to terminate the downlink.

We'll reconfigure for a com pass
five minutes before and after every hour.

This is Flight. We've got a plan to
try to reach you with a Tok'ra scout ship.

Message ends at...what time is it?

Uh...1947 Zulu.

Flight, Digger One.
We would prefer to do something.

Tell us how to fix this,
we'll fly ourselves home.

And ifyou're thinking oftrying
to disconnect the recall device,...

..Sam thinks that wouldjust
make things worse.

This is P2C- 257.

It is the only Goa'uld- occupied world...

..that's remotely within a scout ship's
range of Earth at maximum speed.

The Tok'ra operative must be there.

- What are the risks?
- Well, SG-14 spent several days there...

..observing a Goa'uld mining operation.

They got in and out
without being detected. So can we.

There's still the matter of identifying
the Tok'ra operative.

Anise said someone
important to both of us.

- Someone we know.
- At least that's what we're hoping.

We know what the risks are, sir,
and we're ready.

I can see that. You have a go.

Thank you, sir.

Tell them to hang on, sir. We'll get there.

Digger One, this is Hammond.

DrJackson and Major Carterare
procuring a craft to rescue you,...

..but you're going to have to
hang on foranother24 hours.

I know that sounds like a long time,...

..and I know you want to do something
to get yourselves out ofthis,...

..but the best thing you can do
is conserve your energy.

Hammond out at 2100.

24 hours.

Our current power and life support
will not last 12 hours.

Let me do the math.

We may have to go into the mine.

What about contacting
the operative by radio?

Are you out of your minds?
What the hell are you two doing here?

- We were looking for you.
- You'd better have a damn good reason!

I was 20 minutes away from detonating
a weapons- grade shipment of naqahdah...

..that would have vaporised
a sizeable chunk of this planet!

If I hadn't seen you
coming through the Stargate...

- You saw us?
- Yes. The ship was cloaked.

"Was" being the operative word.
Now they know we're here.

Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c need your help.

What happened?

They're in a disabled glider
headed into deep space.

This was the only ship within range.

Good enough.

Let's go.

What is it, Major?


Sir, Major Carter and Dr Jackson
are now aboard a Tok'ra scout ship...

..piloted by her father.
We're designating it Digger Two.

I call that good news, Major.
What's the problem?

We only received
the one coded message, sir,...

..before they made the jump into
hyperspace. By my calculations,...

..even at the scout ship's top speed,...

..Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c
will be dead by the time they arrive.

What do you say we turn up the heat?

We must conserve
as much power as possible.

By the way, I've done the math.

As have I.

So what do you say we turn up the heat?
It's cold in here.

I am aware.

You know, I've already done
that freezing- to- death thing,...

..and it's just not as enjoyable
as it sounds.

So if we just consider there's no chance...

- There is a chance, O'Neill.
- 24 minus 12...

If I place myself in an extremely
deep state of kelno'reem,... heart rate will decrease...

..and our oxygen requirement
will be lowered considerably.

Who will I talk to?

There is little to say, O'Neill.

We have fought and won
many battles together.

It has been an honour
to serve the Tauri by your side.

We are brothers.

Wow. That's, uh...

Is there anything you wish to say, O'Neill?

What could I possibly say after that?

Back at ya.

If we are to die,...

..we die well.

We could do better.

- Vibration.
- No kidding.

We're at 132%%% of maximum speed.

If we don't shake apart first,
we might just get there.

- Is that wise?
- No.


You did not know
of the recall mechanism?

Apophis didn't need one until Teal'c
planted the seeds of rebellion on Chulak.

- We didn't have a clue.
- The devices are new, even to the Tok'ra.

You could have told us.

You could have told us of your intentions.

Uh, yes. Why didn't we?

Same reason we didn't.

So how do you intend to get'em
out of the glider?

There's no chance
it'll fit into the cargo bay.

Well, we were kinda hoping
that you could, like, beam them out.

Beam them out. What am I - Scotty?

I have an idea, Dad, but Colonel O'Neill
and Teal'c will have to take a leap of faith.

This is Digger One - 101 1 Zulu.

Teal'c's meditating to conserve oxygen.

I'm trying to sleep, but it's hard.

CO2 levels are high.


It's bad.

Send aspirin.

I estimate three hours.

This is Digger One.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.

- Not yet.
- But there will be something wrong?

Well, I'd like to stop
and make some repairs,...

..but this isn't a particularly
safe part of town to pull over.


What were you thinking?
Retrofitting a death glider.

You should have known better.
The technology is way over your head.

That's the most arrogant...I can't believe
that just came out of your mouth.

- It's the truth.
- You of all people should know...

I am uniquely qualified to know just how
technologically infantile humans are.


Yes. In comparison with the Goa'uld
and Tok'ra, you're very young.

- You are so...
- There's nothing wrong with that.

But you gotta learn. You can't just slap
a US Air Force sticker on a death glider...

..and call it yours. Advancement
like that has to be earned.

Aren't the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra
where they are by stealing technology?

- Yes.
- But we were flying in ships like this...

..when most of the people on Earth
still thought it was flat.

- What's that?
- Just what I was afraid of.

We've overtaxed the drives.

- Proximity alert.
- Still a bad part of town.

The worst. We can probably get the drives
back on line, but it'll take a few minutes.

Excuse me. Is that what I think it is?

- Can we cloak the ship?
- No. All main power systems are off line.

- Can you speak with the Goa'uld dialect?
- Uh...The dialect, yes.

That's all you need. When they try to
make contact, place your hand here...

..and just use your imagination.

Take your hand away
and it will broadcast.

Sam, can you give me a hand?

I'm trying to sleep, but it's hard.

CO2 levels are high.

Headache. It's bad.

Send aspirin.

I estimate three hours.

This is Digger One.

Shall I respond, sir?

Do we have any new
information to pass on?

No, sir. Not since Major Carter reported
they boarded the scout ship.

Let the man try to sleep.

Yes, sir.

Kree tal shal mak! Heru-ur!

Mak tal shree! Lok tak!

Mekta satak Oz.

Mak tal shree! Lok tak!

Mekta satak Oz.

Mak tal Oz?

Mak tal Oz, kree!

Mak tal Oz, kree!

Kal tak, shree! Tel manak.

- All right. Sam's just finishing.
- That's good, cos they didn't buy my act.

- Why? Who'd you say you were?
- The, uh...great and powerful Oz.

- Sam!
- Almost there!

We gotta go!

Punch it!

It's been almost three hours.

I'd like to send a final message
to Colonel O'Neill.

Yes, sir.

Flight, Digger Two. We are in the
solarsystem andpreparing forretrieval.

Our time to station- keep
with Digger One is fourminutes.

Stand by.

We're trying to contact Digger One, sir.
So far without success.

Digger One, this is Carter. Do you read?

- Are we too late?
- I think they're unconscious.

Well, we have to
wake them up somehow.

Dammit, Colonel! We haven't come all this
way to take you home in a box. Wake up!

Let me give them a nudge.

Colonel O'Neill!


- Carter!
- Yes, sir.

- Hi.
- Hi, sir.

We're gonna find a way to get you
back home, safe and warm.

What's your reserve oxygen status?


I don't know...What?

What's your reserve oxygen status?

Carter, is that you?

Sir, we're over here ready to bring you
home, but you're gonna have to trust me.

They're suffering from anoxia -
oxygen deprivation.

Do you trust me, sir?

- Sure.
- Good. Is Teal'c conscious?



- O'Neill.
- Look! It's Carter.

She wants to talk to you.

Major Carter, little oxygen remains.

Cabin pressure?

- Also very low.
- We copy that.

So we want you to do
exactly what we say.

First, remove your restraints.

Then, on my mark, blow the canopy
of the glider and push off.

- We will die.
- Negative.

You'll be all right for a few seconds.

Teal'c, the only way we can bring you
aboard is with the ring transporter.

That means you have to be
clear of the glider.

- You got it?
- I understand.

Good. I need you at least five metres
from the scout ship. Close together.

Stand by until I get into position.

Jacob, is that you?

Yes, it is, Jack. Now do what we tell you.

Do you know your ship's
bigger than ours?

Colonel, we need you to concentrate.

- Blow the canopy.
- On my mark, not before.


Make sure your helmets are secure
and set your oxygen at 100%%%.

You'll need to pre- breathe the last of it.
Deep breaths, holding each one in.

You need to power the system
before you blow the canopy.

Then disconnect the umbilical
and exhale as much as possible.

Stand by.

We're in position. Stand by in the hold.

Colonel, Teal'c, are you ready?



They're all right!

Flight, this is Digger Two. We have
Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c aboard.

They're both alive.

Welcome aboard.


- Thanks for stoppin' by.
- I was in the neighbourhood.

You need a lift home?

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Flight, this is Digger Two. We have
Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c aboard.

- They're both alive.
- Yes!

Well done, Digger Two. Congratulations.
Now come on home.

Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Emery