Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 6 - Imperial Supercommandos - full transcript

After losing contact to the Protectors of Concord Dawn, Sabine, Ezra and Fenn Rau investigate. They quickly discover that Imperial Mandalorians have taken over the station.

You're sure you don't need help?

I'm sure everything will go
horribly wrong.

We'll be fine.
We got a Clone Wars veteran with us.

- Ready, Captain?
- Yes, sir.

General. Kanan.

There was a battle here
during the Clone War.

This old transport's the perfect place

to find weapons, ammo,
maybe even some proton bombs.

Hey, was this a Separatist battle droid?

Yeah. Little piece of one anyway.

This place used to be crawling with 'em.

We called 'em clankers.

Clankers. I like that.

How many of these things
do you think you blasted?

I don't know. Thousands.

Probably tens of thousands.

Never kept count like some of the boys.

They don't look very dangerous.

Listen, those droids wiped out
a lot of Republic troopers.

Many of them were my friends.

Rex has been through a lot.

Battles leave scars, some you can't see.

Hold up. Let me recon first.

Well, look at that. We hit pay dirt.

The munitions depot is fully loaded.

More proton bombs in there
than we can carry.

- Good job, Rex.
- Way to go, Captain.

Roger, roger.

Hey, careful, kid.

The droids used to protect
their armories with ray shields.

What's a ray shield?

This is a ray shield.

Look! Aren't those battle droids?

I thought they were all shut down.

Well, these weren't.

You have been captured
by the Separatist Alliance.


Prepare to blast the Republic invaders.

Republic invaders?

Belay that order.

- Roger, roger.
- Wait, who's Roger?

We have new orders,
incapacitate and capture.

- Activating stunner.
- No!

Take them to the command center.

We haven't captured anyone in years.

We haven't captured anyone ever.

Where are we?

How intriguing. Well done, B1-268.

Roger, roger.

No. The war, it's not over!

Rex. Rex!


Talk to me.


I'm sorry.
I thought you were someone else.

I need you here now, buddy.
We're in the usual mess.

I think the commander's
a super tactical droid.

You're right. He is.

- Is that bad?
- It's really bad.

That droid's extremely intelligent.

Near the end of the war,
Separatist droids

significantly outnumbered
Republic units.

By my calculations,
our probability of being defeated

was only 23.6%.

After Clone Order 66,

the whole droid army was given
a shutdown command.

How are you even operating?

The Jedi betrayal
ended the war for most of the galaxy.

But here on Agamar,
I assumed it was a Republic trick

and prevented the shutdown command.

Well, it doesn't matter how it ended.
The war is over.

Let us go.

Negative, Captain.

I calculate that
this will be my only opportunity

to end the Clone Wars as I planned,

with a victory
for the Separatist Alliance.

What do you want us to do, surrender?

On the contrary, I want you to fight,

to prove, once and for all,
whose tactical strategy was superior.

Well, you can count me out.
I'm not playing some stupid war game.

That is correct, Lasat.

Your species
were not in the Clone Wars,

so you will be the hostage
your allies must save.

The "Jedi Rescue"
is a recurring scenario

based on 132 battles I have reviewed.

Yeah, we've done it a few times.

Jedi, is this your Padawan?

- Most of the time.
- Good.

A complete set of Republic opponents
will make this authentic.

No, it won't, because we're not fighting.

If you will not fight,
you will be terminated.

- I'll fight your Clone War.
- What?

Ezra, no!

Hey, you both talk
about the Clone Wars.

What it was like, the good and the bad.

I wanna help you win this last battle.

Besides, look at them.
How can we lose?


Okay, it might be easier
to fight them head-on

than to get out of our current dilemma.

Fine. Fine, we'll do it.

Okay, but if we win, Zeb goes free,

and we take
all the proton bombs in the hangar.

I accept your terms.

The commander has initiated
Battle Plan Zeta.

Take your positions at once.

Roger, roger.

Battle Plan Zeta? Finally!

How much fuel did we get
before the ambush?

Enough for the whole fleet.

I just hope Kanan and Rex
aren't expecting us

back on Agamar anytime soon.

If Kanan needs help, he'll call us.

Since when?

Fine. If Chopper's in over his head,
he'll hide and call us.

That's more believable!


Your plan to ambush them
at the fuel depot worked like a charm.

Only if we catch them.

Excuse me, Governor.

We've intercepted a rebel transmission
from the Agamar system

before it was received by the rebel ship.

The message is encrypted,
but it repeats like a distress signal.


The rebels there
must be desperate for help

that will never come.

Locate the nearest Imperial outpost
to Agamar and deploy them.


The objective of this battle is simple.

You must fight your way
back to my command center

and capture it to free your friend.

Rex, you've got more
battlefield experience than either of us.

You lead.

All right. Our first goal
is to get inside the hangar.

Kalani is a war machine,
programed to kill,

and he's got the numbers
and the firepower to do it.

Our only chance
is to be aggressive, surprise him,

hopefully put him on the defensive.

How many droids do you think he has?

The last battle will begin now.

A lot. He has a lot of droids!

We've gotta scatter them.
Use the sword and shield maneuver.

Wait. What does that mean?

We block, he fires.

- Everybody ready?
- Yep!

Let's g0!

Ezra, get ready to duck!




That scattered 'em! Everybody forward!

Ezra, form it up!

We've gotta stay together.

The hangar looks clear. Let's go.

- Wait. That's not how it normally goes.
- What's wrong?

The droids usually keep coming,
wave after wave.

That tactical droid
has had a long time to think about this.

And remember, he wants to win.

I'm surprised it means so much to him.

Yeah, it means a lot to his programing.

It means a lot to mine as well.

Your programing?

We clones were bred for combat.

With few exceptions,
there was no other way of life for us.

We should move.

Right, Commander. Kanan.

Looks like my friends
are doing pretty good.

You might as well surrender now.

I am not programed
to comprehend your humor.

I'm not joking.

Your Republic friends
have taken the bait.

Send in the destroyers.


Ezra, get back! They're too dangerous.

Can't advance
with those destroyers up there.

There's no way to breach their shields.

Look! That crane!

I bet we can use it
to take out the catwalk.

- I'll make a run for it.
- We'll draw their attention.

There's gonna be a lot of fire.
We'll have to be quick.

Ezra, move as fast as you can.

You can count on me.

The Jedi have split up,
as they do 76% of the time.

Squad 6, advance.

Move in!

More droids! We've gotta take cover.


Chop, where've you been?

How'd you send a distress signal?

I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Okay, okay!

A shuttle! It's a good find, Chop.

But we're not leaving without Zeb.

So you get it running
and I'll get the others.

Where is that kid?

We're gonna get trapped here.

We need to move. Now.

No, Rex. Wait!

You all right?

I'm good.
Generation one armor always holds up.

No ray shields this time.

Well, that went just as planned,
more or less.

I make a pretty good soldier, huh?

No. A good soldier follows orders.

That plan was based
on timing and execution.

And you took too long!

But Chopper wanted to show me...

This is not a game!
This is life and death!

Every move you make
affects the rest of us.

If we're gonna survive this,
we're gonna do it

with strategy and discipline.

It's not you.

He needs to finish this battle his way.

Just like that droid.

Rex, get between us!

Ezra, incoming!

Push and fire, now!

It worked!

Shield overheated. That droid's too old.

Just like me.

You Okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

Well, looks like we win.

I disagree, Captain.

Rex, no! Don't!

We didn't win.

These droids are so old,
they malfunctioned.

If they hadn't, we'd be goners.

The boy is correct.

The droid army would have prevailed.

So, technically, victory is ours.

No, it's not!
I never really thought about it.


I know the Jedi were wiped out,

the clones were decommissioned,

and the droid army was just shut down.

The Clone War ended, but why?

If none of you won, who did?

The Empire.

Zeb, that's right!

How did you know?

Because they're here,

and they're about to win again.

I've got a new calculation for you.

What are the chances
your droid army can defeat the Empire?

My resources are depleted.

However, the droid army
is not currently at war

with the Galactic Empire.

You wanna bet?

Unit B1-268, analyze the threat.

Roger, roger.

Move in.

Is that what I think it is?

Greetings. lam unit B1-268.

My commander has sent me

-to report your intentions.
- Yeah. Clone Wars battle droid.

- Surprised its battery hasn't run out.
- Are we...

Don't see many of these anymore.

No. And when you do,
there's usually a bunch of them.

All right, you know the drill.


Oh, my...

I think we face a common enemy now.

Wait a minute!

Let him finish, Captain.

Clones? Battle droids?
You destroyed each other.

And when you were both weak enough,
the Empire took over.

General, what were
the Separatists fighting for?

According to my programing,

freedom from the tyranny
of the Republic.

Fighting tyranny-

Sounds like the Empire
has always been your enemy.

You are against the Empire.
I am against the Republic.

Now the Republic
has become the Empire.

I accept your logic.

- We are on the same side.
- Sorry.

I guess we are.

However, as I stated,
my forces are too depleted

for me to plan
a successful counterattack.

Fighting insurmountable odds?

We can help you with that.

Yes, Chopper,
we know the Empire is here.

How's the shuttle coming?

Shuttle? What shuttle?

The one I tried to tell you about earlier.

We have three
Sheathipede-class shuttles,

but they have no weapons.

No, but they can get us outta here.

A successful retreat is improbable.

The walkers will destroy the ships
before they escape the hangar.

We don't have the firepower
to take on walkers.

What about the bombs
we came here for?

We have no cannon to fire the shells.

I would have used them on you.


- We're running out of time!
- We roll 'em!

The proton bombs.

We roll 'em across the hangar
and into the feet of the walkers.

Then we blast 'em!

My battle droids are not accurate.

However, you are, Master Jedi.

I don't understand.

My droids will line up and fire at
you and your apprentice.

You two will then
redirect their blaster bolts

toward the shells more accurately,

thus setting off more targets
than my droids could hit alone.

Well, this takes trust
to a whole new level.

Chopper, get the munitions
ready to roll.

Ready, Zeb?

One last glorious day
in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Chopper, have the shuttle ready to go!

D squad, get ready!

I have never attempted
such a desperate strategy.

That's why we always won.

Not always.

Hey, guys, focus on the present.

Once those shells explode,
get to your shuttles.

Roger, roger.



This might be our only chance.
Get to the ships!

- I made it!
- I made it!

Lead shuttle, bank right!

Bank right!

We made it! General, do you read us?

We have survived the battle.

It was not a victory,
but a successful strategy nonetheless.

No, it was a victory.

We all just won the Clone War,

and you ended it, Ezra.

A galaxy of senators couldn't do that.

An army of Jedi, clones and droids
couldn't find the middle ground,

but you did.

Rex, all I did was point out that
none of you were meant to win.

- You couldn't.
- And we needed to hear it.


I am satisfied if you are, Captain.

I am.

Very good.

Now, based upon this battle,

I calculate that you have
less than a 1% chance

of staging a successful rebellion
against the Empire,

so this is where we must part ways.

Roger, roger.

I can't imagine
fighting that many droids all the time.

Well, if you think that was bad,

let me tell you about
the Battle of Geonosis.

This is Ghost to away team.
Spectre- 1, are you there?

Hera, I was just about to call you.

How was your day?

We're tracking two shuttles
leaving the system.

Is everything all right?

Did you have trouble
securing the bombs?

Well, the bad news is,
we didn't get the bombs.

The good news is,
we don't need a pickup

because we found a new Phantom.

Tell Sabine
she's gonna need a paint job.